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									Module 9 Cartoon Stories
         Unit 3
    Languages in use
Language practice
The cartoons ( which / that ) I like have lots
of jokes.
I’ve got a camera which has got his name on it.
Perhaps it’ll be a cartoon which has a happy
There are several fan clubs in China which
have held birthday parities for Tintin.
It tells the story of a monkey who leads a
group of monkeys.
                       that /
I talked with the girl who
                       ____     you
                          that /
Have you seen my umbrella _____
I put by the door?        which

(They can be omitted)
Decide which connecting words can
be omitted:
Batman is a hero which saves many
Batman is a hero which many children
You should often help those who need
Those who you help must be thankful to
2. Excuse me. Are you the person
who / that I asked for
information ?
3. I’m looking for a book that/ which
I’ve heard a lot about.
 There are a lot of books that / which
 people have heard a lot about.
4. I can’t remember . It’s a book that /
which no one really likes. It’s a book
that/ which everyone says is too long, …
5. Because I know it isn’t very
expensive. Wait ! That’ the book
which I’m looking for.
Would you like to meet the person
who / that the book is written by ? It’s me!
1. who/ that has lots of adventures all
around the world
2. who/ that has written many wonderful
3. which / that tells the story of a monkey

4. that / which Mr Black did
1. is on the desk
2. was very beautiful
3. which has many trees
4. is smiling

Activity 4 answers: 1. a 2. a 3. a 4. b
  Answers: a. 4     b. 3 c. 2 d. 1

  1. Because she doesn’t understand
     why the man is running away
     from the policeman.

2. Because the policeman could catch the
man while they are in the lift, but he doesn’t.
Answers: 1. cartoonist 2. popular
3. funny 4. laugh 5. cartoons 6. drawing

1. have a word with 2. ever since
3. over there
  Similar places:
cartoons heroes
were made into TV programme
have been made into films
help people
 1939    older

 1962 comic books
 1977 daily newspapers
         500 newspapers
cartoon—      cartoonist
imitate—      imitation
phototraph—    …er        …y
creat--        creation        creator
hero--        heroes
love--        lovable
1.The Monkey King is a cartoon
                 causes problems in
character which __________________
  heaven (在天堂惹事的 )
                  (whom / who / that)
He is the actor ___________________ I had
                  an interview with
(我昨天访问的 ). yesterday
  / with whom I had …with

          (which / that) you’ll live
The room _____________________ in
( 你今晚住的 )is my brother’s.
The End

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