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Premarital Wedding Questionnaire by wuyunyi


									                    Premarital Wedding Questionnaire

Please answer all of the following questions to help assist our ministerial staff
member with the pre-marital assessment interview. When your completed
questionnaire and wedding reservation form have been received in the office,
you will be contacted by our church office to schedule your interview.

After the Biblical basis for the marriage is determined and the pre-marital
assessment interview is completed, you can proceed with reserving a date for
your wedding on the church calendar.

   1. Why are you interested in having your wedding ceremony at First Baptist

   2. Describe your current spiritual status. Please share your testimonies on
      separate sheets of paper. (Bride and Groom)

   3. Where is your current Church Membership?

              Bride:        ____________________________

              Groom:        ____________________________

   4. How long have you been engaged?

   5. Do your immediate family members (parents, siblings, children) give their
      full support to your intentions to marry? Share some of the ways they are
      showing or voicing their support?

   6. Have either of you been previously married? If so, how long has the
      divorce been final? Would you be willing to share some of the
      circumstances surrounding the divorce? (Do so on separate sheet)
   7. Are you and your fiancé’ currently, or have you ever been, living
      together? The Assessment Interview will involve discussions with all
      couples about the importance of achieving and/or maintaining sexual
      purity before marriage.

   8. Is the use/abuse of alcohol or substance an issue or concern for either
      yourself or your fiancé? If so, describe how you and your fiancé’ are
      dealing with the concerns.

   9. List what you see as your fiancé’s three greatest strengths? Three greatest

   10. Is there any other information to share that may make your assessment
       interview more beneficial?

I have completed this questionnaire thoroughly and accurately and I realize that
the ministerial staff member will want to have follow-up discussions about many
of these questions.

Signed:      ___________________________ (Bride)             Date:_________

             ___________________________ (Groom)             Date:_________
                                      wedding arrangements
                                              GENERAL INFORMATION

__________________________________                                     ____________________________________
Bride’s Name                                                           Groom’s Name

__________________________________                                     ____________________________________
Address                                                                Address

__________________________________                                     ____________________________________
Home Phone               Cell Phone                                    Home Phone                 Cell Phone

__________________________________                                     ____________________________________
Church Membership            City                                      Church Membership              City

First Marriage? ___ Yes ___ No                                         First Marriage? ___ Yes ___ No
Parents Member of FBC? ___ Yes ___ No                                  Parents Member of FBC? ___ Yes ___ No

Officiating FBC Minister      ________________________________________________________________
If non-FBC Minister ~ Must be an ordained minister to perform your ceremony at FBC

                              Church: __________________________________________________________
Wedding Date & Time           First Choice:___________________________Second Choice:_________________
Rehearsal Date & Time         ________________________________________________________________
Bride’s Parent’s Name         ________________________________________________________________
Parents’ Phone(s)             ________________________________________________________________

                                               FACILITIES REQUESTED

_____     Sanctuary                                          _____     Gym
_____     Chapel                                             _____     Bride’s Room
_____     Bostick Room                                       _____     Room _________________________

                                               WEDDING AGREEMENT

First Baptist Church affirms that the Bible is the fully inspired Word of God, and the final authority in all matters. The
Bible affirms that marriage is the first institution created by God for man and provides specific instruction as to its
nature and requirements of conduct. Therefore, we encourage all couples seeking to be married to consult God and His
word regarding their union. In submitting to the Bible as God’s Word, First Baptist Church reserves the right to deny
use of its facilities to any couple that openly rejects by statement or conduct the teachings of God in the Bible regarding
salvation, marriage or Christian living.

Bride:___________________________________________                      Date: _______________________________

Groom: _________________________________________                       Date: _______________________________

Address after wedding: ____________________________________________________________________
                                        FOR OFFICE USE ONLY

Date Received: __________________          Deposit Amount: ______________ Check #: _____________

_____ Approved           _____ Scheduled          _____ Not Approved

Reasons for decision: ______________________________________________________________________

Date Decision Letter Mailed: _________________

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