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					 Cedars Tennis and Fitness Club                                                                    January 2010

       Sign up for club tournament now underway
See Jane Goodman’s report on page 3 about the annual tennis tournament for members of Cedars Tennis and
Fitness Club, which you can sign up for now. But time is running out. Deadline to participate is noon Thursday
February 4. Entry sheets are in the Pro Shop. There are no entry fees but there are prizes for the winners, along
with a finals luncheon on February 26.

                 Do yoga with Daphne to be stronger and more flexible
Daphne Egeness is a living example of what yoga can do for you when it comes to strength and flexibility, as you
can tell from the photos of her demonstrating various yoga positions on pages 4 and 5.

                   Our Pro explains how court positioning helps your game
Cedars tennis pro Robbie Salum offers advice on page 6 on court positioning that can help you win. Page 7 fea-
tures four Cedars men practicing for league competition. Duane Compton’s photos of the Italian Night party
in the Cedars Bar & Grill appear on page 8. Dick Mittenthal’s latest poem is on page 2, along with Jane Oaks’
minutes of the January meeting of the Tennis Committee. And Peter Salm’s response to the poem about him,
authored by Mittenthal and printed in last month’s newsletter, is on page 3.

                  Hair Raiser on the tennis court
  Question: In a casual doubles match, our baseline opponent hit a
  low, crosscourt shot that caused her partner at the net to duck. Her
  hair flew up and the ball traveled through her hair before crossing
  the net. I missed the shot and after a few chuckles my partner and
  I gave the point to our opponents. What would have happened in a
  competitive match?

  Answer: If you had followed the rules, you and your partner would
  have had the last laugh. If any part of a player’s body or clothing
  touches the ball, the player and his/her team lose the point (Rule 24).

                                                         Q&A from

            645 Cedars Court, Longboat Key FL 34228       941.383.6426
                                                      Page 2

         Tennis Committee meets and plans
By Jane Oaks, Secretary

Cedars Tennis and Fitness Club, Tennis Committee meet-
ing, January 4

Present: Jack Eagleton, Duane Compton, Mike Frain,
Molly McCartney, Penny Klein, George Grisdale and
Jane Oaks

The minutes from the December meeting were approved.
Jack reported that the treasury balance is $146.46.

Jane: Is there a need for extra money? The expenses in-                           Richard Mittenthal
curred by the Tennis Committee are for photos and name-

                                                                      An Octogenerian’s
tags. After discussion it was decided to have a 50/50 at the
dinner party and Duane would ask Doug to run it. (It was

subsequently decided by a majority of the Committee to
cancel the 50/50 for that party and perhaps have it at a
more casual event.)
                                                                                 by Richard Mittenthal
For the party on January 13: Penny will make the name-               These telltale traces of one’s eighties,
tags and the Pro Shop will send an email to all the mem-             Things never told to fair ladies.
bers reminding them of the event. Jane will contact the
Longboat Observer and provide numbered tennis balls                  A head of hair in sharp retreat
                                                                     While facial hair is still complete.
for the tables to regulate the buffet service.
                                                                     Shaving whiskers daily is such trouble,
Duane suggested that Cedars tennis pro Robbie Salum be               Easier to forget and live with stubble.
invited to the party at no cost to him.
                                                                     Urinary glands once obeyed my order,
Molly asked for pictures and material for the Newsletter             And did what I think they oughta.
by the third week in January.
                                                                     Now they are quite horrible.
George affirmed that the Tournament Committee consists               Just drip, drip, drip – dribble
of George, Doris Forst, Jane Goodman, Bob Greiwe and
Ed Dwyer.                                                            Salivary glands breakdown the food,
                                                                     To flaunt this product would be most rude.
It was mentioned that Charlotta Langley would hold a                 Yet I fear I play the role of fool,
session to familiarize members with the defibrillator and            Through an unconscious stream of drool.
CPR. She will set the date, on a home team match day,
later in the afternoon.                                              I see now how the eighties can be cruel
                                                                     When one must learn to tolerate -
The next meeting will be at 2 p.m. Thursday February 4.                         stubble, dribble and drool.

            645 Cedars Court, Longboat Key FL 34228        941.383.6426
                                                      Page 3

                  Club games begin February 6
By Jane Goodman

It’s here again – the annual Cedars Tennis Club tournament. So get ready to play, watch, and share in
some good tennis and good fun. THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY FEE and every entrant will receive a
Cedars’ water bottle.

Sign up has begun and will end at noon on Thursday February 4. There are sign up sheets in the Pro
Shop. Sign up for singles and/or get a partner and sign up for some doubles. Sign up for up to four
events. Draw will be done by the committee in the afternoon of February 4 and will be posted the morn-
ing on February 5. Finals luncheon will be Friday February 26. So even if you don’t play, please come
to cheer on the finalists and enjoy good fellowship.

Play will be as follows:
February 6 - 11 – First round                           Doris Forst, right, is chair of the
                                                        Tennis Tournament Committee
February 12 - 16 – Second round                              and co-captain of the
February 17- 21 – Third round                           Cedars womens 4.0 tennis team.
February 22 - 26 – Finals week

There will be 15 different events, including events for men, women, and mixed,
singles and doubles, age and level. Get a sign up sheet and choose the ones
best for you. Matches will start at 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 1:30 p.m. and
will be held on courts 1 and 2. So, after you play or before you play, or on
days you don’t play, come and watch. The events for each day will be posted on the easel outside the
Pro Shop that day.

The tournament committee – Doris Forst (chair), Ed Dwyer, George Grisdale, Bob Greiwe and I, Jane
Goodman – look forward to seeing you there.

    Peter Salm responds to Dick Mittenthal’s poem
                                   Listen to the mystic words of an ancient Psalm
                                   And sense a larger purpose, a profound calm.
                                             Few of us reflect that quiet,
                                                Most do not even try it.
                                     But Cedars has an exmplar of such calm,
                                           I refer of course to Peter Salm.
  Peter Salm had shoulder replacement surgery the first week in December and was unable to respond
  to the poem published about him in the December newsletter and reprinted above. In a recent email,
  Peter said: “I am really flattered that Richard Mittenthal wrote a poem about me. As for my back-
  ground, I am really a dull person. I went to law school at Saint Louise University on the G.I. Bill
  after I got out of the Army, and I practiced in St. Louis and Tampa as a trial lawyer for the National
  Labor Relations Board, prosecuting employers and unions for violations of the Taft-Hartley Act. I
  won a few cases, but I never got any awards, special or otherwise. I moved to Cedars in 2003 and
  I played tennis from about age 10 until August 2008 when my shoulder gave out. I have about a 40
  percent chance of possibly playing a little after my new shoulder heals, but there are no guarantees
  that come with the hardware. My motto to live by is ‘Life is uncertain; eat dessert first.’”

            645 Cedars Court, Longboat Key FL 34228         941.383.6426
                                                               Page 4

       Daphne Egeness leads a yoga class at Cedars Tennis and Fitness Club. She is also certified to do healing message therapy.

                                           She can teach you the basics

            Daphne stays flexible with yoga
Daphne Egeness fell in love                                                                  Her mother also taught massage
with yoga years ago and be-                                                                  and was a student of yoga. “I
gan taking four to five classes                                                              learned from her and then went
a week. She found her flexibil-                                                              to school to get my certification,”
ity improved, along with her                                                                 Daphne says. She received her
breathing and strength. The in-                                                              yoga certification from Mid-
structor was so impressed that                                                               west Mania in Chicago. She is
she declared Daphne a “natu-                                                                 certified by the National Certi-
ral” and encouraged her to be-                                                               fication Board for Therapeutic
gin teaching yoga.                                                                           Massage and Bodywork and is a
                                                                                             member of the American Mas-
Today Daphne is doing just                                                                   sage Therapy Association.
that. She teaches five classes of
yoga each week at Cedars Ten-                                                           She says her mother taught her
nis and Fitness Club, tailoring                                                         how important it is to keep her
her routines to accommodate the many levels                          body in the best possible physical condition. “She
of women and men who show up to follow her                           helped me to understand how beneficial yoga is for
through the various yoga movements and posi-                         flexibility and strength.” From those lessons and
tions.                                                               from her years of practicing yoga, Daphne has
                                                                     developed her own yoga routines and philosophy:
The class begins slowly with simple stretches.                       “Strengthening and flexibility can be achieved
Daphne appears to have control of every muscle                       through gentle yoga movements incorporating
in her body as she twists one way and then the                       both strengthening and stretching techniques,
other, slowly bending, stretching out flat on the                    along with deep breathing.”
floor on her back, then later curling into a tight
ball as students do their best to follow her move-                   Daphne teaches yoga at Cedars at 10:15 a.m. every
ments. Everyone seems to feel better when the                        Monday and at 9 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. on Wednes-
class ends.                                                          days and Fridays.

When Daphne isn’t teaching yoga, she is busy                         In her massage therapy, Daphne combines what
with her specialized massage therapy business.                       she calls “a Swedish base with other massage mo-
She comes by her ability to do these things nat-                     dalities to create a personalized massage for each
urally. Her mother was a massage therapist for                       individual.” For more information, you can con-
25 years in the family’s hometown of Delafield, a                    tact Daphne through the Pro Shop or by calling
suburb of Milwaukee.                                                 her at (941) 321-8003.

           645 Cedars Court, Longboat Key FL 34228                       941.383.6426
                                             Page 5

Yoga with Daphne Egeness

   645 Cedars Court, Longboat Key FL 34228   941.383.6426
                                                     Page 6

       Court positioning can become a dance
By Cedars Pro Robbie Salum

Court Positioning – Shifting positions
When you are the server’s partner and at the net, if the return of serve passes you and goes back to the
server, quickly turn to face the receiver’s partner opposite you and angle back on a diagonal toward
the service line “T” to defend against a poach by the opponent’s net player, who should have moved in
with the receiver’s return of serve. When your partner returns the ball crosscourt away from the net
player, turn to face the deuce court player and move toward the net. This move will force the oppos-
ing net player to turn to face you and to float back diagonally to cover against a poach by you. This
up and back shift may occur for several strokes, especially in a one up-one back doubles point. This
movement by the net players becomes a dance as the motion of one leads the other back until there is
a chance to poach or until both players come to the net on one side,
which will force the opposite net player to stay back and defend
from an area inside their service line.

Serving and Receiving Strategy - Give Them the Sun First
If your opponents win the serve, here is a great strategy to try to
break serve. Have the team serving first look into the sun, and as
the receiving team, lob the first two to four returns of serve over
the net person. If the ball bounces on the serving team’s side, your
team moves forward to a position about three feet behind your ser-
vice line. From there, you can hit an overhead off any lob, be able
to volley a strong return past the server, who has to cover the deep
lob, or move forward to get to any short return off the lob.

1. The receiver is usually able to get the first return over the net and in play to begin the game.
2. The serving team’s net player is usually not looking for a lob on the first few points of a game.
3. The server’s net player must look up into the sun to attempt to overhead the lob.
4. The server is unable to play his or her forehand or hit a low ball off the return of serve for power.
5. The server must not switch to cover the lob and playa high bouncing ball to his or her backhand.
6. The server’s partner must cross over to the other side of the court and move away from the net,
because the receiving team came to the net.
7. The receiving team now controls the net! You will continue to do so with your surprise give-them-
the-sun-first approach. Break the serving team, and each time you trade ends of the court, you are
always up.

Receiver’s Partner - Change the Service Perception
Most receiver’s partners line up on the service line, half way between the singles side line and the
center service line, to call the line for the receiver, defend against the poach, and prepare to move in
with a successful return by the receiver. Try changing the server’s perception of the court by standing
near or on top of the center service line to crowd the court, or move over near the singles side line to
make the court look more open. If your partner is a good returner, you can even move up to the net to
put pressure on the server and to be able to cut off the server’s return and volley behind his partner.
Another option is to move back to the baseline with your partner until the return goes past the net
player. From this position, you are out of your partner’s line of vision and it is difficult to volley past
you in the event of a poach.

           645 Cedars Court, Longboat Key FL 34228   941.383.6426
                                               Page 7

Practice makes perfect

   Photos by
 Duane Compton

     645 Cedars Court, Longboat Key FL 34228   941.383.6426
                                                Page 8

Party Time
   at the
   photos by
 Duane Compton

  Please submit information, ideas and photos for the newsletter to editor Molly McCartney.
            Email material to or phone 778-3228
                         or leave messages for her in the Pro Shop.

      645 Cedars Court, Longboat Key FL 34228   941.383.6426

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