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					                                          St. Juliana School
                                              Parent Edition
                                                   June 2011
                    The Yellow Pages

                    Grade 3’s
             Resident Expert Projects

Dear Third Grade Parents,
    The third grade class has currently finished
their end of the year Resident Expert Projects.
Each of them has become “experts” on the following
topics. In order to share their expertise, the
experts will be delivering two presentations on
their assigned presentation day. Students will
first present to their peers on their assigned day
from 1:00-2:00 PM. There will also be a second
parent presentation on the same day from 5:00-6:00
PM to accommodate working parents. You are invited
to come hear at either time or both! The parent
presentation is not mandatory or graded. However,
please let Mrs. Castellano know if you will not be
attending the second presentation.

Thank you,
Mrs. Castellano 

            Resident Expert Topics
                   MONDAY, 6/6/11
        Conner Allmendinger-Electric Guitar
                 Kelly Bender-Pluto
              Mary Bolduc-Taylor Swift
        Isabella Bond-Laura Ingalls Wilder
             Marie Brier-Shawn Johnson
          Tristan Catanzaro- Rubik’s Cube
               Kathryn Davis-Softball
               Ryan Gomez-Kobe Bryant

                  TUESDAY, 6/7/11
           Jacob Gonzalez-Blake Griffin
             Julianna Gonzalez-Soccer
           Kelli Griggs-Black Eyed Peas
                                 St. Juliana School
                                     Parent Edition
                                          June 2011
    Alexander Hanz- The Yankees
       Nicolas Harrison-The Beatles
      Riley Hawkins-Disneyland
      Dane Kiefer-Harry Potter
        Nichole Kuntz-Rihanna

             OVER 

          WEDNESDAY, 6/8/11
        Luis Martinez-The Sun
         Nathan Matas-Legos
  Franki Mattei-Underwater Cameras
Lillian Matthews-Chelsea Soccer Team
       Marie Medlen-Ostriches
       Jonathan Mesaros-Sleep
      Amber Molina-Walt Disney

           THURSDAY, 6/9/11
Ashlyn O’Neil-Rhodesian Ridgebacks
         Olivia Pesci-Tennis
    Issa Salac-Vincent Van Gogh
        Emily Shank-Football
  Gregory Shrubb-Angels Baseball
  Sofia Sigenfuse-King Penguins