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					                          Gaborone Motor Club

     MARCH 2009           Gaborone Motor Club                                                         Gaborone Motor Club

                          ZAMBIA ROUND 1 SORC
                          It was fitting that David         from the Congo to partici-        aware as to what level their
     SOUTH AFRICA         Reeve should win the Tom          pate.9 of them made the           machine is and can rectify
                          Reeve Memorial trophy at          effort to load their ma-          it. The number of entrants
Please check with the     the recent Southern African       chines onto a truck, (even        was reasonable, 52 in all
organizers. GMC can-      Off Road championships,           flew their bikes down), and       and injuries thankfully were
not be held liable for    held this past weekend in         they thoroughly enjoyed the       minimal with only one rider
 wrong information.       Lusaka. Tom Reeve was an          days racing. Only two riders      sustaining an injury. On the
                          ardent supporter of both          from the MSA federation           quad front, homeboy Lance
                          motocross and off road. As        were able to attend, and          Higgins was determined to
    • 10 April National   for David, this race has          those were the boys from          win which he did, but Fanie
      Enduro Montagu      eluded him for at least 2         Botswana, Hendrie Barwise         Steenkamp from Namibia
                          years and this year it was        and LJ Erasmus who drove          gave chase. In the B1 class
    • 12 April National   great to see him win on           through the most horren-          it was nice to see young
      MX Port Elizabeth   “home turf” and keep the          dous road conditions to get       Barrett Maddocks finish
                          beautiful floating trophy         to the race.                      first. David Reeve rode a
    • 19 April Regional   that the family has pur-          In accordance with the            flawless race, and his main
      MX Bloemfontein     chased in memory of his           Amu guidelines to protect         contender Brian Cocker
                          father. ZMSA put on a great       our environment, the ZMSA         came second. Toyota Zam-
    • 25 April Vryburg
                          event. The Namibians were         had a sound meter in place        bia were the main spon-
      Off Road
                          there in force, mainly with       during technical control.         sors of the event, and also
                          their quad riders and only a      Each rider passed through         made it a family affair with
                          couple of bikers. Regretta-       scrutineering and then            father and son Andrew and
                          bly Ingo Waldschmidt,             went to the sound meter.          Jonathan Marshal compet-
                          whom we were all keen to          He had to place his bike in       ing in the bike class.
                          talk to since his participa-      a designated spot and the
                          tion in Dakar 09, was un-         official “blipped’ the throt-     Round Two of the SORC
                          able to attend due to other       tle and a reading was             event will be held in Bot-
       EVENTS             commitments. Most inter-          taken, the rider was then         swana on 19 June and will
                          esting of all was the DRC         given a receipt with his          be part of the Toyota Kala-
Check on Facebook or      riders who came down              reading. The riders are now       hari Desert Race.
   receive a SMS

•    4 April Karting

•    Easter Fun in
     Francistown          The Wesbank Naledi team           at the riders along with moun-    credible 11th in class, as did
                          comprises of Wayne Jordaan,       tains, rocks and more rocks.      Neil, with James and Hugh
•    9 May Off Road       James Van Onselen, Mike           The weather was so horrific       also finishing the event. One
                          Reynolds, Neil Gailey and         that in the interests of safety   description I did get was that
                          Hugh Fletcher. The year got off   the C of C cancelled the last     of the lunacy of the top boys,
•    23 May MX/Flat       to a bad start when the team      120kms of the route. This         whilst our intrepid rider was
     track                lost 2 riders, Kyle Poppleton     caused huge rows and pro-         pottering his way down a
                          and Clive Fourie due to injury.   tests and prize giving was        mountain, he said that Curtis
•    13 June TDR          Undeterred they set forth to      delayed until 11.00 at night.     screamed by at about 70kph
     Social Fun day       their first national. The gods    You think we can run late—        oblivious to the angle of the
                          must have been thrilled to see    don’t ever complain again!!       down hill. NUTS……….
•    19 June TDR          this and promptly threw thun-     Our weekend warriors hung in
                          der, lightning , rain and mud     there and Mike got a very         Anyway guys a great effort.
     1000 RACE
Below are pics taken
by the Riding Dirty     Gaborone Motor Club                                                                        Page 2
guys at the Fun Day.

                        MOTOCROSS & FLAT TRACK FUN DAY
                        Huge thanks to all the Yamaha      Robert Pollock and Sheldon          boys a right royal hiding! Mark
                        guys, Jason, Christo and their     January whom we have not            had problems with his 65cc so
                        team, Skip Hire, Truck Africa      seen for ages. New faces            was unceremoniously chucked
                        etc for putting on the fun day.    included the Bowie family,          onto an 85, and guess what,
                        There was a massive turn out       with their 2 boys getting into      took to it like the proverbial
                        for the day.                       the swing of things. Also the       duck to water. Seniors com-
Go onto Facebook
                                                           guys from Auto City with their      prised of Kevin Branch on
and you can see their   The track had been nicely          stunning little Sandmaster          Jason's Yamaha, Anton.
whole album.            prepped and the rain kept the      type car. Which they merrily        Christo, Christian, Robert,
                        dust down to a minimum. A          lent out to all and sundry to       Matt, Daniel and Ian. The pho-
                        few of us who haven’t been         give it a go. I know what I want    tographers took some brilliant
                        out to the track in ages, strug-   for Christmas.                      photos of these guys jumping
                        gled a bit to find it, but then                                        the table top as a team. It
                        realized it had been marked.       The junior riders were Dodi         was nice to have the Daily
                        But I am sure there were a few     Mamaloukos, Mark Carr-              News out there too, so hope-
                        who roamed around in the           Hartley and the youngest            fully GMC can get some expo-
                        bush for a bit. (That’s part of    Bowie boy. Dodi as usual            sure. Quads were also out,
                        the fun??)                         packed on at full throttle, and     Renaldo, Shawn, Rene and a
                                                           is nearly clearing the table top.   lady rider whose name I did
                        Some new faces, some old           We really need to send this
                        faces, and some old faces                                              not get. All in all a really fun
                                                           youngster to SA to give their       event which all enjoyed.
                        reappeared!! Super to see

                        MOTORSPORT NEWS
                        •   Lewis Hamilton is              •    2010 Dakar to stay in          •   The South African mo-
                            awarded the MBE by                  South America.                     torbike fraternity were
                            the Queen.                                                             shocked to hear that
                                                           •    After decades of suc-              two of our well known
                        •   Honda sell their F1                 cess, Mitsubishi to                faces, Butch Hirsch
This pic is NOT of a        race team to Ross                   leave the Dakar event.             (KTM) and Gary Franks
GMC rider but its so        Brawn, former team                  The three diamond                  (Enduro world maga-
awesome I thought I         principal of Honda Rac-             logo will be a notice-             zine), were badly in-
would place it on           ing F1.                             able absence, and                  jured when the KTM
here.                                                           their involvement has              chopper encountered
                        •   Loeb gets beaten by A1              influenced cross coun-             difficulties and came
                            team driver, Clivio Pic-            try rally raids over the           down. We wish both of
                            cione in quad buggy                 years.                             them a speedy recov-
                            race.                                                                  ery.

                        TRIVIAL PURSUITS
                                                           You may drive the freeway
                                                           daily at top speeds with confi-
 RIDING DIRTY IS                                           dence and skill, but that does
ON FACEBOOK AS                                             not qualify you as a racer. Put
IS GABORONE                                                an ordinary driver in a race car
MOTORCLUB                                                  and he would probably crash
                                                           in the pit area. (Al Unser)
                        The younger generation won’t                                               Name these two guys?
                        have a clue but who are these      At 180mph when your front
                        two motorsport legends from        wheel wants to play pogo
                        UK?                                stick, you don’t do nothing.
                                                           You don’t sneeze, hiccup or
                        If horse racing is the sport of    even breathe. All you do is
                        kings, then drag racing must       point it and hang on. (Kenny
                        be the sport of queens!!           Roberts)
                  Gaborone Motor Club                                                Page 3

                  Mystery of the Floating Trophies

                     Gaborone Motor Club has several floating trophies which were last
                      handed out at the Flying Club by LJ Erasmus in 2007. These were
                       the Garth Card 65cc and 125cc trophies for MX, as well as the
                      Nobby Crosbie Memorial for 85cc mx. Then there were the 2 Carr
                     Hartley cups/bowls for Spirit of GMC and Best All Round member.
                       Lastly there was the Captain Ground Breaker award donated by
                     Guy Palmer and Kingsley Forsyth for the most spectacular “off” in
                      off road. Please guys, go look on your mantelpiece or in your tro-
                     phy cabinet, or try and remember who actually won these in 2007.
                      To replace them is impossible and to future potential supporters,
                                   this does not look too clever on our part.

We all moan
to dodge taxis    62 countries, includ-     nesses and govern-        FMN's to distribute
in Gaborone,      ing South Africa,         ments to switch off       this information and
can you           have committed to         lights for just one       let Africa make a dif-
imagine           switch off for WWF’s      hour on Saturday          ference. Attached is
having to         Earth Hour in 2009.       March 28 at 8:30pm        the link should you
dodge these       The campaign, which       to create a platform of   require any further
boys in a rally
                  hopes to reach out to     support for action on     information.
                  more than one billion     climate change.
raid……… See
                  people in 1,000 cities                              http://
                  around the world,         We would like to en-
                  asks individuals, busi-   courage all the AMU       a/news.php

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Gaborone Motor Club                                                                                                Page 4


Plenty of spectators, masses       tion of hanging about, but nei-       both started near the back of
of water, and a tight and pretty   ther did Rudy De Wet, Hendrie         the pack, and both of them
fun route was the formula for      Barwise or LJ Erasmus. Rudy           shot through to the front very
what was considered to be a        actually set the fastest lap of the   early on in the race. Garth was
pretty successful event for the    day of all the categories. Hendrie    expecting typical Botswana
club. Thanks Brad for the          took a tumble in the river and        sand and soon realized that it
quarry.                            injured his shoulder which            was rocks and river!! Mike and
                                   meant dispatching Rescue One          James Van Onselen were
Five thousand leaflets were
                                   to the scene. Rudy threw his          within a matter of seconds of
distributed around Gaborone,
                                   goggles off and his eyes took a       each other on each loop, until
and it turned out to be such a
                                   severe beating. We cannot             the final lap wen James lost it
simple but effective marketing
                                   stress the importance of keep-        by a couple of minutes. How-
campaign for the club.
                                   ing your goggles on, even though      ever, the rider from Francis-
William Major, Peter Van           you can’t see. Your eyes are too      town, Rainer Katz is going to
Vuuren and Lespy Mosope            precious to ruin. The VLS was         be everybody's nightmare.
marked the route, and with the     not wild about the rocks and the      Rainer is fast…. And when he
exception of the quarry which      chain kept coming off. LJ took        and his bike are working in
seemed to cause a few blind        first place with Rudy second and      unison he is pretty unstoppa-
spots for riders, the route was    in third place was Renaldo            ble. Sadly this was not the
well marked. Documentation         Gouws. It was a good size class       case on Saturday.
and scrutineering at Ellies the    with 19 starters.
                                                                         A few Hot Harrys in the pits
night before turned into a fes-
                                   The cars set off on time at 11.00     had their 1 minute penalty in
tival of who was riding what,
                                   once we had got all and sundry        the Hot Box.                       A great days
competitors rushing about
                                   back home. Keith Du Toit has a                                           racing was
filling out forms and joining                                            The pit area looked great with
                                   beautiful looking and sounding
the club. Old friends from Ma-                                           the sponsors banners up and        had by all.
                                   machine which set out to win,
fikeng turned up and newcom-                                             array of tents and teams. Eve-
                                   and win he did. However, the
ers from Selebi Phikwe ar-                                               ryone was great about keeping
                                   Nissan, also sounded sweet, but                                          Those of you
rived. Also good to see the                                              their pit area tidy and not
                                   looks a bit tired, and the duo
Francistown boys down here.                                              smoking or drinking in the pits.   that did not
                                   were flying but a puncture de-
                                   layed them quite a bit. John          Thank you. However, please
A new format designed to stay                                                                               attend we will
                                   Boxhoorn made the mistake of          come and offer us a hand in
within the MSA guidelines was                                                                               see you at the
                                   laughing at Simons misfortune,        the morning, Peter and Paul
that of trying to fit both cars,
                                   and fate would step in 5 minutes      had to put up banners, check       next one on
bikes and quads into one day
                                   later and hand him not one but        the route and deal with a mil-
of racing, with limited routes,                                                                             the 9 May
                                   two punctures. The pretty little      lion other things—and they
marshals, and volunteers. So
                                   Sandmaster from Auto City lost        where riding. So bikers or car
it was decided to allocate 3
                                   its bash plate in the river which     guys, please offer a hand so
hours of racing to each cate-
                                   ended up with the driver doing        that it does not all fall on one
gory and hope that we could
                                   an impersonation of the Flint-        guys shoulders. Big thanks
sweep the route fast enough
                                   stones car and he had to call it a    though to the gang at the offi-
to be able to start the next
                                   day. Husband and wife, Mr. and        cials table, Lauren, Emma,
category on time.
                                   Mrs Chomse had a 10 km trek           Chris Lahana and Clive for all
Hearts sank at 06h00 on Sat-       back to the pits when their car       your support.
urday morning when we could        decided it had enough before          The Phikwe and Francistown
hardly find the starting loca-     the completion of one lap.            riders were all on good form
tion due to the fog. It would      Thankfully, they knew we were         and it was great to see them
have been suicide to ride in it,   under time constraints, and           getting active up there in the
so without an engine even          opted to walk back rather than        pits.
being fired up, we were al-        risk the bikers who would be out
ready delayed by 30 minutes.       later at 2.00. Thank you.             Prize giving was held at the
                                                                         Boulevard along with at least
Luckily the sun made a vague       Quite a large field of bikers lined   half a dozen rugby matches
effort to appear and we sent       up and we had drawn their start-      which were on TV at the same
the quads out…..straight into      ing positions out of a hat. Mike      time. But a good evening
the water of the quarry. Rezza     Reynolds and Garth Roberts            seemed to be had by all.
Noble on his VLS had no inten-
                                                                          GMC SPONSORS
                                               We would like to acknowledge the following companies who have
                                               all undertaken to support GMC during 2009. We hope you enjoy
                                                being part of our club and that you benefit from being involved.
Gaborone Motor Club

Private Bag BR 326
Phone: 717 04650
Fax: 3908 856

Mark Garland had a good           his results have been. Both   And all I know is that Peter
outing in Ermelo and was          boys will no doubt be taking  Kernick went racing down in
the highest placed     450        part in the National at PE    the East London area in his
                                                                1968 1300 Formula V. He
Honda for the Honda SA            over Easter.
                                                                came 5th out of 16 on the
team. He will be heading off
to Lesotho for the national       Hendrie Barwise grabbed his startling grid. Well done..
there on 21 March.                new KTM quad out the box
                                                                Martin Poole has also been
                                  and rushed off to do a race a busy body, riding the Win-
Ross Branch is enjoying life      at Lichtenburg. He said terburg enduro which was
down in Port Elizabeth with       there were 105 starters and extremely tough with bikers
Bad Boy Honda. Doing lots         he finished 40th.             collapsing due to heat and
of training on the beach and                                    dehydration. Martin also
is chuffed to bits with the       Wesbank Naledi team were rode Ermelo and am I am
Honda Civic they have spon-       also in Lichtenburg, but on a pretty sure he finished 8th in
sored him with. He has            different weekend. Team his class. Rumour also has it
cleaned up at all the PE          manager Wayne Jordaan that he went to Cape town to
regional events in both MX 1      told us that all of the team ride the Argus bicycle event.
and MX 2 classes. He also         finished and earned them-
                                                                Car guys? Any news from
rode in an informal off road      selves some points towards
                                                                you? What are you up to and
race—which he won.                the regional championships. when are we going to hear
                                                              where you are racing or what
Carr Lebatha is also down in      The tarmac specialists have
                                                              you are building for the De-
PE and also training hard.        also been out and about but sert.
We are waiting to hear what       they are a secretive bunch  NEED MORE INFO PLEASE.             Gaborone Motor Club is
                                                                                                 also on Facebook