Darned Cute Bag #1026 Supply List by hcj


									Darned Cute Bag #1026 Supply List

Pattern: Darned Cute Bag #1026
1 to 2 charm packs or 48 squares 5” x 5”
Pink center squares for pieced blocks: ¼ Yard
Contrast Band & Bag Lining: ¾ Yard
Contrast Strap & Pockets: ½ Yard
Foam core or Timtex: 1 strip 14” x 5”
Pellon fusible interfacing: 1 ½ Yards
¾” wide rickrack trim: 1 ¼ Yards
Four 1” Decorative buttons
Three ½” buttons for front of bag
Heavy-duty sewing thread & embroidery needle for sewing on

I found an error on my pattern and advised the pattern maker.
She told me this has now been corrected. In case you have an
old pattern – on the first page of Cutting Directions it tells you
to cut STRAPS: cut 2 rectangles each of fusible interfacing and
fabric 3” x 24”. This should read 2” x 42”. Please make this
correction before cutting your pieces.

Prior to class follow the pattern Cutting Directions and cut out
all the items necessary for construction. If you wish to sew
your blocks together prior to class follow the block
construction directions and make your blocks.

Sewing Machine, rotary cutter, mat, ruler and necessary
sewing supplies

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