Meet Carlos and his pal Eddie. Meet Carlos and his pal Eddie by wuyunyi


Meet Carlos and
      his pal Eddie.

With school,
part-time jobs,
and a band,
these two UCLA     Annual Report
students lead
very busy lives.
       Table of Contents

            2 Letter from the University Librarian

            3 “How could there be so much information available at hand??”

            7 “I learned that I could use library sources from the convenience of my dorm.”

            9 Statistics

          10 Senior Staff

           11 Exhibits and Events

           13 Donor Honor Roll

ucla librarian
annual report
   2003 - 2004
 librarian                               “Carlos, what are you stressing over?”
                                                       – Eddie, a typical UCLA undergraduate

             Imagine, or remember, when you first set foot on the UCLA campus - it’s hard not
             to be daunted simply by the physical scale of the place. Hundreds of buildings spill
             across some four hundred acres, filled with nearly forty thousand undergraduate and
             graduate students and more than three thousand faculty. Just walking across campus
             during the breaks between classes can be a challenge!

             Then there’s the astonishing academic scale: the College, eleven professional schools,
             two hundred degree programs. The UCLA Library provides materials and services
             to support teaching and research in all of them: nearly eight million books, eighty
             thousand journal subscriptions, sixty thousand electronic resources, millions of pages
             of manuscripts and archives. No wonder Carlos is stressed; how do you find your way
             through this bewildering wealth of physical and intellectual assets?

             Come to the Library; that’s what Carlos and Eddie did. These two fictional undergra-
             duates, the main characters in our online “Bruin Success with Less Stress” tutorial, are
             our guides for this 2003-04 annual report.

             The Library’s mission is not simply to collect materials and make them accessible for
             current and future generations. It is also to make connections for our users between
             their questions and our information, and to teach them how to make connections for
             themselves during their years at UCLA and throughout the rest of their lives – what
             we call “information literacy.”

             If you don’t know where a building is, we’ll show you on a map, then give you the
             map so you can find it and other buildings on your own next time. If you don’t know
             where to start on a research assignment or project, we’ll walk you through the steps
             and appropriate resources and suggest guidelines so you can get started on your own
             next time. If you need a quiet, all-night study space or a soft chair to relax in for a
             few minutes, we’ve got those as well.

             Although you’ll see the faces of Carlos and Eddie, their voices are those of real students.
             As they help us highlight our collections, services, staff, and donors for the 2003-04
             fiscal year, they’ll remind us that the true heart of the Library isn’t the books or build-
             ings; it’s the students, faculty, and scholars across campus and around the world who
             enter our physical and virtual doors every day.

             Gary E. Strong
             University Librarian

                                Countless students like Carlos and
                            Eddie discover, or rediscover, the breadth
                            and depth of UCLA Library collections
                          each year. They come in through the front
               doors and through the
               Web site, looking for
               everything from an
               article for a paper due
               tomorrow to an idea for a dissertation topic
               years away from full realization.

 Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library                   Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library History and                   Charles I, King of England (1600-49)
                                                        Special Collections                                                King Charles ye First his physick books
 UpToDate                                                                                                                  ca. 1645-55
 An online resource that answers health profes-         Otto von Kotzebue (1787-1846)                                      Extensive unpublished manuscript providing
 sionals’ clinical questions by summarizing published   Entdeckungs-Reise in die Süd-See und nach der Berings-Strasse      insight in the principles and practice of medicine
 evidence and making specific recommendations                   zur Erforschung einer nordöstlichen Durchfahrt: unternom-   in England, including treatment of wounds,
 for patient care.                                             men in den Jahren 1815, 1816, 1817, und 1818 auf Kosten     surgery, physic, and medicinal recipes for gout,
 InfoRetriever                                                 Sr. Erlaucht des Herrn Reichs-Kanzlers Grafen Rumanzoff     consumption, burns, “biting of a Madd Dogg,”
 Searches evidence-based content and tools, in-                auf dem Schiffe Rurick unter dem Befehle des Lieutenants    and the plague.
 cluding abstracts from more than one hundred                  der Russisch-Kaiserlichen Marine, Otto von Kotzebue
                                                        Weimar: Verlegt von dem Gebrüdern Hoffmann,                        Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library
 journals, more than two hundred decision-support
 tools, more than two thousand diagnostic calculators          1821                                                        EncyKorea (Encyclopedia of Korean Culture)
 supporting selection and interpretation of diagnos-    Of interest for von Kotzebue’s observations on the                 Online version of the most frequently used encyclo-
 tic tests, and more than seven hundred summaries       natural history and languages of the northwest coast               pedia in Korean studies.
 of evidence-based practice guidelines.                 of America, including California.

                                  To keep up with ever-expanding fields of inquiry
                                  on campus, the Library’s subject specialists added
                                  new resources to the collections in fiscal year
                                  2003-04 on topics ranging from art history to
                                  zoology. A few particularly significant additions
                                  are listed on these pages.
                     ARTS LIBRARY
                     In 1951 comedian Harvey Lembeck moved from the nightclub and Broadway stage to the
                     movie screen and quickly found a niche as the wise-guy comedy relief in war films, most
                     notably “Stalag 17” (1953), in which he repeated his stage role. He also appeared on the
                     popular 1950s Phil Silvers comedy show “You’ll Never Get Rich” and in the ’60s “beach
                     party” movies, then directed a number of television sitcom episodes in the ’70s and ’80s
                     and ran a training school for aspiring comedians. The Arts Library Special Collections
                     acquired Lembeck’s papers, which contain scripts and miscellaneous documents related
                     to his career and enhance the library’s strong holdings of film and television scripts, per-
                     sonal papers of prominent directors and performers, and comedic materials.

                     When clinicians today have questions about infectious diseases, they can turn to Gideon – the Global Infectious
                     Disease and Epidemiology Network. This user-friendly, interactive online application provides diagnostic and
                     reference information in the fields of tropical and infectious diseases, epidemiology, microbiology, and anti-
                     microbial chemotherapy.

                     When clinicians four hundred years ago had questions about cures, they turned to books like Tratado de raras, y pere-
                     grinas yervas: que se han hallado en esta corte, y sus … virtudes, y la diferencia que ay entre el antiquo abrotano, y la natural, y legitima planta

                        ¯            ¯
Kindai Nihon Kirisutoky o shinbun sh osei: dai 2-3-ki:          materials, compact disc sound recordings, and                   Oral History Program
microfilm collection of thirty-four newspapers                   other papers documenting the history of Pacific
on Japanese Christianity published between 1880                 Serenades, one of the premier chamber music                     California State Archives’ State Government Oral
and 1945.                                                       organizations in Southern California, which was                       History Program
                                                                awarded the prestigious 2004 Chamber Music                      Interviews with Mel Levine, California assemblyman
Taibei gu gong bo wu yuan zhen cang shu hua                                                                                     and congressman; David Roberti, California assem-
                                                                America/ASCAP award for adventurous
Original-size facsimiles of forty-four masterpieces                                                                             blyman, state senator, and president pro tem of the
of Chinese painting and calligraphy created between                                                                             senate; and John Van de Kamp, Los Angeles district
the fourth and eighteenth centuries from the                    Carlo Goldoni (1707-93)                                         attorney and California attorney general.
National Palace Museum in Taipei.                               Drammi Giocosi per musica
                                                                Venezia: Antonio Zatta e figli, 1793-95                          Feminist Film and Media in Los Angeles series
Music Library                                                   Ten volumes containing seventy opera librettos,                 Interviews with video artist Cheri Gaulke and artist
                                                                each accompanied by a scene from the production                 Judy Chicago, covering her years at the Woman’s
JSTOR Music Collection
                                                                drawn and engraved by various artists; enhances the             Building.
Online access to thirty-two journals in musicology.
                                                                library’s extensive holdings of seventeenth- and                Behind the Scenes: Popular Music of Los Angeles,
Music Library Special Collections                               eighteenth-century opera librettos.                                   1960-75 series
Pacific Serenades Collection                                                                                                     Interviews with Ted Alvey, 1960s underground FM
Correspondence, clippings, programs, promotional

              buphthalmo Y unas anotaciones a las yerbas mandragoras, macho, y hembra escrivelo el doctor Mas de Murillo y Valverde … (Madrid:
              1674). Now housed in the Biomedical Library’s History and Special Collections, this very rare Spanish work on
              herbal medicine by Tomás Murillo Velarde y Jurado (fl. 1650-73) is one of only two copies in the United States;
              the other is in the National Library of Medicine.

              Art, film studies, literature, and history - the UCLA Library has countless
              books on these subjects, and now the East Asian Library has one hundred
              more that differ in one crucial way from holdings in other campus lib-
                                    raries: they’re in vernacular Chinese, Japanese, and
                                    Korean. Purchased with funds from the Freeman
                                    Foundation, these reference texts and primary sources
                                    include the collected works of modern Chinese liter-
                                    ary authors, indexes to Japanese pre-war journals, and
                                    subscriptions to a number of Korean online journals.

                                       EUGENE AND MAXINE ROSENFELD MANAGEMENT LIBRARY
                                       As the global economy has grown more complex, research resources have grown more
                                       sophisticated. Datamonitor Business Information Center combines facts and analysis in
                                       one searchable database that contains more than ten thousand company profiles, more
                                       than two thousand industry profiles, and more than fifty country profiles. In addition, a
                                       news and comment section provides access to the most current news as well as commentary
                                       on its likely effects on companies and consumers.

              MUSIC LIBRARY
              The Naxos Music Library is quite literally music to researchers’ ears. This online resource contains an extensive
              collection of music digitally streamed upon request, including more than eight-five thousand tracks of classical,
              jazz, world, folk, and Chinese music from the Naxos, Marco Polo, and Dacapo catalogues.

              And the Howard Morehead Collection of Jazz Photographs, acquired by the Music Library Special Collections,
              is music to researchers’ eyes. A highly regarded Los Angeles still and video news photographer, Morehead photo-

rock music radio producer and deejay, and John Van        Baltic Biographical Archive                               Spider Trickster Tales from Jamaica: The Anansi
Hammersveld, graphic artist and designer of album         Biographical reference works from 1581 to the pres-              Folk
covers and poster art.                                    ent; includes more than 65,000 men and women.             Nearly five thousand handwritten stories giving
                                                                                                                    variants on about two hundred basic trickster
The Negro League in Los Angeles mini-series               Chicano Studies Center Library Serial Collection
                                                                                                                    tales about animal or human protagonists featured
Interviews with Negro League baseball players Neal        Reproduces primary source materials published
                                                                                                                    in oral traditions worldwide; texts, written by
Henderson and James Lewis; funded by the UCLA             by and on Latino communities throughout the
                                                                                                                    Creole schoolchildren in 1930-31, also provide
Institute of American Cultures.                           United States and collected by the Chicano Studies
                                                                                                                    information about links between Jamaica and West
                                                          Library at UC Berkeley.
Charles E. Young Research Library                                                                                   African culture.
                                                          Indonesian Haji: The Pilgrimage to Mecca from the
Africans in the New World, 1493-1834                                                                                United Nations Treaty Collection
                                                               Netherlands East Indies, 1872-1950
Unique microform resources from the collection                                                                      Online versions of bilateral and multilateral treaties
                                                          Documents Islam in Indonesia, the most populous
of John Carter Brown, an ardent opponent of slav-                                                                   deposited with the UN Secretariat.
                                                          Muslim country in the world.
ery and grand-nephew of leading abolitionist Moses                                                                  Western Books on Asia: From the Echols
Brown, who amassed a library documenting the              Scandinavian Biographical Archive
                                                                                                                         Collection on Southeast Asia at the Cornell
African diaspora; covers the history of slavery and       Contains entries on the lives of more than 155,500
                                                                                                                         University Library
black culture and society in the Americas.                people who lived between the eighth century and the
                                                                                                                    Microfilms of Western-language monographs on
                                                          latter part of the twentieth century.

                   graphed many of the important jazz musicians of his time over the course of his career, including Louis
                   Armstrong, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Dexter Gordon, and Billie Holiday, among others.

                   ORAL HISTORY PROGRAM
                   The Los Angeles-based Office of the Americas (OOA) conducts public information and education campaigns to
                   further causes of justice and peace through North America, Mexico, Central America, and South America. The
                   Oral History Program conducted an interview with OAA Director Blase Bonpane, a long-time peace activist, which
                   supplements the OOA archives and Bonpane’s papers housed in Charles E. Young Research Library Department
                   of Special Collections.

                   Not all e-books were born – or written – yesterday. Those available through the Early English Books Online
                   Text Creation Partnership were written between three hundred and five hundred years ago, but now researchers
                                             can search their text as well as view page images. This resource draws from the Short
                                             Title Catalog of Early English books published between 1473 and 1700.

                                                     Ever wonder who Pauley Pavilion was named for? The Research Library’s Department
                                                     of Special Collections now holds the papers of Edwin Wendell Pauley (1903-81), who
                                                     was the principal donor to the building fund for this facility and a UC regent for thirty-
                                                     two years. A Los Angeles oil executive and real estate developer, he also served as United
                                                     States representative to the Allied Reparations Committee during 1945-47 and advised
                                                     Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.

                                                     SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING LIBRARY
                                                     In December 2000 California Governor Gray Davis announced the creation of the
                                                     California NanoSystems Institute, a joint enterprise of UCLA and UC Santa Barbara.
                                                     The Science and Engineering Library has acquired electronic and print resources to
                                                     fuel the institute’s groundbreaking research in engineering new materials, devices, and
                                                     systems at the level of atoms as well as for centers of learning including the Center for
                                                     Embedded Networked Sensing, Institute for Cell Mimetic Space Exploration, and the
                                                     new Department of Bioengineering.

Southeast Asia from the seventeenth through the            UNOCAL Archives                                         Science and Engineering Library
nineteenth centuries.                                      Includes corporate journals dating back to the 1920s
                                                           as well as glass slides, prints, postcards, and other   American Geophysical Union Journals
Women and Social Movements in the United States,                                                                   Online access to Earth Interactions; Geochemistry, Geophysics,
      1600-2000                                                                                                    Geosystems; Geophysical Research Letters; Global Biogeochemical
Online collection of books, images, documents,             FBI Files on Ralph J. Bunche                            Cycles; International Journal of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy;
scholarly essays, commentaries, and bibliographies         Supplements the department’s holdings of the            Journal of Geophysical Research; Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics;
documenting women’s reform activities.                     papers of this distinguished UCLA alumnus and           Paleoceanography; Radio Science; Reviews of Geophysics; Space
                                                           Nobel Peace Prize winner.                               Weather: The International Journal of Research and Applications;
Charles E. Young Research Library Department
                                                           Papers of Jack and Aiko Herzig                          Tectonics; and Water Resources Research.
of Special Collections
                                                           Key figures in the coram nobis case that established     Dekker Encyclopedias
Kenneth Rexroth Materials                                  reparations for incarcerated Japanese-Americans         Online access to twelve sources in subjects including
Given by Dr. Joseph Handler, whose late wife,              during World War II.                                    biomaterials, colloid chemistry, nanostructures, and
Esther, was a friend of the poet.                                                                                  water science.

It’s late in the day, and Carlos has already gotten
home when he remembers – oops! – he has a paper
due tomorrow at 4. What to do? His pal Eddie sug-
gests just copying something off the Internet, but
Carlos knows better.

He turns on his trusty computer, goes to <http://>, and clicks on “Chat Online.”
“Need help searching for articles on economics
topic,” he types into the a dialogue box. Almost
instantly a reply appears: “Hi, Carlos. I’m here
to help. Tell me more about what you need the
articles for.” A few moments later Carlos and
his virtual librarian
have refined the
topic of his paper
and are searching
useful databases

Carlos was only one of thousands of users who relied upon              jects or resources, research guides for specific classes or sub-
the Library’s online reference service during 2003-04.                 jects - fall under the umbrella of information literacy. But
The service began the year with a question about how to                information literacy is most effective when it is closely inte-
access audio reserves for a music history class about Mozart           grated into regular classroom instruction, and two particular
and ended with a question about how to look up dissertations,          efforts illustrate this approach.
and users included UCLA and UC
                                                                                 A sequentially tiered program developed in colla-
students, faculty, and staff as well as
                                                                                 boration with faculty in the department of sociology
researchers in other states and even
                                                                                 integrated information literacy into the undergrad-
other countries.
                                                                                 uate curriculum. The first tier, part of Introductory
When it comes to research queries,                                               Sociology, involved two online tutorials and a
online reference offers the same                                                 hands-on session on using relevant databases. In
advantages of traditional in-person                                              the second tier, incorporated into the introductory
reference assistance: the user can                                               course on sociological research methods, students
chat with a librarian in real time                                               used group discussion time to choose topics, find
and see what resources to use and                                                relevant articles, and share methods, strategies, and
how to search them most effectively.                                             results with the rest of the group.
In cases where the research topic is
vague or general, this approach helps the user refine and focus         The other effort focused on the Freshman Cluster Program,
it; it also introduces him or her to useful databases and search       a particularly useful place to begin, since it was created to
techniques that will carry over to other projects.                     strengthen the intellectual skills of entering freshmen, intro-
                                                                       duce them to faculty research work, and expose them to
In this way, online reference complemented and enhanced the            instructional approaches such as seminars and interdiscipli-
activities of the Library’s Information Literacy Program (ILP).        nary study. ILP librarians were assigned to each cluster and
Formalized from an initiative to an ongoing program during             tailored their support according to the needs of each faculty
the 2003-04 fiscal year, the ILP staff of librarians from across        member; activities ranged from creating course Web pages
campus focused their efforts through a number of new and               linking to useful resources and participating on class dis-
ongoing activities.                                                    cussion boards to answer research questions to teaching a
                                                                       one-unit adjunct course and organizing historical dances.
Among the newest was the launch of “Bruin Success with
Less Stress,” a student-centered, interactive, online tutorial.        An example of the success of this approach lies in the num-
Characters Carlos and Eddie, who represent typical students            bers: participants in Library instructional sessions increased
and give the content a lighthearted, informal tone, guide                     more than forty percent over the previous fiscal year.
undergraduates through topics including intellectual property,                 Too bad Eddie wasn’t one of them; if he persists with
file sharing, citing and documenting sources, project manage-                      his plan to download a paper from the Internet,
ment, and academic dishonesty. Each section ends with an                            he may find himself headed to the office of the
interactive quiz that gives immediate feedback on the answers,                        Dean of Students!
and after finishing each quiz, users can print a certificate
of completion.

All of the Library’s ongoing instructional efforts – orientation
tours, in-library or in-class sessions focusing on specific sub-

                     COLLECTIONS                     W HERE    IT GOES

                            * 7.98 million
                            total volumes

                          * 78,171 current
                                                                     Library materials: 36%
                      serial subscriptions

                       * 62,120 electronic

                                resources                                                              Staff salaries: 29%

                    * 4.94 million visitors
                                                                   Academic salaries: 19%

                                              BUDGET – $30.5
                   to all campus libraries

                   * 24,794 participants in
          library instructional programs

           * 2.05 million items circulated
                (checkouts plus renewals)                                Supplies and equipment: 11%

            * 220,594 reference questions                                                        General assistance (student,
                                                                                       part-time, or temporary employees): 5%
             answered (188,222 in person,
        1,764 online, 21,236 by telephone,
               9,247 by email, 125 by mail)                                                      W HERE     IT COMES FROM

            * 4.3 million virtual visits to
                    the Library homepage

* 1.2 million visits to the ORION2 catalog

* 30,974 interlibrary loan items borrowed
                                                               General funds: 81%
   * 71,835 interlibrary loan items loaned

                   * 5,985 ORION Express
                           requests filled

                                                                                                Contracts and
                                  STAFF                                                         grants: 10%
                          * 106 Librarians

                               * 293 Staff

                            * 550 Students
                                                                                            Gifts and endowments: 5%

                                                                                    Sales and service: 4%

                   S TAT I S T I C S

     UC L A L I B R A RY S E N I O R S TA F F *
Gary E. Strong, University Librarian

Robert Bellanti, Interim Assistant University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services

Judy Consales, Assistant University Librarian for Health and Life Sciences; Head, Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library

Pat Hawthorne, Director, Library Human Resources

Terry Ryan, Associate University Librarian for the UCLA Electronic Library

Cynthia Shelton, Associate University Librarian for Collection Management and Scholarly Communication

Jan Wildman, Director, Library Business Services

Claire Bellanti, Director, UC Southern Regional Library Facility; Director, UCLA Library Resource Sharing

Ellen Broidy, Head, Charles E. Young Research Library Collections, Research, and Instructional Services

Rita Costello, Head, Eugene and Maxine Rosenfeld Management Library

Stephen Davison, Head, Digital Library Program

Sharon Farb, Director, Digital Collection Management and Licensing

Audrey Jackson, Head, Science and Engineering Library

Eleanor Mitchell, Head, College Library; Chair, Information Literacy Program

Mike Randall, Electronic Serial Librarian

Laila Rashid, Director, Library Development

Janice Reiff, Director, Oral History Program

John Riemer, Head, Cataloging and Metadata Center

Stephen Schwartz, Head, Library Information Systems

Dawn Setzer, Director, Library Communications

Don Sloane, Head, Charles E. Young Research Library Access Services

Andy Stancliffe, Head, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Acquisitions

Victoria Steele, Head, Charles E. Young Research Library Department of Special Collections

Gordon Theil, Head, Arts Library and Music Library

Amy Tsiang, Head, Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library

David Yamamoto, Public Services Web Developer

✽   AS OF JUNE   30, 2004

LOUISE M. DARLING                            “Healing the Body, Preserving the Soul:     Student Exhibits: The Struggle for Civil
                                                African American Doctoring in the            Rights: A Photographic Journey -
BIOMEDICAL LIBRARY                              Antebellum Plantation South”: Sharla         May 24-30, 2004; Fine Photography:
                                                M. Fett, Ph.D. - May 18, 2004                Roland Charles and Frank Jackso;
EXHIBITS                                                                                     June 1-4, 2004; Community Diversity
                                                                                             - June 7-18, 2004; AP-Eyes: One
Mighty Ducks: Illustrations of Anatidae      COLLEGE LIBRARY                                 Love, One Struggle - May 24-
    from the History and Special Collec-                                                     June 6, 2004
    tions Division - July 2003
                                             EXHIBITS                                    POWELL MUSIC IN THE ROTUNDA
Chocolate is Good for You - February 2004    Rounce and Coffin Club: 2002 Western
                                                                                         Classical Guitarist Payam Larijani - October
                                                Books 61st Annual Exhibition - through
Trifolium Something-or-Other, or, Just                                                       21, 20003
                                                July 25, 2003
    What Is a “Shamrock”? - March 2004
                                                                                         Historical Keyboardist Susanne Shapiro -
                                             One Hundredth Anniversary of Composer
Chocolate is Good for You - February 2004                                                    November 21, 2003
                                                Walter Jurmann - August 1-12, 2003
Back to the Sea of Cortez: A Journey with                                                Department of Music Graduate and
                                             Memoria, Voz, y Patrimonio: The First
    John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts -                                                        Undergraduate Students - January 26,
                                                Conference on Latino/Hispanic Film,
    June 2004                                                                               2004
                                                Print, and Sound Archives - August 13-
UCLA PROGRAMS                                   22, 2003                                 Random Voices A Capella Ensemble -
   IN MEDICAL CLASSICS                                                                      January 30, 2004
                                             Going, Going, Gone: Conserving and
“The Decline of Science in Nineteenth-           Preserving Books - September 25-        Department of Music Graduate and
   Century Britain: Babbage and Birkbeck         November 7, 2003                           Undergraduate Students - April 19,
   Revisited”: Dorothy Porter, Ph.D. -                                                      2004
                                             Not To Be Forgotten: A Chronicle of the
   October 21, 2003
                                                 Communist Inquisition, Ukraine 1917-    “Regina Caeli: Sixteenth-Century Sacred
“‘No One Reached Out to Touch Me’:               91 - November 3-8, 2003                     Music” - May 7, 2004
    Responding to Stories of Pain”: Arthur
                                             Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of    “Collegium Musicum: Eighteenth Century”
    W. Frank, Ph.D. - November 17, 2003
                                                 Nature - November 12, 2003-January          - June 4, 2004
Memorial Program for Louise H. Marshall,         9, 2004
   Ph.D.: “Renaissance Origins of                                                        HISTORICAL BALLROOM DANCE IN
                                             Student Exhibits: The Artwork of Dome          THE ROTUNDA
   Neuroanatomical Illustration”: Larry
                                                 Village - March 2-8, 2004; Charles
   Swanson, Ph.D. - December 4, 2003
                                                 Bragg - March 9-12, 2004; Transitions   Valentino’s Tango and Ragtime Ball -
“Experimenting with Heroin: The Hidden           - March 13-21, 2004                         October 25, 2003
    Assumptions of Randomized Clinical
                                             Words … by UCLA Poets: an exhibit           “Waltz Through Time” - November 22,
    Trials”: Trudy G.C.G. Dehue, Ph.D. -
                                                celebrating National Poetry Month -          2003
    January 13, 2004
                                                April 2004
“Herman Boerhaave and Enlightenment                                                      Romeo and Juliet Italian Renaissance Ball -
                                             Winning Collections: 2004 Robert B.            February 14, 2004
   Medicine: Steering Clear of Ultimate
                                                and Blanche Campbell Student
   Questions”: Harold J. Cook, Ph.D. -                                                   Second Annual Presidents Ball - March 6,
                                                Book Collection Competition -
   February 24, 2004                                                                         2004
                                                May 4-28, 2004
“Epilepsy as a Medico-Legal Problem,                                                     Seventh Annual Jane Austen Dance -
    1880-1920”: Ellen Dwyer, Ph.D. -                                                         June 5, 2004
    April 13, 2004

CHARLES E. YOUNG                              Margaret Jacob, Department of History -     OTHER EVENTS
                                                 April 2004
RESEARCH LIBRARY                                                                          Mothering Monsters: Mary Shelley’s
                                              Judy Mitoma, Department of World Arts          Frankenstein: UCLA English Professor
                                                  and Cultures - May 2004                    Anne K. Mellor - November 18, 2003
Let’s Go Tahiti and Lilliput: Eighteenth-     David Kaplan, Department of Philosophy,     “Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets
     Century Voyages through Worlds Real          and Kathryn Morgan, Department of           of Nature” Opening Event -
     and Imagined - July-September 2003           Classics - June 2004                        November 21, 2003

“Was I then a monster ...?”: Frankenstein’s                                               Screening of “Frankenstein” (1931) -
    Remarkable Birth and Enduring Life -      CHARLES E. YOUNG                                November 24, 2003
    November 12, 2003-January 9, 2004         RESEARCH LIBRARY                            Screening of “The Bride of Frankenstein”
“… the great good that is in us”: A           DEPARTMENT OF                                   (1935) - December 2, 2003
    Centenary Celebration of Ralph J.
    Bunche - January-March 2004
                                              SPECIAL COLLECTIONS                         Screening of “Young Frankenstein” (1974) -
                                                                                              December 3, 2003
Aztlanahuac: Mesoamerica in North             EXHIBITS
     America - April-June 2004                                                            Screenings of “How the Grinch Stole
                                              Medieval Manuscripts from the Collection        Christmas!” (1966) - December 8-10,
                                              of Richard and Mary Rouse - September-          2003
FACULTY CASE                                  December 2003
                                                                                          “‘Was I then a monster?’: Frankenstein’s
Mitchell Morris, Department of Musicology
                                              “Chic Is Where You Find It”: Selections         Remarkable Birth and Enduring
    - July 2003
                                              from the Bonnie Cashin Collection of            Life”: Guided Tour and Private View -
John A. Agnew, Department of Geography -      Theater, Film, and Fashion Design -             January 7, 2004
    August 2003                               January-May 2004
                                                                                          Bonnie Cashin Endowed Lecture Series:
Merrick Posnansky, Departments of History     A Centenary Celebration of Ralph J.            “The Real Long Goodbye: The Uncon-
   and Anthropology - September 2003          Bunche - June 2004                             ventional Marriage of Raymond and
                                                                                             Cissy Chandler”: Author Judith
Judith A. Carney, Department of                                                              Freeman - April 22, 2004
    Geography - October 2003                  EVENTS
                                              “Medieval Manuscripts from the Collection   Robert B. and Blanche Campbell Student
Judith Francisca Baca, Department of World       of Richard and Mary Rouse” Exhibit          Book Collection Competition Awards
    Arts and Cultures - November 2003            Reception - October 13, 2003                Ceremony - April 28, 2004

Timothy Tangherlini, Scandinavian Section     Talk by Mark Salzman - November 14,         Celebration of the Completion of the
   - December 2003                                 2003                                       Charles E. Young Oral History -
                                                                                              May 20, 2004
Allen J. Scott, Department of Geography -     Victorian Serials with Robert Jackson -
    January 2004                                  February 5, 2004
Kenneth L. Sokoloff, Department of            Panel Discussion with Victoria Dailey,
   Economics - February 2004                      Michael Dawson, and Natalie Shivers -
William A.V. Clark, Department of                 February 13, 2004
     Geography - March 2004

                                                                                                Julia Dragojevic
                                                                                                Sao Q. Duong
2003-2004                                                                                       Margaret H. Ericson
                                                                                                Donald I. Esacove

D O NO R                                                                                        Margaret Ferguson
                                                                                                Helen P. Fernandez-Janka
                                                                                                Rene Flores
                                                                                                Steven E. and Laurie S. Formaker

H O NO R                                                                                        William W. Foster
                                                                                                Nancy Francis
                                                                                                James L. Gajewski
                                                                                                Colleen M. Galvez

ROLL                                                                                            Kenneth T. Gilbert
                                                                                                Parme P. Giuntini
                                                                                                Thomas P. Goebel
                                                                                                Ruth B. Goldberg
                                                                                                Robert W. Goodwin
                                                                                                Richard K. Gordon
The UCLA Library system consistently ranks among the top ten academic                           Dan Greaney
                                                                                                Carol R. Green
research libraries in North America and continues to draw international                         Ralph R. Greenson
                                                                                                Michael J. Greenwald
attention for its superlative collections and innovative use of technology.                     Barbara E. Haner
                                                                                                William and Myrna A. Hant
                                                                                                Theodore Harris
To assure our support of UCLA’s acclaimed academic and research                                 Laurie Hartigan
                                                                                                Mark J. Henninger
programs, private contributions are more important than ever. We are                            John D. Hill
                                                                                                Jane B. Hirsch
honored to thank the individuals, foundations, and corporations whose                           Stanley R. Hoffman
                                                                                                Jerry L. Hoover and Charlotte B. Brown
generous philanthropy has played a vital role in the continued success                          Susan M. Horn
                                                                                                Xingwei Hu
of the UCLA Library during the fiscal year from July 1, 2003, through                            Tamara L. Hulcy
                                                                                                Kathryn A. Hummel
June 30, 2004.                                                                                  Joseph E. Hyman
                                                                                                Stephen C. Iglehart
                                                                                                Carl E. Jacobson
                                                                                                Richard E. James
                                                                                                Allen Jayne III
 Preservation and Conservation                                  Betsey S. Beamish               Phyllis Johnston
 Challenge                                                      Ann H. Bein                     Andrew B. Kahng
                                                                Rodney A. Bernaldo              Makimi Kambayashi
 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation generously supported
                                                                Michelle A. Bholat              Letha J. Kemper
 the preservation of the Library's highly used collections by   John R. Black, Jr.              Melkon A. Khandjian
 awarding a challenge grant to establish the UCLA Library       Daniel Bouskila                 Song-Mi Kim
 Preservation and Conservation Endowment Fund. The              Linda J. Boyd                   Colin T. Kumabe
 following donors helped the Library meet the challenge.        A. R. Braunmuller               Sherrill J. Kushner
                                                                George G. Braunstein            Earl F. La Pensee
 Major Gifts - $1,000+
                                                                Matthew L. Brown                Carol D. Lanham
 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
                                                                Wade A. and Alison O. Bunting   Joellen Lapidus
 The Ahmanson Foundation
                                                                Miguel G. Caballero             Eric J. Lawrence
 Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
                                                                Kathleen L. Carlton             Virginia R. Levy
 Steinmetz Foundation
                                                                Fermin A. Carranza, Jr.         Diana Lidow
 Ralph J. and Shirley L. Shapiro
                                                                A. Turner Cassity               Che H. Lin
 Gary and Karen B. Winnick and The Winnick Family
                                                                Joy A. Chuck                    Bill Ling
                                                                Jerome Chudnof                  Shijun Liu
 Cecile C. Bartman
                                                                Ruth Cimring                    Stephanie Llewellyn
 Gary E. Strong
                                                                Hope C. Clapp                   John W. Lord, Jr.
 Donors                                                         Naomi Clifford                  Andree M. Lorrain
 Adrienne Adan                                                  Janet G. Clyne                  Karyn Lovegrove
 Robert J. Adelsperger                                          Harold C. Cohen                 Daniel L. Macioce, Jr.
 Sanda Agalides                                                 Martin J. Cohen                 Kevork Madooglu
 Geoffrey A. Alch                                               Sol Cohen                       Elizabeth Marvick
 Henry W. Allen                                                 Meredith M. Cole                Thomas K. Mauch
 Floss Alper                                                    Beatrice B. Collins             Marc Mayerson
 Consuelo Alvarez                                               Christopher R. Cook             Linda G. Mayman
 Debbie Amaro                                                   Thomas S. Cook                  Conan H. Mc Cann
 Eugene N. Anderson                                             Luis Cordero                    Carrie K. Mc Dade
 Nancy L. Anderson                                              James M. Creed                  Cheryl B. Mc Donald
 Robert C. Anderson                                             Gregory P. Critser              Kristen L. McMichael
 John L. Apostolou                                              Jo Ann Dawson                   Faith A. Meakin
 James A. Arkatov                                               Sally A. De Long                Mary W. Miller
 Daniel L. Arkoff                                               Peggy E. Dekom                  Iris Mink
 Martha P. Armas                                                Bill E. Depue                   Frank Mishenko
 Robert S. Baker, Jr.                                           Michael A. Diem                 Mary Missimer
 Bruce P. Barnett                                               Michael K. Dote                 Michelle Montemayor
 Robert W. Bates                                                Lorenzo S. Draculan             Caroline L. Moser

Bradley S. Moskowitz                                 Charles Waugh                                             Endowment in Chinese Languages in the Richard C.
Steven A. Moszkowski                                 Manuel Weiskopf                                           Rudolph East Asian Library.
Christopher M. Mott                                  Ruth S. Weiss                                             Constance Lodge
Dorothy C. Much                                      Lorna A. Wiggins                                          To augment the Ardis Lodge Memorial Fund for
Anthony R.and Olivia H. Neece                        Johannes and Elisabeth Wilbert                            the Reference Collection in the Charles E. Young
B. M. and Helen L. Nefkens                           Charlotte Winer                                           Research Library.
Raymond Neutra                                       Helen B. Wolff
Nike, Inc.                                           Chun Wong                                                 Marianne Puncheon
Frank M. O'Brien                                     Lily Wu                                                   To establish the Marianne Puncheon Noah’s Ark
Kathleen G. Ouye                                     Marjorie G. Wynne                                         Endowed Collection in the Charles E. Young Research
David F. Pardess                                     Kimberly S. Yano                                          Library Department of Special Collections.
Standish K. Penton                                   James M. Young                                            Shirley, Rita, and Marcie Rothman
Lynn Pettitt                                         Carol A. Yuke                                             To augment the Raymond C. Rothman Collection in
Wendy Pfeffer                                        Martha J. Zachert                                         the History of Cognitive Science in the Louise M.
Paul D. Picard                                       Carlo A. Zaniolo                                          Darling Biomedical Library.
Robert R. Pool                                                                                                 Bert* and Jacqueline Briskin
Jonathan J. Porter                                   Major Gifts                                               To augment the Bert and Jacqueline Briskin Endowed
Wanda T. Ramser                                      These individuals and foundations made cumulative cash    Collection in Fiction.
Timothy S. Rath
                                                     contributions of $10,000 or greater.                      Henry P. Adams
Robert W. Rector
                                                     The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation                           Toward the Henry Adams Film Music Society Fund in
Susan G. Rifkin
                                                     To establish the UCLA Library Preservation and Con-       the Music Library, which funded the acquisition of the
Jane E. Rissman
                                                     servation Endowment, which will support preservation      CBS Inc. Television and Film Music Collection and the
David A. Robinson
                                                     efforts including the establishment of the UCLA Li-       collection of Paul Sawtell. Also, to help underwrite the
Bernice Y. Rodriguez
                                                     brary Conservation Lab.                                   processing and digitization of film music to make it
Gary R. Romm
                                                                                                               publicly accessible on the Web.
Ricardo Romo                                         The Ahmanson Foundation
Bennett E. Roth                                      To support the Center for Primary Research and            Edwin W. Pauley Foundation
Roy A. Runas                                         Training, which offers fellowships to graduate students   To establish the Pauley Archive Fund to support pro-
Zaheer Samee                                         to work with primary source materials in the Charles E.   cessing, preservation, and access to the Edwin Pauley
Albert and Renee Sattin                              Young Research Library Department of Special Collec-      and the Barbara Pauley Pagen Archive in the Charles
Ernest J. Scalberg                                   tions. An additional gift for acquisitions for the        E. Young Research Library Department of Special
Victor I. Scherb                                     Ahmanson-Murphy Aldine Collection.                        Collections.
Phyliss P. Seidman                                   Steinmetz Foundation                                      Willard L. and Ruth Marmelzat and the Willard
Peter H. Sezzi                                       In support of the Orsini Papers Project to process the    L. Marmelzat Foundation
Loretta Shipp                                        Orsini Family Papers Archive in the Charles E. Young      Gifts in support of four areas: the Willard L. Marmelzat
David W. and Danita A. Shneidman                     Research Library Department of Special Collections.       Special Collection Project in the Louise M. Darling
Paula L. Shuman                                      An additional gift in support of the UCLA Library         Biomedical Library, the Biomedical Library for discre-
Louise S. Spear                                      Preservation and Conservation Endowment.                  tionary use, the Biomedical Library History and Special
Robert Spector                                                                                                 Collections, and the Charles E. Young Research Library
Morris A. Steinberg                                  Bonnie Cashin*                                            Department of Special Collections.
Gregory Y. Sue                                       To support the completion of the electronic conversion
                                                     of manuscript finding aids to be searchable on the Web    Hilda Newman Rolfe
Eugene B. and Patricia R. Tapie                                                                                To support the highest priorities of the UCLA Library.
Charles Toll                                         through the Online Archive of California.
Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.                      William Hobson                                            Grace M. Hunt*
Carrie M. Turk                                       To augment the Evelyn Troup Hobson and William            To establish the Hugh Gilchrist Dick Memorial
Alice Urist*                                         Hobson Endowed Collection in the fields of education       Acquisitions Fund for acquisitions.
Donna F. Ver Steeg                                   and psychology.
April A. Wakeman                                     Johanna E. Tallman*
                                                                                                               Corporate and Foundation Gifts
Margie Waldo                                         To provide discretionary support for the Science and      These corporations and foundations made cumulative cash
Rick H. Walin                                        Engineering Library.                                      contributions of $100 or greater or cumulative gift-in-kind
Gregory J. Walker                                                                                              contributions valued at $1,000 or greater.
                                                     Wing Chung
David Wallechinsky
                                                     To establish the Alice Lee-Tsing Chung Collection         The Ahmanson Foundation
                                                                                                               Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, Inc. -
                                                                                                                    Southern California Chapter
                                                                                                               Armory Center for the Arts
                                                                                                               Bank Julius Baer and Co., Ltd.
                                                                                                               The Capital Group Companies, Inc.**
                                                                                                               ChevronTexaco Corporation**
                                                                                                               ECI Consultants LLC
                                                                                                               Evergreen Books
                                                                                                               ExxonMobil Foundation**
                                                                                                               Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA
                                                                                                               Johnson and Johnson Contribution Fund**
                                                                                                               Willard L. Marmelzat Foundation
                                                                                                               Medtronic Inc.
                                                                                                               The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
                                                                                                               New Regency Productions, Inc.
                                                                                                               Nike, Inc.**
                                                                                                               Northrop Grumman Litton Foundation**
                                                                                                               Order of the Blue Shield
                                                                                                               Edwin W. Pauley Foundation
                                                                                                               Southern California Tennis Association
                                                                                                               Steinmetz Foundation
                                                                                                               Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.**
                                                                                                               UCLA Medical Center Auxiliary
                                                                                                               The Winnick Family Foundation, Inc.
✽ Indicates that the donor is deceased   ✽✽ Indicates matching contribution

Library Associates – Powell Society                            John L. Apostolou
These individuals made discretionary gifts of $1,000           James A. Arkatov
                                                               Martha P. Armas
or greater.
                                                               Jeanne G. Armstrong*
Warren J. and Dorothy J. Abbott                                Orville and Mary Armstrong
Abdelmonem A. and Marianne H. Afifi                              Jean L. Aroeste
Jean L. Aroeste                                                Daniel and Angel Au
Stanley H. and Ronda E. Breitbard                              Mackwood and Sartaj Awan
Mildred R. Johnson                                             Surik G. and Seved M. Ayvazian
Mrs. Harry Lenart                                              Henrik Azarian and Isabella Derbarseghian
Norman J. and Armena B. Powell                                 Michael and Amalia Azzam
Gary E. and Carolyn Strong
Gloria Werner
                                                               Nancy T. Baden*
Cameron C. Whiteman
                                                               Clarence L. H. and Robin Baer
                                                               Richard and Dalny S. Balelo
First Century Society Members                                  Henry J. Bamberger                                          L. David Cole
These members of the First Century Society have included the   Ebi and Farah Baraghoush                                    James A. and Carol L. Collins
UCLA Library in their estate plans.                            Walter J. Barlow*                                           Charles E. and Sharon A. Conder
                                                               Timothy H. Barnes                                           Christopher R. Cook
Roy H. Aaron                                                                                                               Thomas S. Cook
Marion and Kurt Anker                                          Cecile C. Bartman
                                                               Cheryl D. Bascom                                            William C. Cooper
Jacqueline Briskin                                                                                                         Luis Cordero
Henry J. Bruman                                                Narisco F. and Rebecca M. Bautista
                                                               Marta Becket                                                Angelo J. and Christine L. Corpora
Wilmer B. and Mary N. Buckland                                                                                             Mitchel D. and Susan G. Covel
Wade A. and Alison O. Bunting                                  Calista R. Beers
                                                               Keenan Behrle and Kathleen Flanagan                         Shelley J. Cozen
Carolyn N. Cunningham                                                                                                      Walter E. Crandall
Robert L. Eckert and Jerome C. Elliott                         Sanford M. and Phyllis B. Beim
                                                               Ann H. Bein                                                 James M. Creed
Ray and Marian Engelke                                                                                                     Gregory P. Critser
Jack Fromkin                                                   Robert and Claire Q. Bellanti
Robert M. and Sandra C. Hobbs                                  C. Mae Benjamin                                             D
William Hobson                                                 R. Reese and Rosemary Benson                                Faramaz Davarian
Norah E. Jones                                                 Richard A. and Barbara Bergman                              Mary E. Davis
Max Lawrence                                                   Elihu M. and Sylvia Berle                                   Jo Ann Dawson
Joan Lenihan                                                   Rodney A. Bernaldo                                          George L. Dea and Janice T. Koyama
Sarah R. Lesser                                                Lazare F. and Lanie D. Bernhard                             Richard and Wendy De Leon
Constance Lodge                                                Leroy and Ruth B. Berry                                     Richard D. De Luce
Michelle London                                                Michelle A. Bholat                                          Joan Demiany
Basil W. Martinez                                              Margaret and William* Bloomfield                             Bill E. Depue
Sheila Morrison                                                Barry W. and Sharla P. Boehm                                Robert G. Dickson
James J. and Rosemarie J. Nix                                  Robert F. Boggs                                             Steve Doan
Clarice Campbell Olcott                                        Blase Bonpane                                               A. Bruce and Karalee V. Doll
Julia A. Postley                                               James M. Bower                                              C. Terry and Kathleen H. Dooley
Norman J. and Armena B. Powell                                 Patricia R. Boyle                                           Roy and Carol Doumani
Hilda Newman Rolfe                                             Stanley and Marilyn Boyle                                   Lorenzo S. Draculan
Mrs. Charles Speroni                                           George and Kay M. Brallier                                  E
Mary L. and William A. Steinmetz                               George G. Braunstein                                        William P. and Ann Edwards
Ann E. Sumner                                                  Bridget Bray                                                Michael C. and Inez Eicher
Suebelle and David Verity                                      Stanley H. and Ronda E. Breitbard                           Elizabeth R. Eisenbach
Gloria Werner                                                  Bert* and Jacqueline Briskin                                Samuel Ellenport
Mary E. Williams                                               Wade A. and Alison O. Bunting                               William L. Emerson
                                                               Michael S. and Roxanne Burk                                 Gricelda M. Espinoza
Bequests                                                       Steven and Robyn Burrows                                    Rosalie M. Evans
                                                               Elizabeth Berman
The UCLA Library received distributions from the estates                                                                   F
                                                               C                                                           Ruthe Feldman
of the following individuals.
                                                               John T. Campbell                                            Seymour and Norma D. Feshbach
Jeanne G. Armstrong*                                           John and Julia Carranza                                     Baret C. Fink
Bonnie Cashin*                                                 Diahann Carroll                                             Guido and Daniela S. Fink
Grace M. Hunt*                                                 Bonnie Cashin*                                              Jack L. and Hazel C. Finney
Johanna E. Tallman*                                            Boris M. Catz                                               William and Patricia Flumenbaum
                                                               R. Elizabeth Cecchetti                                      Patricia L. Fox
Donors                                                         Lyman B. Chaffee                                            Susan J. French
These donors made cumulative cash contributions of $100        Donald C. and Christina M. Chamberland                      Arthur L. and Judith W. Friedman
or greater or cumulative gift-in-kind contributions valued     Hugo K. and Ginger C. Chan                                  Fred Friedman
at $1,000 or greater.                                          William W. and Ruby Y. Chan                                 Grace Friedman
                                                               Barry and Sue-Fay L. Chang                                  Jonathan A. Friedman
A                                                              Paul and Ching-Li Chang
Benjamin and Eleanor O. Aaron                                                                                              G
                                                               Anthony Chen
Roy H. Aaron                                                                                                               Colleen M. Galvez
                                                               Lucie Cheng
Warren J. and Dorothy J. Abbott                                                                                            Susan R. Gannon
                                                               David K. and Sarah Y. Cheung
Henry P. Adams                                                                                                             Jonathan L. Gans
                                                               John Y. Chew
Abdelmonem A. and Marianne H. Afifi                                                                                          Janet B. Garber
                                                               Seng J. and Su L. Chiou
Ira R. and Marsha L. Alpert                                                                                                Homa Garemani
                                                               Kyung Choi
Harlan C. and Patricia P. Amstutz                                                                                          Noyan Garemani
                                                               Joy A. Chuck
Eugene N. Anderson                                                                                                         Harland and Carol D. Gaynor
                                                               Wing Chung
Nancy L. Anderson                                                                                                          Larry S. Gelbart
                                                               Martin J. Cohen
Robert C. Anderson
Kurt R. and Marion V. Anker
                                                                                             ✽ Indicates that the donor is deceased         ✽✽ Indicates matching contribution

Beatrice S. Gendel                         Mildred R. Johnson                     Gerald Meaker
Bennett Gilbert                            Elaine K. Sewell Jones                 Ruth D. Mellinkoff
Parme P. Giuntini                          Norah E. Jones                         Sherman M. and June B. Mellinkoff
Martin C. Glassman                         Juliana P. Jong                        Ronald J. and Anne K. Mellor
Dohn G. and Beryl Glitz                    Eileen Judkins                         Ellen J. Meltzer
Michael S. and Judith M. Golub             Eric and Edith Juline                  John H. Menkes
Marcia E. Goodman                          Richard B. Jurmain                     Sandra Milken
Robert W. Goodwin                          K                                      Christopher Miller
David R. Grant                             Lisa A. Kane                           Robert P. Miller
Jay Grauer                                 Tad L. Kapelner                        Tim Miller and Katie Woodruff
Nancy Graydon                              Raymond S. Kaplan                      Earl Miner*
Dan Greaney                                Sue A. Kaplan                          Iris Mink
Henry W. Green                             Howard B. Keck, Jr.                    Mary Missimer
Arthur N. and Audrey A. Greenberg          George E. Keiter                       Ira J. Mitchell
Mrs. Ralph R. Greenson                     Andy and Marea Kelly                   Elliott Mittler
Michael J. Greenwald                       Larry M. Kent                          Jerry D. and Joy Rachmil Monkarsh
Paul E. and Gloria N. Griffin               William W. and Teresa W. Keung         Michelle Montemayor
Christopher Grose                          Shahryar and Zhila T. Khajehnajafi      Jesus and Jessica Monzon
Gene and Judith Guerny                     Chung P. and San O. Kim                Jeffrey D. Morehead
Donald L. and Maureen A. Guithues          Janey Kim                              Caroline L. Moser

Jose Gutierrez                             Song-Mi Kim                            Leslie C. Motto
Jules A. and Anita S. Gutterman            Jane L. Kitano                         Jackson W. Muh
H                                          Lynn K. Kitano                         Don and Scarlet Mupo
Ali Hallajpour                             Charles M. Knobler                     N
Joseph S. Handler                          Ralph Koch and Daissy M. Farias-Koch   Hisae Nakanishi
Ginger Harmon                              Dorothy L. Koe                         Sathya and Radhika Narayanan
Brenda F. Harris                           Andrezj Korbonski                      Gary B. Nash and Cynthia J. Shelton
Eileen Harris-Norton                       Ken and Patricia A. Kosich             B. M. and Helen L. Nefkens
Roberta D. Hartnack                        Sridhar and Nalini Krishnan            Daniel M. and Arundhati Neuman
Peter A. Hayashida                         Rodney H. and Edie Kubomoto            Tuyet B. Nguyen
Susan Hecht                                L                                      Nancy Norris
                                           Ying-Ming Lai                          Florence Q. Nulsen
                                           Thomas M. Laichas                      O
                                           Carol D. Lanham                        Clifford and Bonnie Okamoto
                                           Earl F. La Pensee                      Chisato Okubo
                                           David B. and Karen L. La Pointe        Shirley P. Olson
                                           Frances D. Larkin                      Gerald H. and Gail F. Oppenheimer
                                           Jay T. Last                            Daniel and Erna Osterweil
                                           Harrison Latta and Lya Cordova-Latta   Dini Ostrov
                                           Frank S. and Shirley Y. Lee            Michael S. and Judy L. Ovitz
                                           Margaret K. Lee                        P
                                           Mike H. and Joan S. Leibman            Glenn A. Padnick
                                           Mrs. Harry Lenart                      Joan Palevsky
                                           Hollis G. Lenderking                   Joyce Pand
                                           Joanne Leonard                         George A. and Peggy D. Pandaleon
                                           Joseph and Carol Leung                 David F. Pardess
Frank G. and Jean T. Hernandez             Leon Levine
Gabriel and Maria D. Hernandez                                                    Harish Parekh
                                           Carol A. Levy                          Young B. Park
Margaret J. Heymann                        Che H. Lin
David G. Hirsch                                                                   Kiritkumar and Sook Patel
                                           Bill Ling                              Robert V. Pauley
Werner Z. Hirsch                           Solomon Lipp
John K. and Iris S. Ho                                                            Stephen M. Pauley
                                           John W. Lissack                        Ken Peach, Jr.
William Hobson                             Bing Liu
Stanley R. Hoffman                                                                Judea Pearl
                                           David M. Liu                           Steve Pearlman
Jerry L. Hoover and Charlotte B. Brown     Jon A. Liu
Susan M. Horn                                                                     Standish K. Penton
                                           Shijun Liu                             Mimi Perloff
Jackson and Hsin-Ping Hsueh                Roseline Livingston
Maria D. Hummer                                                                   Jack W. and Delbra L. Perry
                                           Dicky and Annie Lo                     Albert Peskin
Grace M. Hunt*                             Sandra Lo
Melinda M. Hurst                                                                  Arthur and Carole Phillips
                                           Constance Lodge                        Randolph S. and Patricia K. Phillips
I                                          Richard H. Lubetzky                    Benjamin L. and Rue C. Pine
Althea Iberall                             Sherrill D. Luke                       Louis A. and Berta F. Pitt
Cynthia F. Ingham-Bachman                  Louise B. Lyon                         Oscar and Norma Pletikosic
Gholamreza Irani                           M                                      Susan D. Polhemus
Bill and Suzie E. Isa                      Heddy Ma                               Jonathan J. Porter
J                                          Daniel L. Macioce, Jr.                 John A.* and Julia A. Postley
Margaret C. Jacob                          Virginia Mancini                       Norman J. and Armena B. Powell
Richard and Cheryl W. Jacobs               Joseph D. and Jean W. Mandel           Steven N. Primack and Stacy H. Nerenberg
Martha E. Jacobson                         Leonard H. and Beatrice S. Mandel      Steven Pritzker
Richard E. James                           Leonard M. and Janet Marangi           Robert A. Pugsley
Allen Jayne III                            Willard L. and Ruth B. Marmelzat       Marianne Puncheon
Wendell E. Jeffrey and Bernice M. Wenzel   Melina Marquez                         R
Gildardo and Trinidad Jimenez              Jeffrey L. Marr                        Morad M. Rad and Maryam Ahmadsartip
Augusto B. and Angelina C. Jocson          Manuel G. and Glorya A. Mayoral        Joseph A. and Susan J. Radwan
Neil H. Joeck and Melinda B. Erickson      Robert and Patricia A. McCullough      Lawrence J. and Lee Ramer
Edgar and Susan Johnson                    Carrie K. McDade                       Laila M. Rashid
Erik and Judy Johnson                      Alice McGrath                          Judith A. Rasson

           Udome and Sue Ratanavongse                 Diana M. Thomas                               Gary and Karen B. Winnick
           John Rechy                                 Gladys C. Emerson Thomas                      Kenneth S. and Madeline J. Wolf
           Edwin and Ellen Reingold                   Robert J. Thomas                              Steven Wolf and Ruth Jaeger
           Narciso and Karina Ricasa                  Harold Lincoln and Sara Thompson*             Arthur P. Wong
           Susan G. Rifkin                            Jesse E. Thompson, Jr. and Alice J. Glasser   Calvin and Melinda Wong
           Daniel A. and Ruby Roca                    Charles Toll                                  Jeffrey S. and Laurel A. Wruble
           Hilda Newman Rolfe                         Erwin Tomash                                  Marjorie G. Wynne
           Elizabeth C. Romaine                       W. Lee Towns                                  Y
           Ricardo Romo                               Cuong and Phuong T. Tran                      Tadami and Flora N. Yamanaka
           Leon and Barbara Rootenberg                Phyllis Treusch                               Edward and Nina Yang
           Michael Rotblatt                           Shih H. and Elly L. Tsai                      Erik Yang
           Bennett E. Roth                            Norman and Alice Tulchin                      Paul and Carol Yu
           Marcie H. Rothman                          Carrie M. Turk                                Pauline R. Yu
           Rita C. Rothman                            Oscar L. Turner, Jr.                          Peter and Lisa C. Yu
           Shirley S. Rothman                         Adam and Rhea P. Turteltaub                   Yong C. Yuk
           Richard H. and Mary A. Rouse               U
           Howard A. Rubel                                                                          Z
                                                      Alice Urist*                                  Irving Zabin
           Mary A. Rudolph                            Sir Brian E. Urquhart
           Nancy Ryan                                                                               Carlo A. Zaniolo
           Terry C. Ryan                              V                                             Robert A. and Maureen Zehntner
                                                      Lee Vandevort                                 James E. and Adrienne R. Zeigler

           S                                          David S. Verity                               Joan S. Zenan
           Sanbo S. and Kay* Sakaguchi                Donna F. Ver Steeg                            Irwin and Yda Ziment
           Gloria Salick                              Loraine Vosper                                Joy Zimnavoda
           Albert Sattin                              Tou and Kaying Vu
           Ernest J. Scalberg
           Rita A. Scherrei
           Judith A. Schipper
           Brian E. C. and Sherri S. Schottlaender
           Robert L. and Elizabeth H. Scott
           Carolyn See
           Laurence and Sallie Seigler
           Andy and Ann Semotiuk
           Jeffrey A. Seymour
           Robert M. and Sally G. Shafton
           Ethel Shanedling
           Russell Shank
           Ralph J. and Shirley L. Shapiro
           Prithvi R. and Surekha Sharma
           Nien-Tsu Shen
           Loretta Shipp
           Stephen M. Silberstein and Anne G. Lipow
           Ruth M. Simon
           David C. and Jackie Simpson
           Pradeep K. and Asiha Singh
           Richard Sisson
           William H. Slay III
           James L. Smith
           Marvin L. Smotrich
           Thomas W. Smotrich
           Ralph R. and Patricia N. Sonnenschein      W                                             Memorial Gifts
                                                      Frederick R. and Magda L. Waingrow
           Raymond Soto                                                                             These individuals, corporations, and foundations made gifts
           Anne-Marie Spataru                         April A. Wakeman
                                                      Patricia Waldron                              to perpetuate the memory and works of their relatives,
           Robert Spector                                                                           friends, or colleagues.
           Andrew J. Stancliffe                       Jason K. Wallace and Terrill H. Burnett
           Timothy R. and Victoria Steele             Kimberly J. Wallace                           In memory of Theresa G. Aaron
           Leonard B. Stern                           John F. and Alice Wang                            Benjamin and Eleanor O. Aaron
           Michael I. Stern                           Jeffrey M. and Terri F. Warren                    Roy H. Aaron
           Shadoe Stevens                             Ruth K. Watanabe                                  Arthur J. Alper
           Robert and Betty Stickles                  Christopher Waterman                              Ira R. and Marsha L. Alpert
           Paul and Carol A. Stiglic                  Charles Waugh                                     Harlan C. and Patricia P. Amstutz
           Howard L. Stone                            Patricia H. Webb                                  Anonymous
           Kenneth A. and Lois R. Stone               A. Alan and Julie Weber                           Orville and Mary Armstrong
           Ronald W. and Merry L. Strahan             Eugen Weber                                       Neal D. Axelrod
           Gary E. and Carolyn Strong                 Lillian Apodaca Weiner                            Bank Julius Baer and Co., Ltd.
           Gaby Stuart                                Seth M. Weingarten                                Ronald A. and Connie G. Barnett
           Vance D. Studley                           Ruth S. Weiss                                     Keenan Behrle and Kathleen Flanagan
           Fanny Suen                                 Jerome H. Weissman                                Helen I. Bendix
           Robert and Patsy Sung                      Michael and Jodi Wells                            Paul and Bobbie Bent
           Larry and Leah Superstein                  Gloria Werner                                     Richard A. and Barbara Bergman
           Vincent and Corinna Szto                   Cameron C. Whiteman                               Lazare F. and Lanie D. Bernhard
                                                      Betty D. Widger                                   Margaret and William* Bloomfield
           T                                          Donald Wierenga                                   Barry W. and Sharla P. Boehm
           Johanna E. Tallman*                        Johannes and Elisabeth Wilbert                    Caryl V. Carothers
           Edmund and Kimiko Tamashiro                David O. Wilkinson                                William L. and Dorothy W. Clawson
           Shannon and Eileen Tan                     Marguerite Williams                               James A. and Carol L. Collins
           Cecilia Tapscott                           Charles Williamson                                Mitchel D. and Susan G. Covel
           Renee Tapscott-Wilcots                     Charlotte Winer                                   Lynn J. Danielson
           Sylvia K. Thayer

    Roy and Carol Doumani                                In memory of Alice Lee-Tsing Chung             Sherwin and Joy L. Cogan
    Michael C. and Inez Eicher                               Wing Chung                                 Jane F. Evans
    Rosalie M. Evans                                     In memory of Reuben Cordova                    Donald L. and Maureen A. Guithues
    Baret C. Fink                                            Harrison Latta and Lya Cordova-Latta       Harriette T. Levens
    William and Patricia Flumenbaum                                                                     G. B. and E. Miller Irrevocable Trust
    Harland and Carol D. Gaynor                          In memory of Bette Davis                       Ann Rosten
    Robin F. Gee                                             Luis Cordero                               Howard and Anne Rosten
    Sandra K. Gilman                                     In memory of James G. Davis                    Frances F. Segal
    Arthur N. and Audrey A. Greenberg                        JoAn D. Kunselman                      In memory of Raymond C. Rothman
    George and Geraldine Gregory                             Diana M. Thomas                            Marcie H. Rothman
    Paul E. and Gloria N. Griffin                                                                        Rita C. Rothman
    Jules A. and Anita S. Gutterman                                                                     Shirley S. Rothman
    Peter A. Hayashida
    Maria D. Hummer                                                                                 In memory of Richard C. Rudolph
    Martha E. Jacobson                                                                                  Heddy Ma
    Edgar and Susan Johnson                                                                             Tala J. Martinez
    Eric G. and E. Juline                                                                               Marguerite Williams
    Raymond S. Kaplan                                                                               In memory of Bernard Schwartz
    George E. Keiter                                                                                    Martin S. Shapiro
    Mrs. Harry Lenart                                                                               In memory of Marjorie E. L. Shaw
    Roseline Livingston                                                                                 Kerry A. Bresnahan
    Sherrill D. Luke                                                                                    Wade A. and Alison O. Bunting
    Virginia Mancini                                                                                    Laura E. Danielson
    Joseph D. and Jean W. Mandel                                                                        Warren and Rochelle Juran
    Leonard H. and Beatrice S. Mandel                                                                   Donald J. and Barbara Kornblau
    Leonard M. and Janet Marangi                                                                        Mike H. and Joan S. Leibman
    Ira J. Mitchell                                                                                     Sandra Meyer
    Jerry D. and Joy Rachmil Monkarsh                                                                   Laila M. Rashid
    Donald P. and Susana Nierlich                                                                       Howard A. Rubel
    Florence Q. Nulsen                                                                                  Stanley B. and Isabel S. Rubel
    Gerald H. and Gail F. Oppenheimer                                                                   Rosalee P. Sass
    James W. and Deborah M. Osterholt                    In memory of Edgar G. Dawson                   Carolyn A. Schmitt
    Dini Ostrov                                              Harlan C. and Patricia P. Amstutz          Jan C. Scow and Anita M. Mermel
    Randolph B. and Laura L. Parker                                                                     Cameron C. Whiteman
                                                         In memory of Fauna L. Finger
    Mimi Perloff                                                                                        Jeffrey S. and Laurel A. Wruble
                                                             Gaby Stuart
    Albert Peskin
                                                         In memory of Samuel Flumenbaum             In memory of Janith B. Sherman
    John A.* and Julia A. Postley
                                                             William and Patricia Flumenbaum            Arthur L. and Judith W. Friedman
    Lawrence J. and Lee Ramer
    Laila M. Rashid                                      In memory of Jack Friedmann                In memory of Marshall R. Urist
    Leon and Barbara Rootenberg                              Betty D. Widger                            UCLA Medical Center Auxiliary
    Maxine Rosenfeld                                     In memory of Raymond Gabler                In memory of Alice Urist
    Sanbo S. and Kay* Sakaguchi                              Jeannette Schulman                         Harlan C. and Patricia P. Amstutz
    Laurence and Sallie Seigler                                                                         UCLA Medical Center Auxiliary
    Jeffrey A. Seymour                                   In memory of Orlando T. Gatto
                                                             Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA            In memory of Marie Bell Waters
    Robert M. and Sally G. Shafton                                                                      Beach Cities Democratic Club
    Ralph J. and Shirley L. Shapiro                      In memory of Audrey C. Graydon                 Ruby A. Bell-Gam
    Southern California Tennis Association                   Nancy Graydon                              Leroy and Ruth B. Berry
    Howard L. Stone                                      In memory of Jewell F. Ingham                  Patrice S. Caravello
    Larry and Leah Superstein                                Cynthia F. Ingham-Bachman                  Lyman B. Chaffee
    Norman and Alice Tulchin                                                                            George L. Dea and Janice T. Koyama
                                                         In memory of Samuel Kaplan
    Oscar L. Turner, Jr.                                                                                Anna G. Del Vescovo
                                                             UCLA Medical Center Auxiliary
    Adam and Rhea P. Turteltaub                                                                         Thomas W. and Nancy C. Downer
    Frederick R. and Magda L. Waingrow                   In memory of Alexandra L. Kaufman
                                                                                                        Carol D. Gentry
    Ruth K. Watanabe                                         Jeffrey L. Marr
                                                                                                        Daniel D. and Jacquelynn M. Good
    Christopher Waterman                                 In memory of Stanley Kurman                    Bruce M. and Sandra P. Jones
    Gloria Werner                                            Nancy Ryan                                 Andy and Marea Kelly
    Lawrence P. and Patricia D. Whittet                                                                 Jeanne M. Kim
                                                         In memory of Monte E. Livingston
    Wells K. Wohlwend                                                                                   Ronald H. and Jeanne Leuschner
                                                             Roseline Livingston
    Kenneth S. and Madeline J. Wolf                                                                     Eudora I. Loh
                                                         In memory of Olivette O. Marr
In memory of Charles Barile                                                                             Robert and Patricia A. McCullough
                                                             Jeffrey L. Marr
    Abra P. Castle                                                                                      Christopher Miller
                                                         In memory of Sam M. Marr                       Tim Miller and Katie Woodruff
In memory of Ruth N. Behn
                                                             Jeffrey L. Marr                            George S. Nakano
    Edward L. and Maryjean Butler
    Paul and Louise Orofino                               In memory of Mitzi Myers                       Roberta M. Nixon
    Charles G. and Margaret E. Pollock                       Susan R. Gannon                            Wanda T. Ramser
                                                             Donelle R. Ruwe                            Mary J. Ryan
In memory of Henrik M. Birnbaum
                                                         In memory of Anna Keyes Neilsen                Judith A. Schipper
    David R. Grant
                                                             Gloria Salick                              Richard A. and Rosemary E. Sundeen
In memory of Ira L. Boyle                                                                               Elaine Svenonius
    Patricia R. Boyle                                    In memory of William F. Payne
                                                                                                        Betty K. Takahashi
    Stanley and Marilyn Boyle                                Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA
                                                                                                        Stella Tamura
In memory of Linda S. Burrows                            In memory of Lawrence Clark Powell             Diana M. Thomas
    Laurence and Sallie Seigler                              Norman J. and Armena B. Powell             Jason K. Wallace and Terrill H. Burnett
In memory of She-Wo Cheng                                In memory of Helen C. Relin                    Jeffrey M. and Terri F. Warren
    Lucie Cheng                                              Sarah L. Catz                              Susan S. Wilson
                                                                                                        James E. and Adrienne R. Zeigler
✽ Indicates that the donor is deceased       ✽✽ Indicates matching contribution

                                                                                                                         In honor of Marco T. Hernandez
                                                                                                                             Frank G. and Jean T. Hernandez
                                                                                                                         In honor of Patricia P. Ho
                                                                                                                             John K. and Iris S. Ho
                                                                                                                         In honor of Peter C. Hodgson, Jr.
                                                                                                                             David R. Grant
                                                                                                                         In honor of Elaine C. Hsiao
                                                                                                                             Nien-Tsu Shen
                                                                                                                         In honor of Teli Hsueh
                                                                                                                             Jackson and Hsin-Ping Hsueh
                                                                                                                         In honor of Mozhan Irani
                                                                                                                             Gholamreza Irani
                                                                                                                         In honor of Clint I. Isa
                                                                                                                             Bill and Suzie E. Isa
                                                                                                                         In honor of Rachel E. Jacobs
                                                                                                                             Richard and Cheryl W. Jacobs
                                                                                                                         In honor of William E. Jocson
                                                                                                                             Augusto B. and Angelina C. Jocson
In memory of Nell O’Riley Wooden                        In honor of Sonia L. Chan
    Sylvia K. Thayer                                        William W. and Ruby Y. Chan                                  In honor of Morgan E. Joeck
                                                                                                                             Neil H. Joeck and Melinda B. Erickson
In memory of Harold I. Wright                           In honor of Aileen Chang
    Clifford A. Wright                                      Barry and Sue-Fay L. Chang                                   In honor of Brian E. Johnson
                                                                                                                             Erik and Judy Johnson
In memory of Frederic M. Zabin                          In honor of Christina W. Cheung
    Elizabeth R. Eisenbach                                  David K. and Sarah Y. Cheung                                 In honor of Lorraine W. Jong
    Irving Zabin                                                                                                             Juliana P. Jong
                                                        In honor of Stephanie A. Chew
                                                            John Y. Chew                                                 In honor of Adel Kaesemeyer
Honorary Gifts                                                                                                               Jeffrey L. Marr
                                                        In honor of Nicholas Chiou
These individuals, corporations, and foundations made       Seng J. and Su L. Chiou                                      In honor of Brighton Keck
gifts in honor of relatives, friends, or colleagues.                                                                         Howard B. Keck, Jr.
                                                        In honor of Pamela L. Conder
In honor of Shuji Asano                                     Charles E. and Sharon A. Conder                              In honor of Ezra S. Keung
    Jeffrey L. Marr                                                                                                          William W. and Teresa W. Keung
                                                        In honor of Jennifer A. Corpora
In honor of Jorge J. Assam                                  Angelo J. and Christine L. Corpora                           In honor of Nader Khajehnajafi
    Gricelda M. Espinoza                                                                                                     Shahryar and Zhila T. Khajehnajafi
                                                        In honor of April A. Dammann
In honor of Richard C. Atkinson                             Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA                                  In honor of Brian D. Kim
    Laurence and Sallie Seigler                                                                                              Janey Kim
                                                        In honor of Shieva Davarian
In honor of Jonder Au                                       Faramaz Davarian                                             In honor of Karen King
    Daniel and Angel Au                                                                                                      Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA
                                                        In honor of Viola DeAlessi
In honor of Farah Awan                                      Dohn G. and Beryl Glitz                                      In honor of Kevin M. Kitano
    Mackwood and Sartaj Awan                                                                                                 Jane L. Kitano
                                                        In honor of Julia M. DeLeon
In honor of Saro Ayvazians                                  Richard and Wendy DeLeon                                     In honor of Susan H. Koo
    Surik G. and Seved M. Ayvazian                                                                                           Kyung Choi
                                                        In honor of Cristina H. Demiany                                      Joyce Pand
In honor of Vahe M. Azarian                                 Joan Demiany
    Henrik Azarian and Isabella Derbarseghian                                                                            In honor of Janice T. Koyama
                                                        In honor of David T. Doan                                            Robert and Claire Q. Bellanti
In honor of Claire M. Azzam                                 Steve Doan                                                       M. Rita Costello
    Michael and Amalia Azzam                            In honor of Danielle Doll                                            Robert L. Eckert
In honor of Andrew R. Balelo                                A. Bruce and Karalee V. Doll                                     Norah E. Jones
    Richard and Dalny S. Balelo                         In honor of Nancy Fegert                                             Lynn K. Kitano
In honor of Afshan Baraghoush                               Gildardo and Trinidad Jimenez                                    Leslie Kong
    Ebi and Farah Baraghoush                                                                                                 Carol A. Levy
                                                        In honor of Emily J. Finney
                                                                                                                             Leslie R. McMichael
In honor of Christopher F. Barnes                           Jack L. and Hazel C. Finney
                                                                                                                             Ellen J. Meltzer
    Timothy H. Barnes                                   In honor of Michael S. Flier                                         Barbara J. Montanary-Schader
In honor of Marjorie A. Bates                               David R. Grant                                                   Linda Ninomiya
    Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA                         In honor of Patricia Lucille Fox                                     Helen H. Palmer
In honor of Randy M. Bautista                               Patricia L. Fox                                                  Margaret A. Pickering
    Narisco F. and Rebecca M. Bautista                  In honor of Burt and Debra F. Geller                                 Rita A. Scherrei
In honor of Joelle A. Berle                                 Jeffrey L. Marr                                                  Brian E. C. and Sherri S. Schottlaender
    Elihu M. and Sylvia Berle                                                                                                Stephen M. Silberstein and Anne G. Lipow
                                                        In honor of Michael Green                                            Gail A. Yokote
In honor of Dev M. Bhatt                                    Henry W. Green
    Mukesh R. and Rita M. Bhatt                                                                                          In honor of Kartik R. Krishnan
                                                        In honor of Karla A. Gutierrez                                       Sridhar and Nalini Krishnan
In honor of Kimberly M. Brallier                            Jose Gutierrez
    George and Kay M. Brallier                                                                                           In honor of Kevin S. Kubomoto
                                                        In honor of Amir Hallajpour                                          Rodney H. and Edie Kubomoto
In honor of Leila W. Burrows                                Ali Hallajpour
    Steven and Robyn Burrows                                                                                             In honor of Scott M. Kubomoto
                                                        In honor of George C. and Grace W. Halversen                         Rodney H. and Edie Kubomoto
In honor of Sophie Burston                                  Laurel A. Wruble
    Jonathan A. Friedman                                                                                                 In honor of Rachelle E. La Pointe
                                                        In honor of Gabriel J. Hernandez                                     David B. and Karen L. La Pointe
In honor of Alison B. Campbell                              Gabriel and Maria D. Hernandez
    John T. Campbell
In honor of Charles E. and Nancy B. Castle
    Sylvia K. Thayer                                                                       ✽ Indicates that the donor is deceased          ✽✽ Indicates matching contribution

In honor of Chunwei Lai                        In honor of Tara T. Ricasa                     In honor of Zachary S. Wells
    Ying-Ming Lai                                  Narciso and Karina Ricasa                      Michael and Jodi Wells
In honor of Kevin S. Lee                       In honor of Delena Robinson                    In honor of Jennifer L. Wierenga
    Frank S. and Shirley Y. Lee                    David R. Grant                                 Donald Wierenga
In honor of Gabriel K. Leung                   In honor of Gloria P. Robledo                  In honor of Joshua J. Wolf
    Joseph and Carol Leung                         Jeffrey L. Marr                                Steven Wolf and Ruth Jaeger
In honor of Darius Li                          In honor of Daniel Roca, Jr.                   In honor of Apollo Wong
    Sandra Lo                                      Daniel A. and Ruby Roca                        Arthur P. Wong
In honor of Sandy P. Lo                        In honor of Gloria L. Rodriguez                In honor of Serena S. Wong
    Dicky and Annie Lo                             Jeffrey L. Marr                                Calvin and Melinda Wong
In honor of Bessie Marr                        In honor of Peter J. Rosen                     In honor of Shingwa G. Wong
    Jeffrey L. Marr                                Sylvia K. Thayer                               Paul and Ching-Li Chang
In honor of Joan H. Maxwell                    In honor of Eugene S. Rosenfeld                In honor of John R. Wooden
    Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA                    L. David Cole                                  Sylvia K. Thayer
In honor of Diana G. Mayoral                       Ethel Shanedling                           In honor of Christina J. Yang
    Manuel G. and Glorya A. Mayoral            In honor of Carolyn A. Schmitt                     Edward and Nina Yang
In honor of Susan H. Mc Gehee                      Laila M. Rashid                            In honor of Chi-Bong A. Yu

    Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA                In honor of Mark A. Semotiuk                       Paul and Carol Yu
In honor of Jessica A. Monzon                      Andy and Ann Semotiuk                      In honor of Jonathan T. Yu
    Jesus and Jessica Monzon                   In honor of Michael Shapiro                        Peter and Lisa C. Yu
In honor of Sara V. Moraga-Farias                  David R. Grant                             In honor of Saam Zarrabi
    Ralph Koch and Daissy M. Farias-Koch       In honor of Sameer Sharma                          Morad M. Rad and Maryam Ahmadsartip
In honor of William A. Mupo                        Prithvi R. and Surekha Sharma              In honor of Erin J. Zehntner
    Don and Scarlet Mupo                       In honor of David B. Simpson                       Robert A. and Maureen Zehntner
In honor of Paul G. Naiditch                       David C. and Jackie Simpson
    Sue A. Kaplan                              In honor of Luv K. Singh                       Selected Gift Collections
In honor of Maya Narayanan                         Pradeep K. and Asiha Singh                 These individuals donated manuscripts, books, and
    Sathya and Radhika Narayanan               In honor of Tyler T. Slay                      other materials whose cumulative value is $10,000
In honor of Gary B. Nash                           William H. Slay III                        or greater.
    Ronald J. and Anne K. Mellor               In honor of Kelly A. Stickles                  Donald C. and Christina M. Chamberland
In honor of Phong H. Nguyen                        Robert and Betty Stickles                  A collection of 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s rock-and-
    Tuyet B. Nguyen                            In honor of Lincy L. Suen                      roll memorabilia.
In honor of Jade G. Nypan                          Fanny Suen                                 Cecilia Tapscott and Renee Tapscott-Wilcots
    Dorothy L. Koe                             In honor of Phillip L. Szto                    The Horace Tapscott Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra
                                                   Vincent and Corinna Szto                   Archive, Union of God’s Musicians and Artists
In honor of Kimberly S. Okamoto
                                                                                              Ascension Archive, and Buddy Harper sheet music.
    Clifford and Bonnie Okamoto                In honor of Ryan K. Tamashiro
                                                   Edmund and Kimiko Tamashiro                Noyan Garemani and Homa Garemani
In honor of Andrew G. Pandaleon
                                                                                              Rare Persian and Arabic manuscripts and books
    George A. and Peggy D. Pandaleon           In honor of Harold Y. Tan
                                                                                              in the disciplines of science, medicine, literature,
In honor of Viral H. Parekh                        Shannon and Eileen Tan
                                                                                              history, and religion.
    Harish Parekh                              In honor of Albert Tran
                                                                                              Joseph S. Handler
In honor of Mi-Hwa Park                            Cuong and Phuong T. Tran
                                                                                              Books and manuscripts to augment the Kenneth
    Yong C. Yuk                                In honor of Lorraine C. Trogman                Rexroth Papers.
In honor of Sun H. Park                            Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA
                                                                                              Reese and Rosemary Benson
    Young B. Park                              In honor of Catherine Tsai                     More than seven hundred ornithology books to
In honor of Vikram K. Patel                        Shih H. and Elly L. Tsai                   augment previously donated collections.
    Kiritkumar and Sook Patel                  In honor of John E. Vidale                     Steven Pritzker
In honor of Kiana K. Perry                         Order of the Blue Shield                   Television scripts and supplemental production mate-
    Jack W. and Delbra L. Perry                In honor of France P. Vu                       rials dating from the 1960s through the ‘80s.
In honor of Rebecca L. Phillips                    Tou and Kaying Vu                          Elliott Mittler
    Randolph S. and Patricia K. Phillips       In honor of Joyce G. Wang                      Architectural drawings, photographs, and color
In honor of Samantha Phillips                      John F. and Alice Wang                     photocopies of various design projects by Concepts
    Arthur and Carole Phillips                 In honor of Scott M. Webb                      Interior Consultants.

In honor of Ann R. Plauzoles                       Patricia H. Webb                           Bing Liu and Anthony Chen
    Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA                In honor of Rebecca A. Weber                   Books and materials from Evergreen Books.

In honor of Anton Pletikosic                       A. Alan and Julie Weber                    Steve Pearlman
    Oscar and Norma Pletikosic                                                                Nearly two thousand television scripts.

In honor of Mary F. Pottala
    David R. Grant
In honor of Jeremiah R. Primack
    Steven N. Primack and Stacy H. Nerenberg
                                               Donors acknowledged above made contributions between July 1, 2003, and June 30,
In honor of Britta L. Purcell
    Leslie C. Motto
In honor of Rick Purdy
                                               2004. We have made every effort to ensure completeness and accuracy. However, if
    Sylvia K. Thayer
In honor of Reema G. Radwan
                                               you discover an error or omission, please call Library Development at 310/206-8526
    Joseph A. and Susan J. Radwan
In honor of Arvin Ratanavongse                 so that we can correct our records.
    Udome and Sue Ratanavongse

   Theresa G. Aaron Endowed Collection in Children’s Literature                 Allan and Maxine Kurtzman Endowed Collection in Beat Literature
   Walter Jarvis Barlow History of Medicine Collection Fund                     Edward A. Lasher Chemistry Library Fund
   The Sanford and Phyllis Beim Endowed Collection in Jewish Studies            The Gold Shield Marjorie Alice Lenz Endowed Collection in Fashion and
   The Dr. John and Mae Benjamin Endowed Collection in the History                   Costume Design
        of Biology, Medicine, and Science                                       The Raymond L. Libby Fund
   Biomed Alumni and Staff Reference Collection Endowment Fund                  Library of Architecture and Allied Arts of Los Angeles Endowment Fund
   Biomed Faculty Collection Endowment                                          The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation Judaica Book Fund
   Edgar Bowers Estate Endowed Fund for Special Collections                     Bing Liu of Evergreen Books Endowed Collection in Chinese Culture
   The Ira L. Boyle Endowment for Actuarial Science and Mathematics             Ardis Lodge Memorial Fund for the Reference Collection
   Cornelia Breitenbach Memorial Fund in the Arts                               Ann Scott Longueil Fund for Literature
   The Bert and Jacqueline Briskin Endowed Collection in Fiction                The Willard Lee Marmelzat, M.D. Collection Endowment
   Henry J. Bruman Endowed Collection Development Fund                          The Dr. Judd Marmor Collection Endowment in Psychiatry
   Henry J. Bruman Educational Foundation Endowment Fund                        Maxicare Research and Educational Foundation Collection Endowment
   Alison Bunting Endowed Rare Books Fund                                       Everett and Jean Moore Endowment in Reference
   Thomas Gill Cary Library Fund                                                The Franklin E. Murphy, M.D. Fund for the History of Medicine
   The She-Wo Cheng Memorial Fund                                               Franklin D. Murphy Memorial Fund
   Chiappinelli Bruno Memorial Fund                                             The Dini Ostrov Endowed Collection in French Letters, Language and
   The Yong Chen Chu Endowed Fund in Support of Chinese Language and                 Architecture
        Culture                                                                 Marianne Puncheon Noah’s Ark Endowed Fund
   Alice Lee-Tsing Chung Collection Endowment in Chinese Languages              Daniel T. Richards Endowment for Support of the Thomas Baxter Camp and
   Ralph D. Cornell Memorial Fund for Special Collections                            Alice Jarrett Camp Collection
   Theodore E. Cummings Collection of Hebraica and Judaica                      George Ross Robertson Chemistry Library Fund
   James Davis Rare Books Fund                                                  Leon and Barbara Rootenberg Collection Endowment
   Ernest Dawson Memorial Fund for Books about Books                            Barbara and Leon Rootenberg Endowment Fund
   The Donald R. Dickey Collection of Vertebrate Zoology                        Raymond C. Rothman Endowed Collection in the History of Cognitive
   Henny and Rudolf Engelbarts Fund
                                                                                The Smotrich Family Endowed Collection in Jewish Studies
   The Francis P. Farquhar Mountaineering Collection and Endowment Fund
                                                                                The Raymond Soto Endowed Collection in English and American Literature
   The Samuel Flumenbaum Endowed Collection in Jewish Studies
                                                                                Anna E. Sumner Endowed Collection in Art History
   The J. Paul Getty Trust Endowment for Pre-17th-Century European Books
        and Manuscripts                                                         Giselle von Grunebaum Memorial Endowment for World Literature
   Joan S. and Ralph N. Goldwyn Endowed Collection in Jazz                      Donald O. Walter Endowed Collection of Mongraphs in the History and
                                                                                    Philosophy of Science
   Edna and Yu-Shan Han Collection Endowment Fund
                                                                                Marie and Raymond Waters Discretionary Collection Endowment
   The Evelyn Troup Hobson and William Hobson Endowed Collection
                                                                                The Mary Williams Endowed Collection in Motion Picture Arts Fund
   Professor Richard Hudson Endowment in Music
                                                                                Thomas L. and Betty Lou Young Family Endowed Collection in Southern
   Infotrieve Collection Endowment Fund
                                                                                    California History
   The Norah E. Jones Fund for Fine Press Printing
                                                                                Endowment Collection for Complementary and Alternative Medicine founded
   Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program Collection Endowment                      by Yda and Irwin Ziment, M.D.
   The Herbert Klein Endowment

O T H E R L I B R A RY E N D O W M E N T S *
   Page Ackerman Staff Opportunities Fund                                        Library Preservation and Conservation Endowment
   Ahmanson Endowed Fund for Special Collections                                 Blake R. Nevius Oral History Program Fund
   Ahmanson UCLA University Librarian’s Discretionary Fund                       1995 Senior Class Gift Fund for College Library
   Alison and Wade Bunting Endowed Discretionary Fund                            John and Judy Postley Endowed Fund for Library Technology
   Campbell Student Book Collection Competition Endowed Fund                     Norman J. and Armena B. Powell Endowed Fund for the UCLA Library
   The Bonnie Cashin Archives Endowed Fund                                       Betty Rosenberg Fund
   The Bonnie Cashin Endowed Lecture Series Fund                                 Marie Saito Endowed Scholarship Fund
   Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library Staff Development Fund                   Rita A. Scherrei Endowed Fund for Library Staff Development
   James G. Davis Conservation and Preservation Endowment Fund                   Irving and Jean Stone Endowed Research Fund
   Robert G. and Janet S. Dunlap Conservation and Preservation Endowed           James and Sylvia Thayer Endowed Fellowships for Special Collections in the
        Fund                                                                          UCLA Library
   Kathryn Elizabeth Gourlay Discretionary Fund                                  Gloria Werner Endowed Discretionary Fund for the UCLA Library
   John B. Jackson Tribute Endowment for the Oral History Program                Bernadine J.L.M. Zelenka Endowment

 ✽ E S TA B L I S H E D A S O F J U N E 3 0 , 2 0 0 4

                      GIVING OPPORTUNITIES
Collection Endowment Initiative                             Library Associates
The Collection Endowment Initiative provides critical-      All Library supporters who make a discretionary gift
ly needed funds to acquire, preserve, and make              in any amount become part of Library Associates.
accessible library materials in a particular subject area   These discretionary funds have a significant impact
of interest. Collection endowments begin at $25,000,        on the Library’s extensive collections and innovative
and the Library invites donors to make a single gift or     services by helping to meet critical needs such as spe-
to build an endowed fund over several years. Special        cial opportunity acquisitions, comfortable study spaces,
bookplates reflecting the interests of the donor are         and technology upgrades. In appreciation, the Library
designed in consultation with the donor and affixed to       extends courtesies such as borrowing privileges and
each item added to our collections through endowment        event invitations.
                                                            Honor with Books
Center for Primary Research and Training                    The UCLA Library invites you to participate in Honor
The Center for Primary Research and Training offers         with Books, a program designed to allow you to pay a
UCLA graduate students the opportunity to work with         lasting tribute to a special person in your life by plac-
primary source materials in the Charles E. Young            ing a bookplate in his or her honor in one newly
Research Library Department of Special Collections,         purchased book in the subject area of your choosing.
thereby integrating special collections materials further   Your $100 gift directed to the Honor with Books Fund
into the teaching and research mission of the universi-     will support a critical acquisitions need while honoring
ty. Support for this program provides fellowships for       a loved one, friend, special teacher, or colleague in
from five to ten participants each quarter; it also offers   perpetuity.
a special naming opportunity to interested donors.

How to Support the UCLA Library
Direct Gift                                                 by deeding a home to the Library, while continuing
Gifts of cash or by check or credit card have an imme-      to occupy the property for life.
diate impact. Please make checks payable to The UCLA
Foundation. To charge your gift to your credit card,        Bequests
please call 310/206-8526 for further information            In writing a will or living trust or making other
or make your gift online at <       planned giving arrangments, donors can specify
library>; our secure server uses advanced encryption        that they would like their estate to benefit the UCLA
and firewall technology to protect your information.         Library. In recognition, these individuals are welcomed
                                                            as members of the prestigious First Century Society.
The full market value of gifts of appreciated securities    Charitable Gift Annuities
is tax deductible. In most cases, appreciation in the       Donors can transfer money, securities, or real estate
value of the security benefits the Library and is not        in trust to the Library and receive income for them-
taxable to the donor.                                       selves or another for life. Donors may receive
                                                            immediate tax benefits, and the Library ultimately
Matching Gifts                                              receives the trust property.
Many employers will match employees’ gifts to the
Library. If your company is one of them, request a          Qualified Retirement Plans
matching gift from the personnel or employee rela-          Naming The UCLA Foundation as a beneficiary
tions office, have it completed and signed, and include      of a qualified retirement plan (IRA, KEOGH,
it with your gift; it may double or triple the impact       401(k), or 403(b)) may be particularly advantageous
of your contribution. Some companies also match             by resulting in more assets being passed on to your
gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.                      heirs than if you make a bequest from other funds
                                                            in your estate.
Planned Giving
Planned gifts include gifts through wills, living trusts,
charitable trusts, charitable gift annuities, retirement    For further information, please contact:
plans, or other estate-planning arrangements. For
further information about making a planned gift              UCLA Library Development Office
or bequest, visit the UCLA Office of Gift Planning            21520 Charles E. Young Research Library
Web site at <> or            Box 951575
call 310/794-2334.                                           Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
                                                             Telephone 310/206-8526
Real Estate                                                  Fax 310/206-8594
Real property, either in entirety or in part, can be
                                                             Email <>
deeded to The UCLA Foundation to benefit the Lib-
rary. It is possible to arrange a sizable tax deduction
Editor Dawn Setzer. University Librarian
Gary E. Strong. Director of Development
Amy Smith. Designer Ellen Watanabe. The
UCLA Librarian circulates to UCLA Library
donors, Library Associates, UCLA faculty,
and other libraries. Please send any com-
ments or inquiries to Dawn Setzer, UCLA
Library Communications, 53442 Young
Research Library, Box 951575, Los Angeles,
CA 90095-1575.

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