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									The Batman Show

Logline: Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) together again as modern
geriatric crime fighters with modern campy flair.

Adam West and Burt Ward re-united in a live action sitcom that revives the dynamic
duo’s madcap adventures in the modern day.

Series Pilot:

Bruce Wayne AKA Batman is now in his 70s. His long time friend Dick Grayson
(Robin) lives near him in a Gotham suburb. Bruce still lives as an eccentric billionaire in
Wayne Manor on the outskirts of town. More like a Hugh Hefner in his later years,
Bruce has enjoyed the fruits of his success while Dick has struggled with family issues all
his life.

Bruce’s long time arch-enemy – the Joker reveals Bruce’s identity as Batman to one of
the night workers at the Arkham Insane Asylum where the Joker has been kept most of
his life. Bruce’s granddaughter is kidnapped with the assistance of the aged Joker and the
Arkham worker. Bruce is traumatized from the experience and seeks advice from his
long time counterpart Dick. He visits Dick whom he hasn’t seen in years and patches up
some lingering issues with the duo. Dick agrees to help and returns with Bruce to the
mansion. At the mansion the pair suit up in updated Bat apparel and climb in the same
Batmobile from the original series all with modern upgrades – of course.

The Bat cave looks much the same as the 1960’s series version with modern devices
integrated into the existing structure. For example the Bat Computer has a holographic
projection system that can simulate 3D environments and the Bat-mobile has an eco-
friendly engine that runs on cooking oil.

Batman still speaks in his zealous, wholesome manner frequently spouting proverbs
heralding patriotism, civil obedience, and the American way. The two roll out after the
kidnappers locating them in a warehouse district on the wrong side of the tracks. In
typical Batman fashion the two try to break through the door of the warehouse (only to
hurt themselves) ultimately ramming the Batmobile through a wall.

What follows is a campy fight scene with comic-style captions, such as WHAM! And
POW! that appear on screen in time with the action. Batman relies more on his hi-tech
weapons rather than brute strength, letting Robin do most of the physical labor.

They find the beautiful granddaughter and free her only to narrowly miss the Joker
escaping out the back door in a rocket powered wheel chair with a large clown head
bouncing atop.

Other Shows:
Other villains in the series are: The Penguin, King Tut and Catwoman. Later in the series
also the introduction of Police Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl.

The pompous sounding narrator introduces the series and leaves each show with a
cliffhanger ending which is resolved at the start of the next show. The comedy series
features many of the trademark techniques from the original 1960’s series – the
psychedelic sets and costumes, Dutch angles (with the criminals' lairs always being
filmed with the camera at an angle to emphasize the "crooked" nature of the criminals),
and bright color.

Each show will use a similar formula which begins with a villain committing a crime.
Followed by a scene inside Police Commissioner Gordon's office where he and Chief
O'Hara deduce which villain they are dealing with. Police Commissioner Gordon texts
Alfreda - the South American immigrant on the Bat cell phone. She interrupts Master
Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson usually discussing politics or watching daytime TV.
When Bruce gets the message, he pushes a button concealed within a bust of Shakespeare
on his desk, opening a hidden door in a bookcase and revealing two poles. Wayne and
Grayson slide down the poles and the title sequence rolls.

They arrive in the Batcave in full costume and jump into the Batmobile. Robin says
"Lion batteries to power, voltage at maximum" and Batman would respond "Roger, ready
to move out" and the two race off out of the cave at high speed. As the Batmobile
approaches the mouth of the cave, a hinged barrier dropped downs to allow the car to exit
on to the road.

After arriving at Commissioner Gordon's office, the initial discussion of the crime leads
to the Dynamic Duo conducting their investigation alone. A meeting with the villain
ensues with the heroes getting involved in a fight and the villain getting away, only to
come back and fight again later in the show. Here, the villain captures one or both of the
heroes and places them in a deathtrap with a cliffhanger ending which is resolved in the
first few minutes of the next episode. The same pattern was repeated in the following
episode until the villain is defeated.

Written by:

Bob Ladrach

Bob has over 25 years film and TV production experience. From movie projects to
interactive computer games, Bob has always been an innovative producer with an eye for
groundbreaking ideas and trends.

Some information obtained from Wikipedia.

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