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					                                                                                        Spring 2010
Dear Cardiac Rehab Supporter,                              Welcome to Tony & Alan
Spring is at last starting to arrive and the Centre is
bustling with activity and open for over sixty hours per
week! Do pick up a new timetable of classes or look on
the website for times. As is often the case the weather
has certainly been a feature of the Cardiac Rehab
Centre‟s life over the months since the last newsletter.
Unfortunately we had to close the Centre for almost
three days in December and almost six days in January.
Many thanks to Sean Baddeley, Gill on reception‟s son,
for clearing the car park.
The worst is now over hopefully and classes can
continue uninterrupted!.

Phase IV Exercise
Phase IV (graduate) attendance is running at over          We welcome Tony Causton, who joined Cardiac
20,200 attendances per year. The Staywell Scheme           Rehab, as the new General Manager, on 1 February.
continues to grow and we have had to pace it‟s
introduction to ensure that classes are not overloaded.    Tony took over from Graham Webb at the end of
In the first year of it‟s operation we had eighty five     January. Our very great thanks go to Graham for all he
patients referred onto the scheme and there are further    has contributed to Cardiac Rehab over the last three
developments planned to increase the number from April     years. Graham has returned to running his own business
of this year which are detailed later in the newsletter.   with which we wish him every success.
                                                           Tony has had a varied career in education, industry and
Don’t forget – all the up to date news and                 running his own company and is a keen tennis and
                                                           squash player. Tony lives near Alton and is looking
forthcoming events are given on the website -              forward to working for Rehab in this exciting phase of it‟s                                    development.

            Floor Coverings Southern                       Alan Westall, Head of Fundraising, lives in Newton
                                                           Valence with his wife Linda, three children and a
           Are again sponsoring this edition of            menagerie of animals. Born in Cambridge, Alan moved
          Cardiac Rehab News – Many thanks!                to South London and was educated at Purley Grammar
    Run by Simon Jones, a Cardiac Rehab graduate,          School. In 1976 he set up Keelan Westall which, over
  Floor Coverings Southern‟s mobile showroom carries       the next 30 years grew to become one of the largest
   more than 3,000 samples direct to your door so that     property insurance brokers in the U.K.
      you can make the right choice in your home.
   Buy your coverings from them and they will make a       In 2006, he sold the business, at the same time
    £1 per square metre donation to Cardiac Rehab.         designing and building new homes for his family in
           See insert in Newsletter for details            Hampshire and Florida. Alan spent three happy and
          or contact Simon on 01256 842742.                fulfilling years as Trustee responsible for fundraising at
                                                           Naomi House Children's Hospice based near
    If you would like to sponsor Cardiac Rehab News        Winchester. Following discussions with the Trustees, he
     (circulation of 3,500) please contact the General     joined Basingstoke & Alton Cardiac Rehab in the
                                                           voluntary position of Head of Fundraising, which led to
                Manager on 01420 544794.                   the recent setting up of Friends of Cardiac Rehab, an
                                                           organisation devoted to fundraising for Cardiac Rehab.
                                                                                                       Spring 2010

Staywell Scheme Developments                               Tea Bar Celebration
At the end of January we received the very exciting        The volunteers who run the tea bar at Basingstoke‟s
news that we will receive some NHS funding for the         Magistrates Court, with profits coming back to Cardiac
Staywell scheme from April of this year. This will mean    Rehab, recently celebrated with a „Christmas‟ tea at the
that a group of Staywell undergraduates will receive       Red Lion Hotel in Basingstoke. Jackie and Peter Allen
assistance to fund their induction and the recommended     have managed the tea bar, on a purely voluntary basis,
two sessions a week over the first ten week period.        for last 24 and 17 years respectively. Very many thanks
The Staywell scheme is for local people who have not       to Jackie, Peter and all their team!
developed heart disease, but who are rated by their GP
as being at risk of doing so. The Staywell scheme is
designed to introduce these patients to a combination of
health education and exercise to improve their health
and well-being. The programme is all delivered in the
safe and friendly environment of our Cardiac Rehab
centre in Alton, supervised by well-qualified and
supportive staff.
If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining
please contact the centre or talk to your GP, who can
contact us, if required, on 01420 544794 for more

Fundraising News
Since the Autumn newsletter we have received very
many contributions from a wide range of organisations      2009 Cardiac Rehab Charity Lecture
and individuals. Covenants, which result in regular        Lord Armstrong of Ilminster, probably better known as
income to the charity and group and individual             Robert Armstrong, Margaret Thatcher‟s Cabinet
donations, of whatever amount, are always very much        Secretary, delivered last year‟s Lecture in October.
appreciated. Many thanks also to everyone who
sponsored Sandra Letford and Jan Osborne, two of our       Lord Armstrong, who became best known for his revival
instructors, in their athletic endeavours since our last   of the phrase “economical with the truth” in connection
newsletter.                                                with the Spycatcher affair, spent nearly half of his thirty-
                                                           eight year career in the public service, in senior positions
One off or regular donations to Cardiac Rehab              at the centre of Government, in close proximity to
The Charity has to raise in excess of £100,000 per year    Ministers from both the main political parties. He thus
in order to fund it‟s everyday expenses. One off and       had an unrivalled view of the workings of government.
regular donations are a very important and welcome
contributor towards this funding. If you would like to     For the large audience at The Maltings, Lord Armstrong
make a donation please contact Tony Causton, the           presented and answered questions with clinical
Charity‟s General Manager, on 01420 544794.                precision throwing more than a little light upon some of
                                                           the dark and mysterious corners of the corridors of
                                                           power. The rapt attention of the listeners testified to the
                                                           excellence of a fascinating and highly educational
         Instructors Sports Events - 2010
  Newsletter readers like to keep abreast of the events
    the Cardiac Rehab Instructors are undertaking.         Alton Heart Support Club
                                                           If you are a member of one of the classes at the Cardiac
       Sandra Letford is going to be as busy               Rehab Centre have you thought about joining our club?
                  as ever during 2010.                     A full range of events are arranged during the year
                 14 March - Duathlon                       including:
           16 May - Eton Sprint Triathlon                        Talks by members of the club and medical
          18 April - Winchester Triathlon                           professionals
           6 June - Blenheim Triathlon                           Monthly walks to places of interest
          11 July - Bananaman Triathlon                          Skittles evenings
     21 August - Orca Triathlon (the Big One!)                   Annual barbeque and Christmas party
   We wish Sandra every success and best wishes!                 Opportunities to talk informally and share
              Jan Osborne is running the
  Reading half marathon on 21 March 2010 and the           A friendly group that welcomes new members
    Great South 10 mile run on 23 October 2010.
 Donations or sponsorship to Cardiac Rehab in support      Details of events are on the notice board in the Cardiac
            of Jan would be very welcome.                  Rehab Centre
                    Good luck Jan!                         Ask for a membership form at Reception or call Kevin
                                                           Jones on 01420 87394
                                                                                                             Spring 2010

                                                                 Rehab Golf Society
                          Grand Summer Draw                      The Golf Society has a busy programme of ten events
                                                                 planned between March and November 2010. The
                      Wednesday 23 June 2010                     Society is primarily for past and present attendees of
                                                                 Cardiac Rehab, family members and close associates,
                       1 Prize: £500 Cash                        who want to spend a day out enjoying golf at one of the
       2     Prize: Windsor Castle Family Ticket                 many courses within the vicinity of Basingstoke and
              3 Prize: Forest Mere Spa Day                       Alton.
                   4 Prize: Dinner for Two                       During 2009 the Golf Society contributed approximately
                5 Prize: Beauty Treatment                        £4,000 to the Charity which was very much appreciated.
                                                                 If you are interested in joining, pick up a leaflet from the
  If you have been posted this newsletter a book of 10           Centre or contact Len Mills, the Secretary, on 01420
           tickets is enclosed at £1 per ticket.                 83989 or
      Please buy or sell as many as possible for us!
            More tickets available on request.                   100 Club
                                                                 Membership of the “100” Club gives you an opportunity
                                                                 to support the Charity with a minimum of effort and
Another date for your diary –                                    expense and a very good chance of winning a monthly
The Annual Rehab Lecture                                         prize. The outlay is £16 per year and there are monthly
Make sure you keep Thursday 14th October 2010 free               prizes ranging from £10-£100 with the number of prizes
for this year‟s outstanding speaker – Lord David Owen.           dependent on the size of the membership.
Lord Owen will discuss his new book, “In Sickness And
In Power- illness in heads of government during the last         Please pick up a joining form from reception and hand it
100 years”. Dr Owen will talk in fascinating detail and          back in or send to Alan Cook, 111 Southview Rise,
with deep knowledge about Heads of Government and                Alton, Hampshire GU34 2AR.
politicians. More information nearer the date – it will be
an enjoyable evening!                                            Cardiac Rehab Alton Shop
                                                                 Welcome to Gill Wells and Kevin Brown who have
Note this Autumn date in your diaries -                          recently joined as volunteers and many thanks to the
Race Night – 2010                                                staff and volunteers who made it through the bad
With the launch of the Friends of Cardiac Rehab the              weather in December and January in order to keep the
Race Night for 2010 has been postponed until the                 shop open. Other potential volunteers are always
                                                    th           welcome to drop into the shop to find out what is
autumn. The Race Night will take place on Friday 19
November 2010.                                                   involved. Easter raffle tickets will be on sale at the shop
                                                                 from 1 March with the draw taking place on Easter
                                                                 Saturday 3 April.
                 Events Calender for 2010
                                                                 Contact Details
 Saturday 10 April - Alton Town Collection                       Basingstoke & Alton Cardiac Rehabilitation Charity Ltd
                                                                 Cardiac Rehab Centre
 Wednesday 12 May - Centre Book Sale (cakes,tea)                 Chawton Park Road
 Saturday 12 June - Festival Place collection                    Hampshire
                                                                 GU34 1RQ
 Saturday 12 June Indian Music & Dance evening                   Telephone: 01420 544794
 Saturday 3 July – Sainsbury‟s Alton collection        
 Saturday 17 July - Friends Barn Dance                           Tony Causton General Manager
                                                                 Sally Turner Clinical Manager
 Wednesday 25 August - Lions/Rehab Golf day                      Denise Ellis Centre Manager
 Thursday 14 October - Cardiac Rehab Lecture night               Charity Shop
           th                                                    25 Market Street, Alton, Hampshire GU34 1HA
 Friday 19 November - Cardiac Rehab Race Night                   Telephone: 01420 543308
                          nd                                     Open: 10am – 4pm (Mon-Sat)
 Wednesday 22                  December - Grand Christmas Draw   Linda Phillips   Shop Manager