Using 4G To Reconnect With Your Past

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					Social and familial relationships play a key role in happiness, but they are not always easy to maintain
when faced with the pressures of modern day society. A competitive workplace and insecurity in the job
market sometimes make it difficult to stay in touch with the people you care about. Other times, you
can lose contact without even realizing it. Fortunately, with the 4G network, it becomes much easier to
find the time to reconnect with people in your past.

Young folks tend to focus on the present, building an ever-expanding network of friends by using such
sites as Facebook and MySpace. As you move through high school, college, and your first jobs, it is
common to rack up a number of 'friends,' even if it is impossible to communicate with all of them on a
regular basis. Yet as people get older, it is normal to experience nostalgia. This tendency has driven
former high school classmates to organize reunions for decades, although it is clear that the widespread
availability of wireless internet has made the planning of such events a much more straightforward
In the vast majority of cases, people do not stop emailing or chatting because they want to end a
friendship. Indeed, the root cause usually lies in a severe shortage of time. In high school and college,
the average person spends a good amount of time with peers, just hanging out and having fun. After
graduation, however, financial pressures cause a number of people to move. Even if you stay in the
same town, working a 9 to 5 position can be a big challenge at first, especially if it turns into a longer
daily commitment or you have a long commute to add on. Finally, the time spent raising your own
family can also inhibit the continuation of friendships.
Mobile broadband steps in to help individuals reconnect in multiple ways. First, there are a growing
number of sites that can be used to say hi to friends from your past. Facebook lets you form groups
around shared identities. Planning a class reunion, for example, becomes much easier when everyone
has a profile. Secondly, when you have access to the always-available 4G network, you have more total
time online. During the commute or while waiting for a colleague to show up for a meeting, you look up
people you have not thought about in ages.
Another useful site designed to re-establish relationships that have worn away with time is Classmates,
recently renamed 'Memory Lane.' As the slogan states, the goal is to help visitors 'Step Back in Time.'
Links to previously famous shows, magazines, articles, and more all let you experience a blast from the
past. It is further intensified when you check out the school-specific section, which links classmates that
may not have seen each other in years. When you have wireless internet keeping you in the loop,
chances are you will be able to find more time to reminisce and reach out to people that played
important roles in your childhood or adolescence.