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					Date          : 2 May 2007
Our reference : QM2007/3382

Customer adress                                                    MACHINE TOOL PRO MOTIONS c.c.
                                                                    P.O. Box 1 18 7, Vanderbijlpark, 19 00
Attention          :     Mr. Managing Director                                               So uth Africa
                                                                                Tel. 27 -1 6-93 1-15 64 /5 /6
                                                                                    Fax. 2 7-16-9 33-8 979

Subject            :     Supply new KIHEUNG bed-type milling machine

Dear Sir,

We have pleasure in presenting our updated quotation for the supply of a new Kiheung KNC-U1000 CNC
bed-type milling machine. The machine will be delivered and commissioned in your works as a turnkey
project, inclusive of an accessories package, installation, operator training and comprehensive warranty

1.       Basic description of machine

         The basic machine will be a 3-axis CNC bed-type milling machine with a travelling table and a
         ram-type headstock with a mounted manual head. The basic machine is shown in the photograph
         below (please note that the doors would be an optional extra). The machine is to be mounted on a
         concrete foundation, which is to be constructed in your works (not included).

Quotation QM2007/3382 dated 2 May 2007                                                                 Page 1
2.       Specifications

         The basic specifications of the machine will be as follows :

             Basic machine
             Table clamping area                                  :      3600 x 900 mm
             Max. table loading                                   :      8000 kg
             X-axis (table long travel)                           :      3100 mm
             Y-axis (spindle stroke)                              :      1000 mm
             Z-axis (vertical stroke)                             :      1600 mm
             Spindle power (full / limited duty cycle)            :      22 kW / 30 kW
             Spindle speed range (infinite)                       :      0 – 4000 rpm
             Spindle taper                                        :      ISO 50
             Linear axes feed rates                               :      0 – 5 meter/minute
             Linear rapid rates (max)                             :      10 meter minute

      The basic features of the machine will be as follows :

            The machine will be equipped with a permanently mounted
             manual universal milling head featuring a ISO 50 taper and
             an automatic drawbar. This head is capable of transmitting
             22 kW consistently (and up to 30kW for shorter durations) to
             maximize metal removal rates.

            The machine will be equipped with a Heidenhain iTNC530 4-axis CNC system, with very
             advanced and comprehensive programming ability. (Alternatively, we can also supply the
             machine with a Fanuc 18i MB CNC system)

            The machine will be fitted with 3 off precision Heidenhain linear scales.

            Chip screw in rear of bed

            Spindle orientation (for rigid tapping)

            Additional foot switch in rear of machine to allow for operation of machine with operator
             positioned alongside the headstock.

4.        Detailed scope of supply

4.1       Design a foundation for the machine, to be constructed by your own contractors and your own
          cost in your works. The detailed layout and exact location of the foundation will be decided in
          consultation with yourselves and the foundation should be complete with reinforcing and hold-
          down pockets.

4.2       Deliver machine to your works and install on foundation, using your overhead crane/s. We
          will supply all hold-down bolts, chemical anchors and levelling shoes. Prelevel machine on
          foundation and connect to your electrical system. Commission CNC system and final level
          machine to accurate tolerances.
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  4.3      Test and hand over machine to your maintenance and production teams. Assist your technical
           team with the development of the correct setup and machining procedures and CNC programs
           for the effective machining. Perform detailed training of your CNC skilled machinists on the
           operation of the new CNC system.

  5.       Price

   5.1      Basic Kiheung CNC milling machine (3600 x 900 table)                   R 1,500,000-00
   5.2      Extend vertical travel to 1600 mm                                      R    63,700-00
   5.3      Spindle orientation (for rigid tapping)                                R    18,400-00
   5.4      Chip screw in rear of bed                                              R 19,800-00
   5.5      Additional footswitch                                                  R    3,600-00
                                                    Total (excl. VAT)              R 1,605,500-00

           The price is subject to foreign exchange variations, and is based on a current spot rate of
           R/$7.10 - Any variation at time of import will be adjusted for either party.

  6.       Terms of payment

   6.1     10% at placing or order, against invoice.
   6.2     90% against delivery of the machine in your works, against invoice.

  7.       Delivery schedule

           The machine is expected to arrive in our work in the last week of June 2007, and allowing for
           2 weeks for installation, testing & training, the machine can therefore be fully operational in
           your works by Monday 16 July 2007.

  8.       Warranty

           The machine will be subject to a comprehensive warranty of 12 months, including all parts,
           labour and workmanship.

  9.       Other conditions

           We assume that we can make use of your overhead cranes for the offloading and assembly of
           the machine in your works – alternatively, you will be responsible for the provision of suitable
           mobile cranes. Please note that this quotation excludes the supply of a foundation. If you
           choose to have the machine installed directly on your floor (which we would not recommend,
           but have done successfully at several customers), we will drill all anchor holes in your floor
           and provide the hold-down bolts and chemical anchors.

We look forward to your favourable comments.

Kindest regards

Bart Pieterse

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