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									                      Do you want to help raise money for

                               Great Ormond Street
                             Registered Charity No. 235825

                   Want to cycle but need some motivation?

Join the Pistachios in the Park- Pistachios to Pistachios Bike Ride team!

                        'Bringing Communities Together'

Ride info
The Pistachios to Pistachios bike ride is in two parts - Manor House Gardens,
Lewisham to Markfield Park, Tottenham. A 11 mile trip winding its way through
the parks and open spaces of South East to East London.

We leave Manor House Gardens cycle through Blackheath over the common, down
through Greenwich Park, through the foot tunnel (if this is closed arrangements will
be made to go on the DLR or Ferry ) over to Canary Wharf to Limehouse. We join
the Grand Union Canal picked up at the Limehouse Link, we then follow the canal to
Victoria Park, where we will stop at the Pistachios in the Park Kiosk for refreshments.
Then turn off to join the River Lee. The route will take us underneath the new
Olympic Stadium and Village. We shall ride along the River Lee to Markfield Park
Tottenham, where you can relax and enjoy a fun fair, pet zoo and experience the
steaming of the famous Markfield Steam engine.

The return trip for those who want to carryon riding is back along the canals to
Limehouse link, Canary Wharf following the signs to Greenwich foot tunnel, there
will be guides who you can tag along with for the return journey.

Those who do not wish to cycle back from Markfield Park can take a train from
Tottenham Hale station.

The Fun Bike Ride is Sunday 26th June 2011.

If you think you are not capable of completing such an event you are WRONG! This
is a leisurely ride with no major hills, ideal for the family while helping to raise some
much needed money for Great Ormond Street.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for 35+ people to help us raise money and people that have been
thinking they would like to start riding but need a kick start to feel either motivated,
confident or something to aim towards. The Pistachios team will do everything we
can to help support you and keep you on track leading up to the big day :-)
The Team
On a first sign up first serve basis!! team members will receive:

        Team t-shirts
        A bottle of water or the journey
        High Vis jackets for the ride

Adults £10 entry fee/ Children under 15 £5 entry fee - All proceeds will go to the
Great Ormond Hospital Charity - However we would ask you to raise as much money
as possible!!!!

Conditions of entry


Cycling on the public highway is a potentially dangerous activity and, although the
organisers, managers and promoters of the ride/s* will do all their power to make the
ride/s* safe, all riders take part at their own risk. All riders must ensure that that their
bicycles are in a roadworthy condition, must observe the rules of the Highway Code.


The organisers and managers of the Pistachios in the Park team cannot be held liable
for injury, loss and damage caused or sustained as a result of taking part in the ride/s*
or any other activity associated with the Pistachios to Pistachios 2010 Great Ormond
Hospital Appeal Bike Ride*, howsoever arising, nor can they accept any liability for
any changes made to the ride for safety reasons or as otherwise planned through
circumstances beyond their control.

While we go to great lengths to ensure that the ride/s* is/are organised to enable
participants to be as safe as possible at all times, we must make it clear that all
participants in the ride/s* take part entirely at their own risk. You are therefore
strongly advised to comply with the safety guidelines and to obtain personal accident
insurance cover as well as adequate material loss/damage insurance cover in respect
of your bicycle and personal property and any loss injury you may cause to a third

Health and Fitness

Cycling can be strenuous and riders must be in good health. Riders who have any
doubt about their health, or have a medical condition that could be affected by
exercise particularly a heart condition, must obtain their doctors approval before

* ride and ride/s includes the Pistachios to Pistachios Bike Ride on 26th June 2011.
                                  Registration Form
Personal Information


Phone Number

Home Address

Cycle Experience               Be as honest as you can, it does not matter if you answer
                               no to some of these questions, its so we can organise
                               training rides appropriate to the skill levels identified.
Can you ride in a
straight line without
Can you turn left and
right and come to a
controlled stop
Can you signal with
your left and right hand
for 3 seconds while
keeping your bike under
Can you use the gears on
your bike and
understand which gears
are best for different
riding conditions
Are you familiar with
the rules of the road as
stated in the Highway

I have read and agree to the conditions of entry overleaf

Name (block Capitals)……………………………………

Signed…………………………………………………….                                 Date…………………………………

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