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									                                                                                                                May 2011
                                                                                                                 Volume 2, Issue 6

 From the Principal
Dear Parents and Guardians,
                                       T HE B OBCAT
                                         Westbrook School    55 Nosenzo Pond Road, West Milford, New Jersey

Kindergarten Orientation went very well this year. On April 20, 2011, all of the present Kindergarten students stayed home and the
incoming Kindergarten Class was invited to school. Parents were presented with general information about the curriculum, especially
language arts, the transportation department, attendance and other activities handled in the Nurse’s Office, general operations at
Westbrook School, PTA membership, Kinder Camp, and child care. The students are given their first official school bus ride and enjoy
several typical kindergarten activities. At this point we have 49 incoming kindergarten students for the Class of 2024!


   May has become testing month in the State of New Jersey. All of our students in grades three through six will take the New Jersey
Assessment of Skills and Knowledge. Teachers have been preparing students for this event all year. The best thing parents can do is make
sure their child comes to school well rested, well fed, and confident. All we ask is for students to give their best effort. We know they
have the skills to do well.

   The district Geography Bee is May 9, 2011, at 7:00 p.m. It will be held in the high school upper library. Our candidate is Nicholas
McCormick from our sixth grade. All are invited to attend and cheer him on. We wish him the best of luck. We thank Mrs. McNamee for
arranging for the school Geography Bee for many years now. I hope to see you there.

   From 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. that evening, a Mad Science and Math event is also taking place in the high school. The purpose of this cross-
curricular, fun-filled night is to experience the new high school chemistry labs and explore mathematics contests and exhibits. The Science
Fair entries will be on display and judged that evening.

 We are happy to have another author coming to Westbrook School on June 16, 2011, paid for by Title I funds. Her name is Margie Palatini
and she has written over 30 popular and award-winning children’s books. She suggests that students see the trailers noted below to get the
most of the Book Chats that she will hold. Her new book is HOGG, HOGG & HOG, which you can see at . Other books she has written can be seen at . GOLDIE AND THE THREE HARES is at
and LOUSY ROTTEN STINKIN' GRAPES is at . Again, the PTA has graciously and
supportively agreed to purchase several of her books to have in our Westbrook School library. Mrs. Gridley will be sending home an order
form this month so students can order her books which she will gladly autograph for them.

  Our second grades have participated in the Energy Challenge presented by the High School Green Team. Mrs. Comune and Mrs. Post have
connected, again this year, with Mrs. Norma Bozenmayer to work together with the students. The Green Team challenged the second
graders to be "green" by having them complete daily green tasks such as turning off the lights, recycling, and using resources wisely. The
high school Green Team members will be planting two trees on Westbrook property to encourage the second grades to always think green.

  Our Field Day will be in May this year. Mr. Dave Gerold is chairing the event this year for the PTA. He will be working with Mr. Jones to
make the day fun and exciting for the students. The purpose of the day is to promote good sportsmanship in students. We want them to
learn to be good sports and gracious even if their color does not win.

Dr. Joan Oberer
          From the PTA
 Wow! That is what I say about what’s been going on around Westbrook this last month. The push to get the vote out for the Board of
Education Elections was huge. I’m happy to say that the budget was passed! That is amazing news for our district. We once again held
VotEd and the children cast their votes for BOE Trustees and budget. The sixth graders voted on a choice of food for their picnic. It was
another wonderful job done by Sue Weissner, Robyne Hogan and Roz Ryan. This is their last year working on this committee. Thank you
for all of your hard work and for getting the kids excited about voting! The beginning of the month we had spring pictures with the help
of Tracey Chimileski. The TREP$ Marketplace was held on April 29 in the Westbrook all purpose room. We had over 40 businesses set up
at the Marketplace and they sold, sold, sold! This was a HUGE endeavor and it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Michele
Gadomski, Debbie Healy, Michelle Vogt, Laura Hoffman and their volunteers. These women worked tirelessly to pull off an amazing night
for the TREP$ participants and their guests. All the TREP$ participants thank you! We had our Spring Book Fair the last week of April. The
children loved shopping and it was again a success. Thank you to Stacey Luccarelli, Deborah Malatak, Cathy Clinton and Denise Shorter
for making this possible. Also, thanks to Tracey DeRaffelle and her crew for judging the poster contest. That is always a hard job
because there are so many great entrees. And lastly, thanks to our Kindergarten Orientation Committee for helping to prepare the
Kindergarten students set to arrive on Westbrook soil this fall. Darlene Quigley and Sue Latronica do such a nice job to make the parents
and children feel so welcomed. Another day to remember in April was Secretary’s Day. Thank you for all that you do Mrs. Van Zile and
Mrs. Murphy!
 The NJ ASK begins in May. Make sure your kids get plenty of rest and a good breakfast so they are prepared for testing! The first week of
May was Staff Appreciation. Thanks to Jennifer Dittemer and her crew for letting the staff know how much we appreciate all that they do.
They all work so hard to make Westbrook a great place for our kids to learn. Our next PTA meeting is May 18, 7:30pm.
                                  And the Nominees are…… Below is the list of students
                                  who have been nominated for the Principal’s Award for
                                  the Month of April   Congratulations!

                                 Olivia Kuchavik, Sarah Picioccio, Michael Brasile, Nathanael Vande Weert,
                                 Oakley Vacca, Ryan Cassels, Shaina Commorato, Caiden Foster, Kevin
                                 Woodard, Jonathan Safer, Gabriella Kuchavik, Hunter Ryan, Leah Ryan,
                                 Rachel Luccarelli, Selia Fried, Kacper Boguszewski

  Spring Arts & Music Festival                              Red, White and Blue Day
  The Spring Arts & Musical Festival will be
                                                            Friday May 27, 2011 will be Red, White and Blue
  held on Wednesday, June 2 @ 7:00 p.m. in
                                                            Day. Red Jacket…White dress shirt…Blue tie? (Just
  the Macopin Auditorium. Fifth and Sixth
  grade band and chorus students perform at                 Kidding). Mix and Match our patriotic colors in your
  this event. A brief PTA General Membership                own style.
  meeting is held before the festival.

 The Bunny Breakfast committee would like to thank all the people who helped make the event such a
 huge success!

 Thank you Dr. Oberer, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Van Zile, Ms. Minick, Mrs. Betty Standish and Mr. Dean Monti.

 To the tireless Westbrook School PTA volunteers- you are the best in the business! Thank you June and Dan
 Carle, Lauren Fiorilla, Laura Koblitz, Kris Arciniega, Kathy Barker, Kelly Quell, Christine Schwab, Erica Crocco,
 Deborah Malatak, Lisa Heres, Cathleen Foster, Carolyn McGarry, Annette O’Mahoney , Donna Kelty and Vicky
 Herman. We can’t forget our incredible student helpers! Olivia Carle, Kathryn Carle, Emmanuelle Sadlo, Mark
 Sadlo, Rachel Koblitz, Sarah Koblitz, Hannah Carver and all the sixth grade students for their wonderful artwork.

 The first grade parents also went above and beyond, donating an enormous amount of special treats. Thank you
 for making the day even sweeter!

Box Tops for Education

The.following students were the lucky winners of the Winter Box Tops for Education Contest. Each student received a
$5.00 gift certificate to the Book Fair.

Kindergarten – Tim Doherty
1st Grade – Cody Hamilton
2nd Grade – Justin Spagnuolo
3rd Grade – Jessica Rhinesmith
4th Grade – Janisse D’esVerney
5th Grade – Mikayla Amico
6th Grade – Marc Gigliuto

Box Tops can be dropped in the collection box outside of the main office. Please put your child’s name, grade and
teacher on the back of each box top. Don’t forget to check the expiration date!

Our final contest of the year is running from April 18th – June 21th. Ten lucky winners will each receive a $10 gift card
to Borders. Winners will be picked randomly at the End of Year assembly.

If you should have any questions, please contact Karen Vacca 973-657-9644.
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   Thumbs Up – please detach and send to school office

                                       Please submit the following
                                             Thumbs Up

    Thumbs Up to__________________________________________________________________



                           Drawing Readers to Other Articles
    Parent’s Name__________________________________________________________________

    Parent’s Signature______________________________________________________________
                                                      Thumbs Up to:        Mrs. Canali 

                                                      For:              Being the best teacher ever! First grade has
                                                      been great! 

                                                      From:             Olivia Anne O’Mahoney 


                                                      Thumbs Up to:          Yvonne Hiester 

                                                      For:         Working hard in school and being an extra-
                                                      special person. We love to read your creative stories.
                                                      Also, congratulations for being one of the 1st prize
                                                      Book Fair Poster Winners! You Go Girl!!!

                                                      Love:            Mom, Dad and Liam 
Thumbs Up to:      Valerie Lucarello 
                                                      Thumbs Up to:        Gabrielle Soreco 
For:          Doing a wonderful job in first grade.
Mommy, Daddy and Tara are very proud of you!          For:                Doing it again! Perfect report card! 
Love:        Mommy and Daddy                          From:              Mom and Dad 

Thumbs Up to:       Brynn Smith                       Thumbs Up to:         Mrs. Casperson 

For:         Working hard at math!                    For:                 Thank you for being a nice teacher. 

From:         Kayleigh and Ryan                       Love:             Faith MacArthur 


Thumb Up to:        Mr. Anton                         Thumbs Up to:           Anthony Bellino 

For:            Helping me with my extra math.        For:          Trying his best at school and home. 
Thank you. 
                                                      Love:       Mom and Dad 
Love:          Leah Ryan

                                                      Thumbs Up to:        Johnny Gaffney
Thumbs Up to: Nicole Soreco
                                                      For:       An amazing third marking period. You worked
For: Winning 2nd place-my little artist!
                                                      hard, stayed focused and it paid off. Great job! 
Love: Mom
                                                      Love:    Dad, Mom, Billy and Joey
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