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					          Make       Marketing Name /Model                 Type
Afone            AFONE 660                   AFONE 660
Afone            AFONE A300                  AFONE A300
Afone            AFONE F55                   AFONE F55
Afone            AFONE G10                   AFONE G10
Afone            AFONE H880                  AFONE H880
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-S102             ALCATEL OT-S102
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-103              ALCATEL OT-103
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-108              ALCATEL OT-108
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-202              ALCATEL OT-202
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-203              ALCATEL OT-203
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-208              ALCATEL OT-208
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-209              ALCATEL OT-209
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-223              ALCATEL OT-223
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-230D             ALCATEL OT-230D
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-255              ALCATEL OT-255
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-255D             ALCATEL OT-255D
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-303              ALCATEL OT-303
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-305              ALCATEL OT-305
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-355D             ALCATEL OT-355D
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-363              ALCATEL OT-363
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-383              ALCATEL OT-383
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-505              ALCATEL OT-505
Alcatel          ALCATEL one touch 506D      ALCATEL one touch 506D
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-517D             ALCATEL OT-517D
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-565              ALCATEL OT-565
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-606              ALCATEL OT-606
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-660              ALCATEL OT-660
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-708              ALCATEL OT-708
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-710D             ALCATEL OT-710D
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-800              ALCATEL OT-800
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-802Y             ALCATEL OT-802Y
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-806D             ALCATEL OT-806D
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-808              ALCATEL OT-808
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-880              ALCATEL OT-880
Alcatel          ALCATEL one touch 813D      ALCATEL one touch 813D
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-980              ALCATEL OT-980
Alcatel-TCT      OT-E101                     OT-E101
Alcatel-TCT      OT-E207                     OT-E207
Alcatel-TCT      OT-V770                     OT-V770
Alcatel-TCT      OT-C701                     OT-C701
Alcatel          ALCATEL OT-S211             ALCATEL OT-S211
Alfatel          H1A                         H1A
Alfatel          H2A                         M8
Alfatel          H3A                         H3
Alfatel          H4                          H4
Alfatel          H5A                         H5A
Alfatel          ALFATEL H300                ALFATEL H300
Alfatel          Q2                          Q2
Altek            A806 (Spice S-1200)         A806
Amgoo            AMGOO AM266                 AMGOO AM266
Amgoo            AMGOO AM269                 AMGOO AM269
Amgoo          AMGOO AM960         AMGOO AM960
Amgoo          AMGOO AM505         AMGOO AM505
Amgoo          AMGOO AM508         AMGOO AM508
Amgoo          AMGOO AM511         AMGOO AM511
Amgoo          AMGOO AM512         AMGOO AM512
Amgoo          AMGOO AM518         AMGOO AM518
Amgoo          AMGOO AM916         AMGOO AM916
Beetel         GD305               GD305
Beetel         GD405               GD405
Beetel         GD410               GD410
Beetel         GD440               GD440
BenQ           BenQ M100 (56F52)   56F52
BenQ           BenQ M300 (56E11)   56E12
BenQ           BenQ M305 (56E14)   56E14
BenQ-Siemens   BenQ-Siemens S81    BenQ-Siemens S81
Bird           A120                A120
Bird           A130                A130
Bird           D515                D515
Bird           D615                D615
Bird           D611                D611
Bird           D630                D630
Bird           D716                D716
Bird           D718                D718
Bird-Cidy      Bird D758           Bird D758
Bird           DV10                DV10
Bird           DV10                DV10
Bird           Bird E819           Bird E819
Bird           E895                E895
Bird           Bird E901           Bird E901
Bird           Bird F200           Bird F200
Bird-Cidy      Bird F301           Bird F301
Bird           Bird F501           Bird F501
Bird           Bird K1             Bird K1
Bird           Bird K102           Bird K102
Bird           Bird K105           Bird K105
Bird           Bird K106           Bird K106
Bird           Bird K108           Bird K108
Bird           Bird K228           Bird K228
Bird           Bird K298           Bird K298
Bird           Bird K505           Bird K505
Bird-Cidy      Bird S160           Bird S160
Bird           Bird V530           Bird V530
Bird           Bird V630           Bird T108
Bird-Cidy      Bird W5000          Bird W5000
Bird           S190                S190
Bird           S198                S198
Bird           S198+               S198+
Bird           S302                S302
Bird           S580                S580
Bird           S590                S590
Bird           Bird S700           Bird S700
Bird           S701                S701
Bird-Cidy            Bird S710                   Bird S710
Bird                 S789                        S789
Bird                 S1186                       S1186
Bird                 S1186                       S1186
Bird                 Bird V750                   Bird V750
Bird                 V5510                       V5510
Bird                 V5518                       V5518
Black Berry          BlackBerry 7100t            BlackBerry 7100t
Black Berry          BlackBerry 7100v            BlackBerry 7100v
Black Berry          BlackBerry 7100g            BlackBerry 7100g
Black Berry          BlackBerry 7100r            BlackBerry 7100r
Black Berry          BlackBerry 7130c            BlackBerry 7130c
Black Berry          BlackBerry 7130v            BlackBerry 7130v
Black Berry          BlackBerry 7290             BlackBerry 7290
Black Berry          BlackBerry 8100             BlackBerry 8100
Black Berry          8110                        RBQ41GW
Black Berry          8120                        RBR41GW
Black Berry          8220                        RBR41GW
Black Berry          8300                        RBP41GW
Black Berry          8310                        RBN41GW
Black Berry          8320                        RBJ41GW
Black Berry          8520                        RCG41GW
Black Berry          8700c                       RAT40GW
Black Berry          8700g                       RAT42GW
Black Berry          8707v                       RBD50UW
Black Berry          8707g                       RBD51UW
Black Berry          8707h                       RBD52UW
Black Berry          8820                        RBG41GW
Black Berry          8900                        RBZ41GW
Black Berry          9000                        RBT71UW
Black Berry          9105                        9105
Black Berry          9300                        RDA71UW,RDB71UW
Black Berry          Storm 9500                  RCC51UW
Black Berry          9520                        RCP51UW
Black Berry          9700                        RCM71UW
Black Berry          9780                        RCM72UW
Black Berry          9800                        RCY71UW(Generic)
CELLon               SF65                        SF65
Cosun                Cosun 2188                  COSUN 2188
DBTEL                DBTEL 2052                  DBTEL 2052
DBTEL                DBTEL 2054                  DBTEL 2054
DoMobile             Classic                     Classic
DoMobile             Executive                   Executive
DoMobile             Kick                        Kick
Dopod C730 (HTC)     CAVA100                     CAVA100
Dopod 838 Pro(HTC)   HERM100                     HERM100
Dopod 838 Pro(HTC)   HERM100, HERM200, HERM300   HERM100, HERM200, HERM300
Dream Tech           G168                        Dream Tech G168
ETEL                 E-tel Avvio505              E-tel Avvio505
ETEL                 A08                         VCALL A08
ETEL                 E12                         Hedy H787
ETEL                 Etel E390                   Etel E390
ETEL                    Etel ET100      Etel ET100
ETEL                    Etel ET110      Etel ET110
ETEL                    Etel ET300      Etel ET300
ETEL                    Etel Hitz218    Etel Hitz218
ETEL                    Etel Hitz2206   Etel Hitz2206
ETEL                    Etel S382       Etel S382
ETEL                    Etel S387       Etel S387
ETEL                    Etel V100       Etel V100
ETEL                    KNB58           KNB58
ETEL                    M77A            Hedy H787
ETEL                    P7              vcall V109P
ETEL                    TDS 55          FROG
ETEL                    V001            Hedy H787
ETEL                    V118            VCALL V118
ETEL                    V168            VCALL V168
ETEL                    V809            VCALL V329+
ETEL                    V959            VCALL C06
Forme                   FORME F9        FORME F9
Forme                   FORME F11       FORME F11
Forme                   FORME F12       FORME F12
Forme                   FORME F15       FORME F15
Forme                   FORME F1 67     FORME F1 67
Forme                   FORME F1 71     FORME F1 71
Forme                   FORME F1 73     FORME F1 73
Forme                   FORME F510      FORME F510
Forme                   FORME F530      FORME F530
Forme                   FORME Q5000     FORME Q5000
Forme                   Forme 6303      Forme 6303,F8
Gaoxinqi                D206            D206
Gaoxinqi                GXQ L35         GXQ L35
Gaoxinqi                GXQ M8          GXQ M8
Gaoxinqi                GXQ N3          GXQ N3
Gaoxinqi                GXQ N60         GXQ N60
Gaoxinqi                GXQ N91         GXQ N91
Gaoxinqi                M11             M11
GFIVE                   GFIVE T33+      GFIVE T33+
G-Tide                  G-TIDE E51      G-TIDE E51
G-Tide                  G-TIDE G19      G-TIDE G19
G-Tide                  G-TIDE G28      G-TIDE G28
G-Tide                  G-TIDE G70      G-TIDE G70
G-Tide                  G-TIDE L600     G-TIDE L600
G-Tide                  G-TIDE L600     G-TIDE L600
G-Tide                  G-TIDE L700     G-TIDE L700
Gusen                   GUSEN GM558     GUSEN GM558
Gusen                   GUSEN GM880     GUSEN GM880
Gusen                   GUSEN GS3080    GUSEN GS3080
Haier                   HG-V73          HG-V73
Hedy                    Hedy H767A      Hedy H767A
HTC Cruise              POLA100         POLA100
HTC Desire              A8181           PB99200
HTC Desire HD (A9191)   PD98100         PD98100
HTC HD Mini             T5555           PB92100
HTC HD2                T8585                        PB81100
HTC HD7                PD29100                      PD29100
HTC Legend             A6363                        PB76100
HTC Mozart             T8698                        PD67100
HTC P3400i             GENE100                      GENE100
HTC S730               WING220                      WING220
HTC Smart              F3188                        LAVE100/ROME100
HTC Touch2             T3333                        PB74100
HTC Touch              ELF0100                      ELF0100
HTC Touch Diamond      DIAM100                      DIAM180
HTC Touch TyTN II      KAIS130                      KAIS130
HTC Touch DUAL         NIKI100                      NIKI100
HTC Touch VIVA         OPAL 100                     OPAL 100
HTC Wildfire           A3333                        PB49100
HKC G801               Lampson                      Lampson
Huawei                 HUAWEI Ideos Tablet S7       S7-103/105/106
Huawei                 HUAWEI T261L                 HUAWEI T261L
Huawei                 Huawei U120                  Huawei U120
Huawei                 HUAWEI U120e                 HUAWEI U120e
Huawei                 HUAWEI U121                  HUAWEI U121
Huawei                 Huawei U535                  Huawei U535
Huawei                 Huawei U526                  Huawei U526
Huawei                 Huawei U626                  Huawei U626
Huawei                 Huawei U636                  Huawei U636
Huawei                 HUAWEI U1280                 HUAWEI U1280
Huawei                 IDEOS S7 Slim S7-201u        S7-201u
Huawei                 IDEOS U8150-B                U8150-B
Huawei                 U1100                        U1100
Huawei                 U8160                        U8160
Huawei                 V830                         V830
I-Mate PDAL            PDAL                         PDAL
I-Mate PDA2K           PH20B                        PH20B
I-Mate SP3             ST20A                        ST20A
I-Mate SP5, SP5m       ST22A, ST22B, ST22C, ST22D   ST22A, ST22B, ST22C, ST22D
I-Mate JAMA            P30                          P30
I-Mate JAMA101         P30I                         P30I
I-Mate JAMA201         I306                         I306
I-Mate JASJAR          PU10                         PU10
I-Mate JASJAM          HERM100                      HERM100
I-Mate JAQ3            JAQ3                         JAQ3
I-Mate SP JAS          BREE100                      BREE100
I-Mate Ultimate 6150   Ult 6150                     Ult 6150
I-Mate Ultimate 8150   i-mate Ult 8150              i-mate Ult 8150
Intex                  IN 2010 (Nano 2)             Intex
Intex                  Intex IN 2060                Intex IN 2060
I-pro                  ipro C5                      ipro C5
I-pro                  iproI8                       iproI8
I-pro                  ipro I88,ipro i89            ipro I86, i89, I66, I88
I-pro                  I-PRO I88, I-PRO I89         I-PRO I66
Itel                   ITEL IT728                   ITEL IT728
Itel                   ITEL IT550                   ITEL IT550
Itel                   ITEL IT270                   ITEL IT270
Itel           ITEL IT2600              ITEL IT2600
iNO            CP09                     Capitel S718
iNO            K7                       N7000
INNO           i202                     Bird K105
Karbonn        K25                      K25
Karbonn        Karbonn K111             Karbonn K111
Karbonn        Karbonn K316             K316
Karbonn        Karbonn K406             K406
Karbonn        Karbonn K515
Karbonn        K550                     K550
Karbonn        Karbonn K1414            Karbonn K1414
Kenxinda       C9000                    C9000
Kenxinda       Kenxinda F1000           Kenxinda F1000
Kenxinda       TOUCH X300               TOUCH X300
Konka 6301L    Konka 6301               Konka 6301
Konka          KONKA 6670               KONKA 6670
Konka          KONKA C625               KONKA C625
Konka          KONKA C696               KONKA C696
Konka          KONKA C697               KONKA C697
Konka          KONKA D163               KONKA D163
Konka          konka D165               konka D165
Konka          KONKA D166               KONKA D166
Konka          KONKA D169               KONKA D169
Konka          konka D263               konka D263
Konka          KONKA D266               KONKA D266
Konka          KONKA D316               KONKA D316
Konka          konka D363               konka D363
Konka          KONKA D620               KONKA D620
Konka          KONKA D650               KONKA D650
Konka          KONKA D660               KONKA D660
Konka          KONKA E260               KONKA E260
Konka          KONKA M526               KONKA M526
Konka          KONKA M5061              KONKA M5061
Lephone        lephone 555              lephone 555, X8
LENOVO         Lenovo A350              Lenovo A350
LENOVO         LENOVO E600              LENOVO E600
LENOVO         Lenovo E700              Lenovo E700
LENOVO         LENOVO G620C             LENOVO G620C
LENOVO         LENOVO P708              LENOVO P708
LENOVO P609c   i666                     i666
LENOVO         LENOVO V850              LENOVO V850
LENOVO         Lenovo V858              Lenovo V858
Longcheer      W630                     W630
LG             LG A120                  LG A120
LG             LG Electronics LG-A155   LG Electronics LG-A155
LG             LG Electronics LG-A180   LG Electronics LG-A180
LG             B2000                    B2000
LG             B2070                    B2070
LG             B2100                    B2100
LG             B2150                    B2150
LG             BL20                     BL42
LG             BL40                     BL40
LG   LG-C105                LG-C105
LG   C1150                  C1150
LG   C2100                  C2100
LG   LG C2500               LG C2500
LG   LG Electronics GX200   LG Electronics GX200
LG   C3100                  C3100
LG   C3380                  C3380
LG   C3400                  C3400
LG   G1600                  G1600
LG   G1610                  G1610
LG   G5600                  G5600
LG   GB101, GB101b          GB101, GB101b
LG   GB106                  GB106
LG   GB109                  GB109
LG   GB110                  GB110
LG   GB195                  GB195
LG   GB210                  GB210
LG   GD510                  GD510
LG   GD880                  GD880
LG   GD900                  GD900
LG   GM200                  GM200
LG   GS102                  GS102
LG   GS108                  GS108
LG   GS155                  GS155
LG   GS205                  GS205
LG   GS290                  GS290
LG   GS500v                 GS500v
LG   GT505                  GT505
LG   GT540                  GT540
LG   GU230                  GU230
LG   GU285                  GU285
LG   GW300                  GW300
LG   GW525                  GW525
LG   GX200                  GX200
LG   GX300                  GX300
LG   GX500                  GX500
LG   HB620,KB620,HB620T     HB620,KB620,HB620T
LG   KC550                  KC550
LG   KC910                  KC910
LG   KC910, KC910i          KC910, KC910i
LG   KE500                  KE500
LG   KE508                  KE508
LG   KE770, ME770c          KE770, ME770c
LG   KE820                  KE820
LG   KE970                  KE970
LG   KF300c, KF300          KF300c, KF300
LG   KF310                  KF310
LG   KF390                  KF390
LG   KF390, KF390Q          KF390, KF390Q
LG   KF510                  KF510
LG   KF600                  KF600
LG   KF700                  KF700
LG   KF750                            KF750
LG   KF900                            KF900
LG   KG110                            KG110
LG   KG180                            KG180
LG   LG KG190                         LG KG190
LG   KG270⁄KG275⁄MG160b               KG270⁄KG275⁄MG160b
LG   KG285, KG288                     KG285, KG288
LG   KG370⁄KG375                      KG370⁄KG375
LG   KG800                            KG800
LG   KM335                            LGE KM335
LG   KM380c, KM380                    KM380c, KM380
LG   KM500c, KM500, KM501             KM500c, KM500, KM501
LG   KM710c, KM710                    KM710c, KM710
LG   KM900                            KM900
LG   KP100                            KP100
LG   KP105                            KP105
LG   KP110                            KP110
LG   KP115                            KP115b, KP118
LG   KP135                            KP135
LG   KP170, KP170b                    KP170, KP170b
LG   KP175, KP175b                    KP175, KP175b
LG   LG KP199                         LG KP199
LG   KP215, KP215b                    KP215, KP215b
LG   LG KP220                         LG KP220
LG   LG KP220                         LG KP220
LG   KP260, KP260c                    KP260, KP260c
LG   LG KP320                         LG KP320
LG   KP500                            KP500
LG   KP570                            KP570
LG   KS20                             KS20
LG   KS360                            KS360
LG   KT520                            KT520
LG   KT525, KT520                     KT525
LG   KT610                            KT610
LG   KU250, U250                      KU250, U250
LG   KU380, KU385                     KU380, KU385
LG   KU990,U990,KU990R                KU990,U990,KU990R
LG   KU990,U990,KU990R                KU990,U990,KU990R
LG   KU990,KU990i,KU990R,U990i,U990   KU990,KU990i,KU990R,U990i,U990
LG   KU990, U990, KU990R, KU990W      KU990, U990, KU990R, KU990W
LG   KU990, U990, U990C, KU990R       KU990
LG   KU990,U990,KU990R, KU990i        KU990,U990,KU990R
LG   M4410                            M4410
LG   M6100                            M6100
LG   MG180c                           MG180c
LG   LG Electronics LG-P350           LG Electronics LG-P350
LG   MG180c                           MG180c
LG   P7200                            P7200
LG   LG-P970                          LG-P970
LG   LG-P990                          LG-P990
LG   S5000                            S5000
LG   S5200                            S5200
LG                          LG-T300                 LG-T300
LG                          LG-T325                 LG-T325
LG                          T5100                   T5100
LG                          LG-X330                 LG-X330
Micromax                    Micromax A60            Micromax A60
Micromax                    G4                      G4
Micromax                    Q5                      Q5
Micromax                    Micromax Q50            Micromax Q50
Micromax                    Q55                     Q55
Micromax                    Q75                     Q75
Micromax                    Micromax M2             Micromax M2
Micromax                    X2i+                    X2i+
Micromax                    X100                    X100
Micromax                    Micromax X210           Micromax X210
Micromax                    Micromax X226+          Micromax X226+
Micromax                    Micromax X228+          Micromax X228+
Micromax                    X235                    X235
Micromax                    Micrmax X266            Micrmax X266
Micromax                    X360                    X360
Micromax                    Micromax X395           Micromax X395
Micromax                    X505                    X505
Motorola                    A853                    MVQ7-3334411A11
Motorola                    A1000                   MUT4-4411E11
Motorola                    A1200i, A1200r, A1200   MQ4-4411H11
Motorola                    C113a                   C113a
Motorola C115               C115 - CC3-41C11        C115 - CC3-41C11
Motorola C115               C115 - CC3-41C11        C115 - CC3-41C11
Motorola C115               C115 - CC3-41C11        C115 - CC3-41C11
Motorola C115               C115 - CC3-41C11        C115 - CC3-41C11
Motorola C115               C115 - CC3-41C11        C115 - CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C 116                   CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C 117                   CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C118                    CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C118v                   CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C119                    CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C121                    CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C122                    CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C123                    CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C137                    CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C138                    CC3-41C11
Motorola                    C139                    CC3-41C11
Motorola C156, C156, C157   CC3-41C21               CC3-41C21
Motorola C168               C168                    BC3-41A11
Motorola C257, C261         CC3-41C51               CC3-41C51
Motorola C380, C381, C385   MQ3-4411C31             MQ3-4411C31
Motorola C975               MUT4-4411F12            MUT4-4411F12
Motorola E1                 MQ3-4411C52             MQ3-4411C52
Motorola E2                 MQ4-4411J11             MQ4-4411J11
Motorola E6                 MT4-411A11              MT4-411A11
Motorola E8                 MQ6-4411A11             MQ6-4411A11
Motorola E680i              MT3-411J11              MT3-411J11
Motorola E770               MUT4-4411G11            MUT4-4411G11
Motorola              E770V (Serpens)                     MUT4-4411G11
Motorola E1000        MUT4-4411D11, E1000                 MUT4-4411D11, E1000
Motorola E1070        MUT4-4411K11                       MUT4-4411K11
Motorola EM30         MQ6-4411A11                        MQ6-4411A11
Motorola                                                 DQ4-4411B21
                      Motorola DQ4-4411B21, Motorola EX115 GSM Dual Sim, EX115
Motorola F3           MC3-41J11                          MC3-41J11
Motorola K1           MQ5-4411A11                        MQ5-4411A11
Motorola              L2                                 null
Motorola              L2, M930                           null
Motorola              L6                                  MQ3-4411I11
Motorola              L6i                                MQ3-4411I11
Motorola              SLVR L7                             MQ4-4411F11
Motorola              L72, L9                             MQ4-4411F22
Motorola              Moto Q9h                           MRQ6-334411A11
Motorola              Q9                                 MUQ6-34411B11
Motorola              U6                                  MQ4-4411C11
Motorola              U9                                 U9
Motorola              V3                                 MQ4-4411G22
Motorola              V3i                                 MQ4-4411G11
Motorola              V3r, V3i                            MQ4-4411G11
Motorola              V3x                                MUT4-4411J11
Motorola              V3xx                               MUT6-3411B11
Motorola              V6                                 MUT6-3411A11
Motorola              V8                                 MQ5-4411A23
Motorola              V9                                 MUQ6-34411C11
Motorola V170, V171   CC3-41C31                          CC3-41C31
Motorola V220         MQ3-4411C21, V220                   MQ3-4411C21
Motorola              V360                                MQ4-4411D11
Motorola              VE538                              MUT4-3411A11
Motorola              W7                                 MVYT4-33411A11
Motorola              W156, W160, W161, W180              CC3-41E11
Motorola              W156, W160, W16, W175, W180, W181   CC3-41E11
Motorola              W205 ⁄ W208 ⁄ W215 ⁄ W218           CC3-41C62
Motorola W209         CC3-41C62                           CC3-41C62
Motorola W206, W213   CC3-41C72                           CC3-41C72
Motorola              W216, W230, W231, W388, W233        CC3-41C82
Motorola              W220                                BC3-41B11
Motorola              W230 and W231                       CC3-41C82
Motorola              W231                                CC3-41C82
Motorola              W231, W388, W233                    CC3-41C82
Motorola W270         CC3-41F11                           CC3-41F11
Motorola              W360                                BC3-41A31
Motorola              W370, W375                          CQ3-4411A11
Motorola              W375                                CQ3-4411A11
Motorola              W388                                CC3-41C82
Motorola              W510                                MQ5-4411A12
Motorola              WX160                               MU91BFM
Motorola              WX161                               WX161
Motorola              WX180                               MU91CFM
Motorola              WX181                               WX181
Motorola              WX288                               MU91BFM
Motorola              WX290                               WX290
Motorola              WX295                               WX295
Motorola              WX395                               MB92P
Motorola              XT502/XT5                           BURQ0-3334411A11
Motorola    Z3                                 MQ5-4411A21
Motorola    Z6                                 MQ5-4411A22
Motorola    ZN200                              BQ4-4411B11
Motorola    ZN300                              BQ4-4411C11
NEC         e121                               Mackrel (121) WAP
NEC         e122                               2716
NEC e1101   N3105                              Yalta
NEC         e938, e949, N412i, L1, N512i, Nq   Flatfish
NEC         N1306                              Verlaine
NEC         N840 ⁄ e545                        Marlin (WAP)
Nokia       1110                               RH-70
Nokia       Nokia 1110                         RH-70
Nokia       1110i                              RH-93
Nokia       Nokia 1110i                        RH-93
Nokia       NOKIA 1110i                        RH-93
Nokia       1112                               RH-93
Nokia       1200                               RH-99
Nokia       1202-2                             RH-111, RH-112
Nokia       1203-2                             RH-111, RH-112
Nokia       1208                               RH-105
Nokia       1208, 1209                         RH-105
Nokia       1280                               RM-647
Nokia       1600                               RH-64
Nokia       1616, 1616-2                       RH-125
Nokia       1650                               RM-305
Nokia       1661-2, 1661                       RH-122
Nokia       1680c, 1680c-2                     RM-394
Nokia       1800                               RM-653
Nokia       2220s                              RM-590
Nokia       2310                               RM-189
Nokia       2323c, 2323c-2                     RM-543
Nokia       2330c-2,2330c                      RM-512
Nokia       2330c-2,2330c                      RM-512
Nokia       2600c, 2600c-2                     RM-340
Nokia       2610                               RH-86
Nokia       Nokia 2610                         RH-86
Nokia       2626                               RM-291
Nokia       2630                               RM-298
Nokia       2680s, 2680s-2                     RM-392
Nokia       2690                               RM-635
Nokia       2700c-2, 2700c                     RM-561
Nokia       2730c-1, 2730c                     RM-578
Nokia       2760                               RM-258
Nokia       3110c                              RM-237
Nokia       3120c-1                            RM-365
Nokia       3220                               RH-37
Nokia       NOKIA 3230                         RM-51
Nokia       3250                               RM-38
Nokia       Nokia 3250                         RM-38
Nokia       3500c                              RM-272
Nokia       3600s                              RM-352
Nokia       3610a                              RM-429
Nokia   3710a-1                  RM-509
Nokia   5000, 5000d-2            RM-362
Nokia   5030c-2, 5030            RM-524
Nokia   5130c-2                  RM-495
Nokia   5220                     RM-411
Nokia   5230                     RM-588
Nokia   5233                     RM-625
Nokia   Nokia 5250               RM-684
Nokia   5300                     RM-146
Nokia   Nokia 5310 XpressMusic   RM-303
Nokia   5310 XpressMusic         RM-303
Nokia   5320d-1                  RM-409
Nokia   5500d                    RM-86
Nokia   5530                     RM-504
Nokia   Nokia 5610d-1            RM-242
Nokia   5630d-1                  RM-431
Nokia   5700                     RM-230
Nokia   5730s-1                  5730s-1
Nokia   5800d-1                  RM-356
Nokia   6020                     RM-30
Nokia   6021                     RM-94
Nokia   6030                     RM-74
Nokia   6060                     RH-73
Nokia   6070                     RM-166
Nokia   6085                     RM-198
Nokia   6101                     RM-76
Nokia   6103                     RM-161
Nokia   6110 Navigator           RM-122
Nokia   Nokia 6111               RM-82
Nokia   NOKIA 6111               RM-82
Nokia   6120c                    RM-310
Nokia   6120c-1                  RM-243
Nokia   NOKIA 6151               RM-200
Nokia   6131                     RM-115
Nokia   6210s-1                  RM-367
Nokia   6220c-1                  RM-328
Nokia   Nokia 6230i              RM-72
Nokia   NOKIA 6230i              RM-72
Nokia   6233                     RM-145
Nokia   6267                     RM-210
Nokia   Nokia 6270               RM-56
Nokia   Nokia 6280               RM-78
Nokia   NOKIA 6280               RM-78
Nokia   NOKIA 6288               RM-78
Nokia   Nokia 6288               RM-78
Nokia   6300                     RM-217
Nokia   Nokia 6300               RM-217
Nokia   6303c                    RM-443
Nokia   6303ci                   RM-638
Nokia   6500c                    RM-265
Nokia   6500s-1                  RM-240
Nokia   6600i-1c                 RM-570
Nokia   6600f-1                    RM-325
Nokia   6600-1c
Nokia   Nokia 6630                 RM-1
Nokia   Nokia 6630                 Nokia 6630
Nokia   Nokia 6680                 Nokia 6680
Nokia   Nokia 6680                 RM-36
Nokia   6700c-1                    RM-470
Nokia   6700s                      RM-576
Nokia   6720c                      6720c
Nokia   6720c-1b                   RM-564
Nokia   6730c                      6730c
Nokia   6730c-1                    6730c-1
Nokia   6760s-1                    RM-573
Nokia   7070d-2,7070               RH-116
Nokia   7100s, 7100s-2             RM-438
Nokia   7210c                      RM-436
Nokia   7230                       RM-604
Nokia   7310c                      RM-379
Nokia   7360                       RM-127
Nokia   Nokia 7360                 RM-127
Nokia   7373                       RM-209
Nokia   Nokia 7390                 RM-140
Nokia   NOKIA 7390                 RM-140
Nokia   7500                       RM-249
Nokia   7510a                      RM-398
Nokia   7610s                      RM-354
Nokia   8600 d                     RM-164
Nokia   Nokia 8800e-1              RM-233
Nokia   Nokia 9300                 RAE-6
Nokia   Nokia 9300                 RAE-6
Nokia   Nokia 9300 Communicator    RAE-6
Nokia   Nokia 9300i Communicator   RAE-6
Nokia   Nokia 9500 Communicator    RA-2
Nokia   C1-00                      RM-689
Nokia   C1-01                      RM-607
Nokia   Nokia C2-00                RM-704
Nokia   Nokia C2-01                RM-721
Nokia   NOKIA C2-01                RM-721
Nokia   C3-00                      RM-614
Nokia   Nokia C3-01                RM-640
Nokia   C5-00                      RM-645
Nokia   Nokia C5-03                RM-697
Nokia   C6-00                      RM-612
Nokia   Nokia C7-00                RM-675
Nokia   E5-00                      RM-632
Nokia   Nokia E6-00                RM-609
Nokia   Nokia E7-00                RM-626
Nokia   E51-1                      E51-1
Nokia   E52-1                      E52-1
Nokia   Nokia E60-1                RM-49
Nokia   Nokia E61-1                RM-89
Nokia   Nokia E61i-1               RM-227
Nokia   E63-1                 RM-437
Nokia   E65-1                 RM-208
Nokia   Nokia E65-1           RM-208
Nokia   E66-1                 E66-1
Nokia   Nokia E70-1           RM-10
Nokia   E71-1                 RM-346
Nokia   E72-1                 E72-1
Nokia   E75-1                 RM-412
Nokia   Nokia E90-1           RA-6
Nokia   N8-00                 RM-596
Nokia   N70-1                 RM-84
Nokia   Nokia N70-1           RM-84
Nokia   NOKIA N70-1           RM-84
Nokia   Nokia N71             RM-67
Nokia   Nokia N71-1           RM-112
Nokia   N73                   RM-133
Nokia   N73-1                 RM-133
Nokia   N72-5                 RM-180
Nokia   Nokia N76-1           RM-135
Nokia   N77-1                 RM-194
Nokia   Nokia N78             RM-236
Nokia   NOKIA N78             RM-342
Nokia   Nokia N78-1           RM-235
Nokia   N79-1                 RM-348
Nokia   Nokia N79-1           RM-348
Nokia   N80-1                 RM-92
Nokia   Nokia N81-1           RM-179
Nokia   Nokia N81-1 ⁄ N81-3   RM-179
Nokia   N82-1                 RM-313
Nokia   N85                   RM-335
Nokia   N85-1                 RM-333
Nokia   N86-1                 RM-484
Nokia   Nokia N90-1           RM-42
Nokia   N91 8GB               RM-158
Nokia   Nokia N91             RM-43
Nokia   Nokia N91-1           RM-43
Nokia   Nokia N91-2           RM-43
Nokia   Nokia N92-1           RM-100
Nokia   N93-1                 RM-55
Nokia   N93i                  RM-157
Nokia   N95                   RM-245
Nokia   N95 8GB               RM-321
Nokia   N95-2                 RM-320
Nokia   N96-1                 RM-247
Nokia   N97                   RM-506
Nokia   N97-4                 RM-555
Nokia   Nokia N97             RM-505
Nokia   Nokia X1-01           RM-713
Nokia   X2-00                 RM-618
Nokia   Nokia X2-01           RM-709
Nokia   NOKIA X2-01           RM-709
Nokia   X3-00                 RM-540
Nokia          Nokia X3-02           RM-639
Nokia          X5-01                 RM-627
Nokia          X6-00                 RM-559
O2 xdaIIs      PH20B                 PH20B
O2 xdaIImini   PH20B                 PH20B
O2Xphone II    PH20B                 PH20B
O2 xda IIi     PH10C                 PH10C
Orion          ORION 75              ORION 7578
Orion          ORION 78              ORION 78
Orion          orion 88              orion 88
Orion          ORION 700             ORION 700
Orion          800                   TC33
Orion          ORION 810             ORION 810
Orion          ORION 900DS           TC30
Orion          901DS                 901DS
Orion          Orion 902             Orion 902
Orion          Orion 903             Orion 903
Orion          Orion 905             Orion 905
Orion          Orion 907             Orion 907
Orion          Orion 908             Orion 908
Orion          Orion 909             Orion 909
Orion          Orion 910DS           Orion 910DS
Orion          920                   TC32A
Orion          Orion 931             Orion 931
Orion          Orion 981             981
Orion          Orion E101            Orion E101
Orion          Orion E201            Orion E201
Orion          Orion E931            Orion E931
Orion          Orion M101            Orion M101
Orion          Orion TV203           Orion TV203
Pantech        Pantech GU-1100       Pantech GU-1100
Pantech        PG-1400               PG-1400
Pantech        PG-1600               PG-1600
Pantech        PG-1900               PG-1900
Pantech        PG-6100               PG-6100
Pantech        PG-8000               PG-8000
Perai          850                   Perai
Perai          Perai 850             Perai 850
Philips        Philips 180           Philips 180
Philips        Philips 192           Philips 192
Philips        Philips 199           Philips 199
Philips        292
Philips        Philips 298           Philips 298
Philips        Philips 390           Philips 390
Philips        Philips 9@9q          Philips 9@9q
Philips        Philips E100          Philips E100
Philips        Philips E102          Philips E102
Philips        Philips E210          Philips E210
Philips        Philips F511          Philips F511
Philips        PHILIPS Xenium F511   PHILIPS Xenium F511
Philips        Philips K700          Philips K700
Philips        Philips M600          Philips M600
Philips              Philips M200          Philips M200
Philips              PHILIPS S220          PHILIPS S220
Philips              Philips X100          Philips X100
Philips              Philips X116          Philips X116
Philips              Philips Xenium X116   Philips Xenium X116
Philips              Philips X500          Philips X500
Philips              Philips X501          Philips X501
Philips              Philips Xenium X503   Philips Xenium X503
Philips              Philips X520          Philips X520
Philips              Philips X600          Philips X600
Philips              Philips X620          Philips X620
Philips              Philips X800          Philips X800
Philips              Philips X806          Philips X806
Philips              Philips 9@9f          Philips 9@9f
Philips              Philips 9@9v          Philips 9@9v
Philips              Philips 9@9z          Philips 9@9z
Philips              Philips 9@9h          Philips 9@9h
Philips              Philips 9@9g          Philips 9@9g
Philips              Philips 9@9k          Philips 9@9k
Philips              Philips 9@9q          Philips 9@9q
Philips              Philips 9@9r          Philips 9@9r
Philips              Philips 9@9u          Philips 9@9u
Pirelli              Discus Dual Mode      DP-L10
Prolink (Kenxinda)   F8                    Bar Type
Prolink (Kenxinda)   F1000                 Bar Type
Prolink (Kenxinda)   K600+                 K600+
Prolink (Kenxinda)   S2000                 Bar Type
Refotek              RD7026                Colors G102
Sagem                my411c                BC2006S3
Sagem                my411c                BC2006S3
Sagem                my411c                BC2006S3
Sagem my850c         EC2007-P              EC2007-P
Sagem                my150X                AX2007 S1
Sagem                my721X                my721X
Sagem                my511X                DX2007S2
Sagem                myX1-2                A2005* R1
Sagem                myX-8                 X2002
Sagem                my100X                A2005s
Sagem                my100X                A2005s E1 Manaus Gradiente
Sagetel              SAGETEL L8            SAGETEL L8
Sagetel              L17                   L17
Samsung              C5212                 C5212
Samsung              GT-B3210              GT-B3210
Samsung              GT-B3410              GT-B3410
Samsung              GT-B5310              GT-B5310
Samsung              GT-B5620              GT-B5620
Samsung              GT-B7320              GT-B7320
Samsung              GT-C3010              GT-C3010
Samsung              GT-C3053              GT-C3053
Samsung              GT-C3200              GT-C3200
Samsung              GT-C3212i             GT-C3212i
Samsung              GT-C3303K             GT-C3303K
Samsung   GT-C3510            GT-C3510
Samsung   GT-C3530            GT-C3530
Samsung   GT-C5010            GT-C5010
Samsung   GT-C5212i           GT-C5212i
Samsung   GT-E1080T           GT-E1080T
Samsung   GT-E1081T           GT-E1081T
Samsung   GT-E1085F           GT-E1085F
Samsung   GT-E1085T           GT-E1085T
Samsung   GT-E1107            GT-E1107
Samsung   GT-E1160            GT-E1160
Samsung   GT-E1160i           GT-E1160i
Samsung   GT-E1175T           GT-E1175T
Samsung   GT-E1225T           GT-E1225T
Samsung   GT-E1252            GT-E1252
Samsung   GT-E2120            GT-E2120
Samsung   GT-E2130            GT-E2130
Samsung   GT-E2152            GT-E2152
Samsung   GT-E2370            GT-E2370
Samsung   GT-E2550            GT-E2550
Samsung   GT-I5700            GT-I5700
Samsung   GT-I8000            GT-I8000
Samsung   GT-I9000            GT-I9000
Samsung   GT-P1000            GT-P1000
Samsung   GT-S3310i           GT-S3310i
Samsung   GT-S3500i           GT-S3500i
Samsung   GT-S3600i           GT-S3600i
Samsung   GT-S3653            GT-S3653
Samsung   GT-S5233            GT-S5233
Samsung   GT-S5253            GT-S5253
Samsung   GT-S5350            GT-S5350
Samsung   GT-S5560            GT-S5560
Samsung   GT-S5603            GT-S5603
Samsung   GT-S5620            GT-S5620
Samsung   GT-S8003            GT-S8003
Samsung   GT-S8500            GT-S8500
Samsung   S3310               S3310
Samsung   S5200               S5200
Samsung   Samsung GT-C3222    Samsung GT-C3222
Samsung   Samsung GT-C3303i   Samsung GT-C3303i
Samsung   Samsung GT-C3530    Samsung GT-C3530
Samsung   Samsung GT-C3560    Samsung GT-C3560
Samsung   Samsung GT-C5212i   Samsung GT-C5212i
Samsung   Samsung GT-C6712    Samsung GT-C6712
Samsung   Samsung GT-E1225T   Samsung GT-E1225T
Samsung   Samsung GT-E1252    Samsung GT-E1252
Samsung   Samsung GT-E2152i   Samsung GT-E2152i
Samsung   Samsung GT-E2230M   Samsung GT-E2230M
Samsung   Samsung GT-E2652    Samsung GT-E2652
Samsung   Samsung GT-E3213K   Samsung GT-E3213K
Samsung   Samsung GT-I9100    Samsung GT-I9100
Samsung   Samsung GT-P1000    Samsung GT-P1000
Samsung   Samsung GT-S3850    Samsung GT-S3850
Samsung   Samsung GT-S5253   Samsung GT-S5253
Samsung   Samsung GT-S5570   Samsung GT-S5570
Samsung   Samsung GT-S5830   Samsung GT-S5830
Samsung   SGH-B100           SGH-B100
Samsung   SGH-B100           SGH-B100
Samsung   SGH-B110           SGH-B110
Samsung   SGH-B130           SGH-B130
Samsung   SGH-B130T          SGH-B130T
Samsung   SGH-B200           SGH-B200
Samsung   SGH-B300           SGH-B300
Samsung   SGH-B500           SGH-B500
Samsung   SGH-C120           SGH-C120
Samsung   SGH-C128           SGH-C128
Samsung   SGH-C130           SGH-C130
Samsung   SGH-C130           ARROW2
Samsung   SGH-C140           SGH-C140
Samsung   SGH-C160           SGH-C160
Samsung   SGH-C170           SGH-C170
Samsung   SGH-C210           SGH-C210
Samsung   SGH-C230           SGH-C230
Samsung   SGH-C300           SGH-C300
Samsung   SGH-C308           SGH-C308
Samsung   SGH-C450           SGH-C450
Samsung   SGH-C520           SGH-C520
Samsung   SGH-D410           SGH-D410
Samsung   SGH-D500           SGH-D500
Samsung   SGH-D520           SGH-D520
Samsung   SGH-D600           pregio
Samsung   SGH-D600           SGH-D600
Samsung   SGH-D608           SGH-D608
Samsung   SGH-D608           pregio
Samsung   SGH-D820           SGH-D820
Samsung   SGH-D820           SPRUCE
Samsung   SGH-D830           SGH-D830
Samsung   SGH-D880           SGH-D880
Samsung   SGH-D880           SGH-D880
Samsung   SGH-D900           SGH-D900
Samsung   SGH-D900i          SGH-D900i
Samsung   SGH-E100           SGH-E100
Samsung   SGH-E200           SGH-E200
Samsung   SGH-E208           SGH-E208
Samsung   SGH-E210           SGH-E210
Samsung   SGH-E218           SGH-E218
Samsung   SGH-E250           SGH-E250
Samsung   SGH-E258           SGH-E258
Samsung   SGH-E310           SGH-E310
Samsung   SGH-E350           SGH-E350
Samsung   SGH-E358           SGH-E358
Samsung   SGH-E530           SGH-E530
Samsung   SGH-E570           SGH-E570
Samsung   SGH-E600           SGH-E600
Samsung   SGH-E700           SGH-E700
Samsung   SGH-E720    SGH-E720
Samsung   SGH-E730    SGH-E730
Samsung   SGH-E738    SGH-E738
Samsung   SGH-E770    SGH-E770
Samsung   SGH-F250    SGH-F250
Samsung   SGH-F258    SGH-F258
Samsung   SGH-F300    SGH-F300
Samsung   SGH-F480i   SGH-F480i
Samsung   SGH-G800    SGH-G800
Samsung   SGH-i450    SGH-i450
Samsung   SGH-i450v   SGH-i450v
Samsung   SGH-i550w   SGH-i550w
Samsung   SGH-i600    SGH-i600
Samsung   SGH-i600v   SGH-i600v
Samsung   SGH-i780    SGH-i780
Samsung   SGH-j200    SGH-j200
Samsung   SGH-J700    SGH-J700
Samsung   SGH-J750    SGH-J750
Samsung   SGH-M150    SGH-M150
Samsung   SGH-M150    SGH-M150
Samsung   SGH-M150    SGH-M150
Samsung   SGH-M150    SGH-M150
Samsung   SGH-M150    SGH-M150
Samsung   SGH-M150    SGH-M150
Samsung   SGH-N700    SGH-N700
Samsung   SGH-N700    SGH-N700
Samsung   SGH-N710    SGH-N710
Samsung   SGH-N710    SGH-N710
Samsung   SGH-N710    SGH-N710
Samsung   SGH-P310    SGH-P310
Samsung   SGH-S410i   SGH-S410i
Samsung   SGH-S3500   SGH-S3500
Samsung   SGH-X150    SGH-X150
Samsung   SGH-X160    SGH-X160
Samsung   SGH-X200    SGH-X200
Samsung   SGH-X200    SGH-X200
Samsung   SGH-X208    SGH-X208
Samsung   SGH-X210    SGH-X210
Samsung   SGH-X300    SGH-X300
Samsung   SGH-X480    SGH-X480
Samsung   SGH-X488    SGH-X488
Samsung   SGH-X510    SGH-X510
Samsung   SGH-X520    SGH-X520
Samsung   SGH-X530    SGH-X530
Samsung   SGH-X620    Sigma
Samsung   SGH-X620    SIGMA
Samsung   SGH-X620    SGH-X620
Samsung   SGH-X628    Sigma
Samsung   SGH-X628    Sigma
Samsung   SGH-X630    SGH-X630
Samsung   SGH-X640    SGH-X640
Samsung   SGH-X650    SGH-X650
Samsung         SGH-X660              SGH-X660
Samsung         SGH-X660              ASTRO2
Samsung         SGH-X670              SGH-X670
Samsung         SGH-X670              LUCY
Samsung         SGH-X680              SGH-X680
Samsung         SGH-X700              SGH-X700
Samsung         SGH-X708              SGH-X708
Samsung         SGH-X820              SGH-X820
Samsung         SGH-Z140              SGH-Z140
Samsung         SGH-Z150              SGH-Z150
Samsung         SGH-Z230              SGH-Z230
Samsung         SGH-Z240              SGH-Z240
Samsung         SGH-Z370              SGH-Z370
Samsung         SGH-Z400              SGH-Z400
Samsung         SGH-Z400v             SGH-Z400v
Samsung         SGH-Z510              SGH-Z510
Samsung         SGH-Z540              SGH-Z540
Samsung         SGH-Z560              Intimo
Samsung         SGH-Z560v             SGH-Z560v
Sanyo           S750                  SUP-S750
Sanyo           S750i                 SUP-S750i
Sharp           GX29, GX-T29, GX293   GX29, GX-T29, GX293
Sharp           GX29, GX-T29, GX293   GX29, GX-T29, GX293
Sharp           GX40                  GX40
Siemens         A52                   S30880-S6250-***
Siemens         A57                   Jaguar S30880-S5830-**
Siemens         A65                   PUMA S30880-S5810-**
Siemens         A70                   S30880-S2770-XXXX
Siemens         AF51                  AF51
Siemens         AX72                  S30880-S2860-**-**
Siemens         C75, C75v             C75, C75v
Siemens         CF110                 S30880-S2820-**-**
Sony Ericsson   C510                  AAD-3880009-BV
Sony Ericsson   C702                  AAD-3052081-BV
Sony Ericsson   C902                  AAD-3052101-BV
Sony Ericsson   C905                  AAD-3352021-BV
Sony Ericsson   E10i                  AAD-3880069-BV
Sony Ericsson   E15i                  AAD-3880091-BV
Sony Ericsson   F100i                 AAD-3880041-BV
Sony Ericsson   F305                  AAC-1052161-BV
Sony Ericsson   G502                  AAD-3022121-BV
Sony Ericsson   G502                  AAD-3022121-BV
Sony Ericsson   G700                  FAD-3022018-BV
Sony Ericsson   G705u                 AAD-3352031-BV
Sony Ericsson   G900                  FAD-3022019-BV
Sony Ericsson   J10i2                 AAD-3880065-BV
Sony Ericsson   J20i                  AAD-3880063-BV
Sony Ericsson   J100i                 AAA-1002021-BV
Sony Ericsson   J105i                 AAD-3880052-BV
Sony Ericsson   J108i                 AAD-3880095-BV
Sony Ericsson   J110i, J110c          AAA-1002042-BV
Sony Ericsson   J120i, J120c          AAA-1002041-BV
Sony Ericsson   J132                  AAA-1002092-BV
Sony Ericsson   J200i                 AAB-1021061-BV
Sony Ericsson   J200i/J200c           AAB-1021061-CN
Sony Ericsson   J210i/J210c           AAB-1021062-BV
Sony Ericsson   J220i                 J220i
Sony Ericsson   J220i, J220c          AAA-1002012-BV
Sony Ericsson   J230i/c               J230i/c
Sony Ericsson   J230i, J230c          AAA-1002011-BV
Sony Ericsson   J300c                 AAA-1001021-CN
Sony Ericsson   J300i                 AAA-1001021-BV
Sony Ericsson   K220c/K200i           AAA-1002052-BV
Sony Ericsson   K300i                 AAB-1021071-BV
Sony Ericsson   K310i/c               AAB-1022042-BV
Sony Ericsson   K310i, K310c          AAB-1022042-BV
Sony Ericsson   K320i                 AAB-1022043-BV
Sony Ericsson   K330                  AAA-1002062-BV
Sony Ericsson   K510i                 AAB-1022041-BV
Sony Ericsson   K510i/c               AAB-1022041-BV
Sony Ericsson   K510i, K510c          AAB-1022041-BV
Sony Ericsson   K530i                 AAD-3022091-BV
Sony Ericsson   K550i                 AAC-1052021-BV
Sony Ericsson   K550i/K550c           AAC-1052021-BV
Sony Ericsson   K600i                 AAD-3021021-BV
Sony Ericsson   K610i and K610c       AAD-3022041-BV
Sony Ericsson   K610i                 AAD-3022041-BV
Sony Ericsson   K618i/K630i           AAD-3022042-BV
Sony Ericsson   K660i                 AAD-3052071-BV
Sony Ericsson   K750i/c               AAB-1022011-BV
Sony Ericsson   K750i/K750c           AAB-1022011-BV
Sony Ericsson   K770i                 AAD-3022082-BV
Sony Ericsson   K790i                 AAF-1022011-BV
Sony Ericsson   K800i                 AAD-3022031-BV
Sony Ericsson   K800i and K800c       AAD-3022031-BV
Sony Ericsson   K800i/K800c           AAD-3022031-BV
Sony Ericsson   K810i                 AAD-3022061-BV
Sony Ericsson   K850i                 AAD-3252011-BV
Sony Ericsson   LT15i                 AAD-3880097-BV
Sony Ericsson   M1i                   AAD-3880061-BV
Sony Ericsson   M600i/M600c           FAD-3022012-BV
Sony Ericsson   P1-I                  FAD-3022015-BV
Sony Ericsson   P990i                 FAD-3022011-BV
Sony Ericsson   R300                  AAB-1022151-BV
Sony Ericsson   R306i                 AAB-1022161-BV
Sony Ericsson   S302                  AAC-1052121-BV
Sony Ericsson   S312                  AAB-1880013-BV
Sony Ericsson   S312                  AAB-1880013-BV
Sony Ericsson   S500i/c               AAC-1052041-BV
Sony Ericsson   S500i/S500c           AAC-1052041-BV
Sony Ericsson   S500i and S500c       AAC-1052041-BV
Sony Ericsson   Sony Ericsson W100i   AAB-1880026-BV, AAB-1880025-BV
Sony Ericsson   T 290i                AAA-1001013-BV
Sony Ericsson   T290i/T290c           AAA-1001013-BV
Sony Ericsson   T250i/c           AAA-1002061-BV
Sony Ericsson   T250i/T258c       AAA-1002061-BV
Sony Ericsson   T280i             AAA-1002081-BV
Sony Ericsson   T303              AAB-1022171-BV
Sony Ericsson   T650i             AAD-3022081-BV
Sony Ericsson   T700              AAD-3052042-BV
Sony Ericsson   T707a             AAD-3880031-BV
Sony Ericsson   T715              AAD-3880039-BV
Sony Ericsson   T715a             AAD-3880040-BV
Sony Ericsson   U5i               AAD-3880058-BV
Sony Ericsson   U8i               AAD-3880077-BV
Sony Ericsson   U10i              AAD-3880032-BV
Sony Ericsson   U20i              AAD-3880072-BV
Sony Ericsson   U100i             AAD-3880046-BV
Sony Ericsson   V800              AAD-3021011-BV
Sony Ericsson   W20               AAD-3880084-BV
Sony Ericsson   W20i              AAD-3880083-BV
Sony Ericsson   W100i             AAB-1880025-BV
Sony Ericsson   W150i             AAB-1880027-BV
Sony Ericsson   W200i/c           AAB-1022044-BV
Sony Ericsson   W200i/W200c       AAB-1022044-BV
Sony Ericsson   W205              AAB-1880010-BV
Sony Ericsson   W302              AAC-1052091-BV
Sony Ericsson   W350i/c           AAB-1022121-BV
Sony Ericsson   W380i             AAB-1022111-BV
Sony Ericsson   W395/W395c        W395/W395c
Sony Ericsson   W508              AAD-3880016-BV
Sony Ericsson   W508a             AAD-3880024-BV
Sony Ericsson   W550i/W550c       AAB-1022021-BV
Sony Ericsson   W580i             AAC-1052042-BV
Sony Ericsson   W595              AAD-3052111-BV
Sony Ericsson   W610i/c           AAC-1052022-BV
Sony Ericsson   W610i/W610c       AAC-1052022-BV
Sony Ericsson   W660i and W610c   AAD-3022071-BV
Sony Ericsson   W660i/W660c       AAD-3022071-BV
Sony Ericsson   W700i/W700c       AAB-1022014-BV
Sony Ericsson   W705              AAD-3252081-BV
Sony Ericsson   W710i             AAF-1052041-BV
Sony Ericsson   W710i/c           AAF-1052041-BV
Sony Ericsson   W760i             AAD-3252041-BV
Sony Ericsson   W760i/a           AAD-3252041-BV
Sony Ericsson   W800i and W800c   AAB-1022013-BV
Sony Ericsson   W810i/c           AAF-1052051-BV
Sony Ericsson   W850              AAD-3022021-BV
Sony Ericsson   W880i             AAD-3022051-BV
Sony Ericsson   W890i             AAD-3052041-BV
Sony Ericsson   W890i             AAD-3052041-BV
Sony Ericsson   W900i and W900c   AAD-3022011-BV
Sony Ericsson   W902              AAD-3052121-BV
Sony Ericsson   W910i             AAD-3052021-BV
Sony Ericsson   W980              AAD-3052091-BV
Sony Ericsson   W995a             AAD-3880035-BV
Sony Ericsson   X1i                         AAD-3880001-BV
Sony Ericsson   X2                          AAD-3880043-BV
Sony Ericsson   X10i                        AAD-3880056-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z300i and Z300c             AAA-1001031-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z310i/c                     AAB-1022051-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z310i/Z310c                 AAB-1022051-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z520i and Z520c             AAC-1052011-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z530i/Z530c                 AAB-1022031-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z530i/Z530c                 AAB-1022031-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z530i/Z530c                 AAB-1022031-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z530i/Z530c                 AAB-1022031-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z530i and Z530c             AAB-1022031-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z530i and Z530c             AAB-1022031-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z550i/c                     AAB-1022015-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z555i                       AAB-1022112-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z610i                       AAD-3022044-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z710i                       AAF-1052043-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z750i                       AAD-3252022-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z770i                       AAD-3052051-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z800i                       AAD-3021011-BV
Sony Ericsson   Z1010                       AAD-3011011-BV
Spice           Spice MI 310                Spice MI 310
Spice           Spice M4250                 Spice M4250
Spice           Spice M-5056                Spice M-5056
Spice           Spice M5161                 Spice M5161
Spice           Spice M5170                 Spice M5170
Spice           Spice M5262                 Spice M5262
Spice           Spice M5454                 Spice M5454
Syntel          Syntel A101                 Syntel A101
Syntel          Syntel B101                 Syntel B101
Tecno           Tecno Aera                  Tecno Aera
Tecno           TECNO T288                  TECNO T288
Tecno           TECNO T330                  TECNO T330
Tecno           TECNO T570                  TECNO T570
Tecno           TECNO T636                  TECNO T636
Tecno           TECNO T780                  TECNO T780
Tecno           TECNO T788                  TECNO T788
Tecno           Q380                        Q380
Telegro         T1, T2                      Telego V5000,V9000,T1,T2
Treo            Treo 680                    Smartphone
Treo            Treo 750                    Smartphone
Treo            Treo750⁄Treo750v⁄Treo750z   Smartphone
UT Starcom      UTSTARCOM GPRS749           UTSTARCOM GPRS749
Vodafone        Vodafone 125                Vodafone 125
Vodafone        Vodafone 150                Vodafone 150
Vodafone        Vodafone 225                Vodafone 225
Vodafone        Vodafone 225FM              Vodafone 225FM
Vodafone        Vodafone 236                Vodafone 236
Vodafone        Vodafone 250                Vodafone 250
Vodafone        Vodafone 345 Text           ALCATEL OT-252
Vodafone        Vodafone 526                Vodafone 526
Vodafone        V830                        V830
Vodafone   Vodafone 845/V845     Vodafone 845/V845
Vodafone   Vodafone 945          Vodafone 945
Vodafone   8320 Sunset           RBJ41GW
Vodafone   8320                  RBJ41GW
Vodafone   8320 (Titanium)       RBJ41GW
Vodafone   VF533, Vodafone 533   Slider
Vodafone   V725                  V725
Vodafone   Vodafone 810          Vodafone 810
Vodafone   Vodafone 858 Smart    U8160
Wasam      Best sonny SM V520    Best sonny SM V520
WIND DUO   WIND DUO3200          Ultra slim
Zen        X381                  X381
Zen        X410                  X410
ZTE        ZTE A36               ZTE A36
ZTE        ZTE A12+              ZTE A12+
ZTE        ZTE A15               ZTE A15
ZTE        ZTE A16               ZTE A16
ZTE        ZTE A35               ZTE A35
ZTE        ZTE A62               ZTE A62
ZTE        ZTE F152U             ZTE F152U
ZTE        ZTE-G S202            ZTE-G S202

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