Dear Parents of Hart High Seniors,

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…The Yearbook of William S. Hart High School
24825 N. Newhall Ave., Newhall, CA. 91321

                                                            September 2009

Dear Parents of Hart High Seniors,

Welcome back to school! For your senior son or daughter this is the most
important year! It’s time for you to start thinking about senior tributes in
this year’s Tomahawk. What better way to honor your son/daughter for
four years of hard work than with a special message and picture
dedication? The senior tribute section has become an important keepsake
for Hart seniors, and we hope this year’s class continues that tradition. Due
to the increasing number of seniors and the limited number of pages in the
yearbook, we will no longer accept ads from students to other students or
from businesses and organizations. This section is reserved for only the
families of our seniors.

All tributes must be in the front office or delivered to C-1 by November 6
at 3 pm. We will not accept orders after this date or time. Also, due to
limited ad space, we cannot guarantee that any order received prior to the
deadline will fit in the book. We will accept ads on a first-come, first-
served basis. Please submit your orders as early as possible. The Hart High
Tomahawk thanks you, as will your son and daughter when he/she sees
the tribute.

Thanks for your support!

Tina Centoni
Yearbook Adviser

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