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A Monthly Newsletter For CPES Day Supports In Maricopa, Coconino, Pinal & Gila Counties

                                                                                                     October 2008

                                                                             CPES Sponsors
                                                                             “Zoo Walk”

                                                                             CPES Cruisers and CPES PSP are
                                                                             participating in the 2008 Zoo Walk

                                                                             Did you know that…

                                                                             •   Autism affects 1 in 150 children?

 Cedar Lane Celebrates                                                       •   Autism is a spectrum disorder-
                                                                                 people are affected differently?
 2 Year Anniversary!
                                                                                 Boys are affected 4 times more
                                                                                 than girls?
                                                                             •   If treatment begins within the
                                                                                 child’s first 3 years the better the
 CPES is proud to announce that Cedar Lane is celebrating their two              prognosis will be?
 year anniversary in October. Our October edition is dedicated to all        •   Not all people with autism don’t
 the people in Payson involved in day and residential services! Brad             make eye contact, don’t speak,
 Waters, Service Coordinator shares more information about Cedar                 don’t show affection or socialize?
                                                                             Once again this year, CPES has de-
                                                                             cided to form teams for the 4th An-
 Cedar Lane Day Program is nestled in the beautiful Ponderosa Pine           nual Zoo Walk for Autism at the
 forest of Payson and the participants enjoy many activities which in-       Phoenix Zoo.
                                                                             The Arizona Zoo Walk is organized
 •    Visiting local artists                                                            by an all-volunteer com-
                                                                                        mittee, and 100% of the
 •    Attending music and theatre performances                                          proceeds of this fund-
 •    Visiting cultural museums                                                         raiser will go to support
 •    Making arts and crafts to coincide with calendar                                  autism research at both
      events and holidays                                                               Arizona State Univer-
 •    Involvement in local events and becoming ac-                                      sity and the Autism Re-
      tive members of the Payson community                                              search Institute (which
                                                                                        funds research across
 •    Working on life skills & work experience training
                                                                                        the US, including Ari-
 •    And just having fun!                                                              zona).

 Future projects include volunteer work in the com-                                        I hope you will consider
 munity and learning how a business works. The                                             joining one of our teams
 participants at Cedar Lane enjoy going out in the community and             or sponsoring our participation in the
 meeting new people so many of this year’s events will be 100% com-          4th Annual Zoo Walk for Autism – any
                                                                             amount is welcome. Please visit our
 munity based. For example, the Home Depot in Payson is currently            teams, CPES Cruisers or CPES
 sponsoring a monthly event at their store for all our Cedar Lane par-       PSP, online at, to
 ticipants. They just finished building tool boxes which will be used to     learn more, register as a walker and/
 keep their tools for future projects. It’s this kind of community in-       or to make a credit card donation
 volvement that helps bring people together.                                 directly online. Sponsors writing
 (Continued on page 2)                                                       checks can designate their funds to
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                           Cedar Lane                      Holiday Party Update!

                            (“Cedar Lane” continued from
                            page 1)
                                                                        e are planning our second annual Holi-
Information                 Under the supervision of
                                                                        day party for all CPES consumers and
                                                           employees. This is a very special event for our con-
                            Brad Waters, the Pay-          sumers and their families. Space is limited and res-
Regional Office             son area encourages as         ervations will go fast. We are expecting that 250
                            much community inte-           people will be attending this year. This is an adults
2415 West Huntington Dr.    grations as possible.
Suite 103                                                  only event.
Tempe AZ 85282
                            Brad currently sponsors        The Holiday party will be held at Embassy Suites in
PH 602-431-9511             Karaoke night on Thurs-        Tempe on Saturday, December 20th of 2008. It will
Fax 602-431-9538            days and consumer              start at 5:30 pm and can go until midnight. The Ho-
                            night on Wednesdays at         tel will be doing all the decorations and setting up
Maricopa County             his restaurant the Water-      for the party. We will be having a sit down buffet
                            ing Hole. Mr. Waters           style dinner along with a small awards ceremony
Service Coordinator         and his wife provide free      and door or raffle prizes. There will be dancing and
Jon Krueger
                            drinks and cover charge        music which will be provided by a local DJ. We are
For information             for both events.               inviting all consumers, their families and CPES em-
regarding:                                                 ployees.
                            There are so many excit-
•   Trimyr (Mesa)           ing things happening in        The ticket cost is $25 per per-
•   Summit (East Mesa)
                            Payson and we look for-        son. Tickets can be purchased
•   Higher Ground (PHX)
                            ward to sharing more           by contacting Jon Krueger at
602-431-9511 Ext. 284       information on our next        (602) 549-8421 or by e-mail.           anniversary!          Tickets
                                                           will be on sale until De-
Service Coordinator         Cedar Lane Day Program         cember 5th. Our con-
Sandra Toney                is located at 112 East         sumers are very much
                            Cedar Lane, Payson AZ.
For information                                            looking forward to
regarding:                  Contact Therese Fay or
                                                           this event so please
                            Brad Waters at 928-474-
                            2028 or by email at cedar-
                                                           contact Jon if you
•   Art Wise Phoenix                                       need any addi-
•   Art Wise Tempe for more
•   Senior Elite Phoenix    information.                   tional informa-
•   Senior Elite Mesa                                      tion before its
                                                           SOLD OUT.
602-431-9511 Ext. 214

Gila County                  “Zoo Walk” cont. from page 1
Service Coordinator         ASU or ARI. Checks should be made payable to ASU Autism Research Program or Autism
Brad Waters                 Research Institute respectively, and donations are tax deductible.

For information             Also keep an eye out for fundraising events over the next few weeks sponsored by partici-
regarding:                  pants attending our day services and employees of CPES, such as a car wash and elephant
Cedar Lane (Payson)
                            Zoo Walk is Saturday October 18th, 2008 6:30 AM – 9:00 AM.
928-474-2041            Thank you for your support. If you have any questions about Zoo Walk, please do not hesi-
                            tate to contact Krista Baker at or call 602-431-9511.
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October is National Cookie Month and October Fest!
Join us in downtown Chandler
every 1st Wednesday for Art
                                     The week starting October
                                     13th,CPES is encouraging all
                                                                           back and enjoy the October
                                                                           weather with your friends.                  Locations
Walk. It’s a growing art scene       our locations to spend time talk-
in the historic downtown area of     ing about voter registration and      This month each location will be
Chandler.                            the voting process. Some sites        planting house plants in pots                            Trimyr
                                     are inviting in local party repre-    and growing them. Participants
We found something new! The          sentatives to talk about their        can pick out their favorite seeds         2620 West Broadway Rd.
Japanese friendship garden (Ro       candidates and encourage vot-         or plants and help them grow                              Unit 1
Ho En) is at Margaret T Hance        ing.                                  through the fall and winter.                     Mesa, AZ 85202
Park at 1125 N. 3rd Ave in                                                 Each location will also be deco-
downtown PHX It's on the deck        What better time to take a tour       rating their pots.                              PH 480-497-3618
park tunnel. It opens October        of Mystery Castle? It’s one of                                             
1st and the hours are Tuesday -      those special Arizona land-           With the changing of the sea-
Sunday, 10 - 3. It costs $5.         marks and October is a great          sons, each location will be cre-              Higher Ground
                                     time to tour this strange loca-       ating a poster size collage of
We have more than 100 atten-         tion!                                 photos that represent the                        2432 West Peoria
dees who have RSVP for our                                                 changing of the seasons. At the                        Suite 1261
next First Friday event. For         As detailed in the “Cedar Lane        end of the month the poster                     Phoenix, AZ 85029
more information or to RSVP for      article”, Home Depot is sponsor-      voted best wins a free pizza                       Peoria and I-17
the monthly event contact            ing craft days monthly at their       party and copies will be made Friends,                                                for those interested in having
                                                                                                                          PH 602-861-5993
family and anybody associated                                              the poster as their own!
with CPES are welcome to stop
by for a free lunch!                                                       Each location will be sponsoring                        Summit
                                                                           fundraising events for Zoo Walk
CPES will be celebrating ran-                                              this year. Friday the 10th, the            8940 East Apache Trail
dom acts of Kindness this                                                  Tempe SeedBallz Program will                     Mesa, AZ 85207
month. Keep an eye out for                                                 be sponsoring a car wash from
those random acts and make                                                 10A-1PM with all donations
                                                                                                                           PH 480-354-6262
someone smile days. Each                                                   being given to Zoo Walk. If
location is planning some sur-                                             you’re interested in getting your
prise visits to people in the com-                                         car washed stop by 2415 West                           Art Wise
munity to let them know they                                               Huntington Drive, Suite 103,
are appreciated!                                                           Tempe, AZ 85282.                             803 North 3rd Street
                                                                                                                          Phoenix, AZ 85004
October 6th kicks off “fire pre-                                           On October 24th each location
vention week” and each location      stores in Payson. CPES is             will be celebrating October Fest.
                                                                                                                           PH 602-254-6623
is planning visits from local fire   working with Home Depot to            Each location will also be cele-
departments or tours of local        expand the craft days to the          brating Newspaper Week by
stations to learn fire safety.       valley during the month of Octo-      offering current events discus-          Senior Elite Phoenix
                                     ber.                                  sion groups. Each location is
Of course during the month of                                              being asked to purchase the                12814 North 28th Drive,
October we will be touring           Each location is planning a spe-      local papers and spend time                             Suite 110
pumpkin patches, making Hal-         cial fall colors tour of Oak Creek    talking about current events and               Phoenix, AZ 85029
loween cards, carving pump-          Canyon. It’s the best time to         encouraging our participants to
                                                                                                                           PH 602-375-4117
kins, roasting seeds and making      visit. Outings will include tours     read the paper or have some-
pumpkin pie. All leading up to       of Slide Rock State Park and          one help them read it. It’s a
the big Halloween costume            some clever craft projects in-        wonderful way to stay up-to-
party scheduled on Halloween         volving the leaves and fall col-      date and become involved in                       Cedar Lane
day being held at Trimyr.            ors.                                  our community.
                                                                                                                        112 East Cedar Lane
During National Rights Week                      th
                                     October 17 is State Fair Day.         Just before the Halloween Party                Payson, AZ 85541
each location will be spending       No doubt all of our sites will be     each location will be baking and
                                                                                                                          PH 928-474-2028
time reviewing and discussing        attending. Participants should        decorating cookies. During the
basic human rights and review-       bring enough cash to pay for          Halloween party ,all the cookies
ing article 9 procedures with our    snacks, games and some rides.         will be judged and winners will
participants.                        It’s a fun-filled day at the Fair     be announced with prizes                   Senior Elite Mesa
                                     and consistently voted as one of      awarded.
Friday October 10th is Friday at     the best events each year!                                                            745 West Baseline
the Farm day with our locations                                            *Activities are subject to change, de-            Mesa, AZ 85210
                                                                           pending on each centers location and/
touring a live dairy farm and        Beginning October 20th is             or ability to attend/participate.               PH 480-474-2028
participating in a hay ride at       “Coffee Week”. Take the time
Superstition Farm, 3440              to try out a local coffee shop, try
S. Hawes, Mesa AZ, 85212,            something different and kick

2415 West Huntington Dr.
Suite 103
Tempe AZ 85282

                          Also Remember To Visit CPES Online at:
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Comments,                  Computer Lab Coming To Higher Ground
Questions or
Please feel free to
                           T     his October CPES, in conjunction with sponsorship by our IT depart-
                                 ment, is creating a new computer lab and computer classes at Higher
                           Ground. The Higher Ground computer lab will teach basic computer skills
                           and participants will learn to rebuild and refurbish used computers which will
                           then be donated to people within CPES or to people in the community.

Rex Matthews               During 2009 the computer lab will expand its class schedule by offering
Associate Director         courses that teach the use of the internet, email
                           programs and word processing.
PH 602-431-9511 ext 286
                           We are looking for your used or broken com-
                           puter parts, software and monitors. We can
Don Paterson               arrange for pick up and will take anything. For
Regional Director          more information please email Rex Matthews at
PH 602-431-9511 ext 201