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					Maria’s Grilled Chicken                                  Pork “Carnitas”
Marinated grilled chicken breast covered                  Choose from our Rojo or Verde slow baked
with sautéed mushrooms and melted cheese.                 marinated pork shoulder, topped with cured red
Topped with sliced avocado and pico de                    onions and cucumber, served with smoky black
gallo. Served with guajillo rice, your choice             bean sauce and fresh tomatillo salsa 15.99
of beans and tomatillo salsa verde 13.99
                                                         Grilled Steak Soft Tacos
Chicken Enchiladas “Suizas”                                  ree warm flour tortillas filled with
Soft corn tortillas filled with tinga chicken              marinated grilled fajita steak topped with
covered with a roasted tomato cream sauce,                lettuce, pico de gallo, chipotle cream sauce
baked with house cheese blend, topped with                and avocado 14.99
crispy tortillas, crumbled pasilla chile,
chopped onion and cilantro. 14.99                        Braised Short Ribs
                                                          Slow braised beef short ribs topped with creamy
Grilled Chicken Soft Tacos                                poblano peppers, toasted pumpkin seeds and
   ree warm flour tortillas filled with                     cotija cheese, served with a blackberry mole
marinated grilled chicken breast topped
                                                          sauce 18.99
with lettuce, pico de gallo, chipotle cream
sauce and avocado 12.99                                  Steak and Pineapple Tacos
                                                            ree soft corn tortillas topped with grilled
Ranchero Chicken                                          marinated fajita steak, pineapple, radish, cotija
Marinated grilled chicken breast served
                                                          cheese, cilantro and chipotle crema 12.99
over soft corn tortillas covered with
ranchero sauce, roasted poblano peppers
and cheese. Topped with crema, cojita
cheese and cilantro 13.99                               Maria’s Pepper Steak
                                                         Cracked black pepper crusted fajita steak with
Chicken Burrito Maria                                    a chile lime marinade, topped with roasted
Flour tortilla filled with grilled marinated              poblano peppers, grilled green onions and
chicken with red onions, roasted corn                    melted cheese. Served with guajillo rice and
and poblanos, black beans and house
                                                         your choice of beans 16.99 (spicy)
cheese blend. Topped with creamy
tomatillo-pasilla sauce 11.99                          Chile Relleno con Carnitas
                                                        Crispy battered poblanos stu ed with slow
Chicken Mole Tortilla Casserole                         braised pork, roasted red pepper and onions,
Layers of shredded chicken, sweet mole                  guajillo rice, black bean, crema and
and tortillas with roasted poblanos, corn,              habanero sauces 16.99 (spicy)
crema and cheese topped with piloncillo
tomatoes and roasted jalapeños 14.99                   Steak Burrito Maria
                                                        Flour tortilla filled with grilled fajita steak
                                                        with red onions, roasted corn and poblanos,
                                                        black beans and house cheese blend. Topped
Chicken Enchiladas                                      with creamy tomatillo-pasilla sauce 13.99 (spicy)
Soft corn tortillas filled with tinga chicken           Beef Enchiladas
covered with a roasted tomatillo-pasilla                Soft corn tortillas filled with tinga beef
sauce, topped with black beans, diced                   topped with a roasted tomatillo-pasilla sauce,
carrots, red onions, cilantro and cotija                black beans, diced carrots, red onions, cilantro
cheese 13.99 (spicy )                                   and cotija cheese 16.99 (spicy)

                           We welcome you to select your choice of beans:
                   Refried Black Beans, Black Beans with Orzo or Charro Beans

                      Complimentary tortillas served with all entrees upon request.
                          Your choice of flour, housemade corn tortillas, or both.
                      A service charge of 18% will be added for parties of 8 or more.

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