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									                                       LOWER ALLITHWAITE PARISH COUNCIL
Minutes of the Meeting held in The Village Hall, Cartmel on Thursday, 9 th September 2010.

PRESENT: Cllrs Huggett, (Chairman), Allen, (Vice-Chairman), Bird, Bramwell, Derbyshire, Palmer, Pascall, Shepherd, Unsworth, M
Wilson, M E Wilson, County Councillor R Wilson, 1 member of the public.

1.   APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr Anderson, Barker, Drinkall.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES AS CIRCULATED The Minutes of the Meeting held in The Community Centre, Allithwaite on
Thursday, 12th August 2010 as circulated were approved with an alteration to the spelling of Ewan which should be Ewen and with the
addition of “and Templand Lane” in County Councillor Rod Wilson’s report (weed killing of verges). Proposed by Cllr Allen,
seconded by Cllr Pascall and signed as a true record.

3.   DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST in respect of items on Agenda. None.


   i) Market Cross, The Square, Cartmel Stonecraft Design had been contacted to inspect the Market Cross and give a price for
  repair work. Andrew had been on holiday and had not contacted Cllr Huggett as yet. The Clerk had asked Rachel Beadling (Estate
  Property Manager at Holker Estates) if they had any information regarding ownership of the Cross and if the Estates would consider
  giving a donation to the repair work.
  ii) Website for Parish Council A meeting had taken place and it was proposed to launch the website in Oct/November hopefully to
  tie in with a Parish Newsletter which would advertise the site. The next meeting to take place Wednesday, 13 th October.
 iii) Parish Plan To receive recommendations from Working Party. The working party had not met.
 iv) Provision of Allotments – Parish Council Field Progress report. Information received from Fiona Clark at SLDC Planning
confirmed that County Highways had made a strong refusal due to the visibility and issues with the height of the wall at the entrance to
the allotments. They would like to have a 4½ metre splayed entrance which would take away 2 parking spaces. Cllrs Huggett and
Pascall would meet to decide a submission of further information before the application goes before the Planning Committee on 30th
September 2010.
  v) Parish Council Cottage Small patches of render had been removed to reveal that the render was attached to the wall behind.
Cllr Huggett had been back to Bleasdale Wand with this information and had been informed that the original report would stand.
Twistfix lateral restraint wall ties, which could be drilled and fixed to two or more floor joists, had been recommended. These ties
could be fitted from outside the property with a minimum of disturbance. Cllr Huggett confirmed to take the wall down would involve
too much work. Investigations of the drain had been carried out and it was noted that water draining from within the bathroom did not
appear in full at the adjacent inspection manhole, a new drain would be needed. Drainage from the kitchen had still to be investigated.
Bertie Wycherley would appoint a contractor to investigate the damp with suggestions for damp proofing. At this stage it was
necessary to decide on the type of heating required and Cllr Huggett proposed that electric nightstorage or similar should be installed,
this was seconded by Cllr Pascall and Unanimously agreed.
 vi) Food Market, Cartmel The first food market would be held on Friday 17 th September. Enquiries made by the Clerk confirmed
that the Market Charter should be looked at. It was understood that a Charter existed as late as 1820 but had been discontinued after
this. Holker Estates had been asked if they had any knowledge of the Charter. South Lakeland District Council had confirmed that
because no Traffic Regulation Order was in place for the parking places along the Priory wall that there could be problems. There
would be no legal right to ask anybody to move a vehicle and no legal right or back-up to say no parking due to market being held. A
Traffic Regulation Order would require consultation for a permanent sign informing that no parking could take place on Market day.
This information had been confirmed to Martin Gott.
vii) CCC Transport Plan for Cumbria 2011-2026 Draft Core Strategy Response to Consultation. Cllrs Huggett and M E Wilson
would look at this.
viii) CCC Cumbria Landscape Character Guidance & Toolkit Response to Consultation. No response would be made.
  ix) Clerk’s Report A form had been received to complete regarding Council Tax for the Cottage. Because the property was empty
the first six months would not be charged. An exemption would be required for a property undergoing structural repair work/alteration
and a surveyor’s or builder’s report was needed. District Councillor Report Cllr M E Wilson confirmed the toilet consultation had
been an expensive survey and she suspected toilets would be pushed back onto parishes to manage although this would probably get
called in to have another look at. It was suggested that, when the new toilet block was built, the Parish Council would have to consider
what will happen to the existing toilets which were an asset to the Village. Dog Warden would be attending the Lower Holker Parish
Council meeting on Friday, 1st October to raise awareness and it would be possible for anyone to attend. Coastal Management
Consultation An update and Consultation responses had been published and Cllr Wilson confirmed that some of the points raised had
been taken into account, discussion will take place on loss of agricultural land and the points raised will be passed to the Environment
Agency. Local Area Partnership the Environmental Planting Scheme money would be lost to Grange if we did not put in something
for our Parish. She would get together with Cartmel Village Society for a scheme for Cartmel but Allithwaite as yet had nothing
identified. She suggested enhancing the allotment entrance and hoped the allotment holders would maintain the plants. It was suggested
that this was spending money for the sake of it – this had been mentioned at other Parish Council meetings. It was felt that
environmental planting schemes were something which could be achievable in this year and that next year money would be spent on a
more strategic way. Cllr Wilson proposed that she would go for a planting scheme to include containers and plants and the precise site
would be decided.        County Councillor Report Highway at Low Frith The status quo will exist. Bridleway No 549013 As a
result of the public enquiry a new section of public bridleway will be created via the ford as well as retaining the bridleway over the
bridge which may be upgraded. Hedge at Holme Lane Cllr Wilson understood that work to radically cut down the hedge at this site
had taken place today (9th). Killing of verges County Highways were not responsible for this. It was not known who the land owners
were. Walton Hall road the complaint re verge cutting had been passed to Keith Masser who had confirmed that an inspection would
take place. Haggs Lane work on the road surface had been inspected and could possibly be done by 31 st March 2011. One way
system – Race Days A complaint had been received from a resident at Field Broughton about the one way system to Egg Pudding
Stone corner and Cllr Wilson had confirmed that proper procedures had taken place for a Road Traffic Order. Representations could be
made to Broughton East and Lower Allithwaite Parish Councils who follow up issues with Cartmel Steeplechases. The resident had
also complained about the lack of gritting on this route to the A590. Highway Steward Cllr Wilson confirmed that the present
highway steward had resigned but that a new system will start in December in the South Lakes area when we will have two people to
carry out work in the Parish which could be quite significant work. Members Allowance As reported last month, the allowance would
be £5,000 each for Lower Holker and Lower Allithwaite. This would be spent on road safety issues in both Parishes, with a donation
towards the Cartmel Scout Hut and King George V Playing Field. A consultation on the road safety issues would take place and
hopefully notification of this could be included in the Newsletter.

i) Parish Council Community a/c £2,607.31. Business Base Rate Tracker £19,439.53. Car Park Community Account £1,146.19.
ii) Money Received iii) Cheques for Approval Clerk August Salary £378.00 + £11.42 Expenses. Broadband £17.99. J Wright
Grasscutting £228.00. Lengthsman 9hrs @ £11 £99.00. Allithwaite Community Centre £16.00 room hire. Proposed by Cllr Bramwell,
seconded by Cllr Derbyshire that Finance be approved. Unanimous. iv) Final Payout to Cartmel Steeplechases (Holker) Ltd from
Car Park Account £6,520.38 Holker Estates, £2,173.46 Parish Council. £1,146.19 was held over to pay 1 st quarter payment of toilet
partnership cleaning. It was Unanimously agreed to accept the final payout.

   i) Consideration of relevant planning applications SL/2010/0520 Approved. 0663 (with condition). 0640 Requested further
  ii) Applications Approved by SLDC: Car Port (retrospective) Stone Edge, Jack Hill, Allithwaite. Front Porch Lickle How, Church
Road, Allithwaite.
 iii) Applications Refused by SLDC None to Date.
 iv) Applications Recommended for Approval by Parish Council Installation of micro wind generator for domestic electricity
Howbarrow Farm, Cartmel. Replacement Car port Stone Edge, Jack Hill. Front Porch Lickle How, Church Road, Allithwaite.
  v) Applications Recommended for Refusal by Parish Council Conversion to dwelling without restriction to affordable housing in
the S.106 agreement Coach House, Hard Crag, Cartmel. (Contrary to the principles and objectives of Policy CS6.3 – loss of a dwelling
unit to the local affordable housing market). Detached Dwelling Weavers Cottage, Haggs Lane, Cartmel (considered to be
unneighbourly, too big and too dominant on the size of the plot).
 vi) Planning Inspectorate Appeal Removal of Condition 3 (local occupancy) from Planning Permission Bankfield, Jack Hill,

  i) Natural England new guidance on assessing land for Designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a National
Park – your chance to comment on how land is assessed It was suggested that this was something which could be looked at in the
Parish Plan. Cllr Hugget would ask Tiffany Hunt (previously worked for National Trust) for her comments on the guidance.
 ii) SLDC Licensing Act 2003 – Review of Statement of Licensing Policy 2011-2013 Response to Consultation. Cllr Huggett
confirmed that he would be responding in relation to the policy regarding Cartmel Village Hall.
iii) Communities and Local Government – The Community Right to Build New Power in Localism Bill – November. Noted.

  i) PPI Grant for work to be carried out on Bridleway at Burns Farm To progress application for grant. Details of the work
needed have at last been received from Capita. Two contractors to be asked for estimates. Cllr Huggett will meet with them.
 ii) King George V Jubilee Childrens Playground Permission required to install Giggleswick – slide & climbing unit. No
objections and all in favour of this new equipment. The Clerk confirmed she had been informed of the poor condition of a large tree in
the playground. She had recommended Cumbria Tree Surgeons be asked for advice and estimate of the work required. The committee
to be asked to provide this information to the Parish Council before any felling etc takes place. If urgent work is needed the Clerk to
use discretion and authority to approve this.

      Cllr Bramwell Asked if anyone knew about “The Bay” radio switching on Christmas lights in Cartmel. Cllr Huggett understood
that this would take place on the same day as the November farmers food market. Cllr Unsworth will find out more details. Chairs
outside Rogans Cllr Bramwell reported that tables and chairs were blocking the highway. C Cllr Rod Wilson would need to provide
and show evidence of this happening to enable him to report the claim. Bins in Institute Car Park Cllr Bramwell complained about the
health implications of these bins and that rats had been reported. Cllr M E Wilson to report to SLDC Environmental Health.
      Cllr Pascall (Reporting for Cllr Anderson) a bus had been parked and blocking the Causeway for one hour during the Monday
Race meeting.
      Cllr Pascall Reported that not enough cones had been displayed on Haggs Lane for Mondays race meeting causing disruption.
The post for 30 mph sign still missing on Haggs Lane and Cartmel had received a Silver Gilt medal in Cumbria in Bloom.
      Cllr Allen Reported bus unloading races passengers in Square causing traffic hold-up.
      Cllr Shepherd Reported overhanging branches on the footpath at property corner of Boarbank Lane and Templand Park. The
property had Poole Townsend For Sale sign. Clerk to contact the estate agents.
      Cllr Bird Confirmed that the new road surfacing was very good but road signs had not been removed. C Cllr Wilson to report
     Cllr Palmer Complained about cones left out over weekend of Races causing confusion.
     Cllr M E Wilson Complained about all signs outside The Pheasant at Allithwaite. A board also reported on pavement at Acorn
Tree Surgeon.
     Cllr M Wilson Complained about 2 buses blocking Causeway for 30 mins on Races weekend. She had complained to the
Grandstand. Also reported again Parsons Well blocked by overhanging branches.
     Cllr Huggett Reported theft of plums from allotments by Indians. Not enough cones on Aynsome Road and Allithwaite Road for
Races and also no sign top of Haggs Lane for Free Parking on Racecourse.

It was suggested that a meeting should take place with the new Racecourse Manager.

The Meeting closed at 9.30 pm and the Chairman thanked everyone for attending. The next meeting will be held in TheVillage Hall,
Cartmel on Thursday, 14th October 2010.

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