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					                                                                  May 22, 2011
  Mass Schedule at Sacred Heart Church
 And Intentions for Week of May 23rd                                      A warm Easter welcome to all who worship in our
Monday         Brian Gibson                                               Sacred Heart Catholic Church! May the Word of God
8:00am         req: Janet White & Ann Kahle                               bring you peace and joy. To our visitors, while you are
                                                                          here, consider us your parish away from home.
Wednesday Robert Primeau
8:00am    req: Janet White & Ann Kahle                                                             Scripture Readings
          Michael Erminger                                                   This Sunday                                   Next Sunday
          req: Ken Erminger                                                  5th Sunday of Easter                       6th Sunday of Easter
                                                                             Acts 6: 1-7                                Acts 8: 5-8
Friday          Mary Sause                                                   1Peter 2: 4-9                              1Peter 3: 15-18
                                                                             John 14: 1-12                              John 14: 15-21
8:00am          req: Kathleen & John McDonnell
                                                                             Monday        Acts 14: 5-8                    John 14: 21-26
Saturday        Laurene Schermerhorn         req:   Family                   Tuesday       Acts 14: 19-28                  John 14; 27-31
4:00pm          Dorothy Quaresima            req:   Bob & Regina Newell      Wednesday Acts 15: 1-6                        John 15: 1-8
                Valerie McCormick           req:    Carol & Joe Scrivo       Thursday       Acts 15: 7-21                  John 15: 9-11
                Anne Linke                  req:    Family                   Friday        Acts 15: 22-31                  John 15: 12-17

Sunday          Parishioners of Sacred Heart                               Please remember the sick and homebound and the men
8:00am          Catholic Community                                        and women in service for our country, in your prayers this
                                                                          week…Pray for all priests, deacons, religious brothers
10:00am         Mary Devlin req: Phyllis Meader                           and sisters, lay ministers and seminarians of our Albany
                Alfred Kahle req: Ann Kahle & Janet White                 diocese (please check our online prayer list for the sick of
                M. Virginia (Ginny) Quinlan req: Jane Shire               our parish)

                     Liturgical Ministers - May 28 & 29                            Your Stewardship of Treasure:
 Saturday 4:00 p.m.
                                                                                     Regular Offertory Collection
 Lector: K. Sinnott                    Server:                                Last Week: $3,776            Last Year: $3,041
 E.M: R. Folino, T. Arnold, M. Sandora, J. Folino, S. Beattie
 Sunday 8:00 a.m.
                                                                          This weekend will be the Collection for Central and
 Lector: J. Collins                    Server:                            Eastern Europe. Your donations invest in future
 E.M: J. Abrahams, J. Grey, K. Smith, J. Creede, L. Abrahams, A. Daley,   generations of Catholics: a gift of faith to the future.
 J. Johnson
 Sunday 10:00a.m.                                                         Proceeds from the Collection go directly to build
 Lector: K. & D. Redpath              Server:                             churches and support scholarships for ministry formation,
 E.M.: S. Bailey, G. Edie, B. Bailey, J. West                             social programs, and essential pastoral projects. Please
                                                                          help by giving to the collection.
Liturgical Ministers – May 21 &22
Saturday 4:00 p.m.
Lector: N. McKee                Server: W. Flaherty                       Bishop Appeal…Week 3….
EM: J. Abrahams, D. Tyler, M. Thomas, L. Abrahams, M. Fiato
Sunday 9:00a.m.                Server: A. & M. Fowler
                                                                          Please prayerfully consider what your family can
Lector: K. & K. Wyka                                                      contribute to make this a successful appeal year for us
EM: S. Taibe, C. Fowler, S. Bailey, Am Brewer, J. Taibe, J. Fowler,       here at Sacred Heart.
      M. Sandora
                                                                          This year our assessment is: $49,230. (Last year our
   New Lector Schedule Available in the Sacristy.                         assessment was: $47,337.) In addition to our
Also…did you know….that both the Lector AND the                           assessment, we still owe the diocese from last year
Eucharistic Minster Schedules are available at our web                    $5,909 from unpaid pledges.
   site?                             We have received to date: $8,503 from 35 gifts and
      (Also, you can read the bulletin there too!)                        pledges.
               Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament…                        Did you know…your continued support of the Bishop’s
                Every Wednesday, 8:30am – 9pm                             Appeal helps to ensure that the profound needs of the
                  Committed Adorers needed:                               sick, the troubled, the homeless are met by the various
             10am-11am and 4pm-5pm and 5pm-6pm.                           offices of Catholic Charities?
                   Please call Jack at 668-3163
                     Chaplet of Divine Mercy
                    Every Wednesday at 3pm.

        Don’t forget…we still have Hoffman Car Wash Tickets…$9 each. ($4.50 of it is profit for
                                      us!) Thank you Hoffman’s
                                     Fifth Sunday of Easter
3rd annual Hike for Hope Cody’s Climb…                         Knights Corner….
            TODAY Sunday May 22nd up
            Prospect Mountain, registration at                Check out our bulletin sponsor this
            8am, hike at 9am. Cody was a student              week! Be sure to mention you saw
               at Queensbury High School when he               them in the Sacred Heart Church Bulletin!
               committed suicide in 2007. This
fundraising Hike benefits AFSP research programs,                          Hughes Insurance Agency
suicide prevention programs and survivor programs.                         Auto ~ Home ~ Business ~ Life
Everyone is welcome to attend. There will be speakers,            Call: Linda M. Abodeely or Joseph Koncikowski
                                                                      328 Bay Road ~ Queensbury, NY 12804
information, refreshments and music. (please, no dogs
                                                                                  (518) 793-3131
or bikes) Contact: for more
information. American
Foundation for Suicide Prevention                            Still saving coupons (for the Military families). We
                                                             recently sent over 20lbs of coupons to several bases in
Have you ever considered becoming an Altar                   Japan and Okinawa. And also, used ink cartridges
Server? Parents, has your child expressed an                 from your computer and used cell phones. All can be
                                                             dropped off in the back of church or at the Parish Center.
interest or curiosity about the ministry of Altar
                                                             Thank you….
Server? If yes, please discuss (and encourage) your
child to consider becoming an Altar Server. We are in
                                                             You don’t want to miss this one…
need of Altar Servers.
                                                             Tuesday, June 28th, at the Parish Center, Denny
Many of our servers, who have served so dedicatedly
                                                             Gallaway will have a presentation about WWII. He will
for many years, are now ready to „move on‟; to other
                                                             share his experiences, insights, thoughts and will have on
ministries, or to college or jobs. We thank and bless
                                                             display maps and artifacts from WWII. There will be a Q
them for the wonderful ministry for our parish.
                                                             & A session after. We are asking a donation of $10 per
We will be having an Altar Server Training Workshop
                                                             person, all of which will be donated to the Guardian
Session on Saturday, May 28th at 3pm in the new
                                                             House, a homeless shelter for female veteran’s in
church, for our „seasoned; altar servers (to learn proper
                                                             Saratoga. The program starts at 7:00 pm and
placement in our new worship space) and anyone
                                                             refreshments will be served.
interested in joining this ministry, or if you would
like to attend, ‘just to see’, please bring your child and
join us, The newly trained servers will then attend and
„watch‟ the seasoned servers at the 4pm Mass, to „see‟                 Summer Mass Schedule
the ministry „in action‟ during Mass. We promise                        Sacred Heart Church
that’s lots of training and support will be given. If you
would like more information or if you have questions,
please call Janine or Rebecca Kandora at 792-0397 or             Memorial Day through Columbus Day
call the office at 668-2046.
                                                                            Saturday: 4pm Vigil
Sister Mary Brady, RSCJ, one of the founding                               Sunday: 8am and 10am
members of North Country Ministry
in 1992, will be retiring from her position on June
1. 2011 as Director of the Baby's Place. Sister Mary
will be succeeded by Warrensburg resident, Christine
                                                                         Saint James’ 8th Annual Spring Fair
Langworthy who has worked under Sister's expert
                                                                      Something for Everyone. Come join the fun
guidance for two years. An Open House in Sister
                                                             St. James‟ Episcopal Church 172 Ottawa Street (Corner
Mary's honor will be held on May 22, 2011 from 2
                                                              Montcalm and Ottawa Street)       Lake George, NY
p.m.-4 p.m. at Grace's Restaurant, Warrensburg. Anyone
who has been touched by Sister's gentle hand of hope is
                                                                Sat., June 4 ~ Sun., June 5, 2011 9am ~ 5pm
                                                              Collectibles & Antiques Handmade Crafts Annual &
encouraged to attend.
                                                             Perennial Plants Soup ~ Chili ~ Sandwiches Beverages
                                                                           Heavenly Hot Dog Wagon
                        Sacred Heart Catholic Community
                                                               Family Faith Formation News…
Hearing Devices for our new church
Hearing aid devices have been installed in our new
                                                               FF Fall program resumes in October.
church for anyone wishing to use them. There are four
units which are available in the Sacristy (located to the      Don’t forget…Vacation Bile School, August
left when entering the church.) Please pick one up             15-19 at Caldwell Presbyterian. Call Rev.
before Mass and RETURN it after Mass. The hearing              Meredith for more info or to register for this FREE
devices are tuned to the frequency of our sound system.        program. (518) 260-3360
If you need assistance with operating the unit, please
ask an usher to assist you. If you are interested in           Nominations for Parish Pastoral Council
purchasing your own, personal device, call the office at       Nominations are still being accepted for the Pastoral
668-2046. $75 each.                                            Council. Please think about it and consider placing
                                                               someone's name or names in nomination that you think
                                                               would be an asset to the council. The Pastoral Council
Blood Drive…Tuesday, May 24th, Sacred                          has the responsibility of "visioning" with and "advising"
Heart Parish Center . If you have never                        the pastor in the leadership of the parish. Anyone,
given blood, now is the perfect time! During the summer        eighteen years of age or older, is eligible to be nominated.
months, the American Red Cross always faces a critical         You may also place yourself in nomination as well.
shortage. A chronic shortage in our community means            Please give some thought to this over the next week. The
that blood many not be available when it‟s needed most –       process is not an "election" but is done as “a
for trauma victims, premature babies and cancer patients.      discernment.”Nominees will be asked to attend the
Especially needed are donors who are type 0. Type 0            Discernment Session to be held on June 14th.
blood can help save virtually anyone. Of course, all
donors are needed. Please, if you have never considered
                                                                                  Bake Sale Season…starting next
being a blood donor, please consider it now. It‟s painless,
it only takes a little of your time, and your donation could
                                                                                  weekend and continuing each
save a life. Call Joe Scrivo at 656-9608 to schedule your                         weekend after the Mass.
appointment. Or schedule YOUR appointment on line:                                Volunteers are needed to bake and                                                           to volunteer at the tables. Please,
                                                               your help is important and vital. Last year we raised
A Day of Retreat & Spiritual Renewal…For those who             over $8,000! Money which will help with the debt
coordinate care and visitation to the sick, elderly and        reduction of our beautiful church. Please, commit to a
homebound in our Diocese, with Rev. Michael                    weekend (or 2). There is a sign up poster in the area
Carmola…you are invited to join in for a day of retreat,       near the ‘boutique’ cloister. Thank you for your help!
spiritual renewal, as well as sharing and networking with
other Pastoral Care Coordinators and those who work in         Handicap Parking Issue…in the area behind the
Pastoral Care Ministry, June 18th at the Shrine of Our         rectory, going into Church. It is a very small and
Lady of Martyrs, Fultonville, NY, 9:30-4pm, lunch              congested space, reserved for those with handicap
served, $10 call Harley McDevitt 641-6823                      stickers displayed. Please, be considerate, and do not
                                                               park there unless you have a handicap sticker. The
Columbiettes meeting: May 24th in the Parish Center.           small grass parking lot is across the street, and we have
6:00p.m. for Coffee and pastry.. 6:30p.m. Meeting. It‟s        our large, paved lot to choose from also. Please do not
our last meeting till Fall. Ladies, if you are interested in   block cars in. In case of a medical emergency, an
joining the Columbiettes, please call Kathy Dorman at          ambulance could not get into the church. We are trying
668-2046. We have 4 women who will be making their                                 to resolve this parking lot issue. We
1st Degree late this summer. We would love to welcome                              are awaiting new handicap parking
you into our Council.                                                              signs. Thank you!

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