Comparative Idioms

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					fact sheet 39                                   Comparative Idioms | language unit 3.6

            Comparative Idioms
When you compare two things in a text you can use similes; expressions with the words
‘as … as’. These are called comparative idioms.

Looks                                     Personality
as alike as two peas in a pod             as bright as a button (intelligent)
as black as coal                          as brave as a lion (very brave)
as black as night                         as busy as a bee (very busy)
as black as the Ace of Spades             as cool as a cucumber (very calm)
as crooked as a dog’s hind leg            as cunning as a fox (cunning, sly)
as cute as a bug’s ear                    as sly as a fox (cunning, sly)
as cute as a button                       as cross as two sticks (angry)
as different as chalk and cheese          as dull as ditchwater (boring)
as flat as pancakes                       as dumb as a box of rocks (not very smart)
as green as grass                         as fit as a fiddle (very fit and well)
as light as a feather                     as gentle as a lamb (very calm and kind)
as naked as a jaybird                     as good as gold (well-behaved and obedient)
as naked as nature intended               as happy as a dog with two tails (very happy)
as naked as the day you were born         as happy as a lark (very happy)
as pretty as a picture                    as helpless as a baby (relying on other people)
as red as a beetroot                      as honest as the day is long (completely honest)
as sweet as a nut                         as merry as the day is long (very happy)
as sweet as pie                           as nice as ninepence (neat, tidy, well-ordered)
as thin as a rake                         as playful as a kitten (very playful)
as white as a ghost                       as quiet as a mouse (very quiet)
as white as a sheet                       as stubborn as a mule (very stubborn)
as white as snow                          as wise as an owl (very wise)

The girl with
the earrings is
as red as a beetroot

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