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Presented by: Miss.Kenyir Olga Nongrum, NIC
                     for Election Dept.Jowai.
          Introduction to EVM
• It is a reliable machine for conducting Elections.
• Has mainly 2 units: Ballot and Control Units.
• Operates on a Special Battery
• Tamper-proof
• Information recorded is retained in memory even
  when the battery is removed.
• Manufactured by Electronics Corporation of
  India & Bharat Electronics Ltd. and approved by
  Election Commission, India.
• Easily portable
• Each Unit has been provided a casing.
• Once opened 3 things will be found:
  Control unit, Ballot Unit and the
  Interconnecting Cable.

Control Unit                   Ballot Unit

• They are Special batteries supplied
• These batteries have a Seal which should
  be removed before Using
• They have an active lifetime of 24 hours.
                        DETAILS of Units
1.   Ballot Unit
    Used by Voters for casting their votes.
                                                Ready Lamp
    It consists of :
                                               Candidate buttons(16)

Interconnecting Cable
                                               Candidate lamps(16)

  Ballot paper
       Details of Interconnecting Cable

• It is a flat protected cable and who’s one end is
  connected to the Ballot Unit permanently while the
  other end is attached VIA a connector to the Control
• Make sure that the cable is properly secured to the
  Control unit.                            Cable

                                        15 PIN CONNECTOR

                     SPRING CLIPS
            Details of Ballot Unit
• Ready lamp glows GREEN when Ballot button on
  Control Unit is pressed by P.O. to enable voting. Goes
  Off when voter has finished casting his vote.
• Slide Switch Panel used to set anyone of the 4 options:
  1,2,3,or 4. ie. For 1 ballot unit Switch is set to 1 and so
• Candidates lamp: glows RED when the voter has
  pressed the candidate button pertaining to the candidate
  of his choice.
• Ballot paper Screen: where the Ballot Paper with name,
  sr,no., Symbol of contesting candidates is inserted.
• Masking tabs provided under the Candidate buttons. So
  depending on the no. of candidates contesting, the tabs
  are unmasked. Ones not in use are masked.
   2. Control Unit
• Controls the polling process.
• Operated only by P.O.
• Consists of:                                Display
                                  Busy lamp   Section
          ON lamp

                                    Candidate Set
 4 sections                         Section
 in all

                                   Result Section

                                    Ballot Section
                  Details of Control Unit
• Display section has: 2 lamps: On and Busy ; also 2 display
  panels: one of 2 digit and other of 4 digit displays.
• Candidate Set Section: has a cover opening l-r: we see a left
  compartment which accommodates the Battery and the right one
  a Red Cad Set button. This section is closed by thread Seal.
• Result Section: also has same cover as above. On opening we find
  the left side has a Black Close button while right side has inner
  compartment with its own door. One button her is result 1
  button. used for one type of election only: like only single Poll.
  Result 2 used for both types conducted at the same time, Clear
  button. Provision kept for a seal in the cover of this inner compt.
  and thread seal too.
• Ballot Section: has 2 buttons , a gray Total button and a large
  Ballot button.
• Bottom of C.Unit also open for plugging the cable from b.unit and
  a power switch to switch EVM On/Off.
              Lamps details….
• On lamp: in display section will glow GREEN
  when Control Unit Power switch is put ON,
  indicating EVM is ready for use.

• Busy lamp: in display section glows RED when
  Ballot button is pressed by P.O. to enable voter
  to cast vote. Goes Off when over.
          Display Panel details
• LE: link error: ie. Interconnecting cable not
  properly connected.
• PE: Pressed error, where any of the
  candidates buttons in Ballot unit are
  jammed or kept pressed.
• Er: Memory Error: Control unit not fit to
         Display Panel details
• no: indicates a button pressed on Control
  unit is pressed out of sequence.
• End: End of display sequence after
  pressing Close , Result or clear button.
• Full : indicates max no.of votes for which
  machine is designed. 9999 is the max.
         Display on both panels
•   nP 1 : machine set for Single poll only.
•   Cd 6 : machine set for 6 candidates.
•   to 1234: total no. of votes casted = 1234
•   06 234: candidate 6 has 234 votes in his
• A beep of not less than 2 seconds after a
  voter casted his vote.
• A beep of 1 second, when displaying
  information on display units.
• Short interrupted beeps to show
  malfunctioning , disconnection, errors….
                  Control Unit buttons
• Cand Set: used to set EVM for no. of candidates contesting the
• Clear: pressed before start of a poll: to clear machine of recorded
  informations. Used when election is over/ not done w/o orders.
• Ballot: enables voter to record his vote: so once pressed: the BUSY
  lamp goes Red, Ready lamp of C.Unit goes Green and voter can
  now caste his vote. Then Pressed again to allow next voter to
  record his vote….
• Total: shows no. of candidates and total no. of votes recorded so far.
  Pressed at anytime: to see the same. But not when Busy lamp is
• Close: Once pressed: no further voting can take place. Only pressed
  at the end of the Poll. When Pressed the no. of polls, no. of
  candidates, total votes polled and the word end will be displayed.
• Result: when EVM is used for simultaneous poll: ie Lok Sabha &
  Legislative assembly polls , both Result 1 & 2 are used ie. R1 for
  Loksabha,R2 for LA. When only single Poll, only R1 is used. In our
  case Only Result 1 USED. When Pressed it will display in
  sequence the no. of candidates, total no. of votes polled, votes for
  each candidates. The finally displays END. This button can be
  pressed as reqd.

                      CAND. SET

           RESULT 1


           RESULT 2

   The EVM as it looks…..

Ballot Unit     Control Unit

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