; New Clinton library set to open
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New Clinton library set to open


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                           THE MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE

The student newspaper of Mississippi College                                                        www.news.mc.edu/~collegian/                                                April 27, 2010
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    	        INSIDE                                      New Clinton library set to open
    Students host retreats                               Stephanie Brady            Assistant Editor
                                                                                                           “It’s beautiful, it really is,” Lassiter     College.
                                                                                                        said. “The property itself is very calm and        Trisha Nelson-Easley, who is director
Read about the new Journey Leaders of the Baptist        The new Quisenberry library will hold          tranquil.”                                      of the paralegal studies program at MC, is
Student Union and how they host retreats to help      its open house on Sunday, May 2, from 2-5            The town of Clinton has the largest          giving a presentation on preserving your
young students.
                                                      p.m. After seven years of planning, building,     circulation of books in the system, and the     family heirlooms. Nelson-Easley is even
             BSU Journey Leaders, Page 2
                                                      set backs (due to Katrina) and preparation,       new library will help keep that flow steady     encouraging people to bring their aged
                                                      the ribbon will be cut and the library will be    while increasing the amount of literature       artifacts from home and will try to take
                                                      available to the public.                          available to a broader range of people. Not     individual questions and offer advice for
      Newfound inspiration                               10 years ago Susan Lassiter, an English        only that, but the library holds around 45      specific cases. The presentation will be
                                                      professor at Mississippi College, wrote a         public computers, study rooms that can be       given on Saturday, May 15 from 1-2 p.m.
Read about one girl’s change of heart and how you     letter to The Clinton News discussing the         rented out for free and meeting rooms that         “We also have a great children’s center at
could serve as the source of someone else’s change.
                                                      need for a new library. Shortly after that, the   can host 200 people.                            the library,” Lassiter said, “and fun activities
            Finding Inspiration, Page 3
                                                      mayor asked Lassiter to be on the Clinton            The library’s preview day will be held       for the children planned as well.”
                                                      Library Advisory Board and the plans for the      on May 1. Barry Hannah was scheduled to            On Saturday, May 8, Diane de Groat, the
                                                      new facility started to take place.               make an appearance and speech, however,         nationally acclaimed illustrator and author of
                                                         “We were last on the list of towns that        since his passing the mayor has decided         the “Gilbert” series, will give a presentation
            Drinking in College                       were going to be given funds for a new            to read the letter he sent, which will be       for children and signed books will also
Has drinking in college been taken too far? Read
                                                      library,” Lassiter said, “so we started our       framed and displayed in the library after the   be available for purchase. Also on May 8,
about seven different aspects of drinking on          own foundation and came up with the money         reading.                                        Elizabeth Dampier, the voice of the young
college campuses.                                     ourselves.”                                          The month of May looks to be an exciting     Tiana in Disney’s “Princess and the Frog”
   College Drinking Insert, Pages 5-8                    The Quisenberry family, all of whom            one for the Quisenberry Public Library, and     is scheduled to sign autographs from 1-2:30
                                                      Lassiter describes as “wonderful and civic-       many of the events scheduled are sure to        p.m.
                                                      minded,” donated the land for the library.        appeal to those affiliated with Mississippi

                   Wedding Guide
Rebekah Langley has put together a guide for
wedding dos and don’ts for all you hopeless
romantics. Check it out.
                                                      Orientation welcomes new students
          Wedding Dos and Don’ts, Page 9                                                                students. Another change will be the            of the incoming students to help acclimate
                                                        Mallory Dowdy         Contributing Writer
                                                                                                        orientation book. Previously, the book          to MC. The orientation leaders have been
                                                         “The Experience” will begin for the 2010-      has been an informational brochure about        meeting throughout the semester and will
                                                      2011 freshman class at Mississippi College        orientation and MC. This year the orientation   began training on Thursday, April 22. They
             Generico performs                        only a short time after finals end. MC            book will be a guide to the next four years     will return on June 1 to get geared up for the
                                                      orientation has been the starting point for       for the incoming MC students. It will be an     summer.
                                                      many incoming students and this summer            “experience” handbook.                              “Orientation couldn’t happen without
   Read about Generico’s concert that was             will be the same.                                    “Orientation is still a big recruiting       these awesome OL’s that serve with us,” said
   performed to raise money for Project Peanut
   Butter.                                               While many things will stay the same,          opportunity for us and we look forward          Michael Wright, an admissions counselor for
                                    A&E, Page 10      there will be a few drastic changes that will     to tackling the challenge as always,” said      the Enrollment Services office.
                                                      occur this summer. The first major change         Jessica McNeil, admissions counselor for           Kyle Brantley, director of admissions,
                                                      is the additional orientations that will take     enrollment services.                            said, “We are looking forward to a record
                                                      place.                                               The student directors, Anna Beasley and      class this next year and we are offering many
         Intramurals wrap up                             On June 3 and 4, the new orientation will      Mallory Dowdy, have been putting countless      new opportunities this summer.”
                                                      take place. June 3 will be a one day freshman     hours into planning orientation and preparing      Orientation will be an exciting time for
Check out the final winners of the championship       orientation. It will begin at noon with lunch     for the incoming students.                      everyone involved, the current students
games in the spring semester intramural sports.       in Anderson Hall and will conclude that              One of the biggest parts of orientation      helping lead and the new students coming
                    Intramurals, Page 12              evening at the Mississippi Braves Game            is the leaders. After a tedious application     in. Orientation 2010 will lay the foundation
                                                      with registration for classes taking place in     and interview process, 28 students were         for the experience of the students that are
                                                      the afternoon.                                    selected to serve on this summer’s team of      starting their time at MC.
                                                         June 4 will be a repeat of the June 3          orientation leaders. They have been divided
                                                      orientation except it will be with transfer       into pairs and they will be given groups
  The student newspaper of Mississippi College                                               www.news.mc.edu/~collegian/
                                                                                                                                                          News           April 27, 2010
  egelloC ippississiM fo repapswen tneduts ehT                                               /naigelloc~/ude.cm.swen.www                                                 0102 ,72 lirpA

BSU provides leaders for weekend retreats
                                                 Tyler Clift and sophomore Jake Cole. The        when I was able to talk one on one with          and Leslie Wilson. The setup was the same
  Kolby Sisson          Contributing Writer
                                                 females were juniors Emily Tillman and          the students, and I actually began to know       as with the males. Wilson was originally in
   Mississippi College’s Baptist Student         Leslie Wilson.                                  them,” Clift said.                               charge of seventh through ninth grade females
Union is known for many things, such                Each member of the team was assigned           Jake Cole carried the same responsibilities    and Tillman was to lead the tenth through
as Vision on Monday nights, apartment            an age group that ranged anywhere from 13       as Clift, but he was in charge of the tenth      twelfth grade females. Unfortunately, there
ministries on Tuesday nights and sending         to 18. The team members led small group         through twelfth grade males. His group           was only one female in Wilson’s group
students to places all over the world to serve   bible studies throughout the entire weekend     consisted of seven individuals. He also          to show. Therefore, the two groups were
as summer missionaries. In recent years,         and were in charge of the overall care of the   shared the experiences of late nights and        combined into one. The two leaders made a
there has been a new activity to emerge          students that they were leading.                early mornings, and Ultimate Frisbee was         tag team effort to lead the group through the
from the BSU, known as Journey Teams.                                                                                                             weekend.
The purpose of Journey Teams was to raise                                                                                                            “The most memorable moments were the
money for summer missions.                        “My most memorable moments were when I was able to talk one on one                              times that we had at the homes with the girls,
   The BSU provided workers for Disciple          with the students, and I actually began to know them.”                                          and of course there was the scavenger hunt
Now weekends, better known as DNOW.                                                                                                               through the graveyard,” said Wilson.
The responsibility of these Journey Teams                                                                                          Tyler Clift        “What meant the most to me is when one
was to fill the need that local churches had                                                                                                      of the male youth stood up and told his life
by providing workers or leaders for things                                                                                                        story in front of all his peers and the church,”
like small groups, worship leaders or even          Tyler Clift was given the responsibility     thrown somewhere into the mix of things.         said Tillman.
lending a hand cleaning up.                      of seventh through ninth grade males. The       He also earned the nickname of “The Troll.”         Each leader’s experiences were all
   The BSU recently provided workers for         group consisted of five individuals.               “My most memorable moment was being           different, but in the end, they all rested
a DNOW that was in Vaughan, Miss. The               He recalls late nights that consisted of     able to lead a small group bible study. I        upon one fact: They were there to be the
dates were March 26-28. It was called Black      staying up to about 3 a.m., and then getting    enjoy those times of being able to sit with      spiritual leaders for everyone that was there.
Jack DNOW 2010.                                  up by 7 a.m. They were filled with laughter,    others and talk about God’s word, and then       Their focus was on guiding each individual
   The team consisted of four members, two       games and dedicated bible study.                relate it back to our lives,” said Cole.         through the weekend and providing a biblical
male and two female. The males were junior          “My most memorable moments were                 The females consisted of Emily Tillman        foundation for the ones participating.

Students dissastisfied with dorm changes
                                                 informal, conversational style, gave female     would know that New Women’s was not              to make suggestions at the end of the meeting.
  Matthew Caston            Opinions Editor
                                                 students an outlet for their frustration.       built for community.”                            Considering student input, arranging online
   The recently proposed female dorm                During the meeting, one girl said that she      Many girls in attendance thought that the     registration for dorm rooms and cleaning up
changes will go as planned, according to         was upset because the administration had        new proposed arrangements will cause a           the Latimer-Webb dorm were a few of the
Jim Turcotte, vice president of enrollment       promised upperclassmen a place in New           class split for the fall female freshmen. Many   suggestions.
management and student affairs and chair         Women’s. She said that she received an          girls wished that the administration had            Parker spoke to Turcotte prior to the
of the housing task force. Despite a dorm        email stating that all juniors and seniors      asked them their opinions before proposing       meeting. According to Parker, both Turcotte
meeting hosted by the SGA and held on            would have a spot in New Women’s in the         the changes.                                     and the housing task force were in support
Thursday, April 15, the housing task force is                                                                                                     of the meeting. The housing committee also
adamant in their changes.                                                                                                                         asked to see the results of the meeting.
   “I was concerned because I got a lot of
                                                  “I hope [this meeting] is going to be a bridge. I hope it starts some                              “I hope it’s going to be a bridge,” Parker
calls from girls,” said David Parker, outgoing    dialogue and create a voice, a single, solid voice.”                                            said. “I hope it starts some dialogue and
SGA president. He said that most of the                                                                                                           creates a voice, a single, solid voice.”
                                                                                                                              David Parker
complaints came from girls similar to the                                                                                                            Turcotte said that he has reviewed the
crowd at the meeting, rising juniors who                                                                                                          notes from the meeting, and that “no changes
would be bumped back to their current dorms      upcoming semester.                                “I think a lot [of the decisions] were         are planned for next year,” via email.
instead of having the opportunity to live in       Another student felt that the decisions       motivated by money,” one student said.              “The housing task force will meet this
New Women’s.                                     showed the administration’s “gross              Some of the girls felt that the administration   summer to evaluate the housing plan,” he
   “There’s really not an organization that      negligence,” and that it was out of touch       was attempting to be deceptive by sending        said. He also said that student opinion will
can tackle dorm problems,” he said. “They        with the female student body. “They don’t       notices of the new changes via email the day     be considered in the meeting. According to
were displaced and were really angry about       understand how we feel or how the dorms         before spring break.                             Turcotte, the SGA president will be invited to
it.” He said the meeting, conducted in an        operate. If they understood,” she said, “they     Members of the audiences were encouraged       share his opinions at the meeting.
  The student newspaper of Mississippi College                                                 www.news.mc.edu/~collegian/                                                    April 27, 2010
  egelloC ippississiM fo repapswen tneduts ehT                                                 /naigelloc~/ude.cm.swen.www                                                    0102 ,72 lirpA

Finding inspiration in the lives around you
                                                  inspiration to me. Her free spirit and inner     find inspiration in the people around you.         forbid an Atheist cross our path. Embrace the
  Lauren Morrow                       Editor      hippie affects me everytime I see her smile.     Give people credit where it is due and let their   individual, not the beliefs.
   I have to be honest; I sat down to write a     As I approach graduation, so many thoughts       accomplishments or ambitions change your              The second reason for my writing this is
piece on Obama and his ridiculous ways or         have trampled through my mind. I want            mind about things. Stop looking to Oprah for       to tell you to shape up. Your life may be the
the equally ridiculous ways of Mississippi        to travel; I want to work in third world         answers. Stop thinking you’re going to be          very one that will serve as someone else’s
College and their absurd policies (a close        countries; I want to make changes right          the next Michael Jordan because your story         inspiration. Just as Mandi inspired me to
toss up) but wound up on Facebook.                here at home. The decisions are hard, but        is the same as his...sat the bench all his life    want to be better, to want more than just a 9
   The very first person that Facebook decided                                                                                                        to 5, to want to venture out and explore new
to give me to stalk was a girl that I grew up                                                                                                         avenues for life, you may be that person to
with in the oh so sheltered town of Brandon,
                                                   “...sad that it has taken me four years, four whole years, 1,460 days, to                          someone around you who is chasing after
Miss. A town where your life is planned out        figure out that diversity is an art. It is an art in that it is the creation                       new influence or insight.
for you, everything set in just the right order                                                                                                          I am about to graduate. It’s surreal and
so that there is never too much success but
                                                   of beautiful or significant things.”                                                               bittersweet. It’s sad. Not sad in the sense
assurance of not failing at anything. This girl                                                                                 Lauren Morrow         that I’m about to break down and cry at the
escaped a town where your life is chosen for                                                                                                          thought of leaving this lifestyle I’ve become
you. Her mom and dad were divorced; mom                                                                                                               accustomed to and stepping into the “real
wanted her to attend Ole Miss, dad--Miss.         one life changed my perspective. One girl,       and then magically became great somehow.           world” but sad that it has taken me four
State. She went to LSU. She stayed at LSU         who doesn’t care about how much money            You’re not. Look at the people right here          years, four whole years, 1,460 days, to figure
for a short semester and decided it wasn’t for    is in her bank account or how much success       at your fingertips. Find inspiration in the        out that diversity is an art. It is an art in that
her. Despite graduating from Brandon High         Mississippi could’ve given her, has changed      person that dares to be different and embrace      it is the creation of beautiful or significant
School with a 4.0 GPA and accomplishing           my mind about life in its entirety.              deviation with more than just toleration.          things.
the same at LSU, she didn’t find happiness.          The point of my writing this is not to tell   If there is anything that others have taught          When Mandi popped up on my newsfeed,
Taking a semester off from school and saving      you how great Mandi is. It’s not for you         me, it is that everyone is different and that      it wasn’t planned and I wasn’t stalking her. I
every dollar made, she finally had enough         to look her up on Facebook and try to be         is such a beautiful sight. Oh, the cliche. We      believe God used Mandi’s life to speak life
money to move to LA.                              inspired too. It is to somehow try to express    know it, but we don’t know it. We run at the       into me. I was dead, willing to settle. Don’t
   She goes by Mandi. Mandi’s life is an          to whoever is reading my written words to        first sign of a Muslim or an Agnostic. God         settle. Be different. Be unique. Be inspired.

Democracy: Fighting amongst ourselves
  Matthew Caston            Opinions Editor       of the Tea Party.                                Republican opposition to the proposed              AIG.
                                                     But what took so long? Was it that            financial overhaul. But this is easier said          Sounds pretty good. Who wants another
   Democracy; the great equalizer, the rule of    Republicans felt that universal health care      than done.                                         2008 meltdown? The fact is that although
the people. That great Greek invention that       for Americans was encroaching on our                Yet again, our red corner and blue corner       Republicans oppose the current bill, they
brought us freedoms like women’s suffrage,        freedoms? Was it the fact that, with the new     contenders have only agreed to disagree.           are in favor of financial reform. As Senate
the right to protest and the freedom of           health care changes, insurance companies         The financial bill was blocked from debate         Republican leader Mitch McConnell said to
speech. Democracy is what sets this country       will not be able to make as much money           on Friday. Ironically, Democratic Sen. Chris       the AP, “All of us want to deliver a reform
apart from all others--even though technically    as before? Or had a democratic issue been        Dodd and the top Republican on the banking         that will tighten the screws on Wall Street.
we’re a democratic republic. Democratic           turned into something else… say an issue of      committee, Sen. Richard Shelby, said that          But we’re not going to be rushed on another
republic sounds too sterile, too bureaucratic.    ethics and morals?                               they were close to a deal. But, to sum up          massive bill.” In short, Republicans feel that
Democracy just rolls off the tongue so well…         Whatever the delay of democracy is in this    how close we really are to new financial           the current bill is a government overreach.
if only it worked as smoothly as it sounds.       country, we can be sure that we’ll see a lot     legislation, “inches sometimes are miles.”           It will be interesting to see how this plays
   Our “democracy” is characterized by            more of it in the future. The new health care       According to the Associated Press, the          out and how Republicans will manage to
opposing forces, inflammatory rhetoric from       legislation was just round one, and we’ve        Senate bill “would create a mechanism for          argue for less strict rules on Wall Street while
the far right and the far left, and long, drawn   got twelve more to go in this heavy weight       liquidating large firms, set up a council to       distancing themselves from supporting the
out legislative debates that may span years.      bout.                                            detect system wide financial threats, and          unethical practices that dominated throughout
Take the recent bill that passed for example.        The biggest round comes in the form of        establish a consumer protection agency to          2008 and 2009.
Health care was probably the most heated,         financial reform, which is just starting to      police lending. The legislation also would           Perhaps what’s more interesting is that
most controversial bill passed in American        heat up. The legislation, the biggest effort     require derivatives, blamed for helping            while the slugfest of financial reform
history, and President Obama’s term will          to regulate financial institutions since the     precipitate the meltdown, to be traded in          continues, a new match is about to start, one
surely be noted for it. The debate lasted         Great Depression, is approaching its end         open exchanges.”                                   that has the potential to divide the country
years, prompted a rash of town hall meetings      game. With no bipartisan conclusion in sight,       The bill also aims to protect taxpayers         not along party lines, but race.
across the country, and inspired the creation     Democrats are trying to dismantle unified        from paying for another bailout, like that of
  The student newspaper of Mississippi College                                                   www.news.mc.edu/~collegian/
                                                                                                                                        OpiNiONs                                April 27, 2010
  egelloC ippississiM fo repapswen tneduts ehT                                                   /naigelloc~/ude.cm.swen.www                                                    0102 ,72 lirpA

Dealing with the immigration dilemma                 “If you look or sound foreign, you are          the law —both against illegal immigration           to solving immigration problems.
  Matthew Caston            Opinions Editor
                                                  going to be subjected to never-ending              amd against racial profiling.”                          Although the bill repeatedly states that
   Illegal immigration has always been a big      requests for police to confirm your identity          Now, I understand that the citizens of           racial profiling will not be tolerated, let’s be
problem in the United States. As far back         and to confirm your citizenship,” said             Arizona should be protected, but I think            real: how else, if not by race, can someone
as President George W. Bush’s first term          Alessandra Soler Meetze to the AP. Meetze is       there is a greater issue at hand. What Brewer       be identified as a potential illegal immigrant
(and probably before that), there has been        the executive director of the American Civil       and supporters of the 1070 bill are doing is        in Arizona?
an effort to secure the country’s border,         Liberties Union of Arizona, an organization        ostracizing and violating the rights of, not           I don’t believe this is just an issue of
particularly the southern border. Back in         that is exploring legal action in the matter.      just American citizens, but of people.              security. There are people who are being
September, 2006, the U.S. Senate confirmed           The White House would not rule out the             In a misdirected attempt in illegal              targeted because of race.
H.R. 6061, authorizing and partially funding      possibility that the administration would take     immigration control, they’ve given local               I do understand that illegal immigration is
the possible construction of 700 miles of         legal action against Arizona, according to the     authorities the right, even the duty, to racially   a problem on many levels. Illegal immigrants
fence along the southern border of the United     AP. President Obama, who warned last week          profile people. The law requires people in          sap the American economy by not paying
States.                                           that the measure could lead to police abuses,      Arizona suspected of being illegal immigrants       social security or taxes. Illegal immigrants
   But never has the issue been so pressing       asked the Justice Department to complete           to show proof of legal residence when asked         basically abuse many of America’s systems,
as today.                                         a review of the law’s implications before          by law enforcement.                                 such as health care. But, ultimately, we must
   Recently the Governor of Arizona, Jan          deciding how to proceed.                              According to azfamily.com, a local news          treat people like people.
Brewer, has crusaded for stricter laws on            Supporters of the law said it is necessary      outlet, Rep. Raul Grijalva called for a boycott        I’m not sure what alternative can be used,
illegal immigrants. Brewer’s crackdown on         to protect Arizonans from crimes committed         of Arizona, “telling people and organizations       and I’m not sure what will come of this new
illegal immigrants, and her Support Our Law       by illegal immigrants. According to the AP,        not to spend their money in [the] state.”           law in Arizona. But I do know one thing: my
Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act            Arizona is home to an estimated 460,000            Grijalva is also planning to ask the Obama          moral conscience tells me there is something
initiative, has garnered political backlash.      illegal immigrants and is the nation’s             administration for help in fighting the new         wrong with denying someone an opportunity
The new bill, Senate Bill 1070, which takes       busiest gateway for people slipping into the       law.                                                at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
effect in late July or early August, will make    country.                                              Mexico condemned the new bill on Sunday,            This legislation is a gross misstep at best.
it a crime under Arizona state law to be in the      “If every state had its own laws, we            saying it will hurt U.S.-Mexico relations.          Unfortunately I do not have a solution, only
U.S. illegally. The bill was signed into law on   wouldn’t be one country; we’d be 50 different      Mexican President Felipe Calderón said the          a milieu of emotion.
Friday, April 23, and since then Arizona has      countries,” said president and general counsel     new law presents an obstacle, not a solution,
been a hotbed for political protests.             of the Mexican American Legal Defense and
   According to a statement released
on Brewer’s website, the bill “represents
                                                  Educational Fund Thomas Saenz to the AP.
                                                     It is being argued that the law could violate
                                                                                                            Interested in working for the
                                                                                                               Mississippi Collegian?
another tool for [Arizona] to use to solve a      the Fourth Amendment protection against
crisis [they] did not create and the federal      unreasonable search and seizure because
government has refused to fix.” Brewer and        it gives police officers broad authority to
the bill’s supporters say that the bill is the    determine who should be questioned.
only way to protect Arizona’s citizens.              Leaders in Mexico and California                  The Collegian is now accepting applications for section editors and
   “We cannot sacrifice our safety to the         demanded a boycott, as did civil rights leader
murderous greed of drug cartels. We cannot
                                                                                                      general staff for the upcoming semester. All positions below are paid.
                                                  Al Sharpton.
stand idly by as drop houses, kidnappings            The bill also calls for special training for
and violence compromise our quality of            law enforcement. According to the bill, the
life,” she said in the statement. “We cannot      training will “provide statewide and uniform         Section editor positions                           Other positions available:
delay while the destruction happening south
of our international border creeps its way
                                                  practices to assure that law enforcement                    available:
                                                  officials and agencies are implementing
north.”                                           Senate Bill 1070 in a manner that is consistent
   Opponents of the bill see this as a way to
racially profile both citizens and non-citizens
                                                  with federal laws regulating immigration,                   News Editor                                         Copy Editor
                                                  protects the civil rights of all persons and
of the U.S. According to the Associated           respects the privileges and immunities of the              Opinions Editor                                    Graphic Designer
Press (AP), on Monday, April 26, protesters
gathered for a second straight day to speak
                                                  United States citizens.”                                    A&E Editor                                         Photographers
                                                     The training will give “clear guidance”
out against a law they say will lead to           to law enforcement in what constitutes                      Sports Editor                                        Reporters
rampant racial profiling of anyone who looks      “reasonable suspicion.” According to the
Hispanic.                                         bill, “race, color or nationality alone cannot
   Opponents of the bill protested by using       be grounds for reasonable suspicion.”               If interested, please call Matthew Caston at 601-927-9467 or email us
refried beans to smear swastikas on the state     The bill also makes it apparent that racial
Capitol building in Arizona. They argued that                                                                           at themccollegian0910@gmail.com.
                                                  discrimination will not be tolerated.
the bill encroaches on the federal government’s      “I have prayed for strength and prayed for
authority to regulate immigration and violates
people’s constitutional rights by giving local
police too much power.
                                                  our state,” Brew said via her website. “Let
                                                  me be clear, though: My signature today                                        Apply today!!!
                                                  represents my steadfast support for enforcing
  The student newspaper of Mississippi College                                                     www.news.mc.edu/~collegian/                                              April 27, 2010
  egelloC ippississiM fo repapswen tneduts ehT                                                     /naigelloc~/ude.cm.swen.www                                              0102 ,72 lirpA

                                 Has it gone too far?

                                                   polled 200 out of the 5,000 undergraduate           on campus. 112 students answered yes to         leaving only about 30 percent that
   Jenna Correll          Contributing Writer
                                                   and graduate students, the percentages taken        having witnessed the act of drinking on         had a strong enough opinion to share.
   Many colleges are considered to be “dry         from the results should pan out to the rest of      campus and 132 witnessed other students            However, most of the opinions were the
campuses”, however Mississippi College             the student body.                                   being intoxicated.                              same. The personal opinion about drinking
takes it further than that. The Tomahawk, or the      The first two questions dealt with general          To back track, 77 percent of the students    at MC question resulted in a 50/50 split
MC handbook discussed, alcohol violations          knowledge of whether students knew the              polled said they knew the rules, yet 74         between one of two basic responses. Either
on pg. 49 by saying, “Use, possession, sale,       rules and punishments that came with                students knowingly broke the rules, and 32      they agreed with MC’s policy and thought
or distribution of alcoholic beverages or          drinking as a student at MC. 154 students           blatantly disregarded the restrictions.         it was wrong, or the students thought they
alcoholic beverage containers on campus            said they knew the rules that came with                Out of the 200 students, 112 witnessed       were being treated like children and should
or while engaged in any College-related            drinking, while 46 did not. However, over           students drinking on campus, so there were      be allowed to drink.
function, including functions sponsored            half of the students could not give more of a       obviously more students drinking on campus         After answering the first open response
by any MC organization. This includes              definition of the rules than, “Just can’t do it.”   than admitting it. Then of course there was     question, only about 10 percent answered
intoxication, evidence of consumption, and/        The 110 students that knew the rules circled        the 132 witnesses of public drunkenness, so     the second about the advantages and
or irresponsible behavior involving the use        yes to knowing the punishments, but 40 did          even more students are going off campus and     disadvantages of allowing drinking at MC.
of alcoholic beverages whether on or off           not. However, 116 students of the survey            coming back drunk, possibly after driving.      About 15 of the students said something
campus.”                                           knew the punishment when 84 did not.                   Once these facts were noticed, two more      about student safety and getting people off
   Not only are MC students not allowed            Again, when further questioned verbally, half       questions were asked. One question asked        the road. Though they listed what sounded
to drink on campus, but they are expected          of the students just shrugged their shoulders       students if they thought drinking should be     like good advantages, all 20 of them said
to uphold the standards put forth in the           and said, “Probably just some community             allowed, with the example of said person        something along the lines that, “The bad
handbook when they leave campus to ensure          service.”                                           being of legal drinking age and off campus;     out weights the good and drinking should
good representation of Mississippi College.           When asked if students had participated          104 students said no. With 52 percent of        not be allowed because it would cause more
   In a ten question survey administered on        in drinking while in attendance at MC, 74           students not being against drinking happening   harm than the worth found in the fun of the
Wednesday, April 7, in the MC cafeteria,           students admitted to drinking and 32 of them        off campus, the next obvious question would     night,” said a junior that asked to remain
200 students were given the opportunity            admitted to drinking on campus. That is             be if they would be opposed to drinking         anonymous.
to give their opinions about this subject.         almost half. While 126 students circled no          being allowed on campus. Only 29 percent
  The first eight questions were simply yes or     to the participation of consuming alcoholic         said yes.
no response questions followed by two open         beverages, 74 students is still 37 percent,            Many students did not feel the need
response questions. Though the survey only         with 16 percent of them sneaking around             to answer the open ended questions
  The student newspaper of Mississippi College                                                 www.news.mc.edu/~collegian/                                                   April 27, 2010
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Drinking and...Greek life
  Lauren Rogers          Contributing Writer      term that is commonly used among the social         The women’s social tribes seem to have          intoxicated.
                                                  tribes is “dry rush”, meaning that while you     more in the form of written policy. Kissimee,         Although the tribes seem to have more
     Almost every time our university’s
                                                  are a rushee or a pledge, you are not allowed    Swannanoa and Nenamoosha all require               written rules pertaining to drinking, students
president, Dr. Royce, does a question and
                                                  to partake in drinking alcohol.                  their officers to sign a contract that includes    feel that they are not enforced. One former
answer session with students, the same
                                                     As for the clubs and tribes, many have        a promise that they will not drink alcohol         officer in Swannanoa said that although they
question is asked- “Why doesn’t MC have
                                                  their own policies on drinking. However,         while in office. These ladies feel that the        all signed a contract, she knows that the
fraternities and sororities?” The primary
                                                  many of those policies seem to be stated but     officers should be held to higher standards as     promise was not kept by all. This seems to
reason, he explains, is the negative connection
                                                  unwritten. For example, Civitan President,       they are perceived as leaders on our Christian     be a consensus among the tribes.
that many make with Greek life and alcohol.
                                                  Andrew Magers says that there is no written      campus.                                               “There are always going to be people
MC has looked into the system before, but
                                                  policy in their constitution, but in his three      Nenamoosha and Swannanoa both have              who break the rules, and we won’t always
other Christian universities have discouraged
                                                  years here, pledges have never been allowed      policies written in their constitution that        know about it. All we can do is set high
MC from making the change. According to
                                                  to drink during the rush process. He also        prohibit alcohol and drunkenness at their          standards, put policies in place that include
Royce, many of these universities wish they
                                                  said that if actives were to drink before any    events. Kissimee president Jordan Young,           consequences and actively enforce our
had never “gone Greek”.
                                                  event, they would be asked to leave the          says that while it is not in their constitution,   policies,” said Nenamoosha president Lauren
   The Intertribal Council’s rush handbook
                                                  premises by the Sergeant at Arms. If any of      the student handbook prohibits the serving         Cooper.
includes this statement: “During the rush
                                                  the actives showed up to a rush event drunk,     of alcohol. She says that any of her actives           All tribes and clubs were contacted
period, we as Intertribal prohibit the use of
                                                  they would not be allowed to participate in      or their dates would certainly be asked to         for information. This article reflects the
tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances, and any
                                                  the rush process.                                leave if they show up to an event while            information that was given by the clubs and
other behavior deemed inappropriate.” A

Drinking and...student opinions
  Trisha Pate            Contributing Writer      school. Director of Campus Security Jerald       campus and puts other students on campus           college career, stashed alcohol in their dorms
                                                  Sherman explained this policy. “We are a         in an awkward position. As students on             or in their cars. Many of these students were
   In drawers, under beds, inside stuffed         ‘dry campus’ in harmony with our mission         a Christian campus, that shouldn’t be              in fact underage.
animals, in air vents, and in cars, hides         as a Christian college. Alcohol on campuses      something we should have to worry about.”               In addition to the reality of alcohol
a guest which some students abhor and             everywhere is a problem, as the use and/or            While many students do agree with             being present on campus, the opinion on the
others welcome. This visitor is the life of       abuse of alcohol on campuses is a leading        Weimer, there are also a considerable number       legalization of this practice for students over
some parties and yet the topic of support         factor in violence, accidents and death.”        of students that have a contrary opinion           21 creates some heated debates. Although,
groups. Some people may argue that the                Even though this policy is in effect,        that covers the other end of the spectrum.         there are so many varying opinions, the fact
presence of this companion is useful in the       and disciplinary actions are taken, alcohol      One student explained that other universities      is that the rule still stands.
bonding of friendship while others believe        consumption is not necessarily disappearing.     are proclaimed “dry campuses”, but that                “All students are charged with alcohol
the mere existence to be the source of ruined     Both on and off campus consumption is not        title is merely a slip of paper rather than        possession are processed through student
relationships.                                    uncommon for some students that attend           actual policy. They have the mindset that          judicial affairs. Sanctions include counseling,
   Whether a friend or imposter, alcohol          Mississippi College. Some students are           consuming alcohol is a recreational activity       fines, and assessments,” said Sherman.
is a substance that every person at               not only against alcohol being on campus         which is completely harmless when used in             Alcohol consumption clearly still does
Mississippi College must take a stand on,         because the practice breaks policy but           moderation.                                        exist on campus, but there is no motion at the
and the opinions on this subject has as many      believes that too much pressure would be put          “I feel drinking on campus is one of          present of changing the policy. Therefore,
variations as there are options in making         on their peers who choose to abstain from        the funnest things to do. It sure livens up a      although there are numerous views on the
mixed drinks. Mississippi College does not        consuming any at all.                            place where we can only have women in our          subject, consequences are still enforced.
have any tolerance for possession of alcohol         Aly Weimer, a ministry major elaborated       room for three hours five days of the week.
on campus and believes that the university        on this point of view. “I would still be not     How else are we supposed to fill our time?”
must uphold this rule in order to maintain        in favor of it because that is something that    another student said. Some students did
their moral reputation of being a Christian       could effect our reputation as a Christian       admit to having, at some point during their

Drinking and...school rules                       alcoholic beverages or alcoholic beverage        Joseph Odenwald, wrote “A Guide to the             assessments.
  Rachel Moore           Contributing Writer
                                                  containers on campus or while engaged            Student Judicial Process” to help students            “We try to do educational events throughout
  Most Mississippi College students               in any College-related function, including       understand the course of action taken when         the year about alcohol. I don’t think it’s
know that drinking alcohol violates school        functions sponsored by any MC organization.      a violation of alcohol consumption occurs.         an out of control issue, but we wish there
regulations. However, the unfamiliarity of        This includes intoxication, evidence of          Odenwald explains the forms, hearings,             was no presence at all. One of our goals is
the rules results in students finding himself     consumption, and/ or irresponsible behavior      letters and appeals that result from an alcohol    to educate about alcohol and not just fine
or herself navigating through the student         involving the use of alcoholic beverages         violation. The sanctions of intoxication or        students,” said Odenwald. Odenwald is also
judicial process. The Tomahawk states that the    whether on or off campus.” The guidelines in     possession of alcohol include a sizeable           the administrator who determines the
following in Section K is a alcohol violation,    the student handbook still seem vague.           fine, alcohol edu which is an online course
“Use, possession, sale, or distribution of           Coordinator of Student Development,           and counseling sessions and alcoholic
                                                                                                                                                                 CONTINUED on page 8
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 Drinking and...Mississippi College
                                                        While several other faculty members                 However, many religion professors are         changed in society from the days of the New
   Reagan Roberts          Contributing Writer
                                                     from the religion department feel that the         oblivious to the fact that drinking takes place   Testament, including the motivation behind
    Being students of a private Christian            punishment is fair for alcohol use on campus,      at MC.                                            alcohol consumption.
 university, are the students of Mississippi         many students disagree.                               “I believe that a Christian Studies major         In today’s time drinking has an age limit
 College obligated to do the “Christian thing,”                                                                                                           and is known to be detrimental to one’s
 and never consume alcohol? What exactly                                                                                                                  health if abused. According to Titus 3:1, we
 is the “Christian thing to do?” The Bible            “I believe that the college has the right to police on-campus behavior                              are to “Remind the people to be subject to
 has a lot to say about the consumption of            but not off-campus activities that are not an official school                                       rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be
 alcohol- some negative, and some positive.                                                                                                               ready to do whatever is good.” According to
 In Ecclesiastes 9:7, God instructs the people        function.”                                                                                          Pratt, this verse means that we are to obey the
 to “Drink your wine with a merry heart.”                                                                                     Dr. Ivan Parke              laws, therefore not drink until we are legal
 Times have changed, and the controversy has                                                                                                              in age to do so. According to 1 Corinthians
 left MC students confused.                                                                                                                               10:31, “So whether you eat or drink or
     Because MC has seen an increase in the              “Perhaps the greatest struggle when it         would be less likely to drink,” said Parke. “I    whatever you do, do it all for the glory of
 consumption of alcohol in the past years, the       comes to behavioral issues is how to set           do not believe that the major is the reason       God.” With this said we are also supposed to
 rules and punishments have become more              guidelines and boundaries without being            why, I believe that the call to ministry is the   stay away from drunkenness and not abuse
 strict.                                             legalistic,” said Eric Pratt, vice president for   reason why.”                                      our bodies.
     “I believe that the policies of MC are          Christian development.                                While God might not have ever said                 As students of MC we are held to higher
 adequate. I believe that the college has               Pratt and other faculty members of the          “Thou shall not consume alcohol,” there are       morals.
 the right to police on-campus behavior but          religion department tried to set examples          many references where he discourages being            “Students that claim to be followers of
 not off-campus activities that are not an           where the wise choices are encouraged, and         drunk. In Proverbs 20:1 it says, “Wine is a       Christ, no matter their major, should live
 official school function,” said Dr. Ivan Parke,     the so called “it’s no big deal” mentality         mocker and beer a brawler, whoever is led         in such a manner that the Lord would be
 associate professor of Christian studies and        is replaced by the “Does Jesus see my              astray by them is not wise.” So, is it okay for   pleased with their actions and others will see
 philosophy.                                         actions as pleasing to him and encouraging         students at MC to consume alcohol as long         how they live and respect the wise decisions
                                                     to others?”                                        as they don’t get drunk? Many things have         that they have made,” said Pratt.

 Drinking and...athletics                            If he does catch them then the process is          more drinking going on than I ever thought        coaches and of the athletic department, they
   Terri Lorden            Contributing Writer
                                                     simple. The player will be called into his         there would be,” said Latrisha Matthews,          will be kicked off of the team and maybe
    Research shows that athletes are more            office and the punishment will be issued           a former MC women’s basketball player.            even kicked out of school. The women’s
 prone to drinking alcohol than regular college      according to how bad the crime is. One of his      “Some of the ‘key players’ were the worst         basketball graduate assistant, Robynne
 students. Athletes are reported to do more          punishments is “severe” running.                   ones.” Matthews says that no one ever got         Shields, speaks out on this issue as once
 binge drinking, heavier alcohol use, and               “Drinking in college happens. The biggest       caught and everyone would over-look the           being a player and now a coach.
 commit a greater number of drinking-related         problem is catching them in the act. We as         crime.                                               “I feel that if athletes respect their body
 harms. They are more likely to have strong                                                                                                               and their team enough, they wouldn’t drink
 social ties that are associated with binge            “I know when I played basketball my freshman and sophomore years there was more                    during season,” said Shields.
 drinking. Although most collegiate athletes           drinking going on than I ever thought there would be. Some of the key players were                     Shields is under coach Paul Allen Duke
 are exposed to alcohol prevention seminars                                                                                                               and her morals seem to match his.
 and things of that nature, they seem to do
                                                       the worst ones.”                                               Latrisha Matthews
                                                                                                                                                             “He follows the rule book right down
 it more.                                                                                                                                                 to the bottom line,” said Shields. “The
    The athletic dept. offered their advice on the                                                                                                        consequences for breaking those rules vary.”
 drinking issue and possible punishments for         coaches just have to counsel our players on             Every team has its own individual               College drinking in general is always a
 the athletes if they were caught with alcohol       how it can harm you and hope that they listen      consequences for drinking during season.          huge issue. Students start because of peer
 in their possession. Darryl Longabaugh, the         to us,” said Longabaugh.                           The coaches prefer that if you decide to drink    pressure and then it becomes a bad habit.
 women’s head soccer coach, is well aware               College drinking is extremely common            it would be after the season ends, do it in       Athletes are usually seen from the outsider’s
    that college students drink alcohol. As far      everywhere. Having the title of a “Christian       moderation and of course be 21 years of age       eye to be perfect and follow all of the rules,
    as his team is concerned he handles them         University” does not exempt the possibility        or older. They know that they cannot stop         but they are not exempt from alcohol abuse.
t accordingly.                                       of alcohol abuse. There are more cases of          the process of drinking if that is what their     Athletes tend to abuse alcohol more than
s      “There are no consequences unless I           drinking than one might think. Athletes are        players want to do.                               other students. Coaches do all that they can
e catch them,” said Longabaugh.                      seen as the popular kids on campus. Non-              “We don’t condone or support drinking,         by sending their players to seminars and
s      He knows that his players may drink,          athletes might look up to them and become a        but we know that it’s there,” said Susan          educating them of the harm that alcohol can
e but they are not supposed to. His rule is no       fan. Some athletes feel that being able to play    Musselwhite, the assistant athletic director      do to their bodies. There is only so far that a
o drinking during season, not even a glass of        well during a game and also party the night        and senior woman administrator.                   coach or power figure can go in preventing
    wine with your family. He expresses that         before is considered to be “cool.”                     There is only so much punishment for a        alcohol abuse. In the end it is up to the
    his eyes can’t be everywhere and that there         “I know when I played basketball my             crime that a person of power can distribute. If   student or player to make the right decision.
    is no easy way of catching his players.          freshman and sophomore years there was             players do not simply follow the rules of the
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                                                                                                                                      OpiNiONs                                April 27, 2010
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Drinking and... the counseling center             with it.                                              Not only does the counseling center offer      family due to alcohol and still claim to have
  Kayla Gray             Contributing Writer
                                                     “By being in the business so long, I            personal meetings, but there are also a variety   everything under control.”
   In a culture where alcohol abuse continues     have seen the first-hand effects of what           of free pamphlets and brochures dealing              The counseling center assists students with
to impact all areas of life, students at          alcoholism can do to a person and to a             with specific issues that can be picked up        varying degrees of addiction, ranging from
Mississippi College are not exempt from           college student,” said Wagner. He told the         at any time by students. These publications       those that have a habit they do not want to
the challenge. Even so, students do not           story of a student that had recently died due      vary from questionnaires that help identify       see get out of control, to students that can no
have to face these challenges alone. Along        to improper substance use. “The boy was on         problems, to general facts and information        longer handle the issue themselves. Because
with many academic and extracurricular            his way to Notre Dame to play football in the      about a specific issue. They allow students       of the dangerous implications of alcohol
opportunities, Mississippi College offers a       fall and tragically fell off the balcony during    to get basic information concerning potential     abuse among students, the administration
five day a week counseling center that is         his spring break trip.” The boy was said to        problems, while protecting their privacy.         at Mississippi College takes an aggressive
available to students at no charge. On April      be drunk and belligerent. “Students many              For example, one pamphlet exposes seven        and proactive position, requiring those who
5 part-time counselor Buddy Wagner said,          times do not understand that their problem         “alcohol myths” that many times students          are caught with alcohol in the room to have
“Alcohol is part of life…and as long as           impacts so many others besides themselves,”        perceive as truth. One myth addressed was         immediate interaction with the Counseling
there are people, there will be alcohol use.”     said Wagner.                                       that students can manage to drive well enough     Center.
Throughout his interview Wagner shared the           The MC Counseling Center has thrived for        after a few drinks. The truth is that about          Wagner closed his interview by referring
problems that the counseling center faces         over three decades, and over that time one of      one-half of all fatal traffic accidents among     to golfer Tiger Woods. “In one of Tiger’s
pertaining to the subject of alcoholism. “Just    the most common problems among students            18 to 24 year olds involve alcohol. Another       interviews he was asked if he had not
because this is a Christian college does not      has been substance abuse.                          publication is directed towards recognizing       gotten caught, would he have changed?”
mean that alcohol is not a factor or a problem       The center is located in Alumni Hall and        and knowing what to do if a family member             When posed with this question in our
on campus,” said Wagner.                          provides an atmosphere that is comfortable         or friend shows signs of an alcohol problem.      own lives, people can answer this question
   The center works with students at              and private. When a student comes in,                 As all programs at Mississippi College, the    differently.
Mississippi College who seek out any type         they meet with a counselor and begin the           Counseling Center operates with a biblical           In Woods’ case he decided to face his
of counsel in their life. Wagner has worked       paperwork process. “We see students that deal      foundation. Wagner said, “Proverbs 12:20          problem and deal with it. In the same way,
alongside counselor director Amy Christian        with everything from roommate problems to          says, ‘Ears that hear and eyes that see--the      the counseling center is not necessarily
since 2009, and also preceded her as director     addiction. Many times someone will come            LORD has made them both.’”                        concerned about how a person came to
for 25 years. Wagner said that the primary        in because they feel they have a small                Many times, people do not have the eyes        realize their problem, but rather on assisting
problem facing students who struggle with         problem, and then we uncover something             to see their problems. I have seen many cases     students to deal with it and make it better.
alcohol problems is learning how to deal          bigger underneath,” said Wagner.                   where a student has lost their friends, job and

Drinking and... religion
  Josh Long              Contributing Writer      associated with partying.”                            Cheatham encourages students not to drink      brought up by students.
                                                     Paul writes in Ephesians 5:18 (ESV):            because of being in the South.                       During a question and answer session with
   According to Baptist Student Union
                                                  “And do not get drunk with wine. For that is          “We know drinking in and of itself is not      Dr. Ivan Parke the issue of drinking was
Associate Director Heidi Cheatham, the
                                                  debauchery but be filled with the spirit.”         a sin. We know that Jesus drank wine, we’re       addressed. According to Cheatham it was
students are encouraged to follow God’s
                                                     “Paul is making a point there that if you       not saying that,” said Cheatham. “Just the        addressed from the perspective of drinking
word and are held to a biblical standard.
                                                  fill your life up with other things or do things   way you could cause someone else to go            as a stumbling block.
   “This whole issue is complicated, the issue
                                                  to your body that are going to take your mind      astray and sin.”                                     “The students want to talk about it, but we
of drinking especially in the South,” said
                                                  away from Godly things, it is not right,” said        Even though there are some who might           haven’t had anybody speak about it,” said
                                                  Cheatham. “God wants us to be full of his          not care what others think, the Bible says we     Cheatham.
   Students who become a member of the
                                                  spirit.”                                           should care what people think.                       Cheatham said that there have been students
BSU leadership team sign a covenant that
                                                     Cheatham said that as a minister, drinking         “The other issue is if you’re not 21 you       in the BSU that have had drinking problems,
says they will live a lifestyle that is in
                                                  would be a stumbling block in her life.            don’t need to be drinking anyway. Most            but that they aren’t on the leadership team.
line with the word of God. This Covenant
                                                     “If a Christian saw me drinking it might        college students aren’t 21,” said Cheatham.          “I believe our students are walking
includes not drinking.
                                                  be a stumbling block for them because they         “That’s just honoring the law of the land.”       transparently in their walk with the Lord,”
   “People tend to not just drink in moderation
                                                  might not know how much Heidi is having.”             The issue itself is addressed as it has been   said Cheatham.
a lot in the south,” said Cheatham. “It’s

Drinking and...school rules continued from page 6
   charges according to Section K in the          majority want to do the right thing.”              will come to a “Christian University” to find     alcohol on MC’s campus. The Office of
student handbook.                                   Since Armstrong has a relationship with          it isn’t what they expected because of other      Student Development is highly concerned
   Cam Armstrong, coordinator of student          these students, she would call security to         students who engage in harmful behavior.          with educating students about alcohol and
activities, said this of student leaders, “I      handle a drinking situation. Armstrong also           After stating the exact wording of the         being proactive about prevention.
don’t hold them to a higher standard because      verbalized her concern about students who          alcohol violation and Odenwald’s explanation
I know them better than regular students. I       engage in alcohol because it is unsafe.            of the process, hopefully students will
think the relationship with peers makes the         Armstrong is also worried that freshmen          understand the consequences of drinking
arts & eNtertaiNmeNt
  The student newspaper of Mississippi College                                                 www.news.mc.edu/~collegian/                                                  April 27, 2010
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A guide to wedding dos and don’ts
                                                 no reason to feel pressured into choosing a        you, but for your parents and your groom’s      it (even if you hate it) she loves it and she
  Rebekah Langley              A&E Editor
                                                 dress you don’t absolutely love.                   parents as well and they want to share it       needs validation from her girlfriends; so give
   April through August is wedding season            DON’T allow the bridal shop consultant         with their friends. But venue size, budget      it to her, even if you have to fake it.
and May/June weddings are especially hot         to bully you into making a decision. Many          constraints and personal preferences limit         DON’T tell her you hate the bridesmaid’s
commodities for new graduates who are            consultants just want to make a sale and get       the size of the guest list and cuts may have    dresses. Maybe that peach taffeta ball gown
receiving double degrees—a bachelors             you out the door as quickly as possible, but       to be made somewhere.                           just isn’t your style or the cotton candy a-line
of science/arts and an MRS degree in             this is a huge decision. You want the dress           DON’T let your mother-in-law-to-be           clashes with your red hair. But it’s her day,
housewifery.                                     that is just right for you, and you will find      harangue you into doing things her way.         it’s what she’s chosen, so suck it up and put
   Most brides have had their weddings           it. It may take a while, so take as much time      Whether she wants to have an overly formal      on a happy face.
planned since they were five years old           as you need. If the consultant attempts to         and stuffy rehearsal dinner whereas you            You only have to wear it for one day and
playing dress-up and dolls. They knew what       push you into purchasing the dress before          just want something simple, or she wants        you can toss it in the Goodwill bag and never
the dress would look like, the color of the      you are absolutely sure by telling you today       to invite more people than your venue can       look at it again when the day is all over. But
flowers, the flavor of the cake. It was all      it will be a six-week order, but tomorrow it       accommodate, you have to put your foot          if you really love it, you can shorten it and
planned—all that was missing was a groom.        may be a twelve-week order, don’t listen to        down or you will later resent it and her. Be    wear it again!
   Now those little girls are all grown up and   her. You are the one who will be wearing the       firm but kind while gently explaining to           One final don’t for the bride:
they have found their grooms, but it’s not so    dress, not her.                                    her why she can’t invite everyone she has          DON’T expect your big day to go off
simple anymore. Unless you have a team of            DO discuss beforehand with the                 ever met. Manipulative mothers-in-law can       without a hitch. It won’t. Something—
wedding planners and assistants at your beck     photographer exactly what you want. In the         wreak havoc on your marriage, so you must       probably a few things—is going to go wrong.
and call, planning a wedding can be one of       midst of everything that is going on, you          address this issue early, before it becomes a   The DJ won’t fade out the music at the right
the most daunting tasks and stressful events     won’t be focused on what the photographer          pattern.                                        time, leaving you standing silently at the
in a young woman’s life and can test even        is shooting. Don’t assume he or she knows             DO let your bridal party know how much       altar as the song finishes, or the flowers
the strongest relationships.                     to get pictures of the bride’s family with the     you appreciate them. Being a bridesmaid         end up frozen, or the napkins run low, or a
   Following a few simple rules and learning     bride and groom, family and the bride only,        is a big responsibility and feeling valued      snarky bridesmaid will tell you it’s stupid for
from these true examples about what to           the groom’s family with the bride and groom,       and appreciated will make them that much        the bridesmaids to hold the flowers the way
do and what to avoid while planning the          with only the groom, the bride and the flower      happier to be a part of your big day.           you want them to. Or a million other things
wedding, can make the process a little easier    girl(s), the bride and her siblings, the groom        DON’T treat your bridesmaids like            that may not go the way you planned. But
and make the big day go a little smoother        and his siblings and so on. You don’t want to      servants. They may have “maid” in their         it’s going to happen. Accept that and it will
for the bride, the bridesmaids and everyone      find out when you get the proofs, weeks after      title, but they are not your team of personal   immensely reduce your stress levels. Laugh
involved.                                        the fact, that the photographer missed some        assistants. They are there to help you, and     at the calamities that you will inevitably
   For the Bride                                 really important shots.                            they want to help you, but they are not there   encounter on your wedding day. Someday,
   DO feel free to visit several—even                DO be as generous as possible when             to do everything at the snap of your fingers.   those “crises” will make for a great story,
many—bridal shops. The dress is the most         allotting invitations to your mother and your         For the Bridesmaids                          because it will be your story.
important part for most brides and there is      fiancé’s mother. This is a big day not only for       Do gush over the dress. If you don’t love
  10                                 arts & eNtertaiNmeNt
  The student newspaper of Mississippi College                                                   www.news.mc.edu/~collegian/                                                          April 27, 2010
  egelloC ippississiM fo repapswen tneduts ehT                                                   /naigelloc~/ude.cm.swen.www                                                          0102 ,72 lirpA

Generico:                                                performs for Project Peanut Butter
                                                   night, switching back and forth between           And then the main event walked onto the                   MC students for years and they are now
  Jenna Correll          Contributing Writer
                                                   guitar and mandolin. The Top Hats got on          stage to a roaring crowd.                                 graduating and taking their innovative lyrics
   Project Peanut Butter has been a presence                                                                                                                   with them. Many of their songs are hilarious
on MC’s campus for months now raising                                                                                                                          tributes to things they like or see and can be
money for support in malnourishment                                                                                                                            anything from N’sync to histories mysteries.
awareness and recovery. The group of                                                                                                                           The guys of Generico and the act they put on
students heading it up have done numerous                                                                                                                      to amuse the crowd will be greatly missed
things to raise money for the cause, such as                                                                                                                   for sure.
the Lent project, two art sales, a t-shirt sale,                                                                                                                   Even Ziggy Kalamity and the Chaucey
an Irish dance and now a benefit concert. On                                                                                                                   Pigs are heading out. Ziggy Kalamity is
Thursday, April 22, the Peanut Butter Project                                                                                                                  a 1980s rock character that wears a long
held a concert outside of Jazzman’s café at 7                                                                                                                  blonde wig with a long robe-like coat, and
p.m. It was a free concert, but donations were                                                                                                                 talks in choppy sentences as though there is
taken up for support.                                                                                                                                          something holding back his mind. Kalamity
   Sarah Ord, junior and one of the Project                                                                                                                    is part of the Generico act and brought a
Peanut Butter girls, who ironically has a                                                                                                                      smile to many of the students that watched
peanut allergy, talked about how excited she                                                                                                                   his performance Thursday night. Kalamity
was about the concert and the money that                                                                                                                       describes his rock style by saying, “If an
has been raised this semester. Ord said that a                                                                                                                 eagle could scream ‘fire’, our music would
great deal of money has been raised for the                                                                                                                    be louder.”
cause, but that it was not about how much                                                                                                                         Students behind Project Peanut Butter
money was raised, but that people were                                                                                                                         went around with a water jug for donations
getting involved and awareness was being                                                                                                                       and raised even more money for the cause
raised.                                                                                                                       Photo Courtesy of MC Athletics   and the concert was a great study break
   Bands volunteered to play for the concert                                                                                                                   for students with finals coming up soon.
and the night was not only a success for                                                                                                                       Generico will be greatly missed among MC
Project Peanut Butter, but it was also a           next covering songs and pumping up the              Generico had their farewell concert as                  students.
fun night for the students who attended.           crowd. The two guys of Sun Ballet gave MC         part of the benefit concert for Project Peanut
Sophomore Trey Malone kicked off the               insight into the smooth styling of their music.   Butter. Generico has been entertaining

International student finds home at MC
                                                   and went on to spend a year working and           the he has had to face. His strict vegetarian             a chance to meet normally and to learn more
  Tapfumanei Murove Contributing Writer
                                                   taking English courses in preparation for his     diet makes it difficult to find restaurants that          about American culture.
   For most students at Mississippi College,       MBA. He found Mississippi College online,         cater to his dietary needs.                                  “I started Salsa one year ago,” said Vipul.
it is difficult to imagine having to spend         and decided to apply after finding that it was       “We can’t eat at restaurants like                      “I was bored and started going to classes in
more than a full year away from home, but          affordable and the weather in Mississippi was     McDonald’s because everything they sell is                Clinton and the owner asked me to come to
for Vipul Ajara, 23, who is well into his          pleasant. Coming to the United States meant       non-vegetarian” said Vipul.                               some parties and help to show people how
third year away from his family in Gujarat,        leaving behind his parents, five sisters, and        This means that he and friends have to                 to dance.”
India, it is a reality he has come to accept.      as many as 250 uncles, aunts and cousins.         spend hours cooking each day preparing food                  Since then, Vipul has performed at Jackson
Vipul is a student at Mississippi College,         Vipul is the youngest in his family by three      that meets their needs. Before coming to the              State University, Mississippi State University,
currently undertaking a Master’s in Business       years with his youngest sister being 26 and       United States he had never even picked up a               and Belhaven University in promoting the
Administration with a major in Finance.            his oldest 32.                                    cooking utensil, Vipul said, but since then he            classes offered at the school.
With five semesters already under his belt,           “Adapting to life in the United States has     has had to learn how to cook for himself.                    Vipul’s summer trip home will reunite
he only has a year left before he completes        been challenging,” said Vipul.                       In his two years at Mississippi College,               him with friends and family after almost
his studies and can choose to return home             Although he spoke English before               Vipul has had opportunities to make friends               three years away from home. However,
permanently. However, a trip planned for this      coming to Clinton, Miss., the differences         and find connections with different people                his trip has another purpose as well. If all
summer means that he will not have to wait         in pronunciation and spelling between             through dance. He currently organizes and                 goes well, when Vipul comes back for his
an entire year to see his friends and family       British English and American English made         leads Salsa parties for a small dance school              final year at Mississippi College, he will be
back in India.                                     it difficult, earlier on, to understand what      called La Salsa. The school, located in the               newly engaged and will be waiting all the
   Vipul graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s       others were saying.                               Fondren area in Jackson, has allowed him to               more eagerly to return home and be with his
degree in Business from a university in India,         Language has not been the only difficulty     meet people that he would never have gotten               fiancé.
  The student newspaper of Mississippi College                                                  www.news.mc.edu/~collegian/
                                                                                                                                                                           April 27, 2010
  egelloC ippississiM fo repapswen tneduts ehT                                                  /naigelloc~/ude.cm.swen.www                                                0102 ,72 lirpA

Choctaws grind way into post season play
  Josh Long              Contributing Writer
                                                  before junior reliever Daniel Cowart came            The Choctaws added one more run in the        fifth, marking a third consecutive inning
                                                  on in the ninth to preserve a 7-3 victory for     fifth off of a Jarrod Cannette homerun to left   without a hit.
   When the #23 University of Texas-Tyler         the Choctaws.                                     field.                                              MC would finally get on the board in the
came to Frierson Field on April 16, the             Saturday featured a double dose of action          Underwood limited the patriots to only        sixth with two runs thanks in part to a wild
#16 Mississippi College Choctaws had one          between MC and UT-Tyler. The Choctaws             three more hits as MC cruised to an 11-2         pitch that brought in Magee and an RBI
thing on their mind…payback. After all it         sent right hander Ian Underwood to the            victory.                                         single by Glaze.
was the Patriots who beat MC for the ASC          mound for game two of the series. Underwood          Game two starter Craig MacKay gave up a          The bottom of the seventh saw the
Tournament title last May.                                                                                                                           Choctaws pull to within one courtesy of a
   The Choctaws sent senior right hander                                                                                                             two rbi single by Bell.
Tyler Seaman to the mound with a 7-0 record                                                                                                             The Patriots answered in the eighth putting
in hopes of taking the crucial game one in a                                                                                                         up three runs to make it an 8-4 game.
series the Choctaws would have to sweep in                                                                                                              The Choctaws would tie the game in the
order to prevent UT-Tyler from clinching the                                                                                                         bottom half but a three run homerun in the
ASC East.                                                                                                                                            top of the ninth killed the MC momentum.
   Seaman made quick work of the Patriots                                                                                                               A new week brought a familiar face in,
retiring the side in order with a strikeout and                                                                                                      the Millsaps Majors, to Frierson Field on
two groundouts.                                                                                                                                      Tuesday, April 20.
   MC got the bats going quick as first                                                                                                                 MC sent senior right hander Chris Ferris to
baseman Andy Smith led off the bottom of                                                                                                             the mound in hopes to win the season series
the first with a single to centerfield on the                                                                                                        against the Majors.
first pitch he saw and advanced to second                                                                                                               Millsaps would get on the board first
on a wild pitch by UT-Tyler’s Matt Sparks.                                                                                                           thanks to a throwing error with two outs from
Senior centerfielder Chase Herrin followed                                                                                                           catcher Cannette that would allow the Majors
Smith with a single of his own that would                                                                                                            to score two.
bring the speedy first baseman Smith home;                                                                                                              By the fifth inning the Choctaws found
Herrin would score on a sacrifice fly to give                                                                                                        themselves down 3-0, but resopnded in the
MC an early 2-0 lead.                                                                                                                                home half of the fifth. A double by Smith
   Seaman again set the Patriots down in          surrendered a hit but held the Patriots to no     walk to the Patriots in the first but held UT-   down the left field line would drive home
order in the top of the second.                   runs.                                             Tyler scoreless.                                 Glaze and Cannette.
   Junior designated hitter Stuart Magee led         The Choctaws wouldn’t get out to the fast         The Choctaws loaded the bases in the             Millsaps padded their lead with a leadoff
off the Choctaw second with a single to           start as they did the night before being put      bottom of the first but to no avail as no runs   homerun in the top of the sixth and added
the UT-Tyler shortstop Aaron McCain who           down in order. UT-Tyler struck first getting      crossed the plate.                               two more in the seventh.
couldn’t get a handle on the ball to beat         two runs off Underwood.                              The Patriots struck first in the second          Down 6-2, the Choctaw eighth would
Magee’s speed down the line to first. Magee          The Choctaw second featured an offensive       putting up three runs in the frame courtesy of   bring the crowd at Frierson Field to life as
advanced to third on an error by the pitcher      explosion with MC putting up 10 runs in           two RBI singles and a solo homerun by Brett      MC put up three runs to get within one run.
and scored on a single by Andy Smith.             the frame with three coming from a Bennett        Hightower. This broke a six inning scoreless        In the top of the ninth Coach Brian Owens
   MC led 3-0 after two innings with Tyler        homerun that scored Bo Bell and Bodree.           streak put together by Choctaw pitching on       brought in Jacan Warren, who has one walk
Seaman coming back for his third inning of        MC sent a total of 13 hitters to the plate        the day.                                         off homerun on the season, but struck out
work against the patriots. UT-Tyler managed       in the inning to jump out to a commanding            Sidewinder Cowart came on in the third        swinging. The drama came when Choctaw
to break up the no-hit bid in the third but       10-2 lead.                                        marking his 16th appearance on the season.       Smith sprinted down the third baseline
couldn’t plate any runs. The Choctaw offense         Underwood went to work in the third.           Although the Patriots managed to get runners     towards home plate with Bodree laying down
managed only one hit in the bottom of the         While one Patriot would walk and advance          on, none would score.                            a suicide squeeze that resulted in a throwing
third against Sparks.                             to second on a wild pitch, that would be it for      Bodree drew a one out walk in third, but      error by the major third baseman that scored
   MC did, however, answer in the bottom          the Patriots in the top of the third.             the Choctaws didn’t plate any runs as Bell hit   the winning run in Chase Herrin.
half of the fourth with two runs thanks to a         The MC half of the inning was quick as the     into an inning ending double play.                  Bodree spoke about his heroics after the
Jacob Daniel solo homerun to left field and       Choctaws went down in order for the second           Cowart returned to work the fourth inning     game, “He [Coach Owens] came over to me
a single by shortstop Dakota Bodree that          time in three innings.                            for the Choctaws and made quick work             and said hey what about a suicide squeeze
scored second baseman Chris Glaze.                   The Patriots managed two hits in the top of    allowing only one hit while leaving one man      and I said I’ll get it down.”
   With a 5-1 lead Seaman went to work in         the fourth, but Underwood worked his way          on second after a stolen base.                      The win was head coach Brian Owen’s
the fifth, but the patriots would get another     through the inning with no damage done.              MC again didn’t manage any runs against       100th win as coach of the Choctaws and the
run home after a double that scored Aaron            Bennett drew a one out walk in the bottom      Patriot pitching in the bottom half of the       winning coach had good things to say after
McCain, who reached on a fielder’s choice.        of the fourth but was thrown out trying to        inning.                                          the close win.
   MC added two more runs from a long             steal second. Magee showed off his speed             The Patriots would add to their lead with        “Squeeze play in the ninth to score two
ball courtesy of junior third baseman Shane       with a triple to right field, but would go no     a two run double off Cowart in the fifth         runs off of it--anytime that happens it’s
Bennett with a solo shot to right center.         further as Brannon Walls flew out to end the      making it a 5-0 game.                            always exciting because you always have the
   UT-Tyler scored one more run off Seaman        inning.                                              Choctaw bats fell silent once again in the    what if,” said Owens.
   The student newspaper of Mississippi College                                               www.news.mc.edu/~collegian/
                                                                                                                                                  spOrts                April 30,
                                                                                                                                                                       March 27, 2010
    egelloC ippississiM fo repapswen tneduts ehT
    egelloC ippississiM fo repapswen tneduts ehT                                              /naigelloc~/ude.cm.swen.www
                                                                                              /naigelloc~/ude.cm.swen.www                                              0102 ,72 lir r A
                                                                                                                                                                       0102 ,03 hcpaM

 Intramurals feature spring semester champs
                                                  semester of next school year with sports       Most Wanted was led by Brittany Dukes,               Men’s Soccer
    Julie Meeks                 Sports Editor
                                                  such as flag football for men and women,       Lisa Thomas, Yalanda Grady, and Collette             This year’s men soccer champions were
    Each and every semester the Mississippi       co-ed dodgeball, kickball and the water        Clark to name a few. Most Wanted had a            the Goal Getters and they proved all they
  College Intramurals season is ensured to be     volleyball tournament that takes place both    strong team that could put up points but in       needed to prove with their name.
  an exciting one! Whether the team members       semesters.                                     the end it was teamwork and experience               Co-ed Softball
  are talented or just looking for a good time,     Men’s Basketball                             of playing with one another that overcame            The co-ed softball tournament took place
  there are always plenty of them to provide        Chemistry won the overall men’s              all the odds for Bomb Squad. Joyce Marie          this past Saturday, April 23 at Traceway Park
  entertainment. This year was no exception       basketball championship this Spring. Jerrod    Harris found intramural basketball to be well     in Clinton. The C-Town Sluggers took the
  with the many teams who competed in this        Rayborn was confident with his team. “We       worth her time.                                   championship home with them this spring
  spring’s sports. The games began in January     knew how to make an entrance,” Rayborn            “It was so much fun to have the opportunity    and have all bragging until next year’s
  with basketball and ended last weekend with     boasted.                                       to bond with my sisters through sports,”          tournament.
  softball with a whole lot of fun in between.      Women’s Basketball                           Harris said.                                         “Although the weather was less than ideal,
  Other sports included softball, soccer, water     Bomb Squad won this year’s women’s              Women’s Soccer                                 intramural directors Scott Davis and Charles
  volleyball, tennis, ultimate frisbee and        basketball championship for the Spring            This year’s women soccer champs are the        Lofton did a great job ensuring that the
  golf. The feature sports included men’s and     semester. Portia Boyd, Anesia McBride, Terri   Ladybugs. “Soccer was really great because        tournament took place and that everyone had
  women’s 5-on-5 basketball, soccer, and coed     Lorden and Latrisha Matthews were just a       there were a lot of talented teams this year      a great time, except Lauren Cooper,” said
  softball.                                       few who led the team to victory. They beat     and the competition was a lot of fun,” said       Chad Carmichael.
    Intramural sports will resume in the fall     Most Wanted in the championship game.          Artley Ramsay.

Athletes of the Week

                                            Jennifer Cooper
                                            finished first in the                                              SPoRTinG evenTS
                                            10000-meter run with
                                            a time of 42:17:63                   Baseball
                                            and first in the 5000-                     4.30              Univ. of Mary-Hardin Baylor              Clinton, MS                         TBA
                                            meter run with a time                      5.1               Univ. of Mary-Hardin Baylor              Clinton, MS                         TBA
                                                                                       5.1               Univ. of Mary-Hardin Baylor              Clinton, MS (if necessary)          TBA
                                            of 20:06:84 at the
                                            ASC      Championships               Track & Field
                                            in Abilene, Texas this                     4.27              Mississippi College open                 Clinton, MS                       1 p.m.
                                                                                 closed out the season one game short of qualifying for the American
                                            Shane Bennett                        Southwest Conference Tournament. They finished up the season with a
                                            named ASC Hitter of the
                                            Week for the games of
                                                                                 record of 29-11 (15-9 in ASC). The Lady Choctaws are only graduating
                                            April 12-19. The Clinton             three seniors, Rachel Hurley, Reagan Jackson and Jaime Bennett.
                                            native went 6-7 with two
                                            home runs and five RBI in            Tennis (Women)
                                            a series win over Texas-             finished up the season with a semi-finals loss to Hardin-Simmons
                                            Tyler.                               University at the American Southwest Championships on Saturday.

                                                                                 Tennis (Men)
                                                                                 finished up the season with a quarterfinals loss to Howard Payne
                                                                                 University at the American Southwest Championships on Saturday.

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