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        the Course
Galilean Lutheran Church                                                June 2011 - Volume 31 Number 6
3321 Cimarron Blvd. Corpus Christi, Texas 78414               church: 361/991-4593 home: 361/992-9288                                                           fax: 361/991-4363                                          

PASTOR’S PAGE                                                                  “God’s Work, Our Hands”

Which of the following is a cause of skepticism or doubt for you?
                       The resurrection of Jesus     (Easter)
                       The gift of the Holy Spirit   (Pentecost)

Why do I ask? I find there are a lot more people who have trouble with Christianity as a religious belief
(life) system today than ever before. Although many people are willing to believe in spiritual things, even
religious thought, symbols of a faith and even God or a “being greater then themselves”, many have a
difficult time with either a person rising from the dead or certain people receiving the Holy Spirit.

What happens is that it becomes very easy to pick and choose one’s own theology or spiritual beliefs. It
becomes a “supercenter” approach to belief where the focus is more on the person then upon God or
gods. We also live in an evidence based, CSI, type of world where facts have less to do with witness
than with science and data, even though both can be manipulated or even made up.

So, which the following is a cause of skepticism or doubt for you? While I hope your answer is neither or
“I believe (trust God), help my unbelief”, I can understand your doubt or suspicions. After all the whole
raising from the dead (the really truly three days dead thing) is counter to our world view. This whole
Holy Spirit thing can be really hard to wrap one’s mind around let alone belief system.

I find that the testimony and the collaborating evidence of the New Testament satisfy me regarding the
Resurrection. I can find almost too much witness to speak to the truth that “Easter is real”.

The Holy Spirit is always troubling to me as the Spirit itself is both the same for all and yet works in each
of us differently. Putting aside the question of when do we receive the Holy Spirit (at baptism is my
answer)? Or other questions, all I can say is Pentecost is real. The Holy Spirit is in us and at times that
means we are taken outside our comfort zones, outside our well-stated and logical arguments and
behaviors. We are brought to places in our lives and our mission we never knew we could go, let alone
succeed. We are challenged by changes but not stopped by the change.                   That change includes
allowing the Spirit to lead our lives and not our own self.

We live like the disciples who once filled with the Holy Spirit where able to tell others about Jesus,
“beginning in Jerusalem” and to the ends of the world. We find our faith life something to share and not
be put aside because some will not listen nor believe. After all, that is also the work of the Spirit that
others might believe through us. Happy Pentecost!

Peace and Joy+
Pastor Mark
Charting the Course                                       2                                              June 2011

Page 2 – from Pastor Mark Behrendt

An Intergenerational Community of Believers – the “household of God”

After preaching about this amazing gift promised first to the disciples and now to us, the gift of Jesus who prepares
a place for us and who opens God’s household to us you did it again. Many of you stayed to watch the talent show
of our younger members. You sat attentively as different young people shared their talents. You laughed at the
right times and you held your breath longing that the wood would break or the dancer would not fall. You
applauded and shared in joyous delight in one another. You then stayed and ate together and spent time with one
another. Once again, Galileans, you delighted momentarily in a glimpse of God’s everlasting household. I am so
glad the world did not end nor did some rapture happen the day before. Thanks you Galileans!

Peace and Joy+
Pastor Mark

This September members of Grace Presbyterian and Galilean Lutheran Church are invited to participate in the first
community sponsored Citizen’s Police Academy. Classes will take place at Grace Presbyterian, Galilean Lutheran
and various Corpus Christi Police training sites. A limited number of participants will be allowed from each
congregation. This will be a 12-week course to end before Thanksgiving.

The Citizen's Police Academy (C.P.A.) involves a partnership with the citizens of Corpus Christi and the Corpus
Christi Police Department. The benefits of such a partnership are to help strengthen the entire community in terms
of public safety and quality of life. A police agency cannot be effective without the trust of its citizens.

The Citizen’s Police Academy program builds that trust. Through education, it provides a bridge between the officer
in the car and the citizens in the field. Citizens will gain an appreciation of the problems and challenges facing law
enforcement and have an opportunity to offer comments and ideas regarding solutions.

The CPA is a 12-week course that meets Tuesday beginning in September. There are several hands-on exercises
and, at the end of the program, you will participate in role-play exercises and make decisions as a police officer
would. You will also be signed up for a 4-hour "Tour of Duty" and ride with an officer to see first-hand what happens
on the street.

Graduates become better equipped to assess safety issues, and share with others their knowledge of law
enforcement practices and policies.

Our September beginning date is still being scheduled. A sign-up will soon be on the bulletin board. Galilean
Lutheran Church is limited to 12 people. Thanks!

Galilean Lutheran Church is looking to become part of the weekly schedule for local access channel 10 on cable.
The church council approved this opportunity. The problem is we need people to do the project. Needed are:

        Person or persons (more is always better) to record the service (we have the cameras and hookups).
        Person or persons to edit video to 30 minutes with Galilean Lutheran Church information
        Person to deliver to the person in charge of channel 10 (could be editor?)

Please…please talk with Pastor Mark Behrendt for more information.
Charting the Course                                3                                       June 2011

Worship News . . .
Please join us for worship each Sunday
morning at 8:30 and 10:00am.                            CROSS TRAILS MINISTRY
                                                             DAY CAMP
Jun 5   Seventh Sunday of Easter
        John 17:1-11
        Affirmation of Baptism                               June 27 – July 1, 2011
        (Confirmation Sunday)
                                                                  8:30am – 3:30pm
Jun 12 Day of Pentecost
       John 20:19-23                                        Galilean Lutheran Church

Jun 19 The Holy Trinity                                        Children who have
       Matthew 28:16-20                                Completed Kindergarten thru 5th grade
       (Father’s Day)
                                                        You have a new life and identity in Christ!
Jun 26 Second Sunday after Pentecost                              It’s time to enter . . .
       Matthew 10:40-42
                                                       The Witness Preparation Program!
                                                         GATHER for worship, study & fellowship
                                                                 to strengthen your faith
                                                       PRAY and grow in your relationship with Christ
                                                             LIVE a life worthy of your calling
                                                          SPEAK of what God is doing in your life
                                                            GO and be a witness in the World!
                                                         Campers enjoy Bible story, singing,
                                                         crafts, and games with Camp Staff.
                                                        Bring a sack lunch every day. Drinks
Adult Education . . .                                    are provided. Snacks are provided
                                                          mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
    The Sunday Adult Education class is not
        meeting in the summer months.                            Don’t Miss the Fun!
        Classes resume in the Fall of 2011.               For information call Rhonda Schulze
                                                           at 993-1053 or the church office.
 If you are interested in leading an adult class
         In the summer, please contact                      Registration forms at the church.
   Pastor Mark Behrendt at the church office.

          Enjoy your summer! Be safe!
Charting the Course                                       4                                           June 2011

CHURCH NEWS . . .                                                LUTHERAN NIGHT AT THE HOOKS GAME
                                                                  Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is sponsoring

WOMEN OF THE CHURCH                                            “Lutheran Night at the Hooks Baseball Game”
Star Throwers – Monday, June 13, 6:30pm
        Hostess: Jeanette Zamzow, 4513 Hamlin                             Monday, June 27, 7:05pm
        Bible Study to be announced. Covered dish                            Whataburger Field
                                                                        Reserve a seat for $2 if you are the
Dorcas Circle – The group will not meet in the                      first 250 to register. Deadline is June 13.
       summer months. They will resume in the fall.
                                                                     The special for the night is $1 hot dogs
G.A.L.S. – Wednesday, June 8, 10:00am                                 and $1 soft drinks. Parking fee $4.
       Hostess: Sue Halsey, 4517 Greensboro Dr.
                                                                  See Elaine Brundrett or call her at 991-7947.

The Women of Galilean are planning a retreat! Celia           COUNCIL MEETING HIGHLIGHTS – May 9, 2011
Whitler will be the guest on Saturday, September 10,          The Council meeting highlights are unavailable at this
2011 from 9:00am–4:00pm at Mustand Island                     time. Watch for them in next month’s newsletter.
Episcopal Conference Center, 7021 State Highway
361, Port Aransas, Texas. Theme is “Your Story,
Your Journey… It’s a Shore Thing!” The next                   BLOODMOBILE AT GALILEAN
planning meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 7,            Thanks to all who donated blood to the Blood Center
at 6:30pm at B & J’s Pizza on SPID between Nile and           of Corpus Christi on Sunday, May 22, 2011. Galilean
Rodd Field Rd.         All women are invited and              had 23 donors and 2 who tried but were deferred.
encouraged to attend. Questions call the church               That’s awesome!
                                                              SIMPLY GIVING – ELECTRONIC DONATIONS 
                                                              Simply Giving is when your contributions are
GALILEAN PHOTO DIRECTORY                                      automatically withdrawn from your checking/savings
The Galilean photo directory has arrived. If you have         account like your mortgage payments. Your
not picked up your directory, please call the church          contributions continue even if you are not at worship.
office at 991-4593 to schedule a time to pick yours           NOW you can make donations online using your
up.                                                           credit or debit card with a one-time donation or a
                                                              recurring transaction. Just go to the Galilean

SUMMER CHOIR PRACTICE                                        website at and click the
                                                              “DONATE” button and follow the instructions. For
If you like to SING please join the choir on                  more information call the church office at 991-4593.
Wednesday evenings in the summer at 7:00pm. The
choir is looking for others to provide special music in       HELP WANTED FOR POWER POINT OPERATORS
the summer! If you are interested in singing a solo,          If you are interested in helping with the operating of
duet or trio or play an instrument please call Diane          the power point slides during worship, please contact
Jackson (at the computer) at 985-1509 or talk                 Diane Jackson at 985-1509. The Worship and Music
Michael Mullins (at the piano) with any questions.            Committee would like to have several volunteers to
They would love to hear from you!                             help with this important ministry. Diane Jackson
                                                              will be out of town several Sundays in June and
                                                              July 2011. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!
The next scheduled Council meeting is Monday, June
                                                              CONGRATULATIONS TO ….
20, at 7:00pm in the Foyer at the church. If you have
                                                              Jennifer Smith and Neal Kunkel who will be married
agenda items please contact the church office by
                                                              on Saturday, June 11, at Galilean Lutheran Church.
phone 991-4593 or email
                                                              Jennifer Smith is the daughter of Tim and Lori Smith.
Thank you.
Charting the Course                                         5                                           June 2011

Fellowship . . .                                               PADRE ISLAND BEACH CLEAN UP
                                                                Thrivent Financial has teamed up with Galilean
                                                                Lutheran Men In Mission to sponsor the Beach Clean
J.O.Y. LUNCHEONS (Just Older Youth)                             Up this year. Here are the details.
The J.O.Y. group will not gather for luncheons in the
summer months. They resume for their luncheons in
the fall. Questions contact Elaine Brundrett at 991-
                                                                DATE: Saturday, June 4, 2011            
7947.                                                           TIME: Registration:     8:30 – 9:00am
                                                                      Beach Clean up: 9:00 – 11:00am
FAITH, FELLOWSHIP AND FERMENTATION                                    Lunch:        11:00am - 12:00pm

Date:   Friday, June 17, 2011                                   PLACE: Malaquite Beach Pavilion
Time:   7:00 –8:30pm at the church                                      Park Entrance Fee will be waived.
                                                                Bottled water and disposable gloves are provided.
Join the Faith, Fellowship & Fermentation crew as
they try their latest effort. Bring an appetizer or snack       LUNCH: Hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drink
to share, they will be brewing a new batch and
sampling the latest. All adults are welcome.                    BRING: Sunscreen, hats, and your Energy!
Childcare is available for a small fee with advance
notice. Please call Lorie Garcia at 876-6596 with               Sign up on the bulletin board near the kitchen.
questions.                                                      Questions call Chris Swanson at 992-9233.

“RAGGED EDGES” QUILTERS                                                             
The “Ragged Edges” quilting group is making quilts
for Lutheran World Relief. If you would like to help,                LUTHERAN MEN IN MISSION NEWS
they meet every Wednesday at 10:00am in the
Education Center. They have begun sewing quilts for             - Meeting
LWR for 2011. The quilt auctioned at the Synod                  The Galilean Men In Mission gather for their regular
Assembly in May went for $180. The Quilters are in              monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 7, at 7:30pm at
need of fabric scraps and gently used cotton or                 the church. They gather for a Bible Study, fellowship
flannel sheets and pillowcases of any size to help              and refreshments. All men are invited and
with their projects. For more information please                encouraged to attend! Questions call Chris Swanson
contact Earline Moody at 808-9581. The group also               at 992-9233.
continues to make baptismal quilts for Galilean and             - Galilean’s Job Jar Guys 
friends. You are welcome to join them.                          If you are in need of assistance with minor home
                                                                repairs, such as changing light bulbs, fixing door
                                                                locks, repairing screen doors, or other minor
BUNKO GAME DAY – June 19                                        household repairs, contact Chris Swanson at 992-
The Bunko Game day is Sunday, June 19, from 2:00-               9233. This service is for members and friends of
4:00pm in the Fellowship Room at the church.                    members who need assistance with repairs.
Refreshments are provided. For more information                 - Old Cell Phone Collection
please contact Gayle Haller 855-1555 or Rhonda                  The Men In Mission are collecting old cell phones to
Haller 779-5914. Come enjoy the fun and fellowship!             be given to the Women’s Shelter who will in turn have
                                                                them re-programmed for those who are in need at the
ANNUAL MEN IN MISSION RUMMAGE SALE                              Women’s Shelter. If you have an old or used cell
Start cleaning out your closets, drawers, and garage            phone, please bring it to the church and place in the
to donate stuff for the Galilean Men In Mission                 designated basket in the narthex. Questions should
Rummage Sale scheduled for Saturday, August 20,                 be directed to Karl Vermace at 992-7249.
2011. Your STUFF will be collected the week of                  - Lutheran Synod Men In Mission Website
August 7, 2011. For more information or questions               Check out what is happening in Lutheran Men’s
please contact Chris Swanson at 992-9233.                       Ministry in the Southwestern Texas Synod at the
Charting the Course                                       6                                            June 2011

Young Families News. . .
                                                              GALILEAN PRAYER NETWORK
                                                              The Prayer Network spreads the word about prayer

                                                           requests to individuals by phone or email. The
                                                              network also prays for those on the prayer list in the
                                                              bulletin. If you are in need of prayer call the church
                                                              office (991-4593) or Esther Getz (992-9534), Athalee
PLAYGROUND STORY TIME AT GALILEAN                             Koehler (853-5733), or Gertie Johnson (992-2900). If
        Playground Story Time continues to gather             you would like to be notified of prayer requests
on Fridays and meeting outside (weather permitting)           please call the church office.
at the Playground at 10:30am. Come check out the
Playground Equipment! It’s AWESOME! The
group plans to meet on . . .                                         HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL
                                                                OUR FATHERS AND TO THOSE WHO GIVE
             Fridays, June 3, 10, 17, 24                            FATHERLY LOVE AND CARE!     
        Members welcome! Come listen to stories,
sing, dance, play, and picnic. All ages welcome!
Bring your own lunch and join the picnic! If you can
help read or have questions call Rhonda Schulze at
993-1053.                                                     OTHER NEWS . . .
        The Young Family Design Team will gather              GALILEAN Do you have any products with Thrivent
        to discuss ideas for the fall. Date and time to       Financial for Lutherans? If so, you may have “Choice
        be announced.                                         Dollars” which can be donated to Galilean or other
                                                              agencies. You should have received a letter from
                                                              Thrivent discussing your “Choice Dollars” and the
                                                              procedures to follow. If not, call Thrivent at 1-800-
        The Moms -R- US group plans to gather
                                                              847-4836. Ask to be connected to the person who
        again. Watch for more details coming soon.
                                                              handles the “Choice Dollars” program. You will be
                                                              able to designate your dollars over the phone or you
KIDDIE ACTIVITY BAGS                                          can do it online. For more information, contact Leroy
        Activity Bags for children who are 3 grade            DeHaven or Elaine Brundrett.           Galilean has
        and younger are available during worship              received $1471. thus far. Let’s see if we can build
        located near the Ushers in the Worship                up that amount!
        Center.    Please return your bags after
                                                              PINNACLE PERFORMANCE AND FITNESS
                                                              Pinnacle Fitness Boot Camps is offering an Express
       FAITH FIVE IN THE HOME                                 30-minute Workout at Galilean Lutheran Church!
     A devotional plan to strengthen family ties.             These Fitness Boot Camps are a unique 30-minute
  Five minutes at home daily throughout the week.             fitness class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at
                                                              6:00am in the Fellowship Room.           For more
1. SHARE your Highs and Lows for the Day.                     information or to register for a free week contact
                                                              Adam Farrell at
2. READ a verse of God’s Word from the Bible.

3. TALK about how the verse relates to your life.             YOGA CLASSES
                                                              Yoga Classes are held at Galilean on Tuesday and
4. PRAY for one another and the world.                        Thursday evenings at 6:00pm in the God Squad
                                                              classroom. For more information about the classes,
5. BLESS one another.                                         please call Twila Stevens at 949-2410.
Charting the Course                                        7                                               June 2011

Children’s News . . .                                          Confirmation News…
Faith Generations
                                                               AFFIRMATION OF BAPTISM
                                                               The following students after having completed
         Faith Generations is taking a break for the           instruction in the Lutheran faith will be confirmed on
summer. They will resume in the Fall 2011.                     Sunday, June 5, 2011 during the 10:00 worship. . .
         Faith Generations is Galilean’s education
program for all children, parents, families, and adults!                      Tyler Ward Albrecht
Everyone is invited to join the fun at 11:15am each                        son of Kyle and Rita Albrecht
Sunday morning in the Fellowship Room. Each week
we focus on a Bible verse, learn the story, find the                      Christopher Michael Kropog
verse in the Bible, and emblazon the verse in our                         son of Bill and Brenda Kropog
hearts and minds through song and sign language.
         Don’t forget to bring your offering each week,                      Dale Thomas Lowder
which goes toward God’s Global Barnyard through                           son of Tim and Susan Lowder
the ELCA World Hunger program. The offerings will
buy animals to help people around the world who are                   Caroline Brianne Swanberg Schwing
poor and hungry.                                                       daughter of Larry and Cindy Schwing
         Bring your “Spark” Bible so you can highlight
the Bible verse each week! If you forget your Bible,                      Samantha Elizabeth Simank
we have extras at the church that are available for                    daughter of Ron and Debbie Simank
you. Questions call Lorie Garcia at 876-6596.
         The SPAM and SURF Classes go straight to                             Payton Ann Threatt
their classroom following the Fellowship time. These                  daughter of Charles and Mindy Threatt
classes have their own curriculum.

SUMMER CAMP IS COMING IN JUNE                                  Youth News . . .
The following are attending Camp Chrysalis this
summer. Please keep them in your prayers. They
leave on Sunday, June 12 and return to Corpus
                                                               GRADUATING SENIORS                
                                                               Congratulations to Galilean’s graduating seniors this
Christi on Friday, June 17.                                    year! They will be recognized and receive a special
                                                               blessing on Sunday, May 29.
        Griffin Greene           Hannah Caldwell
                                                                    Will Albrecht, Mary Carroll High School
                   Sarah Scherger                                         son of Kyle and Rita Albrecht

                                                                     Jon Garcia, Richard King High School
ANGEL CHOIR PRACTICE                                                     son of Edward and Lorie Garcia
The Angel Choir will not meet in the summer months.
The will resume in the fall. Watch for details later in            Kathrin Kraus, Richard King High School
the summer.                                                           daughter of Rudy and Danielle Kraus

                                                                Jennifer Nwokeoma, Richard King High Schoo
                                                                           daughter of Tina Ndukwe

                                                              2012 NATIONAL YOUTH GATHERING
                                                               The ELCA Youth Gathering recommends that youth
                                                               participation be between 14 and 18 years of age and
                                                               entering 9 grade in the fall of 2012. The gathering is
COOK BOOK FOR SALE! Now $5.00 ea.
                                                               July 18–22, 2012 in New Orleans. Theme is “Citizens
The SURF Club Cook Book is NOW ONLY $5.00!
                                                               With the Saints”. Final opportunity to take part
                                                               will be October 1, 2011.
Charting the Course                                        8                                               June 2011
Stewardship & Outreach
                                                                  Thank you to . . .
Average attendance at worship in May. . . . . . . . . 151         Edward and Lorie Garcia, who attended the Synod
Average Sunday School attendance in May . . . . . 29             Assembly as Galilean’s representatives in Victoria,
*Giving to Current Expenditures in May . . . $15,301.            Texas. Special thanks!
Needed monthly for General Fund . . . . $18,773.
*Giving to “Pay It Forward” in May . . . . . . . . $4,539.
                                                                  All those who have helped with Faith Generations
Needed monthly for Pay It Forward . . . . . $7,072.              this year. Special thanks to the class grandparents
                                                                 and prayer support! Yeah!
Thank you for giving to support the ministry of
Galilean. (*does includes Simply Giving amount)                   The Rev. Dr. Harold Onwiler for preaching on
                                                                 Sunday, May 15, while Pastor Mark Behrendt
                                                                 attended the Synod Assembly in Victoria, Texas.
VOLUNTEERS AT LOAVES AND FISHES                                  Special thanks to Chris Swanson for helping lead
Galilean volunteers serve a meal very Tuesday from               worship at both services. Great Job!
4:45-6:00pm at Loaves & Fishes. If you would like to
help and need your Food Handler’s permit, please                  All who helped with the Family Celebration Picnic
call Leroy DeHaven at 993-8719. The WONDERFUL                    and Games! Special thanks to the grillers, those who
teams are . . .                                                  helped in the kitchen and those who organized and
                                                                 coordinated the games and the water slide! What a
Team 1           Janie Anderson, Lynn Corby, Nancy               great time with the family! Awesome Fun!
                 Schkade and Diana Carter
                                                                  All the children who shared their talents after
Team 2           Pastor Mark and Lisa Behrendt, and              worship on Sunday, May 22. They were Sarah
                 George Munroe & Donna Shurley                   Scherger, Spencer Scherger, Addie Sowles, Jordan
                                                                 White, Amber Sorenson, and Hannah Schulze. Yeah!
Team 3           Steve, Pam, Leah & Logan Osterloh               Bravo!
                 and Kristi and Garrett Philbrick
                                                                  Diane Jackson and all her expertise on the
Team 4           Phyllis Vaughn, Edward, Lorie, and              computer and power-point presentations; especially
                 Areyna Garcia                                   the high school and college graduate presentations
                                                                 on May 22. Special thanks!
Team 5           To be announced
                                                                  Chris Swanson for taking out the garbage and
                                                                 recycle bins each week, and to Janene Whitham for
PLEASE NOTE:            The following people are
                                                                 cleaning up all the candles after Lent. Awesome!
Alternates…Pete and Marilyn Heffner, Mary Turney,
and Carl Hayes. Volunteers are still needed to help
                                                                  Rhonda Schulze for leading the Playground Story
with clearing tables and folding plastic ware in the
                                                                 Time at Galilean each Friday morning! This is a
napkins. (They need 500 per day!) No Food
                                                                 great outreach for young moms! Hooray!
Handlers Permit required. Also reading material is
needed such as old Devotional Booklets or any
other suitable reading material. Bring it to the
church or for questions please call Leroy DeHaven.
                                                                 CONGRATULATIONS COLLEGE GRADUATES!!
                                                                 Congratulations to Galilean’s college graduates…
Galilean is offering preventive health screening in              Elizabeth Anne Clark, Bachelor of Arts
collaboration with Life Line Screening.           The                    from Texas Lutheran University, Seguin, Tx
screenings will be offered on Thursday, June 16,
from 9:00am-5:00pm. They test for stroke risk,                   Cassandra Lyn Wheeler, Bachelor of Science
vascular disease and bone density. Call 1-800-679-                     from Texas A&M University, Kingsville, Tx
5192 for more information and/or to pre-register. See
flyer in this month’s newsletter.

Charting the Course                                          9                                     June 2011
Our Thoughts & Prayers…                                     More News . . .
             In Our Thoughts                 
                                                            June Nurses Article               
                                                            Hurricane Preparedness

                and Prayers                                 As you all know hurricane season officially begins
                                                            June 1. Are you and your family ready and prepared
                                                            in case we should have a hurricane in our area this
Please remember to continue to Pray for , , , ,             year?
                                                            Things you can do early are: Buy nonperishable
                                                            foods and bottled drinking water. (be sure to have
Galilean Members:                                           enough for each member of your family for at least 3
Calvin & Delia Lorfing, Floyd Logue, Elnora Slanina,
                                                            days and longer if possible.) If there is a baby or
Jenna Schulze, Travis Wollesen, Irene Heider, Susan
                                                            small child be sure to stock up on disposable diapers.
Lunde, Joyce Graumann,, Joyce Rice, Diane Martin,
                                                            If you or another family member is on medication, be
LauraBell Hagseth, Mary Sue Scheible, Esther Getz,
                                                            sure to have at least a 2-week supply on hand. If your
Don Lunde
                                                            medications need to be kept cool, be sure to have an
                                                            ice chest and ice available. Have a supply of hand
Friends and Family Members:                                 wipes, sprays or liquid to use if water is unavailable.
Renee Isham. Linette Farris, Glen and Elizabeth             Have any special foods, if you are on a special diet.
Rotzler, Debbie Fels, Herbert Thiem, Barbara                Have a current first aid kit and copies of your health
Sullivan, Lauren Lind, Chase Sorenson, Charles              history and a list of physicians, names and phone
Taylor, Marie Johnson, Helen Guzman, Marian                 numbers. Be sure you have an alert bracelet or tag
Erickson, Harris Peterson, Rebecca Sorenson, Billy          of any allergies you have, either food or medications.
Webb, Brandon Johnson, Gary Sorenson, Gwynn                 Have a designated place to go if you are asked to
Sorenson, Marilyn Huth, Gene Eubank, Harriet                evacuate. Keep your car gasoline tank full at all
Haynes, Faye Brundrett, Gene, Morgan, Matthew               times during hurricane season. Be sure your car is in
Holt, Leah Grace Teepe, Marie Kubrek                        good shape, and the tires are in good condition. Be
                                                            sure family members living out of the hurricane area
      Our Leaders, Military, and our Nation                 know where you will go and how to get in touch with
OUR SYMPATHY TO . . .                                       When you are preparing to evacuate, be sure to
Debbie Simank and family at the death of her father,        include important papers, insurance information,
Jack Welborn, on Wed, April 25, 2011 in Miami,              pharmacy       telephone     number     and    banking
Florida. Funeral services was on Wednesday, May             information.
4, in Miami, FL.                                            Take enough clothes for at 3 to 7 days. After the
                                                            hurricane is out of your area, return home when the
The family of Betty Jean Stolleis at her death on           authorities tell you to. It is for your own safety that
Tuesday, May 3, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Funeral           you follow their instruction so that you don’t
service was on Friday, May 6, at Galilean Lutheran          encounter “live” wires and you get stuck without
Church with Pastor Mark Behrendt officiating.               water being available.
                                                            Remember to thank God for all things He has
May God comfort all who mourn.                              provided us. Take your Bible and other reading
                                                            materials. Reading the Bible or a daily devotional will
                                                            help alleviate the stress.

                                                           Be sure to never drive off onto a water-covered road,
                                                            it doesn’t take much moving water to wash your car
                                                            off the road. Be careful and follow the notices the
                                                            weather bureau and law enforcement put out for your
************************************                        Remember God is with you through the bad times as
MEMORIAL GIFTS . . . see page 10                            well as the good. Be prepared, be safe, and help
                                                            your neighbors.
                                                                                 ---Mary Ida Lobaugh, RN, MS

Charting The Course                                    10                                             June 2011
                           MEMORIALS GIVEN TO
                        GALILEAN LUTHERAN CHURCH

The following memorial gifts were given to Galilean Lutheran Church given in memory of Glen
Miller, Linda DeHaven’s brother.

      Wally and Merc Popejoy                         Chris and Sue Swanson
      Esther Getz                                    Galilean Lutheran Dorcas Circle


The following memorial gifts were given to Galilean Lutheran Church given in memory of Jack
Welborn, Debbie Simank’s father.

      Wally and Merc Popejoy                         Curtis and Jeanette Zamzow


The following memorial gifts were given to Galilean Lutheran Church given in memory of Betty
Jean Stolleis.

      Wally and Merc Popejoy                         Chris and Sue Swanson
      B.J. and Yvonne Hamilton                       Eldertt & Jonell Mikulenka
      Lamar and Athalee Koehler                      R. A. and Trula Kuester
      Edlyn Reneau                                   Lee and Nancy Campbell
      Dwight and Judy Peschel                        Greg and Renee Jones
      Earnest and Margie Taylor                      Geraldine Heitkamp
      Bill and Gayle Haller                          Tom and Yvonne Scott
      George Munroe & Donna Shurley                  Virginia Doughty
      Karl and Ruth Vermace                          Dan and Pat Clark
      Galilean Ragged Edges Quilters                 Shell Chemical Group
      Maurice and Catherine Janda                    Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation
      Brenda and Sarah Smith                         Bill and Elizabeth Smith
      Mike and Betsy Carrell                         Millis Development & Construction, Inc.
      Jim and Laura Lawless                          Janice Lee Allen
      Connie Westley                                 Rodney and Tina Mahaffey
      Esther Getz                                    Raymond and Tommie Jean Vial
      David and Regina Hayek                         Rebecca, Susannah, & Catherine Hayek
      Andy and Barbara Agan

Charting the Course                           11                                    June 2011
                 WHO’S DOING WHAT AND WHEN
8:30am WORSHIP TEAMS for June:                       10:00am WORSHIP TEAMS for June:

June 5: John & Janene Whitham                        Ushers: Ron, Michael & Philip Boyd, Curtis Zamzow
Altar Guild: Janene Whitham
                                                     Altar Guild: Michelle & Cathryn Smith, Vivian Dirksmeyer
June 12 & 19: Bob and Margaret Jochims                                Kaye Passmore
Altar Guild: Sue Connor
                                                     Greeters: Kathryn Blaylock, Beth Terry, Karl Vermace,
June 26: Chris Novosad & Charla Hemerly                                                     Cindy Schwing
Altar Guild: Charla Hemerly

                      June 5               June 12                June 19               June 26

ACOLYTE 10am          Griffin Greene       Samantha Simank        Payton Threatt        Dale Lowder
READER 8:30am         Charla Hemerly       Chris Swanson          Charla Hemerly        Gertie Johnson
      10:00am         Chris Swanson        Lorie Garcia           Scott Sowles          Barbara Agan

NURSERY               Sarah Smith          Sarah Smith            Sarah Smith           Sarah Smith
10:00am               Chris Swanson        Lorie Garcia           Pete Heffner          Lynn Corby
FELLOWSHIP            Bill and Brenda      Amy Geurin and         Lorie Garcia and      Susan Lowder and
HOST 10:00am           Kropog              Nancy Harlan            Phyllis Vaughn       Brenda Smith
                      Clint and Mary                              Marjorie Crawford &
ALTAR FLOWERS         Jensen               Brenda Smith           Janice Dahl           Charla Hemerly
OFFERING              Steve Osterloh and   Michelle Smith and     Michelle Smith and    John Compton and
TELLERS               Bob Passmore         Glen Schulze           Glen Schulze          Cathryn Smith

Monday, June 20, 2011, 7:00pm                        

June Birthdays:
1-Raymond Brundrett, George Kraus; 2-Lynn Barrett; 4-Susan Lunde; 5-Kathryn Rose Legh-Page, Violet
Gohlke; 6-Rodney Popejoy; 8-Garrett Philbrick ; 9-Tyler Albrecht; 10-Lillian Geurin; 12-Joey Sienkiewicz;
14-Chris Bennett, Sarah Smith; 15-Julie Balderson; 16-Charles Harlan; 18-Dennis Terry; 20-Laurie
Scherger; 21-Dot Underwood; 23-Jenna Schulze; 25-Lynn Hemerly, Addie Sowles; 28-Bill Kropog; 29-
Janie Anderson, Delaney Walter-Horejs.

1-Chris & Sue Swanson; 3-Scott & Leslie Sowles, Clint & Mary Jensen; 6-Glen & Rhonda Schulze and
Larry & Cindy Schwing; 8-Curtis & Jeanette Zamzow; 9-Jeff & Paula Sellers; 11-Calvin & Delia Lorfing;
13-Pete & Marilyn Heffner; 16-Kyle & Rita Albrecht and Karl & Vivian Dirksmeyer, Wilbert & Violet
Gohlke; 21-Tim and Lori Smith; 27-Pastor Mark and Lisa Behrendt; 30-Henry & Earline Moody

Charting the Course                                  12                                           June 2011
Galilean Lutheran Church
Mission Statement:
To engage our community with the amazing love and grace of God,
       So that all may become committed followers of Christ.

Sunday Worship: 8:30am and 10:00am                     2011 Council Members:
Christian Education: 11:15am – 12:15pm (Sept.-May)     Pastor        Mark Behrendt     992-9288
                                                       President     Donna Shurley     853-6332
Church Phone:         361-991-4593                     Vice Pres.    Debbie Simank     853-2129
Fax Number:           361-991-4363                     Secretary     Pat Clark         992-3476
Pastor’s home:        361-992-9288                     Treasurer     Jeanette Zamzow   854-4977
                  Education     Rhonda Schulze    993-1053
Galilean Website:             Outreach      Chris Bennett     980-8156
Pastor:               Pastor Mark Behrendt             Property      Ron Boyd          992-6947
Secretary:            Donna Boyd                       Finance       Steve Osterloh    937-6929
Custodian:            Brenda Smith                     Soc. Min.     Phyllis Vaughn    852-7006
Musician:             Michael Mullins                  Music/Wor.    Diane Jackson     985-1509
Staffed Nursery:      Sarah Smith                      Congr. Care   Dan Owen          739-1417
Synod Website:                     Youth         Marcus Sorenson   443-2948
Churchwide Website:

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