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									                                                                                July 18, 2010

Greeters/ 5:25 Sanctuary - Bruce Fratanduono
Ushers:   8:00 Chapel - John & Sharon Honer
          9:15 Amphitheater - Scott Patton and Scott Beagle
          10:30 Sanctuary - Hank & Ann-Marie Barber and John & Brenda Eastham

                  Hopewell United Methodist Church
              852 Hopewell Road, Downingtown, PA 19335
                (610) 269-1545 Fax. No. (610) 269-3355
  Email - Hopewell@hopewellumc.org Website - www.Hopewellumc.org

          We hope that you enjoy worshipping with us here today and will
           experience God’s love to be real in song, fellowship and word.
                                           Prayer News
New Concerns
Sam Wampler (Laura Drill’s dad)                     - prayers for healing following a very serious bike
Elsie Tarr                                          - struggling with lung issues
Cecil Begbie (S. African friend & ministry partner) - beginning radiation treatment for cancer
Disaster in the Gulf                                - prayers for the success of the “capping project”
Ongoing Concerns
Linda Hall                                          - prayers as she battles cancer
Ronnie Dankanich (Doris Bair’s grandson)            - still hospitalized; prayers for progress
Cara Staurowsky                                     - recovering at home following surgery
Ellen Messner                                       - in rehab at Freedom Village
Alice Bryant                                        - prayers for healing following knee replacement

Please continue to pray for the congregation of our sister church, Marshallton UMC, as they grieve the
lost lives and tragic accident on the Delaware River last week.

                                               A Joy!
              Dick and Joanne Hutton celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last week!

                              This Week’s Prayer Calendar:
                     SUNDAY - Confession of our sins
                     MONDAY - Those who are hungry
                     TUESDAY - Older Adult Ministry
                     WEDNESDAY - Cancer survivors and their families
                     THURSDAY - Faith and strength in the Lord
                     FRIDAY - Hope
                     SATURDAY - Long Term mission trip participants

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                      Service of Hope & Healing - Bower Chapel (10:30 AM)
                                                                                     Special Music:
All are Welcome!             Testimony, prayer and Holy Communion
                                   Led by Pastor Barbara Hartman                       Norm Long

   Busy all day Sunday? Join us for the Saturday 5:25 PM Service and you won’t miss a thing!

             This Weekend
               July 17                                              All Services
     5:25 Contemporary - Sanctuary                          “The Summer Sin Sermon”
                                                                     Psalm 52
                   July 18
                                                               Pastor Steve, Speaker
     8:00 Traditional - Bower Chapel
                                                        (9:15) Commissioning of Long-term
      9:15 Blended - Amphitheater                            Mission Trip Participants
     10:30 Contemporary - Sanctuary

           Next Weekend
             July 24
   5:25 Contemporary - Sanctuary
                                                                    All Services

               July 25                                       “Practicing the Presence”
  8:00 Traditional - Bower Chapel                            Jeremiah 29:11-14a; 33:3
                                                               Pastor Vicki, Speaker
    9:15 Blended - Amphitheater

   10:30 Contemporary - Sanctuary

                                           Kind Worshippers,
                     Please make sure your cell phone or pager is in “silent mode”
                           so as not to distract from the worship experience.

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                    Hopewell Weekly Calendar for July 18 through July 25, 2010

Sunday, July 18
8:00 AM       Traditional Worship in Bower Chapel
9:15 AM       Outdoor Worship in Amphitheater, Junior Church
10:30 AM      Contemporary Worship in the Sanctuary, Hope & Healing Service in Bower Chapel,
              Sunday School
2:00 PM       Men’s Basketball
6:00 PM       Faith Quartet

Monday, July 19
6:30 PM      Finance Team

Tuesday, July 20
9:30 AM       Staff Meeting
6:00 PM       Celebrate Recovery
6:30 PM       Youth Finance Team

Wednesday, July 21
6:30 PM      Fireproof Small Group
7:30 PM      Praise Team

Thursday, July 22

Friday, July 23
6:30 AM        Men of Faith

Saturday, July 24
5:25 PM       Contemporary Worship in the Sanctuary

Sunday, July 25
8:00 AM       Traditional Worship in Bower Chapel
9:15 AM       Outdoor Worship in Amphitheater, Junior Church
10:30 AM      Contemporary Worship in the Sanctuary, Hope & Healing Service in Bower Chapel,
              Sunday School
2:00 PM       Men’s Basketball
6:00 PM       Faith Quartet

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                               14th ANNUAL ICE CREAM SOCIAL
                                Sunday, August 29th at the Parsonage
                                         2:00 to 5:00 PM
       Join us for fellowship and food at the Mortons’ home at 361 N. Buck Road. This
       has been a marvelous, intergenerational activity over the last thirteen years for
       long-time members and newcomers to Hopewell. Each year, around 200 people
       attend. There will be bouncing castles and games for the kids. Remember: park
       at the church and ride the shuttle. Bring your lawn chairs, too!

                         OLDER ADULT MINISTRIES REMINDER
            The third Wednesday of July is upon us and that means……….. LUNCH BUNCH!!
              Come one, come all to this time of food and fellowship sponsored by our OAM
                                          CRACKER BARREL
                                          TUESDAY JULY 20th
                                       11:30 AM - approx.12:45 PM
            Call the church office or contact Peggy Puy (610-363-8857 / peggypuy@verizon.net)
                          on or before 9:00 AM on Tuesday to say you’ll be there!

                              SERVING BEYOND THE WALLS
   Pastor Morton will be at Cornwall Manor for most of the day on Tuesday, July 20. He is attending
     the Finance Committee meeting at 1 pm and the full Board of Trustee meeting at 3 pm. With these
     meetings on Tuesday, Steve is starting his eighth year as a member of the Board of Trustees at Corn-
     wall Manor, a United Methodist-related retirement community in Lebanon County.

   Recently during the 10:30 AM worship service, Pastor Steve prayed over two very special boxes up
     on the communion table. Inside are 350 individual communion element sets (juice and wafer), shared
     in non denominational worship services inside the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadel-
     phia on the first Tuesday of each month. Hopewell’s Pat Welch participates in this outreach program
     under the sponsorship and direction of the Christian Life Prison Ministry (CLPM) based in Bensalem,
     PA. This group holds a service every Tuesday evening and has recently added one every other
     Wednesday, as well. For two years now, Hopewell has purchased the special communion elements
     required in a prison setting, ever since the Philadelphia Prison system authorized CLPM to bring
     them in on a monthly basis. We are grateful to be partnered in this valuable ministry in this way!

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CHILDREN’S MINISTRY COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Summer Hours Children’s Ministries at
Hopewell will continue to partner with Maranatha Christian Preschool in Coatesville this summer. We
will be assisting with after school programming (3-6 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and lunch help
(11:15-12:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.) If you are interested in participating and can donate time
during one or more of these time slots, please contact Patty Wiehler in the church office. This can be a
weekly, biweekly or monthly commitment. Children are welcome to accompany you in all cases.
MISSION IN AFGHANISTAN The Assistance Fund offering from our communion services on July 4th
was sent to support the Mizra Abdul Qader Day Care Center in Afghanistan, a humanitarian effort with no
government funding which helps to care for Afghani children and orphans. The Rev. Nicholas Camacho, an
elder in the Eastern PA Conference and a chaplain in the US Army, is a volunteer at this center while on
active duty in Afghanistan. Hopewell contributed $1,500.00 from this very special 4th of July offering.
Thank you for affirming the ministry of one of our Army chaplains and friends in this way! At Hopewell,
it’s always all about the MISSION….
CAMPBELL’S SOUP LABELS More Campbell’s Soup labels are en route to Red Bird Mission in
Kentucky. So far this year Hopewell UMC has sent labels totaling 1,168 points. The Mission redeems
these points for school equipment. Keep those labels coming!!!
RED BIRD SCHOOL SEEKS FUNDS TO RE-OPEN After 89 years of educating and shaping the faith
of youngsters in rural Appalachia, the UM Red Bird School is at risk of shutting its doors. In May, the Red
Bird Mission Board voted to suspend classes during the 2010–2011 academic year. The kindergarten-
through-12th-grade school, with operating expenses of about $1.8 million last year, is the mission’s most
expensive ministry, and the board wants to build up its cash reserves after years of dwindling donations.
Still, the mission’s new executive director, Taylor Collins, has hopes the school can reopen this fall. He
has set a goal of raising $1million for the school by Aug. 1. In the most recent academic year, Red Bird
Mission School had 220 students. The school draws students mainly from three counties where most
adults work in the struggling coal mining and logging industries and where as many as half the children
live below the federal poverty rate. The education at the mission school includes extracurricular activities
such as band and athletics as well as a full academic slate. Christian instruction also is woven throughout
the curriculum with daily Bible lessons and weekly chapel services. Families pay on a sliding scale of $7
to $56 a month depending on what they can afford. Each year, about 10 to 20 high school students also
board at the school. If the school closes, many of the students will face an almost two-hour bus ride each
way to the nearest public school. (UM Newscope 6-23-10)
Note: Hopewell UMC, with a long history of support for the Red Bird Mission, is sending a gift of
      $500 this month to help with this appeal for school funding.

         Supporting United Methodist missionaries, schools, and hospitals all around the world!

                      Special CMF Challenge Goal for 2010: $12,000
                           Total received Year-To-Date: $4,971

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                                       YOUTH NEWS
                             Director: Jon Marcus, Jon@hopewellumc.org
                           Assistant: Kristin Smith, kristin@hopewellumc.org

9:15 AM Commissioning for the Long Term Mission Trip
10:30 AM Sunday School for all Youth in the Upper Level Youth Space

The commissioning for the Long Term Mission Trip is TODAY, JULY 18 at 9:15 AM. Bring your luggage
to load in the vans on Friday, July 23 between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM. Meet at Hopewell on Saturday, July
24 at 5:30 AM to leave. We should be arriving home on Saturday, July 31 around 5:30 PM.

Sign up on the Volunteer HUB! The Junior High Henlopen trip is open to students who just completed 6th
through 9th grade. Permission slips were distributed during Vacation Bible School. Please contact Kristin
at Kristin@hopewellumc.org if you need one!

TOOL DONATION REQUEST The youth Long Term Mission trip will be to Camp Mechuwana in
Winthrop, Maine. The camp is in need of: 6’ Fiberglass Step Ladders, Scaffolding, Cordless Electric
Drills, and Hammers. If you would like to donate any of these items please contact George Robinson at
610-316-1192. Thank You.

My Hopewell Family and Friends:
Hello my church family! And thank you for the warm welcome you have provided my wife and me. This
has been a very big transition for my new family, but the love that you have shown has made this move
SO much easier. From the depths of my heart, thank you!
I’m excited to be a part of your church family and to be working on this awesome staff. Please come by
and introduce yourself to me. It takes me a while to remember names, but hopefully you’ll be patient
with me! I look forward to getting a chance to hang out with all of you, especially my students and their
families. I would love a chance to visit you in your homes, so don’t be afraid to invite my wife and me
over. No, no, that’s not me trying to get a free meal! I just want to get to know all of you in your envi-
As for the youth ministry, let me make my first request of you. As I’m working with the youth ministry
team, we’re looking at making some additions to our youth space. If anyone has any couches or loveseats
that are just sitting around, I would love to take them off your hands! Please contact me if you are able to
donate some of these items to the youth ministry.
So once again, thank you and I look forward to getting to know all of you!
Jon Marcus
Director of Youth Ministries
Hopewell United Methodist Church

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          Hopewell United Methodist Church Strategic Map/Long Range Plan
         Goal: Focus the work of the SPRC on staff appreciation, supporting the equipping ministries
               team, assessment and evaluation of pastor’s compensation, staff development, SPRC
               processes and prepare for a smooth transition in leadership for youth ministry.

         Result: We welcome Jon Marcus to the staff here at Hopewell as the new Director of Youth
                 Ministries. He has hit the ground running and he’ll be a wonderful mentor for our
                 youth and a faithful friend to those serving in that ministry. He will be present for the
                 remainder of the summer, allowing him to start building relationships and make for a
                 smooth transition into the new year! Welcome him when you have a minute and
                 continue to pray for this transition. We thank God for the ministry of our SPRC Team.

                             It makes a difference to have a PLAN!

                                   FLC FLOORING UPDATE
Following much hard work and careful consideration, the FLC Task Force has chosen the new floor for
the FLC. If you would like to see a sample of the flooring as well as a picture depicting the floor type
they can be found on the front counter in the church office. Thank you to John Eastham and his team for
the tremendous effort they have put into this project.

                          ON-LINE GIFTING AT HOPEWELL UMC
 The On-line Giving Sub-Committee has been working hard evaluating a plan for offering a simple way to
 offer on-line giving and gifting to those interested in this method of personal stewardship. Currently the
 committee is evaluating several companies who offer this web-based hosting service to enhance Hope-
 well’s existing electronic giving program. On-line gifting and giving offers a convenient means to fulfill
 our financial commitments in a timely and predictable manner and offers a real time tool to learn more
 about the blessings of giving and personal stewardship. Pray that God will continue to bless this effort as
 we attempt to offer a choice in the way we share God's blessings. Please look for information in the next
 2 months as we finalize this program. Thank you for your all of your continued financial support of
 God’s church and the mission of “Helping Christians Grow and Helping Grow Christians.”

 “’Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,’ says the
 LORD Almighty, ‘and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing
 that you will not have room enough for it.’” (Malachi 3:10)

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                                  ADULT MINISTRIES
                       Contact Person: Shauna Ridge (shauna@hopewellumc.org)

                  Coming this Fall: Save Time for Your Personal Growth!
                 Here’s a preview of some of the offerings we’ll have for you this fall.
                Won’t you prayerfully consider where God may be calling you to plug-in!
                                Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University teaches financial planning
                                with the goal of learning to live debt-free. Did you know that throughout
                                this 13-week course offered last fall, the 63 participants paid off an amaz-
                                ing $93,000 worth of debt? They did and you can too!
 Debi Nixon’s CATCH: Attracting and Connecting Visitors teaches radical hos-
 pitality. How can Hopewell church reach out to our community to welcome, attract
 and connect others to the body of Christ? Should we be doing more than we are?
                  Debi Nixon will be our keynote speaker for our Planting Seeds
                  event this year as well.
                  Green Church: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice! teaches us to
                  reclaim our responsibility as stewards of God’s creation and to rejoice in it’s beauty!
                  We were challenged last week by Pastor Steve to consider whether we are “co-opting
                  creation for our own benefit?” What might we, individually and as a congregation, learn
                  from the lessons in this relevant curriculum?

  One of our South African ministry partners, the Hope Village, is now Mosaic! This change in name
  does not mean a change in heart! What they do and how they do it has not changed at all! Please be
  sure to visit the new website: www.mosaicsa.org for more information, wonderful videos about the
  project, and to sign up for their newsletters.

                      UNITED METHODIST NIGHT AT THE PHILLIES - July 10th
                     Thank you to all those who participated in this program! Hopewell UMC had one of
                     the largest contingents of United Methodists there: 150. Because the Phillies rebate
$4 per ticket back to the conference for future Men’s Ministries, our contribution to the mission was $600.
Thank you to Dick Pry in particular for organizing this annual fellowship event.

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                           CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES
               Director of Children’s Ministries: Patty Wiehler (patty@hopewellumc.org)
                         Assistant: Kelly Rohrbaugh (kelly@hopewellumc.org)
JUNIOR CHURCH @ 9:15 Junior Church is offered during the 9:15 worship hour for all children ages
5 years to 6th grade. Children should proceed to worship with their families and then join our Junior
Church leaders at the specified time in the order of worship. Junior Church will be held in room Adam
SUNDAY SCHOOL @ 10:30 Sunday school is offered during the 10:30 worship hour for all children
ages 3 years to 6th grade. Room assignments are posted throughout the church hallways.
SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS NEEDED! If you can donate one or two Sunday morn-
ings this summer to help with our K-2nd grade or 3rd-6th grade Sunday school classes, please contact Patty
Wiehler at patty@hopewellumc.org or visit us at the Children’s Welcome Center in the church lobby on
Sunday mornings to sign up.
SUMMER CAMP 2010 Visit the Conference website at www.epaumc.org/camping for information on
exciting summer camping experiences. Camp brochures are also available at the Children’s Welcome
Center in the church lobby. Both day camp and overnight experiences are offered. All Hopewell campers
are offered “Camp Cash” discounts when registering. Full scholarships are also available. Contact Patty
Wiehler in the church office for details.
BLESSING OF THE BACKPACKS Save the date! Back-to-School will be here before you know it!
As we prepare to send off our children, consider joining us on Sunday, 8/29/10 during the 9:15 or 10:30
worship services for a blessing of their backpacks. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.
MUSIC & DRAMA CAMP All students entering 4th-6th grade are invited to participate in our annual
Music & Drama camp, beginning Sunday 8/1 and concluding Thursday 8/5 with a performance and recep-
tion. This year’s musical will be The Tale of Three Trees. Detailed information and registration forms
are available at the Children’s Welcome center or on our website www.hopewellumc.org. Upon registra-
tion, each student will receive a binder and musical CD so they can begin to practice for auditions.
Registration deadline is NEXT Sunday, 7/25/10!!!

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                                                        Beyond the Walls - Year III
                                                            It’s still all about the Mission:
                                                   Safe Harbor                  Good Works
                                                   Camp Innabah                 Bridge of Hope
           A Capital Campaign                                      Katrina Relief
              with a twist                                           Haiti
    “We are what he made us to be:             South Africa, including our full-time missionary
        created in Christ Jesus                                Total received: $39,579.69
           for good works.”
            (Ephesians 2:10)
                                                                 Pledges received: 100

July Designated Giving As we give thanks to God for the bounty of blessings that he bestows on us
for our annual Vacation Bible School, we look forward to giving back as we partner with our friends at the
Maranatha Temple in Coatesville in supplying resources and supplies for their Vacation Bible School during
the week of August 15th. Your designated dollars in the month of July will support these efforts. Thank
you for your gifts so far of $110.

                                         Scholarship Funds
  Hopewell UMC is committed to helping its students with their educational costs along the way. Three
  Scholarship Funds have been in existence for a number of years. Each is named in honor of a special
  member of the Hopewell family over the years, and each has been created for the purpose of providing
  scholarship aid for students. The Don and Joyce Bower Fund produces annual interest which is usually
  granted to a first year college student. The Preston Buller Fund is designed for the same purpose. The
  Mary Barringer Fund will soon be used to provide scholarships for little children to attend the Hopewell
  Christian Preschool. A fourth scholarship fund was started in 2008 to provide dollars for two boys in
  Mississippi at the time of their post-high school education. This is part of our commitment to on-going
  relief in a Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast. Praise God for this vital part of our ministry together! Please be
  aware that you may make a financial contribution to any of these funds at any time during the
                                       Current balances (as of 6/30/10):
                               Don and Joyce Bower Fund - $19,641.11
                                    Preston Buller Fund - $17,045.46
                                   Mary Barringer Fund - $52,901.68
                            Mississippi Students’ Education Fund - $7,839.57

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                                  DONATION STATION
                              Located Downstairs by the Family Life Center

Then the king will say to those at his right hand, “Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the
kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I
was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and
you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”
                                                                                       Matthew 25: 34-36

                                  Backpacks and School Supplies
The United Methodist Women are collecting backpacks and/or school supplies during the months of July
and August for the Lord's Pantry in Downingtown benefitting needy children in our area. Last year the
Pantry served 4,416 households representing 15,336 individuals. The numbers of families being helped
have increased due to the economy crisis. Please put the school items in the UMW bin in the Donation
Station. If you have any questions, please call Diane Mowery at 610-942-3303.

                                  Health Kits for Haiti and Chile
We are collecting the following items to make Health Kits for UMCOR. These items may be left in the
collection bin marked “HEALTH KITS for HAITI.”
Hand towels (15" x 25" up to 17" x 27", No kitchen towels), washcloths, combs (large and sturdy, not
pocket-sized), nail files or fingernail clippers (no emery boards or toenail clippers), bath-size bars of
soap (3 oz. and up), toothbrushes (single brushes only in original wrapper, No child-size brushes), and
6 adhesive plastic strip sterile bandages.

                                              Safe Harbor
This men’s shelter in West Chester is in need of the following items: individually wrapped snack items,
cans of coffee and cans of drink mixes. These items can be left in the Donation Station downstairs.

                                            Bridge of Hope
Help families succeed - donate these items: reliable vehicle for mothers (3 needed), “Overnights” (60-80
lbs) and size 4 diapers, baby wipes, scrapbooking materials for teenage girls, Goya products (rice, beans,
etc.), canned soup and pasta, travel-size hand sanitizer, Neosporin, Advil, Aveeno and other sensitive-skin
care products.

                                             Good Works
                   Hopewell Workdays are always the 4th Saturday of the month
               Please note the following leaders and please be in touch with them to serve!
Dawn Eiswerth—Lunch Coordinator, contact her at dawny70@aol.com or 610-873-4172 to make
lunch for the crew
Mary Ann Fisher – Work Crew Leader, contact her at maf880@yahoo.com to join them for the day

                                                                                  Please Recycle This Bulletin

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