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                                                                                    September 19, 2010
                                                                                      More Than a Feeling:
                                                                                       A Desire for God
             Old St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Bulletin
                                                                                         Emerald Ball
                                                                                       Too Hot To Handel
                                                                                          A Season for
                                                                                         Social Justice
                                                                                       Planned Activities
                                                                                     Crossroads Speaker and
      Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly                                          Discussion Series

    ANNUAL FALL FOOD DRIVE                                                                     8
                                                                                      Young Adult Ministry
Sunday, September 26, 2010                           See page 4 for more details.          Calendar
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                         Every once and a while, we come across those articles or inspired words we think someone else might enjoy.
                         Mindful of Luke’s Gospel today which speaks so beautifully about the significance of prayer and the words Jesus
                         uses to teach his “spiritually hungry” friends, I thought this piece by James Martin, SJ from US Catholic might be
                         both appropriate and intriguing for you. I hope you enjoy the article.
                         A holy and inspired week for you!

    Fr. Tom Hurley       Fr. Tom Hurley

                       MORE THAN A FEELING: A DESIRE FOR GOD
    You're longing for God—                                              Still not convinced? Here are the most common ways that our
                                                                         holy desires reveal themselves in daily life. Maybe one will
    you just don't know it, yet.                                         sound familiar.
                                                                         Incompletion. "Is that all there is?" sang Peggy Lee in the
    A few years ago I was having lunch with a friend who is an
                                                                         1960s. "I still haven't found what I'm looking for," sang Bono in
    agnostic. I had just finished my annual eight-day retreat at my
                                                                         the 1980s. At times you may have had the feeling that, even
    favorite place to pray, Eastern Point Retreat House in
                                                                         though you've had some success and happiness, something's
    Gloucester, Massachusetts, right on the Atlantic Ocean.
                                                                         missing. Part of this nagging restlessness never goes away and
    Despite her agnosticism, she was interested in hearing about
                                                                         never will go away; in fact, it provides you with a glimpse of
    my retreat. So I told her a little about my prayer.
                                                                         your longing for God. This is what one writer called the "God-
    After a few minutes she said, "Boy, it must be nice to have had      shaped hole" that only God can fill.
    an experience of God. There's nothing I want more."
                                                                         Henri Nouwen, the Dutch spiritual writer, once wrote,
    She's not the only one. The most frequently mentioned barrier        "Somewhere deep in our hearts we already know that success,
    to a personal relationship with God is never having                  fame, influence, power, and money do not give us the inner joy
    experienced God's presence. "If only I felt something," some         and peace we crave. Somewhere we can even sense a certain
    Catholics have told me, "then it would be easier to pray." "If       envy of those who have shed all false ambitions and found a
    only God made his presence known," say seekers, "then I could        deeper fulfillment in their relationship with God."
    start down the path of faith." Even agnostics like my friend-as
                                                                         What you're experiencing in those moments is your innate
    well as atheists-seeking intellectual proofs for God's existence
                                                                         longing for God-planted in you by God.
    admit that if they saw a glimmer of God, maybe they'd
    consider believing.                                                  Common longings. Sometimes you experience a strange or
                                                                         fleeting desire in the midst of an everyday situation: standing
    But people regularly have spiritual experiences. How do I
                                                                         silently in the snowy woods on a winter's day; staring into the
    know this? They tell me. The problem is that they don't take
                                                                         wide eyes of a tiny baby; finding yourself moved to tears during
    them seriously. "Oh, I was just being emotional," they'll say
                                                                         a movie. You feel an inexpressible longing to savor this feeling
    afterwards. Just as often, they ignore them. Or they reject
                                                                         and understand what it is. Such common longings are ways of
    them. Or they're simply not encouraged to talk about them.
                                                                         becoming conscious of the desire for God.
    Let's take one of the most common spiritual experiences: the
                                                                         One friend, a self-described workaholic, described being
    desire for God. "O Lord," wrote St. Augustine in the fourth
                                                                         "overtaken" by strange feelings during a baptism. She began to
    century, "our hearts are restless until they rest in you." Desire
                                                                         cry and said that she didn't know where this "feeling of peace"
    is a key way that God's voice is heard in life. And ultimately,
                                                                         was coming from. She dismissed it as being overemotional. For
    our deepest desire, planted deep within us, is our longing for
                                                                         me, however, it seemed clear that it was something else: a
    God. In short, the desire for God comes from God. It's a
                                                                         longing for what St. John of the Cross called "I know not
    primary way that God draws people to the divine.
                                                                         what." That is, God.

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                                                                                                                 A WAKENINGS

Uncommon longings. Sometimes you feel a powerful,                      to take." This is another way that God calls to us. You may be
unmistakable, almost mystical, sense of longing for God, or of         able to identify that as the desire for God.
having a fleeting connection to God, triggered by unexpected
                                                                       Desires for holiness. An attraction to personal holiness is
circumstances. Mysticism, despite what you may have heard, is
                                                                       another sign of the desire for God. This can be triggered in at
not simply the province of the saints: Karl Rahner, the German
                                                                       least two ways: first, learning about holy people in the past;
Jesuit, often spoke of "everyday mysticism." These are more
                                                                       and second, meeting holy people today. Holiness is naturally
intense feelings than common longings. One young man
                                                                       attractive, since it is an invitation into the divine. "Deep calls
described the experience as if he were a crystal vase with
                                                                       to deep," as Psalm 42 says. Think of the crowds that follow the
God's love like water about to overflow the top.
                                                                       Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa. But holiness is not reserved for
Again, these feelings may happen more often-and to more                the saints, who were human after all. Holiness always makes
people-than you may think. "For what is the mystical life,"            its home in humanity.
writes Ruth Burrows in Guidelines for Mystical Prayer
                                                                       Vulnerability. Here's an often misunderstood statement: Many
(Continuum), "but God coming to do what we cannot do; God
                                                                       people feel drawn to God in times of suffering. Often people
touching the depths of our being?"
                                                                       scoff at this response, saying it's just a crutch. Or it's a
Exaltation. Here you feel lifted up, or likewise, a sense of           manifestation of superstition. But we do not turn to God in
exaltation or happiness. Different from longing to know what           suffering because we suddenly become irrational. Rather, God
it's all about, you feel that you are very close to, or are about to   is able to reach us because our defenses are lowered. You are
meet, the object of your desire. You may even feel the warmth          not less rational. You are more open. Vulnerability can awaken
of being near God, though you may be reluctant or                      your innate desires for God, which have been buried under
embarrassed to define it as such.                                      layers of resistance.
Each of these feelings, by the way, may overlap. And there's no        Anyone, at any time, in any of these ways, can become aware of
need to identify them precisely. Sometimes the feelings that           the innate desire for God. Moreover, finding God and being
are the most difficult to describe are those that are the most         found by God are linked, since those phenomena have God as
personal, the most tailored to your own situation. Here God            their source and goal. The beginning of the path to God is
may be speaking more clearly than anywhere else. Just                  trusting not only that those desires are placed within us by
because you can't describe it doesn't mean it's not real.              God, but that God seeks us in the same way we seek God.
Clarity. There is an old New Yorker cartoon that features a            And that's what I told my agnostic friend over lunch. Her
wizened, monkish-looking man hunched over a large book.                desire to experience God comes from God. She's still thinking
"By God," he says, "for a minute there it all made sense."             about that one, she told me recently.
Sometimes you feel tantalizingly close to understanding
                                                                       So the next time you're tempted to think that you've never
exactly what the world is about. Yes, you think to yourself, now
                                                                       experienced any direct experiences of God, or have never had
I get it. On the morning of my ordination to the priesthood, at
                                                                       a "spiritual experience," think again. Or, more politely,
a church in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, I thought, "This is
                                                                       consider those experiences of desire, which are one of the
where I should be."
                                                                       primary ways that you can hear the echoes of God's voice in
In her book Out of Africa, the Danish writer Isak Dinesen              your life.
writes of being taken up in an airplane for the first time and
                                                                       By James Martin, S.J., author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost)
peering down at the Kenyan landscape. "I see," she wrote,
                                                                       Everything (HarperOne, 2010), from which this article was
"This was the idea. And now I understand everything." (Meryl
                                                                       adapted. Reprinted from the July 2010 issue of U.S. Catholic
Streep repeats these lines in the film as Robert Redford pilots
                                                                       (Vol. 75, No. 7, pages 37-38).
the plane, the music swelling on the soundtrack.)
Desires to follow. These desires are much more explicit. It is
not a desire for "I know not what," but for "I know exactly
what." You may be reading something about Jesus or another
religious figure like St. Francis of Assisi or Dorothy Day or
Pope John Paul II, and say to yourself, "That's the path I want

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EMERALD BALL                                                     COMMUNITY OUTREACH

                                                                    Annual Fall Food Drive
                     Join Us at the                                 Sunday, September 26: All Masses
                                                                    Little Brother’s Friends of the Elderly
      Old St. Patrick’s Church 25th Annual
                                                                    Come share your abundance

    Emerald Ball                                                    with elders that are served by
                                                                    Little Brothers – Friends of the
                                                                    Elderly (LBFE). LBFE customizes
       Celebrating a Trinity                                        each elder food bag and delivers
                                                                    bags with a friendly visit.
    of Faith, Philanthropy and Service                              Please do not send items
                                                                    in glass jars.
                                                                    Requested items include:
    Friday, October 15, 2010                                       • Low sugar cereal & regular cereal;
                                                                   • Canned tuna (in water);
    Please join Old St. Patrick’s members and friends for          • Low salt & regular canned vegetables;
                                                                   • Low salt canned soup;
       a delightful evening of dinner and dancing to
                                                                   • Low salt crackers (Saltines, wheat);
           celebrate 25 years of the Emerald Ball.                 • Canned tomatoes;
            The Ball will be held in the beautiful                 • Canned tomato paste;
          Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Chicago.                    • Pasta in boxes;
                                                                   • Rice or beans in small bags;
          This year, we are honored to pay tribute                 • Pasta sauce (plastic containers);
                to three very special families:                    • Canned fruit;
                                                                   • Hard candy (sugar free & regular);
            Ann and Rich Carr Family                               • Chocolate (sugar free & regular);
           Suzanne C. Hanley Family                                • Oatmeal instant and regular;
                                                                   • Creamy peanut butter in plastic jar;
         Peg and Steve Lombardo Family                             • Macaroni & Cheese;
                                                                   • Boxed instant potatoes;
     Individual tickets are $250 per person. Tables also
                                                                   • Decaf coffee (small cans or packets);
    are available. For more information, or to receive an          • Juice (small cans or individual boxes);
    invitation, please call Annette Buys at 312.831.9355.          • Individual serving cups: pudding, Jello, applesauce,
                                                                     or fruit cocktail;
                                                                   • Snack foods individually wrapped:crackers, cookies,
                                                                     trail mix, chips, nuts, or granola bars;
                                                                   • Small plastic jars of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise,
                                                                     Miracle Whip, no-sugar added jams or preserves;
                                                                   • Decaf tea.

                                                                   Please bring the food
                                                                   items to Old St. Pat’s
                                                                   on Sunday,
                                                                   September 26.
                                                                   Volunteers and LBFE
                                                                   workers will be onsite
                                                                   to collect your donated
                                                                   items. Thank you for
                                                                   caring and sharing.

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                                                                                                        C ELEBRATIONS

   In August 2010, we welcomed the following children into the Christian community through the sacrament of Baptism.

         Ethan Lucas Baguisa                      Isaac James Hendricks                   Leo Lindquist Nelson
         (Jennifer and Eric)                      (Jill and Jerome)                       (Lee and Paul)
         William James Battaglia                  Carter Winfield Holland                 William Anthony Olszewski
         (Lyndsey and James)                      (Edith and John)                        (Erin & Anthony)
         Lucy Blair Berry                         Ryan Marie Horne                        Frankie Page Panio
         (Brittney and Robert)                    (Erin & Erek)                           (Brittany and Christopher)
         Joshua Matthew Bolser                    Maxwell Thomas Horvath                  Jacob James Pawelczyk
         (Katherine and Scott)                    (Sara and John)                         (Lisa and Christopher)
         Luca Anthony Castellano                  Francesca Louise Jaski                  Beau Thomas Ryan
         (Irina and Christopher)                  (Sheri and Michael)                     (Kristi and Richard)
         Wyatt Stephen Crossan                    Declan Joseph Judge                     Jack Matthew Sivicek
         (Laura and Paul)                         (Gina & Bernard)                        (Julie and James)
         Adriano Javier DeAraujo                  Zachary Ryan Jurski                     Elsa Isabelle Sowka
         (Ginger and Alex)                        (Lisa & Aaron)                          (Vanessa and James)
         Jack Robert Donahue                      Alexa Grace Kiesewetter                 McKenna Kathryn Stapleton
         (Christina and Brian)                    (Grace and Gregory)                     (Kathryn and Nicholas)
          Chloe Gabriella Egwele                  Claire Emily Magoon                     Jack Nugent Turner
         (Amber and Brian)                        (Amy and Jeff)                          (Kim and Matt)
         Audrey Rose Ericson                      Bryce Joseph Matune and                 Luke Christopher Vanosky
         (Kate and Michael)                         Megan Eve Matune                      (Angela and Brian)
                                                  (Dawn and Keith)
         Lila Rose Gaddipati                                                              Alexander Lucas You
         (Emma and Raja)                          Eamon William Montague                  (Alexa and David)
                                                  (Valerie & Noah)
         Calleigh Elizabeth Hansen
         (Michelle and Richard)

             Through Jesus we have become children of God. So St. Paul says:
          “All who are guided by the Spirit of God are sons and daughters of God.
     And if we are children then we are heirs, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ.”
                    We are children of light and love learned from Jesus.
                                    – Romans 8:14-17

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MUSIC MINISTRY                                                             OLD ST. PAT’S SOCIAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE

                                                                                                  Planned Activities
                                                                            Whether you are interested in just learning more or actively trying to
                                                                            find new and effective ways to express solidarity with our global family,
                                                                            we hope the following initiatives, scheduled for September and
                                                                            throughout the fall, might be helpful to you. Please feel welcome
                                                                            to join us!
                                                                            Sunday, September 26
                                                                            Information on micro-financing / micro-lending projects will be
                          Performances:                                     available through The Crossroads Sunday bulletin. We will show how
              Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.                       interested Old St. Pat’s members (and groups) might choose to
                                                                            support global and local micro-lending programs.
                   Sunday, January 16 at 3 p.m.
                                                                            Sunday, October 24 • Alternative Market
                     The Auditorium Theatre                                 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Church Hall
                 50 E. Congress Parkway, Chicago
                                                                            Small, local (and global) Fair Trade vendors will feature not only
                                                                            products for sale but also the stories of the individuals who grow or
               Rehearsal and First Audition:                                craft the products. We will also be joined by local farmers and
              Monday, September 20, 2010 from 7 - 9:15 p.m.                 entrepreneurs featuring products that are sustainable, organic and
                       Old St. Patrick’s Church Hall                        Earth friendly.
                          700 W. Adams, Chicago
                                                                            Sunday, November 14 • Host Home Project
    Free parking at lot on Southeast Corner of Adams and Des Plaines
                                                                            Bonnie Wade, M.S.W.
                                                                            10:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
       Rehearsals at Old St. Patrick’s Church:                              Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center, 711 W. Monroe, 2nd floor
    Mondays from 7 - 9:15 p.m., September 2010 through January 2011
                       Old St. Patrick’s Church Hall                        The LGBTQ Host Home Program is a housing model that provides an
                                                                            alternative to the shelter system and is designed to move Lesbian, Gay,
                          700 W. Adams, Chicago
                                                                            Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning youth (who are experiencing
    Free parking at lot on Southeast Corner of Adams and Des Plaines        homelessness) beyond life on the streets to independent living. Come
                                                                            join us for this engaging presentation, and learn more about the crisis
        Rehearsal at the Auditorium Theatre:                                of abandoned and marginalized youth as well as an innovative response
               Thursday and Friday, January 13 and 14, 2011                 that is making a difference. Previously presented at Old St. Pat’s on
                                                                            Sunday, June 13, this program was so well received, that we invited
    For more information, please contact Bill Fraher at 312.831.9353, or    Bonnie Wade to join us once more. We are delighted she can be with
  , or visit           us to tell us more about her important and groundbreaking work.
      For ticket information, please visit www.auditorium      Visit for more resources and reflections concerning
                                                                            the Principle of Solidarity. Upcoming issues of The Crossroads bulletin
                                                                            will contain more details concerning the Season for Social Justice
           OLD ST. PATRICK’S CHURCH                                         programs along with articles about Catholic Social Teaching and
                                             suggestions for action.

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                                                                            C OMMUNITY FAITH F ORMATION

 Old St. Pat’s Comes to Your Neighborhood!
                                                                                           All locations follow the same format:
 Crossroads North, West, and Southwest
                                                                                           6:30 p.m. Refreshments and Welcome
 Speaker and Discussion Series
                                                                                           7:00 p.m. Presentation and Discussion
 Old St. Pat’s is a large congregation drawing members from more than 200 different        8:30 p.m. Program Ends
 zip codes. While it is great to be part of a growing and vibrant experience of Church,
 sometimes it is challenging to feel connected to others within such a large community.
 These “satellite locations” provide opportunities each month for our members and friends from around the city and suburbs to gather
 together with their Old St. Pat’s neighbors, hear an interesting speaker, and have some great conversation (without making a trip
 downtown!). Come join us!

                                                   Crossroads Southwest
   DATE & COST                           TOPIC & SPEAKER                            LOCATION & COORDINATOR
   Wednesday, September 22               "Live Your Life's Music:                   Gaelic Park
                                         From Struggle to Enlightenment"            6119 W. 147th Street, Oak Forest, IL
                                         Mary Kay Slowikowski                       708.687-9323
                                                                                    Rosemary Nash,,
                                                                                    Jaclyn Mullooly,
                    From the revelatory moment of Confirmation that said she was a "soldier of Christ" to the heights of being an
                    Emmy-nominated speaker for PBS televison, Mary Kay Slowikowski learned life's true journey is one that connects
                    us with "the self" — who we are meant to become. Part of the journey is to find the transcendent "music" that
                    fills our lives with hope, faith and love. We find " music" in the people, places, and moments that weave a sense of
   spirit through our lives. We also find it through struggle. It Is the striving for enlightenment that helps us find God within us.
   Mary Kay relates her own struggle with panic attacks, agoraphobia, and severe migranes to show how we all can reach past
   obstacles for a higher purpose.
   Mary Kay Slowikowski is a member of Old St. Patrick's Church, and CEO of her own speaking/consulting business, Slowikowski &
     Associates, for the last 30 years.

                                                        Crossroads West
   DATE & COST                           TOPIC & SPEAKER                          LOCATION & COORDINATOR
   Wednesday, September 28               "The Pathology of Poverty”               Carmelite Spiritual Center
   $5 donation per person                Kathleen Harrison                        8433 Bailey Road, Darien, IL 60561
   (for facility use)                                                             630.969.4141
                                                                                  Mary Kay Slowikowski,,
                                                                                  Ken Martin,
                                 Kathleen Harrison holds a master’s degree from Long Island University and a doctorate from Fordham
                                 University. She is a board-certified geneticist and has had a long career in medicine and academia,
                                 serving on the faculty at Thomas Jefferson University, Columbia University, and Loyola University. In
                                 2005 she founded HARAMBEE (“all pull together” in Swahili), a nonprofit organization addressing health
                                 and its socioeconomic determinants in sub-Saharan Africa. HARAMBEE funds community development
   projects, promotes education initiatives in the U.S. and Africa, and organizes medical, academic, and lay volunteer service missions to
   Africa. Dr. Harrison has lectured internationally, and her photographs have been included in an exhibit at the National Press Club in
   Washington, DC. She currently serves as Director of HARAMBEE, and works as a genetics consultant. She is an affiliate member of
     the Center for Global Health at the University of Wisconsin.

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    Are you interested in becoming Catholic, or would you like              journey. Members of Old
    to learn more about the process?                                        St. Patrick's graciously
    The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process          host the RCIA, walking
    designed for those who are considering joining the Catholic             with candidates as they
    Church by celebrating the sacraments of initiation (baptism,            embark upon a journey
    confirmation, Eucharist) at the Easter Vigil. The process               filled with questions,
    welcomes adults who have never been baptized, those who have            conversations, learning,
    been baptized in another Christian tradition, as well as adult          and community-building.
    Catholics who wish to be confirmed.                                     If you would like to learn more about RCIA at Old St. Pat’s, or to
    Approximately forty people per year have been welcomed into the         be part of the process, please contact Keara at 312.798.2328, or
    Church through the RCIA process at Old St. Pat’s. The RCIA is an
    engaging, dynamic, respectful, challenging and — ENJOYABLE

Old St. Pat’s Young Adult Ministry Calendar
DATE/TIME                 EVENT                                                                                 LOCATION
Wednesday,                Young Adult Faith-Sharing Group Kick-off                                              Old St. Pat’s
September 29              If you are interested in getting together on a regular basis with other young         Room 21,
6:30 p.m.                 adults to talk about faith and life, and how they intersect, please consider          Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center,
                          joining us for a Young Adult Faith-sharing Group Kick-off Night at Old                711 W. Monroe, Chicago
                          St. Pat's. Pizza and drinks will be served! To R.S.V.P. , contact Keara at
                , or 312.798.2328.
Saturday,                 “Run Faster With a Wing and a Prayer” Mass                                            Old St. Pat’s Church
October 9                 Join us as we pray for a successful run for those who have chosen to                  700 W. Adams, Chicago
6:30 p.m. Mass            participate in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 10.
Sunday,                   After Five – “Bless Your Blisters” Celebration                                        Old St. Pat’s Church Hall
October 10                Join us as we celebrate and honor those who will have completed, the                  700 W. Adams, Chicago
Following the             Bank of America Chicago Marathon earlier that day! We will also add some
5 p.m. Mass               “Tastes of Oktoberfest” to our usual fair of food and drinks.
                          All are welcome — no RSVP necessary.
Wednesdays,               Life Without Borders: Young Adult Fall Speaker Series                                 Old St. Pat’s
October 13, 20,           Join us as we go beyond some of the borders that often separate us, and reach         Room 25,
and 27                    into and learn from different spiritual traditions within Catholicism (October 13);   Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center,
7 p.m.                    Islam (October 20); and Judaism (October 27). No R.S.VP. necessary. If you            711 W. Monroe, Chicago
                          have any questions, please contact Keara
Thursday,                 Young Adult Bonfire                                                                   Promontory Point,
October 14                All are welcome to join in the fun! We will have hot cider and hot chocolate as       Chicago’s Southside lakefront
6:30 p.m.                 well as some items for making S’mores (but feel free to bring additional food!)
                          We will gather at 6:30 p.m.on the steps in front of Old St. Pat’s Church at 6 p.m.
                          to carpool to the lakefront. If you have any questions, please email Keara at
Monday,                   Young Adult Book Club                                                                 The Book Cellar
October 25                All are welcome to join us for our next Book Club gathering as we discuss             4736 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago
7 p.m.                    Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart. First-timers are welcome!
                          If you have any questions, please contact

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                                                                                  C OMMUNITY FAITH F ORMATION

                                      Foundations Youth Ministry
                                      Foundations Youth Ministry is committed to fostering fellowship, spirituality, and service with the teens of Old St.
                                      Pat’s in building the Kingdom of God in our world. The program is comprised of high school students from a variety
                                      of high schools in and around Chicagoland. Foundations meets most Sunday mornings throughout the school year.
Additional days are dedicated toward teens’ participation in service projects, Lock-Ins, Retreats, Summer Worktours, and many other fun events.
Registration is always open! Please contact Becky Terlep, coordinator of Foundations Youth Ministry, at 312.798.2329, or for more
information. Young Adult leaders and chaperones are needed to volunteer for this important ministry!
Foundations Youth Ministry Calender 2010
Foundations meetings are scheduled from 10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. in the FXW Gym, or in the Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center, 711 W. Monroe. All grades
meet in the Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center, 3rd floor, room 32. The rain plan for Park Games is also at the Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center, 2nd floor.
Friday - Sunday,                                             Leader Retreat, Michigan
September 17-19
Sunday, September 26         11 a.m. - 1 p.m.                Frosh/Soph Retreat Team Meeting
Sunday, October 3            9:30 a.m.                       Mass
                             10:45 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.          Freshmen Adventure Day, YMCA Camp Duncan
Sunday, October 17           10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.         Kick-off Meeting, FXW Cafeteria
                             12:30 - 2:30 p.m.               Frosh/Soph Retreat Team Meeting
Sunday, October 24           8:15 a.m.                       Mass
                             9:15 a.m. - 7 p.m.              Great America Fright Fest
Saturday, October 30         7 p.m.                          Parent Kick-off, Busler/Colombo Home
Sunday, October 31           11 a.m. -1:30 p.m.              Frosh/Soph Retreat Team Meeting
Sunday, November 7           9:30 a.m.                       Foundations-hosted Mass
                             10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.         Craft Day with Encore, Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center
                             12:30 - 2:30 p.m.               Advent Candle Rolling, Room 32, Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center
Sunday, November 14          11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.             Frosh/Soph Retreat Team Meeting
                             5 p.m.                          Mass
                             6 - 7:30 p.m.                   Junior Dinner
Friday - Sunday,                                             Frosh/Soph Retreat, Michigan
November 19-21
Sunday, November 28          8:45 a.m. -12:45 p.m.           Advent Candle Fundraiser
Thursday - Saturday,         7 p.m.                          Deck the Hall Coat Room Fundraiser
December 2-4
Sunday, December 5           9:30 a.m.                       Foundations-hosted Mass,
                             10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.         Meeting, Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center
                             12:30 - 2:30 p.m.               Frosh/Soph Retreat Team Meeting
                             8:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.          Advent Candle Fundraiser
Sunday, December 12          8:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.          Advent Candle Fundraiser
Saturday, December 18                                        Service Saturday
Sunday, December 19          10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.         Meeting: Christmas Party, Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center
                             12:30 - 2:30 p.m.               Junior/Senior Retreat Team Meeting
Thursday, December 23 Noon - 2 p.m.                          Christmas Eve Mass Rehearsal, Church Hall
Friday, December 24          5 p.m.                          Foundations-hosted Christmas Eve Mass, Church Hall

                               Please visit our Web site and the online gift shop at                                                 9

                                                                                                     Your Christmas
                                                                                                     Cards Early!
                                                                                                     Do you have a difficult time trying to
                                                                                                     find a suitable religious card to send
                                                                                                     to family and friends? Look no more!
                                                                                                     Encore offers a hand-crafted
                                                                                                     Old St. Patrick’s Christmas card
                                                            with the angel                           depicting our beautiful nativity scene.
                                 And suddenly there was                         ing ,                These cards will be available for
                                                    hosts, praising God and say
                        a multitude of the heavenly                        , peace... '              purchase, $25 for ten cards, at the
                                                hest heaven, and on Earth
                      ‘ Glory to God in the hig                                                      Encore Cafe on Sunday,
                                                                                                     September 26, 10:45 a.m. - noon,
                                                                                                     in the Church Hall. All proceeds will
                                             Merry Christmas!                                        benefit Old St. Patrick’s Community
                                                                                                     Outreach Programs.

          Chicago Chocolate Tour • Sunday, Oct. 3
     Join Encore for a delighful, fun, informative, and guided walking and tasting tour of select chocolate shops in Chicago. Each participant
     will receive VIP treatment, information on the history and health benefits of chocolate, architectural details about the various buildings
     housing the chocolate shops, and samples galore. Savor the flavors, and walk-off the calories on the sweetest tour in town!
     Tour participants will meet at 11:45 a.m. on Sunday, October 3 at the Concierge Desk, Lobby Level, 900 N. Michigan Avenue
     (Bloomingdale’s), Chicago. The tour begins at noon, and concludes at 2:30 p.m. The cost is $35 per person. Please make your
     reservation no later than Wednesday, September 22 by contacting Tammy Roeder at, or 312.798.2350.
     The chocolate shops and cafes are all wheelchair accessible.
     The tour includes the following chocolate shops and cafes:
     • Teuscher Chocolates;
     • More Cupcakes;
     • Sarah's Pastries and Candies;
     • Frango - Water Tower;
     • Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter;
     • Argo Tea - Gold Coast.

10                                     Please visit our Web site and the online gift shop at
                                                                               C OMMUNITY FAITH F ORMATION
ENCORE                                                                                          FAMILY MINISTRY

 The Encore Cafe Welcomes Fr. Jack Wall!                                                         Liturgy of the Word for Children
 Sunday, September 26                                                                            After the opening prayers on the dates
 More an experience than a place, the Encore Cafe seeks                                          listed below, children age three through
 to bring together “seasoned” adults (men and women,                                             second grade are called to attend “Liturgy
 single and married, age fifty or older) for a good meal,                                        of the Word” (LOW). They are escorted
 great conversation, and the best fellowship.                                                    behind the altar where they gather in the
 Your morning at the Encore Cafe will begin with a                                               rectory for an interactive session that helps
 catered breakfast buffet followed by a thought                                                  them learn about the readings of the day in
 provoking, thirty-minute presentation by an inspiring                         Fr. Jack Wall     language and activities they will easily
 guest speaker. There is always time for great conversation with your table guests.              understand. The children rejoin their
                                                                                                 families after the Homily and share in the
 You won’t want to miss this opportunity to launch the fourth season of the Encore Cafe, and
                                                                                                 rest of the Mass. All children three to
 extend an Encore welcome to Fr. Jack Wall as he shares with us his own
                                                                                                 second grade are invited, and no
 “Stories of Solidarity.” Hope you can be with us!
                                                                                                 registration is necessary. If you would like
 Date:             Sunday, September 26                                                          more information, or are interested in
 Time:             10:45 a.m. (following the 9:30 a.m. Mass) to 12 p.m.                          assisting with the LOW program, please
                                                                                                 contact Donna Szymanski at
 Place:            Old St. Pat’s Church Hall, 700 W. Adams, Chicago                    
 Cost:             $10 per person
 Reservations: Make your reservation by calling Old St. Pat’s at 312.648.1021, or                Sunday, September 19;
               Encore volunteer Eileen Brady at 630.782.1496. Reservations will be held
                                                                                                 Sunday, October 3 and 24;
               at the door. To help us offer you our best hospitality, please make your
               reservation by Wednesday, September 22.                                           Sunday, November 7, 14 and 28;
                                                                                                 Sunday, December 5 and 12.
 "A true church experience opens people to the work of God in them. We encounter God
 when we are open to each other and see His transforming power. Those who reach out to           2011
 those in need know the good work that can be accomplished by letting God work through           Sunday, January 2, 9 and 23;
 them — and it can be accomplished everywhere."                                                  Sunday, February 6, 13 and 27;
 - Rev. John J. Wall, President, Catholic Extension Society                                      Sunday, March 6 and 27;
                                                                                                 Sunday, April 3 and 17;
 A lifetime Chicagoan, Fr. Jack Wall was ordained on May 2, 1968, after receiving his            Sunday, May 1.
 Master of Divinity and STL from the University of St. Mary of the Lake. He has served on
 the faculty of Niles College and the Seminary of Loyola University, and was Vocations
 Director for the Archdiocese of Chicago from 1979 to 1985.
 In October 1983, Fr. Wall became pastor of Old St. Patrick's Church, the second parish
 founded in the city of Chicago, and the city's oldest public building. Fr. Wall successfully
 revitalized this urban Church. Compared to the 25 people who attended his first Mass at
 Old St. Pat's, more than 2,000 people attend weekly Sunday Mass at Old St. Pat’s.
 In March 2007, The Holy See appointed Fr. Wall as President of the Catholic Church
 Extension Society. Fr. Wall brings an energetic approach to his new role of raising
 awareness of and resources for the 80-plus mission dioceses served by the Catholic
 Extension in the United States.
 His visionary and expansive "inviting" approach serves Fr. Wall well as he looks toward
 gathering support among the nation's Catholics to help provide for America's poor and
 remote missions, from the bayou country of Louisiana in the Deep South and Native
 America reservations in the West to the craggy outposts of faith in Alaska, where priests
 sometimes pilot planes to remote fishing villages once a month to celebrate Mass and
 bring the sacraments.

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OLD ST. PAT’S SOCIAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE                                     LITURGY

                                                                             September/October 2010 Liturgy Schedule
                             Are you a woman                                 If you would like to volunteer as a minister or coordinator for one
                             who identifies as                               of our Liturgies, please complete the form below and place it in
                                                                             the RED file folder, located in the hanging file on the wall in the
                             both lesbian and                                Usher’s closet, or mail it to Old St. Patrick’s Church, Attn: Jaclyn
                             Catholic?                                       Mullooly, 711 W. Monroe, Chicago, IL 60661.

                                                                                Eucharistic Coordinator      Hospitality Coordinator
                        Are you 25 or older?
                                                                                Lector      Eucharistic Minister     Hospitality Minister
 Have you openly identified as lesbian for at least 5 years?
           Were you raised in the Catholic Church?                           Name:    __________________________________________
                  Are you a practicing Catholic?                             Email:   __________________________________________
   If so, you are invited by a fellow member at Old St. Pat’s to             Address: __________________________________________
participate in a psychological research study on lesbian Catholics.
       Please contact the researcher, Meghan Hanlon, M.A.,                   _________________________________________________
       at 248.321.7636, or                     Phone: __________________________________________
                                                                                 Please mail a hard copy of the schedule to the address above.
             Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD)
                                                                             Sunday, September 26, 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
             Old St. Pat’s Group Volunteer Dates
             Help Us Stamp Out Hunger!                                                   Church             7 a.m.      8 a.m.   9:30 a.m.
             4100 W. Ann Lurie Pl., Chicago                                                                 11:15 a.m.      12:45 p.m.      5 p.m.
                                                                             Sunday, October 3, 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
 Group        Date/Time                         Contact
                                                                                         Church             7 a.m.      8 a.m.   9:30 a.m.
Outreach      Saturday, October 9, 2010         Mary Beth Riley                                             11:15 a.m.      12:45 p.m.      5 p.m.
              9 a.m. - noon           
                                                630.655.9447                             Hall               9:30 a.m.

Connections Saturday, October 9, 2010           Christine Miller             Sunday, October 10, 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
            9 a.m. - noon             
                                                                             Bank of America Chicago Marathon
Encore        Tuesday, October 12, 2010         Carole Zander
              9 a.m. - noon                               Church             7 a.m.      8 a.m.   9:30 a.m.
                                                773.276.2271                                                11:15 a.m.      12:45 p.m.      5 p.m.

                                                                             Sunday, October 17, 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
 PLEASE HELP US UPDATE OUR ELECTRONIC RECORDS                                            Church             7 a.m.      8 a.m.   9:30 a.m.
 As our electronic communications continue to expand,
 please let us know if you have changed your email                                                          11:15 a.m.      12:45 p.m.      5 p.m.
 address, or perhaps added a NEW email account to                                        Hall               9:30 a.m.
 receive information. Please email the information
 below to Bridget Evers at                           Sunday, October 24, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
 NAME: _____________________________________________                                     Church             7 a.m.      8 a.m.   9:30 a.m.
 STREET: ________________________________ APT. #: ______                                                    11:15 a.m.      12:45 p.m.      5 p.m.
 CITY: ___________________ STATE: ______ ZIP: ____________                   Sunday, October 31, 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time
 PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS: ______________________________                                   Church             7 a.m.      8 a.m.   9:30 a.m.
 Old St. Pat’s Membership Status: Are you a member, associate, or friend?                                   11:15 a.m.      12:45 p.m.      5 p.m.

12                                    Please visit our Web site and the online gift shop at
                                                                                 C OMMUNITY FAITH F ORMATION

                         Wedding Music Fair                               bagpipers, flutists, etc. There is a $5 donation per person
                         Monday, Oct. 4                                   requested at the door.
                         Old St. Patrick's Music Ministry offers three    Whether you are a bride or groom planning a wedding at
                         wedding music fairs a year on the first Monday   Old St. Pat's or elsewhere, a mother or father planning your son's or
                         in February, May and October from 7 - 8:45       daughter's wedding, celebrating your own wedding anniversary,
                         p.m. at Old St. Patrick's Church. Brides,        or just want to hear some good music, please join us for our
                         grooms, and extended family have an              Wedding Music Fair on Monday, Oct. 4 from 7 - 8:45 p.m. for
 opportunity to listen to all kinds of music appropriate for a wedding    what some people call "the best and least expensive concert on
 performed by many instrumentalists and singers. The Wedding              a Monday night in downtown Chicago."
 Music Fair features strings, piano, trumpet, oboe, Irish Trad players,
                                                                          For further information or assistance in planning your wedding,
 and six - eight singers. Other instrumentalists are available such as
                                                                          please contact Bill Fraher at 312.831.9353, or

                                                                          Wedding Schedule
                                                                          If you are engaged and would like to be married at Old St.
                                                                          Patrick’s Church, please contact Jo Ann O’Brien, wedding
                                                                          scheduler/coordinator, at, or 312.831.9383.
                                                                          Volunteer wedding assistants will facilitate your rehearsal and
                                                                          assist at your wedding ceremony.

                                                                                               Wedding Banns
                                                                           May the Winds of Heaven Dance Between You.
                                                                            Jeff Arensman & Kelly Read
  Wedding Bells and Hospitality
  Volunteers Needed                                                         Matthew Robert Connors & Anjali Elisabeth Sharma
  Saturday, October 2                                                       James Anthony Dimmick & Corinne Janelle Donnici
  Weddings are a very special time for Old St. Patrick’s to                 Bob Haberkorn & Kerry Judd
  extend its hospitality to brides, grooms, and their families.
  Old St. Patrick's wedding volunteers participate in the                   Anthony Marra & Laren Kriner
  hospitality mission by ensuring the day-of-the-wedding                    II
  logistics at the Church are fulfilled according to the plans              Ryan Matthew Gingerich & Erica Dunbar Bjork
  the couples have made with their priest and with the
  Old St. Pat's staff.                                                      Bryan Headtke & Catherine Walsh

  If you are interested in becoming a Wedding Volunteer, please             Timothy Clark Kastner & Mary Kate Mulcahy
  join us for a training session on Saturday, October 2 from                Richard A. McGrath & Paula M. Immormino McGrath
  9:30 - 11:30 a.m. in the Rectory at 708 West Adams Street,                Mark Coad Sampson, Jr., & Jessica Lyn Niezgoda
  Chicago. The meeting will include a discussion of the
  volunteers’ responsibilities along with distribution of                   III
  worksheets and schedules. The time commitment for                         Joseph William Carroccio & Jennifer Lynn Maloney
  wedding volunteers is approximately three - four hours on
                                                                            Maurice E. Finnegan III & Erica Bliss Hansen
  Saturdays, once every six - eight weeks.
                                                                            Stefan Kasprzak & Kelly Hill
  To sign-up for this training session, or if you would like more
  information, please contact either one of the Wedding                     Michael Orseno & Agnieszka Lesiak
  Volunteers Cochairs: Robin Ramel at 708.366.1293, or                      Patrick Quateman & Maureen Doyle
  Mary Jo Graf at 312.360.1622.
                                                                            Lawrence Schindler III & Meghann Jo Sullivan

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 First Friday Club of Chicago
               Date:         Friday, October 1
               Speaker:        Andy Shaw, Executive Director of the Better Government Association
               Topic:          "What Should Good Government Look Like?”
               Time:           Noon
               Location:       Union League Club, Main Lounge, 65 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago
               Cost:           $30 for members, $35 for guests
               Reservations: Join the Old St. Pat’s table to take advantage of the special members
               price. Call Table Captains before Noon on Tuesday, September 28: Paula Krupka, 312-280-2624, or Peggy Pecoraro,
               773-774-5250 Because of contractual arrangements with the Union League Club, once your reservation is made, your lunch
               fee is required, even if you cannot attend. The dress code at the Union League Club is business casual for men and women,
               no jeans or tennis shoes.
 Illinois has been tagged as one of the most corrupt states in the United States. All levels of government from one end of the State to the
 other have experienced some form of public corruption. Again this year, we are hearing all the lofty promises being made by people running
 for public office. Yet it never seems to change.
 The Better Government Association and media outlets are quick to point out political and governmental corruption. We clearly know what
 good government is not. But what should good government look like? How should it be financed? What are the checks and balances that
 should be put in place? How can very good people, not just wealthy people, actually run for public office? There are so many questions!
 The First Friday Club of Chicago has invited Andy Shaw, Executive Director of the Better Government Association, to present a portrait of
 what good government should look like from the national government in Washington, D.C., to a school district in one of the collar counties.
 Andy Shaw has covered local, state, and national politics for 37 years, many of these years were spent at WLS-TV. Shaw also covered
 political campaigns and elections, presidential primaries, conventions and debates, including poll coverage for ABC 7. In addition, Shaw's
 travels on political stories have taken him to Mexico, Canada, England, Ireland and Cuba. He also is a frequent guest host on WLS Radio.
 Previously, Shaw was an education reporter, and the editorial director at NBC 5 from 1976 to 1982 where he won several awards, including
 two local Emmys. He also contributes freelance articles to a variety of publications.

                                   Thank you                                                          HOSPITALITY TABLE HOST
                                   for choosing to worship at Old St. Patrick’s. It is through your   Sunday, September 19
                                   presence, Old St. Pat’s is able to provide compelling              First Friday Club
                                   educational programs, invaluable Outreach services, rewarding      The First Friday Club of Chicago
                                   volunteer opportunities, and spiritual nourishment for all.
                                                                                                      presents a luncheon/speaker series
                                   We would be delighted if you would consider sharing your time      focusing on the connection between
                                   and talents within the Old St. Pat’s community. Please join us     work, faith, and issues of the day. The
                                   at our Hospitality Table on Sundays from now through October,      Club meets on the first Friday, October
                                   from 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. A different volunteer group hosts the     through May. See above for more
                                   Hospitality Table each week to inform you of all the good works    information about the next First Friday
                                   being done in the community.
                                                                                                      Club meeting featuring Andy Shaw,
                                   If you would like further information, please contact              Executive Director, Better Government
                                   Bridget Evers, Associate Director of Advancement, at               Association on Friday, October 1.
                                   312.831.9368, or

14                                 Please visit our Web site and the online gift shop at
                                                                                                          S OCIAL C ONCERNS
The Community Outreach Group invites men and women, all ages and from all walks of life to become involved in direct volunteer service with
opportunities throughout the central metropolitan area of Chicago. If you would like to find out more about the range of volunteer outreach offered
please call Beth Marek at 312.831.9361.

  Volunteers Needed!
  Outreach is in a recruiting mode at Old St. Patrick’s. There are opportunities available to help you become more involved in your Church
  and in your community. If you would like to commit a few hours each month to one of these very worthwhile programs, please contact
  Beth Marek, Director of Outreach at 312.831.9361, or for more information. We would be delighted to welcome
  you as a member of our Outreach Family of Coordinators!

  Marty and Mike Kenahan at the                   Bernice Wood and toddler Carter heading to
  Giving Tree Truck.                              the playground.

 GROUP/SERVICE                                    GROUP/SERVICE                                     GROUP/SERVICE
 Giving Tree — Old St. Pat’s Christmas            University of Illinois Pediatrics —               House of Mary & Joseph Homeless
 Gift Giving Tree provides a vehicle to share     Outreach to the chronically ill indigent          Shelter — Outreach to the homeless of
 the Christmas spirit with people served by       children in the area.                             Chicago on the near Westside.
 Old St. Pat’s Outreach.

 VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY                            VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY                             VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY
 Co-coordinator to assist Marty Kenahan.          Co-coordinator to assist Sue Siekierski.          Create a committee of three individuals to
                                                                                                    schedule the shelter’s annual clean up and
                                                                                                    painting projects.

 DATES OF SERVICE                                 DATES OF SERVICE                                  DATES OF SERVICE
 September 19 - December 12, 2010                 Year-round.                                       Twice a year — Spring and Fall.

 DUTIES                                           DUTIES                                            DUTIES
 Create gift tags, decorate trees, and staff      Direct volunteers to the program, encourage       Design and implement clean-up and
 the Giving Tree Truck for three Sundays in       them to become involved at UIC.                   painting volunteer opportunities to
 early November/December.                                                                           benefit the residents.
 Co-host Giving Tree Gift Wrapping Party on
 Sunday, Dec. 12 with Beth Marek.

                  If you would like more information on these or other programs at Old St. Patrick’s Church, please
                          contact Bridget Evers at 312.831.9368, or visit our Web site at

                              Please visit our Web site and the online gift shop at                                           15

     Thanks To Our God of Second Chances and Second Trips                     of “Indiana Jones”
     By Patrick Hartney                                                       or “Romancing the
     Have you ever backed out of doing something despite having no            Stone.” Upon
     good reason? I was in that situation two weeks prior to the              receiving their shoes
     Old St. Patrick’s Service Trip to Nicaragua. My interest had faded       as well as trying out
     during the months since committing to the journey last February,         their new sports gear,
     and I found myself thinking, “Can we really make a difference for        you would have
     the children there?” I had never been on a service trip of any kind,     thought it was
     and though I could not point a finger as to why, a series of             Christmas morning as
     doubts surfaced.                                                         the children were so
                                                                              excited to see us.        Patrick Hartney shares some special
     I also was not too thrilled about getting the tetanus/typhoid shots,     It was so much fun to moments with a new friend.
     as well as enduring a six-week regimen of malaria pills. I thought       remove nearly 15
     “What am I getting myself into?” I contacted trip leader Bridget         years of dust off my college Spanish, but thank goodness, there
     Sweeney and told her, “Sorry, but I can’t do this.” But when an          were several fluent speaking people in our group who offered
     email was distributed indicating “Patrick Hartney will not be joining    their assistance.
                                                     us on the trip,”
                                                     something inside         I will forever remember the 16-inch softball game we had with our
                                                     made me reconsider.      new friends. Our English and their Spanish didn’t connect very well,
                                                                              but the game has its own international language: no talk was
                                                    Still having my doubts,   necessary. We simply swung away, ran the bases, laughed, tagged
                                                    our team of 25 people     each other out, and then quietly walked away, allowing our new
                                                    headed to Nicaragua,      friends to enjoy a game on their own.
                                                    the second poorest
                                                    country in the            Did we save the world? Hardly, but we made a connection such as
                                                    Western Hemisphere        I had never felt. Judging by the smiles on the children’s faces
                                                    where 45 percent of       receiving the shoes, playing ball, communicating on basic levels,
                                                    its people live in        being mesmerized by our digital cameras, and catching glimpses of
     Fabretto 2010 Service Trip Team.
                                                    poverty. I had            our lives back home, I think they enjoyed our visits more than words
     always seen pictures of areas like this, but had never personally        could say.
     visited such places.                                                     Upon coming home, I cannot help but wonder: why do the
     Our mission: we brought more than 600 pairs of donated shoes and         Nicaraguan people have so little, yet seem so happy?
                                   socks, as well as sporting goods           What concepts/attitudes do
                                   such as soccer balls, basketballs,         they possess that we appear
                                   16-inch softballs and bats, and            to lack in our “always
                                   volleyballs. During the course of          striving for more” culture
                                   eight days, we visited children in         in the U.S.?
                                   rural villages, distributed shoes,         I found it a shear pleasure to
                                   coordinated sport camps, and               bury my cell phone in my
                                   hoped our two worlds would                 suitcase for eight days,
                                   come together.                             travel without a computer,
     New shoes!
                                   The village of Cusmapa was our             and try to make a small
     home base. Our house was simple, yet big enough with bunk beds           difference in someone else‘s
     for 25 team members, and roughly 12 persons to a bathroom.               world. I stepped outside
     Nora, our housekeeper, prepared three fresh, delicious,                  myself and cannot wait to
     Nicaraguan meals a day, accompanied by locally grown coffee.             experience it all again next
                                                                              year. No backing away this
     I immediately realized what an incredible experience this journey        time. It was
     was going to be for me. Each day, we piled on to the back of two         I who needed Nicaragua, not
     covered pick-up trucks and rumbled along mountain roads to the           the other way around!
     villages of rural Northern Nicaragua. I felt I was on the movie sets                                    The children of Cusmapa model their
                                                                                                             new shoes and socks.

16                                     Please visit our Web site and the online gift shop at
                                                                                                        S OCIAL C ONCERNS

                                                               The 12th Annual Global Alliance for Africa Gala
                                                                                          ‘The Circle of Life’
                                                                      An Evening of Cocktails, Dinner, Dancing and Silent Auction
                                                                                     Honored Guest and Speaker
                                                                                          Catherine Moon
                                                                                             Associate Professor, Art Therapy
                                                                                        Chair, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

                                                                              Honorary Chair: Honorable Edward M. Burke
                                                                                 Friday, September 24, 2010
                                                              Open Bar 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. / Dinner with Wine Service 8:00 p.m. / Dancing 9:30 - 11:30 p.m.
                                                                                    Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel
                                                                                 163 East Walton Place, Chicago, IL 60611
                                                              WIN A TRIP TO EAST AFRICA! TWO ROUND TRIP TICKETS PLUS AN ALL-INCLUSIVE
                                                                  TWO WEEK EDUCATIONAL SAFARI! $100 per ticket, only 150 tickets sold.

    To reserve your event or raffle tickets call 312.382.0607 or visit

                     Please visit our Web site and the online gift shop at                                                          17

     To date, more than 2,600 Chicagoans have transitioned from homelessness and poverty to
     permanent, quality employment with the help of The Cara Program’s intensive services.
     In years past, The Cara Program has relied on its annual cocktail gala, The Celebration of
     Hope, as a way of raising funds and introducing new people to its mission. But in this
     tough economy, a decision was made to forgo scheduling the annual cocktail gala this
     year. The Celebration of Hope will return in 2011, marking the 20th anniversary of
     The Cara Program’s work.
     In the meantime, please consider becoming involved in The Cara Program by participating in
     the following Celebration 2010 activities:
     • Promote your company or family by becoming a sponsor. Visit The Cara Program’s Web site
       at, or contact Katie at 312.798.3331 for details!
     • 5K Run/Walk for The Cara Program on Saturday, Oct. 2 at Grant Park. Join The Cara Program’s team at Chip-timed results for runners! Registration is only $25!
     For more information, please visit The Cara Program’s Web site at

For your convenience, we are providing parking information to make parking easily
accessible for everyone who visits Old St. Pat’s.
Lot 1: There is no charge to park your car in the parking lot at the
       Southeast corner of Adams and Des Plaines.
Lot 2: There is no charge to park your car in the roped off area marked “Old St. Pat’s” in
       the parking lot at the Southeast corner of Monroe and Des Plaines.
Lot 1: There is no charge to park your car in the lot on the Southeast corner of Adams                           2
       and Des Plaines all day and evening;
Lot 2: There is no charge to park your car in the lot on the Southeast corner of
       Monroe and Des Plaines until 6:30 p.m. You must pay after 6:30 p.m.
Lot 3: There is no charge to park your car in the lot on the Northwest corner of
       Monroe and Des Plaines (across from 711) until 5 p.m.
       You must pay after 5 p.m. to park in this lot.
Weeknights                                                                                                       1
Lot 1: There is no charge to park your car in the lot on the Southeast corner of
       Adams and Des Plaines; if you are coming to Old St. Pat’s for meetings,
       please let the attendant know and keep your keys as he leaves after 8 p.m.
Lot 3: You must pay to park your car in the lot on the Northwest corner of
       Monroe and Des Plaines (across from 711) throughout the week.

18                                    Please visit our Web site and the online gift shop at
                                                                             C OMMUNITY FAITH F ORMATION

For your comfort and convenience . . .                                    The Adoption Group
        The rest rooms are located on the lower level of the              The purpose of the Adoption Group is to provide a supportive
        church, at the foot of the north stairwell, in the foyer of the   social network for adoptive families. For more details, please
                                                                          contact Mary Carnevale at 708.421.0945 or
        church hall, and at the west side of the hall. The hall may
        be reached via the north stairwell, or the elevator in the
        north tower only. The balcony can be accessed by using            Nursery Service
        either the north or south stairwell.
                                                                          Nursery service is available during the 9:30 and 11:15 a.m. Masses
        In consideration for all, please put all cell phones and          in The Frances Xavier Warde School building. Enter the school on
        beepers on silent mode as we begin Mass.                          Des Plaines Street.

        If you have difficulty approaching the altar for Holy             The Baptismal Program and Schedule
        Communion, please tell an usher, and Communion will be            The Baptismal Program offers educational opportunities for
        brought to you.                                                   parents. To schedule a baptism, please contact Betty O’Toole,
                                                                          baptism scheduler, at or 312.798.2366.
        Low-Gluten Hosts Available at all Masses
        Low-gluten hosts are available for those who, for                 Family Choir
        health reasons, cannot receive the regular Communion
                                                                          The Family Choir is open to family members who would like to
        host. If you would like to receive a low-gluten host,             share their talents. For more information, please contact Laura
        please inform the Mass coordinator, before Mass                   Higgins, assistant music director, Old St. Pat’s at 312.798.2342, or
        begins. At Communion, please identify yourself          
        to the presider as the person to receive the
        low-gluten host.                                                  S.P.O.K.E.S.
                                                                          St. Pat’s Opportunities for Kids to Experience Service
        Braille and large print worship aids are available for your
        convenience. Please ask an Usher if you would like to use         Inspired by Old St. Pat’s Outreach, S.P.O.K.E.S. was formed to
                                                                          introduce our children to outreach projects in which they can feel
        one of these items.
                                                                          they have made a difference to others.
        We do have a small lift, without stairs, for access to the
                                                                          Moms And Tots Group
        church and hall. The entrance is on Des Plaines Street,
        through the gate just north of the main church steps.             The Moms and Tots Group meets at least monthly, usually on
                                                                          weekday mornings. We would love to have you and your little
        If you need a hearing device, please ask an usher.                ones join us. Meet and socialize with other moms while the kids
        A sign language interpreter will be available at the 5 p.m.       play. Suggested for newborns through preschool age.
                                                                          For additional information, please contact Mara Myers at
        Mass every Sunday. Please sit in the second or third
                                                                          773.726.2296, or
        pews on the Joseph side of the altar if you would like to
        utilize this service.                                             Parents and Tots Group
                                                                          The Parents and Tots Group is open to moms and/or dads and
EXIT In case of an emergency, please exit the church through              meets on the second Sunday of each month from 10:30-11:30 a.m.
        the three sets of double doors located in the rear of the
        church or by the exit door located behind the                     in The Frances Xavier Warde School, room #14, Old St. Pat’s
        Altar screen.                                                     campus. Suggested for newborns through age three. For more
                                                                          information, please contact Tracy Maddaloni at 312.316.5310, or
If there is anyway we can be of better service, please let us know. We hope to see you and your little one there!

Inclusion and Accessibility Statement
Old St. Patrick’s Church celebrates the goodness of life by continually creating an experience of hospitality, friendship, prayer, and service
that responds to all human needs.
It is our intention to make every activity and event accessible and inclusive. If you should ever encounter a barrier blocking or impeding
your worship at Old St. Patrick’s Church, please contact Bridget Evers at 312.831.9368.

                             Please visit our Web site and the online gift shop at                                        19
IN     OUR          H EARTS              AND           P RAYERS
The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones; and the person who is dishonest in very small matters is also dishonest in great
ones. If, therefore, you are not trustworthy with dishonest wealth, who will trust you with true wealth?" - Lk 16:10-11
Sunday                       Monday                    Tuesday                  Wednesday               Thursday               Friday                 Saturday
Am 8:4-7/1 Tm                Prv 3:27-34/              Eph 4:1-7, 11-           Prv 30:5-9/             Eccl 1:2-11/           Eccl 3:1-11/           Eccl 11:9-12:8/
2:1-8/Lk 16:1-               Lk 8:16-18                13/Mt 9:9-13             Lk 9:1-6                Lk 9:7-9               Lk 9:18-22             Lk 9:43b-45
13 or 16:10-13

Mass Remembrances                                        Book of Patrick                                           Saint of the Week
Mass Remembrances                                         The Book of Patrick                                     September 23
Mass intentions commemorate a birthday, special           Offers perpetual remembrance of a loved one who
                                                                                                                  Feast Day of St. Padre Pio
anniversary, or the anniversary of a loved one’s          has passed or a special date, including weddings
death on the date of your choice (two weeks               and other sacraments, chosen by the donor.              da Pietrelcina (1887 – 1968)
notice required to meet bulletin printing deadline).      The $100 donation benefits Old St. Patrick’s.           Many people have turned to the
Includes a Mass card. Please call 312.648.1021.           For information, please contact Bridget Evers at        Italian Capuchin Franciscan to
                                                          312.831.9368.                                           intercede with God on their
Sunday, September 19, 2010                                                                                        behalf; a number of people have reported cures
                                                         Sunday, September 19, 2010                               they believe were received through the
7 a.m.        Gioan Baotixita Vo Huu Hanh (✝)            Val Dudley, Paulette Hicks, Ted Kennedy,
8 a.m.        Elizabeth A. Reda (✝)                                                                               intercession of Padre Pio. Among them was the
                                                         Paula Partipilo                                          future Pope John Paul II. In 1962, when he was
9:30 a.m.     Mary Therese Griffin (✝)
                                                         Monday, September 20, 2010                               still an archbishop in Poland, he wrote to Padre Pio
11:15 a.m. Catherine McMahon (✝)                                                                                  and asked him to pray for a Polish woman with
12:45 p.m. Marie Campbell (✝),                           James P. Campbell, Sr., Emma Ryan Carl,
                                                                                                                  throat cancer. Within two weeks, she had been
              David Gill                                 Anita Gallardo, Helen J. Harmon,                         cured of her life-threatening disease.
5 p.m.        Dennis Marshall (✝)                        Kavanaugh & Waytula Families,
                                                         George Daniel Ryan                                       Born Francesco Forgione, Padre Pio grew up in a
Monday, September 20, 2010                                                                                        family of farmers in southern Italy. At the age of
Harold Stafford (✝)                                      Tuesday, September 21, 2010                              15, Francesco joined the Capuchins and took the
Tuesday, September 21, 2010                              Anne G. Breen, Joseph Edward Breen,                      name of Pio. In 1917, he was assigned to the
Mary Catherine O'Connell, Edward Quinn (✝)               Jeane Marguerite O'Donnell Czech,                        friary in San Giovanni Rotondo. On September 20,
                                                         Nora Mangan Edge, Louisa Gallo,                          1918, as he was making his thanksgiving after
Wednesday, September 22, 2010                                                                                     Mass, Padre Pio had a vision of Jesus. When the
                                                         Herman Mosby, Sr., Lyn & Owen McKeaney,
Al Mattera (✝)                                                                                                    vision ended, he had the stigmata in his hands,
                                                         Rev. Raymond McNicholas S.S.C., Ruth O'Brien,
Thursday, September 23, 2010                                                                                      feet and side.
                                                         John & Margaret Ridge, Jim & Virginia Sara,
Florence & Frank Siuda                                   Mary Shepelak, Karlie Vanek                              Life then became more complicated. Medical
Friday, September 24, 2010                                                                                        doctors, Church authorities and curiosity seekers
                                                         Wednesday, September 22, 2010                            came to see Padre Pio. In 1924, and again in 1931,
Arcadio Alarcon, Jr. (✝), Marie Lillig (✝)               Kathleen Brennan, Blair Elizabeth Darnell,               the authenticity of the stigmata was questioned;
Saturday, September 25, 2010                             Mr. & Mrs. William H. Feahrs, Earl R. Keefer,            Padre Pio was not permitted to celebrate Mass
(✝) deceased                                             John R. Laurie, Jean Merikle                             publicly or to hear confessions (although these
                                                                                                                  decisions were quickly reversed).
Prayer Requests                                          Thursday, September 23, 2010
                                                         Sister Rosemary Brennan,                                 Padre Pio rarely left the friary after he received the
For Those Who Are Sick                                   Colleen Burns & Dan Martin, Meg George,                  stigmata, but busloads of people soon began
John Butorac, Wayne & Alicia Doyle,                      James P. Harney, James J. Kreminski,                     coming to see him. Each morning, after a 5 a.m.
Valencia & Victoria Van Kley, Diane Mahon,               Miriam Fitzsimmons Meehan,                               Mass in a crowded church, he heard confessions
Christine Ricci, Matt Sheridan                                                                                    until noon. He took a mid-morning break to bless
                                                         Christopher & Jaclyn Mullooly, Francis Neylon,           the sick and all who came to see him. Every
For Those Who Have Recently Died                         Leo Point, William & Katherine Ryan,                     afternoon he also heard confessions. In time his
Infant Vincent Thomas Carto, Catherine G. Daly,          Donna Lin Yang                                           confessional ministry would take 10 hours a day;
Helen Fairchild, John Stratton, Manuel Tibayan,                                                                   penitents had to take a number so the situation
Dale Wakefield, Trudy Wilmoth                            Friday, September 24, 2010
                                                                                                                  could be handled.
                                                         Oscar D'Angelo, Stanley Fryzel, Kathi Lucas,
 Pastoral Care                                           Rita M. Olenski, John & Mary Sullivan                    Padre Pio saw Jesus in all the sick and suffering.
 Do you know someone in need of Pastoral                                                                          At his urging, a hospital was built on nearby
                                                         Saturday, September 25, 2010*                            Mount Gargano. The "House for the Alleviation
 Care amongst our Old St. Pat’s community?               Rydie Dunn, Geraldine Geisel,
 Please contact Bernadette Moore Gibson at                                                                        of Suffering" currently has 350 beds. In one of
                                                         Michael H. & Bridie D. Griffin, James F. Halpin,         the largest such ceremonies in history, Pope John
                                                         McElroy Family, Matthew Karl Meier,                      Paul II canonized Padre Pio of Pietrelcina on
 Prayer Requests                                         Francis O'Donoghue, Mary & John Sullivan,                June 16, 2002. More than 300,000 people braved
                                                         Anita Catherine Trunk                                    blistering heat as they filled St. Peter's Square
 Names of the sick or recently deceased are listed                                                                and nearby streets.
 for one week in the prayers of the faithful and         *As there are no Masses scheduled on
 two subsequent weeks in the bulletin. Please call                                                                Adapted from “The Saint of the Day”
                                                         Saturday, these names will be read on                    American Catholic Website,
 Bernadette Moore Gibson at 773.848.1868 to add
 a name to the list.                                     Friday, September 24, 2010.                    

20                                        Please visit our Web site and the online gift shop at
Is this your first time here? Or maybe you’re an old friend with some life changes…
                                                                                                                M EMBERSHIP S ERVICES

We are honored to have you worship with us today and hope your experience was both meaningful and enjoyable. Our greatest hope is that you will return.
The vibrant experience of Old St. Pat’s is created by its members. We invite you to form an ongoing relationship with Old St. Patrick’s Church and help to contribute
to this spirited and energetic community. This registration form will provide us with your basic information so we may connect with you and further discuss the
many ways you may become a part of Old St. Pat’s. We look forward to meeting you!

    ❑ New Member          ❑ Address/Info Change     ❑ Remove Name/Address From Registry

 ADULT 1                                                                           ADULT 2
    Dr.    Mr.     Mrs.     Ms.      Mr. & Mrs.   Mr. & Ms.                           Dr.     Mr.      Mrs.    Ms.
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 RELIGION                                                                          RELIGION
    Catholic                      Protestant (specifically _______________)           Catholic                       Protestant (specifically _______________)
    Jewish                        Muslim                                              Jewish                         Muslim
                                  Other ______________________________                                               Other _____________________________

  Member (Old St. Patricks is my primary church.)
          ❍ Please send Sunday Giving envelopes.
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          ❍ Please contact me/us to further discuss giving to Old St. Patrick’s Church.
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Total number of individuals in your household: ___________
List the names and dates of birth of those in your household, excluding the names above:

 NAME                                                                      MALE FEMALE              DATE OF BIRTH             RELATIONSHIP (SON, DAUGHTER, OTHER)


Please return this form to: Bridget Evers, Old St. Patrick’s Church Offices, 711 West Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60661, or fax to 312.648.9025.
You may contact Bridget at 312.831.9368, or with any questions.
As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance communications, we invite you to jot down any thoughts, comments, or suggestions you may have for us.

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Old St. Patrick’s Church • 700 West Adams Chicago, IL 60661               Mass Schedules:
Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center • 711 W. Monroe • Chicago, IL 60661          Sunday Masses: 7, 8, 9:30, 11:15 a.m., 12:45, and 5 p.m.
Phone: 312.648.1021 / Fax: 312.648.9025                                   Monday – Friday Daily Mass: 7 a.m. and 12:10 p.m                                                         Sacrament of Reconciliation: Friday, 11:45 a.m.

 DEPARTMENT/GROUP              NAME                            PHONE                           EMAIL
 Accounting                    Janette Nunez                   312.798.2305          
                               Linda Vasquez                   312.798.2307          
 Adult Faith Formation         Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson        312.831.9373          
 Baptisms                      Betty O’Toole, scheduler        312.798.2366          
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 Book of Patrick               Bridget Evers                   312.831.9368          
 BluePrints/8th Grade
 Experience                    Becky Terlep                    312.798.2329          
 Pastor                        Fr. Thomas J. Hurley            312.831.9363          
 Associate Pastor              Fr. Paul C. O’Connor, S.J.      312.798.2381          
 Admin. Assistant to Pastor    Jeannine Chavez                 312.831.9377          
 Pastor Emeritus               Fr. John J. Wall
 In Residence:                 Fr. John Cusick
 Visiting Clergy:              Fr. Edward Foley, OFM Cap.
                               Fr. Pat McGrath, SJ
                               Fr. Paul Novak, OSM
                               Fr. William O'Shea
 Buildings/Grounds             Andrew Rhodes                   312.798.2345          
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 Communications                Karla Thomas                    312.798.2380          
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 Community Outreach            Beth Marek                      312.831.9361          
 Adult Literacy Program        Marilyn and Joe Antonik*        773.286.3390          
 Blood Drive                   Mark Buciak*                    773.307.0033          
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 The Children’s Place          Katie Byrne*                    312.863.1120          
 Harmony, Hope & Healing       Marge Nykaza                    773.294.0267          
 House of Mary and Joseph      Kate Boege*                     312.337.7953          
 Interfaith House              Beth Marek                      312.831.9361          
 Little Brothers –             Joe Harzich*                    312.835.4932          
   Friends of the Elderly
 Marah’s Permanent Housing     RoxAnne Rochester*              312.553.1777          
 Special Olympics              Greg Benacka*                   708.271.4460          
 St. Agatha’s Sharing Parish
 Su Casa                       Jim Karczewski*                 630.279.0144          
 U of I Hospital Pediatrics    Sue Siekierski*                 312.546.4312          
 Connections                   Elizabeth C. Gain*              773.677.9283          
 Database                      Christy Salazar                 312.831.9354          
 Development                   Kate (Moffatt) Rhodes           312.798.2338          
                               Judi Nealey                     312.798.2348          
                                                                                                                               * volunteers
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                                                                       S TAFF         AND           V OLUNTEER D IRECTORY
DEPARTMENT/GROUP                    NAME                               PHONE                           EMAIL
Encore                              MaryKay Slowikowski*                                     
Family Ministry                     Bea Cunningham                     312.831.9351          
                                    Katie Brandt                       312.831.9352          
Foundations Youth Ministry          Becky Terlep                       312.798.2329          
Global Outreach                     Beth Marek                         312.831.9361          
Coprodeli, Peru                     Sasha Chetyrkina                   312.234.9592          
Friends of Fabretto, Nicaragua      Tom Gleason*                       773.227.6556          
LIFT - India                        Laura Field                        312.961.5054          
                                    Dan Quinn                          412.996.9670          
Global Alliance For Africa          Jonathan Shaver*                   312.399.2830          
Hospitality                         Anna Van Handel                    312.831.9372          
Jewish Catholic Dialogue            Gina LaPalio Lakin                 773.631.1436          
Justice Initiative                  Bob Kolatorowicz                   312.831.9379          
Liturgy                             Jaclyn Mullooly                    312.798.2367          
                                                                       708.692.6628 (cell)
Marriage Ministry                   Jack Berkemeyer                    312.798.2386          
Annulment Support Ministry          Patty Stiles                       847.220.3011          
Membership                          Bridget Evers                      312.831.9368          
Music                               Bill Fraher                        312.831.9353          
                                    Laura Higgins                      312.798.2342          
Office Manager                      Joanne Gresik                      312.831.9370          
Pastoral Care Ministry              Bernadette Moore Gibson            312.798.2389 prayer line
                                                                       773.848.1868 pastoral cell
Grief Support Facilitators          Judi Black, Ken Vossekuil          312.466.9473
RCIA                                Keara Coughlin                     312.798.2328          
Receptionist                        Andrea Swain-Kurowski              312.648.1021
Sharing the Mission
The Cara Program                    Eric Weinheimer                    312.798.3305
                                    Ray Andrew*                        312.644.4950          
Career Transitions Center           Eileen O’Shea                      312.906.9908          
First Friday Club of Chicago        Wanda Menghini                     312.466.9610          
The Frances Xavier                  Mary Reiling                       312.466.0700
  Warde School
Harbor of Hope                      Bob Hill*                          312.540.9878          
                                    Sandy Downes*                      312.627.9031          
Horizons for Youth                  Susie Morales                      312.627.9031          
Young Adult Ministry Office         Co-Directors: Rev. John Cusick &
  of the Chicago Archdiocese        Dr. Kate DeVries
YAM Administrative Assistant        Socorro Perez                      312.466.9473          
Special Events                      Sheila Greifhahn                   312.798.2343          
                                    Annette Buys                       312.831.9355          
Spiritual Companionship             Tammy Roeder                       312.798.2350          
Tours of Old St. Pat’s              Jim McLaughlin*                    630.852.7269          
Wedding Ministry                    JoAnn O’Brien                      312.831.9383          
Wedding Volunteers                  Mary Jo Graf*                      312.360.1622          
                                    Robin Ramel*                       708.366.1293          
Women’s & Men’s Spirituality Mary Anne Moriarty                        312.861.0382
Young Adult Ministry (OSP)          Keara Coughlin                     312.798.2328          
                                                                                                                                    * volunteers
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