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					Class of Cards
(“Hellooo, how do you do…?”)

This project will help you explore pattern, repetition, and color; it will familiarize you with
the work of Charles and Ray Eames; and it will give me an opportunity to learn a few
things about you. Follow the directions below in order to create your Card for the
“House of Cards.”

Side One: Design a repeating pattern that fills your card to the edge. Come up with
three different sketches for your design before you begin drawing in whisper lines on
your card. Look at the pattern sampler to get ideas for using simple shapes in
combination to come up with your design. The finished design needs to meet the
following criteria:
    o design is evenly spaced and well planned
    o all pencil is erased – only black pen and colored pencil/marker are visible
    o at least three colors other than black are used
    o design is relatively complex and made from a combination of shapes

Side Two: Look at the sample card to get a visual for what this side will look like. Practice
designing and sketching the four symbols or logos before you trace them onto your
card. Then follow the procedure below:

   1. Lightly trace a line dividing your card in half in both directions.
   2. Using the point where your two lines cross as the middle, trace a circle from the
   3. In the quadrants, lightly draw a symbol for the following – the year you were
      born, your favorite animal, your most hated food, and your favorite pastime.
      These symbols or logos should represent YOU. Design them as a tool for other
      students to learn about you.
   4. In one corner, write your name/initials.
   5. Carefully retrace everything but the cross mark in pen. Do not color this side!
   6. Erase the pencil lines.

If you feel lost, look at the sample card!

Once you’ve gotten this far, be prepared to present your card to the class.