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									June 2011                                Volume 2, Issue 7
                                                                 The GP Team

The Place
                                                                  Property Manager
                                                                     Candice Farrell

                                                              Assistant Property Manager
     Spend your                                                       Kirsten Stuver

  Summer in the sun                                                Rental Manager
    by GP’s pool!                                                  Janet Overhultz

                                                                   Service Manager
DJ Red Alert                                                      Bryan Thompson

 spins your                                                  Resident Relations Manager
  favorite                                                        Andrea Mejicanos
 songs ALL
 afternoon                  GP’s Friday
                                                                 Leasing Specialists
                                                                Lourdes Echagarruga
                              Recess                                 James Bernal

                                Every                              Michelle Brown
                                                                    Abigail Lewis
                               Friday                               Tyler Gibbens
                             starting at
                                 2pm                            Service Technicians
                                                                    Don Coughlin
                                                                    Randall Baker
                                                                Roberto “Sos” Cruz
            It’s Not Too Late!                                     Chadwick Forde
  Renew your lease ASAP to ensure you keep
                                                                      Gainesville Place
  your current apartment! Stop by or contact                        2800 SW 35th Place
  one of our leasing specialists to fill out your                  Gainesville, FL 32608
                                                                     (P) 352-271-3131
               paperwork today!                                      (F) 352-271-3113
    We will even bring it to your front door!         

Page 2                                                      The Place

  Recipe of the Month– Chocolate-covered Bananas
   Ingredients                                   Directions
                                       1. Peel the bananas
   5 Ripe Bananas                      2. Place each banana on a
   8 Popsicle Sticks                   popsicle stick then place them
                                       on a cookie sheet lined with
   3 cups of good quality chocolate    parchment paper.
   bar or chips                        3. Place the cookie sheet in
   3 tablespoons of butter             the freezer for a minimum of 1
   Toppings (optional)                 hour.
   -chopped nuts                       4. Heat chocolate bits with
   -chopped coconut                    butter in a double boiler over
   -crumbled cookies                   low heat until the chocolate
   -sprinkles                          melts and butter is
                                       5. Dip the chilled bananas in
                                       chocolate and roll with your
                                       favorite topping.
                                       6. Chill or freeze until ready to

   New Cell Phone– iPhone 4’s, HTC
   Evo’s , or a Blackberry Torch, you can’t           Sports Event Tickets– What’s better than
   go wrong with a smart phone that                   spending time with your dad? Football season is
   keeps him occupied and the both of                 right around the corner, so score tickets early
   you in touch.                                      for the best prices!
   FaceTime using
   the iPhone 4’s wifi                                Grooming Kit– Get your dad
   enabled camera!                                    a functional and
                                                      sophisticated razor along
                                                      with the best grooming
                                                      creams and lotions from The
   Watch- If your                                     Art of Shaving.
   father is still wearing that old 10- year-
   old watch, it is time for it to be                 Leather Goods– What father doesn’t enjoy a
   replaced. Let your father know that you            genuine leather belt, journal or wallet?
   appreciate the time he took to raise      has everything leather. You
   you with values with a great and new               can even get his initials embossed on the
   watch!                                             leather for a nice, personal touch.
Page 3                                                    The Place

         Friendly Reminder               Moving Out is Simple!
Drinks are allowed by GP’s pools, When you remember these few
  however please make sure all     steps...
    beverages are in plastic or      Check that you are caught up on
      aluminum containers.           rent and any fees you may owe.
Glass is not permitted on the pool   Prime any walls you have painted.
               decks.                Make sure your room is clean,
                                     completely empty and you lock
          Rent Reminders             the door behind you as you leave.
                                     Gather all 4 keys (front door,
 Rent is always due on the 1st of
  every month and has to be in
                                     bedroom, mailbox and access
 by midnight of the 3rd in order     card) and come down to the office
     to not accrue late fees.        and sign a key return form.
                                                          It takes just 10 minutes! ☺
  Make all checks/money orders
   payable to Gainesville Place                       GP Loves Our Residents!
  and make sure your name and
   apartment number are also
                                                    Stop by our clubhouse for awesome
        CLEARLY written.
                                                            freebies this month!
    You may combine rent and
  overages on the same payment.                      Monday, June 6th– Breakfast from
    We can NEVER accept cash.
                                                     Dunkin Donuts!

         You may pay online at:                      Monday, June 13th– Free Sack                         Lunch!

                               Maintenance Tips of the Month
                                Temp Control and AC Tips
         GP recommends that you set your thermostat at 78° to avoid overages.

         Setting the thermostat 4° higher from 78° when you are not home can save as much as 10-15%
         on your utility bill.

         Use ceiling fans to increase comfort level in your apartment, but remember to turn them off when
         you leave. Make sure your fan is running counter-clockwise. At night, set your AC 2 degrees
         higher and use the ceiling fan to stay cool.

         Limit direct sunlight during warmer months when using the AC. Direct sunlight can actually raise
         the temperature of a room by 10 degrees! The less heat that enters your home, the less you pay
         to remove it. Make sure to keep blinds closed and curtains drawn during the day. Dark drapery is
         a good investment because they work best in keeping heat out of your home.
                                                                            GP wishes a BIG Happy Birthday to all
    What’s Happening at The Place                                             our residents celebrating in June!

                                             June 2011
       Sun               Mon                Tue              Wed           Thu           Fri             Sat
                                                        1             2             3               4
                                                        Rent is Due   Rent is Due   Rent is Due Rent is late
                                                                                    Friday Recess
                                                                                     by the pool
                                                                                        @ 2pm

5                  6        Free     7                  8             9             10              11
   World                 Breakfast
Environment                in the                                                   Friday Recess
    Day                 Clubhouse!                                                   by the pool
                                                                                        @ 2pm

12                 13                14                 15            16            17 UF Summer    18
                   Free Lunches           Flag Day                                  A Classes End
                       in the
                    Clubhouse!                                                      Friday Recess
                                                                                     by the pool
                                                                                        @ 2pm

19                 20 UF Summer      21                 22            23            24              25
                        Break—No         First Day of
    Father’s Day                          Summer                                    Friday Recess
                                                                                     by the pool
                        21st-24th                                                       @ 2pm

26                 27                28                 29            30

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                             Become a Fan of GP on Facebook                                 Stop by our office
                             and keep up on specials, events,                                and update your
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                                                     anytime to stay in
                                                                                                the loop!

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