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Crown Partners


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									                                                                            Case Study Business Services

Crown Partners

As a leading provider of enterprise-level technology-
enabled sales and marketing solutions, Crown Partners
dispatches consultants globally to address client                     a 4-week agile deployment
requirements. With a goal of freeing IT to focus on
client projects and empowering the marketing team to
update the company site, the company implemented
Day’s CQ5 platform in four weeks to replace its outdated
Web Content Management system.

Day CQ5

Results                                                  Overview
Frees marketing team to focus on strategic activities    Seeking simple-to-use Web Content Management
                                                         Crown Partners prides itself on being nimble and being able to
Enables business users to update site, resulting         accomplish more with less. That’s why the company was not satisfied
in tremendous cost savings for company                   when its marketing team struggled to manage its web site. With only
                                                         one person trained to make site updates, content changes, product
Dramatically streamlines content publishing and          campaigns, and marketing events were being delayed. This issue was
leads to productivity gains                              exacerbated by the fact that the small marketing team must maintain
                                                         different content and run separate campaigns and events in support of
Empowers company to easily add robust functionality      multiple business divisions. “Spending lots of time on site updates is not
to site                                                  the most effective use of our marketing resources,” explains Kathryn Kendell,
                                                         Vice President Marketing & Alliances for Crown Partners.
                                                         Mike Pritts, Interactive Marketing Manager for Crown Partners continues,
                                                        “I found myself distracted from other activities, and wanted the ability
                                                         to offload site updates to an intern, third-party contractor, or another
                                                         employee.” With that in mind, the company began looking for a simple-
                                                         to-use Web Content Management (WCM) system.
                        “…Day CQ5’s features will enable us to create such relevant and sticky content that
                         we’ll reduce bounce rates, increase time on our site, raise conversions, and boost sales.”
                         Kathryn Kendell, Vice President Marketing & Alliances, Crown Partners

Day CQ5 provides a hub for marketing                                        Saving time and money
Committed to the idea of a WCM being the hub of all marketing               With Day CQ5 in place, Crown Partners’ marketing team has realized
activities, Kendell sought a solution that was flexible and easy to use,    significant productivity gains. Whereas it used to take up to 30
requiring little time for users to come up to speed. Moreover, she          minutes to verify links associated with new pages, CQ5 automatically
wanted a solution that enabled the company to streamline content            creates landing and top-level pages and the associated links based
publishing, and that included advanced functionality. When Kendell and      on the content feeding into these pages. Even when the pages are
Pritts discovered Day CQ5, they were impressed. “Day is very advanced       moved to another part of the site, the links are preserved.
when it comes to the speed of publishing content. You just push a          The company has seen tremendous efficiencies in other areas. While
button and your content is live. My jaw dropped when I saw the             it used to take up to 10 minutes to add images or PDF files to the
demo – it’s so easy that anyone can use the system,” says Kendell.         site, it now takes under a minute. The time to create a new content
Kendell and Pritts were equally impressed with out-of-the-box              page is 66% faster than with the old WCM system, and the time to create
features. With embedded support for forms, blogging, and Adobe             a new landing page now happens automatically instead of taking 25
Flash slideshows, Day CQ5 empowers Crown Partners to include               minutes. Copying an existing page now takes 20 seconds versus 5
robust functionality on its site. Plus, the software makes it easy         minutes with the old system, and adding or replacing a graphic is
to perform routine tasks, such as changing URLs and updating and           80% faster than before.
grabbing all content on a page. “Some WCM systems are just a               “We expect to reduce our costs with Day CQ5, and can focus on
content repository, requiring me to still update links and add PDFs         running campaigns and events, rather than copying pages and managing
or images manually, which is a cumbersome process. With Day                 links. Now we can hire interns at $10 per hour to update the site
CQ5, many of these processes are automated,” explains Pritts.               instead of paying a Web developer $150 per hour or cutting into the
In less than a month, Crown Partners had a microsite up and running         valuable time of our marketing team,” explains Kendell.
on Day CQ5. “The implementation process went very smoothly,”
says Pritts. In addition, the IT environment is much more streamlined       Anticipating additional ROI
with Day CQ5. Previously, Crown Partners had to maintain an                 Crown anticipates additional ROI from its new WCM system. With
application server, content server, and web server. Now those               Day CQ5, the company can power its multichannel marketing
three separate environments have been consolidated.                         campaigns, events, and search engine marketing. Crown Partners
As a result of the successful launch of the new microsite,Crown             is looking forward to taking advantage of the support for A/B testing
Partners migrated its entire site to the Day platform.The project went      to modify and refine its campaigns when it upgrades to Day CQ
extremely smoothly, in large part due to the simplicity in which            5.3. Concludes Kendell: “We’re confident that Day CQ5’s features
content can be created and published using the CQ system. “When             will enable us to create such relevant and sticky content that we’ll
we started examining the process of integrating our websites onto one       reduce bounce rates, increase time on our site, raise conversions,
platform, we had two choices: move our much smaller Day-hosted              and boost sales.”
microsite onto our old platform, or move the much larger site onto
Day. Due to the speed and productivity associated with the Day
platform, we chose the latter and have been very pleased with the           Crown Partners
results,” says Pritts.                                                      www.crownpartners.com
                                                                            Headquarters Dayton, OH, USA
                                                                            Industry Business Services

                                                                            Size 100+ employees

                                                                            Company Profile A leading provider of technology-enabled sales and
                                                                            marketing solutions, Crown Partners helps Global 2000 and mid-market
                                                                            companies streamline and simplify information-intensive business
                                                                            processes. Field-proven enterprise marketing management products
                                                                            and services optimize business performance, increase revenue and
Corporate Headquarters                                                      reduce complexity in the sales process.
Adobe Systems Incorporated   Corporate Headquarters
345 Park Avenue              Phone 408-536-6000       www.day.com
San Jose, CA 95110-2704      Fax 408-537-6000

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