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Enterprise Engineering by shuifanglj

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									 computer Integrated manufacturing
       Larry Whitman
       (316) 691-5907
       (316) 978-3742

   Industrial & Manufacturing Enterprise Department
   The Wichita State University

cIm -IE775
What is the Manufacturing Enterprise?
           An Enterprise is a complex system
   of cultural, process, and technology components ...

 ... a system engineered to accomplish organizational
cIm -IE775
 Enterprise Representation

     The Enterprise is a system that has certain
                fundamental processes.

                              • Set direction

                                • Acquire customers
                                • Develop product
                                  and process
                                • Fulfill orders
                                • Support customer
     • Acquire resources
                                  and product
     • Manage financial

cIm -IE775
  Legacy systems - existing systems (many
   times not built for integration)

cIm -IE775
 Ch 3 - The Computing System

                               The Computing System


                    Hardware                               Software

 Mainframes   PCs    Minis     Portables         WS   OS    Apps      Tools

cIm -IE775
  CAD (Computer Aided Design) or Computer Aided Design
   & Drafting (CADD) operators use
   mainframes/minis/workstations/micro-computer systems to
   engineer and design complex parts in today's manufacturing
  Prior to the 1980's, draftsmen used drawing boards, T
   Squares and a plethora of tools to draw blueprints manually
  Now, blueprints, models and complete engineering designs
   are created on personal computers, workstations and
   networked computer terminals. Thus the need for manual
   drawings, pasted-on modifications and such have been
   replaced by the superior results achieved by the use of CAD

cIm -IE775
 Multiple Views (example)

cIm -IE775
 CAD multiple views

    Orthographic Drawing
    Wireframe
    Surface Modeler
    Solid - BREP
    Solid - CSG
    Feature
    Parametric

cIm -IE775
 CAE -

  functionality for a specific application

  must be tailored for the specific application and

cIm -IE775
 Workgroup - PDM
  humans

cIm -IE775
 Ch 4 - CAD/CAM Integration Studies

  Integration of design and manufacturing

  Benefits through local optimums!

cIm -IE775
 Why minimal integration?

  Only can do what technology permits!!

  Enterprise wide or nothing???

cIm -IE775
 Examples for paper #2
  I have a textbook full of other examples

cIm -IE775
  Integration of existing processes

cIm -IE775
 Overview of Design

cIm -IE775
 Manufacturing Activities

cIm -IE775
 Assembly Work Cell

cIm -IE775
 Strengths/weaknesses of approach

cIm -IE775
 Simultaneous Engineering (IPD)
    DFM
    DFA
    DFSC
    DFAn
    DFx

cIm -IE775
 Why IPD???
  % of cost determined at design stage (get quote)

cIm -IE775
 Traditional vs DFM

cIm -IE775
 The Use of Features

cIm -IE775
 DFM - architecture

cIm -IE775
 Shop Floor Integration
  read for yourself

cIm -IE775
 Ch 5 - Manufacturing Elements of
  Objectives

  to review the mfg and CAM activities

  to understand the integration of these

cIm -IE775
    Discrete Parts
    Process Mfg
    Mass Production
    Batch Production
    Flexible Production
    Job Shop

cIm -IE775
  CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) systems are used in
   all modern manufacturing workplaces to model parts being
   constructed in machining operations and design processes,
   not only for modeling purposes but for design and quality
   assurance purposes as well!
  CAM systems are used for determining the accuracy of
   design prior to manufacturing.
  Models can be checked for diameters, wall thicknesses, stress
   analysis, clearances and many other features determined to
   be critical before the initial workpiece is ever constructed,
   thus eliminating unnecessary production cost as well as
   reducing the time it takes to produce the part.
  CAM systems are used to generate the CNC toolpath
   programs used in machining the actual workpieces. The great
   majority of machining done today is done on CNC controlled
   machines and involve the end products designed on CAM

cIm -IE775
  CNC ( Computerized Numerical Control) machines
   are designed to accurately produce machined parts at
   a higher rate of speed than manually machined parts
   and with much greater repeatability.
  Like CAD and CAM, CNC machines are related
   through their use of the Cartesian Coordinate system.
  Both milling and turning is nearly all done on
   Computerized Numerically Controlled machines

cIm -IE775
 Three aspects of MFG

  Technological Planning

  Production Scheduling

  Automation and Computer Control

cIm -IE775
 Technological Planning

cIm -IE775
 Production Scheduling

cIm -IE775
 Shop Data Collection
    Machine monitoring
    WIP Tracking
    Time and Attendance recording
    Shipping and receiving recording
    Inventory Control

cIm -IE775
 FMS example

  Robots

cIm -IE775
 Next Class
  Chapter 6!

  Read it!

  Be it!

  Live it!

  Other resources (can read articles on web)

cIm -IE775

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