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                                                                                                 Fall 2010
                                                                                                 Volume 3, Issue 3

The Ironman—A Double Ender’s Newsletter
Membership Scorebox
                                   Chicago 2010 Reunion Deemed A Success
Current                 47
                                   Diary of a Reunion                          this new Navy is a pretty squared
Past Due                67
                                   By Gerry Hines (64-68)                      away outfit.
Snail Mail Ad-          98                                                          Thirteen of us caught the train
dresses Only
                                        The fourth edition of the reunions
                                   of the USS Reeves began on 7 Octo-          Saturday morning and headed into
Email Address           466        ber in Chicago, Illinois. We began to       Chicago to see the sights. None of
                                   gather at the Holiday Inn, checking in,     which did I recognize. The Sear/Willis
       Dues Notice!
                                   shaking hands with old and new              Tower was our first stop and luckily
Please be sure to check            friends. Although partly because of the     we were old sailors that were used to
your mailing label or                                                          standing in lines. It snaked back and
email notation.
                                   economy the turnout was lower than
                                   last year, we had quite a cross section     forth for an hour getting to the eleva-
If it doesn’t say Current                                                      tors but the views from the top were
(plus year) above your             of shipmates. Ranging from 4 of us
name at the top of the la-         ―old salts‖, plank owners from the          spectacular. A country music festival
bel, you should renew              1964 commissioning all the way to           was going on at the park off Michigan
your annual dues.      To          Dan Bernier (88-92) an EM who was           Ave. along with some wild and huge
reach the greatest num-            on board until 1992. Michael and Lor-       metal sculptures. We walked over 4 ½
ber of shipmates, we will                                                      miles according to the pedometer
publish the complete As-           ri Robertson (72-75) had done their
sociation newsletter to            usual great job of organizing and sup-      worn by a newly slimmed down re-
any valid email address.           plying all the bells and whistles.          tired Chief ―Red‖ Redfield (64-67).
Your    dues    payments                                                           Two car loads of us traveled to
make this possible.
                                        Friday morning at 6am six of us
                                   headed for NTC Great Lakes to wit-          Naperville Sunday morning to visit a
Inside this issue:                 ness the Recruit Training Command           vineyard for a wine tasting. A lot more
                                   graduation. It took us 40 minutes on        tasting than buying occurred, however
President’s Message           2                                                rumor has it that Kurt ―Stu‖ Stuvengen
                                   the toll way and an hour and ten
Shipmates’ eMail              3    minutes of creeping bumper to bumper        (80-86) now owns quite a nice supply.
You Can’t Go Back             4    to get to the gate. It was well worth the   Back to the hotel where President Tom
Next Reunion                  5    wait. Over 900 recruits were graduat-       Bailey (84-87) called the annual busi-
                                   ing and the ceremony was very im-           ness meeting of the USS Reeves Asso-
Financials/Dues               6
                                   pressive. The new uniforms blue camo        ciation to order. Lots of discussion
Saving Money                  6                                                about the next reunion, continuing ef-
                                   BDUs and the khaki shirt/black pants
RAO Bulletins                 7
                                   dress uniforms look pretty sharp. The       forts and ideas on how to grow the as-
Veterans Benefits             7    graduation uniform was the old              sociation. A good meeting with every-
Peacoats                      8    standby dress blues though. Nine hun-       body contributing.
Reunion Photos                9    dred voices singing Anchors Away                The evening banquet was a great
Shipmate Demographics         10   still chokes me up. Seeing these new        success. The meal was excellent. Mi-
                                   graduates and the crew last year of the     chael Robertson gave an update on the
Veterans Appreciation         10
                                   USS Preble made all of us believe that      association status and recognized re-
Have You Heard?               11
                                                                                               (Continued at Chicago on page 6)
Mesothelioma Alert            11
Page 2                                                T h e   I r o n m a n — A   D o u b l e   E n d e r ’ s   N e w s l e t t e r

The President’s Page
                   Chicago ‘10            still missing the magical ingredient         made by our membership chairman
                   Greetings to the       that multiplies our numbers. We              Paul Van Tassell during the last year
                   Reeves Associa-        spoke of new ways to keep working            to consolidate contact lists we have
                   tion Family;           that issue, and hope to improve our          collected in the past. Paul ran down a
                                          ability to reach out to more shipmates       lot of bad addresses and discontinued
                     The Reeves Asso-     for future reunions.                         phone numbers to clean up the list.
                     ciation 2010 Reun-                                                We also discussed the advertising
                                          Our attempt to build the organization
                     ion is now a his-                                                 efforts that our advertising chairman
                                          by scheduling annual reunions in dif-
torical note in the deck log. We as-                                                   Charles Elkins used to spread the
                                          ferent parts of the country has now
sembled in Illinois just a few weeks                                                   word for the 2010 reunion. The most
                                          gone through its first evolution of
ago to renew our ties to the warship                                                   effective, and cheapest ads turned out
                                          east, west, and center. We went to
Reeves, and spend some quality time                                                    to be the veterans magazines (VFW,
                                          Washington DC. in 2008, San Diego
with the reunion family produced in                                                    AL, Together We Served). Mike re-
                                          in 2009, and Chicago in 2010. We‘ve
her wake. Attendance at this year‘s                                                    ported on the status of the ‗Ironman‘
                                          had some great reunions, but unfortu-
reunion was somewhat lower than                                                        newsletter and the web-site. One issue
                                          nately there was not a considerable
expected, but the event was, for all                                                   that has comes up repeatedly is the
                                          change in the numbers by location.
intents and purposes, a resounding                                                     need for original articles for the
                                          We believe we are on the right track,
success. The attendees were mostly                                                     ‗Ironman‘ newsletter. We all have
                                          and have agreed that we should con-
made up of the core group that has                                                     great Reeves stories that we can share
                                          tinue with our effort to take the reun-
been established over the reunions to                                                  with our members. These stories
                                          ions to our members.
date, with a few new first-time at-                                                    don‘t have to be long-winded or well
tendees. I‘m happy to report that this    The timing, however, has to change.          written. We can clean-up what you
diverse group interacts well, and         It is a matter of the dollars needed to      send to make them presentable for
seems to enjoy each others company.       get a reunion away from the pier. It         print. Take the time to feed the pro-
I‘ve been in several successful organi-   costs to research a new area, identify       cess your favorite story, and we‘ll edit
zations that could not make the claim     potential sites, prepare the necessary       the material.
that their members play well together.    requests for bids, review the received
                                                                                       Other new business to come out of the
I think I‘m safe in saying that the at-   bids, and travel to the site(s) to make
                                                                                       annual meeting includes new associa-
tendees (both shipmates and their         sure we select the best deal. We are
                                                                                       tion board members. We tried to call
wives) found the atmosphere to be         very fortunate in that Mike and Lorri
                                                                                       them elections, but the potential pool
friendly and comfortable. We trav-        Robertson have taken on this task for
                                                                                       of candidates was rather small. I was
elled as a group to a few functions,      the last three years. The results of
                                                                                       requested to remain as the Associa-
told sea stories, and enjoyed a few       their volunteer efforts have enabled us
                                                                                       tion President for another term, and
cocktails together … and all with         to enjoy some nice venues for our
                                                                                       agreed after being given a substantial
minimal drama. That‘s a fair boast for    reunions, and each at reasonable cost.
                                                                                       pay increase (yeah). Gerry Hines was
a group of sailors, and an even bigger    Their events are well researched,
                                                                                       nominated and approved as our new
deal when you blend in their signifi-     planned, and executed. The problem
                                                                                       Vice-President. Ron ‗Red‘ Redfield
cant others.                              is that our low numbers do not give us
                                                                                       agreed to continue as our board mem-
                                          the capital to fund travel and expenses
The reunion activities were a lot of                                                   ber at large. Eric Wenzel will contin-
                                          for the process. Simply put, it is cost-
fun, but we eventually got around to                                                   ue as our Recording Secretary. Mike
                                          ing Mike more of his own money
brass tacks at the annual business                                                     Robertson will continue as our Treas-
                                          than can be reasonably expected. The
meeting. There were some discus-                                                       urer (while wearing a variety of other
                                          bottom line is that the schedule for
sions over low attendance, and we                                                      hats). Charles Elkins will continue as
                                          future reunions will skip a year, with
surmised that low attendance numbers                                                   our Advertising Chairman. Paul Van
                                          the next one in 2012 on the east coast.
are a reality for a relatively new or-                                                 Tassel will continue as our Member-
ganization. Add in the current eco-       The change to our planning routine           ship Chairman. Kurt Stuvengen has
nomic conditions, and the numbers         resulted in some serious debate over         agreed to take on the Ships Store.
are not all that surprising. We‘d like    how we can get the attention of more
                                                                                       We discussed a variety of Ships Store
to think that we‘re doing all we can to   Reeves shipmates to join the associa-
                                                                                       items which may be of interest to our
get the attention of potential associa-   tion, and to get them to sign-up for a
                                                                                                       (Continued at Message on page 4)
tion members, but apparently we‘re        reunion. We discussed the efforts
V o l u m e   3 ,   I s s u e   3                                                                                   Page 3

Mail/eMail/Decklog From Our Shipmates —
Served in First Division from 1987-       played as one. It was definitely better     2010 and onward. Contact me if you
1992. Best ship in the fleet. IRONMEN     than the two CVA's I was unlucky            like. Remember flying Mickey?
FOREVER!!! Great memories,except          enough to serve on.
maybe for when that bomb went                                                         Wes Garrett (82-85)
through the foc‘sle. The boxing smok-     David Garms (65-68)               
ers didn‘t go real well for me either!
LION, PHILLIPINES! Look‘n forward         It was a pleasure serving on the U.S.S.     My apologies if this ends up being a
to hearing from some of ya, Drop me a     Reeves, with a great extended family        2nd posting. It looks like my
line via email. Hoping to see some of     from 1989-1992. Some of the greatest        first attempt may have failed.
ya at the reunion in Chicago in Octo-     memories I had in my life!                  I have an extra copy of the 1975 Cruise
ber. If any of ya know how to get in                                                  Book. If anyone is interested,
touch with James Crouch, let me know.     Juan Carrillo (89-92)                       please contact me via my personal
Hoping to get in touch with him.                         email address and maybe we can work
                                                                                      something out. Thanks.
Patrick Tucker (87-92)                    I served on Reeves a total of 8 years-                   82-85 and 88-92? As a Fire Control-         Cheers,
                                          man. I retired from the navy in 2003        Gary Steinhour (74-76)
                                          after 28 years and have settled in NE
Served on board the Reeves DLG24          Florida. Great to see so many familiar
from 71 to 73 as SH/SN. Separated as      names. I have many fond memories of
soon as she returned to Pearl from 2nd    this fine ship and her crew.                Your efforts at organizing the reunion
WESPAC in 73. I am retired now after                                                  are appreciated. Unfortunately, Cali-
32 years in Law Enforcement with the      Karl Maerz (82-85, 88-93)                   fornia's politicians are playing games
Illinois State Police. Now living in                         with the wife's pay and it doesn't look
deep south Texas, about 45 minutes                                                    like we have the reserves to spend on
from Padre Island, and loving it. Any-                                                the trip to the reunion. The governor
one remember me shoot me a email.         Reported aboard Reeves 01 Feb 86 to         wants to cut most of the state workers
                                          Dec 1990. I had the best Signal Gang        to federal minimum wage until the leg-
Anthony (Tony) Ortega (71-73)             ever! "Doc", Kea, Jones, Wolf, Graves       islature passes a budget.                      and Miller. Outstanding CMC - FCCM
                                          McClelland and CO "Wild Bill" Cen-          Congrats on your retirement home. I
Served from 65-68 on REEVES and           ter. Living in Singapore/Philippines        google earthed the address to see where
still remember that tour as the best of   now.                                        in Washington you are. Mead looks
my career. The entire crew worked and                                                 like a nice community and you have a
                                          Wayne ―Pussman‖ Bailey (86-90)              lot of national forest in the area. Do
Medicare Updates                                      you hunt or camp?? (Not anymore.
For those of us aged 65 or older,         I am trying to find an old bud. Louis
the new 2011 Medicare Handbook            Spane. We worked the Radio Shack            We purchased a country property back
has just been published by the Cen-       during the Viet Nam days along with         in '98 for our retirement place. It is
ters for Medicare and Medicaid            (in no order) Fezer, Miller, Slade, Ma-     great in the country but, the chores are
Services. Some copays and coin-           hand, Pantoha, Castel, Merchant and         never ending. I'm fully retired now but,
                                          others I can't remember. It's been a long   the wife is still working and I hear
surance criteria have changed.            time and a lot of booze. The Reeves,        about that once in awhile. (Address
If you have access to the internet, it    she was a hard luck boat, but she got       available on request. Ed.)
can be downloaded at:                     less the she deserved.                      We were definitely planning to attend                                                     the reunion this year but, the crazy CA
                                          Andrew ―Andy‖ Casella (66-68)               politics seems to be running our life at
ons/Pubs/pdf/10050.pdf                           this time. Keep up the good work.
Otherwise, you can receive a hard
copy of the new edition by calling        Just wanted to let anyone that served in    Gary Nance (63-68, 73-76)
800-633-4227                              1st div. during 82 to 85 or anyone on
                                          the ship at that time. A good year in
Page 4                                                 T h e   I r o n m a n — A   D o u b l e   E n d e r ’ s   N e w s l e t t e r

President’s Message
(Continued from page 2)                    The last point I would like to bring up      look to his friends and acquaintances
                                           is a reminder that the November              for insight to his character‖.
members. We are avoiding size relat-       Elections are upon us. I don‘t have to
                                                                                        Here‘s wishing you Fair Winds and
ed articles such as shirts or similar      tell you just how important this elec-
                                                                                        Following Seas
apparel to avoid inventory costs to        tion is for us as citizens and as veter-
stock sizes. Instead, we are looking
towards items which are purely
                                           ans. I won‘t insult you by suggesting
                                           a particular party or candidate, but         Tom
Reeves, like original style DLG and        instead leave you with my hope that
CG ball caps, ships photos, stickers,      you get out and vote. As far as work-
                                                                                        Tom Bailey BT2 (84-87)
and the possibility of a specially         ing through all the pre-election hype
minted USS Reeves Challenge Coin.          to figure out how to vote; keep one
Stu will have more information on          thing in mind: ―If you can‘t deter-
the Ships Store as ideas emerge.           mine the value of a man by his words,

Remember the Movie Czar?                                                                    Have you visited the Navy Me-
                                                                                        morial in Washington, DC, lately?
 I was a member of the pre-                time. The other ships were very curi-        You can get there online very easily.
 commissioning crew on the USS             ous about how we were able to get            One of the many features includes
 Reeves. We commissioned the ship          these first run movies and they could-       NavyTV. There is an excellent con-
 May 15, 1964 in Bremerton, Wash-          n‘t. Usually the oilers and supply           versation with Ernest Borgnine when
 ington. We then went to Long Beach,       ships got the best movies first.             he discusses his time onboard USS
 California and did our primary sea                                                     Lamberson (DD-119/DMS-2) during
 trials. Upon completion of these sea      The Captains of the other ships in the       World War II. To find the video, go
 trials, we were sent to the coast of      Fleet were asking around how we              to
 Viet Nam. As IC man, part of my           were able to procure these movies. To          
 duties was to make movie runs and         the best of my knowledge they never          then click on NavyTV from the home
 show these movies on the mess deck.       found out. But, after these had been         page and then search for Borgnine.
 I maintained the movie projectors,        viewed by our crewmembers, we
 making sure they were always in           would trade movies via high line be-             While you are there, check out
 proper working order.                     tween ships. They were extremely             the many different conversations
                                           happy to have these high demanded            from many Navy veterans that have
 Prior to leaving Hawaii, we made          movies. Each time I returned to the          been saved for posterity.
 arrangements with the Movie Ex-           ship with our movie supply, I became              And, don‘t forget about joining.
 change so that they would hold the        very popular because everyone would
 first run movies for us. The agree-       want to see the movie books                  Visit:
 ment was that we would provide them       (synopses of the movie). This includ-        You‘ll find a lot of us there, with all
 with fresh pastries like sweet rolls      ed the Captain! They would call me           the details about our service time.
 and donuts. The ship‘s cook made          to the Officer‘s Mess or Ward Room
 these pastries and he was a master at     so the Captain and some of the offic-
 pastry making. When we first board-       ers could review the movies books                This newsletter is published by:
 ed the ship in Hawaii, we had 40 of       prior to them being shown. They                   The USS Reeves Association
 the best movies in the fleet. The mov-    would select the movies they wanted                   15709 N Sycamore St
 ies exchanges were located at the Na-     to see first. We would also have a                      Mead, WA 99021
 val Bases in the various ports and we     private showing for the cooks and                        Newsletter Editor -
 made some type of agreement with          they always had ice cream and cook-                      Michael Robertson
 some of the other movie exchange          ies. This was their reward for making                   Phone: 509-315-8107
 operators. As a result we did get the     this happen. TEAM WORK!                                   Fax: 703-740-9161
 first run movies, like, Goldfinger, Dr.                                                 E-mail:
 Strangelove and A Shot in the Dark.       Charles L. Elkins (64-66)                     All comments, suggestions, submissions
 These were the top movies at that                                                       and criticism are welcome. My email is
                                                                                                       always open...
V o l u m e   3 ,   I s s u e   3                                                                                   Page 5

Welcome to the East Coast—Our Next Reunion
    At the Chicago Reunion, it was        plantations, Middleton Place and          Jacksonville and Cecil Field.
decided that the association would        Drayton Hall, just to mention a few of         Close by, there‘s the oldest
change reunions to a bi-annual                                                      settlement in North America, St.
schedule. The size of the association                                               Augustine. And, of course, there are
and expense of travel was a deciding                                                the beaches — Atlantic Beach,
factor.   Sticking to the goal of                                                   Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach
bringing a reunion to a region close to                                             and a lot of white sand on the warm
you, the East/West/Central plan was                                                 east Atlantic in between.
reaffirmed. Thus, the next reunion in
2012 will be held on the East Coast.                                                    Golf, there‘s lots and lots of golf.
The exact where wasn‘t determined                                                   Not being a practitioner of cow
yet, although both Charleston, SC,                                                  pasture pool, it‘s not my thing and we
and Jacksonville, FL, are the strongest                                             haven‘t seen any golf clubs at any
candidates (althoughTony Borba likes                                                reunion. But they are there: seven
Orlando, FL).                                                                       courses within a couple of miles of
    Charleston had a large Naval Base           Middleton Place on the Ashley
before BRAC that is now closed.                      River, Charleston
However, Charleston still has a lot to
offer. It has been rated as the second    very many.
most popular destination spot in the
U.S., edged out by San Francisco by           There are many hotels very near
                                          the airport, so shuttle service will be
                                          available. If there is a large enough
                                          registration for tours, there will be     Can you imagine this?!? Driving a Seg-
                                          tours arranged for Friday, Saturday          way in the Fort George woods...
                                          and Sunday.
                                              There are some dinner cruises         downtown Jacksonville.
                                          available — can be set up if there‘s         Let‘s not forget the Segway Rides
                                          enough interest.                          at Fort George Island along the
                                              And, of course, we are looking for    Amelia Island route.
                                          a hotel rate around $80 per day.              The hotel rate may be slightly
                                          Jacksonville                              higher than Charleston, but still fully
                                              Jacksonville is very close to         affordable.
                                          Mayport Naval Station, a place chock-     Choosing and Getting There
                                          a-block with real, live surface ships,        You can have a say in choosing
 USS Yorktown at Charleston‘s Patriots    sailors and a Navy Exchange (think
  Point Naval and Maritime Museum
                                                                                    our next reunion site. Contact me at
                                          San Diego).      There‘s also NAS or
less than one percentage point.                                                     write me, call me by phone, or even
                                                                                    send a Pony Express gram. (See the
    For the Navy side, there is the                                                 application form on the last page of
Patriots Point Naval and Maritime                                                   this newsletter.) We have a year to
Museum. Tour the USS Yorktown,                                                      finalize the selection, and we have a
USS Clamagore, Medal of Honor                                                       team (Charles & Nancy Elkins)
Museum, Cold War Submarine                                                          standing by to run our site checks
Memorial and the only Vietnam                                                       after we send out our request for
Support Base Camp in the U.S. Its                                                   proposals to the various Convention
history you can touch.                                                              and Visitors Bureaus.
                                            USS Carney (DDG-64) homeported at
   History buffs have access to Fort                                                    Regardless, think 2012 and a great
                                                  Mayport Naval Station.
Sumter, Magnolia and Boone Hall                                                     time down South.
Page 6                                                  T h e   I r o n m a n — A   D o u b l e   E n d e r ’ s   N e w s l e t t e r

Chicago (continued)                        Financials                                   Dues
union participants by decades of the              USS Reeves Association                     The Association‘s fiscal year runs
Reeves lifespan. Kurt Stuvengen                   2010 Income Statement                 November through October. The reun-
gave a very moving reading as part                                                      ion marks the end of the current fiscal
                                               Income                                   year.
of a POW/MIA ceremony.
                                               Reunions                    $2,764            Association dues coincide with the
    As has been the case in previous
                                                                                        fiscal year—most reunion attendees
reunions we then adjourned to the              Program                     $1,358       pay the next year‘s dues at the business
Hospitality Room where the sea                                                          meeting on the fourth day of the reun-
                                               Total Income                $4,122
stories get going hot and heavy.                                                        ion.
Olongapo seemed to be a popular                Expense
                                                                                             It was decided by the members that
topic this year and the disastrous             Advertising                   $315       the dues rate of $20 per year will con-
events that occurred there through                                                      tinue unchanged. No lifetime member-
the decades of the Reeves visits to            Newsletters                   $614
                                                                                        ship category has yet been established.
PI. It was the end of another very             Supplies                      $120            Dues for FY 2011 are now paya-
good time together, we hung out                                                         ble. Please remit your payment to help
                                               Reunions                    $3,068
until almost midnight trying to                                                         keep us healthy. And, donations for
make it last longer. I know mid-               Total Expense               $4,117       any amount are always very welcome.
night used to be when we would                 Net Income                      $5        Charitable/Educational Objectives
just be getting started partying, but
what can I say, we are all getting to                                                    The USS Reeves Association is an
                                                   2010 Assets Statement                 educational, non-profit 501(c)(3) or-
be a bunch of ―OLD‖ salts now.                                                           ganization registered with the Internal
Join us next time to renew old                 Cash Assets                 $2,866        Revenue Service, FEIN 86-1163983.
friendships and make new ones, it                                                        For that purpose at the 2010 business
doesn‘t matter what decade you                 Liabilities                     $0        meeting, it was recommended that fu-
served, or whether it was DLG or               Net Equity                  $2,866        ture excess funds be used for donations
CG; we were all shipmates.                                                               and scholarships as determined at busi-
                                                                                         ness meetings starting in 2012.
Attending Reunions and Saving Money
Saving Money: Along with airfare and       near the airport won't charge you that    up to competing counters at the airport
hotel, renting a car is one of the Big     fee, you may have to take a cab that      and ask if you can get a better deal.
Three expenses when you travel. But        will cost more than that. But some        You may find a better deal on upsizing
while everyone talks about how to find     close-to-the-airport places run their     or price. Especially if they know you
cheap fares and cheap rooms, no one        own shuttle service. How do you find      were going to use another company.
talks with the same fervor about how       these places? Just Google the rental      Also, asking for a free upgrade on your
to find the best wheels deals. That's      company. For instance, "Hertz Miami       reservation never hurts. It's amazing
going to become more important real        airport" shows you a map of the airport   what a nice smile, some kind words
soon, as Hertz and Avis fight this         - and another Hertz 10 blocks away.       and a simple request can do - at the
month to take over Dollar/Thrifty -                                                  airline ticket counter, at a hotel check-
which will mean less competition and       * Rent by the hour. You can use a car- in and at the rental car counter.
higher prices. There are easy and not-     sharing service in big and medium
often-talked-about ways to save on a       sized cities for as little as $7 an hour. * Conduct an online discount coupon
rental car. Here are some more de-                                                   search. Just Google "car rental dis-
tails...                                   Refer to                                  count coupons" and you'll get oodles
                                  of results including in some cases dis-
* Rent near the airport, not at the air-   for a list of locations and details.      count codes. With all these coupons
port. Airport rental agencies will                                                   online, there's no reason to pay retail.
charge you around $10-15 just for the      * Ask and you might receive. If you
convenience of getting off the plane       reserve a car before flying, upon arri- * Brag about your friends. Member-
and into a car. While rental agencies      val at the destination city simply stroll ship has its privileges when it comes to
                                                                                                                   (Continued on page 7)
V o l u m e    3 ,   I s s u e   3                                                                                   Page 7

Veterans Information Bulletins
      Eric Wenzel (81-85) has been providing information from a website that covers a wide range of issues for veter-
 ans. The site is maintained by James Tichacek at American Legion Post 19 in Gulfport, MS. James posts news bul-
 letins semi-monthly that cover any and all topics that apply to both retirees and veterans. These include Medical
 Care, Medical Supplements, Travel and Immigration, Tax/SS/Insurance & Legal, Death & Survivors, Pay
 & Finances, & Tricare. He is a member of the following:


       The RAO bulletins can be found at:

    You can subscribe to regular bulletin email deliveries, or simply browse the site looking for articles that
 may apply to your status. This is a free service and provides a wealth of current information to veterans
 and retirees.

Are You Receiving All Your VA Benefits?
The Department of Veterans Affairs          to sign up, the agency said. The ad         you've completed your service, you've
unveiled a multimillion advertisement       campaign began with a TV spot airing        got lots of opportunities for your fu-
campaign 11 OCT designed to en-             in the six media markets where most         ture. But health comes first. Sign up
courage more military veterans to           service members returning from Op-          for health care at your nearest VA."
enroll for government benefits and          eration Enduring Freedom and Opera-         Kugler also encourages veterans to
services. Only about 8 million of the       tion Iraqi Freedom will first arrive: El    apply for the VA's Post 9/11 GI Bill,
nation's 23 million veterans use VA         Paso, Texas; Norfolk; Raleigh; Sa-          job assistance services and a zero
benefits and health-care services, and      vannah, Ga.; Seattle; and Watertown,        down home loan from the department.
the department hopes new TV and             N.Y. "Welcome home! You've served
Internet advertisements and other out-      your country," Marine Staff Sgt. Rob-       [Source: Washington Post Ed O'Keefe
reach efforts will persuade more vets       ert Kugler says in the ad. "Now that        11 OCT 2010 ++]

The Chaplain’s In The House
It was good to see a reunion that might     ations area commander for Seadragon        John W. Kress (formerly LT, CHC,
be possible for us to attend in the DAV     while Reeves armaments didn't help         USNR) and Beth
list. Reeves, in her DLG days, was the      much for those ops...I think you spent     (John and Beth attended our Chicago
first ship I reported aboard as a Chap-     most of your time chasing carriers on      reunion. Both passed on some great
lain in January 1967 at Green Bay,          Yankee station. But, the time I spent in   sea stories—John about ministering to
Okinawa. I had flown down from Ja-          Reeves was great and I remember the        a bunch of sailors and the condom
pan to meet her during a refueling stop     'luxury' of my time there. Also went       vending machine, and Beth about sur-
to join the staff of COMDESRON              aboard her while she was being refitted    viving alone in Japan with two chil-
NINE. Didn't spend a lot of time in her     as a CG in Maine.                          dren. We pressed John into service for
because Commodore HELM was oper-            BZ for your efforts insetting this up.     our banquet.)

Saving Money (continued)
(Continued from page 6)                     zation's car-rental discount codes - but   lar/Thrifty), fill up the tank when you
                                            don't lie about your membership, be-       return the car, and check your credit
car rentals. Organizations that you'd       cause you might be asked to produce        card coverage and car insurance be-
expect to offer discounts - like AAA,       proof when you pick up the car.            cause you might not need the expen-
which also allows you to reserve a car                                                 sive insurance from the rental agency.
online – is just the start. Trade organi-   * Standard rental car advice. Shop
zations ranging from journalists to         around for prices by searching the         [Source: Money Talk News 29 Sep
wedding planners also get discounts. If     websites of the major players (Hertz,      2010 ++]
you're booking online, you can even         Avis, Enterprise, Budget, Dol-
use a website that reveals those organi-
Page 8                                                  T h e   I r o n m a n — A   D o u b l e   E n d e r ’ s   N e w s l e t t e r

Treasure Your Peacoat
By Michael Lamka (70-71)                   neck, and a convertible collar that can      $140.00. For the rest of us, the second
                                           be turned up to protect the back and         hand shop will show price ranges from
                                           sides of the sailor's neck from icy          around $50.00 to $100.00.
     The pea coat has been a staple of     blasts. Although there have been some
naval wear for several hundred years, jackets designed in other fabrics and                  If you want to spend $1000.00 or
and a popular civilian style for men                                                    more, you can hit or other
                                           with a variety of colors and plaids, the     websites than sell imported clothing to
and women in the past 25 to 30 years. traditional pea coat is made of heavy
Originally worn by sailors in European course wool and dyed either black or             the well to do and where the pea coat
navies, particularly British and Dutch, very dark (Navy) blue. Most pea coats           style is sometimes liberally translated.
the style has remained relatively un-                                                   But, whether you buy from a local
                                           manufactured today are of a wool             thrift shop, an upscale retail outlet, or
changed over the centuries since its       blend or even of totally synthetic fab-
first appearance, and by the 20th centu- rics.                                          an online source, the price you pay
ry became a part of a U.S. sailor's sea-                                                will, eventually be up to you because
bag or clothing requirements. Derived Where to buy a pea coat                           there is only one person who can deter-
from the Dutch word, pij, the modern                                                    mine what that pea coat is worth to
pea coat has changed very little since          Even though the pea coat has be-        you.
the 1700's.                                come a constantly popular jacket de-
                                           sign for the non sea farer, there are not    Bundle up in your pea coat.
                       What makes a        many sources for buying them. This                The traditional Navy style pea coat
                       pea coat a pea      rugged outer garment isn't found in the      is great for warding off the cold of
                       coat?               usual outdoorsy outlets such as Ameri-       winter with fashionable style and utili-
                                           can Eagle Outfitters Cabella's or even       ty. With styling available for men and
                       Today there are     LLBean. The style may be found in
                       many variations of some upper scale retail stores, but, oth-     women, look for the basics; hip length,
                       this comfortable                                                 double breasted, wide lapel and con-
                                           er than second hand stores, it is most       vertible collar, made from wool and
                       military style coat often discovered at online outlets such
                       available for the                                                dark or Navy blue in color. If you want
                                           as where styles have little       to stretch your fashion sense there are
                       non military, but resemblance to the traditional pea coat.
                       the U.S. Navy                                                    numerous styles that wander from the
                                           For the best selection look for retail       traditional, but still fit into the category
                       standard issue      stores that specialize in selling used
men's pea coat remains the gold stand- military items or new copies of those            of pea coats. The one overriding ele-
ard for material and design. Even se-                                                   ment of the pea coat is that it must
                                           same products.                               keep you warm and block out those icy
cond hand Navy issue pea coats attract
premium prices at second hand stores            One popular source for new as           winter blasts.
and online auction sites such as           well as second hand, traditional and Described by Navy Uni-           nontraditional pea coats is eBay, prob-
                                           ably the world's largest online auction           [Ed. I still have my original issue
form Regulations for enlisted men in                                                    peacoat from Great Lakes in 1963. It
pay grades E-6 and below as" A dou- site. Many of the auctions are for se-              has turned kind of purple-ish, but still
ble-breasted, hip length coat made of      cond hand Navy issue pea coats. Most
                                                                                        keeps me warm on a Winter’s night,
dark blue authorized fabric with a con- of these are post 1970's so will not be         just like it did in Milwaukee and Chi-
vertible collar, a set-in pocket in each the heavier weight associated with the         cago all those many years ago when I
forefront, and a single row of four 35- traditional pea coat. A review of the           was much younger and 30 pounds
line black plastic anchor buttons down pea coats available at eBay showed the           lighter.]
the right front and three on left."        majority to be non Navy issue but ti-
                                           tled at authentic.                                Michael Lamka is a writer, pho-
     The approved fabric was, until the                                                 tographer, and digital designer. He
1970's, a heavy 30 oz Melton wool.         What should I pay for my pea coat?           writes about industry, labor, veterans'
Post 1970's Navy issue pea coats are                                                    affairs, and other topics on his list of
lighter weight.                                 With prices ranging from $50.00
                                           for a well worn second hand pea coat         eclectic interests. His web postings
     The basic elements of a pea coat      to over $1700.00 for not very accurate       and articles can be found at:
consist of a jacket that is hip length,    copies of the traditional style, it seems
double breasted to provide a seal          the sky's the limit on prices. If you        user/497127/michael_lamka.html
against cold winds, a wide lapel to        have access to a Navy Uniform Shop,
close the coat just below the wearer's     you can buy the original for under
V o l u m e   3 ,    I s s u e    3                                                                                       Page 9

                                             Reunion Chicago 2010 Photography

                    Top Row: Bill Funk, Tom Bailey, John Kress, Dick Brown, Bill Woodward, Gerry Hines, Jerry Bolain
                    Bottom Row: Mike Robertson, Charles Elkins, Paul Bernier, Ron Redfield, John Miller, Kurt Stuvengen

                                 Top Row: Nancy Elkins, Vicki Funk, Fumiyo Stuvengen, Florence Miller, Janet Hines
                                        Bottom Row: Lorri Robertson, Mary Bailey, Nora Bernier, Beth Kress

Photographer: All photography were taken by Nancy Elkins ( Nancy will provide copies of groups and
individual couples photos for a nominal cost for printing and postage.
Page 10                                               T h e   I r o n m a n — A    D o u b l e   E n d e r ’ s    N e w s l e t t e r

Where Are We?
     At our Chicago reunion business                          East                West     evenly split. The Central states lag
meeting, Bill Funk asked about the       Region      Count             Central             a bit, but are certainly well repre-
                                                              Coast               Coast
demographics of known shipmates.                                                           sented. There are more than enough
                                         Northeast    118     118
Thus this report.                                                                          potential attendees in each region to
                                         Southeast    104     104
     There are over 1,000 names of       Midwest      100                100
                                                                                           justify continuing with our efforts to
shipmates in the data base. Nearly       Southwest    75                           75      build the USS Reeves Association.
all of these names came from online      Northwest    46                           46        Not surprising was the number of
sites such as the Reeves Website         Central      37                  37               shipmates in the various states.
Deck Log, Tin Can Sailors Associa-       Mountain     17                  17               Eight states comprise more than
tion,, Together We          South        15                  17               50% if the data base. Given Reeves
Served and the U.S. Navy Cruiser         West         113                          113     history in the Pacific, it‘s not sur-
                                         Pacific      12                           12
Sailors Association. These are ship-                                                       prising that California has the most
                                         Totals       637     222        171       246
mates who have expressed interest in                                                       shipmates, nearly double Florida
the ship and other shipmates. That‘s     ages
                                                              35%        27%      39%      and State       Count     Pct Texas.
probably 25% of the total crew who                                                               CA          99         16%
served onboard Reeves between 1964         Shipmate counts by nation-wide region
                                                                                                 FL          50          8%
and 1993. It‘s not a bad statistic.                                                              TX          50          8%
                                         cause it helps us plan for future reun-                 VA          33          5%
     We have identified shipmates‘ lo-   ions. The table to the right shows the
cations by state even though we may                                                              IL          28          4%
                                         potential number of shipmates that                      WA          27          4%
not have a complete mailing address.     could show up at a regional reunion.                    NC          20          3%
In many instances, we have email ad-
dresses.                                     If Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico                     OH          20          3%
                                         are not included, the division between           Shipmate locations in the most populous
     This information is important be-   East Coast and West Coast are pretty                              states

Veterans Day Appreciation
Many businesses are marking Veterans Day with discounts con Cheeseburger and 7oz. House Sirloin. All you need to
for military veterans. Both Lowe‘s and The Home Depot   do is show proof of military service.
provide this discount year around.            

Other appreciation events include the following:               November 15, 2010 will mark the 10th anniversary of
                                                               Golden Corral's Military Appreciation Monday dinner.
B&Bs and Inns are providing free rooms on Wednesday,
November 10, in observance of Veterans Day, November           The free dinner meal is a special "thank you tribute" to any
11, to honor servicemen and women currently serving or         person who has ever served in the United States Military. If
who have previously served their country. The program          you are a veteran, retired, currently serving, in the National
was started in 2009 by the West Virginia B&B Association       Guard or Reserves, you are invited to join us for Golden
(formerly called MABB) and this year has expanded to           Corral's Military Appreciation Monday dinner.
include 48 states, 4 international locations and more than
700 Inns.                                                      To locate a Golden Corral near you, visit
To see properties that are participating in the program, go
to:                                                            Proof of Service:                         U.S. Uniform Services Identification Card (active or retired)
                                                                     Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
Head to Applebee's on November 11, 2010, where you'll                Photograph in uniform
be able to choose a FREE entree* from a special Veterans             Wearing uniform
Day menu — which includes popular favorites like the Ba-             Veterans Organization Card (i.e. American Legion)
V o l u m e   3 ,   I s s u e   3                                                                               Page 11

Have You Heard?
The U.S. Navy answers the question:        * Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Naval          grated and interoperable world-class
"Why did the chicken cross the             Forces, Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR):            chicken to warriors and supporting
road?"                                     The purpose is not important. What is     elements, enabling them to dominate
                                           important is that the chicken re-         the roads of today and tomorrow, as
* Naval Education and Training             mained under the OPCON of                 we move "Forward...From the Sea."
Command (NAVEDTRA): The pur-               COMSIXTHFLEET and did not                 Comptroller holds and corporate tax-
pose is to familiarize the chicken with    CHOP to the theater on the other side     es, however, will require delay field-
road-crossing procedures. Road-            of the road. Without Chopping, the        ing for two years, unless Congres-
crossing should be performed only          chicken was able to achieve a seam-       sional plus-ups are approved.
between the hours of sunset and sun-       less road-crossing with near perfect,
rise. Solo chickens must have at least     real-time in-transit visibility.          * NAVSEASYSCOM's Chicken Sys-
three miles of visibility and a safety                                               tems           Program          Office
observer.                                                                            (PMS400CSPO): In a partnering rela-
                                                                                     tionship with the client, helped the
* Bureau of Naval Personnel                                                          chicken by rethinking its physical
(BUPERS): Due to the needs of the                                                    distribution strategy and implementa-
Navy, chicken was involuntarily reas-                                                tion processes. The CSPO helped the
signed to the other side of the road.                                                chicken change to continue meeting
This will be 3-year unaccompanied                                                    its mission. However, the actual
tour and we promise to give the                                                      crossing of the road has not occurred
chicken a good-deal assignment after-                                                due to the number of action items still
wards. Every chicken will be required      * Naval Air Systems Command               open from the meeting.
to do one road-crossing during its         (NAVAIRSYSCOM): The chicken
career, and this will not affect its op-   was instructed to hold short of the       * Naval Intelligence: What chicken?
portunities for future promotion.          road. This road incursion incident was
                                           reported in a Hazardous Chicken           [Source: RAO Bulletin 16 October
* Naval Air Warfare Center                 Road-Crossing Report (HCRCR).             2010++]
(NAWC): This event will need con-          Please re-emphasize that chickens are
firmation; we need to repeat it using      required to read back all hold short
                                           instructions.                             Ed. I believe George Orwell coined
varied chicken breeds, road types, and                                               the term “double speak” in his novel,
weather conditions to confirm wheth-                                                 1984. A banquet chicken is still a
er it can actually happen within the       * Space and Naval Warfare Systems
                                                                                     rubber chicken. And, if the bird
parameters specified for chickens and      Command       (SPAWARSYSCOM):
                                                                                     crossed an interstate highway, it
the remote possibility that they might     The "stovepipe" chickens of today         would be road kill and never make
cross thruways designated by some as       will be replaced with a multi-            the other side.
"roads."                                   function, supported, affordable, inte-

Mesothelioma Information
Tens of thousands of veterans who          mesothelioma). Some studies show         If you believe you have been ex-
worked with asbestos while in the          that as many as 30 percent of all        posed to these diseases, go to:
United States Armed Forces have            Americans with mesothelioma can-
been diagnosed with some sort of           cer are veterans who were exposed
                                                                                    Or call 800-336-0086 for further
asbestos-related disease, including        while on active duty.
asbestosis and mesothelioma, the                                                    information
                                           USS Reeves was one such duty sta-
latter a particularly difficult-to-fight   tion. During several extensive
asbestos cancer that affects the lin-      overhauls, the Engineering depart-        Vote on November 2nd!
ing of the lungs (pleural mesotheli-       ment in particular was subject to
oma), abdomen (peritoneal meso-            excessive exposure to asbestos in-
                                                                                      It’s our duty and our
thelioma), or heart (pericardial           sulation.                                   American privilege.
                                                                                      First Class Postage

                                               ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

USS Reeves Association
15709 N Sycamore St
Mead, WA 99021

                    Please check your mailing label. If it doesn’t say Current, please re-
                       new your Association dues to help continuing this newsletter.

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