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MYSELF by wuyunyi

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									            AUSTRALASIAN RECORD
                                                    AND ADVENT WORLD SURVEY
             EDITOR: R. H. PARR                WARBURTON, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
             Volume 78, Number 29                     Price: 8 cents   July 22, 1974

I have to live with myself and so
I want to be fit for myself to know,
   I want to be able as days go by,
   Always to look myself in the eye.
I don't want to stand with the setting sun,
And hate myself for the things I've done.
   I don't want to keep on a cupboard shelf
   A lot of secrets about myself,
And deceive myself as I come and go,
Into thinking that no one else will know
   The kind of man I really am,
   I don't want to dress myself in sham.
I want to go out with my head erect,
I want to deserve all men's respect;
   But here in the struggle for fame and pelf
   I want to be able to like myself.
I don't want to look at myself and know
That I'm bluster and bluff and empty show.
   I never can hide myself from me;
   I see what others may never see;
I know what others may never know;
I never can fool myself, and so,
    Whatever happens I want to be
   Self-respecting and conscience free.
                                            —Edgar Guest.
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[2] 22/7/74                                                                                                      AUSTRALASIAN RECORD

The Other World and Its Stuggle Against Alcohol and Tobacco
                                       ERNEST H. J. STEED, Secretary, General Conference Temperance Department

     "IT'S A PLEASURE to meet someone from the other world," said the university professor I met at a vegetarian
cafe in Sofia, Bulgaria. That's exactly how I felt about him! Most people seeing eastern Europe and the U.S.S.R. get the
"other world" consciousness as they behold a different life-style, large political posters, and historic architecture, along
                endless                apartment buildings.
with seemingly endlpss and identical anartment building
   Socialism operates differently in each           gle Against Alcohol or Alcoholism," or             Later dominated by the Turks with
national country, yet with one accord,              "The Committee for the Struggle Against         Muslim anti-alcohol beliefs, the Bulgars
dedicated toward ultimate Communism,                Tobacco." In other areas, these people's        for many years saw the benefits of non-
where self-control and the state, they              groups are called "National Sobriety Com­       dnnking. With this background, Bulgaria
believe, will bring about harmony, peace,           mittees."                                       today produces a weekly newspaper that
and every benefit from science.                         Meeting Problems of Intemperance            campaigns against alcohol, tobacco, drugs,
   My overall visit, covering Belgrade,                Certainly not everyone in Socialist          gambling, and even swearing. Such a life­
Sofia, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, Helsinki,            countries is aware of this trend—in fact,       style is claimed to be beneficial for the
Leningrad, Moscow, Bucharest, Vienna,               you will see heavy drinking and smoking         individual and for the state welfare. The
                                                    in most areas, and problems with alcohol­       wine growing and tobacco production of
and London, from February 28 to April 1,
1974, was nevertheless not to study or              ism are just as evident as in any Western       the country will in time, they believe, give
consider the political aspects of this "other       country. But, for years, Socialist countries    way to their social and moralistic concepts.
world," but to find a point of agreement for        denied any such problems. Today they               In Bulgaria, the per capita consumption
the aim and purpose of the International            are realistic and active toward rehabilita­     of spirits, wine, and beer is decreasing.
Commission for the Prevention of Al­                tion and prevention, even, in some areas,       Contributing to this trend are the 4,500
                                                    to being in advance of many other               sobriety committees across the country.
                                                    countries.                                      This year, Dimitre Bratanov, who has
   As executive director of this non-politi­           For instance, in Czechoslovakia the week     served as president of the National Sob­
cal, non-sectarian organization, which is           I was there, the National Committee for         riety Committee for many years, is serving
recognized by the United Nations, I had             the Struggle Against Alcohol launched a         as president of the International Com­
discovered in a similar visit in 1971 a             programme called "Action for Forty Mil­         mission for the Prevention of Alcoholism.
growing concern about alcohol and tobacco.          lion." It was triggered with a TV pres­            His sobriety committee with the presi­
Whereas, on that occasion I simply found            entation following prime-time news each         dent of the Union of Co-operatives in­
my way, on this visit I was able to observe,        evening, focusing in on "Alcohol and the        vited me to discuss with them the tem­
comprehend, and discover a pathway                  Family," "Alcohol and the Boss," "AlcoroJ       perance programme. They also pleaded for
for mutual involvement. Every Socialist             and Free Time," and other social aspects        advice, data, and guidance in the produc­
country visited showed a varying degree             of life.                                        tion and marketing of fruit juices. In
of emphasis for the moralistic concept of              Czechoslovakia also has a string of re­      addition, they want to establish vegetarian
life according to the Marxist and Lenin             habilitation centres across the country,        cafes across the country. I was able to
philosophy for developing a new man for             where it is compulsory to have treatment        tell them of our Health Food work, and
the new society.                                    after being twice arrested for drunkenness.     assured them of our encouragement in
   This means, to many, a continuation of              Saint Cyril is claimed to be the first       these pursuits.
the revolution, with a struggle against the         Christian leader to the Bulgars. It was            They listened intently as I reviewed the
harmful habits of man—a moralistic em­              he who developed their alphabet so that         aims and purposes concerning the work
phasis without God—in fact, a struggle              the Bible could be brought to the people,       of Adventists for better living.
against God, with man achieving through             and it was he, says Dimitre Bratanov,              Driven in government cars from meeting
his own power. It is, therefore, common­            Bulgarian Sobriety Committee vice-presi­        to meeting, then entertained, with our
place to learn of committees who term               dent, who first introduced in their country     ideals toasted in fruit juce, I left, con­
themselves, "The Committee for the Strug­           the idea of total abstinence.                   fident of an avenue for co-operation.

Pastor E. H. J. Steed (centre left), seen with the chairman of the Polish    Temperance and departmental leaders of the German Democratic
Committee Against Alcoholism, S. Kozlowski. Other participants in the             Republic Union of Seventh-day Adventists meeting in Berlin.
         conference were Z. lyko, S. Dabrowski and A. Okulicz.                                       Photos: E. H. J. Steed.
AUSTRALASIAN RECORD                                                                                                                      22/7/74 [3]
          Adventist Involvement

                                                            Historic Picture Gallery
   In Warsaw the Adventist Church leaders
have learnt the value of the temperance
approach, as the Union secretary, Z. Lyko,
now serves as executive director of the
Committee Against Tobacco, and he and
the Union president, Stanislaw Dabrowski,
serve on the National Committee for the
Struggle Against Alcohol. Conferences
and dinner meetings I had with officials of
both these committees, showed the high
standard of their efforts and the value
they place on the Adventist involvement.
   As I entered the Democratic People's
Republic of Germany at Berlin, the cus­
toms official was about to check on my bag
of books. I explained that it was filled with
temperance literature, and I showed a
copy of "Listen" magazine. "Temperance?
Of course," she said, and waved me on my
way. It was a similar situation entering
the U.S.S.R., with a group of officials
gathering around discussing the problem
of alcohol. As I was encouraged on my
way, one young woman stated that she
did not drink or smoke and was all for
    I had two pleasant visits with the pro-
rector and the vice-rector of the Moscow
 University after having an official tour of
 the university science exhibit, and being
 provided with two translators to aid my
 understanding. The vice-rector is chair­       A pictorial record of those attending the 1931 staff picnic held by the Wellington Cafe (New Zealand)
 man of the university's Committee for          has been preserved for us to view with interest these many years later.         They are, back row (left
 the Struggle Against Alcoholism. He told       to right): Austin Townend (now pastor), Alex Millward.      Second back row: Harrold Hall, Mr. Baron
 me that if anyone—student or professor—        (manager), Mrs.   Baron (holding Winsome), Rose Fraser (Mrs. Jackson), Minetta Devine (Mrs. Hall),
 uses alcohol in the university, he will be     Pastor W. E. Battye, Mrs. Battye, Miss Johnson (partly obscured, Bible worker).    The last three named
 instantly dismissed. The treatment is          were guests at the picnic.    Front row (standing): Daisy Warren, Joan Townend (Mrs. Millward).    Front
 harsh, he added.                                         row (seated): Jean Sperring (matron), Gay Beatie, Rene Hadfield (Mrs. Cramp).
    Director of the Central Institute for
 Scientific Research in Health Education,
 Dr. Dimitre Loransky, with his team of
 experts, spent four hours with me, of­
 ficially discussing the I.C.P.A. programme,
 the I.C.P.A. proposal of a Socialist sem­
 inar for the prevention of alcoholism to
 be held in August, 1975, at the Black Sea.
 He then explained educational materials,
 and finally the International Temperance
 Association programme and its relation­
  ship to the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  and its world-wide temperance activities.
       5-Day Plan Wanted in Russia
    As I outlined the 5-Day Plan, Dr.
  Loransky said, "It is impossible. No one
' could quit in five days." I pointed out
  that millions already had quit, and briefly
  explained the plan and its principles. "We
  want it. How can we have it, and how
  much will it cost us?" I explained that
  it would cost nothing except co-operation,
  for we had just signed an agreement with
  the United States Navy and we would do
  the same for any country or group around
  the world if they agreed to follow the
  Plan and identify it accordingly, seeing
  that it was copyrighted.
     He said, "We will co-operate. I will
  take this up with the Ministry of Health      Another view of the Wellington Cafe staff of 1931        vintage, back row (left to right): Rose Fraser
  and notify you."                              (Mrs. R. Jackson), Minetta Devine (Mrs. H. Hall), Mr. Baron (manager), Elsie Fraser (Mrs. H. Painter),
     I proposed that they send a team to ob­    Jean Sperring (matron).      Front row: Joan Townend (Mrs. A. Millward), Rene Hadfield (Mrs. Cramp),
  serve the 5-Day Plan, study its detail and                                   Daisy Warren, Austin Townend (now pastor).
             (Concluded on page 13)                                          Photos supplied by courtesy Mrs. A. J. Millward.
[4] 22/7/74                                                                                  AUSTRALASIAN RECOKD

GUEST EDITORIAL                                                                                                 X-           X- -'

       Trust Him, Too!"
   "AS YE HAVE therefore received         ning of our walk with Christ. She
Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in      graphically describes how this sur-
Him: rooted and built up in Him, and      render characterizes the way we "re-
stablished in the faith, as ye have       ceived Christ Jesus the lord." Read
been taught, abounding therein with       these inspired words prayerfully and
thanksgiving." Col. 2: 6, 7.              thoughtfully. "You gave yourself to
                                          God, to be His wholly, to serve and
   In The Living Bible, Paraphrased,
                                          obey Him, and you took Christ as          experience with Jesus. "By faith you
Dr. Kenneth Taylor amplifies this pas-
                                          your Saviour. You could not yourself      become Christ's and by faith you are                 •*
sage as follows: "And now just as you
                                          atone for your sins or change your        to grow up in Him—by giving and
trusted Christ to save you, trust Him,
                                           heart; but having given yourself to      taking.   You are to give all—your
too, for each day's problems; live in
                                          God, you believe that He for Christ's     heart, your will, your service—give
vital union with Him.    Let your roots
                                          sake did all this for you."—"Steps to     yourself to Him to obey all His require-
grow down into Him and draw up
                                          Christ," pages 69, 70.                    ments; and you must take all—Christ,
nourishment from Him. See that you
go on growing in the Lord, and be-            "You gave yourself to God, to be      the fullness of all blessing, to abide
come strong and vigorous in the truth     His wholly"—here is our first step.       in your heart, to be your strength,                  ^
you were taught. Let your lives over-         The messenger of the Lord empha-      your righteousness, your everlasting
flow with joy and thanksgiving for all    sizes the words of both the prophet       helper—to give you power to obey."
He has done."                             Jeremiah and the psalmist: "Blessed       —"Steps to Christ," page 70.
                                          are they that . . . seek Him with the        By faith we received Him, by faith
   The Epistles of the old apostle are
                                          whole heart."      Ps. 119:2. "Ye shall   day by day we grow up in Him. We *
fairly bursting with sermon thoughts,
                                          seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall       trusted Him the day we accepted Him.
but I am not going to preach to you!
                                          search for Me with all your heart."       We must continue to trust Him every
I only wish to share some of the
                                          Jer. 29: 13.                              moment of each new day. In the be- ^
precious encouragement I have culled
from the inspired words to the Colos-         We give ourselves to be His wholly    ginning we began to obey Him. The
sian Christians. They have warmed         —in the beginning it is a complete        rest of our days are to be character-
my heart.      I hope they will warm      surrender.      It must likewise be a     ized by a life of obedience. Thus we >
yours. I have been blessed. I trust       daily, moment-by-moment walk with         show our love for Him.      "If ye love*
you, too, will be blessed.                 Him—"As ye have therefore received       Me, keep My commandments." John
                                          Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in      14:15.
   How did you and I receive the           Him." Col. 2: 6.
Saviour?     Personally, my heart still                                               As Dr. Taylor comments, we "trust «
                                              Let us read on.                       Him, too, for each day's problems."
warms and glows when I think of the
day, as a teenager, I gave my heart to        "You took Christ as your Saviour."    When Jesus takes over, we can trust
Christ at the time of my mother's          In our initial experience we give and    our problems to Him. A Christ who
death back in July, 1931. I was reared    we take! We give all and we take all      can save us from sin is able to deal"
a Seventh-day Adventist. I knew and       —in Christ! If we give all without        with the everyday problems of life if
had accepted the basic doctrines of       taking all, we cannot hope to succeed     we will permit Him! He promises to
the church, but I needed something         in our Christian walk. Why? Read it      do this! His promises are sure!       «
more—SomeONE more—Jesus Christ            again. "You could not yourself atone         Every day, in Dr. Taylor's words,
in all of His fullness.                   for your sins or change your heart."      we are to "live in vital union with
                                          We were helpless at the time of our       Him. Let your roots grow down into^
   When I opened my heart to Him          conversion, we are helpless to con-
forty-three years ago I made a full                                                 Him and draw up nourishment from
                                          tinue our new relationship with Hea-      Him." Then we will "let . . . [our] ^
surrender.   1 determined He would        ven.     We must have help for our        lives overflow with joy and thanksgiv-
have all there was of me as long as       temptations today. Thank God, it is       ing for all He has done."              *
my newly found Lord gave me breath.       all cared for in Christ! He is our hope
I gave Him everything.                                                                 Blessed thought! Blessed Saviour!
                                          and our help!
                                                                                    Blessed daily walk with Him!
        SURRENDER DEPICTED                       BY GIVING AND TAKING
                                                                                                   ROBERT H. PIERSON,              "'
  Ellen White beautifully depicts the        Ellen White continues to expand on                    President, General Conference        L.
surrender that must mark the begin-       this beautiful new—and continuing                        of Seventh-day Adventists.
AUSTRALASIAN            RECORD                                                                                                           22/7/74 [5]

                         Learning Is Fun at Mirriwinni!
                                   GILBERT VALENTINE, Assistant Youth Director, North New South Wales Conference

    LEARNING can be fun, and the Christian way of life is really the best and the happiest. That was the message
that the staff at the recent Aboriginal Youth Camp tried to get across to the young campers, and we hope that in some
small measure we were successful. The camp was conducted during the May school holidays, and children and youth
from a wide area of the middle and north coast of North New South Wales attended.

   This was the third of a series of               camp was just a foretaste of the fun              Renovations are currently being made
camps that the North New South                     and enjoyment of heaven if we give                to the kitchen and dormitories, and a
Wales Youth department has conduct-                our lives to Jesus Christ.                        new shower and toilet block is being
ed at Mirriwinni to assist Pastor A. C.              Because of the popularity of the                erected. It is hoped that these will be
Thomson in his work for the Aborigi-               camps at Mirriwinni, accommodation                completed in time for the next camp
nal people. The camp programme                     has been somewhat of a problem.                   in the series, to be held in September.
was much the same as that of a regu-
lar junior or youth camp, but was
adapted to meet the needs of the
young people who were attending,
about half of whom came from non-
Seventh-day Adventist homes.
   The crafts and hobbies time was a
much-anticipated period, and great in-
terest was displayed in the carving of
wooden birds and fish.      Plaster-of-
paris plaques also caught the interest
of the younger children.
   Instruction and coaching in archery
was ably provided by Pastor W. A.
Baines, and after some practice, many
were able to get most of their arrows
somewhere near the target. This was
one of the most popular activities of
the camp. Mini-bikes, swimming and
team sports also proved to be a source
of much enjoyment and fun.
  The opportunity was taken at each
worship period to impress upon the
minds of those attending that the fun               A hayride gets under way with caretaker Don Pink at the wheel.     Mirriwinni Gardens Camp is in
and enjoyment of being together at                                                         the background.

Assisting with camp duties was part of the routine. With the encourage-      Six young archers get their aim under the watchful eye of archery in-
ment of their counsellor, Esther Quinlan of Bellbrook (centre), this group   structor. Pastor W. A. Baines. The archers are, from left to right: Rosalie
of Aboriginal girls are happily occupied getting the potatoes peeled         Quinlan, Shirley Cohen, Wilma Cohen, Marjorie Holten and Lester Cot-
                                for dinner.                                  trell. We did not receive the name of the little enthusiast at the end of
                          Photos: G. Valentine.                                                              the line.
[6] 22/7/74                                                                                                        AUSTRALASIAN               RECORD

 Two Honorary Doctorates and W Graduates                                                                 TEMPERANCE LEADER
                               ANDREWS UNIVERSITY NEWS RELEASE                                             VISITS THE WEST
                                                                                                                         W. G. DOWLING
    BERRIEN SPRINGS. Andrews University awarded 291 degrees, including                                          Communication Secretary, Western
two honorary doctorates, during the spring commencement, Sunday, June 2, 1974.                                      Australian Conference
The graduates included 184 from the College of Arts and Sciences, seventy-seven
from the School of Graduate Studies, and twenty-eight from the Seventh-day                                  THE RECENT VISIT to Western Aus­
Adventist Theological Seminary.                                                                          tralia by Pastor R. W. Taylor, Division
                                                                                                         Temperance and Religious Liberty sec­
    An honorary doctor of divinity degree was awarded to Pastor Clyde 0. Franz,                          retary, not only brought a new challenge
secretary of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists; and an honorary                           and a fresh inspiration to our church
doctor of humane letters went to the commencement speaker, Mrs. Anita Johnson                            members in the Conference, but also gave
Mackey, A.C.S.W., a field social worker from Santa Barbara, California.                                  many thousands of people in the com­
    Mrs. Mackey was cited for the honorary doctorate "in recognition of her                              munity a better understanding and appre­
excellence as a social worker, her active community service, her work in behalf                          ciation of the work of Seventh-day
                                                                                                         Adventists in the areas of alcohol and
of better race relations, and her example of Christian social concern."
                                                                                                         drug education.
    A social worker in Chicago and Los Angeles for twenty-four years, she has                               Our Temperance leader's visit coincided
served as the Veterans Administration's Field Social Worker for the Tri-Counties                         with some dramatic political activity in
of Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, California, since 1964.                                   Perth. The Leader of the Opposition, Mr.
    Mrs. Mackey discussed "How This Can Be a Better World" in her address. She                           Snedden, arrived on the same day (not on
fold the graduating class that "A better world begins with you and the impact of                         the same plane) as Pastor Taylor. Mr.
your influence upon others. . . . There is no time for procrastination, no time for                      Anthony arrived the next day (the day a
                                                                                                         news conference was arranged for our
projection on others that which you fail to accomplish. . . . To underestimate
                                                                                                         Temperance leader), and Mr. Whitlam was
one's ability is as much a departure from the truth as to overestimate one's ability,"                   in Perth the following day. Two minutes
she said.                                                                                                before the news conference was scheduled
    Pastor Clyde 0. Franz was cited for his honorary doctorate "in recognition of                        to commence (with no one in sight), I
the comprehensive nature and selfless dedication of his service in the development                       asked Pastor Taylor, "Have you ever had
of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and particularly in recognition of his activity                     a 'news conference' when no one turned
in encouraging and extending indigenous leadership of national institutions."                            up?" He said "No," and quickly added,
                                                                                                         "But I've never had to compete with a
Pastor Franz gave the baccalaureate sermon.                                                              Federal election before."
    A member of the Andrews University Board of Trustees, Pastor Franz has                                  However, all was well, and the news
served the Adventist Church for forty-two years as an administrator, financial                           conference soon proceeded as planned in
counsellor, and promoter of evangelistic outreach. He has served as president of                         spite of the pressure of politics. Journal­
the church's Antillian Union, and as secretary and treasurer of the Inter-American                       ists from the two big dailies, reporters and
Division. He was appointed secretary of the General Conference in 1970.                                  cameramen from the two commercial
                                                                                                         television channels, and an ABC reporter,
                                                                                                                     (Concluded on page 13)

Dr. Richard Hammill, Andrews University president, congratulates Mrs. Anita Johnson Mackey,
A.C.S.W., and Pastor Clyde O. Franz, secretary of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists,      Pastor R. W. Taylor, Division Temperance secre-   ~>
as they receive honorary doctor of humane letters and doctor of divinity degrees, respectively, during            tary, with his "smoking devil."
                the spring commencement ceremony at Andrews University on June 2.                         Photo by Bill Plowman, "Daily News," Perth.           *<
AUSTRALASIAN           RECORD                                                                                                32/7/74 [7]

  Three Marks to                                             Leaves from a Missionary's Diary
  Keep Us in Line
                                                                                     MOLLY RANKIN

                                               April 20.                                      weeks we have had to watch very carefully
                                                  I have my suspicions about the whole        our use of petrol, and limit the people on
               R. C. H. SMITH                  thing, but I must admit that they did          the station to a bottle of kerosene at a
                                               try to get the motor-mower going. Why!         time; but when we really began to sit up
   NO Seventh-day Adventist, whether old       they even had a mechanic look at it to         and take notice was when the firm in
or young, need ever be concerned about         make doubly sure, and when he said it          Kainantu told us that they could no longer
the certainty of truth and righteousness as    was finished, the men took his word for        provide us with fertilizer for the garden.
taught by the church today. In these           it and decided to buy a new one.               This was serious.
days when so many voices are clamouring           Last time we were in Lae we bought a           I don't really understand the situa-
for our attention, we can be positive about    shiny new red and blue job that levelled       tion, but it is something to do with
our faith because we have three ways in        the long grass in no time at all.              the fact that the overseas ships are unable
which to verify our standing in the world         And the old derelict mower? Well, that      to get enough oil (the fertilizer comes
today.                                         is the point of the story. David got work-     from Germany), and fewer ships are
   When pegging out a field to be ploughed,    ing on it, and after taking a spark plug       coming to Australia. Fertilizer is one of
we make sure that the first furrow is          from here and a valve from there, got the      the commodities that have not arrived.
ploughed straight. This can be done by         thing going.                                   The Australian agents have completely
placing three marks—one at the top of the         He and Seth got through their school        frozen the market in an endeavour to
paddock, a second in the centre, and a         lessons in double-quick time for a couple      prevent a few firms buying up all that is
third where the plough is to commence.         of days, and then closeted themselves in       available and selling it at an exorbitant
These three marks must be in a straight        the laundry. I did not really take too         price and thus sending up the cost of the
line. Then when the first furrow is            much notice. They always seem to have          food grown with it.
turned, we can look back and see a             some scheme or other under way that I             All this led to our being somewhat pre-
straight line, by which all future furrows     feel sometimes is just designed to confuse     occupied with the situation and offering
are determined.                                 their mother. But then when I heard the       up earnest prayers for a solution.
                                                mower-motor start up and the school              In the middle of this little crisis, Naro
   Many years ago, Pastor R. A. Anderson        children cheer and shout, and Ori, the         came to my husband and said, "Pastor
attended a World Council of Churches            area Committeeman, shout in his peculiar      Rankin, it is time we began planting some
session when the late Dr. W. A. Visser 't       stentorian bellow, "Mi laik go long Kain-     more kaukau down in the bottom pad-
Hooft was the general secretary. There          antu. Mi laik go long Kainantu," I felt        dock."
was confusion among the delegates as to         it was time to go to the window and look          "Yes, Naro, I know. But we haven't any
who should partake of the communion             out.                                           fertilizer. Only half a bag, which I want
service and how it should be performed.            There was Seth sitting on a mobile piece    to use on the Chinese cabbages."
Dr. Visser 't Hooft happened to mention         of 6" by 2" timber. The red engine of             "But Masta," said Naro with a sort of
 to Pastor Anderson one day that we are a       the old mower was about midway along           lopsided grin, "this land grew kaukau
 fortunate people. He said that for many        the plank, the wheels were attached on         before, and we never used fertilizer."
 days the Council of Churches had been          axles, and he was steering it with the            The two men looked at each other and
 trying to find out what method should be       chrome handle of the old mower. He was         exchanged understanding smiles.         The
 used for the Lord's Supper, and who            cheering loudly as he roared down the road     Papua New Guineans have been growing
 should be included in it, and they had not     at about 5 miles per hour.                     kaukau for centuries and surviving on the
 been able to reach any conclusion, but            David, covered in grease, was smiling       crops. On previously cultivated land it
 Seventh-day Adventists had no such prob­       benignly on as his dream-child shattered       may not be as big or plentiful as that
 lem for they had the writings of Mrs.          the silence.                                   grown with fertilizer, but it is kaukau
 E. G. White to help in making decisions.          We now have the "Red Rumble" as well        nevertheless, and sustains them with
 Yes, we certainly are a "fortunate people."    as the "Silver Squeak."                        strong, healthy physiques.
                                                                                                  lan laughed as he sent a work line down
                The Truth                      April 26.                                       to prepare the ground, and he was still
                                                 At last the oil crisis has caught up with     smiling to himself when he came in to tell
   First of all, we have the Bible as our      us here at Omaura. Over the past few            me the story.
top mark, because it professes to be the
truth by divine inspiration—John 17: 17:
"Thy Word is truth." All Scripture was
given by divine inspiration, therefore all
must be TRUTH.
                                               now we have the second mark—the Gift           knowledge of the Word of God, to lead
   The Word of Truth tells us that in          of Prophecy. This we all recognize in the      this remnant church to its final victory.
these last days God will raise up a people     writings of Mrs. E. G. White. The in­            If all would bring their lives into har­
who will keep the commandments of God          spiration for these books came from the        mony with these three great marks—the
—Rev. 14:12: "Here are they that keep          same source as the written Word of God.        Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy and the
the commandments of God." They would             The third mark for our guidance is the       General Conference—we would soon see
have the truth because David says under        General Conference. Through divine in­         our Saviour face to face. These three
inspiration in Ps. 119:142: "Thy law is        spiration we know that our "highest            sources of truth all speak with one voice,
the truth."                                    authority that God has upon the earth"         they are all in line. How "fortunate"
   Not only would God's people have the        is the General Conference. ("Testimonies,"     we are in being able to place confidence
 truth, but also the gift of prophecy.         Vol. 3, page 492.) All private opinions and    in a movement with such a sure founda­
 Revelation 12: 17 says they would be          independence must submit to the rulings        tion!
 known as "the remnant of her seed, which      of this organization. God does not wish           May God give us all such a love for this
 keep the commandments of God, and have        to rob us of our individuality, but we must    truth that nothing will separate us from
 the testimony of Jesus Christ." The Rev-      submit to His great plan of organization       Him and these three great provisions
 elator explains: "The testimony of Jesus      when deciding what is truth. God has           which He has given to us today to keep
 is the spirit of prophecy." Rev. 19:10. So    prepared men who are giants in the             us on the path which leads to life eternal.
[8] 22/7/74                                                                                           AUSTRALASIAN RECORD

                                                                                             Our IER workers do not have motor-cars
        International Educational Recordings (IER) is a Seventh-day Adventist                to transport them as they endeavour to
    non-profit corporation engaged in making gospel records in many languages.               keep pace with the great interest in
    It supplies them free to missionaries, together with gramophones to play them            Christianity that is sweeping over these
    on, as an aid to teaching the illiterate. This service is made possible through          nations. They must walk to their ap­
    public contributions, and its head office address is P.O. Box 131, Malibu,               pointment, catch a ride on a truck that
    California 90265, U.S.A. It publishes a monthly magazine, "The Voice in                  might be going their way, board a public
    the Jungle," edited by John E. Ford, from which the two articles below are               transportation bus that runs on infrequent
    taken so that our readers may be informed concerning the progress of IER.                and irregular schedules, or ride a bicycle—
                                                                                             if they are fortunate enough to be able
                                                                                             to save the money to buy a bicycle. It
                                                                                             costs a whole month's wages or often many
                                                                                             months' wages to buy a bicycle. Our

          "GIVE US TOOLS"
                                                                                             workers are serving in the tropical and
                                                                                             jungle belt of the world where heat is
                                                                                             intense; rains come down in torrents;
                                                                                             roads are almost impassable in wet
                                                                                             weather; and tropical diseases abound in
                                                                                             these hot and humid countries that impair
                        JOHN E. FORD, Editor, "The Voice in the Jungle"
                                                                                             the health and strength of the workers.
                                                                                               There are problems in public meetings.
    WE REJOICE that we have been able to find dedicated nationals that IER has               Public auditoriums, except in larger cities,
                                                                                             are not to be found. If outdoor meetings
been able to place in full-time evangelistic service. These eleven men and one
                                                                                             are held, there are no chairs and no tent
woman have been praying that a door might be opened so that they could give                  to shelter from the sun or rains. They
their energies and time to the preaching of the gospel and preparing souls for the           have no piano or musical instruments to
coming of Jesus. They have been trained to go out and do battle for the Lord.                help out in the music unless there is a
    However, from each of them come letters asking for evangelistic aids to make             well-established church in the city. They
their work more effective. "Give us tools" is their burdened request. The prob­              have no public address system to make
                                                                                             their voices heard. They have no pro­
lems of evangelization in Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi and the Philippines, where the
                                                                                             jector to show pictures to illustrate their
IER workers are stationed, are much different and greater than those that we face            messages. There are no motion pictures
in the homeland.                                                                             to attract the large crowds that would
    There is the problem of illiteracy. A very large percentage of the people in             come if they had them. A rock is often
these countries cannot read, or have a very meagre education. The gramophone                 their pulpit, the grass their pews, the
is the effective medium to arouse interest among such people.                                trees their walls and the blue of heaven
                                                                                             their cathedral dome, while heavenly
  There is also the problem of Bibles and        is available, but the people are too poor   angels make up the choir. But in such
Christian literature for those who can           to be able to buy it. We must make an       hallowed precincts God is present, and
read. Those who are educated have a              earnest effort to supply literature and     souls are saved.
great hunger to read the Bible and Chris­        Bibles for distribution by our workers.
tian books and magazines. The literature           There is the problem of transportation.

This picture shows a small crowd in Nigeria who have gathered to listen to the gospel from
                                        gramophone.                                                    The IER gramophone ministry sparked the11
      AUSTRALASIAN KECORD                                                                                                                     22/7/74 [9]

          With your help, IER will plan to supply
       some of these tools for evangelism. For           GRAMOPHONE MINISTRY IN
                                                             THE PHILIPPINES
       each evangelistic series proposed by an
       IER worker, a budget will be allotted to
       cover the evangelistic expenses and litera­
       ture needed for the meetings.
          We have also offered to supply projectors                                        GODOFREDO GALINATO
       with evangelistic filmstrips to IER work­                                      IER Evangelist in the Philippines
       ers. However, to insure better care of the
       equipment, we are asking the worker to           THE SHIPMENT of 2,000 sets of gramo­               I travelled by Toyota to the heart of
       make a substantial down payment on the         phones and records that arrived at Davao           Mindanao. There I saw a vast jungle
       projector and film, and IER will pay the       City at the end of January, has brought            area that is yet untouched. From the top
       balance.                                       great disappointment in that the Govern­           of the mountain ranges I saw hundreds of
                                                      ment of the Philippines has passed a law           clearings where there are villages in the
          To assist with transportation, IER          forbidding the entry of religious or edu­          canyons and up along the slopes of the
       proposes to help IER workers to buy a          cational material free from customs duties.
       bicycle or motor-cycle. If the worker pays     To release the shipment, the customs
                                                                                                                          (Concluded on page 13)
       one-third of the cost, IER will lend to the    officials have imposed a duty of $6,000. We
       worker the remainder, to be paid back in       do not feel that we should pay that large
       small monthly instalments. A fund has          sum, so have approved the abandonment
       been set up on our books (to which any­        of the shipment, which will then become
       one may contribute) to help supply these       the property of the state and will be put
       tools for evangelism, evangelistic budgets,
                                                      up at auction to the highest bidder. We
        or to aid in construction of churches         have approved a bid of $600, and hope that
        where new congregations are raised up.        it will be the highest bid, and that the
        IER is glad to be a channel through which     gramophones will then be released. Con­
        many people contribute to the support of      tinued effort is being made to allow our
        the IER ministers and their evangelistic
                                                      material to enter without customs charges.
                                                      We hope and pray that the gramophone
          Every phase of foreign mission work is
                                                      ministry in the Philippines will not be
        essential. Schools and medical institutions
        in these needy fields are very important.     hindered.
        However, IER has chosen the field of            Seventy-two gramophones and sets of
        evangelism through the use of the gramo­      records were used in an evangelistic series
        phones in conjunction with the public         of meetings in Butuan City. One hundred
        ministry of the spoken word by the living     and thirty-one people were baptized.
        evangelist as the special field of foreign    Forty-eight sets were used to help the
        advance that we wish to emphasize. We         interest in the city of Bislig. Thirty-eight
        are sure that many of our readers would       were baptized. In other evangelistic meet­
        like to join with us in upholding this        ings where the gramophones were used,
        important endeavour.
                                                      forty-two were baptized in one city,
                                                      twenty-eight in another. They are defi­
                                                      nitely a great aid in arousing interest
                                                      and winning souls.                                     Gramophone distribution in the Philippines.

                                                       Brother Godofredo Galinato, who wrote the article on gramophone ministry in the Philippines, play-
f that resulted in this baptism in the Philippines.                                   ing a record for a Filipino family.
 [10]   22/7/74                                                                                               AUSTRALASIAN             RECORD

                                                                                                   with which they all joined in kneading

          Keen Interest in Bread-making
                                                                                                   and so on, even though it was a bit of a
                                                                                                                The Brethren Help
                                                                                                       Upon hearing that some men were com­
           MRS. GRACE WILLS, Communication secretary and Community Services Leader,
                                                                                                    ing, we arranged for Brethren Corrigan
                               Bundaberg Church, Queensland
                                                                                                    and Bates to be their instructors. Our
                                                                                                    two young married instructors, Pauline
   "FORTY, fifty, sixty, seventy, seventy-          all the seventy-two chairs were occupied.       Sommerfeld, a "San"-trained chef, and
two."                                               It was not long before the twenty-four          Mavis Rudd, had charge of the group of
   "Yes, that should be enough chairs out.          chairs left in reserve were also occupied,      high-school students and a group from
We'll keep these twenty-four stacked here           and still the people were coming in.            the Latter Day Saints Youth Club. We
in reserve should they be needed. Have             Fortunately, at the back of the hall were        were fortunate that Sister Grace Savige
them fill up the front ones first."                five long pews, and these were brought            (nee Campbell, and well known to past
   Our church hall was in readiness for a          into use. We had previously been accus­          Avondalites) was up visiting her sister,
bread-making demonstration sponsored               tomed to an attendance of some thirty-           and willingly took charge of a group.
by our non-Adventist friends of the                five to forty-five at our bi-monthly                To give encouragement to beginners,
Bundaberg Health Food Store. They were             nutritious-cooking demonstrations over the       three well-baked loaves were displayed,
supplying all the ingredients, and had             past three and a half years, always more         one made and baked by Brother C. Bates,
unstintingly advertised the venture on             than half being non-Adventists, and             and the other two made by children,
television, radio and in the newspaper.            bread-making had been in our series two         Myles Christie, aged six, and his sister
Our Community Service ladies (Dorcas,              or three times. But the sight of this hall      Marion, eight. Their mother, Sister T.
Health and Welfare Society), had been              full of people for a bread-making demon­        Christie, one of the instructors, displayed
asked to supply the demonstrators, and             stration is something we will long re­           an old-time camp oven, used many times
organize and run the whole programme.              member.                                         over the years for bread-making.
   We had been informed that approx­                  The programme was soon under way.                For the majority of the 120 non-Advent­
imately sixty of their customers would be          The four main demonstrators—Sisters M.          ists present that night, it would have been
along. Then four days before the demon­            Bates, G. Rudd, R. Kennaway and Brother         their first time in our church or hall.
stration (April 30), we received word from         W. Corrigan—explained and demonstrated          What a challenge! What impressions
the sponsor, Mrs. Elais, that a high-school                                                        would they take away with them? As we
                                                   to the assembled group the different yeasts
teacher had phoned asking if she could                                                             had gathered together in prayer before the
bring her class, pending permission from           and methods adopted, also each stage in
                                                   the process of bread-making. They were          programme we had sensed our responsi­
their parents.                                                                                     bility and petitioned God to use this
  We had closed off a one-third section            also shown how to make bread rolls, fancy
                                                                                                   occasion to bring honour to His name and
at the end of the hall, and in it was a            shapes and a fruit loaf, all from wholemeal     to His church. We felt this was accom­
table each for the nine appointed instruc­         flour. At a specified time, the partition       plished by the smooth running of the
tors to work on. Water and towels were in          was folded back, revealing the nine in­         two-hour programme, the happy relaxed
readiness for the washing of hands by              structors, each standing ready for action       atmosphere created by all who took part,
those participating.                               beside their table. Without hesitation the      and verified by the expressions of sincere
         Seating Capacity Strained                 visitors divided into groups around the         appreciation given at the close of the
  With starting time at 7.00 p.m., the first       tables for individual participation. It was     programme by so many who lingered after
patrons arrived at 6.15, and by 6.50 p.m.,         rewarding to notice the interest and zeal       it was all over for a talk and to ask

The nine bread-making instructors line up after the demonstration. Left    Some of the men assisted in bread-making. This is Mr. Corrigan's group,
to right they are: M. Rudd, G. Rudd, P. Sommerfeld, M. Bates, C. Bates,                        and it's "all hands at work."
           G. Savige, W. Corrigan, R. Kennaway and T. Christie.                                   Photos: M. M. Kennaway
AUSTRALASIAN          RECORD                                                                                                   22/7/74 [11]
further questions on healthful living. "To
think that there are people in this world
willing to devote their time, not only as
seen here this night, but are also willing
                                                     Metal Discs and Coloured Scraps of Paper
to give further personal instruction in the                                               GERRY H. SLUM
home, and all free of charge! It's won­
derful, wonderful," one lady told us.             DID YOU KNOW that rum was used                 quired of him. Edna knocked, Johanne
                                               as money in the early years of New South          answered and they went through the
      The Baker Is Losing Business             Wales? Imagine collecting on the Appeal           canvass while the householder gazed on
   What have been the results? Ap­             for Missions in those days! In other times        in rapt attention.
parently many homes are doing the baker        and places, money has taken a variety of             At the end of the play, Johanne took out
out of business, according to the reports      forms—sea shells, tobacco, ivory, cattle,         a 20-cent piece (this, unfortunately, was
coming to our ears from here and there.        etc. How thankful we can be that what             the only money she had!) and gave it to
Polk stop us in the street, so excited are     economists call our "medium of exchange"          Edna who handed Johanne the magazine.
they about their successes.                    and what we commonly call "money,"                As it happened, the girls had to act the
                                               consists of insignificant little metal discs      whole pantomime again before "Mr.
   One lady announced: "My family will         and scraps of coloured paper. It is so            Portugal" caught on and understood that
not eat bought bread now." Another met         much easier to handle, to stack, to count,        the girls were collecting. Edna handed
her instructor one day and told her she        to Ingather.                                      him the magazine, whereupon he took a
had tried to make bread before, but it            The beauty of this system is that all          handful of silver including 50-cent, 20-cent
had never turned out any good. "Now I          the values of the various coins and notes         and 10-cent pieces, and carefully selected
follow the way you showed us to knead,         match up with each other so neatly—not            a 20-cent piece, which he handed to her.
and it turns out perfectly." We are meet­      like quantities of rum where one would               After having finished their territory, and
ing other people—quite downcast—so dis­        have to add together pints, quarts, gallons,      having time on their hands, they took
appointed that they had not gone along,        flagons, etc. Take, for instance a sum that       some spare "Signs" magazines back to
saying, "My friend, Mrs. X, has told me         consists of 42,537 coins and 1,326 notes, and    some of the homes where they had been
how good it was, and what I have missed.       adds up to $7,366.31. Incidentally, this is        before, and—yes, you've guessed it! One
When are you holding the next one?"            the amount collected by the students and          of the homes they went to was that of
    So many requests have come in, that        members of the Carmel College church in            our Portuguese friend. This time they
 Mrs. Elais of the Health Pood Store is         just four days of Ingathering. It is an           said only a few words and offered him the
offering the flour and yeast again if we        all-time record!                                  free "Signs" magazine, but without hesita­
 care to run another similar programme.           Not all the collecting experiences were         tion he dutifully gave them 20 cents. No
 Besides having given a very large quantity     serious ones, either; often there was just        amount of explanation could induce him
 of wholemeal flour, etc., she sent a nice      that tinge of humour to lighten the day.          to take back the money! You see, it's all
 little cheque along later in appreciation.     Take, for instance, one which Edna and            a matter of training!
 It was used for one of the next health         Johanne had. They were working together              Usually we like to include photographs
 programmes conducted by the church,            in the Coobalup area of Perth, and came           of all students who collected over $100,
 which commenced with the screening of a        to a house where a man answered the               but this year they are so numerous that
 film at the local show at the end of May,      door in reply to their knock. Edna gave           we have included those who collected over
 and was followed by a 5-Day Clinic for         her canvass, but the man looked at her in         $150—Jenine Major, Tony Phillips and
 smokers. We plan to continue with a            a quizzical way. So she said it all again.        Brett Smoker. The other photograph is of
 health-evangelistic series.                    This time he gave the girls to understand         Edna and Johanne.
                                                that he was Portuguese, and didn't under­            We offer our grateful thanks to God,
   Prom our cooking demonstration con­          stand the "lingo."                                who made this achievement possible by
 tacts, one is now a baptized church mem­                                                         granting such good Ingathering weather
 ber, and we pray that this avenue, together              Dramatizing the Appeal                  for the whole of the four days, and for
 with the community services planned by            Instead of leaving our New Australian          His Spirit who went before the collectors
 the church under the leadership of Pastor      friend, the girls set to work to overcome         to prepare the hearts of the people. Also,
 M. M. Kennaway, and Lay Activities             the difficulty. Johanne went to the other         we are thankful for the hard work of the
 leader, Brother L. Barker, will make for       side of the door and they prepared to             collectors and the organizers who brought
 healthier bodies ready to receive the three    mime the whole sequence, hoping to get            in the "medium of exchange" and shared
 angeis' messages.                              across to the gentleman what was re­              their faith with others.

                                                                             ««»...   I
 These three Carmel College students are the champions who collected      These young ladies are Johanne Seeber (left) and Edna Markey, whose
 over $150 each. Left to right: Brett Smoker, Jenine Major and Tony               ingenuity as collectors overcame the language barrier.
                               Phillips.                                                              Photos: G. Slum.
[12] 22/7/74                                                                                           AUSTRALASIAN            RECORD

                                                                                              the practical side of their course by work­
Newspaper story...                                                                            ing under Mr. Irvine on the college farm.

          DAIRY EXPERT FOR ASSAM                                                                Mr. Irvine already finds the Assam pro­
                                                                                              ject challenging, though he has not seen
                                                                                              the area in which he will be working. "The
                                                                                              most rewarding feature will be to see
Taken from "The Lake Macquarie Herald,"        farms. For the past twenty-four years he       results," he said.
Dec. 20, 1973.                                 has been manager of Avondale College
  WHEN MR. IAN IRVINE, of Cooran-              dairy and farm. There are 150 cows-              The imported cows will be shedded be­
bong, arrives in Assam late in January, he     Jerseys and Friesians—in the Avondale          cause of the extreme heat in Assam. They
will find both the familiar and unfamiliar.    herd, and about eighty of these are milked.    will need to be hosed continually, and will
The people and environment of Barpeta,         Most of the milk goes to the Wyong Dairy       only be let out for short periods in cool
the place where Mr. Irvine and his family      Co-op Society, but some is used for the        weather.
are going, will be unfamiliar.                 college boarding department.                     "We will also have to wean calves early,"
  The eighty-three Jersey cows that will         The Avondale dairy has a fine record         Mr. Irvine said. "There will not be enough
greet Mr. Irvine at a dairy farm set up        with Jerseys. One cow holds three State        milk for long weaning."
under the Colombo Plan will seem like          records for production, and the dairy has        At present, a native cow gives about
old friends.                                   won many prizes at Newcastle and Mait-
  For Mr. Irvine is an authority on cows,                                                     one-third of the milk that an average
                                               land shows.                                    Jersey produces.
especially Jerseys.                              The farm has won many prizes in the
  It was because of this that he has been      Wyong Agricultural District Pasture Im­          Mr. Irvine has been a director of Wyong
chosen by the Australian Government to         provement competitions. Mr. Irvine won         Dairy Co-op Society for several years and
go to Assam to help set up the dairy farm.     the farm management championship for           deputy chairman for the past four. He is
The idea behind the project is to demon­       the two years it was held.                     a member of the State Committee of the
strate to the Assamese the practical side                                                     Jersey Herd Society, and is a senior
of dairying, its economics, and ways in          The dairy in Assam will be of 700 acres.     classifier.
which milk production can be raised.           The Australian Government has already
                                               spent $280,000 stocking it and buying            Mrs. Irvine and two of their five chil­
  The farm will also attempt to upgrade                                                       dren will accompany him to Barpeta. It
native stock by cross breeding. This will      machinery.
                                                                                              will be a unique experience for Mrs. Irvine,
help production, and make the breeds more         Avondale May Get Assam Student              for it is believed she will be the only
tolerant of heat and resistant to ticks.                                                      European woman in the area.
  The Jerseys are only part of the Assam          Mr. Irvine hopes he will be able to
farm. There will eventually be 150 of          select a student from the Barpeta dairy          The nearest town of any size is Gauhati,
them, as well as 100 bulls. The cows were      after he has been there for about a year,      eighty miles away.
selected from stock in southern New South      and send him to Avondale for further
Wales and Victoria. Mr. Irvine will be         training.                                      [Editorial note: Although this newspaper
working with university graduates on the         Students use the college farm for part       article was rather late in reaching us, and
project, but few of them would have had        of a study-work programme, as the college      Mr. Irvine has now been in Assam for
any practical experience.                      allows students to work a specified number     some months, we still felt our readers
  They will find that Mr. Irvine has an        of hours each week towards tuition fees.       would be interested in the information
extensive working knowledge of dairies and     Many university students have also filled      given.]

      Lakes Welfare Federation                                                                floated. Furniture disintegrated, and was
                                                                                              later carted away by truckloads to garb­
                                                                                              age dumps. Because some thought that
   MARY STELLMAKER, Communication Secretary, Avondale Memorial Church, New South Wales        it "couldn't happen to them," they refused
   THE FIRST MEETING of the newly formed and re-organized Lakes Welfare                       to leave their homes, feeling they were
Federation was held in the Avondale Memorial church hall on Thursday, April 18.               safe. One family had to be rescued three
The president, Mrs. J. Aitken of Kanwal, welcomed the eighty-four people present,
                                                                                                 In one caravan park, sixty out of 100
and the secretary, Miss M. Greive of Avondale Memorial church, took the roll call.            caravans were swept away by a yet-to-be
   Interesting reports were given by each      the whole of Queensland, he was im­            explained wall of water. Pastor Robinson
of the eleven societies making up the          mediately involved in organizing and           was called at 6:30 on the Saturday morn­
Federation. Hillview reported the involve­     directing rescue operations at civil defence   ing to provide a team of ladies to staff a
ment of the Avondale High School stu­          headquarters.     Owing to the extreme         kitchen at this park to feed 100 people.
dents in community service. Every second       urgency, Pastor Robinson brought in               Seventh-day Adventists were organized
Friday evening the students visit shut-ins     Sister Nonie Hedges and Pastor Peter           to staff and operate food kitchens, where
in the distrct and sing to them. Dora          Cummings to assist him, and these three        up to 2,000 meals a day were served. Many
Creek reported the recent 5-Day Plan, and      Adventists processed all the calls for help.   helped in clean-up operations; twelve men
help given to a discouraged family.              Pastor Robinson also mentioned Pastor        needed a whole day to clean out one
   The Woy Woy society, the only one in        Bob Possingham, who, while assisting in        house. While the flood waters were rising,
the Federation with a Welfare centre, was      relief operations, was caught in a traffic     some, at great personal risk, were out in
presented with a First Aid Kit by the          jam. Wearing a Pathfinder uniform, he          boats working among live, submerged
Federation, and a wall clock from the          got out of the car, climbed on to the roof     power lines.
Kanwal society.                                and directed the traffic until it was dis­        Inter-denominational Co-operation
   Pastor Eric Robinson, who heads the         entangled. The only name by which many            Pastor Robinson emphasized the co­
Welfare work in the South Queensland           of the flood victims knew him was "Padre       operation of various denominations and
Conference, was a guest speaker at the         Bob." Some made it their business later        service organizations, including Lions
meeting. His story of the recent Brisbane      to find out his full name and address so       Clubs and the Red Cross, etc. One
flood, the worst since 1893, electrified the   they could convey their gratitude for his      example of this teamwork was the Roman
audience. Because of his position as           personal help.                                 Catholic organization which, in collabora­
Seventh-day Adventist liaison officer with       Flood conditions were chaotic. Pianos        tion with the Adventists, made available
the State Civil Defence Department for         were jammed in doorways; some Just             their kitchen for the preparation of 2,500
AUSTRALASIAN          RECORD                                                                                                  22/7/74 [13]
meals which were then served in the              Fellowship and discussion with Advent­     tralian," used the heading "Drug Expert
Methodist church!                             ists in each country was a heart-warming      Warns on Alcohol" spread over five col­
   From as far away as Western Australia,     experience as they expressed their support    umns. The evening "Daily News" printed
120 cartons of well-sorted and high-          for the principles and programming of         a picture-story headed "Move for Spot
quality clothing were sent by the Welfare     temperance. Unique indeed was the op­         Alcohol Checks," covering three columns.
Societies. When the flood victims came to     portunity to visit again with our church         The little red "Smoking Devil" (pic­
one relief centre for cash help, a city       in Moscow and participate in the ordin­       tured) was introduced to students at our
council alderman directed them to the Ad-     ances, as reported in the article published   Victoria Park church school, and after a
ventists, who were set up nearby with         in last week's RECORD.                        demonstration smoke they were suitably
supplies of clothing. He told the people                                                    impressed by his tar-stained lungs.
they would receive good-quality clothing                                                       As a result of an interview in Bunbury,
from the Adventists.                               GRAMOPHONE MINISTRY IN                   the leading country newspaper, "The
   As a token of appreciation for help                 THE PHILIPPINES                      South Western Times," printed a twenty-
rendered, the Queensland Civil Defence                                                      column-inch story, featuring Adventist
donated 500 folding stretchers to the                   (Concluded from page 9)
                                                                                            philosophy on drug education and our
Seventh-day Adventist Welfare organiza­     mountains. Into many of these villages the      successful "Stop Smoking" clinics.
tion. Pastor Robinson has now been made     gramophones have already found their               Pastor Taylor's visit was an opportunity
advisor to the Director of Civil Defence in way and interests have been aroused.            to introduce the new alcohol and road
Queensland.                                 Plans are being laid to fly in student          safety film, "Tomorrow Is Cancelled."
   Pastor Eric Clarke, reporting on the     missionaries from Mountain View College         This was very well received by our Tem­
flood situation in North New South Wales,   by the mission aeroplane to search out and       perance officers and members generally.
told of a family who were marooned on a     follow up the gramophone interests. I           His visit climaxed with a very successful
hilltop. They were seen by an Adventist     hope we can devise some plan to drop            Sabbath afternoon and evening Tem­
family, who rescued them in a rowing-boat   the gramophones from the aeroplane into         perance Council, which resulted in a new
and took them to their own home. The        villages that have no airfield and no roads      impetus to our Temperance programme in
people had never before heard of Advent­    to them.                                        Western Australia.
ists. "Who are you? Why do you do              Through the past months, we have
this?" they asked. As a result of this      often been in danger of our lives because
witness of practical Christianity by this   of tribal uprisings. One Friday evening
family, their marooned guests were so im­   we were on our way in the Toyota to
pressed that they asked to be put in touch  conduct an open-air meeting in a jungle
with an Adventist minister in order that    clearing. We were surprised by a surging
 they might learn more of the church and    throng of people from the mountain, near­
its teachings.                              by, fleeing for their lives. About 300 in­
   Pastor Len Barnard, pilot of the "An­    surrectionists had descended on the town
 drew Stewart," flew 150 blankets to Las-   of Takol, killing about a dozen government
 more. However, unable to land there, he    soldiers and many civilians. They looted
 proceeded to Casino, where a station-      the town of food supplies and burned the
 waggon met the plane, loaded the blankets, houses. A Christian sister was preparing
 and took them as far as possible on the    the church for the Sabbath services. She
 way. The blankets finally reached Lis-     was killed and found in the church the
 more by boat.                              following day. We used the Toyota to            LEfTERS
   The Federation meeting concluded with    help evacuate the sick and wounded.
 a luncheon, and all went home with re­     Some mothers had just given birth. The          to the EDITOR
 newed determination to follow in the foot­  sick were trying to flee and carry some of       PLEASE NOTE: Letters are accepted for
 steps of the Master who went about doing    their possessions. People were dying.          publication at the discretion of the editor; the
                                                                                            receipt of a letter does not mean that it will
 good.                                       Children were lost. Our interested people      necessarily be published. Correspondents should
                                             were scattered. Many were leaving for          also understand that their letters will be sub­
                                                                                            edited to bring them to a suitable literary stan­
                                             other parts. This is the second time we        dard, though every effort will be made to
                                             have gone through such an experience           preserve the essential point of the original.
      THE OTHER WORLD AND ITS                                                                  Pseudonyms may be used for publication, but
      STRUGGLE AGAINST ALCOHOL               during the past year.                          the original must have the full name and address
                                                                                            of the writer.
              AND TOBACCO                       We have done what we could to gather           Letters published may not necessarily represent
                                             up the interested ones and continue to         the ideals or the teachings of the denomination ;
            (Concluded from page 3)                                                         such are found in our editorial, devotional and
                                             study with them, but because of the petrol     news columns.
 principles and, if they were satisfied, we rationing it is impossible to do much
 would arrange an agreement. I am hope­ travelling. Surely the whole world is in                  Catholics Alter Day of Worship
 ful that this will ultimately be achieved. a pitiful condition! How we pray for the        Dear Editor,
   A similar agreement was planned with soon coming of Jesus! Surely it will not              It might interest RECORD readers to
 the Non-smoking Society of Yugoslavia. be long! How we long to reach more of               know that the Catholic church in Mait-
 Already 5-Day Plan control books are these neglected people of the jungle before           land, New South Wales, has changed its
 being printed in Croatian. These con­ that great day arrives! Remember us in               day of worship. Instead of running from
 tacts were made while accompanied by our your prayers.                                     midnight to midnight, the day of worship
 local brethren in many cases, or they were                                                 now runs from approximately sunset
 informed of the visit.                                                                     Saturday to sunset Sunday. The new
    In Bucharest, Rumania, the Red Cross                                                    system began on the week-end of May 11
 takes an active role in alcohol education         TEMPERANCE LEADER VISITS                 and 12.
  and prevention. With Brother Marin                          THE WEST                        "It is not intended that the significance
 Pirvan, Union Field secretary, and Pro­                (Concluded from page 6)
                                                                                            and importance of the Lord's Day be
 fessor A. Doroftei of our seminary, a two-                                                 obscured," says a statement issued by
 hour consultation with officials of the spent over an hour putting their questions         Bishop's House, Maitland. "The Church
 Red Cross brought forth commendation for to Pastor Taylor. This resulted in good           since ancient times has always regarded
 our efforts, an assurance of cordial co­ TV and radio coverage, as well as forty-          that the Sabbath or Lord's Day com­
 operation, and willingness to use our edu­ three column inches in the leading Perth        menced on the evening of the previous day.
 cational materials.                          papers. The morning paper, "West Aus-         The Jewish tradition also regarded their
[14] 22/7/74                                                                                                    AUSTRALASIAN              RECORD

Sabbath as commencing the evening be­                                                                her nurse's training, and later on her wedding
                                                                                                     day was among a group of nurses who graduated
fore."                                                                                               from the Sydney Adventist Hospital. Adrian is
   New Testament evidence was also given
                                                                                                     continuing his nurse's training.   We wish our
                                                                                                     young friends the consciousness of God's presence
to show that the day of worship began                                                                as they establish their home in Sydney as a
"on the evening of the previous day."                                                                witness for Him.                    G. D. Box.
Reasons for the change were not theo­                                                                  McPHERSON—ROBE. Sunday, June 16, 1974,
logical, even though theological reasons                                                             was a happy day for the wedding in the Orange
                                                                                                     church, New South Wales, of lan James
were the only ones given in the statement.                                                           McPherson of Sydney, and Valma Beryl Robe,
                                                  BEATTIE—MACFARLANE. A wide circle of
The change was made because worshippers        friends and relatives gathered together on June
on Sunday nights were often too tired by       2, 1974, in the Waitara church, New South
                                                                                                     jouin lan anu v amm <*i e ueaicatea to ^nribi,
                                               Wales, to witness the marriage of Andy Beattie
a day of swimming or football. The             and Evelyn Macfarlane.       As these two well-       and the high esteem in which they are held was
                                                                                                     shown when over a hundred guests gathered at
Sunday night mass was substituted by a         known members of the Waitara church unite
                                                                                                     the reception. Telegrams from friends in the
                                               their lives together, we trust that the sphere of
mass at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday nights           their influence will cast a benediction on all who    U.S.A., Fiji, and all across Australia expressed
because it was felt that the congregation      come into contact with them.        E. A. Ferris.     good wishes. We wish them Heaven's richest    lest
                                                                                                     blessing for future happiness and service for t:he
would not be as tired on Saturday                 CRAIGIE—MONDY. A happy and handsome
                                                                                                     Master.                           L. J. Laws.
evenings.                                      couple stood before the celebrant in the Gosford         RAMPTON—WEST. In the Dundas Seventh-
   It was also considered that Saturday        church, New South Wales, on May 6, 1974. to be        day Adventist church, New South Wales, on the
                                               united in marriage. The bride, Patricia Mondy,        evening of June 9, 1974, Tony Ra.npton and Rose­
night would be more convenient for people      is the daughter of Brother and Sister A. C. J.        mary West were happily manied in the presence
travelling. The change has been made           Mondy of Lisarow, and Walter Craigie, the             of a large number of relatives and frienas. Tony
                                               groom, is the son of Brother and Sister Ray           comes from a well-known Adventist family, being
only at services at the cathedral, and not     Craigie of Greenacre, Sydney.        A pleasing       the grandson of the late Pastor F. G. Kampton
in other churches in the diocese.              feature of the wedding was the fact that the          and the eldest son of Sister Dawn Rampton of
                                               groom's father officiated at the organ and also       Wollongong, and the late Lewis Rampton. Rose-
  The change is a modern example of the        rendered vocal items both at the church and at        maiy is the eldest daughter of Brother and
Catholic Church's claim to be able to          the reception, which was held in the Adventist        Sister John West of Parramatta, who are
                                               Community Hall at Woy Woy.             May God        prominent in the Greater Syd:icy Conference for
change the day of worship when it is           richly bless this Christian young couple as they      their connection with the Pathlinder work. At
convenient to do so. Theological reasons       set up home at Canterbury and unite their interest    the reception held at "Belhaven," Wentwj/thville,
                                               and training in medical matters in service for        telegrams were read from all over Australia and
given, support the Seventh-day Adventist       God to man.                      E. A. Boehm.         also from the U.S.A. May the Lord bless this
teaching that the Sabbath starts and                                                                 consecrated young couple as they continue to
finishes at sunset.                              LAMBE—HARCH.           Robert William Lambe         serve Him together.               C. T. Potter.
                                               and Lorelle May Harch exchanged marriage vows
                             Phil Ward,        on June 16, 1974, amid the brightness of beauti­         RAMSEY—HAYHOE. On May 13, 1974, in
                North New South Wales.         fully arranged flowers, in the Mount Gravatt          the homely Camperdown church, Victoria, Julie
                                               church, Queensland.      Lorelle is the second        Alison Hayhoe and Robert Leo Rarnsey accepted
                                               daughter of Mrs. Daphne Harch and the late            the "sacred obligations as long as both shall
                                               John Harch, and Robert is the eldest son of Mr.       live." Friends and relatives came from Sydney
  Tapes Available for Isolated Members         and Mrs. Cecil Lambe. Both families have their        and other places where Julie and Robert are
                                               homes in the Brisbane area. At the reception, the     known, to celebrate this very happy occasion. It
Dear Editor,                                   young couple were showered with good wishes           was obvious that divine love had united these
  People may wonder what has been done         for their future happiness. They go forward with      two young people, and that on this basis their
                                               confidence, their lives united in the blessing of     future happiness will be secure. A home where
about the cassettes for the lending library.   God. The Mount Gravatt group welcome their            Christ is honoured will be established in Sydney.
A company will shortly be formed called        continued fellowship in church life.
                                                                               D. A. Brennan.
                                                                                                                                      D. R. Martin.
the "Christian Cassette Club," and a re­                                                               SEARLE—FERGUSON.            Sunday, June 16,
cording company has also been approached          LANG—WEATHERALL.            Russell William        1974, was a perfect day for Donald Richard
                                               Lang and Elna Joy Weatherall were united in           Searle and Heather Elizabeth Ferguson, as they
to make top-quality recordings.                marriage on June 18, 1974, at Glen Alpin,             united their lives before God and friends in the
  The framework which has been formed          Queensland. Brother Lang, now retired, is well        Southport church on the Gold Coast, Queensland.
                                               known as a Conference secretary-treasurer and         Don has been working in Gladstone, Queensland,
involves a charge of $5 for membership.        a Health Food Company accountant.         Sister      and it is to Gladstone that he takes his new
A further $20 subscription will entitle        Weatherall has a farming background.        The       bride. Heather was introduced to the message
                                               marriage ceremony took place in the home of           of salvation through Don, and was baptized last
members to a sermon every fortnight for        Brother Lang's son. Cliff.   Sister Weatherall's      Christmas. We all, relatives and friends, rejoice
one year.      Membership also entitles        son, Neil, gave his mother to her new husband.        to see another Christian home established to the
people to buy any single cassette of these     The mutual goodwill of the children of both           glory of God. May God bless you, Don and
                                               families, Cliff and Hilma, Gordon and Maureen         Heather, as you journey through this life to a
sermons, or special youth and children's       (Meyers), and Neil and Doreen, Kevin and              greater marriage feast above.    H. E. Vysma.
cassettes, for $2.80.                          Janette (Penrose) plus the excitement of grand­
                                               children and the congratulations of other rela­         SLADE—HIGGINS.           On June      10,  1974,
  Special secular music cassettes are also     tives, made the reception at the Weatherall-          Brother John Slade and Sister Gertrude Higgins
                                               Penrose homestead a most enjoyable occasion.          were united in marriage at the St. Albans Sev­
being prepared to cater for all music          May God's blessing be with the new Father and         enth-day Adventist church, Christchurch, New
tastes. These will normally sell for $6, but   Mother Lang in their home at Nord's Wharf,            Zealand.     A large gathering of well-wishers
                                               New South Wales.               D. A. Brennan.         demonstrated the high esteem in which the happy
members receive a 20 per cent discount.                                                              couple and their families are held. Brother and
Series of sermons will also be sold to            LLOYD—Van TIGGELEN. On the evening of              Sister Slade are attached to the Retail division
members at discount prices. All members        June 27, 1974, Richard Mark Lloyd and Tine Van        of the Sanitarium Health Food Company, and
                                               Tiggelen were united in marriage at the War-          plan to set up their home in the deep south at
will receive brochures at regular intervals    burton church, Victoria. Mark, who has almost         Invercargill, where Brother Slade is in charge of
giving details of new cassettes available      finished his medical course, is the only son of       the Sanitarium shop.             K. J. Bullock.
                                               Brother and Sister Les Lloyd.        Brother Les
to them. Cassette players will be available    Lloyd is the accountant at the Signs Publishing          SYMONS—POLLOCK. On Monday afternoon,
at a reasonable price to those who need        Company.      Tine is the second daughter of          June 17, 1974, Glenn Leigh Symons and Kathryn
                                               Brother and Sister Ben Van Tiggelen. Prior to         Lilian Pollock exchanged marriage vows in the
them.                                          his acceptance of the position of chief chef at       Bendigo Seventh-day Adventist church, Victoria.
  All recordings will be of highest quality    the Warburton Sanitarium and Hospital, Brother        A large number of relatives, neighbours and
                                               Van Tiggelen and his family resided in Laun-          church friends gathered to wish them God's
so that we can hold the standards of the       ceston, Tasmania, where they had accepted the         richest blessing. Glenn is the youngest son of
church high.                                   message under the preaching of Pastor G.              Mr. and Mrs. Symons of Bendigo, and Kathryn
                                               Burn side.   Tine has given highly valued sec­        the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pollock of
  People wanting membership are invited        retarial service in both of the above institutions.   Derby, Victoria.   Having signed the necessary
to write to the address below. First ser­      To the future Dr. and Mrs. Mark Lloyd, the            documents in the church, to the delight of all
                                                                                                     present, the bride was presented with a white
mon cassettes were planned to be available     large crowd of friends who gathered at the church
                                               and later at the "Cuckoo," expressed their wishes     Bible to bear testimony that this was the first
in June. Trusting this meets the needs of      for God's richest blessing as they plan to            wedding in the new Bendigo church. We trust
                                                                                                     the Lord will be gracious to this lovely couple,
isolated members and helps to unify the        unitedly serve their Lord.          E. B. Price.
                                                                                                     who will demonstrate the beauty of a true Ad­
church,                                                                                              ventist home.                 K. E. Satchell.
                                                 MILLER—BLYDE.         On June 9, 1974, at 1
       R. J. Tonkin,                           p.m., Adrian Miller and Karine Blyde exchanged          TANGE—HILL. Robyn Hill, a beautiful bride,
       24 Cooranbong Road,                     marriage vows in the bush chapel at Vision            and Charles Tange, a stalwart groom, chose the
                                               Valley, Arcadia, New South Wales.         Vision      Gosford Seventh-day Adventist church. New
       Dora Creek, New South Wales. 2266       Valley is a youth centre set in beautiful bush-       South Wales, for their marriage, which was
                                               land surroundings, and after the ceremony, well-      celebrated on March 10, 1974. Both these young
j--r—           r———                   —R~'    wishers and friends gathered at the reception         people have grown up on the New South Wales
                                               centre for the wedding breakfast. Adrian is the       Central Coast, and the occasion was one of hap­
  "The influence of grace is to soften the     youngest son of Brother and Sister Henry Miller       piness for their many friends and relatives.
heart, and to refine and purify the feel­      of Geelong (recently of Sydney), and Karine is        Rcbyn is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
                                               the only daughter of Brother and Sister Merv          Hill of Narara, and a granddaughter of Pastor
ings."—"Mount of Blessing," page 135.          Blyde of Warburton. Karine has just completed         H. A. Hill, well known by many Adventists in
AUSTRALASIAN              RECORD                                                                                                                     22/7/74        [15]
various parts of Australia.  Charles' parents,         FASHION FABRICS. P.O. Box 16, Glenorchy,             PIANOS AND ELECTRONIC ORGANS. New
Mr. and Mrs. C. Tange, former Central Coast          Tasmania. 7010.     Dacrons: florals $1.30 m;         and used instruments.    Service, and normal
residents, came from their present home at           Terylene Chiffon $1.80 m; Terylene/Linen $1.50        guarantee in your area at competitive prices.
Wauchope to be present. May He who arranged          m & $2.40 m; Terylene'Jersey $1.80 m; Tery-           Trade-ins welcome. Consult Musical Specialities
the marriage in Eden and whose blessing Robyn        lene/Gabardine SI.50 m & $2.40 m. All 45" (104        for "sound" advice: 97 Betula Avenue, Vermont,
and Charles sought at their wedding, be an           cm) wide. Samples available. Remnant parcels          Victoria. 3133. Phone 874 3377.
ever-welcome Guest at their home at Berkeley         $5 & $10.
Vale.                         E. A. Boehm.                                                                               RETURN THANKS
                                                                                                             Miss Jean Sinclair and family sincerely thank
  YATES—POULSON. June 2, 1974, was a day                                                                   Pastor Kent, Pastor Branster and the many other
never to be forgotten in the lives of Graeme Yates                                                         kind friends, for their kind expressions of
and Lee Sheryl Poulson when they came together               FOOD FOR THOUGHT                              sympathy, floral tributes and prayers at the time
to exchange marriage vows in the beautifully                                                               of the passing of their brother, brother-in-law
decorated Royal Oak church, Auckland, New                  VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT                           and uncle, Mr. William McAlpine Sinclair.
Zealand. Graeme and Lee were very respected                                                                Please accept this as their personal thanks.
employees at the Sanitarium Health Food Com­              Smorgasboard Lunch: 12.00-2.30 p.m.
pany in Auckland. It was through the Christian
witness of fellow workers, and particularly                 ($2.50) Monday to Thursday.
Graeme, that Lee was baptized. After the wed­             Dinner: 6.30-10.30 p.m., Sunday to
ding service, relatives and friends gathered at
"The Lodge" to enjoy fellowship and the
reception. We wish this dedicated young couple
                                                            Thursday and Saturday night after
                                                            Sabbath. A la carte.
                                                                                                               AUSTRALASIAN RECORD
God's richest blessing in their united witness for           541 Chapel Street, South Yarra,                       and Advent World Survey
the Lord.                          L. T. Barker.                       MELBOURNE.                                   Official Organ of the
                                                                      Phone: 244418.                       AUSTRALASIAN DIVISION OF SEVENTH-
                                                             Excellent cuisine, period setting,                     DAY ADVENTISTS
                                                          cheerful service. Run as a missionary
                                                          venture by Adventist young people                  Editor   ------             R. H. PARR
                                                                                                             Associate Editor  -  K. S. PARMENTER

                                                          of all ages.
                                                                                                             Office Secretary - - DULCE RICKARDS
                                                                                                             Wahroonga Representative
                                                                                                                                       CELIA STOTESBURY
                                                        FOR SALE.        Weatherboard house, plaster                         it         if          it
                                                     lined, 2 B.R., 1 sleepout, kitchen, lounge, living-
                                                     room, bathroom, laundry.       New H.W.S.      New
                                                     electric stove. Phone if needed. Several good         Annual subscription—post paid:
                                                     sheds with electricity for handyman. 20 minutes         All areas covered by the Australasian
                                                     walk to college and factory.        Price $17,500.
                                                     W. Knight Morisset Road, Cooranbong, N.S.W.                Division .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ....   $4.00
                                                     2265                                                    Other countries .... .... .... .... .... .... ....    $6.30
                                                                      INVITATION                             Air Mail postage rates on application.
  CHAMBERLAIN. Catherine Alice Chamber­                A special invitation is extended to all former
lain laid down life's burdens in her seventieth      members and friends of the Glenorchy church,          • Order through your Adventist Book Centre or
year and was tenderly laid to rest on Wednesday,     which is to be dedicated by Pastor R. R. Frame        send direct to the Signs Publishing Company,
June 19, 1974, in the Sandgate Cemetery, New         on September 14, 1974.                                Warburton, Victoria, Australia. 3799
South Wales.     She was a loving and lovable          R.S.V.P. Mr. B. Dobson,                             All copy for the paper should be sent to The
Christian, whose purpose in life was to render                    12 Pierce Street,                        Editor, RECORD, Signs Publishing Company.
unselfish service to others.   Baptized with her                  Moonah, Tas. 7009                                     Warburton. Victoria. 3799
late husband (who predeceased her by six months)                                                              Appearing regularly in the Australasian Record
by Pastor Theodore Anderson in 1954, she was                                                               are articles from the Review and Herald, the
faithful to her vows and to her Lord till the end.                                                         general church paper of the Seventh-day Adven-
She now awaits the call of the Life-giver and               LONG WINTER EVENINGS                           tists, published at Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
His commendation "Well done!" The services                                                                     Printed weekly for the Division by the
at the church and at the graveside were con­                Why not use them profitably                        Signs Publishing Co, Warburton. Victoria.
ducted by the writer in association with Pastor                 By studying with
T. Anderson, and were intended to bring bright
hope to all those who mourn our sister's passing.            HOME STUDY INSTITUTE
                                   V. J. Heise.
                                                          Bible courses for all school levels                                     DIRECTORY
   KING. When David King fell asleep in Christ
on Sabbath afternoon, June 1, 1974, a sense of                   Adult Bible courses                               AUSTRALIAN DIVISION OF
loss gripped the family and all who knew him.                  Church related courses                             SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS
Brother King was born on July 6, 1893, in
Armagh, Northern Ireland. He was educated in               Pre-School Activities courses                   148 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga, N.S.W. 2076
St. Patrick's Protestant Grammar School, and
consequently was a choir boy in the cathedral.            Write to:                                          President                                R. R. Frame
This man of conviction and character was a                    Home Study Institute,                          Secretary                            K. S. Parmenter
master builder by profession, and had charge of                                                              Treasurer                                L. L. Butler
 Protestant church buildings and schools in                   148 Fox Valley Road,                           Assistant Secretary                     R. A. Evans
                                                                                                             Assistant Treasurer                     A. H. Forbes
Northern Ireland. After coming to Australia in               WAHROONGA, N.S.W. 2076                          Field Secretary                       A. S. Jorgensen
1964, Brother King studied and accepted present
truth and was an esteemed member of the                                                                      Auditor    -                       S. H. Macfarlane
Burwood church, Victoria. Pastor J. B. Conley                                                                Associate Auditors               -    -   G. J. Bland
and Pastor W. J. Cole associated with the writer                                                                                                R. W. Richardson
 in a ministry of comfort through the sure Word of
 God. Left to mourn, but in hope of reunion, are                                                                       Departmental Secretaries
his devoted wife and sons Stanley, Derek, Harold                                                             Education    -    -     -     -       E. G. McDowell
 and David (Arthur predeceased his father in                         VACANCIES                               Health Food      -      -     -       -    F. C. Craig
 1940, aged nineteen years), and one child by                     SIGNS PUBLISHING                           Lay Activities      -     -    -      G. W. Maywald
 adoption, Jennifer. After a service in the Bur-                                                             Health    ------                            D. E. Bain
 wood church, we laid this dear one to rest in                        COMPANY                                Ministerial Association           -      C. R. Stanley
 the Springvale Lawn Cemetery until the dawning                                                              Sabbath School and
 of eternity.                     D. R. Martin.               HAND COMPOSITOR.         A vacancy               Communication         -     -       M, G. Townend
                                                           exists in the composing room for                  Communication (Associate) - R. A. Vince
                                                                                                             Publishing    -----                        J. W. Nixon
                                                           either a tradesman or a keen young                Stewardship and Development J. H. Wade
                                                           man interested in serving an appren-              Temperance and Religious
 DISCOUNT FURNISHINGS—Free Quotes on:                      ticeship with the company. This is an               Liberty   -                             R. W. Taylor
    • Insect Screens and Screen Doors                                                                        Young People's Missionary
                                                           opportunity for service in the work of              Volunteer    -      -     -    -      C. V. Christian
    • Venetian and Holland Blinds                                                                            Trust Services Director             -     W. E. Rudge
    • Drapes and Tracks                                    God.
 TOP QUALITY          •       LOW PRICES                      BINDERY.   Men interested in the
              • Phone 95 2988                              publishing work of the denomination,
                                                           and who have the mechanical ability                ADVERTISERS PLEASE NOTE I All ad­
       FLORAL SERVICE AT SYDNEY                                                                             vertisements should be sent to the editor at
                                                           to enable them to operate bindery                Signs Publishing Company, Warburton, Victoria.
   Our readers will be glad to learn that flowers,         machinery efficiently, are required in           3799
 bowl arrangements, posies, and baskets of flowers         the company's bindery.      Applicants             Advertisements approved by the editor will be
 may be ordered direct from the hospital's new             should write stating age, qualifica-             inserted at the following rates:
 Floral Boutique and delivered with your per­                                                                 First 25 words         ------                        f2.00
 sonal message to any patient in the hospital              tions and experience to:
                                                                                                              Each additional 5 words   -  -  10 cents
 Write to:   The Florist,
             Sydney Adventist Hospital,
                                                                  THE MANAGER,                                Remittance and recommendations from local
             185 Fox Valley Road.                                 Signs Publishing Company,                 pastor or Conference officer must accompany
             WAHROONGA. N.S.W. 2076                               WARBURTON, Victoria. 3799                 copy.
 or phone: Sydney 4879111, Office. 484998 after
[16] 22/7/74                                                                           ACSTRALASIAN          RECORD

FLASH POINT . . .                                             ing on July 1, staff and students of the Ministerial
                                                              department were engaging in six weeks of evangel-
    On Sunday, June 9, in the Wahroonga church, thirty-       istic effort. The students were placed in various areas
    five nurses received their diplomas and the congratu-     of Papua New Guinea to gain practical experience
    lations of a large congregation. This represented the     and to "field test" evangelistic approaches learned
    entire class who all sat and passed the Hospital and      at college. Seven of these students were placed in
    State Finals. Pastor R. C. Harris, former director of     new areas where the message has never before been
    the School of Nursing and now Health secretary of         preached.
    the North New South Wales Conference, delivered          The latest report of world MV outreach reveals that
    the graduation address. The divine service on Sab-       to the end of the first quarter of 1974, world
    bath was taken by Dr. A. N. Patrick of Avondale          Seventh-day Adventist youth have attained 184,253
    College.                                                 baptisms toward a quinquennium goal of 237,500.
   This year, for the first time, the Sydney Adventist       The Australasian Division has attained 3,052 toward
   Hospital will be taking in three new classes of nurs-     a quinquennium goal of 5,000. There seems to be
   ing trainees. In addition to the class that commenced     a trend back to the more traditional types of MV out-
   in January, and the July class, another is to com-        reach such as Voice of Youth, Friendship Teams, etc.
   mence in September. For the information of those          Because of government regulations, the Seventh-day
   who have a desire to train in this field of Christian     Adventist Church in New Zealand does not have the
   service, applications are now being received for the      benefit of radio and television broadcasts to boost
   September class.                                          Bible Correspondence School enrolments. Pastor D.
   Pastor Hefren, who is in his seventieth year (and is      I. Jenkins, Communication secretary of the North
   apparently quite happy to let the fact be known), is      New Zealand Conference, tells us that the Communi-
   still in great demand as a speaker at youth gather-       cation department, together with the Bible School,
   ings. He was guest speaker at a Young Marrieds'           last year explored the possibility of magazine and
   Camp held in the South New South Wales Conference         radio advertising to step up Bible course enrolments.
   from April 12 to 15, according to news received from      As a result, to date, 115 applications have been re-
   Pastor K. Hankinson. He proved so popular as a            ceived from "Women's Weekly" magazine and thirty-
   speaker that he was invited to return for the Youth       three from radio advertising.     In addition, Pastor
   Bible Camp held on June 15 to 17. His clear and           Jenkins has advertised on our Dial-a-Message service
   appealing presentation of the plan of salvation help-     in Auckland, and this has brought in a further twenty-
   ed a number of young people at the camp to make a         six enrolments for senior and junior Bible courses.
   positive decision for Christ.                             Thus the advertising venture has proved worth while.
   The grass doesn't get much chance to grow under           The Pathfinders of Dundas church in the Greater Syd-
   Pastor Hefren's feet: three days after the close of the   ney Conference raised some $4,000 in less than three
   Bible camp in South New South Wales, he left for          months to finance a visit to their counterparts in Fiji.
   Fiji, where he led out in the youth Week of Prayer at     On May 6, thirty-nine Pathfinders and twelve adults
   Fulton College. Thus is the Australasian Division         (including Pastor E. Ferris and Dr. P. Cappe), flew out
   taking advantage of his ministry before he leaves         to Fiji for ten very busy days. Their arrival was
   next year for a two-year term at Solusi College in        noted by the "Fijian Times" with an article and a
   Rhodesia.                                                 picture. In spite of the heavy rainfall they encoun-
                                                             tered, their spirits were not dampened, and they
   In the Western Australian Conference eight Vacation
                                                             made many new friends among the Suvavou Path-
    Bible Schools were held during the May school holi-      finders. They also spent a week-end at Fulton Col-
    days, with an attendance of over 1,000 children. One     lege. Though they arrived home very tired, they
    of the results of this community outreach is that two    had gained a greater vision of the needs of people
    children have enrolled in our church schools.            in the island fields.
   During the recent mid-year break at Avondale Col-         Foundations are now being laid for additions costing
   lege, senior Theology students went out to various        $160,000 to the Victoria Park Adventist School com-
   Conferences where they spent three weeks working          plex in Western Australia. These will include four
   with church pastors to gain an insight into the prac-     classrooms, staff facilities and a library for the primary
   tical side of the ministry.    Teacher trainees also      school. For high school students the additions will
   scattered to the various church schools throughout        provide first-class facilities for mechanics and fine
   the Division for their mid-year practice teaching.        arts departments. To help meet the cost of this pro-
   On Friday evening, June 28, Pastor David Currie,          ject, the government has made a very welcome grant
                                                             of $66,000.
   who leads out in the area of Practical Theology at
   Avondale College, opened his mid-year mission at          A youth choir from Kabiufa High School in Papua
   Wagga Wagga in the South New South Wales Con-             New Guinea, under the direction of Brother Vivian
   ference, with an attendance of 400. Pastor Currie         Hill, has just made a tour of Kainantu and Lae. Dur-
   had a team of final-year ministerial students to assist   ing the tour, the choir put on seven programmes of
   him. His opening topic was, "Hemp, Hippies and            a spiritual nature, based on the death and resurrec-
   Holy Men." A feature of his opening programme             tion of Christ, and these were well received. The
   was the personal testimony of ex-hippie Alan Boag,        NBC recorded the choir in Lae and they expect it will
   who is in his third year of Theology at Avondale          be broadcast soon.
   College.                                                  "Finally, brethren . . .": The surest way to inspire
   Sonoma College in Papua New Guinea has also               courteous treatment from other motorists is to drive
   organized for some mid-year field work. Commenc-          a police car.

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