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					                                    Monroe High School

                            Hornet times
                                                                                                                          October 15, 2010

  Volume 2, issue 1

  The Hornet Times
                                     Same School: New Year, New Faces
                                     By: Marena Hernandez
                                              The good thing about coming to                           ami and Princeton and says he
          Mrs. Frye– Advisor         school after summer ends is that you get to                       likes it here better.
  Aaron Brewer—Associate Editor
                                     see new and old faces. This year we have                                    While growing up his
                                     three new teachers: Mrs. Warren, who                              favorite classes were science of
 Connor McEwen—Associate Editor      teaches physics and chemistry; Mr. Wil-                           course, and health class. He at-
                                     liams, who teaches environmental science,                         tended college at Bowling Green
                                     geo physics, and biology; and Mrs. Hart-                          in Kentucky. He believes he’s a
            Staff Writers:
                                     sough, who teaches parenting and career                           fun and goofy teacher. He’s also
             Jordan Abner            search.                                            not afraid to try new things and he likes to keep
                                                                                        it fresh.
              Ben Collom                                            Mrs. Warren has
            Trevor Deaton                                 taught at Miami University             Two things he’d like you to know is him
                                                          for two years. This is her    and his wife are expecting another baby and his
          Marena Hernandez
                                                          first high school and she     first born baby didn’t have a name for three
               Erik Lally                                 likes it here a lot better.   days. They called him Baby Williams.
             Beth McGuire                                 She loves high school kids.
                                                                                                               Mrs. Hartsough taught
             Taylor Moore                                     When she was in                         in Indiana for five years and Fair-
                                     high school her favorite subject was math,                       field High School for two. She
             Zach Oldfield
                                     while she hated history. She attended Mis-                       says she likes all the places
              Alex Patrick           souri State and majored in chemistry edu-                        equally, but likes it here a little
            Hannah Reece             cation. She considers herself a fun teacher,                     better because it’s smaller.
                                     but she’s also serious when needed. She
             Reegan Reece            believes that because she’s close in age to                                When she was in high
              Thea Curlis            us high schoolers, it makes her a better           school her favorite classes were science and cu-
                                     teacher.                                           linary class. She went to college at Ball State.
          Cameron Centers                                                               She sees herself as a fun and serious teacher
              Ryan Hayes                      She will not let any student give         because she likes to mix it up a lot. She’s very
                                     up because she knows they can do it. Two           patient and caring.
             Safa Shahwan
                                     things she would like you to know is she
                                     has really bad jokes and she loves her job.                 Two things she’d like you to know are
   Inside this issue:                                                                   she follows the rules and she has a yellow, con-
                                                Mr. Williams taught at Little Mi-       vertible bug.
Halloween Haunts               2

Theachers’ Spouses             3
                                    Never Forget this Year: Order A Yearbook
                                    By: Mrs. Mueller (guest writer)

Boys Verse Girls               4             Monroe High School is offering a great new way to purchase the best book-of-the-year,
                                    its 2011 Monocle yearbook.
Sports Legends                 6             On October 19 students will complete a yearbook order form at school. The forms will
                                    be sent to our yearbook printer, Jostens. A statement will arrive in the mail detailing the order
Weird Sports                   7    placed by the student. Parents will have the opportunity to add to or cancel any part of the or-
                                    der. This simple method will eliminate the need for students to bring money to the school and
                                    allow parents the opportunity to discuss purchase decisions with students at home. Yearbook
Jonas Hellburd                 8
                                    payments can be made through the mail, internet or by calling a toll-free service hotline. A

Thea Sees Ya                   10            This is the only opportunity to purchase a yearbook this year, so be sure you fill out the
                                    order form in home room and then watch your mailbox for your yearbook statement.
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 Local Halloween Haunts and Happenings
 By: Marena Hernandez

         Everyone knows that when             Terror, Voodoo Bayou, and the Middle- the Ohio River at the Newport on the
 October begins people want to get            town Haunted Trail. It costs $29.95 to Levee. The attraction is built on a real
 scared. They tend to go to places                                                    steamboat. It’s opened Sunday,
 that they hear about or see on TV.                                                   Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 pm
 Some people like to go where they’ve                                                 to 11 pm. Then on Friday and Satur-
 been before, or somewhere new. The                                                   days from 7 pm to 1 am. Its cost $16
 hauntings that I hear a lot about                                                    to get in. the attraction also has La-
 are Land of Illusions, USS Night-                                                    ser Rage included for an extra dollar!
 mare, and Springboro Haunted
 Hayride/ Black Bog. Hopefully eve-                                                                       Springboro Haunted Hayride
 ryone goes to at least one!                                                                    and Black Bog is a hayride and a
                                                                                                trail in the same place. The attrac-
          Land of Illusions is located
                                                                                                tion is located in Lebanon on Spring-
 on Thomas Road in Middletown.
 The park is open on Fridays and                                                                boro Road. Both attractions are on
 Saturdays from 8 pm to 2 am. Then                                                              Bull Run Farms. It costs $12 for the
 on Sundays it’s open from 8 pm to                                                              hayride, $10 for the Black Bog trial
 11 pm. The theme park consists of 5                                                            and $18 for both. It opens at dark
 different attractions and a dance                                                              and the ticket box closes at 11:30, but
 club called Club Zombie. The 5 at-           enter and do all the attractions.               they don’t stop until the last ticket
 tractions are 3-D Killer Klowns,
                                                                                              goes through.
 Dr.Psyco’s Haunted Estate, Temple of                  USS Nightmare is located on

  Fall Play Bound to be a Blast October: Pretty in Pink
  By: Safa Shahwan                                                               By: Safa Shahwan           (Continued on page 8)

         With the start of a new school year, spirit week, and homecom-                                                 Every three
ing behind us; a new school event has quickly taken their place. The fall                                     minutes a woman is
play has been all the talk in the past few weeks. Thespians will be per-                                      diagnosed with Breast
forming skits from the Carol Burnett show, a comedy show that aired                                           Cancer, one in eight
from 1967 to 1978. The skits in the show were often parodies, making                                          women will be diag-
fun of shows like “As the World Turns” and “Mama’s House” and has                                             nosed with Breast
won three Emmies. Here is what director, Mrs. Norsworthy had to say                                           Cancer at some point
about the show.                                                                                               in their lives, and
                                                                                                              about 39,840 women
What’s the Carol Burnett Show about?                                                                          are expected to die
                                                                                                              this year from Breast
        “It’s a bunch of skits, which aired in the 70s and actually
starred Carol Burnett.”

Have you ever watched it?                                                                            These statistics are painful,
                                                                                 difficult to hear, especially for women, but with
          “I watched reruns as a child, and I loved that show!”                  October being Breast Cancer Awareness month;
                                                                                 so much can be done
What made you choose this particular show to be our fall play?                   to help find a cure.
                                                                                 The National Mara-
       “I saw it on the front page of a catalog, and I thought that it’s
                                                                                 thon to Finish Breast
humor would attract people who don’t usually attend the fall play.”
                                                                                 Cancer holds many
Who got the lead role of Carol Burnett?                                          marathon fundrais-
                                                                                 ers, and will be held
         “Nikki Larkin, who is a senior, got the lead role of Carol Bur-         this year in Jackson-
nett. But the roles are all equally shared, no one gets all the attention,       ville, Florida on Feb-
it’s what makes it a really interesting show.”                                   ruary 13, 2011.
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Monroe Teachers’ Other (Better?!?) Half
By: Alex Patrick

                                                       MATT                                        AARON
                                          Spouse: Mrs. Frye                                Spouse: Mrs. Ames
                                          Years Married: 1 year and 3                      Years Married: 10
                                                                                            Job: Captain in the Na-
                                          Job: Youth Pastor and Wor-
                                                                                             tional Guard, and Finan-
                                           ship Arts Director                                cial Planner
                                          Couple’s Favorite Hobby: play-                   Couple’s Favorite Hobby:
                                           ing games                                         gourmet cooking


                                     Spouse: Mr. Williams                                    COURTNEY
                                     Years Married: 2+ years                         Spouse: Mr. Ward
                                     Job: Teacher/Mommy                              Years Married: 6
                                     Favorite Hobby as a Couple:                     Job: Teacher
                                      spend time with their son
                                                                                      Favorite Hobby as a Couple:
                                  (Mr. Williams was out for the birth of
                                                                                       working out and staying fit
                                  his baby...some answers were filled in
                                  for him)

                                              Spouse: Mrs. Fenech
                                                                                          Spouse: Mrs. Earley
                                              Years Married: just
                                               over 2 years                               Years Married: 20

                                              Job: Fireman/EMT                           Job: Director of Marketing
                                                                                           for Pepsi
                                              Favorite Hobby as a
                                               Couple: going to the                       Favorite Hobby as a Couple:
                                               zoo                                         traveling and vacations!

 Helpful Hints for Helping Others
 By: Thea Curlis

           In need of service hours and don’t know where to go or what to do? Well there are a lot of service opportunities
  in your community that you can take advantage of. The Hope House in Middletown is always accepting volunteers to
  help the homeless by serving food and volunteering your time in any way to help them. To contact them call 513-424-
  HOPE. Another way to get good service ideas is by going to They find volunteering opportunities
  close to Monroe and help you by just giving ideas of other things you can do. On top of all that you can also do other
  things like babysitting, raking leaves, mowing lawns, and volunteering at your church. And for all you NHS members,
  there are meetings the first Tuesday of every month where there will be more opportunities for service hours given by
  Mrs. Hammond and Ms. McNaughton. So don’t wait until the last minute to serve for the better of your community,
  start volunteering today!
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  Cool, Creative, and Clever Costumes
  By: Taylor Moore

         Since Halloween is coming soon, I thought it would be fun to have people think back on their favorite cos-
 tume. I went around asking students and teachers, and got a lot of different answers. I asked a student in each
 grade level and two teachers. Let’s see what their favorite costumes of all time are!

BEN COLLOM               MEGAN                MRS. GREEN                     LAUREN         ALLI              Mr. Farrish
  (senior)              McMURRY                (teacher)                     WEAVER      SHERRON               (teacher)
                       (sophomore)                                           (junior)    (freshman)
  “I was a ninja                             “I loved Wonder                                               “I was a mummy
every year until I   “Cinderella in sec-       Woman and               “I was Minnie    “When I dressed     when I was 28
was 9 years old.”    ond grade was my        dressed like her          Mouse in 7th      up as Barbie in   and scared trick-
                     favorite costume.”      when I was 10.”               grade.”       second grade.”       or-treaters.”

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
By: Thea Curlis                            (Continued on page 8)

         It’s a constant debate, who is better men or women? We have
been assigned gender roles since before we were even old enough to
know the difference between boys and girls. The Hornet Times de-
cided to put it all to the test. We put one male, senior Connor McE-
wen, and one female junior Reegan Reece through a series of tests to
see which gender ultimately reigned supreme. Here are the results:

1. Most foul shots made out of 10
   WINNER: REEGAN (5/10) to Connor’s 3/10

2. Longest Hula Hoop

3. First 3-point shot made

4. Most soccer shots made out of 5
   WINNER: CONNOR (3/5) to Reegan’s 2/5

5. Best out of 3 pictures drawn (judged by
   the class)
   WINNER: REEGAN (2 out of 3)
   Reegan won drawing a dog and a birthday
   cake, Connor won the haunted house
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Call of Duty: Black Ops will Bust Yo’ Chops
By: Zach Oldfield

         The big talk for all the gam-             Do you want to be the speed       perks including extra bullet damage
ers here at Monroe lately has been         guy who sprints all around the level,     or steady aim.
the release of the new COD: Black          ducking in and out of cover and leav-
Ops. Call of Duty has                                          ing foes behind?              Not only are the customiza-
been rated the num-                                            How about the         tions to your character going to be
ber one first person                                           explosives expert,    better along with perks, but you will
shooter game for two                                           launching gre-        have better killstreak rewards in
years in a row and                                             nades and rockets     Black Ops, notably the remote control
will most likely con-                                          at the enemy? Per-    car. that can be driven around the
tinue it’s legacy with                                         haps you are a        map and when an enemy is seen, trig-
Black Ops.                                                     stealthy sniper,      ger the explosion of the car for the
                                                               picking off the op-   kill.
        The major                                              ponent from be-
focus of Black Ops' multi-player sys-                                                    The Call of Duty series contin-
                                           hind a bush or up on a roof.          ues to amaze with each new release,
tem is customization, which is why I
think it will be one of the best Call of           Modern Warfare helped intro- and Black Ops looks very capable of
Duties yet. COD has done nothing           duce the concept of perks and classes continuing the strong tradition when
but become more advanced with the          to players. You can add different     it releases November 9th in the U.S.
different modifications you are now        physical perks, such as extra running The game hasn't been rated yet, but it
able to do.                                distance and more health, and weapon will likely be rated "M" for Mature.

Look Good, Drive Safe, and Trust Your Ideal First Car
By: Cameron Centers

         I know that most kids want a car that is new, fast, and hot. But the reality is,
parents aren’t going to give in most of the time. Most parents want something that is
safe, reliable, and cheap. The car you want to look for is something in between those op-
tions. An ideal first car for me is something that looks sporty, is well priced, and is af-
fordable for insurance, gas, and other things. The best choice for anyone’s first car would
have to be a Honda Civic. They have a good reputation for running a long time on mile-
age. It also has very good mpg. It’s not considered a sports car so it is cheap on insurance
but can be modified easily, whether its rims, body kit, stereo system, etc. There are end-
less possibilities. Since a Honda Civic is such a common car, getting it repaired or getting parts can be easy and
cheap because Honda parts are in such high demand. If a Honda Civic isn’t really for you then I would recommend
looking around at other makes such as Toyota, Acura, and Ford.

  Trick-or-Treat: How Old is Too Old to Get Free Candy
  By: Connor McEwen

                                     Everyone loves to get free candy and dress up like an idiot without being judged.
                            The problem is that this only happens one night a year, also people put an age limit on this
                            thing! I agree with this, but it needs flexibility. I say you can trick-or-treat until you are
                            nineteen years old. After that it’s off limits. UNTIL you have your own kids to take out on
                            Halloween night, OR you become a senior citizen for a few years. Who doesn't love seeing
                            an older person dressed up and ready to party?! Well now you know the rules! Have fun and
                            don't take candy from little kids! Seriously that’s not cool...=)
PAGE 6                                                                                                        V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 1
                                                        HO R NE T T I ME S


 Hornets Fall Athletes Start 2010-2011 Out Right
 By: Jordan Abner                                                              (Continued on Page 7)

Monroe Girls are Volley Ballin’ Golf Team: Raising the Bar and
The Monroe girls volleyball team is Staying Under Par
having a great year this year. They
                                                             This past Thursday the golf team’s magnificent season unfor-
have sported a solid 10-7 record this
                                                             tunately came to an end. The team was eliminated in Dis-
year and have shown great improve-
                                                             tricts but they still had a great season. The Hornets placed
ment. It appears that first year coach
                                                             second in league play and breezed through sectionals against
Stephanie Stenger has brought in a
                                                             stiff competition. I sat down with one of
new era of winning to the volleyball
                                                             the team’s leading scorers, Dakota Fisher, and put him on the
program. I sat down with one of our
                                                             hot seat.
beloved seniors, Beth McGuire and
                                         Beth McGuire
discussed the team.                                          Q: How was your season as a whole?
Q: What was your favorite game this year?                    A: Good, we improved a lot.
A: Valley View, they’re really tough                         Q: How do you think next year will go?
Q: What is your favorite high school volleyball mem-         A: We’re going to miss our seniors,
ory?                                                         we’re returning 4 varsity players .
A: Winning the Franklin Tournament                           Q: How do you think you’ll do as an
                                                                                                       Dakota Fisher
                                                             individual next year?
Q: What do you think of the new coach?
                                                             A: I’m giving up summer baseball to practice golf in the sum-
A: She’s really fun and pushes us to succeed.
                                                             mer so I should improve. I hope to make districts again, and
                                                             hopefully state.

Sports All-Stars Before They Were Legends
By: Erik Lally                                                                (Continued on Page 7)

                             Adam Dunn- Adam Dunn was born in Porter, a small town in Texas. Almost all of his
                    relatives live off of Dunn Lane in Porter. He worked from the time he got off of school until it was
                    too dark to see outside. Yet, he was still an all-star quarterback and the 1st basemen at the high
                    school. Standing close to 6’ 5” weighing well over 200 pounds he ran a sub 4.5 40 yard dash. Eve-
                    ryone expected him to play professional football, but instead he played professional baseball in the
                    spring, and played for Texas football in the fall. In 1999 he ended his football career to further his
                    skills in baseball. Since then he has played for 3 teams, hit 354 home runs, 880 RBI’s, 990 walks,
                    and had 1632 strikeouts.

                    Michael Jordan- Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York. When he was very young he
                    and his family moved down to Wilmington, North Carolina. As a sophomore he didn’t even make
                    his high school basketball team. He worked hard and throughout the remainder of his high school
                    career was the star. After high school he went the University of North Carolina to play for Coach
                    Dean Smith. He then played 9 seasons with the Chicago Bulls in the NBA before and early retire-
                    ment. Through the 94-95 baseball season he played for the minor league Birmingham Barons. He
                    quickly realized baseball was not his thing, so he went back to the NBA and played another 5 sea-
                    sons. Then he retired. Again. Then He decided to come back and play one more season with the
                    Washington Wizards before he retired for good. At the end of his career he had 32,292 points,
                    2,514 steals, and 5,633 assists.
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 The Wonderful World of (Really Weird) Sports
 By: Ben Collom

         If you thought rugby or cricket was a weird sport,           in 1976, in Derbyshire, UK. Two contestants lock toes to-
wait until you read about these crazy competitions from all           gether and try to force the other’s foot to the ground. In
over the planet.                                                      1997, the organizers tried to make it an Olympic sport.
                                                                      However, they were unsuccessful.
Wife Carrying is an actual sport,                                                  Octopush, aka Underwater Hockey. This is a
that originated in Finland, where a                                                serious sport that is just like Hockey, only it’s
man carries a female teammate in a                                                 completely underwater. Same rules, same pen-
race against other couples. A series of                                            alties. The players just can’t breathe.
obstacles must be overcome in the
fastest time in order to win. Both                                                 Cheese Rolling: Who’s faster, you or the
Michigan and Wisconsin hold major                                                  cheese? This simple sport starts out at the top
wife carrying competitions.                                                        of a hill. Just you, other competitors, and a
                                                                                   cheese wheel. The wheel is rolled down the hill
Bog Snorkeling is a race where com-                                                and everyone chases after it. One rule: first one
petitors swim through murky                                                        across the finish line wins. This would be a lit-
trenches. They must wear snorkels                                                  tle easier if the cheese didn’t reach speeds of up
and flippers and they can only swim by kicking their feet;            to 112 km/h. Oh, and the winner gets to keep the cheese.
any other swimming techniques result in disqualification.
                                                                      If you think you have what it takes to challenge people
Toe Wrestling. Think of arm wrestling, but with your                  around the world in some strange sports, you better get to
feet. This once popular children’s activity is now a profes-          work because people train all of their lives for this.
sional sport. The World Toe Wrestling Competition began

Sports All-Stars: Before They Were Legends Continued
By: Erik Lally                                                                     (Continued from Page 6)

                                           Michael Oher- Michael Oher was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He is one of 13
                                  children. During his first 9 years of being a student he went to 11 different schools. He
                                  went from foster home to foster home with periods of homelessness in between. While liv-
                                  ing with a friend he was enrolled in Briarcrest Christian School and eventually adopted by
                                  the Tuohy family. He went on to earn varsity letters in football, basketball, and track. He
                                  then went and played football at Ole Miss though he received offers from many other col-
                                  leges. It went on to become the topic for NCAA investigations. He now plays for the Balti-
                                  more Ravens as a starting Offensive Lineman. You can see all of this story plus more in
                                  the award winning movie The Blind Side.

 Monroe Hornets Fall Athletes Continued
 By: Connor McEwen                                                                  (Continued from Page 6)

 Girls’ Tennis Team Swings Their                                     A: I did my best but I played some
                                                                     really good girls.
 Way to Sectionals                                                   Q: How did the year go?
 Last Thursday our very own girls tennis team made sec-
                                                                     A: I think we improved throughout
 tionals. Although they were eliminated, they still had a
                                                                     the year.
 very successful season. I sat down with one of the tennis
 players, sophomore, Felicia Schadwick.                              Q: What are your expectations for
                                                                     next year?
                                                                                                                Felicia Shadwick
 Q: How did you do in sectionals?
                                                                     A: I aim to improve and advance further into sectionals.
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                                                                          Pretty in Pink Continued
Boys Verse Girls Continued                                                By: Safa Shahwan
                                                                                                     (Continued from Page 2)
By: Thea Curlis                 (Continued from Page 4)

                                                                                              There are also many mara-
6. Longest to balance standing on a book, on
                                                                                              thons and fundraisers in our
   one foot, with a book on their heads                                                       local area to choose from
   WINNER: CONNOR                                                                             such as, The Breast Cancer
                                                                                              Ball in Covington, Kentucky;
7. Best score on a timed (1 minute) multiplications ta-                                       scheduled for October 21st.
   bles test
                                                                                            Not an athlete or just need
   WINNER: TIE!!! (24 each)
                                                                                            an easier way to help out?
8. Best memory (looked at a table of random objects                       an abundance of products
   for 1 minute and recalled as many as possible                          whose proceeds go to the
   WINNER: TIE!!!! (15 each)                                              Susan G. Komen founda-
                                                                          tion, and help find a cure.
TIE BREAKER— Crab Walk Race                                               Many can be found at the
WINNER: CONNOR BOYS WIN!!!                                                local grocery store. Pitch-
                                                                                           ing in to
                                                                                           help find
                                                                                           a cure has
                                                                                           been so
                                                                                           make this
                                                                                           month worth it so we can all
                                                                                           help a friend, mother, sister,
                                                                                           teacher, or neighbor.

                                                                                             All pictures are examples of
                                                                                             products that can be bought in
                                                                                             support of breast cancer.

A Foreigner Among Friends: Jonas Hellburg
By: Hannah Reece

                                            Have you noticed our foreign exchange student? Jonas Hellburg is here
                                   from Germany and has come to the United States to study and see what life is
                                   like in Monroe, Ohio. He has been here for nearly three months and is living with
                                   Cody Myers and family.

                                            Jonas is 16 and was born in Hamburg, Germany. He says that the most
                                   distinctive difference between school here and school in Germany is that in Ger-
                                   many you stay in the same classroom where here you switch often. His first im-
                                   pression of Monroe is that it is very small. He also is still getting used to getting
                                   up so early.

                                           Jonas misses his friends and family from home. He has one younger
                                  brother, Anton, who is 13. His favorite German food is schnitzel (fried pork), but
                                  here he has really learned to like the chicken. He has gotten involved in life in
Sophomore, Jonas Hellburg         Hornet Country by participating in the marching band and soccer this fall. He
                                  will probably get involved in other activities in the winter and spring. Although
he misses Germany, he thinks that maybe when he is in college he would possibly come back and study in the states.
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                                                      FUN PAGE

What’s Trevor Deaton Eatin’
By: Taylor Moore and Cameron Centers

                             Happy Halloween
                             Halloween icing (orange
                                   and black)
                              Marshmallow ghosts
                              Halloween sprinkles
                                 Chocolate chips

                              What will Trevor eat next?
                                     You decide!
                                  Give your ideas to
                                    Mrs. Frye or a
                              Hornet Times staff member!

                                                               HALLOWEEN TRIVIA
                                                               By : Ryan Hayes

                                                               1.   Jack-o-lanterns originated in Ireland and were origi-
                                                                    nally hallowed out turnips.

                                                               2.   The biggest pumpkin ever recorded weighed 1,385

                                                               3.   Samhainophobia is a fear of Halloween.

                                                               4.   Orange and black are Halloween colors because or-
                                                                    ange is associated with Fall harvest and black is the
                                                                    color of death and darkness.

                                                               5.   Pumpkins are also grown in white, blue, and green.
PAGE 10        HO R NE T T I ME S   V O LU M E 2 , I S S U E 1

 THEA SEES YA (Homecoming Week)
              By: Thea Curlis

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