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                                                                                                             FY06 AIP Grant Closeout    2
Western-Pacific Region                                            Volume 2, Issue 1                          ACSI Assignments           3
                                                                                                             V/PD’s                     4
                                                                                                             Airport Self-Inspections   5

                             A i r p o r To p i c s                                                          Grant Management
                                                                                                             Hawaii 6.7 Earthquake
                                                                                                             AIP Workshop               8

                             Message from the Division Manager                                               ADO Corner                 9

  Happy Holidays to all! As we move                                                            National Environmental Policy Act
                                                                                               (NEPA) reviews and on Aircraft
into the heart of Fiscal Year (FY) 2007,
                                                                                               Accident Response.
everyone is busy preparing for a new
construction season and the opportunity                                                        I also expect to work closer with our
to make Airport improvements in the                                                            state organizations and other stake-
areas of planning, safety, or environ-                                                         holders on matters pertaining to
mental compliance.                                                                             compatible land use planning, airport
                                                                                               closures, and best practices for project
I am very excited about this year
                                                                                               management. I also plan to continue
because it presents an opportunity for          Mark A. McClardy, Manager, Airports Division
                                                                                               our focus on improving service
all stakeholders to work together to
                                                                                               delivery and communication.
meet the needs of our aviation system      Western-Pacific Region. In doing so,
for future generations to enjoy. This      we will reduce paperwork and sim-                   In closing, I am very optimistic about
of course is a challenging proposition.    plify the grant acceptance process.                 our successes this FY and look for-
Leadership is not always easy. We all      Prior to implementation, I will                     ward to working with each of you to
have an obligation to advance safe and     coordinate our proposal with you.                   bring them to reality. As always, if
efficient aviation to meet expected        Furthermore, we will not require all                you have any concerns or simply wish
future demand. This FY is dedicated to     sponsors to accept one page grants.                 to comment on some of the positive
just that; the Advancement of Safe and     So, if you are comfortable with the                 things we are doing, feel free to drop
Efficient Aviation in this region.         current multiple page grants, you                   by, send an email, or pick up the
                                           may continue to receive them.                       phone and call me.
In FY07, I plan to introduce the one
                                                                                                                     Mark A. McClardy
page Airport Improvement Program           In addition, look out for outreach                                         Division Manager
(AIP) grant to sponsors in the             sessions conducted by my staff on

                                           MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!! 
  I am pleased to announce that our 3rd Annual Airports Conference will be held from May 22-24, 2007 at the LAX
Hilton. This year's conference theme is "Reaching New Heights In The Advancement of Safe and Efficient Aviation."
We are holding five (5) concurrent workshops (up from four (4) last year) in such areas as Airport Operations, Airport
Funding, Air Traffic, Environmental/Noise, Airport Compliance, and Airport Planning. We are also conducting an
Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP) 101 workshop that will provide you with insight on how we (FAA) make
funding decisions including a panel discussion on Best Practices for the Development of an ACIP composed of FAA staff
and stakeholders. For more information visit our website @
regional_guidance/western_pacific/ or call Jasmine Evains at (310) 725-3607.
The pricing for the conference is as follows:
Early Bird Registration (Before 2/28/07):                         $350
Intermediate Registration (3/1/07 - 3/31/07):                     $375
Late Registration (4/1/07 - 5/11/07):                             $425
On Site Registration:                                             $475
                                Planning and Programming  
Page 2                  Volume       2,   Issue 1                                                           A i r p o r T o p i c s

                                          Fiscal Year 2006 AIP Grants 
 For the fiscal year ending on September 30, 2006, 252 grants were issued for airports in the
Western-Pacific Region, totaling $504 million. The chart below lists the grants by state and category.

                        Arizona             California               Nevada                Hawaii             Pacific Islands*
Type of          Grants    Amount         Grants   Amount      Grants   Amount      Grants    Amount           Grants     Amount
Airports                   (million)               (million)            (million)             (million)                   (million)

Primary            14        $42.2          48      $247.0      12        $29.5       12        $26.2             6        $21.8

Commercial          2        $0.6           2        $0.9        0            $0       0            $0            0          $0

Reliever           10        $15.3          28      $27.4        3        $7.3         1         $3.8             0          $0

General            19        $12.3          71      $37.5       15        $6.9         2         $3.3             6        $21.5

System              0         $0            0         0          1        $0.3         0            $0            0          $0

TOTAL              45        $70.4         149      $312.8      31        $44.0       15        $33.3            12        $43.3

* Includes Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, and Palau.

            Filing Your PFC Financial Report Is Now Available Online 
  In June 2006, the Office of Airports launched its first E-government application, the System of Airports Reporting
Passenger Facility Charge Financial Reporting Module (ePFC). The ePFC has recently been expanded to allow public
agencies to enter financial and project information including quarterly reports and annual audits. The quarterly report
component of the database will allow public agencies to track milestones and disbursements for each approve project.
Use of the system will not relieve the public agency from mailing quarterly reports to air carries until a Final Rule is
published and access is granted to air carriers. Public agencies interested in gaining access to ePFC are encouraged to

                              IRWA Public Real Estate Symposium 
 Mark your calendar; the FY 2007 International Right-of-Way Association (IRWA) Public Real Estate Education
Symposium (PRES) will be conducted February 13-15, 2007, at the Intercontinental Dallas Hotel, Addison, TX
(north suburb of Dallas). The FAA Airports Department have ongoing partnering agreements with the IRWA and
Federal Highway Administration to support airport land projects and coordinate our educational courses and confer-
ences. This is a great opportunity to meet with FAA and several other federal agencies including USACE, DOI, HUD,
FTA, and DHS, and to hear a variety of land acquisition and relocation assistance topics. Details on PRES and the
Airports topics is available online at:

                                                                                                                   Samuel Iskander,
                                                                                                         Airports Program Specialist
                                      Safety and Standards 
Page 3               Volume      2,   Issue 1                                                      A i r p o r T o p i c s

                               Fiscal Year 2007 ACSI Assignments 

To clarify Airport Certification/Safety Inspector (ACSI) assignments for Fiscal Year 2006-2007, attached below is a
listing of all airports certificated under 14 CFR Part 139, the assigned ACSI, and his/her contact number. Please feel
free to contact your assigned ACSI, if you require assistance or information regarding the Safety/Certification program.
                   ARIZONA                                        AIRPORT                          INSPECTOR
AIRPORT                          INSPECTOR                        Arcata                           Steve Oetzell
Flagstaff                        Bill Critchfield                 Bakersfield Meadows              Steve Oetzell
Grand Canyon Nat’l Park          Bill Critchfield                 Burbank                          Tony Garcia
Grand Canyon West                Bill Critchfield                 Carlsbad                         Bill Long
Kingman                          Bill Long                        Castle                           Steve Oetzell
Lake Havasu City                 Tony Garcia                      Chico                            Elizabeth Louie
Laughlin/Bullhead Int’l          Bill Long                        Concord                          Steve Oetzell
Page Municipal                   Bill Critchfield                 Crescent City                    Steve Oetzell
Phoenix Sky Harbor               Tony Garcia                      Fresno                           Elizabeth Louie
Prescott                         Bill Critchfield                 Imperial County                  Bill Long
Show Low Regional                Steve Oetzell                    Inyokern                         Bill Critchfield
Sierra Vista Municipal Libby     Tony Garcia                      Long Beach                       Elizabeth Louie
Tucson Int’l                     Tony Garcia                      Los Angeles Int’l                Elizabeth Louie
Williams Gateway                 Tony Garcia                      Mammoth                          Steve Oetzell
Yuma                             Bill Long                        Merced                           Steve Oetzell
                   HAWAII                                         Modesto                          Elizabeth Louie
AIRPORT                          INSPECTOR                        Monterey                         Bill Long
Fitiuta                          Mack Humphery                    Oakland                          Steve Oetzell
Guam                             Ron Simpson                      Ontario                          Elizabeth Louie
Hana                             Mack Humphery                    Oxnard                           Elizabeth Louie
Hilo                             Gordon Wong                      Palm Springs                     Tony Garcia
Honolulu                         Mack Humphery                    Palmdale                         Bill Critchfield
Kahului                          Mack Humphery                    Paso Robles                      Bill Critchfield
Kalaupapa                        Mack Humphery                    Redding                          Elizabeth Louie
Kapalua                          Mack Humphery                    Sacramento Int’l                 Bill Long
Kona                             Gordon Wong                      San Bernardino                   Tony Garcia
Lanai                            Mack Humphery                    San Diego Int’l                  Bill Long
Lihue                            Gordon Wong                      San Francisco Int’l              Elizabeth Louie
Midway                           Mack Humphery                    San Jose                         Bill Critchfield
Molokai                          Mack Humphery                    San Luis Obispo                  Bill Critchfield
Ofu                              Mack Humphery                    Santa Ana-John Wayne             Steve Oetzell
Pago Pago                        Mack Humphery                    Santa Barbara                    Elizabeth Louie
Rota                             Ron Simpson                      Santa Maria                      Bill Critchfield
Saipan                           Ron Simpson                      Santa Rosa                       Elizabeth Louie
Tinian                           Ron Simpson                      Stockton                         Bill Long
Waimea-Kohala                    Gordon Wong                      So. Lake Tahoe                   Bill Long
                                                                  Victorville                      Tony Garcia
Name of Inspector                Contact Number                   Visalia                          Steve Oetzell
Ron Simpson                      (808) 541-1232
Bill Critchfield                 (310) 725-3622
Mack Humphery                    (808) 541-1243                                   NEVADA
Tony Garcia                      (310) 725-3634                   AIRPORT                          INSPECTOR
Bill Long                        (310) 725-3635                   Elko                             Bill Long
Elizabeth Louie                  (310) 725-3636                   Ely                              Bill Long
Steve Oetzell                    (310) 725-3611                   Las Vegas                        Steve Oetzell
Gordon Wong                      (808) 541-3565                   No. Las Vegas                    Steve Oetzell
                                                                  Reno                             Bill Long
                                       Safety and Standards 
Page 4               Volume       2,      Issue 1                                                     A i r p o r T o p i c s

                                   Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviations 
 Communications.       Strictly defined           and/or intentions on the pub-      Aeronautical Information Manual
“communication” means “to share in                lished CTAF frequency.             8405, Chapter 4, Section 2. Radio
common” or “to participate in.” This          4. Have volume, channel selector       Communication, Phraseology and
definition that implies more than one             and squelch adjusted properly      Techniques:
party is involved in the process.                 on your VHF radio.       
Therefore, communication is, at the           5. When operating an ARFF vehi-        Chap4/aim0402.html
very minimum, a two-way process.                  cle and monitoring multiple
                                                                                     Advisory Circular 150/5210-20,
Breakdowns in communication can                   frequencies pay particularly
                                                                                     Ground Vehicle Operations on
occur between the most disciplined                close attention to whatever fre-
professionals. For instance, break-               quency, ATC is issuing your
downs in communications often occur               movement clearances on.
between pilots and controllers even           6. Read back all runway hold           Advisory Circular 150/5210-7C,
though both parties have tried to dis-            short instructions.                Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
cipline themselves to always adhere to        7. “Roger” does not mean               Communications:
the strictest rules of communication              “affirmative” and neither should
and standard phraseology.                         be used as an abbreviated .
Nearly every Vehicle/Pedestrian De-               readback of a clearance.           CertAlert 06-05, Stop Runway
viation can be attributed to either           8. NEVER use occupational-             Incursions and Surface Incidents now:
poor communications or a total lack               specific jargon and codes, such
of it. Problems with communication                as 10-codes, when communi-         airports_airtraffic/airports/
develop not only on the side of trans-            cating to ATC.                     airport_safety/certalerts/
mission but on the side of reception as       9. NEVER allow cell phones or
well. Sometimes we don’t say what                 other portable electronic de-      14 CFR Part 139.329, Pedestrians and
we mean and other times we don’t                  vices to distract you from your    ground vehicles
hear what was said. Many times we                 communication with the tower       Ground Vehicle Guide to Airport
assume a clearance was given when it              or air traffic at the airfield.    Signs and Markings
was not. Often times, we accept a             10. Don’t fall victim to the           Order on FAA website:
clearance given to another.                       “assumption mistake,” i.e.,
                                                  hearing what you expect or         order/
So what issues should we be aware of,             want to hear, rather than hear-
regarding communications, from this               ing your actual ATC clearance.
issue of Vanquishing the VPD?                 11. Establish a “mental picture” of                              Steven Oetzell
                                                  airport activity around you.                      Cert Inspector, AWP-620
    1. NEVER enter or cross an ac-            12. Be aware that many airports
       tive runway unless a runway                have “blind” or “dead” spots       Complete reproductions of this and
       specific clearance has been                where two-way radio commu-         subsequent issues of Vanquishing the
       issued to you by ATCT and                  nication with ATC is not possi-    VPD are available on FAA Website:
       you have read it back.                     ble.                     
    2. NEVER operate a vehicle in             13. Remember that the “stuck           airports_airtraffic/airports/
       the movement area if you                   mike” on the frequency might       regional_guidance/western_pacific/
       have any question or are un-               just be your own.                  airports_resources/newsletter/
       certain of the issued clear-
       ance.                            For more information, Airport
    3. If the tower is closed or if the Managers may consult the following
       airfield is uncontrolled AL-     sources of information:
       WAYS self-announce position
                                       Safety and Standards 
Page 5                Volume      2,   Issue 1                                                        A i r p o r T o p i c s

                                               Airport Self-Inspections 
                                           2. Airport personnel must be famil-     airport certificate holder provide
Airport self-inspections are a primary        iar with the Part 139 require-       procedures to ensure qualified in-
responsibility of airport owners, op-         ments, the Airport Certification     spection personnel perform inspec-
erators, or duly authorized represen-         Manual procedures, ground vehi-      tions. Establishing a formal training
tatives. Self-inspections provide a           cle procedures and communica-        program, consisting of classroom
means for evaluating and ensuring fa-         tions, and marking/lighting/         and on-the-job training, is the most
cilities and conditions at airports are       signage standards.                   common method for meeting this
operationally safe and compliant.                                                  requirement. A formal training
They are also an essential component       3. Effective inspection techniques      program for inspection personnel
of managing risk. Attention should be         must be established along with a     should assist in reducing the number
given to such operational items as            system for reporting and             of Part 139 discrepancies found dur-
pavement areas, safety areas, mark-           promptly correcting unsatisfac-      ing the annual certification inspec-
ings, signs, lighting, aircraft rescue        tory conditions.                     tion and enhance safety for aircraft
and fire fighting, fueling operations,                                             operations. A formal training pro-
navigational aids, ground vehicles, ob-    Airport management can ensure a
                                                                                   gram should cover at least the fol-
structions, public protection, wildlife    successful self-inspection program
                                                                                   lowing subjects:
hazard management, construction,           by incorporating the following ele-
and snow and ice control. Inspection       ments in their approach to opera-       ·   Airport Familiarization including
of areas that have been assigned to in-    tional safety:                              sign, marking and lighting
dividual air carriers, fixed base opera-   ·    Management emphasis on safety
tors, or other tenants can be made the                                             ·   Airport Emergency Plan
responsibility of the user/lessee. Self-   ·    Trained/proficient inspection      ·   Ground Vehicle Procedures and
inspection is recommended for all air-          personnel                              Communications
ports, but at Part 139 airports, the
FAA holds the certificate holder ulti-     ·    Effective inspection techniques    ·   Inspection Techniques and Record
mately responsible for operating the                                                   Keeping
airport safely.                            ·    Consistent, informative documen-
                                                tation of observations and condi- ·    Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
Code of Federal Regulations, Title              tions                                  Notification/Condition Reporting
14, Chapter 1, part 139 establishes
                                           ·    Prompt, correlating systems for
safety standards in aircraft move-                                                 The Airport Safety Self-Inspection Ad-
                                                corrective actions and follow-up
ment areas, requiring self-                                                        visory Circular, AC150-5200-18C,
inspections be conducted to moni-          Continuous support and evaluation       provides much more information
tor compliance with the established        of the self-inspection program by       concerning self-inspection pro-
standards. Daily self-inspections          airport management is critical to       grams. Specific guidance and tips on
should involve at least two inspec-        operational safety and success.         what to look for during an inspec-
tions each 24hr. period to cover           Periodic evaluation of the inspec-      tion are included in this AC. Air-
both day and nighttime facilities          tion program including procedures       port personnel who conduct self-
and conditions. For a self-                and techniques is recommended to        inspections should become familiar
inspection program to be success-          avoid complacency in execution of       with the criteria contained in this
ful, several factors must be pre-          individual and corporate responsi-      AC.
sent:                                      bilities. Recurrent training of                                       William Long
                                           individuals and groups that partici-                     Cert. Inspector, AWP-620
1. Airport management must con-
                                           pate in self-inspection activities
   tinuously emphasize the impor-
                                           supports the concept of continual
   tance of the self-inspection pro-
                                           program improvement. Part
   gram and monitor its effective-
                                           139.327(b)(3) requires each
                                                          Los Angeles Press  
Page 6                                    Volume           2,     Issue 1                                                            A i r p o r T o p i c s

                  Grant Management Strategies from the Los Angeles ADO  
As the Los Angeles Airports District Office gains momentum,                                               Plan ahead to bid all development grant projects.
in this first full year of its existence, we remain focused on con-                                      There is no getting away from this one. Do what you
tinuing to improve our responsiveness and overall customer                                               have to do to get this done. A similar approach of bas-
service while working to surpass national goals related to AIP                                           ing planning grants on negotiated cost is gaining popu-
grant management. In October, I had an opportunity to speak at                                           larity. Expect to hear more from us on this in the fu-
the Arizona Airports Association (AzAA) Conference in Phoe-                                              ture.
nix on the topic of grant management strategies. Since the                                               Base bid and bid alternates. Sponsors should, when-
strategies are applicable to the entire airport community, they                                          ever possible and appropriate, package their bid adver-
are worth repeating and distributing to the widest audience pos-                                         tisements to provide for a base bid project with bid
sible.                                                                                                   alternates that incrementally increase the scope of
By now you should all be familiar with our goals related to AIP                                          work to complete the entire project. This is especially
grant management. Issue all development grants based on                                                  useful for complex and high cost projects. Where ap-
bids. Initiate projects promptly following grant acceptance.                                             propriate, the FAA will attempt to provide sufficient
Avoid inactive grants. Complete all AIP projects and closeout                                            AIP funds to complete the entire project. However, if
grants within 4 years. Implementation of the following grant                                             AIP funds are limited, then the limited funds can be
management strategies by all AIP sponsors will ensure that we                                            used to move forward with the base bid project. The
(that’s a collective                                                                                                                            project could then be re-
we including FAA                                          Sponsor ACIP Submittal
                                                                                                                                                tooled into a phased project
and airport opera- Annual ACIP Meetings
                                                         For Federal FY beginning in
                                                           October of following year.
                                                                                                                    FAA takes snapshot of
                                                                                                                   upcoming fiscal year AIP
                                                                                                                                                with the subsequent phases
                             with Sponsors                                                  ADO completes
tors) achieve and              (Sept - Oct)
                                                                 (Nov or Dec)
                                                                                               actions in
                                                                                                                   All Federal environmental
                                                                                                                                                receiving a high priority
                                                                                            preparation for
surpass these na- (Jan 07 for CA Airports,                  (Feb 07 for CA Airports,
                                                                                           June 1 snapshot
                                                                                                                 actions should be complete for for funding in subsequent
                                                             Nov or Dec beginning                                  all projects considered for
                          Sept or Oct beginning                                                 (May 15)
tional        goals.             in FY08)
                                                                   in FY08)                                          funding in following FY.   AIP cycles.
                                                                                                                             (June 1)
          Plan a real-                                                                                                                               Be aware of dead-
istic    and     well-                                                                                                                          lines and key dates in the
justified ACIP. We            Deadline for                                                                                                      AIP cycle. The flow chart
                            Execution of All
want to eliminate             current year
                                                   Grant Offer and Execution                                                                    to the left depicts the an-
                                                           (Jan – Aug)
“wish lists” and first
                                 (Aug 25)                                               Sponsors complete         FAA and State continue to
                                                                                                                                                nual AIP cycle.
year heavy ACIPs.                                                                         bid process for
                                                                                        development grants
                                                                                                                     communicate funding
                                                                                                                     decisions and assists
                                                                                                                                                     Initiate Work in
                                                AIP Application Deadline for all
Airport sponsors are                            projects considered for funding
                                                                                            and contract
                                                                                            process for
                                                                                                                 sponsors in completing the
                                                                                                                application and bid processes.
                                                                                                                                                Timely Manner. FAA
                                                         in current Year
expected to base                                              (May 1)
                                                                                         planning grants, if                (Nov -May)          supports a government ini-
                                                                                             not already
their ACIPs on                                                                               completed                FAA Issuing Tentative     tiative to utilize funding as
                                                                                             (Jan – May)                Allocations ASAP.
sound planning prin-                             Sponsor and/or FAA make final
                                                                                                                                                soon as it becomes avail-
cipals and realistic
                                                decisions on any carry over of AIP
                                                        entitlement funds
                                                                                                                                                able. Construction projects
annual AIP funding
                                                              (May 1)                                                                           should begin once con-
expectations. Spon-                                                                                                                             tracts executed based on
sors should be prepared to justify all projects.                                                         bids received. Planning, environmental studies, and
          Prioritize projects in ACIP. It is important for a                                             equipment or land purchases, should also begin once
sponsor to clearly communicate its project priorities. This will                                         consultant or procurement contracts are completed. A
be especially important if there is insufficient AIP available in                                        visible way to confirm work initiation is timely AIP
any particular year to fund all of the projects in an airport spon-                                      drawndowns for reimbursement of allowable costs.
sors ACIP. Your ability to go to bid and complete the individ-                                           Make regular and timely progress including pay-
ual projects in a timely manner should be a key consideration in                                         ments/draw downs. You can expect to hear from
establishing your priorities.                                                                            your ADO program manager if you have not draw-
          Identify and address environmental requirements                                                down on any grant in last 12-months. No grant should
early. Every AIP funding decision requires a National Envi-                                              go more than 18-months without a draw down.
ronmental Policy Act (NEPA) determination. This may be: a                                                Complete all projects and close out grants within 4-
“simple” Categorical Exclusion (CatEx); a CatEx that docu-                                               years. No grant should be open for more than 4-years,
ments the consideration of possible extraordinary circum-                                                except in extreme and unusual circumstances.
stances; an Environmental Assessment (EA); or, an Environ-                               These are basic strategies that many airports are already using.
mental Impact Statement (EIS). Expect a typical EA to take 12                            This notwithstanding, I feel that it is important for me, as your
to 18 months to complete. A typical EIS may take 2 years or                              new ADO Manager, to stress their importance and to set forth
more to complete.                                                                        my expectations for you to use them. You can expect a contin-
                                                                                         ued emphasis by the ADO on not simply achieving FAA’s
                                                                                         goals and objectives, but surpassing them.
                                                                                                                                                     Brian Armstrong
                                                                                                                                                  Manager, LAX-ADO
                                          Honolulu Herald 
Page 7               Volume      2,   Issue 1                                                        A i r p o r T o p i c s

              State of Hawaii Experiences 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake 

  The FAA Western-Pacific Region        Airport’s staff strategically positioned major inconvenience to the traveling
and State of Hawaii officials were on   themselves at the airport Emergency      public and airport employees. The
high alert on October 15, 2006, as a    Operations Center, Civil Defense         lessons learned are very valuable and
6.7 magnitude earthquake shook the      Center and throughout the terminal       tests the skills of airport officials who
Hawaiian Islands chain. As a safety     complex and airfield to assess ongoing   prepare annually for emergency exer-
measure, the Oahu Hawaiian Electric     conditions and to mitigate deficiencies. cises. There were many meetings held
Company’s power generators are pro-     Other airport staff from HMS Host,       between the Airport Officials and
grammed to shut down to preserve        VIP, and in conjunction with the Red     their tenants to discuss shortfalls and
system integrity in the event of an     Cross and Salvation Army banded to-      how the situational awareness can be
earthquake. The quake subjected dam-    gether to provide water to approxi-      improved beyond the airport bounda-
age primarily to the structures and     mately 2,500 passengers waiting in and   ries. The ADO will also participate in
roadways located on the Island of Ha-   around the terminals.                    many follow-up meetings to cover
waii. The airport system statewide                                               strategies, plans, implementation,
                                        Ms. Deborah Saito, Assistant Manager
didn’t suffer any major structural                                               funding and cooperative efforts to be
                                        of the FAA HNL Control Facility
damage to their terminals or airfield                                            better prepared for future emergen-
                                        (HCF) was busy managing the air traffic
facilities. Most of the airports were                                            cies.
                                        duties. Assessing runway conditions and
receiving full commercial service       operable navaids allowed HCF to deter- Mr. Martinez Jacobs, HNL Fire Chief,
power between 1-2 hours after the       mine which runways were open for ser- has volunteered to provide a presenta-
quake, except for Honolulu Interna-     vice. Flights enroute that were past the tion with the HNL ADO in the up-
tional Airport (HNL). As the island     halfway point were allowed to land at coming AWP conference. The session
wide power outage blanketed Oahu,       HNL. There were over 700 operations is entitled “Emergency Preparedness -
HNL suffered major delays in passen-    that day, consisting mostly of domestic Hawaii Earthquake Response”.
ger processing and allowing aircraft to and international flights.
land and depart. Commercial service                                                                             Steven Wong
power was eventually restored at 5:55   Mr. Ron Simpson, Manager of the FAA
                                                                                                Project Manager, HNL-ADO
p.m. HST. During the ordeal, many       HNL ADO had his hands full managing
flights were cancelled because the ter- his extended duties as the FAA Local
minal passenger processing capabilities Area Coordinator and the FAA repre-
were crippled. Terminal back-up         sentative for the Federal Executive
emergency power was provided, but       Board. He also provided updates to the
only enough to meet the electrical      regional office and headquarters on the
standards for life and safety. Federal  status of the airport terminal and air-
agencies such as TSA, Customs and       field operations.
Immigrations reverted to hand           We were fortunate this incident did not
searches and processing passengers      incur any loss of lives, damaged facili-
manually.                               ties or aircraft. At the worst, it was a
                                            Honolulu Herald 
Page 8               Volume       2,     Issue 1                                                         A i r p o r T o p i c s

        AIP Program Guidance and Certification Procedures Workshop  

 The Honolulu Airports District        to assist the Micronesia airport sponsors        tion requirements during construc-
Office will conduct a four-day AIP     in administration of AIP funded projects         tion. Presentations on FAR Part 139
Program Guidance and Certification and airport certification requirements.              requirements will also be included to
Workshop in Saipan, Northern           The three Micronesian governments                assist the airports operational safety,
Mariana Islands, on January 22 – 25, became eligible to receive AIP from                emergency plans, wildlife hazard man-
2007. Last year, the workshop was      FY04 through FY07. Because of the                agement and airport certification in-
held in Pohnpei, Federated States of limited timeframe the Micronesian gov-             spection and oversight.
Micronesia, and drew over 65           ernments have for AIP eligibility, the
                                                                                        The FAA will conduct the workshop
participants including government and projects are focused on pavement pres-            with the assistance of staff from the
airport representatives from the       ervation and safety. Many of the pro-
                                                                                        Commonwealth Ports Authority who
Republic of Palau, the Republic of the jects are under construction or will be          will also host the workshop.
Marshall Islands and the Federated     under construction shortly. The work-
States of Micronesia.                  shop agenda will focus on providing
                                                                                                                   Gordon Wong
The workshop is specifically designed guidance on administrative and inspec-                         Project Manager, HNL-ADO

                                 University of Hawaii Career Day 

 The Honolulu Airports District           This event affords organizations with a       The ADO will continue to participate
Office (ADO) actively participates in     chance to present information about its       each semester in Career Day to re-
outreach activities that encompass        company as well as act as a preliminary       cruit future FAA associates and edu-
broad interactions with the general       recruitment session. In turn, it allows       cate the public about the agency.
public as well as specific groups.        students of all levels to gain insight into
Most recently, the ADO participated       the engineering profession and to famil-                             Carissa Unpingco
in the University of Hawaii (UH)          iarize themselves with the technical                       Project Manager, HNL-ADO
College of Engineering Fall Career        community. The goal of Career Day is
Day.                                      to provide exposure and awareness to
                                          the opportunities in the field of engi-
The UH College of Engineering             neering.
Career Day provides an opportunity
for companies and organizations to        Career Day has been a well-attended
advertise their business and services,    event that welcomes over 60 federal,
recruit for job and internship oppor-     state, local and mainland participants
tunities, and provide the opportunity     from the likes of the State of Hawaii,
for industry professionals to person-     the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and
ally speak with engineering students.     Northrop Grumman Corporation.
                                          San Francisco Times 
Page 9               Volume       2,     Issue 1                                                        A i r p o r T o p i c s

                             Message from the San Francisco ADO 
  As the San Francisco Airports                                                        Commercial Service and Primary
District Office (SFO-ADO) closed the                                                   airports are not included in the sur-
books on another successful fiscal                                                     vey) GCR is collecting the surveys,
year, we thank all of our sponsors for                                                 which can be mailed back to GCR,
your efforts in carrying out the Fiscal                                                 answered online on the GCR web-
Year 2006 Airport Improvement                                                          site, or even by e-mail. GCR will
Program (AIP) and helping us meet                                                      then compare the responses against
our FAA work plan goals. The final                                                     the FAA list of registered aircraft and
programming figures for the SFO-                                                       against the responses of other airports
ADO in FY06 is about 110 grants for                                                    to make sure there are no duplicates
projects totaling $162 million. In         To facilitate programming of your           and the information is accurate.
reference to our work plan goals,          proposed projects, the due date to file
                                                                                       The SFOADO recommends the spon-
the ADO, working in concert with           your updated ACIP is January 12,
                                                                                       sors provide accurate information to
our sponsors achieved 95% of devel-        2007. Specific details for the ACIP
                                                                                       GCR. If the proper information on
opment grants based on bids, closed        submittal are available in our ACIP
                                                                                       based aircraft is not provided, the
99% of all grants 4 years and older,       request letter.
                                                                                       based aircraft number in the 5010
and had 100% of the grants active.         This year, Caltrans has established a       database will be listed as "0" for the
We would also like to thank all the        web-based program for California            airport. Therefore, it is important the
sponsor participants during the ACA        sponsors to input airport projects into     data the FAA collects be as accurate as
conference in September. This con-         the State Capital Improvement Pro-          possible.
ference gave the SFO ADO the op-           gram (CIP). It is intended to make it
                                                                                       If you have any questions, please
portunity to hold nearly 70 sponsor        easier to create and manage the devel-
                                                                                       contact your Program Manager in our
meetings to discuss issues affecting       opment projects at your airport. Cal-
local airports.                            trans will provide each airport spon-
                                                                                                                Andy Richards
                                           sor with the login name and password
We are looking forward to FY07 and                                                                         Manager, SFO-ADO
                                           for access into the state’s AirportIQ
anticipate similar levels of success.      website.
Our office is already drawing up the
program and will be in contact with        All GA and Virtual Primary airports
the sponsors to request grant applica-     should have already received a letter
tions soon.                                from GCR requesting a listing of the
                                           based aircraft at their airports, includ-
In addition, we are sending notices to     ing tail number (N Number), owner
sponsors to file your Airport Capital      name and address, and aircraft type.
Improvement Plans (ACIP’s) for fiscal      In an effort to improve the integrity of
years 2008 through 2012. The FAA           the 5010 based-aircraft numbers, the
uses the ACIP to identify and priori-      FAA contracted with GCR to survey
tize airport capital improvement           all general aviation airports in the
needs, and to plan the distribution of     NPIAS.
AIP funds. All proposed projects must
comply with the National Environ-          Having accurate based aircraft infor-
mental Policy Act (NEPA); be               mation will help the FAA in planning
depicted on your approved Airport          and forecasting the growth in the GA
Layout Plan (ALP); and be included in      community, especially as we look at
your ACIP submission to compete for        LPV approaches and other system-
AIP funding.                               wide improvements. (Non Primary
                                            Federal Aviation Administration

                                            Western-Pacific Region
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