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Spring City, Pennsylvania                         Summer, 2010

Congratulations, Confirmands!
Pentecost Sunday, May 23, was a day of great celebration at
Brownback’s Church as five of our finest young people were
confirmed in their Christian faith. Our Confirmands this year
were Brian Brady, Emery Chew, Colin Clark, Kennedy Houck,
and Morgan Stone.
In a tradition that dates back to the earliest days of the Church,
our young people stood before our congregation and confirmed
the promises that had been made for them by their parents at
the time of their Baptism. They rejected all that is not of God,
confessed that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior, and
promised to be part of the whole family of God’s people and our
own Brownback’s Church family. In so doing, they embraced the
journey of faith as their own and pledged to be disciples of
Jesus throughout their lives.
The rite of Confirmation began as Consistory representative,
Jeff Erb, presented to the mother of each Confirmand a special
red stole that the mothers then placed on their son or daughter.
Parents and other confirmed family members joined Jeff and
Pastor Lamson for the laying on of hands – the physical sign of
the passing of the faith from one generation to the next. After
all had been confirmed, they were presented with leather-bound
New Revised Standard Version Bibles engraved with their
names and a Certificate of Confirmation. Following the Service,
a reception sponsored by the Kitchen Committee to honor the
Confirmands was held in Fellowship Hall.
Congratulations to our five Confirmands and great thanks to all
who helped to make their day one of the best!
Brownback’s United Church of Christ
                  640 Ridge Road
          Spring City, Pennsylvania 19475
            Telephone: 610-495-6788
    On the Internet at:

            Our Church Leaders
        Maureen Siwik, Consistory President
               Jeff Erb, Vice President
              Mark Sweitzer, Secretary
              Richard Bauer, Treasurer
         Kelly Clark, Benevolence Treasurer
     John Stone, Major Improvements Treasurer

      2010 Linda Bauer          Earl Brungess
     2011 Maureen Siwik          Robert Keeley
        2012 Jeff Erb          Barry Vining

       2010 Mark Sweitzer        John Stone
         2011 Kelly Clark       Rod Bauer
       2012 Craig LeBlanc        Roy Kramer

              Our Church Staff
      Rev. Frank L. Lamson, Pastor and Teacher
           Kris Houck, Parish Administrator
             Penny Sallade, Choir Director
               Patricia Kandler, Organist
            Bernadette Brungess, Sexton
       Robert Jacob, Cemetery Superintendent
       Rev. Dr. Eugene Grau, Pastor Emeritus

                        - 2-
From the Pastor
The news from the Gulf of Mexico is bleak. Massive quantities
of oil continue to spew from the broken well there and BP, the
oil company in charge, seems unable to stop it. More and more
we hear that this is the worst environmental disaster in our
nation’s history and it will take many years to complete an
adequate clean-up and for the fragile wetlands and shorelines
of the Gulf states to be restored.
When God gave us this world in which to live, it was a garden,
the Garden of Eden. To this day, when we refer to a place as
“like Eden,” it means that the place is beautiful and pristine –
fundamentally untouched by humanity. We were called then
and still are called even today to be stewards of this Eden, the
great garden that is our earth. We are to enjoy it, to use its
resources wisely and carefully, and then return the earth to God
as it was given to us. That’s what good stewards do.
Unfortunately, the “using” part of the call is what we do best
and certainly with the most serious intent. Our use of the
earth’s resources is often so extreme and so careless that,
rather than being stewards of the garden, we are its abusers.
We take and destroy rather than enjoy and conserve.
The lesson of the disaster in the Gulf is that we can no longer
consider ourselves stewards of God’s beautiful garden and
continue our use of fossil fuels. As God’s people with a call to
care for the earth, we must lead the drive away from fossil fuels
and to more renewable sources of energy.
When I hiked with friends down into the Grand Canyon – many
years ago! – we brought our own food and water and we took
out our leftovers and trash. We were told that “if you pack it in,
you pack it out.” We were to leave the Grand Canyon in better
condition than we found it so others in the future could enjoy it,
too. That’s how it is for us who enjoy this earthly garden. It’s not
a simple task and it will take money and time, but it’s what we
do. It’s our call as God’s people – to be stewards of the garden.

                                - 3-
Young at Heart
Our Young at Heart Club held its last meeting of the season on
Thursday May 12. Fifty-three persons attended and dined on
broasted chicken. A special culinary delight was the homemade
asparagus soup prepared with Judy White’s garden asparagus.
Each individual table was set with placemats and napkins and
decorated with school “supplies.” Prizes of school lunch bags
containing a balanced lunch along with pads and pencils were
won by Joyce Miller and Russell Kurtz.
Nancy Peiffer recognized and thanked all those whose help
contributes to the success of the luncheons. Phyllis Prizer was
recognized for her six and a half years as Club treasurer and her
stewardship of all Club monies. Nancy presented Phyllis with an
angel pin and a bouquet of fresh flowers in appreciation for a
job well done. Connie Megay has graciously taken on the job of
treasurer and will begin her duties in the fall.
The program, a slide show entitled Very Old Schools 1720-
1840, was narrated by historian Robert Wood of Boyertown. He
told of immigrants escaping religious persecution who settled in
our area including the Lutherans and Reformed – our ancestors
in faith. These denominations built schools so their children
could learn to read the Bible, know their religion, and be able to
write. The Mennonites, Schwenkfelders, Moravians, Quakers,
and later the Roman Catholics also established schools. The
earliest of these were one room schoolhouses that also served
as the schoolmasters living quarters. Some schoolhouses can
still be found in our area today. A number of our Club members
attended one room schools as children.
Mr. Wood reported Brownback’s UCC was the first Reformed
Church in Chester County and, at one time, there was a one
room school house near our church.
The meeting was closed with a Friendship Circle, a prayer by
Nancy Peiffer, and Thelma Nelson leading us in the hymn,
“Blest Be the Ties that Bind.” See you in September!
                      - Pat Diener
                               - 4-
         You’re Invited to
     Our Sunday School Picnic!
    Right after church on Sunday, June 6
               at Warwick Park
       Bring a salad or dessert to share
             and your lawn chair.
        Angus Burgers and Hot Dogs
      with all the fixings will be served.
            It’s fun for everyone!

Summer Sunday Activities
Throughout the summer, we offer a special video program for
our younger children during the 10 a.m. Service. Right after the
“Word for All Ages,” children age 3 through Grade 3 will be
dismissed to the Parlor – which is delightfully air-conditioned!
The program for these summer Sundays is called “Bugtime
Adventures” – Bible stories designed just for this age group.
Help us staff this summer program for our children. There’s a
sign up sheet at the Sign Up Center. Take a Sunday or two and
Kris Houck will give you all that you need to lead. Thank you for
your willingness to serve.

A REMINDER: This summer, as you travel or are out shopping,
remember the Christmas Shoe Boxes for the children that we
will be packing again in the fall. Pick up a few items along the
way that a child would enjoy receiving.
                               - 5-
Congratulations, Graduates!
We are proud of all of our graduates and their significant
accomplishments. This year, our graduates include:
     Andrew Garson will graduate from Owen J. Roberts High
School and will attend the University of Pittsburgh.
     Greg Gerhart will graduate from Owen J. Roberts High
School and will attend Kutztown University where he will major
in Elementary Education with a Special Education focus.
     Matt Gerhart will graduate from Owen J. Roberts High
School and will attend West Virginia University where he will
major in Landscape Architecture.
     Kevin Orris will graduate from Burkburnett High School
in Wichita Falls, Texas. In the fall, he will attend Vernon College
and then enter the police academy.
     David Vining will graduate from Owen J. Roberts High
School and will attend the University of Pittsburgh.
     Kendra Robinson has earned the Master of Education
degree from Cabrini College.
These young people will be recognized and honored during our
10 a.m. Service on Sunday, June 6. Congratulations to our
graduates and may God bless them in all the years to come.

Wanted: Musicians
As summer approaches, we are filling our music schedule with
guest musicians. As our Senior Choir takes a well-deserved
break over the summer, we ask our other in-church musicians –
or friends or relatives of our congregation – to share their
musical talents during our worship.
Contact Penny Sallade at 484-938-7577 or email her at if you can provide sacred vocal or
instrumental music on one or more of our summer Sundays. We
need to fill the whole summer schedule from Sunday, June 20
through Sunday, September 5. Thanks!
                                - 6-
Father’s Day Breakfast
Everyone is invited to our annual Father’s Day Breakfast on
Sunday, June 20 beginning at 8:45 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. This
is our chance to honor all of our fathers – and it’s a gift to us all.
Reservations, however, are requested! Email, telephone, or add
your name to the list at the Sign Up Center!

Summer Aerobics for You
Jane Peronteau, our aerobics instructor, has announced that
during this summer the aerobics class will be held Mondays and
Thursdays from 7 to 8 p.m. beginning Monday, June 28. The
cost is just $3 per session. So pack up your exercise pad, your
bottle of water, and join the group in Fellowship Hall.

When You Travel This Summer
When you’re away on vacation this summer – or any time you’re
on a trip – and visit another church, please pick up a copy of
the program for the day and any other “hand-outs” that may be
available. Pastor Lamson always enjoys seeing what other
churches and Pastors are doing. Thank you for remembering
Brownback’s Church throughout the summer and always!

In the Parish
Remember in your prayers all those in our church family who
are ill or in any need and especially those who have been
recently hospitalized: Pat Kandler, Judy White.
Let us know who is ill or hospitalized. Just email or call the
church office so we can care for all who are in need. Let us hear
all the good news, too, so we can celebrate it.

                                 - 7-
         Have Your Car Washed
                 On Saturday, June 5
                From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
              In the Church Parking Lot
       Make a Donation to get a Clean Car
           And Support Maddie Stone
               and Taggart Houck
       On their Mission Experience to India

Opening Day Planning
Sunday, September 12 is Opening Day at Brownback’s Church
when we begin another season of activity and Sunday School
starts again. Our Sunday School Team is planning another great
day so mark your calendars and join us. It will be fun for all.

SENIOR CHOIR NOTE: Senior Choir begins summer break after
Sunday, June 13. Fall rehearsals begin Wednesday, September
8 at 7 p.m. The Choir sings again on Sunday, September 12.

READING PHILLIES NIGHT OUT: We’re going to the Reading
Phillies on Thursday, July 22. Game time is 7:05 p.m. Tickets
are just $8. Join our Brownback’s Church family at the game.
Add your name to the list at the Sign Up Center or see Rod
Bauer this Sunday and book your tickets.

STOP AT THE SIGN UP CENTER and take a Sunday or two to
serve as Lector and read in the Service or to serve as Social
Hour hosts and provide the goodies for us – please! We have a
great need for Lectors and Hosts during the summer. Stop at
the Sign Up Center this Sunday.
                              - 8-
Summer Birthdays
     6/1 Jared Wiand
      6/2 Bob Peiffer
  6/2 Michelle Feairheller
      6/4 Helen Raser
      6/6 Kathy Laird
       6/7 John Orris
  6/10 Bobbi Jo Dormer
    6/10 Jason Painter
    6/11 Joshua Painter
      6/14 Ann Baker
    6/14 Ed Frederick
     6/15 Amelia Metz
     6/15 Jeremy Metz
   6/17 Isabelle LeBlanc
     6/18 Eric Dormer
     6/19 Brad Dunlap
   6/20 Donna Kandler
    6/21 Sydney Baker
    6/21 Catherine Law
       6/21 Al Wilson
   6/23 Jennifer Kandler
    6/25 Reese Kandler
  6/26 Cheri Copenhaver
    6/29 Evan Boaman

       7/1 Sara Kelly
    7/6 George Kullen
     7/6 Doran Shade
    7/8 Nathan Miller
    7/8 Andrew Garson
   7/9 Evelyn Halteman
  7/9 Jacob Linsenbigler
   7/9 Trent Francesco
     7/10 Nancy Ryan
  7/10 Kendra Robinson
    7/11 Mike Gdowik
   7/14 Paige Francesco
  7/14 Shannon Kitchen
      7/16 Rob Keeley
    7/17 Susan Ziemba
    7/17 Sean Keating
      7/18 Colin Clark

           - 9-
    7/18 Casey Rau
   7/20 Phyllis Prizer
 7/21 Jason Feairheller
   7/22 Sydney Chew
  7/23 Thelma Nelson
    7/28 Alice Bauer
   7/29 Vicky Hewitt
  7/30 Velma Valbert
 7/30 Jackson Keating

    8/1 Yvonne Bauer
      8/2 Stacey Metz
     8/2 Zack Bradley
       8/3 Jill Keeley
    8/3 Connie Megay
      8/6 David Chew
     8/10 Jane Dunlap
8/10 Pastor Frank Lamson
   8/11 Elmer Swenson
    8/11 Beth Houting
  8/12 Barbara Balmer
   8/12 Penny Sallade
   8/12 Andrea Shade
     8/13 C.J. Magann
    8/13 Chadd Bauer
       8/13 Jeff Erb
      8/14 Rod Bauer
     8/14 Trevor Ford
     8/15 Jacob Miller
     8/15 Dylan Klotz
      8/17 Sue Feiser
   8/17 Matt McCollum
      8/17 Nora Idler
  8/18 Jennifer Garson
   8/19 Betsy Magann
     8/19 Lisa Stigura
    8/22 Earl Brungess
   8/22 Lewis Schrack
      8/25 Joe Feiser
   8/26 Kaitlin Sallade
    8/27 Nancy Peiffer
    8/28 Les Schwartz
  8/28 John Cassady, Jr.
    8/29 Eileen Jacob
 8/30 Anna May Schrack
     8/30 Josh Wiand

         - 10 -
     Summer Anniversaries
             6/1 Jeff and Kelly Erb
          6/1 Shaun and Krista Beitler
        6/2 Arlen and Lynn Copenhaver
          6/9 Tom and Amanda Moore
        6/10 Kevin and Shannon Kitchen
           6/12 Joe and Kathy Laird
        6/12 Richard and Susan Trythall
       6/14 Jason and Michelle Feairheller
           6/18 Bob and Joyce Miller
          6/21 Brian and Jane Piersol
           6/21 John and Linda Acar
           6/23 Mike and Kris Houck
        6/23 Pastor David and Peg Koch
           6/23 John and Karen Orris
            6/28 Bill and Pat Moore

            7/3 Scott and Melissa Rau
       7/12 Matthew and Kendra Robinson
          7/16 David and Phyllis Prizer
          7/21 Randy and Lorey Wiand
           7/22 Kevin and Gwen Klotz
           7/28 Bob and Eileen Jacob
          7/30 Ken and Doran Shade

           8/4 Doug and Sue Kandler
          8/9 Craig and Dawn LeBlanc
       8/10 Charles and JoAnn McFarland
          8/15 Bob and Linda Painter
         8/18 Michael and Dawn Patrick
         8/19 Robert and Marlen Wensel
           8/25 Paul and Donna Brady
      8/27 Pastor Eugene and Dorothy Grau
        8/27 Joe and Darlene SantaCroce
         8/31 Richard and Linda Bauer

    Have a Safe and Happy Summer
      and – when you’re home –
join us on Sunday at 10 a.m. at church!
                     - 11 -
Brownback’s United Church of Christ
640 Ridge Road
Spring City, Pennsylvania 19475
Address Service Requested

                                      - 12 -

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