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					                          Louise Herrington
Baylor University         School of Nursing

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The demand for caring and qualified nurses has
never been greater.
  Because of this worlwide need, nurses face
more exciting opportunities than ever before,
and the range of opportunities is more diverse
than any other healthcare occupation.

Fulfilling a Need
   Baylor’s nursing program is built
on a strong Christian foundation that
often sets our students apart from the
crowd. Hospitals and medical facilities
across the nation frequently comment
on our graduates’ high ethical and moral
standards, as well as their enormous
capacity for caring for people. If you have
the heart and mind for this helping career,
the School will equip you academically,
spiritually and personally with the skills and perspectives you need for a
rewarding career in nursing.

The Undergraduate Program
   The Louise Herrington School of Nursing prenursing courses combine
liberal arts along with natural and behavioral science courses. Although
most of our students complete these prerequisites on the Baylor campus,
many come to the Dallas campus from other approved colleges and
universities to complete their upper-division coursework.
    Students complete two years of upper-division professional
coursework at the School, located on the campus of Baylor University
Medical Center in Dallas. Almost all of our undergraduates receive
immediate employment, and the majority of those who choose Baylor’s
nursing program typically plan to pursue some form of graduate studies.

                                      At the heart of the School is an excep-
                                 tional faculty committed to the success of
                                 each and every student. They are researchers,
                                 authors, national award recipients, presidents
                                 of national organizations, former missionaries
                                 and experts in their specialties. Always acces-
                                 sible and continuously focused on individual
                                 student needs, these teachers, advisers and
                                 role models are able to encourage and guide
                                 students throughout their education, and
                                 sometimes beyond.
Extra Support
    As a Baylor nursing student, you will discover all kinds of professional
networking opportunities on campus to support your work and education. You
may choose to join one of many preprofessional nursing organizations such as
the Baylor Student Nursing Association or the School’s chapter of Sigma Theta
Tau, the national honor society for nursing.
   The School’s director of student services also is available to offer
guidance, support and encouragement as you face the challenges of
student life. Because so many of our students are far away from their
own homes, we make every effort to provide a secure and comfortable
environment that often becomes their “second home.”

What’s in a Name
    The Baylor name is synonymous with excellence in higher education and
human services. Baylor University is the world’s largest Baptist university and
Texas’ oldest university, and its legacy of successful graduates is known around
the world. Baylor has always been committed to challenging students at every
level, offering an environment that nourishes academically, as well as spiritually.

                                   Facilities Fit For Life &
                                       The Nursing School is located in the
                                  heart of the Baylor University Medical Center
                                  campus in Dallas. The four-story complex
                                  includes a student computer lab, spacious
                                  classrooms wired for multimedia and video
                                  conferencing, study lounges, and plenty of
                                  room to grow.
                                            The complex also provides
                                  an expanded Learning Resources
                                           Center. The specialty nursing
                                           information center is staffed by
                                           two professional librarians who
                                           provide information support
                                           exclusively to the faculty and
                                           students of the School. The
                                           residence hall is adjacent to
                                           the School, and campus police
                                           officers patrol all areas for the
                                 safety of our students.
     The school and all its programs have received full, national accreditation by
the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and are approved by
the Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas. All Baylor nursing gradu-
ates are qualified to write the NCLEX for registered nurses in any state.
Admission/Transfer Procedures
If you are coming directly from high school:
     You should submit your application to Baylor University during the early
fall of your senior year in high school. If you have already graduated from high
school, you should apply at least six months before you plan to start Baylor Uni-
versity. You can request the appropriate forms for admission as a freshman from:

                             Office of Admissions
                            One Bear Place # 97008
                            Waco, TX 76798-7008
If you are transferring from another college or if this will
be your second degree:
    The Academic Advisor on the Dallas campus can answer any questions or
inquiries you may have about transfering into the nursing program:

    Ms. Tina Glaspie, M.S. Ed.
        Baylor University
Louise Herrington School of Nursing
        3700 Worth Street
         Dallas, TX 75246
 Email: Tina_Glaspie@baylor.edu

     You may begin the application process by mailing a cover letter and official
copies of transcripts from all colleges attended to the Acadmic Advisor on the
Dallas campus. Include all personal contact information in the letter. Your tran-
cripts will be evaluated and you will be given a personalized degree plan noting
which courses will be accepted for transfer and what additional course work will
be required prior to entering the school of nursing. With your cover letter, be
sure to include:
     •   Official copies of transcripts from all colleges attended
     •   A list of any course work in progress. For each course indicate
         school name, course number and course title
     •   Catalog course descriptions for any courses from out-of-state
     •   Name and location of the school where you plan to complete all
         remaining pre-requisite courses
                     Bachelor of Science in Nursing
                        Prenursing Course work Requirements
                                 2008/2009 Catalog†

                                  Lower Division
                     First Semester
                     ENG 1302 Thinking & Writing (1)                   3
                     CHE 1300 General Chemistry                         3
                     CHE 1100 Intro to Chemistry Lab                    1
Freshman Year

                     REL 1310 The Christian Scriptures                  3
                     SOC 1305 Introduction to Sociology (3)            3
                     ---- -----   Elective                              3
                     ---- -----   Chapel*                             ---
                           Total Credit Hours                         16
                     Second Semester
                     ENG 1304 Thinking, Writing & Research (1,2)       3
                     BIO 2401 Anatomy & Physiology I                    4
                     PSY 1305 Introductory Psychology (1)              3
                     ---- -----   History Elective (1,3)               3
                     ---- -----   Foreign Language (4)                 4
                     ---- -----   Chapel*                             ---
                           Total Credit Hours                         17

                     First Semester
                     ---- -----   Literature elective (1,5 )           3
                     BIO 2402     Anatomy & Physiology II              4
Sophomore Year

                     FCS 2351     Nutrition                            3
                     REL 1350     The Christian Heritage (1)           3
                     ---- -----   Foreign Language (4)                 4
                           Total Credit Hours                         17

                     Second Semester
                     STA 1380 Statistics                               3
                     BIO 1402 Microbiology                             4
                     PSC 2302 American Constitutional Develop.(1,6)    3
                     PSY 3341 Survey of Human Growth & Develop(7)      3
                     --- -----   Elective                              3
                          Total Credit Hours                          16

                 Total Degree Requirements
                     Total Lower Division                       66
                     Total Upper Division (Nursing)             65
                                Total Hours                    131
Notes for lower division course work:
 Students are responsible for completion of approved general education courses
before they get to Dallas. The school assumes no responsibility for circumstances
beyond its control in students following through with their commitment.
  Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC) courses provide an alternative way to fulfill

the requirements for these courses.
      ENG 3300 may be substituted for this course.
 Must be a course in World History, Western Civilization, a survey course in

American History, or History of the American Woman.
      Spanish is strongly recommended.
  May be met by a course in English, American, or World Literature, or by an

upper-level (that is, above intermediate level) literature course in modern foreign
languages or in classical languages.
 Students transferring to Baylor who wish to fulfill this requirement before

admission to Baylor must take 6 semester hours of American Government
      Course must cover entire life span.

Financial Assistance
    If you have a heart for a career in nursing, don’t let tuition and fees
interrupt your plans for education. The School offers a comprehensive
program that includes merit-based and need-based scholarships as well as
grants, loans and part-time employment to ease the financial burdens of
undergraduate nursing students.

                            Student Financial Aid
       Students entering or enrolled in the School of Nursing may apply for
       financial assistance through the Office of Academic Scholarships and
       Financial Aid. A comprehensive program of financial aid is available that
       includes both merit-based and need-based scholarships, as well as grants,
       loans and part-time employment. Financial aid information and applications
       are to be obtained from:

                  Baylor University
                  Office of Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid
                  One Bear Place #97028
                  Waco, TX 76798-7028
                  254-710-2611 or 1-800-Baylor-U

       Contact the Financial Aid Coordinator at 214-820-4143 in the Financial
       Aid Office on the Dallas Campus for more information.

                                                                          Revised 02-21-07
                          Curriculum Plan	
     Upper Division Nursing Major ~ Dallas Campus

              First Semester
              NUR 3310      Professional Development: Foundations    3
              NUR 3314      Health Assessment                        3
              NUR 3420      Pathophysiology/Pharmacology I           4
Junior Year

              NUR 3316      Human Needs I                            3
              NUR 3414      Professional Nursing Practice I          4
                    Total Credit Hours                              17

              Second Semester
              NUR 3100     Test Taking Skills                        1
              NUR 3324     The Maturing Family                       3
              NUR 3339     The Childbearing Family                   3
              NUR 3421     Pathophysiology/Pharmacology II           4
              NUR 3317     Human Needs II                            3
              NUR 3425     Professional Nursing Practice II          4
                   Total Credit Hours                               18

              First Semester
              NUR 4339      The Childrearing Family                  3
              NUR 4351      Prof. Development: Consumer of Research 3
              NUR 4353      Community & Culture                      3
Senior Year

              NUR 4328      Human Needs III                          3
              NUR 4435      Professional Nursing Practice III        4
                    Total Credit Hours                              16

              Second Semester
              NUR 4335      Clinical Internship                      3
              NUR 4341      Professional Develp: Mgmt & Ldrship      3
              NUR 4238      Human Needs IV                           2
              NUR 4345      Professional Nursing Practice IV         3
              ---- -----    3 hour nursing elective                  3
                    Total Credit Hours                              14
Estimated Expenses for Upper-Division(1) 2008-2009
Junior Year                                             Semester 1           Semester 2
                                                          (17 hrs)          (18 hrs.)
Tuition ($23,664 per academic year)                   $11,832.00           $11,832.00
Course Fees (approximate)                                 700.00               700.00
Books & professional supplies                           1,200.00               400.00
Uniforms                                                  300.00                  0.00
Transportation to/from lab (3)                            200.00               200.00
Required University fee                                 1,285.00             1,285.00
Parking (5)                                                25.00                  0.00
Room (6)                                                1,500.00             1,500.00
Board (7)                                               1,800.00             1,800.00
Total                                                 $18,842.00           $17,717.00
Senior Year                                             Semester 3           Semester 4
                                                         (16 hrs.)          (14 hrs.)
Tuition ($23,664 per academic year)                   $11,832.00           $11,832.00
Course Fees (approximate)                                 700.00               700.00
Books & professional supplies                             300.00               100.00
Transportation to/from lab (2)                            200.00               200.00
Professional pin (3)                                        0.00               150.00
Room (5)                                                1,500.00             1,500.00
Board (6)                                               1,800.00             1,800.00
Required University fee                                 1,285.00             1,285.00
R.N. licensing exam fee (NCLEX) (7)                         0.00               200.00
R.N. licensing application fee (8)                          0.00               139.00
      Total                                           $17,617.00           $17,906.00

      Projected 2008-2009 fee schedule for full-time students new to Baylor University;
      subject to change each year.
  Approximated for each semester, varies with location of student’s laboratory assign-

  ment, no fee assessed.
  Optional expense.

  $25 refundable deposit required first semester only.

  Wilma Bass Memorial Hall; private room at $1,500 per semester, PAYABLE AT THE

  BEGINNING OF EACH TERM and subject to change each year. (A $25 non-refund-
  able application fee and a $200 refundable deposit are required.)
  Approximated for each semester, varies with student’s housing arrangement; no fee

  Paid to the designated testing organization; subject to change without notice; out-of-

   state fees vary.
  Paid to Texas Board of Nursing; subject to change without notice; out-of-state fees

We will challenge your mind —
as well as your heart.

  There is a growing need in the world today
for individuals driven by their compassion and
capacity to care.

    If you want to make a difference in the
lives of people through a career in nursing,
call the Baylor University Louise Herrington
School of Nursing today.

Louise Herrington
School of Nursing
      Ms. Tina Glaspie, M.S. Ed.
      Louise Herrington School of Nursing
      Baylor University
      3700 Worth Street
      Dallas, TX 75246
      Phone: 214.820.4151
      Fax: 214.820.3835
                                      Mrs. Diana Kohler, BSN
                                      Baylor University
                                      Louise Herrington School of Nursing
                                      One Bear Place # 97333
                                      Waco, TX 76798-7333
                                      Phone: 254.710.2226
                                      Fax: 254.710.1866

                           Web: www.baylor.edu/Nursing

                               For a tour of the school, call the
                              Student Services department on the
                                Dallas campus at 214.820.4151