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  TUES., AUGUST 25th, 2009 • 10:00 AM
     Location: COSMOS, MN: 4 Miles North on Hwy 7, 2 Miles East on Co Rd 22, 1 Mile North on 555th Ave. (On West Shores of King Lake)
          LITCHFIELD, MN: Inst. of Hwy 12 & 11th St. West (Dairy Queen) - 1/2 Mile West on 11th St. West, 8 1/2 Miles South on CSAH #1,
          3 Miles West on CSAH #28, 2 Miles South on 555th Avenue (On West Shores of King Lake) • Watch for Henslin Auction Signs!!!
                                                                                        Wash tubs Old bicycles
                                                                                        Red wagon Cistern pump
                                                                                        Cast iron kettle
                                                                                        Ground driven manure
                                                                                          spreader, frame only
                                                                                        (2) Milk carts
                                                                                        Stained glass windows,
                                                                                        Pieces of stained glass
                             Japan glassware              Wood butter bowl              Childs wood sleigh           Gulbranson Baby Grand          Wood invincible tool
                             RS Prussia German            Sad iron        Elec. irons   Misc. hand tools               Piano                          locker (Janney Semple
                               cream & sugar              Corn sheller Old trunks       Blacksmith forge             Warfield Player Piano            Hill Co., Mpls, MN)
Wood root beer barrel
                             Enamelware Barn lantern      Singer sewing machine         Hand well pump               100 player piano rolls         Card table chairs
                             Silver tableware Old tins    Tonka pickup truck            Metal Imp. seats             Wood wardrobe w/2              Wood high chair Dresser
Platform scale     Scythe
                             Wood barrel keg (lg & sm)    Old kitchen pots & pans       Grinding stones                bottom drawers               Wood table w/4 chairs
Carnival glass
                             Old luggage Doctors bag      Alaska ice crusher            Horse eveners                White treadle sewing           Armoire vanity      Buffet
Bowling pins, flooring
                             Sparton radio                Waffle makers Hand drill      2 seat bicycle                 machine                      Wood fish tote w/rope
  from Cosmos Bowl
                             Old bottles                  Ant. wood hand brake          3 wheel bike Washboards      Wood rocker Wood chair           handles
Misc. lumber, lathes
                             Underwood Sunstrand          Gripstands bowl               Chicken crate                Misc. wooden chairs            Wicker top bench
Misc. garden tools
                               adding machine             Stove pipe clothes dryer,     Enameled tea kettle          Wood library table             Wood writing desk
Cast iron mail box
                             Ant. mirror Horse collar       metal                       Fiesta picture               Immigrant’s trunk              4 pc. bedroom set:
Old baseball gloves
                             Glass insulators             Old platform scale            Copper 20th Century          Wood drop leaf table             double bed, vanity,
Cosmos baseball uniform
                             Old Victor vacuum cleaner    Old Cornado radio               washer                     Victrola (Foster & Waldo,        wardrobe, night stand
  (Lietzau Lmbr Co)                                                                     Cast iron frying pans
                             School desks      Bath tub   Emerson radio                                                Mpls) phonograph             Wingback chair
J-M Lietzau Co. Adv.                                                                    Copper boiler
                             Enamel bed pans              Old bottles, jars, green &                                 Bank tellers stool             Large heat register table
  mirrors                                                                               Shoe repair kit
                             Horse shoes Bread pan          clear                                                    Wood treasure chest            Whirlpool refrigerator/
Several Land ‘O Lakes                                                                   Glass bottom chicken
                             Wood ironing board           Razor blade sharpener                                      Floor lamp Patio chairs          freezer
  butter hats                                                                             waterer
                             Army trunk Old figurines     Old steel bed Old purses                                   Wood glider rocker             (2) Console stereos
Kraft Macaroni & cheese                                                                 Rosemall items
                             Black walnut bowls           Bell collection                                            Hallmark display cabinet       Old Mongrel elec.
  adv. sign                                                                             Menu holders Wood box
                             Candle holder     Tuxedos    Pink & green depression                                    Baby buggy w/canopy              counter top stove
Wheaties Box - Twins                                                                    Alladin lamp Wood bowl
                             Quilt maker Horseshoes         glassware                                                Couch      Ice cream chair     Round back chairs
  World Series                                                                          Old metal lunch boxes
                             Nash coffee jar              Cast iron truck                                            Wood lamp w/shade              Atlanta #27 box wood
Schlitz Beer S&P shaker                                                                 Old match box holder
                             Wooden spools                Stained glass ornament                                     Wood drop down                   stove
Phillips 66 S&P shaker                                                                  Portable metal chair
                             Wash basin w/pitcher         3 coffee grinders                                            secretary w/key              300+ Plate
Montgomery Ward truck                                                                   Old spice tins
                             (2) Wicker baby buggies      Butterchurn Sm. bobsled                                    Wire plate rack Wall clock     Collection
  banks                                                                                 Enamel top Hoosier style
                             Wicker sewing basket         Gas lantern w/wall                                         Wicker back chair              Lee Dubin,
Lietzau Lmbr wood level                                                                   cupboard
                             Coin operated telephone        bracket                                                  (2) wood captains chairs
1941 J-M Lietzau calendar                                                               Dress making form                                           Norman
                             RedWing chicken waterer      Many pictures/frames                                       Wood quilt rack
J-M Lietzau nail aprons                                                                 1 gal. brown crock                                          Rockwell,
                             RedWing 3 gal. & 20 gal.     Misc. costume jewelry                                      Quilts, wedding ring
Totusheks Hdwe 1936                                                                     Metal heat register 2 star                                  Donna
                               crocks                     Quaker Oats cookie jar                                       quilts
  calendar                                                                                cover                                                     Richards,
                             Pump organ (Ann Arbor          (ceramic)                                                Wood folding chairs
Meyer & Flemming                                                                        Red Skelton crying clown                                    Jim Lamb, Connie Layton,
  Phillips 66 1946 framed      Organ Co.) w/stool         Walking Plow (complete
  calendar                   Marshall, TX Pottery           hdwe)
                                                                                          picture                        TOKENS,                    & others
                                                                                        Lots of Princess Diana
MN Twins Homer hankies         5 gal. crock               Automatic Rapid Electric
                                                                                          memorabilia                SILVER DOLLARS                 Geisha wood Linen press
Adv. mirrors, calendars,     Marshall, TX Pottery           cookstove (Wm C                                                                         Jacobson lawn tractor
  thermometers                 6 gal. lid                   Campbell Co)
                                                                                        Large assort. of old books       & COINS                      6T-16, hydro
                                                                                        1800 German books
National Geographics         Sausage cutter               Small cast iron kettle                                     Duluth Trolly token            Mighty Mac tree chipper
                                                                                        1899 German Bible
  1927 thru 1970             Crock jug      Lamp table    Ceramic root beer barrel                                   1947 St. Paul Carnival
                                                                                        Child’s books                                               Bull Dog 3’ depth 5’ bar
Meeker County plat           Topps cigarette roller       Old brass bell                                             Frank Maynard
                                                                                        Old film magazines-1950’s                                     trencher (fits 6T-16)
Good House Keeping           Brass scale                  Old cameras                                                Captain Midnight
                                                                                        Boys Life magazines
  magazines, 1950-1960       Indian figurine              Fishing rods & reels                                       Duluth Street Railway
                                                                                        Lots of Beanie Babies
(2) Thorpe Farmers Elev.     LOF glass point file         Crate of milk bottles
                                                                                        Regina floor shampooer       General Motors 1954
  thermometers               Wood dump truck              Ice cream bulk container
                                                                                                                     Hylis Motor Oils
                             Toy wood blocks              Milk bottle tops
H O Flemming Produce,
                             Match book collection        Meat grinder     Bed pans
                                                                                           COKE ITEMS                1855 Coin
  Cosmos, MN adv                                                                                                     Mike Smith 5¢
Wright Cty Seal              Plate hangers & shelves      (2) 4x10 galv. sheets
                             Toy 1/6 scale gas engines    Copper water pipe, fittings                                Tax Washington
First State Bank,                                                                                                    Bird Island dog tag 1939
  Cosmos, MN dust pan        Old walking canes            Sewer snake       Pipe vise                                                               2 Sets American Girl Dolls
                             VCR tapes                    Crimping tool                                              1861 Foreign                     (7 to a set)
Rocket bank from First
                             My Blue Bird picture         Lockformer (24 ga. max)                                    1907 Canada                    50+ Large doll selection
  State Bank, Cosmos
                             Old postcards Firewood         SN:53908                                                 Siewert Bros, Renville         Gotz (signed w/boxes),
Glencoe Co-op adv.
                             Norman Rockwell              Pipecutter & hand threader                                 8 silver dollars 1879-1926       Zook Kids, Engel Puppe,
Lots of Adv. items
Lightening rods                Saturday Evening Post      Large assortment of                                        Franklin 42 & 43 1/2 dollars     McGuffey, Raggety Ann,
Gumball machine                framed picture               plumbing & electric                                      10 Kennedy halfs - 60’s          Precious Moments
                                                                                        Fountain     Display rack
Cigar boxes Hand planter     World globe Old toasters       supplies                                                 10 Buffalo nickels - 30’s      Porcelain & ceramic dolls
                                                                                        Chairs              Table
Rugs          Clothes rack   Child’s furniture            Copper tubing Pipe vise                                    1898 & 1921 silver dollars     Indian dolls
                                                                                        Ornaments Checker set
Oil lamps (glass, metal)     Cream separator              Lots of road maps                                          7 Ike silver dollars
                                                                                        Serving Table     Clocks                                    Lots of doll accessories
Wood telephone               Old hand tools               (2) old syrup canisters                                    1946 & 1952 Liberty qtrs.
                                                                                        2 metal truck banks Rug
                             Wood levels Cream cans
                                                                                                                                                    Much, Much More...
Old pictures & frames                                     Several pumps                                              Several other tokens,
                                                                                        Ice cream scoop      Tins
                                                                                        Collector’s book   Bears        coins & foreign coins
 Auction Notes: The Eastmans are moving and selling their lifetime collection of
 antiques, collectibles and quality household items. Some of these items came                    For more pictures and information, see our website
 from the original Cosmos Bowling Alley of which the Eastmans were owners.                                 at
 Buyers - be prepared to buy in 2 auction rings. Please be early. Many more items
 too numerous to mention. See you at the auction. NO DRIVE ON INSPECTIONS.
                                            Thank you, Henslin Auctions, Inc.

       Victor & Lois Eastman
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                    17906 555th Avenue                                                                                           Bird Island, MN #65-25
                                                                                                                                   Office: 320-365-4120

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