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Greening IUPUI Grant Fund
IUPUI is providing up to $50,000 annually to fund student, faculty and staff led initiatives which will
"green" IUPUI by advancing the Sustainability Principles. The fund will be used to put on conferences,
conduct research, provide education and training, and provide funding for new programs and projects.

Grant Applications:

      Grants are for projects or activities that will reduce the environmental impact of IUPUI’s
      Students, faculty, staff may apply. Students must have a faculty or staff member’s support and
       designated as the project contact person on the application.
      Awards may be used for educational purposes, if it is clear that the education will lead to a
       reduction in IUPUI's environmental impact.
      Awards will not be made retroactively (i.e. to reimburse)
      Applications received by the deadline date will be given full consideration. Applications
       received after the deadline date will be reviewed and awarded only if funds are still available for
       the period in which it is submitted. Applications may be reconsidered for a following period
       when funds are available if deemed appropriate. The first round of applications to receive full
       consideration should be submitted by February 28, 2010.
      $50,000 is the total amount available for grants during the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

The Application Process:

   1. Download and complete the grant application at
   2. Submit the application electronically, to Colleen McCormick, An
      acknowledgment of receipt will be sent and the coordinator will contact you to discuss your

The Award Process:

The Greening IUPUI Awards Committee will review the applications and will award funding based on
the potential positive impacts of the project on advancing IUPUI’s Statement of Sustainability Principles

For questions or additional information, contact Colleen McCormick at 278-1308
Greening IUPUI                                                 GRANT FUND APPLICATION
                                                               For more information:
                                                               Submit completed application to:

Project Name          Bicycle Parking and               Total Amount Requested - $9,600                    Fund Code (for
                      Safety Education                                                                     internal use)

Project Contact         Chris Mahalek                                                 Phone #              4-5248
E-mail                              IUPUI Affiliation                              Staff
Proposed Start Date            April 2010                   Proposed Completion Date                       July 2010
By when do you need your proposal processed? (explain any time constraints)
May 2010

Signature        Chris Mahalek                                                        Date     2-25-2010
                            (If submitted via email printed name is sufficient for signature)
Project Description (expand as necessary) Bicycle safety brochure including maps for parking, routes and entering
campus for faculty, staff, and students. Improved bicycle parking for faculty, staff and students.

I. Objective and Implementation plan: 1) Describe project objective (ex: What operations and/or
behaviors does this project address?). 2) Include specific project details indicating how objective(s) will
be met. 3) Explain how this project promotes the IUPUI Sustainability Principles. 4) Describe the
project outputs.

The Pedestrian Safety Committee is currently creating Bicycle Safety information. The committee is
developing an educational brochure in the hopes of distributing it across campus. The brochure will
include basic education materials. These materials will educate cyclists regarding safety, as well as the
benefits of bicycling to work or class. This brochure will include a map of the campus that will identify
bike routes leading into and on the campus along with identifying bike rack locations. The Committee
will work with experts from Bicycle Indiana to produce the brochure. Bicycle Indiana will absorb 70%
of the cost of the brochure.
The committee would like to increase the number of bike racks located on campus using this grant
money. The bike racks will better accommodate university, faculty, staff and students who ride to work
and class. We will work with the University Grounds Department to install the bike racks on campus.
Educating faculty, staff and students to bike to work will reduce the environment impact of cars on
campus. Fewer cars on campus means fewer pollutants, fewer parking structures and less pavement. A
major reason for not cycling has recently been overcome with the building of new bike lanes and
greenways leading to campus. After that, bicycle parking becomes an important reason why people do
not bike to work. We feel that it is important to provide these additional parking facilities to encourage
faculty, staff and students to ride to work. We feel that maps will help them find these facilities, and that
safety education will increase their safety when riding to campus, and encourage cycling.
II. IUPUI Departments/Schools Affected by the Project: If your project requires approval/
collaboration with specific entities at IUPUI, please provide evidence of such approval/collaboration
(such as letters of support). If students groups are involved, list the group(s) and individual members
with contact information for those participating in the proposed project.

The brochure will be produced through the committee writing this grant application. We have talked
with a representative of Bicycle Indiana, who is also an IUPUI staff member, Chuck Fearnow, and he has
agreed to assist with the safety information included in the brochure, as well as assist helping identify
safe ways onto campus from the various bike lanes and greenways. Bicycle Indiana has agreed to pay
70% of the cost of the brochure and printing.
All work regarding the purchase and installation of the bike racks would be done by the University
Grounds Department. The Manager of the Grounds Department, Steve Stringer, is a member of the
committee and has been instrumental in the request of these funds.

III. Does this project have a financial payback? If so please explain (note: A financial payback is
not a prerequisite for funding but does increase the chances of the project being accepted.)

The financial payback for this project would be in increased health and safety of faculty, staff and
students. There would also be a reduction in costs for parking garages and parking lots. Reduced stress
from students and staff trying to find a parking place, may be cost benefit as well. A $1500 brochure will
cost the Sustainability grant $450 through a contribution from Bicycle Indiana.

IV. Budget and Timeline 1) List expenses or attach a budget. 2) Provide a timeline for completion
dates of significant phases of the project.

The educational brochure is currently under development, and could be completed by May 2010, when
most people would be comfortable with the weather and start riding to work. With the assistance of
Bicycle Indiana, the brochure would cost the Sustainability grant $450.
The bicycle rack installation would also be completed in the spring season when they would be needed
by cyclists. Each rack costs $475, and each rack needs a concrete pad to place them on. Each pad costs
$1,050. Rack and pad together cost $1525. We feel that with 6 additional bike racks on campus, it will
be more convenient for bikers to find locations to lock their bikes up when on campus. This is just a start
and more bike racks are needed if demand warrants. The total cost of 6 bike racks and pads would be
$9150. The cost of the racks and the educational brochure would be $9,600.

 Environmental Sustainability           Greening IUPUI Awards                  IUPUI Fiscal Officer
        Coordinator                          Committee

Signature                   Date      Signature                  Date      Signature                  Date

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