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Volume 2
Issue 4
April 2002
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 Statement of
  See list inside

  Oracle9i Real Appli-
   cation Cluster
                          ASE/Master ASE Recertification
   Certified Configura-   We are pleased to announce that the following accreditations
   tions" on SuSE Linux
                          can recertify at our Knowledge Transfer Event, attending a track
  ProLiant DL760 and
   ProLiant DL380 on
                          related session. Please note that the session details will be
   Previously             available soon on our web site.
   Announced PDC
                             ASE Alpha Server, ASE Linux, ASE ProLiant, ASE Primary
Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                     page   1
                        Master ASE High
http://www.compaq.com/emea/presalessupport       Availability, Master ASE Oracle
  Training
FAQ Section

Factory Integration Storage Products
                                                          Modular Data Router
Q. Can I purchase the Modular SAN
                                                          Please be aware that the new MDR can
   Array (MSA1000) factory integrated
                                                          have a redundant PSU but presently
                                                          there is no Shipping Kitting Unit (SKU)
A. No, the MSA 1000 is not qualified for                  available for this PSU. The SKU will not
   factory integration. The universal rack                be in the QuickSpec until June. It is
   kit (supplied) is available for on-site                currently only available as a spare, part
   installation only at this time.                        number 271671-001

Q. What about factory integration of
   SDLT 110/220GB, DLT 40/80 GB &
                                                          Compaq          ESL9595SL              Library
   DLT 20/40 GB ?
                                                          Configuration Guide

A. Neither the 5U nor the 3U is qualified
                                                          A   configuration   sheet   for    the    new
   to ship installed in any racks. Both
                                                          Compaq     ESL9595SL     Library    is   now
   ship with the hardware required to
                                                          available at the following web site:
   install   at    the   customer      site   in
   7000,9000, or 10000 series racks.
   The hardware kits used to install the
   products       into   the   Alpha     (H9A)
   Cabinets are sold separately. The part
   numbers are as follows: 254795-001 is
   for the TAIII (5U), and 3R-A3804-AA
   (AKA 280571-001) is for the 3U RM.
   The first one (5U) is released, and
   consists of some adapter brackets.
   Please note that this kit may also be
   used to adapt the MSL libraries for
   H9A cabs. The second kit (3U) is not
   yet released.

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                        page   2
                                                         New ‘Statements of Support’
                                                         3X-DE602-TA Dual Port Fast Ethernet Add-on Daughter Card
   Storage Networks Workshop May 14th –                 is Now Supported on the ES45 System Under UNIX and VMS

    17th                                                 DLT-8000 Tape Drive Table-Tops Are Now Supported on the
                                                         ES45 System
   Securing IDC Seminar May 21 –22 st    nd

                                                         SDLT 110/220GB Tape Drive Table-Tops Are Now Supported
                                                         on the ES45 Systems
Both events are free of charge, the main                 AXL-300 SSL ACCELERATOR IS NOW SUPPORTED ON
                                                         THE DS10 AND DS10L SYSTEMS UNDER UNIX
target     is   customers,    but        Compaq
                                                         UPDATE: UP TO 4 SN-PBXGF-AB (VX1) GRAPHICS
employees are also very welcome. In                      CARDS ARE NOW SUPPORTED ON THE DS10 SYSTEM
                                                         UNDER VMS AND UNIX:
order to register see web links:
                                                         UPDATE: DS-KGPSA-DA FIBRE CHANNEL ADAPTER IS
                                                         NOW SUPPORTED WITH UP TO 26 ADAPTERS ON THE
   http://www.dotnetsc.net/storage                      GS80, GS160, AND GS320 WITH OPENVMS:
   http://www.dotnetsc.net/security

IDC Storage Vision Central & Eastern
Europe 2002

in 4 major cities: Zagred (2. May),
Budapest (7 May), Prague (23 May),
Warsaw (4 June)

Storage Networking World, 5-7 June,
Cannes, France, Olaf Swantee (Compaq)
as keynote speaker on 6. June

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                       page   3
                                                                  Modular     SAN     Array    MSA10 00
                                                                  Fibre channel Storage with No
                                                                  Single Point of Failure
Compaq        Announces          Availability                    Oracle9 i        Real     Application
of the Compaq Parallel Database                                   Cluster           support               and
Cluster         Model           PDC/O2000 -                       certifi cation
MSA1000          for       Oracle9 i         Real                Microsoft         Windows           2000
Application Cluster on Microsoft                                  Advanced Server support
Windows                                                          Compaq        Cluster       Kit         with
                                                                  Compaq                      SecurePath
                                                                  Redundancy          Software            and
Compaq     announced availability of the
                                                                  comprehensive           Administrato r
Compaq Parallel Database Cluster Model
                                                                  Guide with Cluster Installation
PDC/O2000-MSA1000 for Oracle9i Real
Application    Cluster     on    the      Microsoft
Windows Operating System. The Compaq
                                                             Additional Information about the
Parallel      Database      Cluster         model
                                                             Compaq Parallel Database Cluster
PDC/O2000-MSA1000 for Oracle9i Real
                                                             model      PDC/O2000 -MSA1000                 for
Application      Cluster        on        Microsoft
                                                             Oracle9 i Real Appl ication Cluster
Windows OS, includes:
                                                             on     Microsoft       Windows         OS,     is
                                                             available at the foll owing l ocation:
   Two to six nodes of select
    ProLiant Servers in a cluster
   Certified Servers: ProLiant 6400,
                                                             enterprise/hi ghavail ability/oracle9i
                         ProLiant           8500,
                                                             /pdcO2000/win2000/index -
                         ProLiant          DL380,
                                                                  Compaq Parallel Database Cluster
                         ProLiant DL580 &
                                                             Model PDC/O2000-Certification Matrix
                         ProLiant DL760
                                                             for Oracle9i and MSA1000 onWindows
                                         Compaq

                                                             PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                           page   4
The Compaq Parallel Database Cluster                            Compaq         Parallel   Dat abase
Model                     PDC/O2000-MSA1000                      cluster Model PDC/O2000 for
(PDC/O2000-MSA1000) allows a two to                              9i RAC on Windows 2000 :
six-node      cluster      of    Windows–based                   C omp aq PD C Cl u ste r K it Part #

Compaq servers to simultaneously share                           25 2 47 97 - B2 1

a single Oracle database. Please note that
only       Compaq/             Oracle     certified
configurations of the PDC/O2000 cluster
are supported by Compaq.

The complete document is available at:
Certification of ProLiant DL760
and ProLiant DL380 on Pre viously
Announced PDC Configurations

C ompaq       Compl eted certifications
of the ProLiant DL 7 60 and ProLiant
DL380      servers        on     the    following
previously        announced              Compaq
Parallel           Database               Cluster

      Compaq            Parallel       Database
       cluster Model PDC/O2000 for
       OPS 8.1.7 on Windows 2000 :
       C om p aq PD C Cl u ste r K it Part #
       22 4 39 7 -B 23

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                           page   5
     Compaq            Parallel   Database            as a pre-installed hardware and software
      cluster Model PDC/O5000 for                      configuration, and is sold and delivered
      OPS 8.1.7 on Windows 2000 :                      exclusively       by       Compaq           Certified
      C om p aq PD C Cl u ste r K it Part #            Integration Program (CIP) partners. CIP
      22 4 39 8 -B 22                                  partners are select resellers who sell
                                                       Compaq PDC cluster configurations for
     Compaq Parallel Dat abase                        Oracle9i RAC on SuSE Linux and have
      cluster Model PDC/O5000 for                      demonstrated expert-level skills. These
      9i RAC on Windows 2000 :                         partners      meet     criteria      making     them
      C om p aq CP DC C l u ste r K it Par t
                                                       eligible for partnership with Compaq in
      # 2 5 24 78 - B2 1
                                                       our knowledge-transfer program.                  The

The Certification Matrix documents for                 CIP    partners       have       been    extensively

the products mentioned above are being                 trained to integrate the Compaq PDC

updated with this information.                         Cluster for Oracle 9i RAC on Linux
                                                       certified configuration. The end users
                                                       must     purchase         this      solution    from
                                                       participating      and       qualified     (through
Compaq Announces Availability
                                                       Compaq’s Certified Integration Partner
of Compaq Parallel Database
                                                       program)        CIP      partners        who     can
Clusters for Oracle 9 i Real
                                                       professionally deploy this solution with
Application Cluster Certified
                                                       the latest software and firmware releases
Configurations" on SuSE Linux
                                                       of Oracle9i and SuSE Linux. Additional
                                                       information       about       the     Compaq     CIP
The   Compaq Parallel Database Cluster
                                                       Partners is available at following location:
for Oracle9i Real Application Clusters on              http://www.compaq.com/solutions/enterp
SuSE Linux is a two to four-node cluster               rise/highavailability/oracle9i/buy-
of ProLiant DL580 servers specifically                 suselinux.html?page=option&supercatego
tested and certified for Oracle9i Real                 ryid=39&CategoryId=1302&ComponentId
Application Cluster on SuSE Linux SLES7,               =11864
and   Storage     Works      RA4100   storage
arrays in a FC-AL configuration.                       The Compaq Parallel Database Cluster
The Compaq Parallel Database Cluster for
                                                       Certified Configuration for Oracle 9i Real
Oracle9i Real Application Clusters on                  Application Cluster on SuSE Linux is
SuSE Linux is available in EMEA and NA                 comprised       of      the         following   four

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                     page   6
components and delivered as a pre-
configured and pre-installed cluster by
the         Compaq        Certified     Integration
Program (CIP) partners:

1. Compaq parts - Entry point

     Two to four ProLiant DL-580 servers
      with two to four Intel Pentium III Xeon
     Two to four GB RAM per server node
     Compaq StorageWorks RA4100
      storage subsystems
     Ethernet as cluster interconnect
      Associated Hubs, adapters, and
     Optional RACK and accessories

2.          Oracle software

     Pre installed Oracle9i Real Application
      Cluster software, test database and a
      30-day software license.
      Customers are advised to purchase a
      license within the 30 days, either from
      your Oracle reseller, or Oracle. The
      software itself is not affected by the
      subsequent purchase of the license-
      that is, no re-installation or changes
      are     necessary       to      the   cluster.
      However,      the    software     license   is
      required to access support for Oracle

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                            page   7
3. SuSE Linux Software                                                IP    addresses         and     other    custom
                                                                      information as a result of customer
   Temporary licensed version of SuSE                                specifications.
    SLES7 pre-installed and configured for
    the     Real      Application            Cluster            Additional          information         about      the
    environment based on customized                             Compaq            Parallel     Database         Cluster
    settings supplied by the end user.                          Certified Configuration for Oracle 9i Real
    Customers are advised to purchase a                         Application Cluster on SuSE Linux is
    license within the 30 days, either from                     available at following location:
    your Compaq/SuSE reseller, SuSE or
    Compaq. The software itself is not                                http://www.compaq.com/solutions/ent
    affected by the subsequent purchase                               erprise/highavailability/oracle9i/linux.h
    of    the   license-   that       is,    no   re-                 tml
    installation or changes are necessary
    to the cluster. However, the software
    license is required to access support                       Compaq Announces End Of Life of
    for SuSE software. SuSE Linux7.1 and                        the Compaq Parallel Database
    SuSE Linux 7.2 ARE NOT certified
                                                                Cluster Model PDC/O1000
    operating        systems          with        this
                                                                Compaq announced End Of life of
                                                                the         Compaq           Parallel     Database
4. Compaq Professional Services
                                                                Cluster Model PDC/O1000 on 30th
                                                                March 2002. The Compaq Parallel
                                                                Database                    Cluster            Model
   This integrated solution also includes
                                                                PDC/O1000 supported two t o six
    warranty upgrades for all hardware
                                                                ProLiant             Servers            and        the
    components         and        a         Compaq
                                                                RA4000/RA4100 Storage subsystem
    Professional Services package to train
                                                                with         single          I/O       path.      The
    and help the end user plan for
                                                                PDC/O1000              is      discontinued         in
    deployment and tuning
                                                                favor        of     the       Compaq          Parallel
   Customer parameter tuning - the
                                                                Database                    Cluster            Model
    engineers who install and tune the
                                                                PDC/O2000, which supports two to
    cluster and Oracle9i Real Application
                                                                six        ProLiant          Servers     and       t he
    Cluster software expertly set customer

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                              page   8
RA4000/RA4100 Storage subsystem                      agreement with the customer. However,
with multiple redundant I/O paths.                   if you are inter ested in upgrading
The    Compaq        Parallel    Database            your   Compaq PDC/O1000       cluster
Cluster Model PDC/O1000 Clu ster                     configuration to a Compaq
Kit Part Numbers given below are
affected and will be discontinued
as of 30th June 200 2:

   Compaq Cluster Kit Part #382120-
    B21: PDC/O1000 for OPS8.0.5 on
    WNT Ethernet Kit

   Compaq Cluster Kit Part #103424-
    B23: PDC/O1000 for
    OPS8.1.5/8.1.6/8.1.7 on WNT
    Ethernet Kit
   Compaq Cluster Kit Part #224396-
    B23: PDC/O1000 for OPS8.1.7 on
    W2K Ethernet Kit

The following Compaq Parallel Database
Cluster Model PDC/O2000 Cluster Kit Part
Number given below is also affected and
will be discontinued as of 30th June 2002

   Compaq Cluster Kit Part #162952-
    B21: PDC/O2000 for OPS8.0.5 on
    WNT Ethernet Kit

Existing    Compaq      Customers      with
the    Compaq        Parallel    Database
Cluster        Model            PDC/O1000
solutions     will    be   supported     in
accordance with the Compaq Support

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                   page   9
                                                                 Q. What is Oracle9i RAC and how does
 PDC/O2000          configuration,            please                  Oracle9i RAC differ from Oracle 8i
 e-mail                      us                   at                  OPS?
 RAC_ co nt act @ co mp a q .c om

                                                                 A. Oracle9i Real Application Cluster (RAC)
 Please contact us at the same e -                                    is the clustering option included in
 mail address if you are interested                                   the Oracle9i database and Oracle has
 in receiving futur e updat es on our                                 re-branded     the     Oracle8i       Parallel
 plans.                                                               Server (OPS) as the Oracle9i Real
                                                                      Application Cluster (RAC).

 Training Opportunities 9I Real Application
                                                                      Oracle9i    Real    Application      Clusters
                                                                      enables all applications to exploit
                                                                      cluster database availability, scalability
        Course              Date & location                           and performance with no application
                                                                      modifications. Applications can treat
                            May 14-16, 2002
                            Sophia Antipolis,      3                  Oracle9i Real Application Cluster as a
   9I Real Application
                                  France                              single system and no longer need to
Cluster Training 3.0 Days
                              Jun 4-6, 2002                           be modified or partitioned to achieve
                            Sophia Antipolis,      5                  near-linear cluster database scalability.
                                                                      This allows customers to horizontally
   9I Real Application       Jun 18-20, 2002
                                                                      scale the database tier as usage and
   Cluster Training -       Reading, United        4
Windows 2000 3.0 Days             Kingdom
                                                                      demand continues to grow, without
                                                                      changes to the application. Oracle9i
                                                                      Real Application Clusters is self-tuning
 Further details can be found at:                                     and adapts to the changing nature of
                                                                      the database workload - dynamically
 solutions/training.html                                              shifts database resources across the
                                                                      cluster      servers        for      optimal
                                                                      performance.         This         transparent
                                                                      scalability and high performance is
 FAQ Oracle9i Real Application Cluster
                                                                      delivered      by      a      revolutionary
                                                                      technology called Cache Fusion.

 Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                              page   10
Q. What is the difference between
   Oracle9i vs. Oracle8i?                                     Q. What value does Oracle9i RAC add
                                                                   to Oracle9i?
A. Oracle9i includes many new features
   to        improve        data       protection.            A. Oracle9i        Real   Application       Clusters
   Significant     enhancements            to   the                enables all applications to exploit
   existing (physical) standby product                             cluster database availability, scalability
   have been added and a framework                                 and performance with no application
   that provides monitoring, automation                            modifications. Applications can treat
   and control is included. Many of the                            Oracle9i Real Application Clusters as a
   tasks associated with managing a                                single system and no longer need to
   standby       database      are    automated,                   be modified or partitioned to achieve
   including initial installation, failover,                       near-linear cluster database scalability.
   and       graceful    primary-to-secondary                      This allows customers to horizontally
   switch-over and switch back. Oracle9i                           scale the database tier as usage and
   contains a new online reorganization                            demand continues to grow, without
   and      redefinition      architecture      that               changes         to      the         application.
   allows        much         more         powerful                Furthermore,            Oracle9i           Real
   reorganization                     capabilities.                Application Clusters is self-tuning and
   Administrators can now perform a                                adapts to the changing nature of the
   variety of online operations to table                           database       workload       -     dynamically
   definitions,          including           online                shifts database resources across the
   reorganization        of     heap-organized                     cluster       servers         for       optimal
   tables.       For       additional        details               performance.           This         transparent
   concerning the new features of Oracle                           scalability and high performance is
   9i,          please             refer         to                delivered       by       a        revolutionary
   www.oracle.com/ip/index.html?content                            technology called Cache Fusion.
                                                                   Cache Fusion. With Oracle 9i RAC,
                                                                   Oracle's       Cache         Fusion      cluster
                                                                   database architecture is a new shared
                                                                   cache architecture that overcomes the
                                                                   limitations     of      traditional     shared

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                            page   11
   nothing and shared disk approaches                                     interruption         by         hardware        and
   to     provide      highly        scalable          and                software     component             failures.    The
   available     database          systems.       Cache                   system is resilient to multiple node
   Fusion in Oracle9i Real Application                                    failures and component failures are
   Clusters exploits modern hardware                                      masked from end-users.
   and software technologies to provide
   the most flexible cluster database                                     A single management entity; a single
   platform.        This     platform           provides                  system image is preserved across the
   scalability and high availability to                                   cluster       for         all       management
   meet the increasing needs of e-                                        operations. DBAs perform installation,
   business customers. Oracle's Cache                                     configuration, backup, upgrade, and
   Fusion architecture is a new shared                                    monitoring      functions          once.     Oracle
   cache architecture that provides e-                                    then      automatically          distributes    the
   business applications the benefits of                                  management               functions      to      the
   both shared disk and shared nothing                                    appropriate nodes. This means the
   databases without the drawbacks of                                     DBA manages one virtual server.
   either architecture. It does so by
   exploiting       rapidly        emerging            disk               Flexible and effortless scalability for
   storage             and                interconnect                    applications. Application users can log
   technologies.       While         Cache        Fusion                  onto a single virtual high performance
   architecture is revolutionary in an                                    cluster server. Adding nodes to the
   industry      sense,       it     is     a    natural                  database       is        easy     and       manual
   evolution of the Oracle Parallel Server                                intervention        is     not     required      to
   architecture found in Oracle 8i. Oracle                                partition data when processor nodes
   Real     Application       Clusters          with    its               are    added         or         when       business
   Cache Fusion architecture provides                                     requirements              change.            Cluster
   the      following        key          benefits      to                scalability for all applications out-of-
   enterprise application deployments.                                    the box - without modification.

   A higher availability solution than                               Q. What servers and storage solutions
   traditional             cluster              database                  will be supported for Windows and
   architectures.           this           architecture                   9i RAC?
   provides customers near continuous
   access      to      data        with         minimal

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                                   page   12
A. Oracle and Compaq has currently
   certified select ProLiant servers in
   various configurations for Oracle 9i
   RAC. The storage systems associated
   with these servers are the MA8000,
   RA8000,      EMA12000,       ESA12000,
   RA4000 and the RA4100.

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                  page   13
   For     details           on      the      specific               Secure Path Multi-path software -
   configurations            and      the     storage                Appropriate version of the SecurePath
   associated with each, please refer to                             software         is      included           in      the
   the Certification Matrix.                                         PDC/O5000 and PDC/O2000 Cluster
   ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/solutions/en                             Kit. Compaq StorageWorks Secure
terprise/ha/oracle/pdcO2000/O20009i-                                 Path is a high availability software
msa1000-cert.pdf                                                     product providing continuous data
                                                                     access for the Compaq StorageWorks
   Certified     configurations             are   also               MA8000/EMA12000                                      or
   available at the following Oracle Web                             RA8000/ESA12000                               Storage
   page.                                                             Subsystems. Secure Path effectively
   www.oracle.com/ip/deploy/database/featu                           eliminates       controllers,          disk      drives,
   res/ops/certification/index.html                                  interconnect hardware and host bus
                                                                     adapters as single points of failure.
                                                                     The     PDC/O5000               and     PDC/O2000
                                                                     Cluster    Kit        contains        the     Compaq
Q. Do I really need the Compaq cluster                               StorageWorks SecurePath Version 3.1
   Kit     for         the        PDC/O5000        or                for Windows 2000 software and two
   PDC/O2000 cluster or I can just get                               software licenses for use with a two-
   the     components               from      Oracle,                node cluster. The SecurePath Software
   Microsoft and Compaq and build                                    license agreement requires that each
   the PDC/O5000 cluster myself?                                     node       in         the       PDC/05000            or
                                                                     PDC/O2000             cluster    be     individually
A. The Compaq Parallel Database Cluster                              licensed. If you want to expand your
   Kits (PDC/O5000 9i W2K Cluster Kit                                cluster beyond two nodes, you must
   PN252478-B21) for the PDC/O5000 or                                order additional copies of SecurePath
   the PDC/O2000 9i W2K Cluster Kit                                  software so that each node in your
   (PN252479-B21)for the PDC/O2000 ,                                 cluster is licensed. You may purchase
   contain       all         of     the      technical               additional copies of the SecurePath
   information         and        software    licenses               software        from        Compaq            or     an
   necessary to implement a supported                                authorized reseller.
   RAC     configuration.            The     Compaq                  User installation and Administrators
   Parallel Database Cluster Kits contain.                           Guide           for         Cluster           Specific

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                              page   14
     components,                 including         site               is a natural evolution of the Oracle
     preparation Information.                                         Parallel Server architecture found in
                                                                      Oracle 8i.

Q. What         are     "Cache        Fusion"      and           Further    Questions   and   Answers    on
     "Consistent         Ready       Server",      and           Parallel Database for Oracle can be found
     what are their benefits?                                    at
A.   With 9i RAC, Oracle's Cache Fusion                          rise/highavailability/oracle/questionanswe
     cluster database architecture is a new                      r.html
     shared          cache       architecture      that
     overcomes             the      limitations      of
     traditional shared nothing and shared
     disk approaches to provide highly
     scalable        and      available       database
     systems. Cache Fusion in Oracle9i
     Real     Application         Clusters     exploits
     modern          hardware        and      software
     technologies to provide the most
     flexible cluster database platform. This
     platform provides scalability and high
     availability to meet the increasing
     needs       of     e-business         customers.
     Oracle's Cache Fusion architecture is a
     new shared cache architecture that
     provides e-business applications the
     benefits of both shared disk and
     shared nothing databases without the
     drawbacks of either architecture. It
     does       so     by        exploiting     rapidly
     emerging           disk        storage        and
     interconnect            technologies.        While
     Cache           Fusion        architecture      is
     revolutionary in an industry sense, it

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                               page   15
Alpha Server GS Series Upgrades

New CPU with1224MHz and 16MB
Cache in late August

Speeds can be mixed with the following results

                       9.6 ns Clock      9.0 ns Clock
      731 Mhz            731 Mhz         Not Allowed
      1001 Mhz           940 Mhz              1001 Mhz
     1224 Mhz           1148 Mhz              1224 Mhz
 731/1001 Mhz in a
                         731 Mhz         Not Allowed
 731/1224 Mhz in a
                         731 Mhz         Not Allowed
1001/1224 Mhz in a
                         940 Mhz              1001 Mhz
731/1001/1224 Mhz
                         731 Mhz         Not Allowed
     in a QBB

QBB and available Cache
Can be mixed and matched. Processor
cache    will    be    up   to     the          smallest
processor cache
(731-4, 1001-8, 1224-16) installed in a
QBB     and     also   limited     by    the        QBB
maximum it is installed in (4,8,16). In
other words the actual cache is the
lowest of the either the QBB or the
lowest processor.

Cache Works As Follows
                                                               16 MB QBB
                                                    8 MB QBB
                                         4 MB QBB

731 Mhz                          4     4   4
1001 Mhz                         4     8   8
1224 Mhz                         4     8   16
731/1001 Mhz in a QBB            4     4   4
731/1224 Mhz in a QBB            4     4   4 page                          16
1001/1224 Mhz in a QBB           4     8   8
731/1001/1224 Mhz in a QBB       4     4   4
                                                    Global Clock Module Upgrade –
Current system:                                     increase system clock to 9ns from 9.6
GS80 M8/M4 with EV67 731 MHz CPUs,                  ns
4MB cache capable QBBs and Top Gun                  GS160 Model 8/4 – 3X-WFCLK-AA - QTY 1
Blue cabinets.

                                                                     Current system:
Upgrade to EV68 1001 MHz CPUs, 8MB
cache capable QBBs and convert system                                GS320    M32/M24       or
and expansion cabinets to Carbon Black.                              GS160    M16/M8    with
                                                                     EV67 731 MHz CPUs,
                                                    4MB cache capable QBBs and Top Gun
                                                    Blue cabinets.
CPUs – EV68 1001 MHz

GS80 M8 3X-KN8AB-AB – Tru64 UNIX –
         QTY 8
         3X-KN8AB-AC – OpenVMS        –
 QTY 8

GS80 M4 3X-KN8AB-AB – Tru64 UNIX –
         QTY 4
         3X-KN8AB-AC – OpenVMS       –
         QTY 4

System Drawers

GS80 M8 3X-WF4PD-AA – QTY 2
GS80 M4 3X-WF4PD-AA – QTY 1

System Cabinet conversion kit from
Top Gun Blue to Carbon Black


Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                  page   17
Requirement:                                          Upgrade to EV68 1001 MHz CPUs, 8MB
Upgrade to EV68 1001 MHz CPUs, 8MB                    cache capable QBBs and convert system,
cache capable QBBs and convert system,                expansion    and      AC   Transfer     switch
expansion    and      AC   Transfer   switch          cabinets     to     Carbon     Black.System
cabinets to Carbon Black.                             BoxesGS320 M32:         3X-BA51A-BU - QTY
                                                      GS160 M16:        3X-BA51A-BU - QTY 2
CPUs – EV68 1001 MHz                                  GS320 M24:        3X-BA51A-BU - QTY 3
GS320 M32: 3X-KN8AB-AD (Tru64 UNIX)                   GS160 M8;         3X-BA51A-BU - QTY 1
             QTY 32
             3X-KN8AB-AE (OpenVMS) QTY
            32                                        System Cabinet conversion kits from
                                                      Top Gun Blue to Carbon BlackGS320:
GS160 M16: 3X-KN8AB-AD (Tru64 UNIX)                                     CK-GSBCK-AC - QTY 1GS160
            QTY 16                                                      CK-GSBCK-AB - QTY 1
             3X-KN8AB-AE (OpenVMS) QTY                AC Transfer Switch cabinet conversion
            16                                        from Top Gun Blue to Carbon Black
                                                      Note: There is no pt# specific for this
GS320 M24: 3X-KN8AB-AD (Tru64 UNIX)
                                                      conversion. Please use expansion
            QTY 24
                                                      cabinet conversion kit CK-GSBCK-AD -
             3X-KN8AB-AE (OpenVMS) QTY
                                                      QTY 1.
GS160 M8:        3X-KN8AB-AD (Tru64 UNIX)             Global Clock Module Upgrades – to
QTY 8            3X-KN8AB-AE (OpenVMS)                increase system clock to 9 ns from 9.6
QTY 8                                                 nsGS320                        3X-WFCLK-CA
                                                      - QTY 1GS160 Model 16                   3X-
                                                      WFCLK-CA - QTY 1GS160 Model 8
                        Current system:
                                                               3X-WFCLK-AA - QTY 1AlphaServer
                        GS320 M32/M24 or              ES45 CPU Module Reconfigur-ation
                        GS160 M16/M8 with             Instructions (EK–ES45C–CL. A01)
                        EV67    731    MHz
CPUs, 4MB cache capable QBBs and Top                  IMPORTANT INFORMATION WHEN
Gun Blue cabinets                                     INSTALLING REPLACEMENT CPU
Requirement:                                          MODULES 54-30466-04 or higher

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                    page   18
The    –04 (or higher) variant of the 54-

30466 CPU module has a CPU heatsink
and    backing       plate   with     dimensions
slightly different from the –03 variant. To
avoid mechanical interference between
adjacent       CPU   module    heatsinks     and
backing plates when both –03 and –04
(or higher) modules are used in the same
system box, ensure that all –03 modules
are installed to the right of any –04 (or
higher)        modules.      For      orientation
purposes, CPU3 is the left-most slot.

Note: CPU 0 slot (3rd slot from the left)
must      be     populated.    (All     electrical
configuration rules still apply.)

If the system contains only 54-30466-04
(or higher) modules, you can disregard
these replacement instructions.

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                          page   19
                                                       point of entry for Pre-Sales queries for all
                                                       Compaq Channel Partners with queries
                                                       on    OpenVMS        (Cluster)   and   Digital
                                                       Networks Solutions.

                                                       Pre-Sales Support:
Announcing New Pre-Sales Support
Service from Compaq EMEA Pre-Sales
                                                       Or visit our web site:
Support Centre in Co-operation with
Digital Networks

 With an installed base of over 400,000
   systems,    the   OpenVMS      group    in          End users can purchase Digital Network
   Compaq       is   very     conscious   of           products either through Compaq Global

   satisfying both long-time customers,                Services   or    contact   Digital   Networks
   and new prospects. DNPG supplies                    directly below for details of their reseller

   unique equipment that supports long-                and distribution partners. Resellers who
   existent networks, as well as break-                would like to sell these products should

   through technology for the most                     also contact :
   exigent new customer.                                   David Hindle - EMEA Compaq Account
                                                            Manager +44 1256 855608
 OpenVMS customers are concerned
                                                           Stephen Oliver - UK Partner Manager -
   with the long-term, and make their
                                                            +44 1256 855605
   choices and investments with that in
                                                           Wayne Hunt - EMEA Channel Manager -
   mind. DNPG has the capability to
                                                            +44 1256 855610
   satisfy    this   customer     need    by               or email emea-sales@digitalnetworks.net
   supporting older networks with know-
   how and updated products, as well as
   supplying leading-edge innovations                  Compaq OpenVMS & Digital Networks
   for new or vastly extended network                  Cluster Interconnect Solutions

With this in mind Compaq EMEA Pre-                     Many of you probably rued the day that
Sales   Support      Centre     and   Digital          DEC sold off their Networking Product
Networks joint forces in creating a single             Group to Cabletron in 1998, and thought

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                     page   20
it was the end of an era. The good news                   USA undertook a viability study to prove
is that Digital Networks, is now an                       the performance of its DNswitch 800, a
independent company composed of the                       standalone 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch
original networking division of Digital                   and the DNmultilayer 1000 family, a
Equipment Corporation. In the first 18                    chassis based, up to 24 gigabit ethernet
months of its life it has developed                       port, high speed switch/router, as the
solutions     that    will   provide    Compaq            perfect      candidates       for    the     next
OpenVMS users with the latest in cluster                  generation cluster interconnect.
interconnect         technology     –   Gigabit
Ethernet.                                                 Results   of    the   tests    conducted
                                                          showed that both switches were
In the beginning the Star Coupler and                     able to successfully pass all of the
the    CI     were     the   standard    cluster          test criteria. The DNMultilayer and the
interconnect, but it limited the size of the              DNswitch 800 were able to configure
cluster.    Ethernet was introduced shortly               and run the 4-node VMS cluster at
afterward but the slow speed limited the                  Gigabit speeds with no discernable
number of useable nodes and since then                    performance issues.        The average LAN
a number of other cluster interconnect                    packet RTT (round trip transfer time) for
technologies have been introduced such                    each of the cluster nodes using the Fast
as    FDDI,    ATM,     SCSI,     and   Memory            Ethernet was 1400-1500 microseconds.
Channel, all seeking to enhance the                       RTT on the Gigabit Ethernet paths was
speed, reliability, and availability of their             significantly lower, on the order of 280-
clustered machines.          Gigabit Ethernet             400 microseconds for the same activities
provides users with the best of both                      indicating     a    significant     performance
worlds, the speed of 1000 megabits per                    improvement         when       using       Gigabit
second and the ability to cluster large                   Ethernet as the Cluster Interconnect.
number of machines without incurring
the performance impact on SCS, Lock                       For complete test results and product
Manager, and Volume Shadowing seen                        information visit
from slower Ethernet speeds.                              http://digitalnetworks.net/dr/techart/TestR
Digital Networks, with the help from the
OpenVMS        Systems       Software    Group            http://digitalnetworks.net/dr/npg/DNmulti
(OSSG ) lab in Nashua, New Hampshire,                     layer_datasheet.html

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                        page   21
                                                                              DEChub 90
http://digitalnetworks.net/dr/npg/dn800.h                        (Chassis part code DEHUB-**)

Or see the full range of products from                     By replacing the DECrepeater 900 TM’s
Digital       Networks         website         at          and Portswitch TP (shared and switched
www.digitalnetworks.net.                                   10mb) modules, you can now gain the
                                                           benefits of switched 10/100 Ethernet with
                                                           the   additional     advantage    of   Gigabit
The Facts                                                  Ethernet uplinks with no negative impact
                                                           on your current infrastructure.
In the current financial climate, complete
network replacements can be costly and
can also incur valuable system downtime
while the new installation is made to
work (hopefully!) – Therefore, improving
current     investments      combined        with
maximising        your      infrastructure     is          DFETX-MB     16 ports 10/100 with 2 Gbe
paramount !                                                             slots

Opportunity 1 MS9000

90 !                                                       DFETX-MA     24 ports 10/100 with 1 Gbe

                         MultiSwitch 900
          (Chassis part code DMHUB-**)

                                                           Opportunity 2 DecHub90

                                                           Digital Networks now gives you the
                                                           ability to change your current 10mb
                                                           shared environment to a true 10/100

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                         page   22
switching capability – by simply replacing
or adding these new modules to the
existing Dechub 90 chassis.

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                  page   23
DFE16-MA       DECswitch 16 ports x 10/100               applications reduces the cost of network
DFE12-FA       DECswitch 12 ports x 10/100,1             Ownership     while   increasing   network
               x 100BASE-FX                              availability. The integrated product set
                                                         uses a common device database and a
                                                         common look and feel, reduced set up
                                                         time and training cost.

Opportunity 3 Gigaswitch/FDDI                            With New ClearVISN service contract
MS9000                                                   pricing now available. Can you afford not
                                                         to be fully supported?
End-of-Manufacturing-Life (EOML)
                                                         For more information on any of the above
Announcement: GIGAswitch/FDDI
                                                         products please contact your local Compaq
                                                         account manager, or alternatively contact
(Guarantee you get the stock for all your
                                                         Digital Networks EMEA team on +00800
future requirements and place your Order
                                                         20201000. You can also visit our website at

Digital Networks is announcing the End-
of-Manufacturing-Life (EOML) of “new
build” products in the GIGAswitch/FDDI
Multi-technology Switch family, effective
March 29, 2002. The GIGAswitch/FDDI
End of Service Life will be five years after
the last ship date.

Opportunity 4 MS9000

NEW ClearVISN Service Contracts Now

ClearVISN is the most comprehensive
device   management      product   set      for
Digital network devices. The family of

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                       page   24
Announcing Compaq’s latest Compilers                    Compaq C V6.5 for OpenVMS Alpha is
and Development Tools for Compaq                        now      available    on    the    March,    2002
Tru64 UNIX and Compaq OpenVMS                           OpenVMS        Layered      Products   CD-Rom
Alpha Server Systems.                                   Library Offering.

                Announcing Compaq C                                           Announcing       Compaq
                V6.5 for OpenVMS Alpha                                        C++ Version 6.5 for
                                                                              OpenVMS Alpha

                Compaq      C is an ANSI-
compliant     implementation      of   the   C
programming      language    with      Compaq           Compaq        Computer        Corporation      is
extensions. The Compaq C compiler runs                  pleased to announce the availability of
under the OpenVMS Alpha Operating                       Compaq C++ Version 6.5 for OpenVMS
Systems and generates optimized and                     Alpha. Compaq C++ Version 6.5 for
position-independent code.                              OpenVMS        Alpha       began   shipping    to
                                                        customers on February 18, 2002.
Summary Of Key New Features In This                     Compaq C++ Version 6.5 is the most
Release:                                                ANSI/ISO compliant C++ implementation
                                                        in the industry. This new version of
        Improved optimizations                         Compaq       C++       contains     many      new
        Support for EV7 chip                           highlights to improve both programmer
        Additional C99 support                         productivity and application performance.
        Enhancements to listing option
        Ability to specify list of include             Highlights of this new version include:
         directories with a pragma instead                      Improved code optimations
         of having to specify everything on                     Improved      conformance      to    the
         the command line                                        C++ International Standard
        Enhancements to various pragmas                        Announcment of CFRONT dialect
For more detailed information, please
read the Software Product Description                   The      following         documentation        is
(SPD).                                                  available for Compaq C++ V6.5:

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                      page   25
      The C++ Programming Language,                        Compaq Fortran is an implementation of
       3rd Edition                                          the Fortran programming language that
      Compaq         C     Runtime       Library           supports the FORTRAN 66, FORTRAN 77,
       Reference Manual                                     Fortran 90 and Fortran 95 standards.
      Compaq C++ Install Guide                             Compaq Fortran 95 supports all of the
      DEC C++ Class Library Manual                         standards     that   Compaq         Fortran    77
      Using Compaq C++ Manual                              supports      plus     the      following     new
      Compaq         C++        Read       Before          standards:
                                                                    Fortran 90 (ANSI X3.198-1982)
Browser-based documents are provided                                ISO 1539-1991(E)
on the Layered Products Documentation                               ISO 1539-1995(E)
Compaq C++ V6.5 is available on a CD-                       Highlights of this new version include:
ROM     containing        the    software     and
documentation, or on the March 2002                                 ALLOCATABLE          components       of
Compaq CD-ROM Software Library for                                   derived types
Compaq              OpenVMS                 Alpha.                  More user control over floating-
Documentation in hardcopy format can                                 point exception handling
be ordered separately.                                              Greater than 7 dimensions for

Announcing Compaq Fortran Version                                   Routine interface generation and

V7.5 For OpenVMS Alpha                                               checking

Compaq      Computer            Corporation     is          Compaq Fortran V7.5 is available on a
pleased to announce the availability of                     CD-ROM containing the software and

Compaq      Fortran        Version      7.5    for          documentation, or on the Compaq CD-

OpenVMS Alpha Systems. This product is                      ROM      Software      Library    for   Compaq

shipping to customers since February 18,                    OpenVMS Alpha.               Documentation in

2002 or on the March, 2002 Compaq CD-                       hardcopy      format      can     be    ordered

ROM    Software       Library     for   Compaq              separately.

OpenVMS Alpha..

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                          page   26
Announcing Compaq C++ Version 6.5                        Compaq C++ Version 6.5 for Tru64 UNIX
for Tru64 UNIX Alpha Systems                             Alpha Systems can also be used in
                                                         conjunction with the Compaq Extended
Compaq        C++ Version 6.5 for Tru64                  Math Library (CXML), a library of efficient
UNIX    Alpha       Systems   is    a    native          scientific     and      engineering      routines,
programming       language    product      that          includes        Basic       Linear        Algebra
generates      optimized      object     code.           Subprograms (BLAS), Signal Processing,
Compaq C++ for Tru64 UNIX is based on                    Sparse Linear System, LAPACK, and Utility
the ANSI/ISO C++ International Standard,                 subprograms and Ladebug, a robust and
reference designation number                             easy to use debugger that will simplify
ISO/IEC 14882:1998. In addition to this                  the debugging of all of your C++
standard,     C++     supports     the   ARM,            applications. CXML and Ladebug are
CFRONT, GNU, and MS dialects.                            provided as part of the Tru64 UNIX
                                                         operating system. These kits are also
C++ is a development language of                         available on the web at no additional
choice for high-performance technical                    charge.
computing. The release of Version 6.5
underlines        Compaq’s          continued            Compaq C++ for Tru64 UNIX Alpha
commitment to the high-performance                       Systems is available now. For                  more
technical computing community. Some of                   information on Compaq C++ Version 6.5
the enhanced features in 6.5 include:                    for Tru64 UNIX Alpha Systems features,
                                                         please visit
   Open MP Support                                      http://www.tru64unix.compaq.com/cplus/
   Performance Improvements
   Improved code generation                             Note: The Developers' Toolkit for Tru64
   Improved support for new processors                           UNIX is a prerequisite for all Tru64
   Improved inlining                                             UNIX    development          tools,    and
   Improved documentation on                                     languages. It includes:
   Enhanced ISO Compliance                                      An ANSI compliant C Compiler
   In ASM now                                                   The Porting Assistant
   No change to Rogue Wave Standard                             Visual Threads
    Library                                                      The ladebug and dbx Debuggers

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                       page   27
      The Hiprof, Third Degree and Pixie           Network Storage Routers.
       Profiling and Program Analysis
                                                    Two years ago, we had the Fibre Channel
                                                    Tape Controllers I and II with one Fibre
      The     cord   and   om   Procedure
                                                    Channel port and one or two High
       Reordering Tools
                                                    Voltage Differential     SCSI   ports. Then
      Graphical Program Analysis Tools
                                                    came the Modular Data Routers I and II
      The ATOM API
                                                    with up to two Fibre Channel ports and
                                                    up to eight SCSI ports LVD and/or HVD.
                                                    The novelty was the modularity: you
                                                    started with one Fibre Channel module
                                                    and one SCSI module and you had a free
                                                    slot to add either an LVD SCSI module or
                                                    an HVD SCSI module.

                                                    Compaq has released new data routers in
                                                    April:   the   Network    Storage   Routers
                                                    M2402 and N1200. The latter to be
                                                    officially announced on 7th May but has
                                                    been released at the end of April. Note
                                                    that the NSR M2402 has sometimes been
                                                    called MDR-III.

                                                    Configurations and naming convention:

                                                    As the MDR, the NSR M2402 is modular.
                                                    It is shipped with a 2-port 2 Gb/s Fibre
                                                    Channel module and a 4-port LVD or
                                                    HVD Ultra-3 SCSI module. It has two free
                                                    slots in which you can add either an FC
                                                    module or a SCSI module giving you in
                                                    total up to 6 FC ports or up to 12 SCSI
                                                    ports. As the FCTC, the NSR N1200 is not
                                                    modular. It comes with one 2 Gb/s Fibre
                                                    Channel port and two LVD Ultra-3 SCSI

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                  page   28
ports. The naming convention for the                     hot swappable power supplies and fans;
NSR reflects these configurations:                       the N1200 has got one fan and one
                                                         power supply.
M2402, N1200

                                                         Like the MDR, the NSR supports Selective
   The M means modular, the N not
                                                         Storage Presentation (SSP) to enable
                                                         shared use of the NSR by multiple servers
   The first two figures indicate the
                                                         and SCSI Controller Command (SCC) to
    number of Fibre Channel ports and
                                                         allow large LUN support. But the new
    the number of SCSI ports in the base
                                                         feature for both NSR is that they support
                                                         serverless backup.
   The last two figures indicate the
    number of free available slots.
                                                         Serverless backup:

Main features:                                           Serverless backup or server free backup
                                                         relieves the backup server of handling
The Fibre Channel ports are SFP’s and are
                                                         data. The backup server initiates and
included with the kit. They are backward
                                                         monitors   backup    jobs   but   the    data
compatible with 1 Gb/s speed. The Fibre
                                                         moving task from disk to tape is done by
Channel ports of the M2402 can be
                                                         the Network Storage Router. Therefore,
partitioned to support separate non-
                                                         the backup server only deals with low
redundant fabrics.
                                                         bandwidth messaging traffic and the
                                                         heavy data moving traffic is carried out
The    SCSI    connectors      are     VHDCI
                                                         across the SAN by the NSR; sometimes
connectors. It is supported to connect up
                                                         called a data mover for this reason. The
to four DLT or AIT tape drives and up to
                                                         NSR supports up to eight simultaneous
two SDLT tape drives per SCSI port. Note
                                                         streams of serverless backup jobs.
that the robot arm counts as a SCSI
device but does not need its own SCSI
                                                         The piece of software, which implements
Port   connection    because   of     its   low
                                                         serverless backup, is usually an option of
bandwidth requirement.
                                                         the   backup    software.   The   only   one
                                                         supported at release is the CA BrightStor
Both N1200 and M2402 are 1U high and
                                                         ARCserve Serverless Backup option with
rack-mountable (rail kit included with
package). The M2402 has got redundant

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                       page   29
ARCserve Image Option. Other ISV’s will                -    CA BrightStor ARCserve 2000 (with or
be supported in the near future.                            without serverless backup option)

Support:                                               All the main EBS-supported tape libraries,
                                                       SAN switches and storage subsystems are
The   NSR    can   function   in   serverless
                                                       qualified. See EBS compatibility matrix or
backup mode as a data mover or simply
                                                       QuickSpec for more details:
as a data router. For the latter are
-   Legato NetWorker 6.1,
-   Veritas Backup Exec 8.6
-   Veritas NetBackup 3.4.1, and

Presales.Support@Compaq.Com                     page   30

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