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					                                                                  | summer 2010

                                           chastain Park
                Established 1978
                                                Neighborhood News  Brought to you by your chastain Park civic Association

                    Welcome from Your cPcA President
                     Dear Friends,
                         I would like to share with you the original and continuing mission         inside this issue
                     statement of the Chastain Park Civic Association (CPCA) from our 1978
                                                                                                    Security .................................3
                         “We were organized to exercise, promote, and protect the privileges        Important Numbers ................3
                     and interests of the residents of the Chastain Park community; to foster a     Featured Venue ......................4
healthy interest in civic affairs of the community; to develop good citizenship; to inquire into
civic abuses and to seek reformation thereof; and to further the common good and general            Yard of the Season .................5
welfare of the people of the Chastain Park community.”                                              Noteworthy Neighbor..............5
   CPCA has been a nonprofit advocacy organization (501c4) and the voice of our                     Chastain Concert Schedule .....6
community since 1978. We provide leadership, security, and opportunities for public
involvement through community-building events, initiatives and partnerships. Our volunteer          Neighborhood Photos .........6, 7
board is made up of 30 of your neighbors who represent our collective interests at every level      Calendar of Events .............8, 9
of government to which we have unprecedented access.
                                                                                                    Membership Information .......11
   If you run into one of the following neighbors, please thank them for their community
service on the CPCA board. They each have a passion for our community and I believe they            Chastain Pace Car ................11
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Chastain Park Civic Association
PO Box 420473; Atlanta, GA 30342

 Chastain Park
   Neighborhood News
                   A     R?
                  U M BE
                YO ME
            AR ENT

Welcome from Your cPcA President                                              contunued from page 1

are as conscientious and dynamic a board as we have ever had representing our interests. I thank them for their service.
   Sherri Adair, Todd Davis, Brink Dickerson, Jo Elliott, Debra Fowler, Randall Fox, Jubal Gatwood, Todd Henley, Marsha
Holcomb, Bill Kasper, Caroline King, Mack Leath, Wendy Leebern, Ryan Lieberman, Penelope Malone, Steve McClelland, Carlos
Moreno, Reide Onley, Kirk Oppenlander, Merrimac Penman, Susan Pitt, Mark Reece, Patti Ross, Sydney Shipps, Kevin Skedsvold,
Theresa Southerland, Frank Toye, Trenton Ward, John Williams
   The CPCA is all about possibilities, progress and building community. We have always supported grassroots initiatives and
partnered with organizations willing to serve our community’s interests. Moreover, we actively engage in public policy decisions
such as zoning, parks, transportation, security and safety, etc. For over 32 years, several generations of your friends and neighbors
have served the community through the CPCA board. With the help of your contributions and volunteer hours, the CPCA has been
responsive to your needs and maintains an extensive record of protecting the interests of our neighbors, park and community. This
record includes optimizing property values through effective land use planning and zoning policy, ensuring taxpayer input on city
projects, completion of sidewalks and crosswalks, founding of neighborhood/park security patrol to supplement our city patrols,
and sponsorship of several annual community-building events.
   It is an exciting time of year as our Annual Chastain Chill family music series starts at the playground in April and our Annual
July 4th Parade is just around the corner. Please let us know if you would like to be a sponsor or volunteer for either of these
great Chastain Park community traditions at Also, we are glad to be partners of the new Chastain Park
Green Market every Saturday at the Horseradish Grill and the Buckhead Spring Arts and Crafts Festival, which will be on Park
Drive on May 22 & 23. Last we are continuing to help spread the word about the revitalization of the American Legion Post, and the Chastain Park Dog Park campaign,
   Everyone in our community should be a member of the Chastain Park Civic Association, so renew by mail or sign up
today at Please encourage your neighbors to join as well. Remember, more resources translate into more
community-building events, more security, and more progress.                                 It is an honor to serve you!

                                                                                          Jim King

                                                                             Fine Southern
                                                                                          CPCA president

        M. Lance Hirsh DVM

                                                                        Open Mon-Sun: Lunch & Dinner
            Veterinary Center                                      
              of Buckhead                                                          4320 Powers Ferry Road
                   404.841.9679                                                    Atlanta, Georgia 30342

important                                                     Here are just a few of the important
contact numbers                                               incidents that the Chastain Park
                                                              Security Patrol, managed by Sgt. Barry
                                                              Miller, has handled over the last few
citY of AtlAntA                                               months:
Emergency ......................Call 911
                                                              • Two door-to-door solicitors were
Non-Emergency Buckhead                                        arrested.
Zone 2 Precinct...... 404-848-7231
                                                              • Several “sleeping quarters” set up by                               todd davis
                                              VP of security non-residents on the north side of the
council member                                                park were addressed.
Yolanda Adrean ...... 404-330-6051                                                                      Our personalized training includes:                       • People involved in suspicious activity by the Park gym
                                            were stopped and questioned.                                 Microsoft Word
Bureau of Planning . 404-330-6145
                                            If you plan on being out of town, please remember to         Microsoft Excel
Bureau of Building                          contact the Security Patrol at (404) 812-9272. They will
(permits) ................ 404-330-6150     check on your house regularly and even bring your trash      Microsoft Publisher
Public Works                                cans in for you. If you have other issues or questions       Windows MovieMaker
Services ................ 404-330-6333      about neighborhood security, please contact Todd Davis
                                            at 770-335-4160 or email              Quicken/Quickbooks
Transportation........ 404-330-6245                                                                      Facebook
  .......................... 404-330-6501   Guiness World record                                        … and so much more!!
Sewer Problems ..... 404-954-6340
Water Issues .......... 404-658-6500
                                            set At cHAstAin PArk                                        What do you want to learn?
Dept of                                     tHe fun neVer stoPs At cHAstAin PArk!
Watershed Mgt....... 404-658-6500           A Guiness Book of World records WAs                               Get started today!
Dept of Planning & Community                set At tHe fAll Arts festiVAl.
Development.......... 404-330-6190
City of Atlanta                                                                                   
Arborist ................. 404-865-8487
The Mayor’s Office of Constituent
Services ................ 404-330-6026
Report Potholes ..... 404-330-6281

Patrol Officers
(No Voicemail) ........ 404-424-1550
Only answered when on duty
(Voicemail Only) ...... 404-812-9272
Going out of town messages
for Patrol
Concert Night
Partol Cellphone ..... 404-379-7027
Amphitheater Sound
Complaint Line ....... 404-391-1274
Public Street
Light Outage .......... 888-891-0938
PATH Light Outage . 888-655-5888

citY of sAndY sPrinGs
Emergency ......................Call 911
council member
Karen McEnerny ..... 770-730-5600
                                               Do you want to advertise
                                               in our next edition? Please
Citizen Response
Center ................... 770-730-5600        email us at newsletter@
Please e-mail any suggestions
to                                        steve mcclelland
                                                      cPcA membership & marketing

                                           feAtured Venue
                                            important contact numbers
                                           Get reAdY to sWim At cHAstAin tHis summer!
                                                                                                                  The Chastain Park Athletic
    MAY 22 & 23                                                                                                Club (CPAC) is proud to be
                                                                                                               approaching our 9th season
        CHASTAIN PARK                                                                                          of managing the Chastain
                                                                                                               Park Pool, which will be open
                                                                                                               by May 15. This volunteer-
                                                                                                               driven 501(c)(3) non-profit has
                                                                                                               operated the pool each summer
                                                                                                               since July 4th, 2002, through
                                                                                                               a public-private partnership
                                                                                                               with the City of Atlanta, after
                                                                                                               saving the 1940’s-era pool from
                                                                                                               demolition. With $1 million
                                                                                                               plus in upgrades over the last
                                                                                                               few years, our community
                                                                                                               pool is clean, refreshing and
                                                                                                               available to the neighborhood
                                                                                                               through very affordable seasonal
                                           memberships as well as pay-at-the-gate admission. The pool is open evening hours to members
                                           and their guests for cook-outs, parties and neighborhood fellowship with plenty of lounge chairs,
                                           tables, umbrellas and grills. Dedicated lap lanes and swim programs for children, masters and
                                           individuals draw the whole family.
                                              Last summer was highlighted by major grounds improvements, clearing and landscaping the
                                           back of the property for shade and recreation. We had the most visitors ever from swim lessons,
                                           stroke clinics, youth camps and neighborhood gatherings. The Tidal Waves Swim Team, 400
                                           swimmers strong, was phenomenally successful, winning the 2009 Atlanta Swim Association
                                           Championship last year. We have an incredible group of dedicated coaches who love teaching
                                           kids how to swim and helping them develop a love of the sport.
                                              New this year, we are offering secure online registration and credit card payment for pool
                                           membership, swim team, and swim lessons. Registration is going on now through our website:
                                  Swim team and pool sponsorships are also available online for as
                                           little as $250 at various levels that include T-shirt and banner recognition.
                                              This year, for the first time, we will offer self-rescue skills for babies and children taught by
                                           Erin Kennedy. For more than 40 years, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) has been teaching
                                           children critical self-rescue™ skills by giving them the competence and confidence to safely
          The event will be held in        enjoy the water. ISR’s technique teaches babies from 6 months to 6 years of age how to save
        Chastain Park on Park Drive.       themselves if they were to end up
     Please check our website regularly    in the water alone. Look for the
                                           registration link soon at www.
    for updates and parking information.
                                 , or contact
                                           Erin directly at 404-997-3746 or     
                                           Moreover, even in this tough
    The festival will help support the     economy, we are still working
     Chastain Dog Park Campaign.           toward our long-term goal of
                                           phasing in a new indoor pool on
                                           site with supporting facilities.
                                           Please let us know if you or
                                           someone you know is in a position
                                           to help with this project.
YArd of tHe seAson                                                           We love to support Chastain Park.

Gary Abad of Powers ferry road
   Following in the footsteps of his father, Gary Abad takes great
pride in working on his yard! Over 10 years ago, the Abad family
purchased their Chastain home on a neglected, one-acre lot. The
lot was so overgrown that the house wasn’t even visible from

                                                                               Best Wings in Town!
the street. Gary, a consummate do-it-yourselfer, cleared the lot
himself, designed a new landscape plan, moved his driveway and
installed an iron fence. He also planted many new trees, shrubs, and
perennials. Gary has taken on the responsibility for his yard work
and maintenance since the beginning. He loves being outdoors and
works tirelessly on his yard, finding the work a great stress reliever.
Today, the front and back yards are a gardener’s oasis—constantly
in bloom. And, this is most definitely a kids’ dream yard—complete
                                                                                                   4475 Roswell Road
with patios, a play set and raceway.                                                                 404.303.0047
do you have a neighbor who works hard in their yard? E-mail us

noteWortHY neiGHBor                                                         Your Chastain neighbor and
                                              Bob eckardt                  with AXA Advisors for 25 years.
                                               Bob Eckardt has
                                            been very active in our
                                            community! You may
                                            have seen him picking
                                            up trash or re-filling
                                            the Doggy Waste
                                            bags around Chastain
                                            Park’s walking trails.
                                            He has lived here for
                                            over 40 years- first
                                            on Mt. Paran, then
                                            on Whitemere Court.
                                            With his wife, Eve
                                            has four children and
                                            10 grandchildren who                     Steve B. McClelland, ChFC, CLU
                                            live nearby, and he is                                       Financial Consultant
                                            actively involved in
                                            their lives.                                          Tel: (404) 760-2349
                                               Bob is an excellent
                                                                            • Life Insurance                                                   • Retirement Plans
                                            artist who enjoys
                                                                            • Health Insurance                                                 • Mutual Funds
                                            drawing people. He
                                                                            • Disability Income Ins.                                           • Brokerage Accounts
loves the theater and supports several local theater groups. After
many years as a tennis player, Bob now enjoys playing golf in his           • Long-Term Care Ins.                                              • Managed Accounts
free time.                                                                  • Annuities                                                        • Business Planning
   We appreciate Bob donating so much time and energy to our
community!                                                                           AXA Advisors, LLC, 3348 Peachtree Road, Suite 800, Atlanta, GA 30326
  to nominate someone for noteworthy neighbor for our fall                   Securities and investment advisory services offered through AXA Advisors, LLC (NY,NY 212-314-4600),

newsletter, please email                     member FINRA, SIPC Annunity and insurance products offered through AXA Network, LLC and its subsidiaries.

    neiGHBorHood PHotos
    People enjoying Chastain Park venues

      1                              2                             3
    cHAstAin concert scHedule
    5/01   Sat   8:00 p.m.   Gipsy Kings
    5/08   Sat   8:00 p.m.   ZZ Top with special guest Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights

    6/03   Thu   8:00 p.m.   Backstreet Boys with special guest TBA
    6/04   Fri   8:00 p.m.   Diana Ross
    6/05   Sat   8:00 p.m.   Erykah Badu
    6/06   Sun   7:30 p.m.   Jethro Tull with special guest Ian Hunter
    6/07   Mon   6:30 p.m.   Styx and Foreigner with special guest Kansas
    6/11   Fri   8:00 p.m.   Jeff Beck with special guest Imelda May
    6/13   Sun   8:00 p.m.   KC and the Sunshine Band with MC Hammer
    6/19   Sat   8:00 p.m.   Harry Connick, Jr. & Orchestra
    6/23   Wed   8:00 p.m.   Collective Soul
    6/28   Mon   8:00 p.m.   An Evening with Sting Performing his most celebrated songs,
                             Featuring the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra

    7/01   Thu   7:00 p.m.   REO Speedwagon & Pat Benatar
    7/2    Fri   8:00 p.m.   Liza Minelli
    7/07   Wed   8:00 p.m.   Art Garfunkel
    7/10   Sat   8:00 p.m.   Ringo Starr
    7/12   Mon   7:30 p.m.   Chicago and
                             The Doobie Brothers
    7/17   Sat   8:00 p.m.   Mary Chapin Carpenter
    7/25   Sun   8:00 p.m.   Chris Isaak, Marc Broussard do you see a pothole?
    7/30   Fri   8:00 p.m.   Boyz II Men & EnVogue
    7/31   Sat   8:00 p.m.   Queen, A Rock and           If so, call 404-330-6281
                             Symphonic Spectacular         and the city will come
                             with the Atlanta
                             symphony Orchestra                   and fill it.
    8/06   Fri   8:00 p.m.   Cyndi Lauper
    8/13   Fri   TBD         .38 Special, Drivin’ N Cryin’
                                                             if the sound from the
    8/15   Sun   TBD         Jackson Browne                   amphitheater is too
    8/18   Wed   8:00 p.m.   Heart
                                                               loud at your home,
    8/25   Wed   7:30 p.m.   B-52’s and Blondie
                                                                    please call
    9/11   Sat   8:00 p.m.   Charlie Wilson, Angie Stone          404-391-1274.
   4                                     5
At tHe PlAYGround
1. clete, Vicki, Jack, Ben & colin mcGinty of laurel drive

At tHe Green mArket
2. matt oess & Vino of Bryn mawr
3. david, melanie, Zoe & Zachary chwening of carlton drive
4. Ashley, david, david Jr & kate Grice of tuxedo terrace
5. sydney & Abigail shipps of runnemede road

  If you have event photos for inclusion in our next
  edition, please email us at newsletter@chastainpark.
  org. Submission deadline 8/1/10

                               theresa southerland
                            cPcA community liaison


                               Michael Bunch
                             • Chastain Park Resident
                               for more than 15 years

                             • Candid and Compassionate
                               real estate consulting based
                               on local relevant market data

                             • Helping people move on with
                               their lives in spite of current
                               market conditions

                             • 2009 was our 2nd best year
                               ever in home sales volume

                                                                 Come to your locally owned & operated
                                                                 Red Bandanna Natural Pet Food
                                                                 store at 3872 Roswell Road, C-1
                                                                 Atlanta, GA 30324.
 404.307.4915 cell             -    404.531.5700 main ofc        We’re behind the Outback Steak House.
                                                                 Ask Beth for solutions to your shedding problems!
                                    For directions, call us at (404) 467-7686
                                                                          cAlendAr of eVents
                                                                                  cHAstAin cHill music                                       PlAYGround
                                                                                   in tHe PArk series                          BuckHeAd sPrinG Arts & crAfts
                                                                          The return of beautiful spring weather also brings   festiVAl: May 22nd-23rd, Park Drive, Sat 10-
                                                                          the return of our favorite evening activity in the   6, Sun 11-5. Don’t miss the inaugural Buckhead
                                                                          park – Chastain Chill will begin its 2010 season     Spring Arts and Crafts Festival, as 100 artists
                                                                          with Jay Memory filling the playground area          and artisans exhibit their work during this
                                                                          with great music and fun from 4-7 p.m. every         two-day event, transforming the park into an
                                                                          Tuesday evening in Apr, May, June and July.          outdoor gallery of spectacular arts and crafts.
                                                                          Bring a blanket, a picnic, and the whole family to
                                                                          relax and unwind for some wonderful family fun,
                                                                          sponsored (at time of printing) by our friends
                                                                          at Willy’s Mexicana Grill Scott Moore at Saddle
                                                                          Creek Designs and My Gym of Buckhead.                           AmericAn leGion
                                                                                                                               free coffee: Join your neighbors for free
                                                                                                                               coffee on Fri mornings from 7-10am and then
               CHASTAIN PARK                                                                                                   again Fri evenings for Happy Hour from 4-7 p.m.
                                                                             4tH of JulY AnnuAl PArAde                         (BYOB)! A great way to meet your neighbors and
                 SPECIALISTS                                                                                                   enjoy the new deck!
                                                                          3rd Annual Chastain Park Civic Association July
                     Visit our blog                                       4th Parade & Fun Fest: Mark your calendars for                                        the neighborhood’s favorite event of the year,       BBQ at the Post: Five Star Culinary Group’s,
                                                                          Sun, July 4th from 12-4 p.m. Decorate your           award winning BBQ at the Legion Post every Sat
                                                                          family’s bikes, strollers, and wagons. The line      at 11-2p.m. For details contact Bill Makepeace
                                                                          up starts at noon at the Art Center driveway and     at 404-423-0517.
           HAVE CLOSED IN 2010.                                           the Parade will begin at 12:30. The Parade will
                                                                          culminate in a Party at the Pool with inflatables,   AmericAn leGion VeterAns’ Business
         Call us for more information.
                                                                          music, food, and games. Win prizes for best          roundtABle: The second Mon of every month
                                                                          costume, best decorated bike, and best               at 11:30 a.m. at the Chastain Park Post at the
            4391 Lake Forrest Drive
                                                                          decorated dog! We are in need of volunteers          south end of the park. Come meet the veterans,
                                                                          to help plan and coordinate the event. Please        care providers, nonprofits, and other patriotic
              3961 Tuxedo Road
                                                                          contact Trenton Ward at 404-434-0741 or              citizens then stay for lunch & hear inspiring
                                                                                    stories of service for our country from special
             630 Mount Paran NW                                                                                                guest speakers. 11:30 a.m. Social, 12:00 p.m.
                 $1,775,000                                               AfterWArds At tHe Pool: After the 4th of             Lunch & Speaker.
            4635 Lake Forrest Drive                                       July parade, cool off in the pool. The concession
                 $1,500,000                                               stand will be selling lunch and snacks. There will   dAuGHters of tHe leGion: Meeting the
            4868 Merlendale Drive                                         also be games for the whole family!                  second Monday of every month at 10:30 a.m.
                 $1,470,000                                                                                                    at Post. This group of women supports the
               4583 Stella Drive                                                                                               revitalization of the Chastain Park Post 140
                 $1,450,000                                                                                                    and initiates projects to support our troops.
                                                                                                                               You do not have to have served in the military.
           450 Conway Manor Drive                                                              Pool                            You are considered a “daughter” if you have a
                                                                          opening day: May 15                                  grandfather, father, or son who has served or
             700 Whitemere Court
                  $933,000                                                Swim Team Online registration: 1st deadline:         is currently serving. Come for the Daughter’s
               490 Hillside Drive                                         Apr 30th , Final deadline: May 22                    meeting and then stay for the Veterans
                  $807,083                                                Home swim meets June 1, June 8 and June 15           Business Roundtable right afterwards. For more
            4708 Tall Pines Dr. NW                                        from 4–8 p.m.                                        information, contact Susan Pitt at 404-252-
                  $629,900                                                                                                     3312 or
              4585 Dudley Lane                                            4th of July celebration: Come by after the
                  $655,000                                                parade for a quick dip in the pool or stay all       leGionAire meetinG: Meeting the second
                                                                          afternoon for food, fun & games.                     Monday of every month from 6–8 p.m. at The
           4739 Powers Ferry Road
                                                                                                                               Chastain Park Post. This is for Legionaires to
                                                                          friday fun nights: Members of Chastain Park          plan and execute future plans for Post 140.
              36 Laurel Drive NE
                                                                          Pool: Bring what you want to grill and share.
                  $560,000                                                Casual potluck dinner every Friday the pool is
           4437 Powers Ferry Road                                         open from 5:30-9 p.m. (weather permitting)
            320 Fountain Oaks Lane                                        swim lessons: Information available starting in
                  $440,000                                                May for swim lessons for children and adults,                     AmPHitHeAter
                                                                          plus the new Infant Survival Lessons to teach        sutton showcase: Friday, Apr 23, 2010 7 p.m.
                    CAROLINE KING                                         babies how to save themselves if they end up in      Guests will be entertained by the students from
                     & MARK KALE                                          the water alone.                                     our neighborhood middle school. 20+/- multiple
                404.966.2078                                                                                                   acts: various music genres from Classical to                                        master’s swimming: Visit the website to get          Hip Hop singing, dancing and combinations of                                      on the email list for announcements about this.      all of the above. Come out to support Sutton
                                                                          Go to to join the pool        Middle School—it will be a great evening of
      532 East Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30305 | 404-233-4142
   | Equal Housing Opportunity
    The above information is believed to be accurate but not warranted.   online.
        Source: FMLS. Units not necessarily sold by advertising agent.

cAlendAr of eVents
             Arts center                                        Horse PArk                                             nYo
AnnuAl sPrinG sHoW & sAle: Apr 29-                 neW at chastain Horse Park: Dressage           imPortAnt reGistrAtion dAtes
May 29; OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday,               lessons by Olympic/International eventer
Apr 29, 5:30–7:30 p.m. Featuring artwork           Imtiaz Anees. For more info: 404-252-4244,     football: Mid May for late Aug start.
created by instructors and students of             ext. 27.
Chastain Arts Center. Free and open to the                                                        fall Baseball: June 1-July 15 for Sept start.
public!                                            cHAstAin tHerAPeutic ProGrAm
                                                   Horse sHoW: May 22nd 9a.m., in the             fall softball: May 15-July 1 for Sept start.
cAmP and clAsses: Drawing, painting,               Covered Arena. Spectators welcome.
pottery, printmaking, jewelry, and frame                                                          cheerleading: Mid May for late Aug start.
making for children and adults. For info call      summer Horse cAmPs
                                                                                                  Basketball: Sept for Nov start.
404-252-2927.                   Campers ride TWICE a day! 7:45a.m.-2 p.m.
                                                   Register Now: Spaces are Limited.              Girls Basketball: Mid May for late Aug start
                GAlloWAY                  or call 404-252-
                                                   4244, ext. 27.
40th Anniversary Community Celebration,
May 1, 12:30-5 p.m. To honor four decades                                                                     tennis center
of history The unveiling of Elliott’s Circle at
12:30 p.m.; musical, theatrical, and dance                                                        summer cAmPs
student performances—live music, food,                                                            Register at
and fun—for all ages; pick-up games with
Galloway coaches; giving back- bring toiletries,           HorserAdisH Grill
backpacks for children in foster care.             Green mArket At cHAstAin PArk:                 If you have events for
                                                   A market for local growers and unusual         inclusion in our next
                                                   handcrafted items. 7:30-11:30 a.m. Sat         edition, please email us at
             Golf course                           mornings beginning April 3rd!    newsletter@chastainpark.
Nine at Night Golf Course & Silent Auction,                                                       org. Submission deadline
benefiting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta,                                                      8/1/10
sponsored by Chastain/Tuxedo Friends.                                                                          caroline king
                                                                                                    VP of Public involvement
May 8, 5:30–11:30 p.m. Register at Questions? Email                                                        dates and times are given to the best knowledge                                                                                  of our newsletter committee at print date.

                                                                            i perhaps owe having
                                                                                  becoming a painter
                                                                                    to flowers.
                                                                                                                          claude monet

                                                                            The Language of Flowers at Petals
                                                                            Cutting Edge Floral Design, Lush Gardens & Exotic
                                                                            Plants, Custom Fruit & Gourmet Pieces, Sympathy
                                                                            Tributes, and Full Service Wedding & Event Planning.
                                                                            Mention this ad and receive free delivery on your first
                                                                            order (up to a $25.00 value).
                                                                            Owned and Operated by Chastain Park resident,
                                                                            Tim Miller.


                                                     Resident of Chastain
                                                Custom Homes and Renovations
                                                     1085 ALCO STREET NE
                                                      ATLANTA, GA 30324

               Announcing the
         Chastain Park
         Green Market
             at Horseradish Grill
     Open every Saturday 7:30 am - 11:30 am

                                               Support and Donate
                 cPcA memBersHiP
                 Why should you encourage your neighbor to join the
                 chastain Park civic Association (cPcA)?
                      We appreciate our loyal members who renew their membership with the Chastain Park Civic Association every year.
                    We are looking to expand beyond these core members. We ask these loyal members to reach out to your neighbors
  Jubal Gatwood
                    and let them know why they should join. Besides these great reasons, here is one more very important reason: The
 cPcA treasurer majority of the membership dues are spent on the security patrol. What most people do not understand is how
                    these patrols are allocated or disbursed throughout the neighborhood. For security patrol purposes, the neighborhood
is divided into several sections. The patrols spend more time in the sections of Chastain Park where the most neighbors in a section have
paid their dues. If you would like to have more of the patrol time in your section of the neighborhood, after joining yourself, encourage
your neighbors to join and you will see more patrols in part of Chastain Park, as well as in our park.
   If you are still not sure of your membership status, email the CPCA at and someone will get back to
you on your membership status.

tHe cHAstAin PArk PAce cAr ProGrAm
 We all know that speeding around Chastain Park is an issue. We have implemented the Chastain Park Pace Car Program in an effort to
help control speeding and keep our sidewalks and roadways safe for you and your family. We ask that you help support this program by
agreeing to become an official Chastain Park “Pace Car”. By purchasing this $5 sticker, you are agreeing to the following:
• Driving the speed limit or below in Chastain Park and all neighborhoods. Remember you are
  representing our neighborhood with this decal.
• Stopping to let pedestrians cross at crosswalks.                                                              PACE
• Displaying the Pace Car decal in your rear car window.
• Supporting your Chastain Park Civic Association.
 If you would like to volunteer to be a “Pace Car”, please contact and
request the number of stickers.
 Your Chastain Park Civic Association thanks you for being willing to make a difference in
controlling the speed in our neighborhood, as well as others around town.

cPcA memBersHiP form
Name _________________________________________________________________________________ ( ) ________________
     Last Name                             First Name                                  Phone

Name _________________________________________________________________________________ ( ) ________________
     Last Name                             First Name                                  Phone

Address ______________________________ ___________________City________________________________ Zip_____________

Email Address (1) __________________________________________________________ __________________________________

Email Address (2) __________________________________________________________ __________________________________
Association Membership Dues (Includes Chastain Park Security Patrol)                   $ 95.00
Additional Donation for Extra SECURITY PATROL                                          $_______.00
Additional Donation for COMMUNITY EVENTS                                               $_______.00
Additional Donation for Pace Car Sticker ($5 per sticker)                              $_______.00
                                                                 Total Amount Enclosed $_______.00
Please send check payable to:
cHAstAin PArk ciVic AssociAtion; P.o. Box 420473; Atlanta, Georgia 30342

Member Signature                                                                                        Date
 i’d like to get involved:                                                               ❑ Zoning
 	       ❑ Community Building Events                                                     ❑ Traffic
 	       ❑ Security                                                                      ❑ Other _________________