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									 Chicago Bird Collision Monitors                                                                        January 2006
                                                                                                        Volume II, Issue 1

 Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, (773) 988-1867

    Of Special Interest

    Rehabilitation at
    Northerly Island.

                                  Rehabilitation at Northerly Island
    CBCM Hot Hotline.

                                 Preparations are underway to       Please contribute to Flint
                                 establish an early morning         Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation
                                 triage center at Northerly         to support Dawn’s work with
                                 Island as part of a three          our collision birds.
                                 stage plan for an expanded         Donations can be made at:
                                 rehabilitation and educa- or
                                 tional facility.                   mailed to:
                                                                    Flint Creek Wildlife            Atlanta Too!
                                 Dawn Keller, the Director of
                                                                    Rehabilitation                  Lee Sexton from Atlanta,
                                 Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilita-
                                                                    117 S. Cook Street, #145        Georgia     has     started   a
                                 tion, is in the process of
                                                                    Barrington IL 60010             monitoring      effort    there!
                                 setting up a satellite of her
                                 Barrington facility at Northerly                                   Rescuing during bird mi-
                                 Island.     She        provided                                    gration is spreading nation-
                                 invaluable assistance triaging                                     wide, and it is great news for
                                 injured birds from CBCM at                                         the birds. We wish the Atlanta
                                 her downtown office this fall,                                     program the best of luck.
                                 and transported hundreds of                                        Chicago Bird Collision
                                 injured birds from Chicago to                                      Monitors
                                 Barrington     for   continued

In This Issue                     CBCM Hotline “Hot” This Season!
Why CBCM Salvages          2     This fall the CBCM hotline         Tracy     Heuschel,   admin-    public and find help for bird
                                 dealt    with   calls   about      istrative assistant for the     emergencies of all kinds.
Bird in Hand and Pocket    3     everything from migratory          Chicago Audubon Society         Thanks to everyone.
                                 birds and parrots to chickens      (CAS), generously offered to
LaSalle Marathon Rescues   3                                                                        Annette Prince
                                 and alligators! With the help      respond to CBCM hotline
CBCM Aquatic Rescues       4     of new and veteran hotline         calls at the CAS office on
                                 monitors, our group was able       weekday afternoons. We
About CBCM                 5     to respond to hundreds of          would like to extend special
                                 emergency calls.                   thanks to Tracy and wish her
CBCM Picnic                6                                        the best as she leaves CAS
                                 Morning hotline volunteers
                                                                    and her work with CBCM to
Many Thanks                6     Margo Turner, Glenna Eaves,
                                                                    pursue other opportunities at
                                 Pat Carson, Joanna Hosteny
Heartfelt Goodbye          7                                        the end of 2005. Her help has
                                 and myself supported CBCM
                                                                    been invaluable and we will
                                 teams and the public during
One Final Thought          8                                        miss her!
                                 the morning monitoring hours.
                                 Valerie Andrla, former hotline     With our growing network of
                                 monitor “extraordinaire,” was      volunteers, Loop contacts,
                                 always available to support        drop-off points and drivers,
                                 our rescue efforts.                CBCM was able to assist the
2    Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

Why CBCM Salvages Birds
When people see a dead            A series is a collection of        for many species, but is           appreciate       the   salvage
bird on the sidewalk, they        specimens gathered over            usually     possible     from      efforts made by volunteers
likely view it as a sad event.    many years. Little can be          salvaged birds. By looking at      like CBCM monitors.        Our
To the Chicago Bird Collision     learned from a small sample        preserved          specimens,      names as collectors and the
Monitors, a dead bird is a sad    of birds, but with a large         researchers can tell if males      data recorded on the birds’
event, but it is also an          series, researchers can have       and females migrate at the         labels    will     become    a
opportunity to learn. CBCM        greater statistical confidence     same time or if adults and first   permanent part of the
volunteers take dead or           that conclusions drawn from        year birds migrate together.       world’s        forth    largest
“salvage”      birds   to  the    the study are likely true for                                         collection of bird specimens.
                                                                     One surprising finding derived
Ornithology Department of         the        whole       species
                                                                     from studying the many             Additionally, salvaging and
Chicago’s      Field   Museum     population.
                                                                     woodcocks that have been           recording data on dead
where ornithologists like Dave
                                  The Field Museum collection        salvaged is that many more         birds    allows     CBCM      to
Willard use them for research.
                                  contains some specimens            females than males migrate         document the dates, times,
                                  that were obtained more            through Chicago, and that          locations      and      species
                                  than 100 years ago. With a         the females are already            associated      with    building
                                  large series collected over        prepared to lay fertilized         collisions.   This infor-mation
                                  many years researchers can         eggs.         Copulation     is    can be used to support risk
                                  look for evolutionary changes      presumed to have taken             reduction efforts with building
                                  in species like changes in         place before the females           owners,      managers       and
                                  plumage and body size.             arrive in Chicago.                 architects       to      create
                                                                                                        structures, landscaping and
Dave Willard has been                                                Most research has yet to be
                                                                                                        lighting that are safer for
collection’s manager of birds                                        done on the specimens
at the Field Museum since                                            collected. According to Dr.
1978, and is very pleased to                                         Willard,    who    has  been       Monitors already get a sense
receive salvaged birds from                                          salvaging birds at McCormick       of    accomplishment        from
CBCM. ”Although it is tragic                                         Place since 1978, building a       rescuing injured birds, but
that so many birds are killed     Collecting many individuals        series is a never-ending task.     monitors can also take pride
in window collisions, by          of     a      species     allows   “We are preserving these           in providing crucial data to
salvaging the birds we have       researchers       to       make    birds for posterity. We can’t      researchers      when       they
an opportunity to collect         skeletons in addition to study     presume to have already            salvage dead birds. This fall
data that would not be            skins. Birds’ plumage may be       answered all the questions.”       more than 1,200 salvaged
available     otherwise,”  Dr.    affected by nutrition and          He explains that DNA analysis      birds were collected and
Willard says.                     weather each year, but a                                              taken to the Field Museum for
                                  bird’s bones essentially stop                                         study. There is much that can
Obtaining bird specimens          growing during its first year. A                                      be learned from the birds
from live populations can still   skeleton       provides      the                                      that we collect that would
be done with federal permits.     opportunity to measure the                                            have been forever lost if they
However, salvaging birds          birds’ many bones and                                                 were simply left for gulls and
already killed by window          provides additional data for                                          crows or thrown into the
collisions provides a modern      researchers.                                                          trash. It is comforting to know
alternative for a research                                           can now be done on eagle           these birds will not have died
facility to obtain birds for      Scientists can learn more          eggs collected decades             in vain but have contributed
study.                            about parasites by studying        ago. Research can also be          to the knowledge of their
                                  the lice and ticks found in        done on species that are           species.
Although the Field Museum
                                  salvaged birds’ plumage.           now extinct.
may already have specimens
from many of the species                                             All this is possible because
                                  Other areas of study focus on
CBCM      monitors  collect,                                         someone bothered to collect
                                  migratory habits. Determin-
creating a large series for                                          the specimens.       As new
                                  ing gender and age for live                                           CBCM Salvage Committee:
each species is a primary                                            questions are asked and new
                                  birds    observed      during                                         Glenn Gabanski, Chair
goal of the museum.                                                  techniques become avail-           Mary Lou Mellon
                                  migration is almost impossible
                                                                     able, future researchers will      Joan Bruchman
                                                                                               Chicago Bird Collision Monitors          3

Bird in Hand and Pocket
                                  It was a bitterly cold, rainy     eyes lit up as he said, “Lady,     After transferring these little
                                 and      windy   morning      in   I’ve got some birds for you!”      gems into       paper bags,
                                 October.        My       earlier                                      labeling them and putting
                                                                    Since he held nothing but his
                                 monitoring colleagues had                                             them into my tote bag, I
                                                                    broom and dustpan in each
                                 departed for work and other                                           headed off to check the
                                                                    hand, I figured that he
                                 projects. Before taking the                                           “trouble zone.” There, I
                                                                    probably had a few dead
                                 day’s rescues to Flint Creek                                          rescued three stunned and
                                                                    birds in a bag or his pocket.
                                 wildlife rehabilitator Dawn                                           shivering brown creepers. I
                                                                    He dropped his broom and
                                 Keller, I wanted to revisit one                                       clambered gracelessly out of
                                                                    very gently reached into the
                                 of the day’s most heavily hit                                         the area and headed back
“He dropped his broom                                               inside pocket of his coat over
                                 buildings. I was wet and cold                                         to my car where my friend
                                                                    his heart and tenderly pulled
                                 and the fact that the birds                                           the sweeper was waiting for
and very gently reached                                             out a live golden-crowned
                                 continued to strike in the                                            me – this time with a live
                                 same places added to my                                               chipping sparrow in one
with his right hand into the
                                 overall misery.                    To my surprise, the bird           hand, a live hermit thrush in
                                                                    actually looked in pretty          the other and a big grin on his
inside pocket of his coat        As I rounded the end of the
                                                                    good shape. It was surely          face!
                                 building, I noticed a main-
                                                                    warm and dry. As I was
over his heart and tenderly      tenance worker ahead of me                                            What a guy! I’m sorry that I
                                                                    eagerly transferring the bird
                                 with a broom in one hand                                              was too numb to ask his
                                                                    into a rescue bag, the
pulled out a live golden-        and dustpan in the other. He                                          name. But you’d better
                                                                    sweeper reached into his
                                 was sweeping up the usual                                             believe I’m going back to
crowned kinglet!”                                                   right breast pocket and oh-
                                 stuff that gets blown around                                          make him an honorary
                                                                    so-carefully pulled out a tiny
                                 on a windy day. As I came                                             member of the Chicago Bird
                                                                    winter wren which also looked
                                 towards him, the man turned                                           Collision Monitors!
                                                                    in pretty condition!
                                 to me. He gave me a big
                                                                                                       Mary Lou Mellon
                                 smile and his

LaSalle Marathon Rescues
 A week of southerly breezes held birds back in early October, but when winds finally shifted to the north, migrants began
 moving through Chicago in high numbers.

 Birds were “raining down” in trouble spots in the east Randolph area on the morning of Friday, October 7th. On that day, 35 birds
 were rescued from a single building location! Volunteers rescued more than 50 birds in total that day.

 More migrants were on the move over that same weekend. A dedicated group of a dozen new and veteran CBCM volunteers
 continued to find birds throughout the day on Saturday.

 Sunday brought the LaSalle Marathon, with CBCM monitors running their own marathon of bird rescues. Jeff and Melinda
 Chapman reported having to dash across Franklin in the middle of the marathon holding bags of injured birds! (Next year we
 will have to issue our volunteers marathon numbers or enlist runners to pick up birds!) As monitors diligently patrolled their areas
 waiting for streets to open, they continued to find dead and injured birds. The team of Ron Perillo and Amber Samuels left their
 vehicle flashers on for so long while monitoring, their car battery died! Patrice Saad and Sarah Von Fremd were kept busy
 locating birds along the west Loop riverfront. At one point, while looking for a golden-crowned kinglet they had flushed, they
 realized the bird was perched on Patrice’s head!!

 Our teams worked long and hard over the busy migration weekend. In four days we rescued more than 400 injured birds and
 retrieved over 500 bird fatalities. It was our ability to put so many people throughout the Loop that gave us such success.
 Thanks to everyone for their “marathon effort.”

 Annette Prince
4    Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

CBCM Aquatic Rescue
                                This fall saw the creation of      the      U.S.       was       not
                                the Chicago Bird Collision         implemented         until   1991.
                                Monitors’ “Aquatic Unit” –         Canada          instituted       a
                                lead by expert kayaker Jim         complete ban on the use of
                                Tibensky.     The team was         lead shot in 1999, after
                                mobilized in November when         banning its use near bodies
“This fall brought the
                                CBCM        volunteer     Chris    of water and on national
                                Williamson alerted CBCM to         wildlife      areas        earlier.
Chicago Bird Collision
                                a female surf scoter at            Although banned, lead shot
                                Montrose Harbor. The bird          remains in the environment
Monitors an Aquatic Unit
                                was observed around the            where wildlife ingests it while
lead by expert kayaker,         docks for several days. Chris      feeding on land or foraging
                                noted that the scoter had          along the bottoms of lakes
Jim Tibensky.”                  drooping wings and was             and ponds. When an animal
                                unable to fly or dive. The bird    with lead poisoning is eaten
                                looked sickly and was making       by another, the deadly
                                repeated gaping motions.           effects move up the food
                                                                   chain to affect other species.
                                Jim put his kayak into the
                                harbor and nimbly managed          Surf scoters are diving ducks
                                to head the scoter off in an       that spend the summer
                                open area where it was             months in northern Canada
                                unable to dive to make its         and Alaska. They migrate to
                                escape. With the bird safely       the Great Lakes and Atlantic
                                in the kayak, Jim paddled          or Pacific coasts to spend the
                                back to a waiting carrier.         winter. The scoter may have
                                                                   ingested the pellets here or
                                The scoter was transported
                                                                   along its route.
                                for care at Willowbrook
                                Wildlife Center. Unfortunately,    We regret that the surf scoter
                                the bird died shortly after        could not be saved but are
                                being admitted. Veterinarian       glad the CBCM team made
                                Dr. Karen Higgs performed a        such a commendable effort
                                necropsy that revealed the         to help this bird.
                                scoter’s gizzard was filled with
                                                                   Annette Prince
                                lead pellets. Lead poisoning
                                brought      on    convulsions,
                                paralysis, overall neurological       Rescued Female Surf Scoter

                                damage, and eventually the
                                death of this lovely bird.

                                Efforts to phase out lead shot
                                began in the 1970s, but a
                                nationwide ban on lead shot
                                for all waterfowl hunting in
                                                                                                Chicago Bird Collision Monitors   5

About CBCM
Chicago Bird Collision Monitors   Most people don’t know that          Our risk reduction efforts
                                  collisions with glass windows        include    outreach     presen-
Phone                             and buildings are among the          tations to the public, building
(773) 988-1867                    leading causes of death for          management, conservation
                                  migratory birds. These kinds of      groups and architects both
E-mail                            collisions are estimated to kill     locally and regionally. We
                                  approximately one billion            have gained the support and
                                  birds each year in North             assistance of building owners,
Robbie Lynn Hunsinger,            America!                             managers, and the security
Founder                                                                and maintenance staff of
                                  The Chicago Bird Collision
                                                                       many downtown buildings.
Annette Prince,                   Monitors is an all volunteer,
                                                                       Through cooperative efforts,
Director                          hands-on, grass-roots conser-
                                                                       we     hope    to    offer  risk
                                  vation effort for migratory
Dr. Daniel Kelm, Jr.,                                                  reduction      strategies    to
                                  birds. We rescue birds injured
Science Advisor                                                        minimize lobby hazards with
                                  by collisions with buildings,
                                                                       modifications to windows,
Joan Bruchman,                    collect fatalities and work to
                                                                       lighting and landscaping.
CBCM Representative to BCN        mitigate the risks of bird
                                  collisions.                          We are proud to state that
Mary Lou Mellon,
                                                                       light reduction efforts have
CBCM Representative to BCN        It was fall 2002 when Robbie
                                                                       produced the darkest spring
                                  Hunsinger first monitored bird
Dawn A. Browning,                                                      and fall migration seasons
                                  collisions in the downtown
CBCM Newsletter Editor                                                 that have ever been seen in
                                  area with Ken Wysocki. At
                                                                       the Loop! Thanks to the
                                  that point, Ken and Robbie
                                                                       monitoring of night time
                                  were mainly documenting
                                                                       lights,     follow-ups   with
                                  fatalities. Robbie felt a need
                                                                       managers and cooperative
                                  to get more involved and to
                                                                       relationships with buildings,
                                  try to get an organization
 We’re on the Web!                                                     we are making a significant
                                  formed to deal with this
 See us at:                                                            difference in the numbers of             devastating loss of bird life.
                                                                       birds that are flying safely
                                  She      began      contacting
                                                                       over the Loop.
                                  building      managers      and
                                  others       downtown          for   We hope to expand our
                                  assistance in turning off lights     outreach, rescue, salvage
                                  that attract migrating birds.        and      collision prevention
                                  She        began      recruiting     efforts. Please contact us at
                                  volunteers in the fall of 2002.      773-988-1867 if you’d like to
                                  Robbie officially founded the        volunteer your time or talents
                                  Chicago        Bird     Collision    to the Chicago Bird Collision
                                  Monitors program in spring of        Monitors!
                                  2003 and the organization
                                  has grown significantly since
                                  that time.
 6    Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

CBCM Picnic
                                   After a busy spring, and in anticipation of an even busier fall, volunteers from CBCM got together
                                   for an end of season picnic last summer at Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Glen Ellyn. We had the
                                   chance to meet and relax outside of the bleary-eyed early morning hours of our monitoring
                                   schedules. We shared food, refreshments and stories. One of the birds rescued from downtown in
                                   May, a red-eyed vireo, that was cared for at Willowbrook for several weeks until it could fly, was
                                   released the morning of the picnic. It must have been enjoying the lovely afternoon in the forest
                                   preserve along with us.

                                   Willowbrook staff naturalist, Ron Skeleney, brought out two education raptors, Tonka, a great
                                   horned owl and Zeus, a peregrine falcon. A behind-the-scenes tour showed volunteers the
                                   rehabilitation process that birds and mammals follow at Willowbrook. We were glad everyone
                                   could join us.

                                    Many Thanks
                                  The Chicago Bird Collision          were heard by lots of people         Thanks go to Patagonia for
                                  Monitors   have   numerous         and the response from the             their donation of T-shirts.
                                  supporters and friends to          public and the media was
                                                                                                           We want to give a special
                                  thank for our successful fall      fantastic!
                                                                                                           thanks to the downtown
                                                                     Prairie     Woods      Audubon        managers and building staff
                                  CBCM is very grateful to           contributed funds that allowed        whose      cooperation    sup-
                                  Dawn Keller, Flint Creek           us to purchase window decals          ported our organization and
                                  Wildlife Rehabilitation and        and     the   Chicago      Orni-      volunteers. By keeping lights
                                  Willowbrook Wildlife Center        thological Society made a             out, using decals, moving
                                  for their invaluable assistance    donation towards the work of          birds out of harm’s way,
                                  in caring for our rescued birds.   Flint   Creek     Wildlife  Re-       contacting us and giving our
                                                                     habilitation.                         members access to their
                                  Dotty Cowles-Newton and
“One of the birds rescued…last                                                                             buildings, they contributed to
                                  the staff at the Anti-Cruelty      The Chicago Audubon Society
                                                                                                           our bird rescue and salvage
                                  Society generously donated         contributed the time of their
May…was released the day of                                                                                efforts.
                                  their time and building space      office      manager,      Tracy
                                  to accept rescued birds that       Heuschel, to help with CBCM           Last, but surely not least, we
the picnic...”
                                  needed a place to be held          hotline   calls,   and   Sharon       thank every CBCM member
                                  before       transferring   to     Parmet, editor of the CAS             who made morning patrols,
                                  rehabilitation.    They   have     newsletter,     the    Compass,       trained     new       monitors,
                                  shown great compassion and         helped edit our CBCM news-            answered       our      hotline,
                                  support for our cause.             letter.                               transported      birds,      ran
                                                                                                           emergency rescue missions,
                                  We thank Dave Willard and          We thank Grant Park advisory
                                                                                                           developed       materials      or
                                  Mary Hennen at the Field           Council President Bob O’Neill
                                                                                                           served on a committee. We
                                  Museum for their assistance        for his support of a rehabilitation
                                                                                                           are proud to have such
                                  with our salvaged birds.           center on Northerly Island. We
                                                                                                           dedicated volunteers.
                                                                     appreciate the support of the
                                  Thanks to Canis Sapiens for
                                                                     Peggy       Notebaert     Nature      Chicago Bird Collision
                                  their donation of a series of
                                                                     Museum that provided a room           Monitors
                                  WFMT advertisements that
                                                                     for    CBCM      meetings      and
                                  brought    us    many     new
                                  volunteers. The radio ads
                                                                                          Chicago Bird Collision Monitors       7

                              Heartfelt Goodbye
                             I am writing to tell you of some big news for CBCM. I have asked Annette Prince to take the helm
                             as our new Director. I feel that it is the right time for me to step down as Director. I could not be
                             happier about how much we have accomplished and how this organization has grown.

                             When I first start monitoring, it was often just me out there. There was no rehab I knew of except
                             Fellow Mortals out past Lake Geneva Wisconsin which I drove to regularly after monitoring many
“We are proud to have such
                             mornings. Most buildings were lit up all season when I started out. All lobbies were lit and staff
                             and sweepers had no one to turn to help these birds. Most birds found were fatalities. Without
dedicated volunteers.”
                             out your help and activism it would just be one tired curly headed woman picking up birds
                             downtown and driving all over creation.

                             I am so proud of what we have achieved: helping to make Chicago the first city in the US to go
                             dark for the birds; creating a network of office workers, residents, staff and managers downtown
                             working with us to help the birds; rescuing thousands of birds and documenting fatalities to better
                             understand and prevent these strikes; and successfully lobbying to create a rehab space for
                             birds here in Chicago which Flint Creek will be setting up, just to name a few highlights.

                             I’ll tell you, we have the best volunteers, the best rehab community, the best managers and the
                             best building staff here in Chicago. I am so proud of what we have done.

                             I am working closely with Annette as we make this transition and I could not be more confident in
                             her dedication, her perspective, and her ability to put the birds and CBCM first. We are truly
                             fortunate to have such a knowledgeable, caring, and committed individual as our new Director.
                             This program has always been about the birds. Not personalities, not politics, not power and not
                             territory. It is about the birds period. Saving them, helping them, and preventing and reducing
                             risks to them wherever possible. We have come a long way. I am already at work on some
                             broader bird conservation projects and I will keep you informed on any successes. I am certainly
                             not disappearing from this issue but I am stepping down from running CBCM.

                             I want to thank all of you for your dedication to the birds, your contributions to this program and
                             your support of my efforts as Director. It has been a real honor to lead you in this effort, and
                             working with you has been truly inspiring. It’s truly amazing what we have accomplished
                             together. CBCM is in good hands.

                             With much gratitude and optimism,

                             Robbie Hunsinger, Founder, Chicago Bird Collision Monitors
8      Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

                                   One Final Thought
                                   We thank everyone who supports the efforts of the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors with a quote
                                   from Yvonne Wallace Blane, owner and head of Fellow Mortals animal hospital and wildlife
                                   rehabilitation clinic in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin:

                                   “To help another living thing—knowing there is no chance you can be repaid for your act—is the
                                   truest and finest part of [the] human spirit, and renews our faith in the nobility of our species. For
                                   ultimately, it is not in the saving of life that the miracle is wrought. It is in the recognition that the
                                   life is worth saving.”

                                   Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

    Chicago Bird Collision

    (773) 988-1867


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