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									Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko: Allusions
               Harvey – a film starring
                Jimmy Stewart about a
                man, Elwood Dowd,
                whose pal is a 6 foot
               Elwood is viewed as crazy
                yet he brings joy to all;
                he may be insane, but
                the world is limited
               He is crazy but in “movie
                logic” that’s better than
                being Normal
Other Allusions, film & lit
                 It’s a Wonderful Life:
                hero learns life is
                better off with (than
                without) him
               Lit: Alice in
                Wonderland; Catcher
                in the Rye; Hamlet;
               Christ figure/
                savior/Chosen One
Darko: Genre (Type)
             Film draws from a # of genres
              (types) of film, making it more
             Genre refers to a kind of film –
              western, romance, noir, sci fi –
              that audiences expect certain
              things from (characters, plot
             Films difficult to identify by
              genre are often best
             Or, directors can alter generic
              forms: Million Dollar Baby
              alters the “Rocky” formula
Teen Rebel Genre
           Popular genre with these
            elements –
           Teen or teen hero who
            “gets the Truth”
           Parents/teachers who are
            dull & “Establishment”
           Rebellion (even violence)
            seen as restorative
           Music usually “tells” us
            how to feel, who to like
If this is the suburbs we must
       be in Banality-ville
                  Like so many films (and
                   some books) modern
                   suburbia is the metaphor
                   for dullness, soullessness,
                  American Beauty, The Ice
                   Storm, Blue Velvet, Ferris
                   B., tv’s Desp. Housewives
                  Crack the surface: pain,
                   loneliness, perversion,
                  Some escape; some
                   thrive; others surrender…
Sci Fi Genre
       Use of f/x
       Often deal with
        human/inhuman; self-
        determination vs. fate
        (or machine);
       Otherworldly setting
        (though comment on
        our world)
Romantic (dark) comedy
            Love is thwarted by
             some Force, but
            Hero/heroine believe
             in true emotions;
             audience wants them
            Dark comedies
             disallow normal
             progress of romance
Avenging Angel/Superhero
               Hero uses violence to rid
                world of evil and/or to
                allow good to triumph
               Hero is often dark,
                troubled himself
               (Think Batman, Spider
               Also “vigilante” films in
                which some Angry
                Everyman takes justice in
                his own hands b/c
                “establishment” fails
     Some key lines that point toward themes:

  1. When Donnie asks his mom what it feels like to
       have a crazy son, she says, “Wonderful.”
  2. Donnie gets defensive when Gretchen says he’s
   weird, and she reassures, “That’s a compliment”
3. When Donnie asks Frank-the-bunny why he wears
 that ridiculous rabbit suit, Frank responds, “Why are
           you wearing that stupid Man suit?”
                  4. “We all die alone.”
           Some questions…
Is the world better off with or without Donnie?

Why the backdrop of the Bush/Republican years (Bush,

What purpose does Cherita serve?

What is the chained mastiff symbolizing?

What does “cellar door” mean?

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