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					                             Thunderbird Water & Sanitation District
                           Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Minutes
                                          May 12, 2011

Call to Order:           7:05 P.M.

Water Board Present: Bruce Boydstun, Gary Cammarata, David Gaige and Barry Gager

Others Present:          Edd Berchem (TWSD accounting services) and David B. Green CPA
                         (TWSD auditor)

Public Present:          Terry Thompson (Fire Chief -West Douglas County Fire Protection

Public Discussion:       Terry Thompson presented a questionnaire to the Board that he received
                         from the ISO (Insurance Services Organization). This organization is
                         responsible for setting up the basis for rates charged by insurance
                         companies for home owners insurance. Information is requested from
                         both the fire and water districts. The ISO requests TWSD information
                         such as, description of the system, maps, storage, water rights, gpm. of
                         pumps, hydrant information, etc. The Board agreed to complete the
                         pertinent portion of the questionnaire and return it to Terry Thompson by
                         the due date of June 8, 2011.

Minutes:                 The April 14, 2011 TWSD draft minutes were approved by all Board
                         members present.

                     -   TWSD Financial Reports and Adjusting Journal Entries for January
                         through March 2011 were reviewed by the Board. Financial Reports
                         and Adjusting Entries were accepted by the Board unanimously subject
                         to a review by Edd Berchem of a questionable miscellaneous expense
                         line item of $4,246.48. Edd will report back to the Board on the
                         questioned expense item.
                     -   Bills received were reviewed by the Board and approved unanimously
                     -   Checks written and issued for bills (Guaranty Bank and Trust) were
                         #7628 through #7640. Beginning check #7628 reconciles to the ending
                         check for last month’s approved checks #7627. A check was also written
                         and approved on the Chase Bank account for $15,000(#1046) transfer to
                         Guaranty Bank and Trust account.
                     -   Review of meter readings, and the Billing and Usage Report.- No
                         exceptions were noted.
                     -   Audit – David Green (TWSD Auditor) reviewed the draft of the audit
                         report for the year ended December 31, 2010. A few corrections were
                         suggested by the Board. In addition, the Board suggested that the
                         financial reports include an additional “footnote” which would give
                         details about potential liability amounts that could be incurred by the
                         Board due to three previous taxpayer approved bond elections. David
               Green indicated that he would make the requested corrections and
               additions to the financial statement footnotes. Final approval of the audit
               will be made by the Board at the June Board meeting.

Old Business   System Operation –The Chlorine Operation, Pumps and SCADA
               systems are all operating properly.

               Tank # 2 – The Board needs to fill and test refurbished tank #2 and
               shock chlorinate. We are currently waiting on the warranty for the tank
               repair. We will start filling when we decide to flush hydrants.

               Rural Water Authority of Douglas County - Barry Gager reported that
               there were no elections because there were no contested districts. Steve
               Boand made a presentation based on 2008 & 2009 information from
               every Small Water Provider. The amount of water and where it came
               from was addressed.

New Business   Flushing – Hydrant flushing scheduled for May 7 and 8 had been
               cancelled. New dates for flushing are May 21 and 22.

               Fire Department Tap Fees – Bruce Boydstun indicated that he had
               been contacted by the Fire Department. They indicated that they may
               move the fire house to a new location. In that case they would need a
               new water tap. They requested consideration by the Board to waive the
               Tap fee. Bruce said that nothing was definite and that the Board was just
               being made aware of the situation. The Board was noncommittal. Gary
               Cammarata indicated that he thought that one government entity cannot
               transfer funds to another government entity and that not charging a tap
               fee may fall under these same limitations.

Adjourn        9:55 P.M.