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					                                      2006-2007 Executive

              Gord Zaroski, President

        Gord is currently completing his third undergraduate degree, this time in Classics. His
main interests deal with the politics and intrigues of Imperial Rome, especially the period of the
‘Good Emperors’. He is also obsessed with all aspects of the Roman Army and loves to read
anything mythological, magical, or medieval. A self-proclaimed student for life, next year, Gord
is looking forward to Graduate School and hopes that he never stops learning about the ancient
world. Outside of school, Gord enjoys singing, reading, playing golf and various other sports,
and spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors with his wife Lesley.

              Sean Hazelton, Vice-President

        Sean is in his fourth year of an Honours BA in Classics (History & Archaeology). After
completing his undergraduate degree, he plans to attend graduate school. His Classics interests
include the ancient theatre and spectacle, Greek and Latin language and literature (particularly
tragedy, comedy, satire, and love poetry), Roman architecture, and Roman social history
(especially the family, law, and religion as well as the Late Republic and Late Antique periods).
Sean's other interests are Comparative mythology, Celtic civilisation, the ancient Near East,
Mediaeval & Renaissance civilisation, and poetry. When he is not studying, one will most likely
find him reading, listening to good music, conversing with friends, or going in search of caffeine.
Sean is also the resident web-dominus for the Classics Club website.

                                McMASTER CLASSICS CLVB
                                      2006-2007 Executive

              Kelly Hope, Treasurer

        Kelly is a fourth year Classics: History and Archaeology major. After graduation, she
plans on continuing her study of Classics in graduate school. Her areas of interest within Classics
include Greek art and archaeology (particularly the architectural orders, architectural sculpture,
sculpture, and late Archaic pottery), the legal history of Greece and Rome, military history,
Archaic and Classical Age Greece, Greek Sanctuaries, and the Greek Bronze Age. Of course, she
also takes interest in studying both Greek and Latin, and especially loves grammar and
etymology. Her other academic interests include modern military history (especially the First and
Second World Wars), legal history, Egyptian art and archaeology, 19th Century Europe, and
historiography. When her head is not buried in the books, Kelly enjoys dance, music, reading
and shopping for books, as well as going on quests for coffee.

              Nermin Abdulla, Secretary

        Nermin is a second year Classics: History and Archaeology student. Her interests in
Classics are archaeology, art, and Roman social and military history. Her other academic
interests include the Renaissance and various other European styles of art such as Gothic and
Baroque. Outside of school, Nermin loves to travel. She also reads avidly and listens to various
genres of music in her spare time.

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