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					MINUTES 341

    PRESENT Cllr. S R Lees, Cllr T Herrington, Cllr. A W Robinson, Cllr M
    Rothwell, Cllr K Pincher, Cllr R Seggar, Cllr A Hazeldine, Cllr W T Pearce,

    APOLOGIES: Cllr. B Edwards, Cllr B Ingram

Parish Clerk: Mrs J Green,

    1. Declarations of Interest

    Cllr. Robinson (Allotment Society),

    *Cllr. S.R. Lees – as a member of South Staffordshire Council – will
    reconsider any planning applications at district level taking into account all
    relevant evidence and representations at that tier and at district level will
    declare an interest arising from membership of this Parish Council when
    expressing a view on any relative matters.

    2. Minutes of the last Meeting
     These were read and were confirmed as a true record for the June

    3. Matters arising from the Minutes
      All agenda items
     Baldwin Way Cllr Hazeldine asked for an update, he advised 3 bore holes
     had been drilled a few weeks ago. To be discussed further.
     Claverley F C have still not paid their invoice for pitch hire

    Mr Fanthom interrupted the meeting to deliver a folder.

    4. Development Applications
    10/00422/FUL single storey extension to site office & ramped access to
    Warden’s Office, Hinksford Park, Swindon Road, Hinksford
    10/00562/FUL LPG tank, 3, Hinksford Park, Swindon Road, Hinksford
    Refusals of Planning Permission - notice of
     10/00175/VAR removal of condition 3 on permission 6114/14438 to allow
    unrestricted occupation at Chasepool Cottages, The Holloway, Swindon
    10/00193/FUL, 10/00192/FUL, 10/00194/FUL erection of 4 loosebox
    stables at Blackhills Quarry, Bridgnorth Road, Swindon
    Grant of Planning Permission notice of
    10/00148/FUL construction of external enclosed staircase, installation of
    roof lights & photovoltaic cells at Swindon Community Centre, High Street,
10/00267/FUL extensions to front, rear & side of 80 Hinksford Park.
Swindon Road, Hinksford
10/00298/FUL canopy, bay window & extension to front, chimney &
balcony to sides & replacement of conservatory with 2 storey rear
extension at 7 Stanley Drive, Swindon

No comments on the above applications

Cllr Lees has received complaints re 7 Stanley Drive, Planning
Enforcement Officer has been to check the work being carried out & it is
being built in line with the approved plans and they will make further visits.

Lists of planning applications registered during weeks ending 18th, 25th
June, 2nd July
Car boot sale to be opened mid August in Himley Lane

Cllr Lees & Herrington were asked to attend a meeting with Gavin
Williamson, MP regarding the proposed marina. At this meeting Cllr
Herrington read out the minuted decision of SPC from May’s meeting. The
copy letters from Swindon Civic Society mentioned in correspondence
were discussed & it was agreed that no further action was required. Also
discussed was Mr & Mrs Munday leaflet sent to villagers.
Cllrs Seggar, Hazeldine, Pearce & Rothwell wished it be recorded, that
they object to the proposed marina. The planning application will go before
the Regulatory Committee in due course.

5. Accounts for payment
 F Pyke £60
 Mrs J Green £170
 BT £118.86
 Staffordshire Parish Council’s Association (Clerk’s Day) £80
 Castle Property Contracting Ltd (works to wall at cricket club) £411.25
 Mrs J A Green expenses £5.71 (travel to Cannock)
 D H Timms Ltd £305.50

All approved & to be paid

6. Health and Safety Issues
ROSPA have informed us that they will inspect the play area in August. Cllr
Pincher to check area before & would like to attend inspection, he will
contact ROSPA officer.

7. Correspondence
The Royal British Legion – thank you
Staffordshire Parish Council’s Association newsletter
J Parker bulbs brochure
Staffordshire Village Halls Advisory Service newsletter
Sam Godwin re PAT testing
St John’s Church –request for contribution to improvements - £50 agreed
  Swindon Civic Society copy of letter to Mr Winterflood, inc copies of letters
  to Gavin Williamson, MP & Mrs S Marshall, planning
  Gordon Fanthom – letter advising T Carvin resigned form Civic Society
  ROSPA – notification of inspection
  Email form Helen Coles, copy of letter to Mr & Mrs Munday re marina
  P & W Maintenance Contracting Ltd - flier re ground maintenance
  Community Buildings Champion Best chair Award
  Dudley M B C Development Strategy for Dudley Borough
  Link Staffordshire
  Staffs Parish Council Association notice of AGM
   South Staffordshire Council
   West Midlands Regional tree Warden Forum
   New method of Consultation
   Executive Meeting agenda & minutes
   Regulatory Committee agenda & minutes
   Special Council Meeting minutes & reports
   Himley Lane Development, proposed road name
   Response to enquiry re school bus route changing.
   Copy of letter being sent to residents regarding criteria for affordable
   houses – this was discussed. Agreed that criteria for 2 or 3 bedroom
   houses should state dependant relative residing with them where a child is
   mentioned. Strict checks will be made by housing association & District to
   ensure that applicants meet eligibility criteria.
  Staffordshire County Council
   Motorcycle routes safety strategy
  Highways, flooding survey - response to include also problems in Baldwin
   Local Council Day

  8. Community Centre
  Light fitting replaced

Invoice re steelwork in roof space – letter was sent after June meeting
refuting this which was read out. Builder has agreed that Parish Council not
responsible for these costs & can supply further information to support this.
Holding letter to be sent to Mr Tyler advising him that the matter is being

  9. Cricket Club / Playing Fields Development/ Football Clubs/Bowling
  Signs have been put up re parking. One has already been vandalised as it
  hasn’t any support at back of it. Invoice will not be paid until further
  discussions have taken place with supplier.
  Cricket Club extension, meeting to be arranged with Arthur Patrick of
  Trysull Tigers to form a plan to make this a facility for all sports clubs.
  Possible that the grants available for this work may be reduced in the
  present economic climate.
  Application received from a villager for use of a mini pitch for girls football
  team & this has been discussed with A Patrick but it clashes with Trysull’s
  training. Bottom field could be used or the same pitch as Withymoor which
  would need to be agreed with them. Withymoor have been advised they
  can use pitch again
  Claverley still haven’t paid invoice so agreed letter should be sent stating
  that legal action will be taken if payment not paid.
  Swindon Cricket Club have asked for permission for an A board to put out
  advertising their room for hire during the day. Agreed.
  Application to place a memorial bench within grounds, SPC would need to
  ensure the bench was of a suitable quality

   10. Youth Action
Cllr Seggar had a meeting with Gary Derby & subsequently wrote to his line
manager re youth club. Extracts from email read out regarding her concern
about the level of hire charges for the use of the centre & finances of youth
club. Youth club will not use the Community Centre during school holidays. A
meeting will be arranged between Cllr Seggar & management of youth
services to discuss youth club in full.
Cllr Lees had confirmed at Gary’s request that the conversion of the roof
space would be solely for use of youth club & is supported by SPC.

   10a`Youth Forum Chairperson
   Chair & Vice Chairpersons of Youth Forum unable to attend this evening

11. Standing Orders for meeting
Cllr Pearce suggested a sub committee be formed to look at this area & in
particular to look at how parishioners could be allowed to speak at meetings.
He & Cllr Robinson agreed to draft orders for discussion at a future meeting

12. Any Other Business
Cllr Seggar advised that playing fields have been litter picked & other work
carried out by Christopher Robinson. Letter of thanks to be sent.
Cllr Robinson advised that there is a lot of litter by the netball posts on the
playing fields. Cllr Herrington to attend
Cllr Lees mentioned he was concerned about the appearance of the area
around the centre. Cllr Robinson will speak to the caretaker about this.
Cllr Herington advised the cameras need to be serviced in the near future.
He had also received a call regarding some flooding around the bowling
green, will discuss the matter with Brian Bridge. It is possible that the water
had not been turned off in the grounds.

13. Date time place next meeting 25th August at 7.30PM

As there was no other business the meeting was closed at 9.25PM

Signed …………………………………….. Chairman                         Date ………………..

Signed ……………………………………... Clerk                            Date………………