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   Message from the Division Manager 

  Greetings aviation professionals!                                                              henceforth.
I am pleased to announce that the long                                                           Finally, I want to invite you to attend
awaited Arizona Best Practices Guide                                                             our FREE outreach sessions conducted
has been completed and is available on                                                           by my staff: on Aircraft Accident Re-
website:                                                              sponse; and Federal Environmental.
bestpracticesguide.php. This document                                                            The former is scheduled for July/
represents a 11/2 year long collaborative                                                        August and the later is scheduled for
effort by the FAA, ADOT, AzAA. The                                                               September. You may read more
guide covers several important areas                                                             about these sessions in this edition of
                                                  Mark A. McClardy, Manager, Airports Division
such as: FAA and ADOT Funding, ACIP                                                              AirporTopics.
Development, ALP Review and Ap-             (ACA), and the Southwest Chapter of                  As always, if you have any concerns or
proval, Master Plan Process, Contractor     American Association of Airport Ex-                  simply wish to comment on some of
Allowances, General Services Agree-         ecutives (SWAAAE) this summer to                     the positive things we are doing, feel
ments, etc. We believe that this docu-      develop a similar guide for the State                free to drop by, send an email, or pick
ment may serve as a model for improv-       of California.                                       up the phone and call me. Also, I en-
ing inter organizational communica-
                                            I also want to encourage you to con-                 courage you to visit our website if you
tions, improving work products, and
                                            sider our streamlined One (1) Page                   would like more information on
improving work processes, particularly
                                            Grant, which is available this year.                 what's happening in this region.
where expectations and/or stakeholder
relationships are unclear. I plan to so-    We thank those of you that have re-
                                            turned your signed Terms and Condi-                                        Mark A. McClardy,
licit support from the California Depart-                                                                              Division Manager
ment of Transportation (Caltrans), the      tions Agreement and look forward to
Association of California Airports          issuing you this streamlined grant

          Congratulations to FAA National Excellence Award Winners

 I am pleased to announce that the         Management Excellence Award Staff Excellence Award
Western Pacific Region was well repre- Ron Simpson, Manager, Honolulu          Lloyd Lewis, Acting Administrative
sented in the recent selection of national Airports District Office - Winner   Officer, Western Pacific Region -
award recipients for FAA employees         Andy Richards, Manager, San Fran- Runner Up
within the Airports Division. The win- cisco Airports District Office - .      The award ceremony will take place
ners and runner ups were announced on Runner Up                                on July 24, 2007 in Washington DC.
May 11th by our newly appointed Asso-
                                           Administrative Excellence
ciate Administrator For Airports, Kirk                                                              Mark A. McClardy,
                                           Award                                                    Division Manager
Shaffer. This year's winners out of the
                                           Tania Williams, Secretary, Western
Western Pacific Region are:
                                           Pacific Regional Office - Runner Up
                         3rd Annual Airports Conference  

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                             Western‐Pacific Airports Conference 

                                          Mark A. McClardy, Manager, Airports Division

  On May 22-24, 2007, the 3rd An-        National Airspace System.                          we offered repeat sessions on five of
nual FAA, Western-Pacific Region Air- The remainder of the day was spent                    the technical workshops covered on
ports Conference was held at the LAX in technical workshops, which in-                      Tuesday and Wednesday.
Hilton Hotel. Our official count of 489 cluded guest speakers from FAA                          Brad Bachtel, C.M. from Boeing
people representing: airport manage- Headquarters and private industry                      Commercial Airplanes was our guest
ment, operations, administrative per- professionals. National updates on en-                lunch speaker on Wednesday and gave
sonnel, private industry, and other      vironmental issues, the AirTraffic re-             a presentation on Current Product
aviation professionals attended the 3- organization, and AIP reauthorization                overview of Airport technology. The
day conference. Following this year’s were given. Special presentations in-                 day concluded with our annual Las Ve-
motto, “Reaching New Heights in the cluded Michael Hotaling from C&S                        gas Style Casino Night.
Advancement of Safe Efficient Avia-      Engineering on Metrics for Sound In-                   We would like to thank everyone
tion”, the conference included reports sulation programs and Emergency                      who was part of the conference com-
and presentations from State Aviation Preparedness- Hawaii Earthquake re-                   mittee, the Regional Office and all
Directors, Aviation Associations, and sponse by Ben Schlapak ,Honolulu In-                  Airport Districts Office staff for mak-
35 technical workshops covering:         ternational Airport and Steve Wong,                ing the 3rd annual conference a success.
Planning/Funding; Engineering/           project manager, Honolulu Airports                 We would also like to extend a special
Environmental;Compliance/Noise;          Districts Office. The night concluded              thanks to all conference attendees;
Aiport Operations/Security and           with a Jazz reception with music pro-              without your support the event would
AirTraffic Organization. Included was vided by Ronald Turner and The Fash-                  not be possible. While we have re-
a 1 day Airport Capital Improvement ion Statement band.                                     ceived quite a few recommendations
Plan (ACIP) Workshop.                                                                       for next year's conference, we would
                                             On Wednesday May 23, Five
                                                                                            like to "open up the floor for addi-
   Tuesday, May 22 was the opening       Case Studies where held on: How to
                                                                                            tional comments" until August 1,
day of the conference. Mr. William C. Plan an Airport; EMAS at San Diego                    2007. Please provide any comments
Withycombe, Regional Administrator, International Airport; Pacific Region                   you may have to Jasmine Evains via
and Mr. Mark McClardy, Manager,          ARFF training center; Runway
                                                                                            email at"
Airports Division gave opening re-       7R/25L, Relocation at LAX and Ari-
marks followed by brief updates from zona Best Practices Guide: A Collabo-                  See you next year!
the State Directors and State Airport    rative Effort. Other topics covered                                          Jasmine Evains
Aviation Association leaders. The        throughout the day included, P-403                           Management Assistant, AWP-620
Luncheon Keynote Speaker was Mr.         ( concrete pavement) update, Part
Kirk Shaffer, Associate Administrator 150 program update, Compatible land
for Airports, who gave a national up- Use and Third Party Aeronautical Sur-
date on the future capacity needs in the vey. In response to attendee’s needs,
                                    3rd Annual Airports Conference  

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   On May 22nd, at the Third Annual                        for all the Micronesian airports, and a
FAA Western-Pacific Airports Confer- comparable vehicle for the Pacific Re-
ence Awards Luncheon, Chief Stanley gion ARFF Training Center.
C. Torres was awarded the Herman C.
Bliss Airports Partnership Award,
McCarran International Airport was
awarded the Air Carrier Airport Safety
Award, and the Fall River Mills Airport
was awarded the 2007 Airport Safety
Award. Mr. William C. Withycombe,                                                                                        Thomas Hayes, Fall River Mills Airport
Regional Administrator for the West-
ern-Pacific Region, presented the                                                                                  Fall River Mills Airport, was recog-
awards.                                                                                                            nized for completing several airport
                                                                     Jeff Sullivan, McCarren International Airport safety enhancements, including the
                                                                                                                   1,400 foot runway extension, the re-
                                                           The McCarran International Airport, alignment and extension of a parallel
                                                           was recognized for their outstanding taxiway, relocation and expansion of
                                                           record of airport safety. McCarran has airport apron areas, and the relocation
                                                           received one minor item of correction of an existing aircraft hangar. Con-
                                                           in the past 5 years of annual safety in- gratulations to Chief Stanley Torres,
                                                           spections; McCarran has not experi-                     to McCarran International Airport,
                                                           enced any Vehicle/Pedestrian Devia- and to Fall River Mills Airport for
                                                           tions (V/PD) for the past 2 years, and their outstanding accomplishments.
     Chief Stanley C. Torres, Saipan International Airport
                                                           has had one V/PD since the year 2000.
                                                           McCarran has been extremely respon-                                                             George Aiken
Chief Stanley C. Torres, Fire Chief of sive to safety issues identified by air-                                               Manager, Safety and Standards
the Commonwealth Ports Authority, port users and their designated FAA
Saipan was recognized for his leader-                      Certification Safety Inspector. McCar-
ship role in partnering with FAA to                        ran has also completed the installation
enhance airport safety in Micronesia. of new Runway Threshold Markings,
Chief Torres was acknowledged for his enhanced taxiway centerline markings,
key role in establishing the Pacific                       and enhanced runway holding position
Region Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting markings. All of these safety enhance-
(ARFF) Training Center at Saipan In- ments were completed well ahead of
ternational Airport, his assistance, over the required compliance dates in 2008.
the past 4 years, to the FAA Micronesia
Technical Assistance Program in pro-
viding airport emergency response
training at Micronesia airports, and for
his leading role in support of the FAA
sponsored National Transportation
Safety Board Workshop held on Saipan.
In addition, Chief Torres took the lead
in the management of a large (ARFF)
vehicle acquisition contract that will
provide ARFF vehicles and equipment
                               Planning and Programming  

Page 4                                      V o l u m e   I I ,   I s s u e   I I I   J u n e   2 0 0 7

                                              ACIP 101 Workshop 
  Approximately 240 persons at-         ments first in the development of the           sor and FAA development of a viable
tended the one-day Airport Capital      airport’s Capital Improvement Plan              ACIP. We would especially like to
Improvement Plan (ACIP) 101 work- (CIP) was presented as a special em-                  thank the following sponsor represen-
shop, which was held on May 24,         phasis topic. Step by step procedures           tatives who participated on the panel:
2007, in conjunction with our 3rd an- for developing a CIP that properly                Mr. Dean Schultz, Reno Tahoe Air-
nual Western-Pacific Region Airports sequences planning, environmental,                 port Authority, Mr. Thomas Hays,
Division Conference. The morning        design and construction bidding were            Fall River Mills Airport, Ms. Hazel
session included presentations on the also presented. Environmental re-                 Johns, Santa Barbara Municipal Air-
national perspective, with an emphasis quirements were covered in consider-             port, and Ms. Christine Edwards,
on the importance of the ACIP for       able detail, including procedures for           Long Beach Daugherty Field Airport.
prioritizing Airport Improvement        determining and documenting projects            We were extremely pleased with the
Program (AIP) discretionary funding. qualifying for Categorical Exclusion               turnout for the workshop and the
The regional perspective reiterated the (CatEx).                                        dedication showed by all who stayed
importance of the ACIP for planning                                                     to participate in this final event.
                                        The session concluded with a panel
the use of entitlement funds as well.   discussion focusing on real world best                                        Richard Dykas
The need to consider safety require-    practices for coordinated airport spon-                           Capacity Officer, AWP-610

                                Airport Planning and Workshops 
  In September 2007, FAA planners        have provided tools to the FAA to              Registration forms have also been
and environmental specialists from the shorten the time needed to get im-               mailed. Please contact Jake Florendo,
Western-Pacific Region and Airports      portant projects from planning to              Management Assistant, at 310/725-
District Offices will be conducting four construction. The four outreach ses-           3639 for additional information. Ca-
afternoon outreach sessions for Airport sions will focus on the essential plan-         pacity is constrained so reserve your
Managers and consultants in Arizona,     ning activities to support the follow-         space now!
California, and Nevada. The sessions     on environmental process.
                                                                                                                    Dave Kessler,
will be held in:                         For the sessions held in Arizona and                   Environmental Protection Specialist
• Los Angeles, (September 6, 2007)       Nevada, we will focus on National
• Mesa, Arizona, (September 11,2007) Environmental Policy Act of 1969
• Reno, Nevada, (September 12, 07)       (NEPA) requirements for Environ-
• Sacramento, (September 14 2007)        mental Assessments and Environ-
Why are we doing this? Because in re- mental Impact Statements. For the
cent years, Congress has asked, “Why     sessions in California, we will discuss
does it take almost 10-years to build a  timing of preparing environmental
new runway in the United States?”        documents for both the NEPA and
 It takes a long time because in many    the California Environmental Quality
cases the environmental analysis gets    Act of 1970 (CEQA).
started before the planning is complete.
                                             Registration information is available
Proper planning for proposed projects is
                                             on-line at:
key to getting to construction more
quickly. This is where Airport Managers
and their consultants can help streamline
the process.
The Congress and the Executive Branch
                               Planning and Programming  

Page 5                                    V o l u m e   I I ,   I s s u e   I I I   J u n e   2 0 0 7

            Response to New One‐page AIP grant agreement positive!

  Master agreements are in the mail for many sponsors. In FY07, we expect that over 60 percent of grants issued will
be in the new one page format. This will produce a tremendous savings in both time and money for all involved.
The master agreement consists of the terms and conditions including grant assurances which normally accompany the
multi-page agreement. Once the Master Agreement is executed by your authorized official and received by FAA, the
Master Agreement will be incorporated by reference into all future one page grants. The Master Agreement will only
have to be resigned if the FAA makes a change such as adding a new grant assurance.
We encourage all remaining Airport sponsors to follow suit. If you expect to receive a grant this year and have not re-
ceived a master agreement, please contact your servicing ADO. A sample of the new grant format is available on-line

                                                                                                                  Sam Iskander
                                                                                          Airports Program Specialist, AWP-610

                   Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Program Changes 

 The PFC Final Rule regarding Vision 100 mandates was published in the Federal Register May 23, 2007. This rule be-
comes effective June 22, 2007. All PFC applications and amendments received on or after that date will be processed
under the new rule. The Final Rule provides three significant changes, which will have an immediate effect on the proc-
essing of PFC actions:
1) The charge effective date for all PFC decisions can now be set at the first day of the month, which is at least 30 days
from the date of approval.
2) The threshold for amendments that increase a project's approved amount and that require consultation and public
notice has been changed. Consultation and public notice will now be required for: (A) for any project with an approved
amount greater than $1,000,000 that increases by more than 25% of that original approved amount and (B) an increase
of any percentage where the original approved amount is less than $1,000,000 and the amended approved amount is
$1,000,000 or greater.
3) The large and medium hub PFC forecast usually provided by public agencies is now due on July 1st of each year.
Accordingly, the implementing Federal Aviation Regulation, Part 158 was also updated, June 22, 2007, to incorporate
the new or revised requirements. For your use, the Final Rule and an updated Part 158 are available at:
Please make sure that anyone in your agency who deals with PFCs is aware of these two documents.
                               Planning and Programming  

Page 6	                                    V o l u m e   I I ,   I s s u e   I I I   J u n e   2 0 0 7

            Submit your AIP grant payments through Letter of Credit  
  The letter of Credit (LOC) is a                required by the “Debt Collection         gram, by completing the “Grantee/
method of payment authorized by the              and Improvement Act of 1996” to          Recipient User Access Request” form
Federal Aviation Administration to al-           make all grant payments by elec-         and submitting to the ADO for
low airport sponsors to make immediate           tronic fund transfer.                    processing. The forms and instruc-
payments from the U. S. Treasury di-                                                      tions are available on the FTA web-
                                               ·	 A special condition for LOC is
rectly to their bank account. Currently,                                                  site:
                                                  included in all grants (with an
about 115 (60 %) of 193 airport spon-                                                     gov/links.htm. Click on “Team
                                                  amount of $120,000 or more)
sors in the Western-Pacific Region are                                                    User Access Forms and Instructions”
                                                  where LOC is to be a method of
on LOC. Our goal is to ensure that at                                                     to access the form. If you need fur-
least 75% of our sponsors are on LOC                                                      ther assistance, please call your
by September 30, 2007. For sponsors            · 	 Processing a draw down against         ADO project manager.
who are still seeking reimbursement                the LOC, utilizes an Electronic
                                                   Clearing House Operation                                        Sam Iskander
through the manual payment process                                                         Airports Program Specialist, AWP-610
(Standard Form 270 or 271), we ask                 (ECHO) system, managed by the
you to work with your Airports District            Federal Transit Administration
Office (ADO) to help us reach this goal.           (FTA).
Manual payments delay reimbursement            ·	 Sponsors conveniently sign-in to
for incurred costs and increase the ad-           the ECHO system using a per-
ministrative costs associated with man-           sonal computer-based application
ual processing of payments.                       that can be accessed via the inter-
To refresh your memory about the ba-              net to access their draw down
sics of this method of payment:                   grant account.
  ·The Federal Grant Government is           Sponsors can participate in this pro-

                                     New PFC Reports in SOAR 

 The PFC SOAR public site has four       3) Decision Summary Table. This                the FAA as either an excel file or

new reports.                                                                            html. 

                                         report allows a public agency to ac-
                                                                                        These new reports can be accessed at:

1) The Enplanements at US Air­           cess their decision summary table,

ports Report. This report allows Air- which provides cumulative PFC Au-                 entry_pre.cfm.

ports to access the Air Carrier Activity thority. The Decision Summary Ta-
Information System (ACAIS) report        ble is included in the Final Agency
                                                                                                                   Sam Iskander
showing enplanements and air carriers Decision, acknowledgment letters                     Airports Program Specialist, AWP-610
for their airport.                       and other documents.
2) Public Quarterly Report. This            4) Amendment Request Form.
report meets the requirements of sec-       This report will allow the public
tion 158.63 and may be used by public       agency to access the latest approvals
agencies as the quarterly report. Please    and information regarding their appli-
remember that public agencies are still     cations. Select application informa-
required to mail paper copies of their      tion can them be transferred to the
quarterly reports to air carriers until     form and amended. The amendment
further notice.                             request form can then be emailed to
                                        Safety and Standards 

Page 7                                      V o l u m e   I I ,   I s s u e   I I I   J u n e   2 0 0 7

                            Airports Safety Workshop
            Planned for the 4th Annual Airports Conference, May 2008

  As the curtain closes on a very suc-     airports, regardless of size, complexity      Please email your ideas to either:
cessful Western-Pacific Region 3 An- or certification. In other words, we
                                  rd                                            or elizabeth.
nual Airports Conference, planning is wish to craft workshop sessions with      Entitle your email
beginning for the Western-Pacific 4th universal interest to all airport opera-           “Safety Workshop Committee”.
Annual Airports Conference, planned tors.
for may in 2008. The subject of the full We would like to solicit suggestions                                         Steve Oetzell
day workshop for the Airports Confer- from certificated and general aviation                       Airports Certification Inspector
ence in 2008 will be Airport Safety.       airports alike as to what topics you
Because of the diversity of airports in would like presented in the workshop.
our region, a portion of the presenta- Suggested topics should relate to the
tions and discussions will involve 14      general theme of “Airport Safety”.
CFR Part 139; regulations pertinent to The conference is a major tool used to
certificated air-carrier airports. Much promote responsiveness to the needs
of the agenda, however, will include       of the stakeholders in the Western-
topics and issues that are relevant to all Pacific Region.

                                       Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviations

 The Management at the Long Beach           The FAROS system, currently being              stick) for pilots who experience the
Airport and the Federal Aviation            evaluated at the Long Beach Airport            FAROS system and who relay their
Administration have combined efforts        (LGB), uses inductive loop sensors em-         comments to the FAA via the fol-
to test a new technology that will help     bedded in the runway and taxiway sur-          lowing website: http://www.faa.
warn pilots (as opposed to other sys-       faces to automatically track aircraft and      gov/and/and500/520/programs/
tems that alert air traffic controllers)    vehicles entering and exiting encapsu-         documents/FAROS%20Pilot%
of runway incursions caused by the          lated zones. When the system detects           20Questionnaire%20.doc
presence of other aircraft or vehicles.     the presence of a potentially hazardous                                   Steve Oetzell
                                            target, the system causes the Precision                Airports Certification Inspector
This technology is called FAROS (Final
Approach Runway Occupancy Signal).          Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights
                                                                                           Reproductions of this and subse-
The original technology was developed       to flash, as a visual warning to pilots on
                                                                                           quent issues of Vanquishing the
to monitor the movement of vehicles         final approach. The flashing PAPI indi-
                                                                                           VPD are available on FAA Website:
on the nation’s streets and highways.       cation is not to be considered a manda-
That technology has now been adapted        tory “go around” signal but, rather, a
for use on airports. It is a simple, low-   signal to the pilot that he/she should
to-medium cost system that warns the        maintain a heightened awareness while
pilot on final approach that an aircraft    continuing the approach, should be
or a vehicle has entered the runway en-     prepared to go around, if necessary,
vironment that may not have received        and that an inquiry to the tower should
authorization to do so. It requires no      be made.
airborne equipment and does not             The FAA is now offering an incentive
change existing air traffic control pro-    program (a free computer memory
                                         Safety and Standards 

Page 8                                      V o l u m e   I I ,   I s s u e   I I I    J u n e   2 0 0 7

               Deadlines for New Marking Standards Drawing Nearer 
 The deadline for compliance with           that have regular service by aircraft in        ings; markings that identify the be-
new marking standards is fast ap-           Aircraft Design Groups 5 and 6 (such as         ginning of the runway available for
proaching. New airport marking stan-        the MD-11, A-330, A-340, A-380, B-              landing; have been changed. Effec-
dards will require certain airports to      747, B-767, and B-777), and will be the         tive January 1, 2008, runway
modify existing markings to include         only acceptable means of compliance             threshold markings must meet the
enhancements to holding position            with Part 139 effective June 30, 2008.          new standard (Configuration B) de-
markings and taxiway centerlines.           At all other airports, the extended             scribed in Advisory Circular
These enhancements have an imple-           markings are optional.                          150/5340-1, entitled Standards for
mentation deadline of June 30, 2008.                                                        Airport Markings.
                                            Enhanced Taxiway Centerline
Additionally, all airports subject to the   Markings                                        Where to find FAA Marking
marking standards contained in Advi-        The enhanced taxiway centerline mark-           Standards
sory Circular 150/5340-1 will need to       ing consists of a parallel line of yellow       Advisory Circular 150/5340-1 Stan-
adopt new threshold marking stan-           dashes on either side of the existing           dards for Airport Markings details the
dards, where applicable, no later than      taxiway centerline. The first dashes            guidelines and standards for marking
January 1, 2008. Please read on for ad-     start 6 to 12 inches from the runway            of airport runways, taxiways, and
ditional information, and feel free to      holding position marking, and the pat-          aprons. These standards are the only
contact your appropriate Program            tern is repeated for a distance of 150          method of complying with the mark-
Manager or Certification/Safety In-         feet. The yellow dashes are 9 feet in           ing of runways and taxiways at air-
spector.                                    length and 6 inches wide, with a gap of         ports certificated under 14 CFR Part
Enhanced Runway Holding Posi­               3 feet between them. The enhanced               139. To access Advisory Circulars in
tion Markings                               taxiway centerline marking will be re-          the 150 series via the Internet, type
The enhanced runway holding position        quired at all airports with annual pas-
marking consists of an extension of the     senger enplanements of 1.5 million or           airports_airtraffic/airports/
existing holding position marking onto      greater, and will be considered the only        resources/advisory_circulars/ on
the paved shoulder to within 5 feet of      acceptable means of compliance with             your web browser.
the pavement edge or 25 feet from the       Part 139 effective June 30, 2008.
                                                                                                                            Bill Long
edge of the taxiway, whichever is less. Runway Threshold Marking Stan­                             Certification Inspector, AWP-620
The enhanced runway holding position dards
marking will be required at airports    Standards for runway threshold mark-

                             Emergency First Responders Workshop
  As you may recall, in the last issue      locations. The locations and times are          LOCATION DATE        TIME
of AirporTopics, we had announced           listed below, if you are interested in          Burbank August 15 1200-1700
that Federal Aviation Administration        attending, please contact Elizabeth
                                            Louie at (310) 725-3636 for more in-                                     Elizabeth Louie
(FAA), in partnership with the Na-                                                                 Certification Inspector, AWP-620
tional Transportation Safety Board          formation.
(NTSB) would be conducting work-            LOCATION              DATE             TIME
shops for accident first responders at      Sacramento            July 24      1200-1700
six locations throughout the region, in
July and August 2007. The response to       San Francisco         July 25        800-1300
the workshops has been overwhelming.        Ontario               July 26       1200-1700
At this time, over 500 people have reg-
istered to attend the workshop, two         Las Vegas (Full) July 31            1200-1700
locations are now full and closed. Slots    Phoenix (Full) August 7             1200-1700
are still available at some of our other            (Full) August 8              800-1300
                                           Los Angeles Press

Page 7                               V o l u m e   I I ,    I s s u e        I I I        J u n e          2 0 0 7

                                  Assistant ADO Manager Selected 
                           It is with great pleasure that I announce the selection of Mr. Ruben Cabalbag as the Assistant
                           Manager of the Los Angeles Airports District Office. As the Assistant Manager, Ruben is
                           responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ADO.
                          Mr. Cabalbag has seventeen years of experience as an Airports Program Manager/Engineer.
                          During this time, Ruben has demonstrated outstanding program management and leadership
      Ruben Cabalbag
                          skills as well as knowledge of the various Airports Programs. Ruben has successfully managed
                          all of the Los Angeles World Airports AIP and PFC Programs for a number of years. Prior to
coming to FAA, Mr. Cabalbag was a Naval Architect with the Department of Defense for nine years. Mr. Cabalbag has
a Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and is a registered Civil Engineer in the state of California.
                                                                                                                                          Brian Armstrong
                                                                                                                                        Manager, LAX-ADO

                   Runway Safety Area Projects are worth the Effort 
   Santa Barbara Municipal airport is improving the Runway Safety Area (RSA) for Runway 7/25. The RSA improve-
ment project is being conducted in two phases. The first construction phase began in July 2006 and was completed in
November 2006. This phase of construction relocated a creek 1,800 feet to the west. This creek was approximately 360
feet from the west end of Runway 7/25 and was 12 to 15 feet deep.
The second phase of construction began in May 2007. This phase of the project will result in a shift of Runway 7/25
800 feet to the west of its current location. The airport sponsor expects to complete the second phase of the project in
November 2007. When this project is completed, Runway 7/25 at Santa Barbara Municipal Airport will have a RSA
that meets current FAA standards with no reduction in the runway length. The FAA provided $15M in Airport
Improvement Program (AIP) funds to fund the design, environmental mitigation, creek relocation, and relocation of
FAA MALSR and ILS. FAA provided another $14M in AIP funds in FY-2007 to complete the project.
This project has already resulted in significant benefits to the
users of the airport.On Sunday, June 10, 2007, a Dassault
                                                                                     New (Post July 06 )
Falcon 900 was attempting to depart Runway 25 at Santa                               Drainage Channel

Barbara Airport. It appears that the pilot elected to abort the                                                 Aircraft came to rest
takeoff, causing the aircraft to depart the west end of the                                                     in this location.

runway and come to a stop approximately 800 ft beyond the
end of the runway. As a result of the RSA improvement, and
relocation of the creek, the aircraft sustained only minor
damage, and all occupants survived the event with no injury.
                                                                                                           Old (Pre July 06) Drainage
This is a clear example of why we are placing such a significant                                           Channel Location

emphasis on making improvements to RSAs that do not meet
FAA standards. It is very gratifying to the
FAA and the Airport Sponsor to know that
we all had a part (planning, environmental,
funding, engineering, and Part 139) in the
increased level of safety that was added at
Santa Barbara Airport.

Chuck McCormick
Airport Engineer/Program Manager, LAX-ADO                     Drainage Channel
                                                           Pre July 2006 Condition
                                               Honolulu Herald

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           Chief Stanley C. Torres awarded the Herman C. Bliss Airport

                               Partnership Award

                   Stanley C. Toress, Fire Chief
 Mr. Stanley C. Torres, Fire Chief,        has attained accreditation from the          Training Center, is the largest non-
Commonwealth Ports Authority               National Board on Fire Service Pro-          military ARFF vehicle contract ever
(CPA), Commonwealth of the                 fessional Qualifications leading to          funded with federal funds.
Northern Mariana Islands was               full accreditation of the Pacific Re-
                                                                                        Chief Torres spearheaded the FAA
awarded the “Herman C. Bliss Air-          gion ARFF Training Center.
                                                                                        sponsored National Transportation
ports Partnership Award” at the            Even prior to establishing the Pacific       Safety Board Workshop held on Sai-
Western-Pacific Region 3rd Annual          Region ARFF Training Center, Chief           pan. Approximately 95 participants
Airports Conference. Chief Torres          Torres was providing firefighters            attended the successful workshop
received this prestigious award for        from the Micronesia airports with            from Saipan, Rota and Tinian Int’l air-
his leadership in the accomplishment       initial and recurrent ARFF training          ports, including ARFF, airport secu-
of several outstanding partnership         meeting FAR Part 139 require-                rity and operations personnel, all the
initiatives in support of FAA pro-         ments, by sending ARFF trainers to           airlines were represented, the Trans-
grams to enhance aviation safety by        Micronesia airports to conduct on-           portation Security Administration,
improving airport infrastructure and       site training for airport firefighters,      Customs, Immigration, and Quaran-
emergency response capabilities            and mutual aid firefighters, in ARFF         tine, the Department of Public Safety,
throughout the Micronesia region.          operations, tactics and procedures.          Police and Fire Divisions, and medical
This portion of the Western Pacific                                                     services representatives.
Region consists of six international       For the past four years, Chief Torres
airports; Majuro International Air-        has assisted the FAA Micronesia              This past year, when Continental Air-
port in the Republic of the Marshall       Technical Assistance Program in              lines threaten to terminate service to the
Islands, Palau International Airport       conducting Airport Emergency Pre-            island of Yap, FSM, due to the lack of
in the Republic of Palau, and Kosrae,      paredness, Incident Command Sys-             ARFF equipment, the efforts of Chief
Pohnpei, Chuuk and Yap Interna-            tem and Table Top Training in                Torres averted a crisis. Upon notifica-
tional airports in the Federated States    preparation for Full-Scale Emer-             tion of Continental Airlines’ reason for
of Micronesia (FSM).                       gency Disaster Drills at Micronesia          termination, Chief Torres deployed the
                                           airports.                                    required ARFF equipment to the Yap
Chief Torres was instrumental in                                                        Airport. Due to his quick response,
establishing the Pacific Region Air-       Chief Torres took the lead in CPA’s
                                                                                        Continental Airlines decided to con-
craft Rescue and Fire Fighting             management of a large ARFF vehicle
                                                                                        tinue service into Yap Airport since
(ARFF) Training Center at Saipan           acquisition contract that will provide
                                                                                        Chief Torres had provided required
International Airport, the first cer-      ARFF vehicles and equipment for all
                                                                                        ARFF equipment.
tified ARFF training academy to be         the Micronesian airports. This $10
                                                                                        Please join us in congratulating Chief
established in the Western-Pacific         million dollar AIP funded ARFF ve-
                                                                                        Stanley Torres as the 2007 recipient of
Region used to train firefighters          hicle acquisition contract that pro-
                                                                                        the “Herman C. Bliss Airports Partner-
from airports throughout Microne-          vides twelve vehicles for six Micro-
                                                                                        ship Award”.
sia and the Marianas. Chief Torres         nesia airports, and a comparable ve-                                     Ron Simpson
                                           hicle for the Pacific Region ARFF                                  Manager, HNL-ADO
                                             Honolulu Herald

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                          2007 Pacific Aviation Directors’ Workshop

     Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. President of the Republic of Palau                    Barry Brayer (left), Ron Simpson (right)

  The 2007 Pacific Aviation Directors’      tunity to establish the personal con-            cronesia Program Manager and Mr.
Workshop was held at the Ngara-             nections that are valuable to effective          Ron Simpson, Honolulu Airports Dis-
chamayong Cultural Center on Palau,         cooperation and communications. It               trict Office Manager, with carved story
March 26 - 29, 2007, hosted by the          is also necessary for our island gov-            boards to express their appreciation for
Republic of Palau. The Pacific Aviation     ernments to work together to maxi-               their exceptional support of the air-
Directors’ Workshop is a major annual       mize the value of our limited re-                ports in the Micronesia region. Other
event that brings together the Ministers    sources. The Pacific Region is made              government and industry stakeholders,
and Secretaries of Transportation re-       up of many small nations that face a             including the National Weather Ser-
sponsible for aviation safety oversight     great challenge in meeting interna-              vice, the Department of Agriculture,
throughout Micronesia, to include the       tional aviation standards. By teaming            the Department of the Interior, De-
Republic of Palau, Federated States of      up in such areas as information shar-            partment of Homeland Security, and
Micronesia and the Republic of the          ing, training and procurement, we                Transportation Security Administration
Marshall Islands.                           can overcome our limited resources               participated and made presentations
                                            and isolation to ensure that our air-            during the workshop.
This annual workshop attracted over         ports remain safe and our islands con-
150 aviation stakeholders from the Pa-                                                       We wish to extend a big "Mahalo" to
                                            tinue to be attractive destinations.”
cific islands. Decision makers and ex-                                                       the Republic of Palau and Palau Inter-
                                            The President’s comments were re-
ecutive level managers attended the                                                          national Airport for their hospitality
                                            flective of this year’s workshop theme
Workshop from the FAA and govern-                                                            and hard work in hosting a very suc-
                                            “Fostering Aviation Safety and Infra-
ments of American Samoa, Guam, the                                                           cessful workshop.
                                            structure Development through Gov-                                             Ron Simpson
Commonwealth of the Northern                ernment and Industry Partnership”.                                       Manager, HNL-ADO
Mariana Islands, the State of Hawaii, as
well as Palau, Micronesia, the Marshall The Industry Day Forum was a work-
Islands. Airport managers and directors shop highlight. The forum included
from Majuro, Kosrae, Pohnpei,           an industry panel, including Conti-
Chuuk, Yap and Palau International      nental Micronesia Airlines, Asia Pa-
airports also attended.                 cific Airlines, Boeing Aircraft Corpo-
                                        ration and other industry representa-
During the workshop opening, the        tives. The forum provided a venue for
Honorable Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., industry representatives and aviation
President of the Republic of Palau wel- stakeholders to voice concerns and
comed the workshop participants.        propose solutions to critical aviation
President Remengesau said, “The         safety issues. Continental Micronesia
workshop is a learning tool and oppor- presented Mr. Barry Brayer, FAA Mi-
                                       San Francisco Times

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                             Message from the San Francisco ADO 

      New San Francisco ADO                                                              with the proper signatures, just as
    (SFO-ADO) Procedures for                                                             it has been done with the multiple-
        One-Page Grant Offer                                                             page grant in the past.
In our quest to reduce the amount of
                                                                                      After receipt of the TA letter, Spon-
paperwork involved in getting an
                                                                                      sors should contact their project
Airport Improvement Program (AIP)
                                                                                      manager for the purpose of assuring a
grant, a new one-page AIP grant
                                                                                      clear understanding of all require-
agreement will be available for Spon-
                                                                                      ments, to establish a realistic work
sors to use this fiscal year. The new
                                                                                      schedule for the project, and to fix a
grant format, with associated terms
                                                                                      firm date for accepting the grant of-
and conditions, is intended to stream-      sponsor certifications, the sponsor
                                                                                     fer. Once the ADO receives the
line the application process and to ex-     assurances, and the general condi-
                                                                                     signed terms and conditions, the
pedite the approval and issuance of         tions normally contained in an AIP
                                                                                     Sponsor should expect the one-page
future AIP grants. If you are receiving     grant. The FAA retains the right to
                                                                                     grant offer to follow within a week or
a grant this year, a copy of the master     request an update to a specific spon-
Terms and Conditions of Accepting Airport   sor certification for projects on a
Improvement Program Grants will be sent     case-by-case basis.                      If a Sponsor prefers the multiple page
accompanying your Tentative Allocation                                               grant, please advise your project man-
                                          · Once the FAA receives a signed copy
(TA) letter. For Sponsors interested                                                 ager at the ADO that you do not wish
                                            of the terms and conditions, the
in accepting the one-page grant offer,                                               to receive your grant in the one-page
                                            sponsor does not have to submit it
please have your authorized official                                                 format for this fiscal year.
                                            again unless the FAA changes the
sign, date and return the terms and
                                            standard documentations contained                                 Andy Richards
conditions back to the ADO.
                                            in the signed documents.                                      Manager, SFO-ADO
The benefits and conditions of the
                                          · Since the terms and conditions con-
streamline grant process are as fol-
                                            tain all current sponsor assurances,
                                            certifications and general conditions,
  · There are no changes to the Spon-       these documents will be applicable

    sor’s grant obligations involved        for all future grants. Should any of

    with this transition to the one-page    these conditions change in the fu-

    grant.                                  ture, the FAA will simply send out 

                                            the new terms and conditions con-
  · The sponsor is expected to file the
                                            taining the changes. Historically,
    same grant application information
                                            sponsor assurances, certifications or
    to the ADO that you normally pro-
                                            general conditions change about
    vide under the existing multiple
                                            once every 10 years.
    page grant process. These docu-
    ments include the grant application · Once received by the ADO, the

    form (SF-424) environmental de-         signed terms and conditions will 

    termination, project sketch, esti-      simply be incorporated by reference 

    mates, justification, etc.              to future one-page grants for that

                                            sponsor. Please note special condi-
  · Instead of signing the sponsor cer-
                                            tions may be added as an attachment
    tifications for each grant applica-
                                            causing grants to exceed one page.
    tion, the sponsor simply signs the 

    terms and conditions once. The        · The sponsor will receive the one-

    terms and conditions contain the        page grant and return it to the FAA 

                                      San Francisco Times

Page 13                                   V o l u m e   I I ,   I s s u e   I I I   J u n e   2 0 0 7

                                     Welcome to Airports, Doug! 

                        We want to take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Douglas Pomeroy to the San Francisco Air-
                        ports District Office (SFO-ADO). Doug’s first day reporting to the SFO-ADO was May 14th. He
                        will be joining our team of Environmental Protection Specialist. Doug comes from the Army
                        Corps of Engineers, South Pacific Division, regional office in San Francisco where he worked for
                        the past seven years as the Corps Regulatory Program Administrative Appeal Officer for the
                        southwestern United States. Doug has extensive background in the Corps Regulatory program
                        Clean Water Act, Section 404, permitting and jurisdictional issues. Doug served as the Acting
                        Corps Regulatory Branch Chief for the Corps Los Angeles District in Summer 2004, and worked
                        on temporary assignments in the San Francisco and Sacramento Corps Regulatory Offices. From
    Douglas Pomeroy     1994 to 1999 Doug served as the leader of the Navy Base Realignment and Closure, National
                        Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) section of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command in San
Bruno, California, preparing Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, and Categorical Exclu-
sions for the disposal and reuse of surplus military property. Prior to that time Doug served as a NEPA, Endangered
Species Act, and wildlife biology specialist evaluating Navy and Marine Corps military construction, training, and natu-
ral resource management activities in the southwestern U.S. Doug has a BS in Wildlife Management from Humboldt
State University and a MS in Wildland Resources Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

                                                                                                            Andy Richards
                                                                                                        Manager, SFO-ADO

           New Information located on the National Airports Website  
Recently added information to the National Airports website:
•   Draft AC 150/5370-10C, Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports
•   June 2007 Addendum to AC 150/5345-53C, Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program
•   Final SMS Statement of Work
•   PFC Reports for June
•   FY 2007 AIP Cumulative and Approved Grants through June 26, 2007
•   Updated Airport Data (5010) and Contact Information
•   Updated Airport Certification Status Table
•   AC 150/5345-55A, Specification for L-893, Lighted Visual Aid to Indicate Temporary Runway Closure
•   AC 150/5345-49C, Specification L-854, Radio Control Equipment
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