Angency Report Twelve Agencies by chenmeixiu


									Agency Report
Twelve Agencies

  Aaron Sweet
   HSPTS 131
  Summer 2006
              Agency 1
 Name:  American Red Cross
 Address: 2674 Bethel Road, Columbus
  OH 43220: Phone 326-2337
 Public Served: “Local chapters help
  American communities respond to regional
  catastrophes and promote emergency
 Type of agency: non-profit organization
                  Agency 1
 Goal: “provide relief to victims of disasters and
  help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to
 CEO: Michael Carroll
 Additional Information: From conducting blood
  drives and arranging family communications and
  other forms of support for our troops to providing
  relief for victims of natural disasters, the
  American Red Cross carries out emergency
  response around the globe.
 Chapter: Relates to chapter 2
                    Agency 2
   Name: Community Health Charities
   Address: 85 East Gay Street, Suite 505
    Columbus, OH 43215 Tel: 614-228-2566
   Public served: “Local health and research
    agencies receive vital support for their services”
   Type of agency: charity donations
   Goal: Workplace giving programs offer
    employers, employees and member agencies a
    cost-effective and efficient way to support vital
    services in their community.
                  Agency 2
 President: Mike Ryan
 Additional Information: Community Health
  Charities is a federation of America's premier
  health organizations that have joined together to
  raise charitable contributions in the workplace.
  Employee donations are used to support these
  member charities and provide research, patient
  services and outreach in local communities.
  (Columbus Neighborhood Health Center)
 Chapter: relates to chapter 2
               Agency 3
 Name:   Columbus Public Health
 Address: 240 Parsons Avenue
  Columbus, Ohio 43215
 Public Served: “protecting, promoting, and
  maintaining the health of entire
 Type of Agency: profit organization
 Goal: “to protect your health”
                  Agency 3
   Columbus Health Commissioner: Teresa Long,
    M.D., M.P.H.

 Additional Information: Columbus Public
  Health is made up of a range of programs
  providing clinical, environmental, health
  promotion, and population-based services. The
  department has an annual budget of $35 million
  and is staffed by 400 full-and part-time
 Chapter: relates to chapter 2
               Agency 4
 Name:   Columbus Division of Fire
 Address: 3639 Parsons Ave. Columbus,
  OH 43207; Phone 645-4284
 Public Served: “the community around
  Columbus that come in contact with fire”
 Type of agency: non-profit
 Goal: “to assist kids in school with the
  knowledge of fire and the safety”
                Agency 4
 Columbus   Division Headquarters: 645-
 Additional Information: The program uses
  the “Learn Not To Burn” curriculum to
  promote juvenile fire safety and to assist in
  arson prevention for youth who have a
  dangerous fascination with fire and/or the
  tendency to set fires.
 Chapter: relates to chapter 6
                       Agency 5
   Name: CHD Health Planning
   Contact: 645-6189
   Public Served: “the community organizing and planning
   Type of agency: non-profit
   Goal: “to identify community health priorities and develop
    strategies to address them through our programs and/or
   Additional Information: provide leadership for internal
    and external health planning efforts and initiatives at the
    Columbus Health Department and in the community
   Chapter: 5
                       Agency 6
   Name: CHD Healthy Schools Program
   Contact: 645-8191
   Public Served: “the children enrolled in schools”
   Type of agency: non-profit
   Goal: “to protect schoolchildren and staff by identifying
    and eliminating health and safety hazards”
   Additional information: provide leadership for internal
    and external health planning efforts and initiatives at the
    Columbus Health Department and in the community
   Chapter: 6
                           Agency 7
   Name: CHD Healthy Children Healthy Weights
   Contact: 645-7520
   Public Served: “children who are overweight or want to
    be healthier”
   Type of agency: non-profit
   Goal: “promote healthy weight in children, including
    growth and development, healthy eating behaviors,
    nutrition, development of positive body image and
    physical activity”
   Additional Information: provide leadership for internal and
    external health planning efforts and initiatives at the Columbus
    Health Department and in the community
   Chapter: 7
                    Agency 8
   Name: CHD Sexual Health Program and STD
   Contact: 645-7772
   Public Served: “people who want to learn more”
   Type agency: non-profit
   Goal: “to help improve sexual health in
   Additional Information: offers a range of quality
    services, including prevention, education,
    testing, diagnosis, treatment and control of
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases
   Chapter: 8
                    Agency 9
   Name: CHD Diabetes Screening
   Contact: 645-1542
   Public Served: “anyone who wants to be
    screened to see if they have diabetes”
   Type of agency: non-profit
   Goal: “reduce the number of deaths from
   Additional Information: program is for residents
    of Columbus and Franklin County; elders often
    become diabetics later in life
   Chapter: 9
                   Agency 10
   Name: CHD Food borne Illness Reporting
   Contact: 645-7538
   Public Served: “everyone in the Columbus area”
   Type of agency: non-profit
   Goal: “investigate all complaints of illness to help
    us discover and correct problems in the food
    production and distribution system and prevent
    future illness”
   Additional Information: Program
    investigates cases of food borne illness
    by collecting and evaluating food histories from
    people, collecting samples for testing, and
    conducting inspections of licensed food facilities
   Chapter: 16
                  Agency 11
   Name: CHD Water Protection Program
   Contact: 645-7538
   Public Served: “those who live in Columbus and
    use public water”
   Type of agency: non-profit
   Goal: “to protect the public from water borne
   Additional Information: Program is divided into
    monitoring private sewage disposal systems,
    swimming pools and spas, and private water
   Chapter: 15
                   Agency 12
   Name: CHD Child Safety Injury Prevention
   Contact: 645-6138
   Public Served: “those of the age of newborn to
   Type of agency: non-profit
   Goal: “to work with parents and caregivers to
    reduce the risk of injury and death to children”
   Additional Information: Many program services
    that include car seat checks, bike safety, home
    safety, and fire safety.
   Chapter: 17

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