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              Gillmor Dedication
              Serious Fun ... Serious Faith
Spring 2005   Pushing for Change
   Dear Alumni and Friends:

   In April, as Lisette and I walked across campus following
   the memorable day of events to dedicate the new Paul E.
   Gillmor Science Hall, we began to talk about how special
   the day was in the life of the college. It was certainly
   a watershed moment, as we ceremonially opened the first
   new building on campus in this young century.

   Heidelberg College has a long and rich tradition of quality
   science programs. Many of our graduates are pre-eminent
   researchers and doctors. They have literally changed
   the world we live in. Dr. Theodor Kolobow, who invented
   the artificial lung, and Dr. Raul Cuero, a renowned
   researcher at Texas A&M, are good examples of Heidelberg
   science graduates who make a difference.

   Gillmor Science Hall now houses the nationally acclaimed Water Quality Laboratory
   and its National Center for Water Quality Research, as well as one of the nation’s
   outstanding archaeology programs, The Center for Historic and Military Archaeology.

   Yet, as Lisette and I continued our talk, we arrived at the conclusion that what really
   made the day special was that so many alumni and friends joined in the celebration.
   You returned in large numbers, some with children and grandchildren, to hear
   the inspiring words of Dr. Robert Ballard, who discovered the wreckage of the
   Titanic as it lay silent on the ocean floor. You presented research at the weekend
   Science Reunion, which was the same weekend as the dedication. And you joined
   the Gillmor family in the atrium of the beautiful facility for the formal dedication.

   Then Lisette looked at me and said, “Imagine how great the college could be
   if all of our alumni were involved.”

   How great, indeed! As we prepare for Alumni Weekend June 24-26, and move
   into the next academic year, many of us will be asking all of you to re-engage
   with the college. We need you to find a place in the life of your college. The “alumni
   experience” can be as powerful as the “student experience” was for you.

   There are many ways to re-connect with the college – serving on the Alumni Council,
   assisting with admissions, mentoring students, funding scholarships, supporting
   regional chapter development, and many more. Involvement is a message you will
   hear many times over in the coming months, for it can mean the difference between
   good and great.


                                                        Dr. F. Dominic Dottavio
                                in ide
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On the Cover: Junior Aleigh Adelsperger
of Tiffin and sophomore Ashleigh Fry in
front of College Hall.

                                                                                                     Vol. 37, No. 2
Serious Fun ... Serious Faith
Heidelberg’s new campus minister is already making an impact                                 by Kathleen Lawry

          The Gospel according to the Simpsons.” It may not       “God’s World,” which was a sermon in simple, second-grade
          be in the words of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, but     form. That’s not how Darryl remembers it, however.
          it sure breaks down barriers and opens up a spiritual        A senior in college, he went to his mother “like all good
conversation in a light-hearted and welcoming way.                boys do when they’re confused,” says Darryl, when he wasn’t
     With an office décor of Simpsons paraphernalia ranging        sure which direction to go in life. He went to church with his
from PEZ dispensers, Simpsons Clue, a Rubik’s Cube in the         mom for the first time since he was 10. It was there he heard,
shape of Homer’s head, three special parody “Rolling Stone”       for the first time outside the home, the words unconditional
covers and Burger King kids meal toys – of which he had           love, and felt welcomed to share love.
to eat about 35 to get all four – Heidelberg’s new campus              “In a moment, I went from a half-empty guy to a half-full
minister, Rev. Darryl Kistler, finds time to play.                 guy,” he explains. From that point, he has never looked back
     But don’t confuse playtime with a lack of seriousness        or questioned his calling. “It was as close as a big boom from
toward his faith. He may not take himself solemnly, but he        the sky as it gets for me.”
certainly takes his faith very seriously, while having as much         Whichever way he heard his call to servanthood, he
fun with it as possible.                                          knows that the UCC is his home and he couldn’t see himself
     An ordained United Church of Christ minister who came        anywhere else. “The UCC is awesome because we get together
from Miles City, Mont., in January, Darryl believes fun           and discuss current issues,” explains Darryl. Open discussion
activities and approaches help break down barriers. “It can       is primarily why he wanted to associate himself with the UCC.
be very intimidating to come and talk to a minister, especially        Enjoying an environment of free dialog was also key to
one that you don’t know,” he says.                                his becoming a part of the Heidelberg community. He likes
     Minister, reverend or chaplain are intimidating titles,      to delve into the gray areas of right and wrong instead of
especially for someone who is new on campus. That’s why           saying, “this is it.” He can take a stand on certain issues,
he prefers to be called Darryl.                                             but for the most part, he likes to explore that gray area.
     As mentor of the Newman Club, the Catholic                                      Furthermore, he believes open communication
student group on campus, Darryl kicks off the                                     about faith is an integral part of being on a college
spiritual conversations by showing an episode                                      campus. Darryl also wanted to be able to work
of the FOX hit show “The Simpsons.” Topical                                        with young people. “I have a window of
discussions that correlate to the episodes include                                 opportunity in which my energy level is high
prayer, morality, God, pluralism, the institutional                               enough and may appeal to young people, maybe
church and the Bible.                                                            good enough where I can have some impact
     He’s hoping his catchy methods help                                         there,” he says.
faculty and staff, but most importantly students,                                    Additionally, he hopes to transform the culture
understand there are absolutely no airs                                         on campus to ensure spirituality is an integrated
about him, his office or the Campus                                             part of the students’ experience and the campus life.
Ministry program.                                                                    Whether he’s using a potato chip analogy
     Darryl claims he heard his call                                         to help the campus community focus more when
to ministry at the age of 22 …                                               praying, giving out Jesus bobbleheads at the health
or did he? His parents are con-                                               fair as a way to meet and greet or using “The
vinced he received his calling in                                             Simpsons” to invoke spiritual conversation, Darryl’s
the second grade when he entered                                              creativity and enthusiasm are contagious. w
a poetry contest with a piece titled

 2 Bulletin
Rapid Fire
1) Favorite cuisine? Mexican.
2) Favorite CD at the moment? I have over 700 CDs,
    but REM’s “Automatic for the People” remains in the rotation
    the most.
3) Favorite vacation spot? Northern Scotland.
4) Favorite time of day? Morning, before daylight. I watch
    the sunrise every morning with a cup of coffee.
5) Elvis. Dead or alive? Alive and kickin’.
6) Favorite sport to watch? Baseball. There’s nothing like
    playoffs where every pitch matters.
7) Movie you couldn’t live without? Star Wars
8) Do you play an instrument? Guitar, but badly. I could have
    been a mean tambourine guy though.
9) Least favorite house chore? I love to clean, but would have
    to say pooper scooping the backyard — I have a saint bernard
    named Babooshka.
10) Person from your past you’d like to go back and talk to?
    My friend, Rob, a seminary buddy, who’s the first person
    I lost to HIV.
11) Your most overused phrase? I’m not gonna lie to ya.
12) Best feeling in the world? Being in love. Manifested best
    10 minutes before you’re about to see that person — the
    feeling of anticipation.
13) How many times did you fail your driver’s test?
    None, but I got a 70 which is the lowest passing score.
14) If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be?
    Mint chocolate chip, a sweeter variation of a classic.
15) Reality TV. Yes or no? No. But I watch way too much
    because of my girlfriend.
16) Favorite chip flavor? Salt & Vinegar, but not Lays
17) Last book you read? “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs”
18) What did you want to be when you grew up?
    Professional wrestler
19) Best advice you’ve ever received?
    I was called to preach the gospel.
    Whether anyone listens
    is not my job.
20) Best advice you’d
    give a young person?
    Use this college
    time to really
    connect with
    who you are
    instead of
    preparing for
    a job.
   A Constant Presence
   Vice President Jeannine Curns has been a part of many positive changes
                                                 by Angie Souders

H             ow time flies. There were student protests in the
              ’60s and ’70s, budget difficulties and layoffs in
              the ’80s, technology advancements in the ’90s, fires
              and new construction in the 21st century. One person
    has witnessed it all.
         This year, Jeannine Curns, vice president for adminis-
    tration, marked a milestone when she celebrated the 40th
    anniversary of her employment at Heidelberg – the longest
    current tenure of anyone at the college.
         She recalls being hand-picked at age 18 from her
    business classes at Tiffin Columbian High School and hired
    by then-Business Manager David Harkins, class of ’59, as his
    secretary and the cashier. “They needed someone who could
    take short hand and I could take 120 words per minute,”
    she remembers.
         Shorthand? Not any more. Much has changed over four
    decades. In fact, Jeannine initially had “no interest in staying
    at Heidelberg” to witness the changes. At the time, she was
    simply looking for a secretarial job. “My plan was to get
    married and have a family.” One year later, she did just that,
    while maintaining her 90-cent-per-hour job at Heidelberg.
         One year became five and five became 10. She was
    promoted to assistant controller and director of the physical
    plant, the only woman to serve in that capacity in the entire
    state at the time. She was again promoted to controller
    and then in the ’80s, she became vice president under then-
    President William Cassell.
         “At that point, I thought I might just stick around,”
    Jeannine says.
         Working for five presidential administrations (and two
    interims), she credits former President Les Fishel for giving
    her an opportunity for an administrative job. He was
    a good mentor.
         “Actually, all of the presidents for whom I’ve worked
    have been very, very supportive. They’ve challenged me,
    but they’ve given me support when I needed it,” she says.
         Today, as VP, Jeannine oversees the college’s budget,
    human resources, facilities, bookstore, accounts receivable
    and payable and food service. With a smaller staff, the
    Business Office does more with less, she says.
         Fueled by a different set of tasks each day, Jeannine
    reflects on the factors that have led to an evolution
    in her career.

                                                                            Jeannine Curns
4 Bulletin
She cites technological advances first, followed by –
and linked directly to – an expectation for immediate
responses to questions.
     She relies heavily on her Business Office staff
– Barb Gabel, Ronda Winkler, Kelli Brueggemeier
and Terri Weininger – all of whom have been with
her at least 20 years. Those four, and others, “are so
important to me,” she says.                                                         For a conference initiated to increase student
     Looking back, Jeannine says she never imagined                           interest and knowledge in academic research
she’d have the opportunity to get involved in some                            and scholarship, Pulitzer Prize winning reporters
of the projects on which she’s worked. “I wouldn’t have                       couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for the keynote
thought 40 years ago I would have been dealing with                           address at the 12th annual “Minds at Work” research
rebuilding residence halls and new science facilities.”                       conference held on February 17.
     There are undoubtedly more memorable moments in                                Michael D. Sallah, Mitch Weiss and Joe Mahr,
Jeannine’s Heidelberg future, as well as hitting golf balls                   reporters from “the Blade” in Toledo, received
and spending time with her four young granddaughters. w                       the investigative reporting prize for uncovering the
                                                                              atrocities of Tiger Force, an elite U.S. Army fighting
                                                                              unit accused of killing unarmed men, women and
                                                                              children during a seven-month rampage in Vietnam.
                                                                              “Research is the core of what we do,” says Sallah.
                                                                                    Sallah and Weiss provided in-depth information
Rapid Fire                                                                    about how the Army ignored the reporting of the
                                                                              alleged atrocities in their four-part series titled,
                                                                              “Buried Secrets, Brutal Truths.” w
1) The vehicle you were driving when you started
    working at Heidelberg? 1960 Chevrolet convertible
                                                                                            21 ST CENTURY WOMEN:
2) The vehicle you drive now? Mercury Mountaineer
3) The last movie you watched? “Huffalumps”
                              Saturday, April 2, 2005 • 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
4) Your favorite dessert? Cheesecake crème brulee
5) Reality TV, yes or no? Yes
6) Country music or oldies? Oldies                                                  Professional women successful in their fields
7) Your favorite season? Summer                                               and those looking to start their careers joined
8) The last book you read? Something by                                       for a first-of-its-kind conference at Heidelberg April 2.
    Danielle Steele                                                                 “21st Century Women: Finding Our Strides”
9) Your name as it appears on your birth certificate?                          focused on women’s professional development issues
    Jeanine                                                                   and featured several local women who shared their
10) Your nickname? Neener                                                     secrets for success.
11) Your birthplace? Antwerp, Belgium                                               Lisette Dottavio, wife of Heidelberg President
12) Any siblings? One sister, one brother                                     F. Dominic Dottavio, along with Heidelberg faculty
13) Any pets? No                                                              and staff members, began planning the conference after
14) Favorite ice cream flavor? Coffee                                          meeting with 40 women leaders from the Tiffin business
15) Favorite vacation destination? Hawaii                                     community. Mrs. Dottavio then began collaborating with
16) Letterman or Leno? Letterman                                              Andrea Domachowski, director of career development,
17) Balancing the budget or strategic planning?                               and Professor Linda Chudzinski, assistant professor
    Balancing the budget                                                      of communications, to start the program.
18) Snickers or Reese’s? Snickers                                             “We wanted a program that would help young women
19) Best advice you ever received?                                            develop leadership skills through practical learning
    From my dad: “If you think you can do it,                                 experiences,” said Mrs. Dottavio, who works as a CPA.
    you’ll be able to.”                                                             Dr. Bonnie (Shakley) Maitlen, ’72, was the
20) Best advice you’d give a college student?                                 keynote speaker. She is the senior vice president
    Take advantage of your opportunities.                                     of Lee Hecht Harrison, a global leader in the field.
                                                                                    Those at the conference also participated in two
                                                                              roundtable discussions that featured several local
                                                                              professional women. w
                                                                                                                                Bulletin 5
                                                                       lory days. While he’s remembering his, alumnus
                                                                       Bill Landess is helping create those same special
                                                                       memories for the college’s future student-athletes.
                                                                            Describing his career at Heidelberg as some
                                                         of the greatest years of his life, Landess, ’95, of Hudson, Ohio,
                                                         excelled both on the football field and in the classroom, even
                                                         taking advantage of the study-abroad program at Heidelberg
                                                         University in Germany. “I really feel like Heidelberg was
                                                         a foundation for any success that I’ve been blessed with at this
                                                         point in my life,” says Landess.
                                                              Finding his niche and establishing himself as a highly
                                                         successful CEO and owner of an insurance and financial services
                                                         company, Landess wanted to give back to his alma mater on
                                                         a scale larger than serving on the Alumni Council. Working side
                                                         by side with Athletic Director Jerry McDonald and Dr. William
                                                         Stepp, vice president of Institutional Advancement, Landess
                                                         and his wife, Staci, have initiated a fund for academic enrichment
                                                         and retention of student-athletes at Heidelberg.
                                                              The program intends to positively transform the impact
                                                         of athletics through initiatives for recruitment, retention,
                                                         academic enhancement and successful recognition of student-
                                                         athletes. “Every year we lose ‘x’ amount of kids and those kids
                                                         can go on to have a fantastic career, whether you’re talking
                                                         academia or athletics. If you start adding those kids, you’re
                                                         talking about a tremendous impact over a period of a decade
                                                         two,” says Landess. McDonald, Stepp and Landess agree the
                                                         program could have a tremendous long-term effect, not just for
                                                         the Athletic Department but the entire institution.
                                                              “We are very grateful to Bill for this gift that allows us to
                                                         look at some initiatives that formerly we couldn’t consider,”
                                                         says McDonald.
                                                              The fund was purposely set up in a flexible manner to
                                                         adapt to the changing needs of the department, the institution
                                                         and most importantly, the student-athletes. A review will
                                                         be conducted at the end of every academic year to make
                                                         adjustments as deemed necessary.
Foundation for Success                                        Still loving football but knowing it’s difficult to continue
                                                         playing after college, Landess hopes to help Heidelberg’s
Bill Landess is serious about helping student athletes   student-athletes make the best of their careers. w
                                 by Kathleen Lawry

                                                         Editors Note:
                                                         Bill’s mother, Sara Landess, passed away in April after a long
                                                         illness. The college community sends it condolences.

                         Bill Landess

6 Bulletin
Pushing for Change
     One alumnus turned his tragedy into a
      better future for the state’s children
                                          by Lisa Swickard

F          ebruary 23, 1998, began as a routine day. Larry
           and Jennifer Hall dressed their 5-month-old daughter,
           Madelyne, kissed her goodbye, then left her with
a woman down the street who provided day care in her home.
     They had no idea it was the last time they’d see their little
girl alive.
     Later that afternoon, Larry – a 1988 Heidelberg College
graduate – received a phone call at his office. The day care
provider told him Madelyne was being rushed to the hospital.
     Larry and Jennifer, who live in Twinsburg, Ohio, rushed
to be by their daughter’s side, but when they reached the
hospital, Madelyne was dead.
     “Madelyne had gone to this home only 15 times,”                                                                Madelyne Hall
Larry says. “The provider said she found her that afternoon
underneath the playpen mattress.”                                         Undaunted, Jerse reintroduced the bill. Hall testified before
     The day-care provider had come highly recommended.              legislative committees. But again, the bill stalled in 2002.
She’d cared for children in her home for 15 years. She was                “It was basically buried under a stack of bills to be signed
licensed, and her references were flawless.                           the last week of legislation, and there were other, huge bills
     An investigation revealed a different story.                    going through at the time,” Larry explains. “It just didn’t get
     She was arrested and eventually convicted of child              signed. At that point, I was heartbroken.”
endangerment, tampering with evidence and falsification                    But a Columbus Dispatch reporter heard Larry’s testimony,
of records. The sentencing was another “failure of justice,”         and wrote a three-part special report that exposed violations
Larry says.                                                          of safety standards in Ohio’s day care system as well as other
     “She got a slap on the wrist. She got no jail time.             children’s services.
She got probation, a fine, and she’s not allowed to watch                  After that, politicians took notice. In 2003, four bills –
 kids anymore.”                                                      including Jerse’s House Bill 11 – were introduced.
     For many distraught parents, that may have been the end              Another year passed. Eventually, House Bill 11 was
of a tragic story. But Larry Hall had other ideas.                   combined with Senate Bill 148, and on Dec. 8, 2004,
     “We had already decided none of our (future) kids were          the revamped House Bill 11 passed in the Senate. The House
ever going to be in child care again, but I have nieces              passed it December 14.
and nephews and they’re eventually going to have kids,”                   Larry was elated.
Larry says. “I decided I had to do something.”                            “When it passed in the Senate, it was like scoring a
     He researched Ohio laws governing in-home day care              touchdown, and when the House passed it, that was the extra
and was stunned by the lax regulations. Then Hall teamed             point that won the ballgame,” he explains.
with State Rep. Edward S. Jerse, D-Euclid, and the two began              Larry plans to continue his work for improved child
a painstaking, frustrating crusade for improved child care.          care regulation.
     In August 2000, Jerse introduced a bill as the “Madelyne             “You know, Madelyne is the story, and I’m just the
Hall-Matthew McConnell-Akin Stewart safe Day Care Act,               storyteller,” he says. “I’m just a father who pushes hard.”w
making it illegal for a day-care provider to misrepresent their
qualifications, the number of children supervised, or the
location of the care.                                                Lisa Swickard is a freelance writer, She is co-publisher
     “It passed the House, but it just didn’t get back to the        of ZIG ZAG Magazine.
Senate (before it recessed),” Larry recalls.
                                                                                                                             Bulletin 7
 Jim and
 and Melv
                 etz ’5
          in Pugh w
                        8 and ’70
         Nancy G h Jennifer Miller
                                           a ’70
                                  , Susann sota.
                                       in Sara

                                                                                President D
                                                                                with Mickey.

                                                                                                         It’s off to Disney they go!
                                                                                                        As part of the annual Concert Choir
                                                                                                        spring tour in March, the singers
                                                                                                        gave a performance at Disney World
                                                                                                        where they were greeted by none
                                                                                                        other than Mickey Mouse. A series
                                                                                                        of alumni gatherings also took place

                                                                                                        around the state.

   Front Row: Dave Dietric
                           h, ’97, Jim Getz, ’58, Mic
   Sarah Balas, ’98 Secon                             key Mouse,
                           d Row: Jackie Nielson,
   Sharon Reese, ’64, Nancy                          ’00, Jim Reese, ’64,
                               Getz, ’70, Shirely Oleson
   Jessica Maloney, ’03 Thi                               , ’94, Lee Martin,
                            rd Row: Bob Oleson, Pre
   Dottavio, Grant Cook, ’89                           sident Dominic
                             , Ben Sargent, ’03.

     Sa rah Balas (s
     Grubel, Mic

8 Bulletin
                     econd from
                 key, Adrea
                                left) w
                                        ith choir me
                                     o, Katie Pro
                                                     mbers (L to
                                                  fitt and Beth
                                                                 R) Kristen
                                                               any Brickne
                                                                                         Anita Can
                                                                                         and ’40 in

                                                                                                    field ’51 w
                                                                                                    Winter Pa
                                                                                                               ith Dr. Ferr
                                                                                                                            is and Do
                                                                                                                                      rothy Ohl
o    Commencement

                      2005 H
                                                                                  eidelberg and the graduating class of 2005 welcomed
                                                                                  entertainer and philanthropist Ed McMahon as the
                                                                                  commencement speaker May 15, 2005. During the 152nd

                                                                                  commencement, President F. Dominic Dottavio presented
                                                                                  diplomas to 56 graduate students and 206 undergraduates.
                                                                             McMahon, who peppered his address with stories about his life
                                                                             and about attainable goals, received an honorary degree, as did
                                                                             New Bremen, Ohio, businessman and community leader
                                                                             James Dicke II. w

                                                                                          New graduate
                                                                                   Christine Arm
                                                                                         Badik receive
                                                                                     a big hug fro
                                                                                                   m her
                                                                                      mom, Heidelb
                                                                                   education pro
                                                                                     Diane Armstro

                                                           a packed
                                   M cMahon a                about
                     peaker Ed                   ith passion
          Keynote s                m , talking w
                      Gymnasiu                     n.
          Seiberling                   nny Carso
                   with th e late Joh
          his life

                                                                                 .P  orada, a
                                                                      Kristine L                  atre arts
                                                                                       tion & the
                                                                      in co mmunica            s
                                                                                   , celebrate
                                                                       and music              e
                                                                                  her degre
                                                                        with her fr

     President F. Domini
                         c Dottavio
     prepares to presen
                        t an honorary
     doctorate to New Br
                         emen, Ohio,

    businessman and
    leader James Dick
                      e III.

                                jor Loren
                  Ph ysics ma             ded
                               ho’s hea
                     Smith, w               as
                                 ity of Tex                                                        Liz Kazungu
                to th e Univers graduate                                                          was selecte
                                                                                                                of Nairobi, K
                                                                                                                              enya, who
                        ntonio fo        ysics,                                                               d to deliver th
              at San A        edical ph om                                                        commencem                   e student
                 stud  y in m          ma fr
                                                                                                               ent address
                                                                                                                            , shares
                            his diplo                                                             a moment w
                 receives                       .                                                            ith Ed McMa
                                     t Dottavio                                                                             hon.
                                                                                                                                        Bulletin 9
A Man of Vision
                                         by Kathleen Lawry
          mitten with the idea of becoming an owner of a
          collie after reading a series of books about the dog,
          Walter Sutton, ’37, adopted several mixed breeds.
          The people assured him they were mostly collie.
                                                                                  “       The love and affection for P.M.
                                                                                          by so many made it clear to me
                                                                                          why Paul Gillmor has so faithfully
                                                                                          served the people of this
                                                                                          community in the Statehouse
                                                                                          and on capital Hill for 38 years:
     Embracing “mostly” collies was just the beginning of a                               P.M.’s values are Paul’s values,
life inspired by literature. Sutton would later become moved                              with family, community and

                                   by Professor Frederick
                                                                                          service to country ingrained
                                   Lemke while a student at
                                   Heidelberg. He stands out                              in his body, mind and spirit.
                                   in Sutton’s mind for his
                                                                                                           - President Dottavio
                                   engagement of ideas and

                                                                    A Friend Remembered
                                   his capacity to inspire his
                                   students with something
                                   of his own love of literature.

                                   Like the late Lemke, Sutton
                                   went on to spend his                       t was with heavy hearts that the college community
                                   entire academic career                     celebrated the dedication of Gillmor Science Hall
                                   at one institution, sharing                (pages 12-13) on April 16. Three days earlier,
                                   his own interests with                     P.M. Gillmor, father of the building’s namesake,
                   Walter Sutton decades of students.               Congressman Paul E. Gillmor, died at age 94.
     After graduation, Sutton pursued his master’s and                   “Dad really cared about Heidelberg. He would have loved
doctorate in English at The Ohio State University. Thereafter,      to have been here today,” the younger Gillmor said.
he found his home at Syracuse University. Originally hired               Hundreds of people attended P.M.’s funeral the day before
to assist in the development of a graduate program in English       the dedication. President F. Dominic Dottavio called it a
and American literature, Sutton specialized in American             “wonderful celebration of life.”
literature and 20th century American criticism. He earned                “P.M. was loved by so many, that Lisette and I count it all
the title full professor, while also serving as director            joy that we were brought into his very wide circle of friends,”
of Graduate Studies, chairperson of the department and              Dottavio said. “The love and affection for P.M. by so many
distinguished professor of humanities. Published numerous           made it clear to me why Paul Gillmor has so faithfully served
times, he also found time to edit for Norton Press, while           the people of this community in the Statehouse and on capital
raising a family, tackling home construction projects,              Hill for 38 years: P.M.’s values are Paul’s values, with family,
gardening and camping.                                              community and service to country ingrained in his body,
     Hoping to encourage current students drawn to and              mind and spirit.”
talented in the study of American and English literature,                The elder Gillmor, trustee emeritus of Heidelberg,
who themselves might wish one day to share their interests          was highly involved in the community. He established the
with future generations of students, Sutton has established         Paul M. Gillmor Trucking Co., which he sold in 1956 and later
a scholarship at Heidelberg with a donation of $200,000.            repurchased. He served as chairman of the board until age 75,
      Beginning this fall, the Walter E. Sutton Scholarship         when he turned his talents toward growing the Old Fort
will be awarded to a deserving student or students whose            Banking Co. He has served on the bank’s board since 1942.
major field of academic study is English, with preference            As president and chairman of the board, he expanded the bank
to be given to those pursuing the study of literature.              into seven towns and grew the assets 200-fold.
     “What was most inspiring about this gift was Walter                 He was a charter member and first president of the Old
Sutton’s reason for making it. His study of literature at           Fort Lions Club and had been active in scouting and other civic
Heidelberg moved him to study further, then share his love          initiatives. Countless community projects benefited from his
of the written word by teaching thousands of students over          generosity. He also had been active in the Republican Party.
the years,” says Jennifer Bacon Miller, director of legacy gifts.        He is survived by Paul E. and Karen Gillmor and their
“He wants to enable others to experience the same joy               three sons, Paul Michael, Adam and Connor; a daughter,
of scholarship that has so enriched his life – and those            L. Dianne Krumsee; grandchildren Linda, Julie and Daniel;
of his students.” w                                                 three great-grandchildren; a brother, Ralph, and sisters
                                                                    Margaret, Lola and Beatrice. w
10 Bulletin
Five trustees have pledged $2.5 million to create the
Trustees’ Challenge as incentive for contributions
to Gillmor, Bareis and Laird halls. They will match $1 for
every $2 pledged for the construction and renovation project
through August. Below, the trustees explain – in their own
words – why they chose to become involved in this initiative.
                                                                 Tony Paradiso, H’04

                                                                 “As a former business owner in
                                                                 Tiffin and Seneca County, I know
                                                                 first hand the value of having
                                                                 a higher education institution of
                                                                 Heidelberg’s stature as one of our
Gary Bryenton, ’61                                               community assets, and ways
                                                                 in which this college adds favorably
“Barbara and I are grateful for the                              to the quality of life through
educational foundation Heidelberg                                cultural, athletic and scholarly
College gave to us, and we continue                              offerings. Research conducted by science faculty, staff
to believe that our alma mater is                                and students at Heidelberg provide equally important
worthy of our support. Additionally,                             contributions to our world. I am committed to finding ways
I believe that it is incumbent upon                              to show my gratitude to the community in which my business
me as chairman of the Board of                                   thrived, and my participation in the Trustee Challenge
Trustees, to set an example, to lead                             is one way I can do that.”
my fellow board members, and to
challenge my fellow alumni to share our gifts to the best        Doug Stephan, ’68
of our ability. I believe that the Trustee Challenge is a good
way to involve many others in the college’s goals.”              “I have such strong feelings of
                                                                 affection for Heidelberg College
Gerald Edwards, ’72                                              and the years I spent there as a
                                                                 student. An internship I completed
“I accepted the Trustee Challenge                                at the local radio station while I was
first, because of my commitment                                   a student was my first professional
and love of Heidelberg for the quality                           experience in what would become a
education it provided me. Secondly,                              lifelong career in radio. The Trustee
and most important is because                                    Challenge is an important initiative
I clearly see what Heidelberg can                                to me because I want to ensure that future generations
become. That is a place that truly                               of Heidelberg students have the same opportunities I had
is a diverse institution, not just                               to explore career options through internships and other
in word, but a place that really does                            experiences during their college years. Heidelberg, like many
welcome and celebrate ALL people and seeks to fairly include     of our peer schools, adds to the margin of excellence
them in the Administration, Faculty, and Student Body.           of the student experience today as it did during my years
Heidelberg has a long way to go, but I believe accepting         through private gifts. Gifts are one of the means to insure
the Trustee Challenge moves the process forward for the          excellence in education.”

generations yet to come to Heidelberg.”

Sondra Libman, ’67

“In 1967, thoughts of who paid for
Brown or Seiberling or who donated

so my tuition bill was below actual
cost never entered my mind. As a
result of those donors, I received an
education beyond my buying power.
Now it is my turn. To pay back to
the school that gave me so much is
the greatest pleasure. In fact, giving
money to Heidelberg is fun. The capacity for both the giving
and the fun, I owe to Heidelberg. I happily pay that bill
knowing it will give others what Heidelberg has given to me.”
                                                                      In their own words
                                                                                                                     Bulletin 11
Gillmor Science Hall Dedication
O             ne of the greatest needs in higher education today
              is better science education, according to
              Congressman Paul E. Gillmor, who with his family
and the Heidelberg community, celebrated the dedication April
16 of the college’s new science facility which bears his name.
     “This building will not only help Heidelberg but it will
help with greater science education,” Gillmor said. “It’s
wonderful to be associated with something greater than
yourself.” The new facility, which opened in January, is home
to labs for biology and chemistry, the archaeology department
and the nationally recognized Water Quality Laboratory
and its National Center for Water Quality Research. Work
began in May on the second phase of the science project –
renovation of the aging Laird and Bareis halls.
                                                                                                          is sons,            .
     The dedication ceremony was the culmination of a day                                       or with h          rt Ballard
                                                                               an Pa ul E. Gillm nor, and Dr. Robe
                                                                            sm            nd Con
of events designed to celebrate the sciences. The college          Congres      l, Adam a
hosted a reunion and conference of science alumni                  Pau l Michae
and welcomed deep-sea explorer Robert Ballard of Titanic
fame as the keynote speaker.
     Words of praise rang out early and often for Gillmor’s
leadership role in the new science facility and the role
of the many donors upon whom the college places great value.
“Gillmor Hall would not have been possible without
the vision of Paul E. Gillmor and role he played in securing
funding for construction,” said Gary Bryenton, chairman
of the Board of Trustees.
     During a reception for donors, President F. Dominic
Dottavio said the opening of Gillmor Hall – the first completely
new facility at Heidelberg in 35 years – was something he has
eagerly anticipated since arriving on campus. “And now,
the reaction of the faculty and students and alumni has been
overwhelming, both in what they see and in what they sense.”
The new facility is a symbol of progress, he added. w

                                                                      President Dottavi
 Recent gradua                                                                          o presents Congr
               te Natalie John                                        Gillmor with a H                   essman
 and Joan and                  son with Dave                                           eidelberg chair.
              Ralph Talmage.                 and Peg Baker

12 Bulletin
 President D
             ottavio, Dr.
Congressm                 Ballard, Co
            an Regula                 ngressman
Board of Tru            and Gary B               Gillmor,
             stees. Both            ryenton, ch
honorary d                congressm             air of the
           octoral deg                en were pre
                       rees.                      sented

 Robert Ballard challenges area youth
 While meeting with area school children after the Gillmor Hall
 dedication, Dr. Ballard explains how he has one of the coolest
 jobs – getting to go nowhere anyone’s ever been before – but
 reminds the kids that they have to study math, science, geology,     Towering in
                                                                                    the backgro
 history and archaeology. “There are gobs of shipwrecks, some         Science Ha                und, the ne
                                                                                  ll is now ho              w Gillmor
 I have yet to figure out. There’s millions out there. Will you        of science               me to a ne
                                                                                 students.                w generati
 find the rest?” he asks.                                                                                             on

                                                                                                               tion by Dr.
                                                                                                a nd presenta
                                                                                    a luncheon       ll took plac
                                                                                                                  e in the
                                                            Ballard      Following        Gillmor Ha
                                                youth, Dr.                           n of
                              a talk with area            gton,          a dedicatio
                  Following                    f Pickerin                        g’s atrium.
                             h Lak  e Bauer o                            buildin
                  poses wit                        anic.
                                      l of the Tit
                  who bu  ilt a mode
                                                                                                                          Bulletin 13
Dr. Doug Collar (English) began his           “Look to this Day!” a composition for       Matt Palm (athletics) spoke at two
25th year of producing and hosting jazz       choir and piano by Dr. Doug McConnell       baseball coaches meetings in Ohio,
programming at WKAR-FM (Michigan              (music) was published by Gentry             Jan. 21 at the Ohio High School Baseball
State University Public Radio) in East        Publications as a new release in the        Coaches convention in Columbus on
Lansing. On Oct. 23, Doug was in East         Roger Wagner Choral Series. “Look to        “Pitching from Start to Start” and Feb. 27
Lansing for the fall fund-raiser on “Jazz     this Day!” recently won honorable           at the Columbus Area Coaches Meeting
Till Midnight” which follows “Prairie         mention in the 2004 Roger Wagner            on “Favorite Drills for Each Position.”
Home Companion” in the 8-midnight             Choral Competition.
slot on Saturday nights. Doug’s weekly                                                    Dr. G. Mike Pratt (anthropology) was
program is heard on the worldwide web         Dr. Mike Pratt (anthropology)               the featured speaker at the Toledo Area
at wkar.org.                                  presented a paper titled “Detecting the     Aboriginal Research Society meeting
                                              Battle of Fallen Timbers” at the Society    Feb. 10. A review of fieldwork done
Dr. David Bush (anthropology) had an          for Historical Archaeology’s 38th annual    at various archaeological sites by society
article published in the Fall 2004 issue of   conference on Historical and Underwater     members was Mike’s topic.
“The Skirmish Line: The Magazine of the       Archaeology in York, England, Jan. 5-10.
North-South Skirmish Association.” In                                                     Dr. Richard Cordell (chemistry)
the article, titled “Johnson’s Island Civil   Dr. Marc O’Reilly (political science)       continues to serve as a consultant for
War Military Prison: A Threatened Site,”      delivered a lecture, titled “Bittersweet:   Educational Testing Service and has
Dave reviews the nation’s preservation        The Creation of an American Empire in       recently been asked to write some
priorities and how they have adversely        the Persian Gulf since 1941” at Bowling     examination questions for the Chemistry
affected Johnson’s Island.                    Green State University on Jan. 25.          Graduate Record Examination and to
                                                                                          review some questions written by others.
Dr. Herb Steffy (education) is serving        Dr. Pam Faber (registrar) passed her        He also has been involved in writing
as a visitation team member for the Ohio      state licensure exam and is now a           and reviewing questions for the chemistry
Schools to Watch program. Herb was part       licensed professional counselor. She        PRAXIS exam.
of a team that visited four schools that      is working her next 3,000 hours under
qualified for on-site visits.                  supervision as a volunteer at Tiffin’s       Dr. Cindy Lepeley (Spanish) presented
                                              Family Counseling Service.                  a paper, “El mundo al reves de_Niebla_,”
Dr. Pete Richards (Water Quality Lab)                                                     at the Twentieth-Century Literature
was a speaker at the Lake Erie                Dr. Ken Krieger (WQL) recently re-          and Culture Conference at the University
Conservation Reserve Enhancement              viewed two manuscripts for European         of Louisville in February.
Program information meeting Jan. 12           journals, “Environmental Engineering
in Findlay. Pete addressed about 125          Science” in Great Britain and “Water, Air
people who are involved at the local level    and Soil Pollution” in the Netherlands.
in this major conservation program
in northwest Ohio.                            Heidelberg’s Music Department was
                                              well represented at the 2005 Ohio Music
Dr. Marc O’Reilly gave a talk on              Education Association conference.
international trade to the Tiffin Area         The Concert Choir, under the direction
League of Women Voters on Jan. 20             of Dr. Grant Cook, performed a piece
at Beeghly Library.                           by Dr. Doug McConnell, “Set Me as
                                              a Seal.” Dr. Barbara Specht, assisted
Dr. John Owen (music) guest-conducted         by students Sarah Clark, Sara Garing,
the collegiate honor band of the Ohio         Rosemary McGee and Heather Slotto,
Private College Instrumental Conductors       presented “Woodwinds In the Concert
Association Jan. 15-16 at Otterbein           and AE Band Literature.” Dr. Jeffrey
College. The honor band, with 102             Marlatt gave two presentations,
members, is comprised of outstanding          “Relating the Arts” and “Student
instrumental students from the                Teaching Perspectives.
member institutions.

14 Bulletin
Johnson’s Island display
       at Hayes Center

                  he Hayes Presidential Center
                  in Fremont is hosting an exhibit
                  of artifacts from Heidelberg
                  professor Dave Bush’s archaeological
     work on Johnson’s Island, the site of a Civil
     War Confederate military prison camp from
          “Civil War POWs: Excavating Johnson’s
     Island Prison” is a collection of about 500
     artifacts recovered from the site. Bush, often
     accompanied by Heidelberg students, has spent           Hogan recognized
     16 years conducting archaeological research
     on the island.
                                                             for research
          Personal items such as smoking pipes,
                                                               Dr. David Hogan, a history professor
     pocket knives and a gold watch provide clues        at Heidelberg since 1989, is the recipient of the
     to the identities of some of the 10,000 men held    2005 Distinguished Scholarship Award for Faculty.
     captive at the camp. The tale of daily life         The award was presented at a faculty symposium
     is revealed through such artifacts as stemware      in February.
     and chamber pots. A variety of products created           Hogan was nominated not for one particular
     from hard rubber are a testament to the craft       scholarly project, but rather for his body of
                                                         historical and cultural research. He is the author
     industry that made use of captive labor.
                                                         of “Selling ’Em by the Sack: White Castle
          The Hayes Center exhibit combines these        & the Creation of American Food,” which
     artifacts with prisoner diaries, letters, maps      chronicles the history of White Castle from
     and sketches as well as accounts and letters        its 1920 founding to its almost-cultlike status
     written by Union guards to tell the story of the    and its role in the development of the fast-food
     island and its wartime activity.                    industry. He has been featured on the History
          The exhibit is open through Oct. 3.            Channel and the Food Network.
                                                               Hogan, who was the 2004 recipient of the
                                                         Jane Frost Kalnow Professorship in the Humanities,
                                                         received his bachelor’s degree from State
                                                         University of New York at Fredonia, his master’s
                                                         degree from SUNY-Binghampton and his doctorate
                                                         from Carnegie Mellon University.

                                                                                                   Bulletin 15

Three ’Berg grapplers earned All-Conference honors at the       events throughout the season. Four records were shattered
OAC Tournament in Wilmington. Junior Mark Zimmerman was         at the OAC Indoor Championships. Sophomore Casey Adams
crowned OAC champion in the 149-pound weight class, after       earned All-OAC recognition with her third-place finish in the
having accomplished the same feat in 2003 in the 157 weight     400 meters in a time of 1:01.06, setting a new Heidelberg mark.
class. Freshman Nick Sanchez (141) and sophomore Tim            Adams also broke a 15-year-old school record in the 55-meter
Maxworthy (174) each placed second at the OAC Tournament.       hurdles earlier in the season with a time of 9.17.

Men’s Basketball                                                Men’s Track
Heidelberg post Ron Higgins was named to the 2005               The 4x200 relay team set the Heidelberg record twice this year,
All-OAC Men’s Basketball Team. Higgins earned honorable         with sophomores Steven Malone, Sam Sunseri, Justin Hatfield
mention and was just one of seven sophomores named              and freshman Justin Zuchowski with a time of 1:31.09.
to the team. Heidelberg shattered its old record for points     Malone took All-OAC honors in the 55-meter dash with a
in a game and field goals made in a 136-120 ’Berg triumph        third-place finish and time of 6.58 as well as in the 300-meter
over Marietta. The OAC record for combined points in a game,    dash where he finished third with a time of 36.14. Hatfield took
which stood for 35 seasons, was also blown away. The            All-OAC honors in the 400-meter dash, finishing second
combined 256 points easily surpassed the 234 mark set           with a time of 50.76.
by Kenyon and Wooster during the 1969-70 season.

Women’s Basketball
Senior guard Rachel Babione and freshman guard Amanda
Campbell were named to the 2005 All-OAC Women’s
                                                                Hit the links this summer
                                                                Join your friends on Friday July 29 at Westfield Country Club
Basketball Team. Babione ranked in the top 10 in the
                                                                for the Back to the Berg Golf Outing. Check out Heidleberg’s
conference in steals (2.46) and assists (2.58) per game.
                                                                web site for details or call Lesile Plouck in the Athletic office
Campbell finished sixth in the conference in scoring at 14.0
                                                                at 419-448-2020.
points per game, higher than any other freshman in the OAC.
Senior forward Holly Brodman earned a spot on the 2005

                                                                Hall of Fame date set
Academic All-OAC Team. In four seasons, she totaled 601
career points.

                                                                Mark your calendar now and plan to attend the Athletic Hall
Women’s Track                                                   of Fame dinner and reunion on Oct. 29. The event will
The Heidelberg women’s indoor track and field team had a         recognize the 20 years of the hall.
record-setting season. School records fell in seven different

16 Bulletin
                                                                          Athletic Review
A Great Role Model                                                        in Progress
’63 grad practices Golden Rule
     As a freshman in the fall of 1959, Richard Warren, ’63,                     bout half of the students who enroll
enrolled at Heidelberg to play football in the final season of                    at Heidelberg come with the intention
legendary coach Paul Hoernemann. It was there he met friend                      of participating in intercollegiate
and teammate Jim Drake, ’63. After his freshman year, Warren                     athletics. To ensure their athletic
(right in above photo) and two classmates, Tom Lurz and Sam           and academic experiences fit with the college’s
Schubert, moved in with Drake and his parents, Max and Marion,        strategic goals, the college has undertaken an
for the rest of their college days.                                   extensive review of all athletic programs.
     “It’s people like the Drakes who have that good influence         The eventual goal is to “define a successful
on you, which stays with you,” says Warren, now a common pleas        athletic program for Heidelberg,” said
judge in Allen County, Ohio. “We each had chores to do around         President F. Dominic Dottavio. “This is a
the house but they never charged us rent. They always felt an         very important part of the strategic goals
education was a worthy investment in a young man’s future.”           for the college.”
     Guided by the Drake family’s influence, Warren and his wife,
                                                                            The review also will look at how the
Ann, accepted a similar role when they took into their home
                                                                      athletic department supports the college’s
two Puerto Rican high school students, Sammy Villegas and
                                                                      mission, and the committee will recommend
Jonathon Rivera, both prep basketball players. Villegas and Rivera
came to Lima in 1999 to live with the Warrens – but only until        a plan for supporting a successful athletic program,
a permanent home could be found for them.                             which is defined by more than wins and losses,
     “Once they were in our home, we knew we wanted them              according to Dottavio. It takes into account the
to stay,” Warren says. Growing up on a family farm in northwest       student experience, retention, graduation rates
Ohio, family values were always stressed. And the Warrens tried       and the classroom experience, as well as athletes’
to instill those same values into their “adopted” sons.               involvement outside the classroom.
     While he graduated high school and enrolled at the University          The inclusive process began this semester
of Toledo, Villegas’ big dream remained – to one day play in the      when a core committee of administrators and
NBA. While encouraging his dream, Warren has encouraged               faculty members met with an external consultant.
Villegas to have a back-up plan – an education.                       A campus committee, appointed by the president,
      A sports management major with an international business        will be assisted by two external reviewers from
minor, Sammy is getting good grades at UT and catching the eye        conferences other than the Ohio Athletic Confer-
of pro scouts. He was the Mid-American Conference’s Freshman          ence. Data will be collected from current students
of the Year, breaking the school’s single-season record with          and other members of the campus community.
68 three-pointers.
                                                                            A final report is due during the end of the
     Villegas now spends most of his time on the UT campus,
                                                                      fall semester.
attending classes and playing basketball. He returns to Lima –
to the Warrens’ home – for holidays and other visits as his
schedule permits. The couple asked for only one thing in return for
taking in Villegas: that he one day do the same for another student
what the Warrens did for him, and what the Drakes had done
for Richard Warren. He wants the spirit of giving back to endure. w
                                                                                                                  Bulletin 17
ALUMNI lass Notes
                                                                                                   College faculty since 1968, serving as the
                                                                                                   Leach Professor of Christian Technology,
                                                                                                   chairman of the Humanities Division and
                                                                                                   campus minister.

                                                  and for 26 years with Point Place

                                                  UCC, also in Toledo. He retired in 1995.

George Friedley, Sheboygan, Wis., is busier
in retirement than during his working years.
                                                  1956                                             Tom Hogle, Avon, Ohio, retired Dec. 31
George was recently featured in a Sheboygan                                                        after 38 years at Eveready Battery. During
Press article about his involvement in Rotary,    Rev. Dr. Charles B. Grimm, Scottsville,          his career, he held a variety of positions,
the church choir and other community              N.Y., has been appointed by Gov. George          including quality engineering, quality
activities and hobbies. He is retired from        Pataki to serve as a member of the Board         assurance, plant and project management.
Associated Bank and Leverenz Shoe Co.             of Visitors of the Agricultural and Industrial   He worked in Ohio, Missouri, Vermont
                                                  School in New York.                              and Florida. Tom and his wife, Sally, ’68,
John Marty, Columbus, was a recent                                                                 and daughter, Lindsey, plan to remain in
recipient of The President’s Volunteer Service
Award, issued by the President’s Council
                                                  1957                                             the Cleveland area.

on Service and Civic Participation. The                                                            Elizabeth “Betty” George Prudden,
award recognizes the best in American spirit.     Judith Fisher Groman, Berea, Ohio, is a          Charlotte, N.C., is an international specialist
John is certainly a fitting winner, having         retired teacher of the deaf. She is associated   with Mann Travel & Cruises. She also
spent 25 years of volunteer literacy tutoring     with Global Volunteers, having taught in the     volunteers for the Mecklenberg County Parks
of mentally challenged ex-offenders at a          Cook Islands and Ostuni, Italy. She is a         and Recreation Department.
halfway house in Columbus and 10 years of         member of the Bethany Community School

volunteer construction of new homes with          Board and is a volunteer docent at the
the Greater Columbus Habitat for Humanity,        Cleveland Zoo.
for a total of 8,000-10,000 volunteer hours.
John reports, “I’m 81 years old and still                                                          Dale Lautensleger, West Alexandria, Ohio,
having a blast pounding nails.”                                                                    is a licensed social worker serving at a mental
                                                                                                   health facility in Darke County. For the past
Dr. Ernest Teagarden, Madison, S.D.,              A chance meeting at a national UCC church        15 years, he has worked as an adult community
was the recipient of the Herbert W. Blakely       gathering in Kansas City presented Donald        support provider for severely mentally disabled
Memorial Award at the 12th annual West            G. Duchow, Potter, Wis., with a miracle.         adults. He is an ordained UCC pastor.
River History Conference in November.             Suffering from Type II diabetes since 1979,
He was selected for his many contributions        Don’s kidney’s failed and he went on dialysis    Linda Vanderhooft Parker, Jackson
to local and regional history, his patriotism     in August 2002. At the conference, he met        Township, Ohio, is immediate past president
and furthering the concepts of good               a living unrelated kidney donor. Together,       of the Stark County Association of Realtors.
citizenship. Ernest is professor emeritus         the two have spoken about their story at the     She is a member of Leadership Stark County
at Dakota State University, where he was          National UCC convention, the Wisconsin           Class of 2001 and volunteers with the
a colleague of Professor Blakely. The two         conference in 2003 “and at any group that        Domestic Violence Project of Canton.
initiated the Dakota History Conference.          invites us.” In November, they attended a

                                                  celebration at the Mayo Clinic of the 3,000th

                                                  kidney transplant.

Ralph Herschberger, Burton, Ohio, retired
                                                  1961                                             Glenda Heter Beres, Norwalk, Ohio, was
                                                                                                   honored as a “Friend of Bellevue” in the fall.
from the Geauga County Engineer’s Office                                                            An elementary teacher for 35 years in
on Dec. 31, 2003. He had worked as a              John W. Porter, Washington, D.C., received       Bellevue City Schools, she has been
forester and served as a township trustee.        a community service award this fall from         responsible for raising the proficiency passing
                                                  the District of Columbia Neighborhood            averages of her students to 94 percent over

                                                  Advisory Council.                                the past six years.

Rev. John J. Rainey, Sebring, Fla., was the       1963                                             Dr. Peter I. Hartsock, Laytonsville, Md.,
                                                                                                   was a guest lecturer Oct. 6 at the Kennan
                                                                                                   Institute of the Woodrow Wilson
guest speaker at Grace UCC in Fostoria in
October to mark the church’s 125th anniversary.   Rev. David W. Lauer, Elkhart Lake, Wis.,         International Center for Scholars. He and
He has served churches in Elgin, Ill., Toledo     served as guest chaplain and opened the U.S.     three other presenters spoke on the topic
                                                  House of Representatives session June 2.         “Health and Demographics in Russia
                                                  David has been a member of the Lakeland
18 Bulletin
                                                  1975                                              1981
and the Consequences for Russian Society
and Policy.” The presentation was in
commemoration of the 75th birthday of
Murray Feshbach, senior scholar at the center.                                                      Cmdr. R. James Orr, Virginia Beach, Va.,
Pete is the director and research scientist                                                         is the new staff legal advisor to the NATO
officer of the National Institute on Drug                                                            Supreme Allied Command Transformation,
Abuse at the National Institutes of Health.                                                         out of Norfolk. SAT-C is responsible for all

                                                                                                    training, concept development and research
                                                                                                    development programs for NATO. James is
                                                                                                    primarily responsible for coordinating
                                                                                                    international and military law training
Steve Farnsworth, Akron, Ohio, received an                                                          programs for other NATO commands and
                                                  Jack Broz (left) with Mike Passerrello
exemplary leadership award from the Buckeye                                                         staffs. He is a member of the U.S. Navy.
Association of School Administrators. The         William “Jack” Broz Jr., Lorain, Ohio,
superintendent of the Brecksville-Broadview       and Mike Passerrello, ’01, Newark, Ohio,          Dennis Will, Sheffield Village, Ohio, won
Heights Schools, Steve is credited with           work together at Amherst Junior High              election as prosecutor for Lorain County.
developing a cost savings insurance consortium    School. Jack is a teacher/librarian and Mike      He had served as a police officer in Elyria
for Cleveland suburban school districts.          is the health teacher. Each nine weeks, they      for 25 years, retiring as a captain. In 1986,
                                                  team to do a project in the library where         he received his Juris Doctor degree from
David M. Harsh, Jacksonville, Fla.,               students plan a “vacation” in a less-developed    Cleveland State University. He had served as
recently retired after more than 30 years in      part of the world.                                the assistant county prosecutor for 11 years.
the financial services industry and has accepted

a call to be the regional manager for the God     Susan Quint Davis, Loveland, Ohio,
is Stillspeaking Initiative of the UCC.           is a member of the high school support
                                                  staff and a private tutor at Miami Valley

1972                                              Christian Academy.                                Robert Geib, Pleasanton, Calif., is vice
                                                                                                    president of enterprise solutions for
Katja Rall-Koepke, Oak Harbor, Ohio, is
the new vice president of general services
                                                                                                    TomorrowNow Inc., a third-party provider
                                                                                                    of software maintenance and support for
                                                                                                    PeopleSoft products. He is responsible
at Cedar Point Amusement Park. She                Doug Burdick, Conneaut, Ohio, is a member         for sales methodology, operations, training,
oversees the areas of human resources,            of Bridge Street Brass, a local brass ensemble    systems, processes, channels, recruiting
purchasing, linen services, wardrobe, security    that plays at local schools, senior centers and   and sales partnerships. He has more than
and safety. She has worked at Cedar Point         other community locations.                        17 years in the IT industry.
for three decades.

Holland Simmons Miller, Lilburn, Ga., was
recently named 2005 Teacher of the Year at
                                                  1978                                              1991
Lakeside High School in Atlanta. She teaches      Dr. Matthew G. Garoufalis, Naperville, Ill.,      Phyllis Soller, Marysville, Ohio, is the
analysis, algebra and calculus.                   a podiatric physician, was recently inducted      chairperson for the American Cancer
                                                  into the National Academies of Practice as        Society’s Relay for Life of Union County.
Jane Camerer Rowe, Parma, Ohio, began a           a Distinguished Practitioner. With practices      In her career as the director of operations
virtual office business in July 2003. The vir-     in Chicago and Hinsdale, Ill., he is board        of Milcrest Nursing Center, Phyllis works
tual office alleviates the very small business     certified by the American Board of Podiatric       with cancer patients and survivors. She was
from many everyday administrative tasks,          Surgery and the American Board of Podiatric       prompted to chair the Relay for Life by a
allowing them to pursue other goals.              Orthopedics and primary Podiatric Medicine,       nephew who survived a brain tumor at age 8.
                                                  of which he is a member of the board.
1974                                              Matt is a noted author and internationally        1992
                                                  known lecturer on topics dealing with
Mary Lou Unger Reiman, Massillon, Ohio,           surgery, diabetic foot and wound care, laser      Nancy Petruno McMinn, Alpharetta, Ga.,
has been teaching for 30 years.                   technology and practice management.               is the vice president of marketing for Boyer
                                                  He is involved in several podiatric residency-    Product Solutions. She is also owner/
                                                  teaching programs in the Chicago area.            managing partner of her own marketing
                                                                                                    consulting firm, The Reslan Group Inc. She
                                                  D. Anne Rickenbacher Millett, Branson,            and her husband, David, have a son, Blake.
                                                  Mo., recently played the part of Mrs.
                                                  Fezziwig at Silver Dollar City’s production
                                                  of “A Dickens Christmas Carol” in Branson.
                                                                                                                                      Bulletin 19
                                                                                               paralegal seminars and is an adjunct faculty
                                                                                               member of the Capital University Law
                                                                                               School Paralegal Program.
                                             Alicia Fogal, Cleveland, became licensed as
                                             a physical therapy assistant in August 2003.
                                             She has joined the physical rehab staff of        1997
                                             Kindred Hospital, a long-term acute care
                                             facility. Alicia previously worked for            Chase and Kristy Shanbrom Meyer, ’99,
                                             NovaCare Rehabilitation’s outpatient facility.    have returned to the states from Australia
                                                                                               and now live in Upper Arlington, Ohio.
                                             Kimberly Sarchione, Mount Pleasant, S.C.,         Kristy received her master’s degree in natural
                                             had her home featured in a cover story            resource management in October 2003.

                                             of Country Decorating Ideas, a national
                                             magazine. Kim also is performing with
                                             an improve troupe in Charleston called
                                             “Improv Smackdown.”
                                                                                               Brian Fawcett, Waterville, Ohio, has joined
McManus named
                                                                                               KeyBank as a relationship manager, based
                                                                                               in Sylvania. He earned a master’s degree in
to Westfield Board                                                                              organizational leadership from the University
                                             Ed Burns, Cincinnati, was ordained a priest       of Findlay.
Heidelberg Trustee Roger McManus, ’76,

of Westfield Center, Ohio, was recently       on May 22 in St. Peter in Chains Cathedral
elected to the board of directors of         in Cincinnati. He’s serving as associate pastor
Westfield Insurance.                          at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in
                                             Cincinnati. Cousins Jeff Scott, ’99, and
Roger serves as the president of Westfield    Brian Scott, ’04, attended Ed’s ordination.       Greg McMaster, Green Springs, Ohio,
Insurance, a leading regional insurance                                                        is the national sales person for treated fence
group. He has spent his entire insurance     John Engler, Liberty Center, Ohio, earned         products for Midwestern Wholesalers.
career with the company, beginning as                                                          His wife, Jennifer Alley, ’00, is the
                                             the Chartered Financial Consultant designation
a trainee following his graduation from                                                        administration and teaching director at
Heidelberg in 1976. Throughout his           from The American College. He is a financial
                                             associate with Thrivent Financial.                Christian Wee-Care Day Care and Preschool.
28-year career, he has held various                                                            They have a son, Grant Lee.
leadership positions within the company,
including executive vice president of
administration and senior vice president
of information systems, Westfield Life
                                             1996                                              20 10
and staff operations.                        Jackie Bivens Dieter, Fremont, Ohio, has
                                             been chosen to participate in the National        Michelle DiVito Huston, Tiffin, is the new
Roger currently serves as board director     Leadership Development program for higher         director of the Tiffin Teen Center. She earned
for the Insurance Information Institute,     education administrators and faculty.             her master’s degree in parks, recreation
board member of Westfield Financial Co.                                                         and tourism resources from West Virginia
                                             She is manager of procurement for Owens
and a member of the Medina County                                                              University. She serves as a tutor at Tiffin
University Task force. He earned his         Community College.
                                                                                               Middle School. She is married to Jeff Huston,
CPCU designation in 1983.                                                                      ’01, athletic trainer at Heidelberg.

                                                                                               2 02
“I look forward to working with our board
of directors as we carry on Westfield’s
commitment to service excellence and
build on our reputation as an industry
leader,” he said. “The accomplishments                                                         Kelly Hagenmaier, Fostoria, Ohio,
of this company create value for our                                                           was the guest speaker at a recent meeting
customers and many leading independent                                                         of the Toledo Area Aboriginal Research
insurance agents.”                           Katharine Essex (second from left)                Society. She presented “Public Archaeology
                                             Katharine Essex, Gahanna, Ohio, a paralegal       at Fort St. Joseph.” She spoke about the
In business for more than 157 years,                                                           history of the fort and a program she
Westfield Insurance provides commercial       at Hahn, Loeser and Parks LLP, received
                                             the second annual John W. McCormac Award          developed to help junior high students
and personal insurance and surety services                                                     and adults learn archaeological methods.
to customers in 27 states.                   for Outstanding Service to the Paralegal
                                             Profession. In addition to her membership         She is studying archaeology in graduate
                                             in national and statewide paralegal               school at Western Michigan University.
                                             associations, she is a frequent speaker at

20 Bulletin
2003                                                                                                 0
                                               Children’s Hospital of Akron in the
                                               Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory as the            20 1
                                               senior technologist. Robert is a senior
Registered nurse Donna McPeek, Sandusky,       medical technologist at the Children’s Hospital   Shannon Marie Decker married Thomas
Ohio, is the Nurse Manager of Skilled          of Akron. They reside in Mogadore, Ohio.          Jefferson Turner on Aug. 21, 2004.
Nursing and Rehabilitation at Firelands                                                          Shannon works as a third grade teacher
Regional Medical Center in Sandusky.

Ryan Wason, Tiffin, recently directed
                                               1996                                              at Ellis Elementary School and Thomas
                                                                                                 is employed at A. Schulman Inc. The couple
                                                                                                 resides in Bellevue, Ohio.
a series of one-acts at Calvert High School    Shannan Bowen married Steven Sopko on
                                               Oct. 19, 2002. Shannan works as a certified
in Tiffin. Students performed “Once Upon
a Beginning,” “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”
and “The Fifteen Minute Hamlet.”
                                               athletic trainer and Steve is employed as a
                                               second shift production supervisor at USG          0
                                                                                                 2 02
                                               Interiors. The couple resides in Elyria, Ohio.    Howard A. Brant married Melinda Dials
20   04                                        1998
                                                                                                 on Oct. 2, 2004. Howard is a training
                                                                                                 coordinator for Cintas and Melinda is a new
                                                                                                 model buyer for Honda. They reside in
Rachael Huffman, Lima, Ohio, has been                                                            Hilliard, Ohio.
inducted into the Manchester Who’s Who         Tricia Fischer married Tim Luck on Aug.
Executive and Professional Registry.           28, 2004. Alumni in the wedding were              Erin Nichole Comer married Jason Michael
She is a process quality control technician    Jennifer Kruse, Shelley Bird and Emily            Perry on Oct. 23, 2004. Erin is employed as a
of Fort Amanda Specialties.                    Ashba, all ’97. Tricia is a brand manager         kindergarten teacher at Fremont Sacred Heart
                                               for Birkenstock USA and Tim is a sales            and Jason works as an electrical engineer at
Angela Murphy has accepted a position as       manager for Recycled Greeting. They reside        Matrix Technologies in Maumee. The couple
event planner for Tech Data, a Fortune 500     in Penngrove, Calif.                              resides in Tiffin, Ohio.
company in Tampa, Fla.
                                               Laurie Hovater married Jason Meadows              Erik Schreck married Nicole Filibeck in
                                               on Nov. 27, 2004. Laurie works as WGAR-           August 2004. Erik is employed with Trihealth
Ryan Yocum, Plain City, Ohio, is the sports
                                               FM’s morning news personality and Jason is        as a fitness center manager for YWCA. The
editor for The Madison Press and its weekly
                                               a Parma foundry worker in the Marine Corps        couple resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.
newspapers, the Plain City Advocate, The
                                               Reserves. The couple resides in Parma, Ohio.
Mechanicsburg Telegram and the Mount
Sterling Tribune.                                                                                Tiffany Lynn Szabo married Dale Leslie
                                               Stacie Meeks married Darrell Black on May         Moore on Oct. 11, 2004. Tiffany is employed
                                               25, 2003. Alumni in the wedding included          by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer
William Yount, Galena, Ohio, has been          matron of honor Krista (Carr) Biondi, ’97,
commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S.                                                     District and Dale is employed by Trushel
                                               and maid of honor Jamie Caporini, ’97.            Excavating. They reside in Aurora, Ohio.
Army after successfully completing the Army    Stacie is a service coordinator for the

ROTC program.                                  Franklin County Board of MR/DD and
                                               Darrell works for Schneider National.

2005                                           The couple resides in Grove City, Ohio.

                                                                                                 David Hartley married Shawn Jividen on
                                                                                                 Feb. 14, 2005.
Jodi Naylor has accepted a position with
WCMH in Columbus in the station’s                                                                Julie Wagner married Eric Babcock on
engineering department. She works in the       Luke Zarges married Michelle Cree, ’00,
                                                                                                 Sept. 11, 2004. Alumni in the wedding were
control room as a camera person, technical     on May 26, 2001. Alumni in the wedding
                                                                                                 bridesmaids Julia Harr, ’03, and Corey
director and director of the news.             included bridesmaids Sara Collins, ’02,
                                                                                                 Saurer, ’03, and groomsman Brian Scott,
                                               Amanda Maxwell, ’00, Ken Keller, ’98
                                                                                                 ’04. Julie is a kindergarten teacher and Eric
                                               and groomsmen Tony Swanagan, ’02,
                                                                                                 works at Mullinex Ford. They reside in
ALUMNI eddings
                                               Eric Fellers, ’99, and Brian Rothrock, ’97.
     W                                         Alumni in attendance were Dave and
                                                                                                 Lakewood, Ohio.

                                               Heather (Zuro) Heller, ’95, Kirsten
                                               (Badden) Coffman, ’96, Pamela (Baker)
                                               Barrier, ’97, John Lahoski, ’98,
                                                                                                 20   04
                                               Scott Perhacs, ’98, Deanna Schubach, ’99,
                                                                                                 Amanda Baranovich married Sean Duffy
Lisa M. Wilkes married Robert Ruggles          Jeff Scott, ’99 and Matt Mapus, ’00. Luke
                                                                                                 on June 12, 2004. Amanda is attending
in March 2003. They are parents of Jenny       works for Hudson Fire and EMS and
                                                                                                 graduate school at Kent State University
Morgan Reynolds, 6, and Rachel Renee, 8        Michelle is employed with Springfield
months. Since 1999, Lisa has worked at the     Local Schools. They reside in Stow, Ohio.
                                                                                                                                   Bulletin 21
                                                1995                                            1937
and Sean works as a systems test analyst
for Notify Technology. They reside in
Salem, Ohio.
                                                Mr. and Mrs. David (Aimee Dieffenbacher)        Jack G. Murphy, Grand Rapids, Mich.,
Zac W. Reer married Lisa M. Gfell on July       Gilbert, Geneva, Ohio, a son, Tristen Judson,   died Nov. 29, 2004. While a student,
24, 2004. Zac is employed with the              born June 7, 2004.                              he participated in the Men’s Chorale Group,
Monroeville School District and Lisa works                                                      numerous plays and was head cheerleader.
at the Fisher-Titus Medical Center.             Mr. and Mrs. David (Carrie Steingass)           He worked for Warren Telephone Co. as
The couple resides in Monroeville, Ohio.        Hosack, Medina, Ohio, a daughter, Kendra        director of accounting. Jack enlisted in the
                                                Jane, born Dec. 8, 2004. She joins siblings     Army in 1943 and achieved the rank of
                                                Ruthanne, 4, and Derek, 2.                      warrant officer in the auditing department.
ALUMNIBirths                                                                                    During this time, he was awarded the

                                                1996                                            American Theatre Ribbon and Victory Medal.

                                                                                                After the war, he returned to the Warren
                                                                                                Telephone Co. before serving as an internal
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy (Kirsten Baden)             auditor for Transamerican Freight Lines, Inc.
                                                Coffman, Defiance, Ohio, a daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory (Beth Roth) Gerber,
                                                Aleigha Joelle, born Feb. 7, 2004.              He is survived by his wife, June; his
Richfield, Ohio, a son, Samuel Edward, born
                                                                                                children, Lynn Jennings and Richard; three

March 20, 2004. He joins siblings David, 7,
                                                                                                grandchildren; and a sister, Arlene Sterling.
Anna, 5, and Margaret, 2.

1990                                            Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Cindy Kempf) Suter,
                                                Bellville, Ohio, a son, Walker, born March
                                                22, 2004. He joins siblings Lauren, 3           Karl E. Sommerlatte, Indialantic, Fla., died
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Taylor, Lanham, Md.,
                                                and Riley, 2.                                   Jan. 24, 2005. He served as a Naval Officer
a son, Jack Ryberg, born Sept. 7, 2004.

                                                                                                in World War II as an American diplomat in

                                                                                                the Middle East and China. Karl was also in
                                                                                                charge of the American Embassy in Moscow
                                                                                                in the USSR during the late ’60s and ’70s.
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Chris ’01 (Pamela Fouts)           He later became the vice president of invest-
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Geduldig, Mentor, Ohio,
                                                Stratford, Pataskala, Ohio, a son, Maxwell      ments at Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. until his
a son, John “Jack” Brian, born Aug. 19, 2004.
                                                Christian, born Oct. 7, 2004.                   retirement a couple of years ago.
He joins sisters Elizabeth, 6; Anna, 4,

and Sara, 2.
                                                                                                He is survived by his wife, Kathryn
                                                                                                “Kay” Zartman, ’45; a son, Robert;
Mr. and Mrs. David (Nancy Petruno)
                                                                                                children Donald, ’75, and James Wilson and
McMinn, Alpharetta, Ga., a son,
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sooy, Old Fort, Ohio,      Mary Jo Zuccarello; one grandson and seven
Blake David, born July 7, 2004.
                                                a son, Clayton Michael, born Jan. 18, 2005.     step-grandchildren.

1993                                                                                            1947
Mr. and Mrs. Ed (Jennifer Plisky) Divish,       2000
Redondo Beach, Calif., a daughter, Nicole                                                       Margaret Bock Phillips, Berlin Heights,
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Greg (Jennifer Alley)
Catherine, born June 5, 2004.                                                                   Ohio, died Dec. 5, 2004. Following
                                                McMaster, Green Springs, Ohio, a son,
                                                Grant Lee, born Aug. 25, 2003.                  graduation, she taught home economics
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Joyce, Tiffin, Ohio,                                                           for two years, worked as home demonstration
a daughter Margaret “Maggie” Gayle,                                                             agent in Erie County for two years, then
born Dec. 13, 2004.                                                                             married and raised five children on the

Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Lisa M. Wilkes)            ALUMNIDeaths                                    family’s fruit farm. She served as church
                                                                                                organist for 52 years and was active in other

Ruggles, Mogadore, Ohio, a daughter,                                                            church activities.
Rachel Renee, born June 21, 2004. She joins
Jenny Morgan Reynolds, 6.                                                                       She is survived by sons William, Thomas,
                                                                                                Paul and Brad; a daughter, Barbara; five
                                                Dorothy Walther Flatter, Homewood,              grandchildren and a sister, Esther.
                                                Ill., died Nov. 2, 2004. She is survived by
                                                a daughter, Marilyn Mulling.

22 Bulletin
19  48
We have received word that Gladys Krueger           Beverly Craft Thoren, Mullica Township,
Burgess, Cleveland, died Dec. 30, 2004.             N.J., died Jan. 25, 2005. She had taught
                                                    fourth grade in the Mullica Township school
Kenneth J. Warren, Bothell, Wash.,                  system for 25 years, receiving the Teacher
died Oct. 24, 2004. He served in both the           of the Year award in 1987. She served
Marines and the Navy during World War II.           as co-chair of the Mullica Bicentennial
                                                    Committee in 1976 and had served as a Girl       Tamie Myers, ’85 (right), accepts award
Thereafter, he was employed in sales.
                                                    Scout leader. While at Heidelberg, she was       from Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (left).
Kenneth is survived by his wife, Lois,              a founding member of Delta Sigma Chi.
sons Pete and Lee and four grandsons.                                                                Sandusky, Ohio, Fire Department
                                                    She is survived by her husband, Daniel,          Battalion Chief Tamie Myers, class
We have received word of the death of Bess          ’66, a daughter, Caroline; a son, Matthew;
                                                                                                     of ’85, was recently successful in her
Wood, Berryville, Va. She is survived by her        a granddaughter; her mother, June; two
                                                    brothers, Steven and George; and many            bid to secure a 2004 Assistance to
daughter, Becky.                                                                                     Firefighters Grant for $258,671 for the
                                                    nieces and nephews.

                                                                                                     purchase of new self-contained breathing

                                                    1973                                             apparatus for the department.

                                                                                                     The grant program, administered by
We have received word of the death of               Shawn Kenney, Canal Fulton, Ohio, died
Marion Schaefer Taylor, Fort Myers,                 in November 2004. He was a lawyer in a           the Department of Homeland Security,
Fla., who died Jan. 15, 2005.                       private practice at the time of his death. He    distributes $750 million each year to
                                                    was Canal Fulton’s law director for 13 years     fire departments across the U.S. through

                                                    prior to winning the mayoral post in 2000.       a competitive application process.
                                                    From 1978-1983, Shawn was Ohio assistant         The federal share of $232,804 – the city
                                                    attorney general. In 1982-1983, he was also
                                                                                                     is required to provide a 10 percent match
Barbara Jo Evans, Akron, Ohio, died Nov.            assistant prosecutor for Massillon as well
22, 2004. She was employed by the Akron             as Canal Fulton.                                 of the total award – was presented to fire
Public School District for 24 years, specializing                                                    department administrators Sept. 1 by U.S.
in physical education and team coaching.            Shawn is survived by his companion, Connie;      Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo.
                                                    a brother, Kevin; a sister, Mara; and a niece.
She is survived by her brother, Alfred Evans,                                                        Myers reports the funds will be used to
and sister, Ellen Weber.
                                                                                                     purchase 38 new SCBA, a compressor/

1955                                                ALUMNIClass Notes Info                           cascade/fill station and accessories for
                                                                                                     the units. The department began receiving
                                                                                                     the new personal protective equipment
David Charles Hottman, Madison, Wis.,               Alumni news in this issue includes items
                                                                                                     in February and should receive all the
died Jan. 2, 2005. He retired in 1998               submitted through February 2005. All news
                                                    sent following that date will be published       units by August.
from the University of Wisconsin, Madison
School of Music after 32 years of teaching          in the summer issue.
voice and vocal literature. He then became                                                           Myers credits her Heidelberg liberal arts
professor emeritus of music. David was                                                               education “with providing me the research
active in more than 40 opera productions,                                                            and writing tools necessary to complete
the Madison Opera, “Opera Seen” — now                                                                the successful grant application.” She
opera for the young, the Capitol City Band,                                                          also pointed to English professor Dr. Ruth
church choir and the Wisconsin Chapter of
                                                                                                     Wahlstrom for sharpening her writing
the National Association of Teachers Singing.
In the mid-’60s, Nedra Thompson Gfell                                                                skills. “Ruth is as much responsible for
accompanied him in the Firelands Chorus                                                              the Sandusky Fire Department getting the
Christmas Concert.                                                                                   new SCBA as I am.”
                                                    For comments or questions regarding the
David is survived by his sister, Jean,              Alumni Class Notes section please call
and a niece and nephew.                             1.419.448.2028.

                                                                                                                                  Bulletin 23
              Alumni Directory Update                                  Re-engage with the Berg
                   By now, all alumni should have received                  Heidelberg alumni looking for a great way to get
              their questionnaire, either by mail or electronically,   involved with their alma mater have the opportunity to join
              to update information to be included in the 2005         one of three new regional alumni chapters.
              edition of the Heidelberg Alumni Directory.                   Three new chapters – in Columbus, Cincinnati and
                   To be included in the directory, updates will       Chicago – are attempting to get off the ground and are
              need to be received by mid-June, according to            receiving nurturing from the Office of Alumni Relations,
              Sarah Balas, director of Alumni Relations. Those         said Sarah Balas, director of Alumni Relations.
              who haven’t responded to the first questionnaire               Alumni leadership has been identified in each of the
              will be contacted by telephone, followed by post         three geographic areas, and alumni residing nearby should
              card and email reminders.                                be receiving phone calls soon. “We hope that when our
                   “We really encourage everyone to participate,”      alumni are called to action, they respond positively,” Balas
              Balas said. “This is a great way for Heidelberg          said. “The success of the chapters relies on the alumni in
              alumni to make links with each other and receive         those areas.”
              information about the college.” She noted that                Balas said the goal is for the chapters to serve as a
              only alumni who respond to the survey will be            resource in their areas for prospective students and recent
              included in the directory.                               graduates, as a support network for one another and as a
                   While the directory serves as an excellent          liaison between the alumni in those areas and the college.
              way for alumni to keep in touch with their                    “This is a great way to re-engage with Heidelberg
              classmates, information that is supplied through         and to stay involved with the life of the college,” Balas said.
              secure links also is used by the college to keep         “As alumni, we are all stakeholders in the college’s success.”
              alumni engaged with the college, Balas said.                  Once formed, each alumni chapter would plan its own
                   The directory, to be available in November,         social events and perhaps participate in service projects
              will index alumni alphabetically by name, career,        and educational events.
              class year and state of residence. Family and                 For those chapters just being formed, the following
              employment information, as well as contact               alumni are volunteering as leaders:
              information, is included. Those who reply after
              July 1 can’t be guaranteed inclusion in the book,            l Chicago – Cher Mruczek-Sharp, class of ’79
              Balas said.                                                  l Cincinnati – Torrance and Mandy
                   Alumni will be offered the opportunity                          (Spielvogle) Powell, classes of
              to order a directory when the publishing                             ’99 and ’00
                                                                           l Columbus – Rev. Ralph and Sue (Beggs)
              company calls. Costs are as follows: soft cover
              directory, $69.99; hard cover, $79.99; CD-ROM,                       Quell horst, classes of ’59 and ’60,
              $79.99; combination soft cover and CD-ROM,                           Kinsley Nyce, ’74, Missy (Harrison) Fazekas,
              $89.99; and combination hard cover and                               class of ’02, and Erin (Doran) Salzer,
              CD-ROM, $99.99.                                                      class of ’02 .

                                                                            Balas said she expects to initiate alumni chapters
              First Annual Thank-a-thon                                in the Buffalo-Rochester, N.Y., area, Washington, D.C.,
                                                                       and Cleveland in 2006.
                  In the weeks to come, loyal donors to
                                                                            Anyone who would like to get involved in their area
              Heidelberg will listen to their answering machine
                                                                       can call the Alumni Relations Office at (419) 448-2028
              and hear a young voice saying. “Thank you
                                                                       or email alumni@heidelberg.edu.
              for helping Heidelberg College give me a
              great education.”
                  Or perhaps the phone call will catch a donor
              at home between appointments, and they will find
              themselves talking with an enthusiastic Heidelberg
              student who will personally thank them for
                                                                       HELP US!
              their generosity. This is all part of the first annual        The Alumni Office is looking for addresses of several
              Heidelberg Fund Thank-a-thon organized to                alumni. Can you help us? For a list go to the alumni section
              thank alumni who contribute to The Berg.                 of the college’s web site.

24 Bulletin
                                             Sharp leads class in planned
                                             giving project
                                                  Outhouses burned. May queens reigned. Beanies were doffed
                                             as Heidelberg’s incoming Class of ’57 kow-towed to upperclassmen
                                             who showed how to become big men and women on campus.
                                                  Four decades later, the Class of ’57 shows it learned the
                                             lesson well. Inspired by Class President Dave Sharp, the Class
                                             of ’57, has taken the lead in a unique fundraising drive designed
                                             to support Heidelberg through planned giving.
                                                  Dave, a development officer for the Boy Scouts of America
                                             for more than four decades, challenged his classmates at their
                                             40th reunion in 1997. Knowing leaders should ask only that
                                             which they personally are willing to do, Dave and his wife,
                                             Deane, committed to leave Heidelberg a bequest of at least
                                             $10,000. He asked the Class of ’57 to join them in supporting

                                             Heidelberg through bequests and other planned gifts. Dave’s goal
                                             – designed to be realized by the time the class celebrates its 50th
                                             anniversary – would be the largest-ever class gift.
                                                  A year ago, Dave stepped up the pace. Armed with a career’s
                                             worth of knowledge about fundraising and a deep love
                                             of Heidelberg, he worked with Jennifer Bacon Miller, director
                                             of legacy gifts, to survey his classmates about their intentions.
                                             Dave’s letter featured one of his favorite quotes: “The two best
Way to go, Class of ’              54        times to plant a tree are 30 years ago and now.” He knows that
                                             commitments made now, in the form of bequests, charitable
      Heidelberg’s Class of ’54 has          trusts, gift annuities and other long-term arrangements, will help
a reason to be proud. The class raised       make Heidelberg’s future secure. Not surprisingly, his efforts
more than $30,000 for the restoration        already have borne fruit – which could bring the college more
of the Rickly Chapel windows and             than half a million dollars.
lighting that highlights the windows              A number of ’57 graduates already have responded with
at night. George Freeman, who chaired        inquiries or pledges. Those who gave written notice of their
the class’ fund-raising drive, reports the   finalized plans have been asked to join The Heidelberg Heritage
12th rehabilitated stained glass window      Society, which honors long-term donors to the college. “My
is in place on the second floor, along        years of experience in the public sector have taught me that no
with nine on the third floor. Eight of the    ‘not-for-profit’ organization will be able to continue to provide
window sashes also had to be replaced.       high-quality services in the future without a strong endowment
      The class purchased four dusk-         fund,” Dave said.
to-dawn lights for the second floor                Spurred on Dave’s enthusiasm, his classmates have become
facing Greenfield Street. Additionally,       leaders as well. His challenge to them has become their challenge
a dark background has been installed         to urge other classes to join the effort to ensure the ’Berg’s future.
beneath the plaque in the College Hall            In three years, the Class of ’57 will process into Alumni
entranceway across from Founders             Weekend behind their banner which proclaims “Forward Ever
Hall, making the narrative more              – Backward Never.” If their planned giving commitments
easily readable.                             continue to rise, the Class of ’57 may well take a huge step
      George says he hopes his class’s       forward by setting a record for a 50-year class gift unrivalled
fund-raising success will stand as an        in Heidelberg’s history.
example for future reunion classes to             Only one thing would make Dave Sharp happier: to see
follow, or better yet, surpass.              that record broken, year after year, providing Heidelberg with
                                             a strengthened endowment fund which is so vital to its future. w

                                                                                                           Bulletin 25
                                                                                       calendar of events
                                                                                           23      Heritage Society Dinner
                                                                                         24-26 Alumni Weekend
                                                                                           11      Athletes arrive
                                                                                          22 International students arrive
                                                                                          25 New Student assembly
                                                                                          29 Classes begin
                                                                                           16      Fellows Day
                                                                                           16      Alumni Weekend
                                                                                                   2006 Kickoff meeting
As part of the first Presidential Fellows seminar and retreat in April, Heidelberg
faculty gave presentations and answered questions about their fields during small
                                                                                           1     Homecoming
group presentations designed to give Fellows members an inside look at the                 2     Alumni Council meeting
quality learning environment their donations help provide. Here, anthropology              27-29 Board of Trustees meeting
professor Dr. David Bush (center) looks over material in the archaeology lab
with Dr. Ernest Hammel, ’62, and his wife, Martha Hertzer Hammel, ’63.

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