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									My Name: George
       The Tribe’s Territory
• The tribe lived in the area now covered
  by :North Dakota, South Dakota,
  Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Utah,
            Their Homes
• Originally the Cheyenne lived in settled
  village in of Earth lodges and they
  cleaned, the women built the tipi.
Their Foods: Plants and Animals
 The Cheyenne were actually farming
  people .They ate corns, beans, and
  squash. They ate animals like ,bear,
 buffalo, duck, goose, and fish.
           Their Clothing
• The men wore deerskins like
  underwear. And they wore shirts.

• The women wore very nice dresses.
• They were made from buffalo.
       Their Transportation
• They used horses when the European
  came. They used a lot of horses. They
  used wolfs for a sled called the trovis.
  Another transportation called the canoe.
   Their Tools and Weapons
• Cheyenne warriors used weapons like
  clubs, bows and arrows, spears, and
  shields. They used dog soldiers to kill
  the enemy. They used small swords .

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