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					                                              Battle of
                                         Sharpsburg Camp
                                    Sons of Confederate Veterans

                                       “The Sharpsburg Sentinel”

Volume 6, Issue 03                                                       February 28, 2011

                                        “Commander’s Message”

     Compatriots of the Sharpsburg Camp,

     It has been a busy month for our organization. Between the inauguration of our President, Jefferson
     Davis, in Montgomery, Alabama, the Gilmore Camp Bull and Oyster Roast and the President's Day
     Parade in Alexandria, there have been any number of things to occupy us and catch our attention. As
     spring draws near (finally!), there will be even more opportunities to participate in upcoming events in
     the Sesquicentennial, many of which can be found on the Maryland Division Color Guard schedule. I
     hope you will find time to join in some of these activities.

     For those of you who may not know, our Judge-Advocate, James Mann, has resigned his position in
     the Camp leadership due to a very busy schedule (I know how that is!). Consequently, we will need
     the services of someone in the Camp who is willing to step up and discharge a position of
     responsibility. If you are interested, please let it be known to myself, Commander Bayer, Adjutant
     DeFreytas or other member of the chain of command. It will be greatly appreciated.

     Please continue to pray for Keystone State Commander Jim Palmisano as he continues to undergo
     treatment. Moral support is always a good thing. I can tell you that from experience. His contact
     information for cards, letters or, perhaps, a phone call is as follows: Mr.& Mrs. James Palmisano, 936
     Mt. Carmel Rd, Orrtanna, Pa.17353; 717-642-8518. I know he'll appreciate it.

     Finally, I will see y'all at the meeting at the Mumma House on the Battlefield on March 2. Our
     speaker this month will be Gary Gimbel, who will speak on "Major Robert Swan, Stuart's Fallen
     Cavalier". The National Enquirer headline for this talk would read "Did JEB Stuart really capture a
     company of Union troops singled-handed?" In the summer of 2008 the magazine North South
     Trader’s Civil War published an article by Gary on Robert Swan. The talk will be part detective story
     (the speaker trying to track this guy down), part murder mystery, and part love story exploring a little
     known Confederate officer from Cumberland, Maryland with close ties to Hagerstown, who played a
     important role at the Battle of Falling Waters.

     The Battle of Falling Waters was the first Civil War battle (okay, skirmish) in the Shenandoah Valley.
     This action in Berkeley County, north of Martinsburg, was fought three weeks before Thomas J.
     Jackson became “Stonewall” at the Battle of Manassas. Although quickly overshadowed by bigger
     and bloodier engagements, this little battle had a definite impact at the start of the war. Many
     individual events, which occurred for the first time during this action, would be repeated many times
     over during the course of the war. These included amazing bravery & cowardice, mistaken identities,
     armed black Confederates, bizarre wounds, friendly fire, premonitions, and omens in the sky. Also, a
     number of personalities who would later go on to greater fame saw their first Civil War action at
Falling Waters. As Henry Kyd Douglas said, “There for the first time I heard the whiz of a musket
ball and the shriek of a cannon shot.”

While growing up in Texas Gary Gimbel developed a strong interest in history. His two daughters
will tell you that they always had to stop and read the roadside historical markers. When a job
relocation brought him and his family to Berkeley County in 1989, proximity to the Civil War
battlefields rekindled an interest in that conflict he gained growing up during the Centennial. At that
time he had bought a home in northern Berkeley County, unbeknownst to him, near the Falling
Waters battlefield. Later upon discovering this, Gary set out to find out everything he could about that
battle. Interest in the battle grew into an obsession, and he is quick to point out that there is a just a
very fine line between a hobby and mental illness. In 2005 the national Civil War periodical Blue &
Gray published his research on that battle as the cover story of their Fall issue.

In April 1998 Gary was appointed by Mayor Earnest Sparks to serve on the City of Martinsburg’s
Roundhouse Funding Committee. He later served on the Roundhouse Center Study Group, forerunner
to the Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the
Berkeley County Historical Society, and is active with the Belle Boyd House & Archives Center.
Gary's research has appeared in the society's publication The Berkeley Journal. He is also a member
of the General Adam Stephen Memorial Association, the Harpers Ferry Civil War Roundtable, and is
president of the Falling Waters Battlefield Association.

Gary has an MBA from St. Edward’s University in Austin, and is the Controller for M&H Plastics in
Winchester. He and his wife, Gabi live in a log home in Martinsburg filled with books. They enjoy
restoring the house and working in their large garden.

Your obedient servant,

Stuart McClung
Battle of Sharpsburg Camp #1582

2nd Lieutenant Commander’s notes:

   1) Please lets all take a moment and pause and ponder the passing of the last Veteran of the First
      World War; Mr Frank Buckles passed away. David R Arnott writes:Frank Buckles, the last
      surviving U.S. veteran of World War I, has died. He was 110.Buckles, who also survived
      being a civilian POW in the Philippines in World War II, died peacefully of natural causes
      early Sunday at his home in Charles Town, biographer and family spokesman David DeJonge
      said in a statement. Buckles turned 110 on Feb. 1 and had been advocating for a national
      memorial honoring veterans of World War I in Washington, D.C.Buckles lied about his age to
      join the army at age 16. The Missouri native was among nearly 5 million Americans who
      served in World War I in 1917 and 1918."I knew there'd be only one (survivor) someday. I
      didn't think it would be me," he was quoted as saying in recent years.
   2) I have not included the next section from Jubal Early’s autobiography due to the length of this
      month’s newsletter. I will pick up from the spot we left off on in February for the April
                                  Minutes from last meeting, Feb. 2, 2011:

>   7:05 p.m.: Meeting called to order by Commander Stuart McClung.
>   Pledge to the U. S. flag, and salute to the Confederate flag.
>   Invocation and opening prayer given by Chaplain Toby Law.
>   We had 7 members + 3 guests in attendance, for a total of 10. Note that attendance was
    low due to some still icy conditions – especially the parking lot!
>   Opening remarks by Commander McClung. Since our scheduled speaker, Dr. Lawrence
    Jones was unable to attend the meeting due to icy conditions, Jerry Bayer and Toby Law
    filled in tonight, and did a splendid job!
>   Jerry gave an interesting presentation with one of his own Civil War rifles, a “69 smooth
    bore”, which was the dominant weapon in the first year of the War, and also the same
    type of gun that tragically shot Stonewall Jackson. Jerry‟s model was an „1816‟ that was
    made in 1836 (or 1838).
>   Toby Law also gave an impressive presentation, showing us some incredible findings that
    he made when metal detecting in Sandy Hook, from the Maryland Heights conflict. Among
    the relics he presented were: many bullets, buttons, bayonet tips, musket parts, ornaments
    from caps, some coins, which included a 2-cent piece that was in incredibly good condition,
    and undamaged from spending so many years in the ground, which was very unusual!
>   Food break – Thanks to Jerry & Marianne Bayer, who went out and brought back 3 pizzas
    which were sufficiently devoured!
>   Jerry Bayer gave an update on Jim Palmisano, who is battling stage 4 cancer. He has
    had surgery, and is in remarkably good spirits, but is now preparing for several weeks of
    intensive chemo and radiation therapy. Please remember to keep him in prayer.
>   Next month‟s speaker will be Gary Gimball. His subject will be “Saving Falling Waters”.
    April‟s speaker: Greg Clemmer. May: (Re-schedule) of Dr. Lawrence Jones.
>   Meeting was concluded by 8:30, with Toby Law giving the closing prayer.

                                  MARYLAND DIVISION
                             SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS
                                 SEMI -ANNUAL MEETING
                                     JANUARY 29, 2011

                  The meeting was opened at 9:23 a.m. by Commander Jay Barringer.

                  Compatriot David Bridges of the General Isaac R. Trimble Camp offered the Invocation.

                  We were led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the U. S. flag and the Salute to the Confederate

                  The Charge of General Stephen Dill Lee was read.
      Acting Adjutant Elliott Cummings read the Roll Call of the Camps. The following eleven
Camps were in attendance:

         Col. William Norris
         Col. Harry W. Gilmor
         General Isaac R. Trimble
         Private Wallace Bowling
         Mechanized Cavalry
         Capt. James I. Waddell

         Capt. Vincent Camalier
         Battle of Sharpsburg
         Orphan Brigade
         Lt. Col. Robert H. Archer
         Maryland Line

   32 members attended the meeting.

    A Credentials sign-in sheets reflecting delegate votes was distributed and signed by each Camp
delegation Chairman.

Commander Barringer gave Welcoming Remarks.

Treasurer’s Report:

Compatriot Michael Glenn presented the Treasurer’s Report as follows:

   Checking Account / Operating Funds       $2,989.63
   Savings Account / Heritage Fund          $5,085.00

MOTIO : To accept the Treasurer’s Report. PASSED

Web Master’s Report:

Web master Keith Gary’s Report was read by Commander Barringer.

   -Information and criteria for the Haskins/Claggett Award
      have been posted to the web site.
  - Is working to consolidate Grave Registration Data.
  - Sesquicentennial Petition will be sent for review Feb. 6, 2011.

MOTION : To accept Web Master’s Report. PASSED

Recruiting Officer’s Report:

Recruiting Officer Jeff Martins’ Report was read by Commander Barringer

  - Is encouraging recruiting at activities and events.
MOTION: To accept Recruiting Report. PASSED

Graves Registration Report:

Graves Registration Officer David Hammett’s Report was read
by Commander Barringer.

  -Is learning ACCESS to eliminate duplications in the Graves
    Registration Data.
  - An e mail address has been established for the
    project. It is

MOTION: To accept the Graves Registration Officer’s Report. PASSED

Historian’s Report:

Historian Steve LaPlanche was absent. He is a “Super Plunger” today for the Special Olympics.

Color Guard Report:

Color Sergeant Ray Rooks’ Report was read by Commander Barringer.

     -   The size and number of events in which the Maryland Division,
         SCV Color Guard participated has grown substantially.

    - 20 flags were present at the Nov. 20, 2010 Gettysburg
       Remembrance Day Parade.

     -   A picture of the Maryland Division, SCV Color Guard at
         Gettysburg was published on the front page of “Civil War News.”

     -    The Maryland Division, SCV Color Guard participated in
           11 parades in 2010.

     -   The Maryland Division, SCV Color Guard received 1 st Place
         Awards in the North East Parade and the Gaithersburg Parade.

     -   Is assisting the Tennessee Division, SCV in establishing a
         Division Color Guard.

     -    SCV Commander-in-Chief Michael Givens called the
          Maryland Division, SCV Color Guard the “Best in
          the Confederacy.”

Haskins/ Claggett Award:

       Past Maryland Division Commander and Haskins/Claggett Award Committee Chairman,
Jerry Bayer reported as follows:
     -   The Haskins / Claggett Award is the highest award presented by
         the Maryland Division, SCV.
     -   It is awarded annually.
     -   It is not required that it be presented.
     -   Nominations will be accepted until March 30, 2011.
     -   Criteria for the award are on the Maryland Division, SCV web site.
     -   Please do not send nominations where less than half of the nominating criteria are addressed.
     -   Nominations may be e mailed to any member of the Haskins/Claggett Award Committee.

Adopt A Confederate Program:

    Col. Harry W. Gilmor Camp Commander Michael K. Williams reported on the Adopt A
Confederate Program as follows:

     -   The Adopt A Confederate Program was begun in 2003 when it was
         realized that many of Confederate grave markers on Confederate
         Hill, Loudon Park were, or were becoming, unreadable.

     -   The stones for the Adopt A Confederate Program are made from Georgia gray granite and
         are installed at ground level
         to maintain the historic look of Confederate Hill.

     -   Only about 100 graves are still available for marking of the approximately 600 graves which
         were available at the beginning of the program.

     -   Details of graves which have been marked and those still needing to be marked may be
         found on the Col. Harry W. Gilmor Camp web site:

Commander Barringer observed that the dedication of the Adopt A Confederate markers is held on
Confederate Memorial Day in June each year and asked about the date of this year’s dedication.

Commander Williams reported that the dedication of markers will be on Confederate Memorial Day,
June 4, 2011. Commander Williams further reported that orders for stones to be dedicated in June
should be submitted by the 2 nd week of February.

Adopt A Confederate flyers were distributed to several Compatriots.

Commander Clarence Woods, Capt. James. I. Waddell Camp, inquired on the availability of markers
for other cemeteries such as St. Anne’s in Annapolis.

Commander Williams commented that this issue would need to be explored. The program was
negotiated with Loudon Park and with the marker supply company at a fixed price and with very
specific terms and understandings.
Such an addition might violate that “trust.”

Commander Williams further commented:

 -That the price of the makers has certainly increased.
 - He can provide the name of the granite marker supply company.

Point Lookout Report:

Compatriot Jim Dunbar reported:

     - The Descendents of Point Lookout Pilgrimage will be held on
         May 13-14, 2011 at Confederate Memorial Park (CMP) at Point

     -   400 memorial bricks have been placed.

     -   Additional interpretive plaques and a shelter have been installed.

     -   Several “Voices from the Pen” plaques have been added. Currently looking for suitable
         documents for a Florida and Texas plaque.

     -   Plates for donated items have been replaced.

     -   Landscaping and grass cutting is maintained.

     -   Memorial bricks are now $55.

     -   A $1000 grant was received from Southern Maryland Heritage.

     -   Income has been approximately $9000.

     -   Costs have included electricity and insurance.

     -   St. Mary’s County has been contacted regarding support of Sesquicentennial events in 2014
         and 2015.

     -   A mural engraving is planned for the monument at CMP.

     -   Is still attempting to get the Veterans Administration to install boundary markers for the
         actual burial pit of the Confederate Dead that has been located behind the United States

     -   Working with Congressman Steny Hoyer and Senator Ben Cardin on this issue. A reply is
         expected from Congressional Liaison by the end of January 2011.

     - Still working on recognition by the VA of names of Confederate
       Dead not on the Federal monument.

Maryland Division, SCV Annual Convention:

Commander Paul Behne reported on plans for the Maryland Division, SCV Annual Convention
hosted by the Mechanized Cavalry Camp.

     - The Convention will be held on May 7, 2011 at Jefferson Patterson
         Park, Calvert County , Md.

     - A Southern Rock Band has been obtained.

     -   William Connery will speak on, “General Robert E. Lee.”

     -   The park includes a restored house and museum.

     -   There is plenty of parking.

Camp Reports:

Mechanized Cavalry Camp

     -   Presented a $1000 Scholarship in the name of Gerald Strosnider.
     -   Has raised $840 toward a second scholarship.
     -   Visited the General Trimble Camp Lee/ Jackson Day January 15, 2011 event at Confederate
         Hill, Loudon Park.
     -   Is working with Loudon Park in restoring Confederate graves.


Capt. Vincent Camalier Camp

     -   Has attended numerous events.
     -   Many events planned for the coming year.
     -   Received a $1000 donation, $500 of which was donated to the Sam Davis Youth Camp.

Col. William Norris Camp

     -   Had a very successful Potomac River Crossing.
     -   Conducts an Adopt a Highway clean up.
     -   Assisted with Sharpsburg Illumination.
     -   Has 7 new members.

Private Wallace Bowling Camp

     -   Has 48 members and one pending.
     -   Had 100% membership retention.
     -   Has participated for 22 years in the Adopt a Highway program.
     -   Has participated in the Charles County Fair for 20 years.

     - Participated in Flag Day at the Waldorf Elks Lodge.
     - Commander James Dunbar is on the Maryland Veterans Museum Committee.

Battle of Sharpsburg Camp

     -   Meets on the 1 st Wednesday of each month at the Mumma House, Sharpsburg.
     -   Has had a number of fine speakers with refreshment provided by Marianne Bayer.
     -   Participated in the annual Sharpsburg Illumination.
     -   Commander Bayer represented the Camp at the Annual SCV Convention in Anderson, S.C.
     -   Commander Bayer is working to bring the 2014 National SCV Convention to Hagerstown,

Captain James I. Waddell Camp

    -Has six new members, but some losses.
   - Sponsoring the Annual Confederate Navy and Marine Corps Day at
        St Anne’s Cemetery, Annapolis, Md. March 12, 2011
     - Conducts a St Anne’s Cemetery clean up.
     - Will host the 2012 Maryland Division, SCV Convention.

Maryland Line Camp.

     -   Has 11 members.
     -   A new member is a Gettysburg Guide and will conduct a Gettysburg tour.
     -   Members participated in the Maryland Division, SCV Color Guard.
     -   Is working with Prince George County Historical Society on a class on ancestor research.
     -   Rose Marks, widow of Camp Commander Robert Marks, contributed a number of
         Commander Marks’ books to the Prince George’s County Historical Society.

General Isaac R. Trimble Camp

     -   Has had 100% membership retention.
     -   Has increased from 56 to 61 members.
     -   Ray Rooks has led the Maryland Division, SCV Color Guard.

     -   Participated in the:
                   Capt. Henri Wirz Ceremony
                   Arlington National Cemetery Ceremony
                   Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade
                   Point Lookout Ceremony
     -   Hosted ceremony at the Howard County Court House.
     -   Hosted sporting clays shooting tournament.
     -   Held annual May Candlelight Dinner.
     -   Conduct two historic battlefield tours.

Lt. Col. Robert H. Archer Camp

     -   Has 32 members.
     -   Participated in various festivals.
     -   Received 1 st prize in the North East Christmas Parade.
     -   Conducted grave marking ceremony for James L. Haines.
     -   Held summer picnic.
     -   Presented Certificate to four World War II veterans

Orphan Brigade Camp

     -   Has increased membership from 8 to 13 members.
-   Supports the Mudd House and conducted living history events at that location.
-   Participated in Elks Lodge Flag Day.
-   Hosted 750 Boy Scouts and 250 Cub Scouts.
-   Has held War Between the States history demonstrations at public schools.
-   Participated in the 8 th Mudd House Christmas where hundreds of visitors attended.

Commander Barringer thanked all of the Camps, both large and small, for their many projects
and encouraged mutual support among Camps in the Maryland Division, SCV.

A Petition was circulated to support the Confederate Heritage efforts of the Virginia Division,

Compatriot David Bridges offered several of his books for sales.

Compatriot Elliott Cummings announced that tickets were available for the February 26, 2011,
12 th Annual Col. Harry W. Gilmor Camp Birthday Bull and Oyster Roast.

Compatriot David Bridges offered the Grace.


Everyone enjoyed a fine lunch of pork, chicken, collard greens,
sweet tea and banana cream pudding .

2014 National SCV Convention

Commander Jerry Bayer reported on plans for the Battle of Sharpsburg Camp to host the 2014
National SCV Convention.

-    Is working with the city of Hagerstown, the Mayor and the
     Chamber of Commerce.
 - Has received many endorsements.
 - Expecting 1200 to 1500 people to attend.
 - The host hotel is “flag friendly.”
 - Steve Bockmiller a Gilmor Camp, SCV member and Hagerstown employee is assisting with
     the project.
 - Will include book signing by local authors.
 - Speakers include Gregg Clemmer.
 - The film “Gone with the Wind” will be shown continuously.
 - Several bus tours are planned including
               Turner, Crampton and Foxes Gap
               Harpers Ferry
- Real Son, Mr. Albert Comer will be our special guest.
  - The SCV Time and Place Committee will make a decision
      by May 2011.
     Heritage Defense:

     Heritage Defense Officer Terry Klima reported that there are no current heritage issues. He is
     “keeping an eye” on the Maryland State Song issue.


     Compatriot Klima further reported that a meeting was held of the Maryland, Division, SCV War
     Between the States Sesquicentennial Committee:
                  Robert Brewer
                  Carl Berenholtz
                  Terry Klima
                  Jay Barringer

     -    Will focus on Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, Admiral Raphael
           Semmes and the Hunley’s Joseph Ridgaway
     -    Plans to tie the Sesquicentennial in with Md. Div. Color
          Guard events.
     -    Parade at Pratt Street, April 16, 2011
     -    There will probably not be an Official Proclamation from the
          State of Maryland for the Sesquicentennial.
      -   Major question is, “How proactive do we want to be.”

It was suggested that the SCV Sesquicentennial emblem be added to a Maryland Division, SCV

Compatriot William Rose suggested that he may have a source for having this done for free. He
would need the dimensions and the art work.


Commander Barringer reported that Ray Rook is investigating the possibility of the restoration of the
2 nd Maryland Co. C flag.

Commander Barringer further reported that 11 of the 12 Maryland Division, SCV Camps have
appointed a Communication Officer as requested by Commander-in-Chief Michael Givens.

There was discussion of ordering, and offering for sale, Maryland Cross belt buckles.

     -     Commander Berenholtz suggested a poll of the Camps to determine the degree of interest in
           the buckles.
     -   Price would be about $40.
     -   Camp Commanders should advise Division Commander Barringer
            on the number of potential buyers.
     -   To avoid set up cost, it was asked if the mold for buckles still exists.
     -   It was asked what would be the minimum number needed to be purchased.
     -   It was suggested that computer technology may have negated the need for a mold.

Maryland Confederate Monuments:

Commander Mike Williams discussed the SCV Confederate Monument Registration Form. This is a
Headquarters’ SCV project to record pictures and significant information on all Confederate
Monuments. The current SCV data base includes only one Confederate Monument in Maryland in
Kent County.                          .

Commander Williams referred to the 1995 book “Lest We Forget” by Susan Soderberg which
includes pictures and information on both Union and Confederate Monuments in Maryland.

Commander Williams asked that Camps take pictures and gather information on Confederate
Monuments in their area and send them to him. Commander William will in turn forward the
information to SCV Headquarters’ to be included in their data base.

Some Confederate Monuments erected since publication are not included in the Soderberg book. They

              General Robert E. Lee Monument at Sharpsburg
              B. Welch Owens Monument

Commander Williams further reported on Sesquicentennial plans of the Maryland Historical Society
(MHS). The Maryland Historical Society is offering “opportunities” to “adopt” MHS exhibit items,
however the minimum adoption fee is $5000. The donor would have a plaque with his name displayed
with the item and would be mentioned in MHS publications.

Commander Jerry Bayer reported that funds are being solicited to sponsor an SCV logo on a race car.

It was noted that Camp information on the Maryland Division, SCV web site needs to be updated.
Contact webmaster Keith Gary.

E mail address:

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting PASSED

Compatriot David Bridges offered the Benediction.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

            Respectfully submitted,
G. Elliott Cummings
Acting Adjutant