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									David Shin: Professional Resume                                                            Email: saeheeshin@gmail.com

David Shin                  | Web Designer + Front-End Developer

Email: saeheeshin@gmail.com
Portfolio site: http://www.darkiris.ca/portfolio

My name is Sae-Hee but I go by David. I specialize in organizing content rich websites using modern web standards,
usability and accessibility. Add in 5 years of professional experience, a pixel perfect design, Clean XHTML/CSS code and
fun JQuery for an awesome experience! It’s a recipe for a great site you can proudly showcase.

Professional Experience

Interad Corp – February 2006 to April 2010 – Returned on Oct 2010 to Present
Senior Graphic Designer

         Researched, designed and developed first RBC iPhone/Blackberry web application using CSS 3 and HTML 5 in
          coordinated release of the RBC Mobile Banking App which ranked as top 10 free app in Canada in 2010.

         Developed award-winning Credit Cards and Bank Accounts section of RBC Royal Bank website using the new
          RBC standards, valid W3C XHTML/CSS and Javascript; RBC sites ranked highest in Canadian Banks by 2009
          Forrester Research for its appeal and accessibility to 3.8 million monthly users.

         Worked exclusively with Council Chair of RBC Online Standards Team to develop the new RBC web standard to
          template system using Server Side Includes for site wide regulation and consistency.

         Proven to be a powerful and reliable resource to Senior RBC Online staff for completing projects with
          challenging circumstances for RBC corporate site, Online Banking, Royal Bank, Investing, Global Asset
          Management, Insurance and Wealth Management departments.

         Designed and developed educational, entertainment and retails sites; as well as producing standalone Flash
          tools for RBC Business Units and Sales Representatives that saved $18 millions.

Further Inc. – January 2010 to Present
Freelance Front-End Developer

         Updated the content-rich site with a brighter design and improved usability along with development of Kindle
          ebook by Leadership Expert Doug Keeley.

         Re-formatted and update Mark of a Leader monthly eZine newsletter to e-mail friendlier HTML format and
          provide regular update service to their site including video conversion for YouTube.

Monster.ca – June 2010 to Sep 2010
Web Designer

         Developed career sites and job posters for Canada’s largest brand clients (including Sony, West49, PetSmart,
          Lyreco, Lowe’s, Longo’s, Home Depot, Blockbuster and CI Investments) using various web technologies such as
          XHTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Google Map API, Google Analytics and video conversion.

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David Shin: Professional Resume                                                              Email: saeheeshin@gmail.com

Amore Canada – July 2006 to April 2008
Freelance Flash Developer

         Developed company website that combines appealing design with easy-to-update Adobe Flash content to
          reduce continuous expense and allow Amore to focus on their retail business.

MerxMotion – September 2004 to July 2005
Freelance/Full-Time Graphic Designer

         Designed series of website templates to prepare for the Express Packages. These actions lead to more flexible
          options for clients, high revenue return and significantly cut development costs.

         Re-designed company’s signature CMS, company website, stationary, and marketing materials to improve
          overall company presence.


         Digital Media Technical Productions at Seneca College - Graduated 2004 with Diploma.

Highlight of Qualifications

         Extensive knowledge in W3C valid XHTML (Transitional/Strict/Mobile Profile), CSS 3, Javascript, JQuery that are
          cross-browser and mobile compatible.

         Proficiency in industry standard software such as Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat) and utilize
          Microsoft Office for executive presentation and wireframes.

         Implement usability based on customer demographics and specific client requirements to interface design.

         Demonstrated effective problem solving and resourcefulness with solid foundations of project development.

         Manage several long term projects and offer intuitive solutions to maximize ROI.

More About Me

As a Senior Graphic Designer at Interad, I worked closely with Council Chair of Royal Bank Online Standards Team to
assist in development of a new standard, enforcing the rules and training peers. I would communicate with RBC senior
staff to gather all the necessary assets to complete the project on time; providing both technical and flexible business

With Forrester award-winning Credit Cards section and high-profile tools for RBC Business Units successfully completed, I
was regularly contacted by clients for challenging and urgent developments. My expertise has been valued and utilized by
clients and co-workers alike and has guided them to successful projects.

Being a Web Designer at Monster.ca, I implement technologies such as JQuery and Google Map API to provide functional
and beautiful websites for broad range of high-end companies. With projects completed for Canada’s largest clients, you
can ensure excellence in quality products and reliability.

If you have any question about myself or wish to discuss more about my credentials, you could reach me at

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